"A True "Legend" for the Ages"

Basic Info: I bought this game the day after it came out. I have never played it on the NES but it looked interesting. Plus, it was in sale and it came with a free Nintendo T-shirt. Enough about me, and more about the game. Anyway, I was amazed at how great a game this really is.

Gameplay/Story: This is like every other Zelda game. You are Link. You need to save Zelda from Gannon. Impa has found you and told you the story of Zelda and Ganon. You need to get the Triforce (8 parts) in order to prevent Ganon from capturing Zelda. There are many puzzles and different ways that you make your way through the dungeons. After you beat each dungeon, you get a piece of the triforce. After you get all 8 pieces, you go to another dungeon and face Ganon. After you beat this quest, there is a second quest. So all in all, this game has 18 dungeons and a lively overworld. 10/10.

Graphics: The graphics look like what you would think of a game from the 1980's would look like. However, the graphics are not that choppy and you can get used to them after a few minutes. 9/10.

Audio/Sound: The sound also sounds like what you think a game from the 1980's would sound like. It is still nice music that became famous from the original. However, it sometimes can get a little repetitive. 8/10.

Replay Value: It looks like I will be playing this game for a while even after I beat it. The dungeons are fun and will be played through several times. 9/10.

Rent or Buy: It depends. If you have this on NES and do not want to spend $20 on this game, don't rent or buy it. However, this is a portable version good for long trips. So even if you have this on NES , it is worth $20 (not $50 like most other games for other systems and not $30 like most other games for GBA) to play this portable. I would say if you want to get a classic NES game that is out now, buy this game. You will not be let down. BUY


A quick view of the different ratings in the different categories:

Gameplay/Story: 10/10.
Graphics: 9/10.
Audio/Sound: 8/10.
Replay Value: 9/10.
Rent or Buy: BUY

Overall, I give this game a 9/10. It is a very good game, but is a cheap port of a NES game (like most other GBA games XD). However, this is a good enough game in itself that it is worth $20 and a 9/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/13/04

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