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"Graphical problems plague what still is a good game"

Legend of Zelda should have been the best game in the NES Classics compilation. It's unquestionably the longest of the Classics, and it's also the most advanced. As an adventure, it still holds up extremely well against current adventure games. Streamlined controls and interesting items made Legend of Zelda a game that was beyond its time. Unfortunately, the transition to the Gameboy Advance was a strange one, with saddening graphical problems, the same bizarre save system, and a lack of effort in any area by Nintendo. The game is a mess of a port, even the music sounds different than it did on the NES. For whatever reason, Nintendo took what SHOULD have been the best game in the Classics series and made it one of the worst ports.

The NES version looked better for many reasons. Link looks like he's been sent through a trash compactor, smashed and shortened to the extent that he's almost laughably garbled. The text has lost some pixels, and therefore is much harder to read than before. The game is just a mess to look at.

Luckily, the gameplay has been ported flawlessly. The game is a surprisingly long adventure with many dungeons, items, and even secrets. The save system, which was troublesome with the original NES version, is back. There has been so little effort to improve this port that Nintendo's quality control should be questioned.

Link must save Zelda from the evil Ganon. To do this, he must retrieve all the pieces of the Triforce. Each piece is hidden away in dungeons strewn about the world map. The adventure works exactly as it did all those years ago. Assuming one could ignore the glaring graphical and sound errors, the game is still highly playable and fun.

All the songs are there, without skipping, and yet something seems wrong. The quality feels "tiny", and the overall effect of items and music just doesn't work like it did.

Zelda fans can't go wrong. Adventure fans would probably like this game too. However, people who simply want a good classic game might be disappointed in the sloppy port presented to them.


Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/16/04

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