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"It has stood the test of time...well, mostly (Updated Review)"

This is the very first Zelda game made (1988) and it is, by todays standars, the second worst in the series, it is still a fairly good game to play toady. Below is a description of how this game performs in the important aspects of games, followed by a score for each section out of 10.

Although this game was made over 15 years ago, the graphics don't look that bad by todays standards. All the sprites and environments are clear and none are at all jagged or blurred. The only time this games graphics suffers is when a lot of enemies appear on the screen, and then a signifigant slowdown is experienced. This actually happens quite often.

This is one very good area in this game. All these tunes are catchy and dont get repetitive, and there are quite a lot of different tunes as well. In fact, this games music is so good that many tunes from this game are use in other, more modern Zelda games.


Gameplay is the most important part of any game, and it is thankfully very good in this game. The gameplay of this game is very similar to all the other 2-d Zelda games in that it follows the simple method of destroying enimies via a sword (A button) and other weapons (B button) and venturing into various dungeons in search of pieces of triforce. Although this is a very simple gameplay method, it works perfectly.


As mentioned in the gameplay section, this games controls are simple yet effective. The d-pad moves Link, the a button uses the sword and the b button use a secondary weapon, which can be anything from a bomb to a lantern. Although this is a control system which is used often in alot of games, it is still effective and very comfortable to use

This game is very difficult and therefore it will take quite a long time to pass. While some difficulty is good, this game goes a little too far and can often become quite frustrating. This game is very difficult to pass without the use of a good FAQ, as some secrets are hidden in places which the average player would not look in. Also, most dungeons are basically unfindable without a guide, so unless you enjoy a unfun challenge in finding the dungeons, a guide is very important.

Overall, this is the oldest LOZ yet still a fairly good game. And if you haven't played the original, it is well worth picking up at only $20, for a game which can last for over 10 hours, due to its high difficulty.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/01/04, Updated 06/15/05

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