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    Unlock Guide by lance

    Version: .99 | Updated: 05/19/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Author: Lance.
    Date: May 19, 2004.
    Version: .99
    The Prince of Tennis 2004: Glorious Gold / Stylish Silver 
    Character Unlocking Guide.
    This work is dedicated to Kao Megura, may he rest in peace. He was GameFAQ's
    biggest FAQ writer and contributor, in my opinion and the opinion of many,
    and an inspiration for myself. Four years ago, when I wrote my first FAQ
    ever, it was his work that gave me ideas and guided me. Today, I was informed
    of this unfortunate event, and the news hit me in a strange way. I do not
    know what to think or feel, but regardless of this, Chris MacDonald, you 
    are a legend at GameFAQs.
    1) Introduction
    2) Unlocking Characters
    3) Copyright and Credits
    4) Contact Information
    * Please read the Credits section. This is not my work, and thus should not be
    treated as such, but it is not plagiarizing either. Thank you.
    1) Introduction
    It has come to my attention that several people have been having problems
    with character unlocking in the boards, as well as other details. Since
    a list of how to unlock characters is relatively easy, I decided that it
    wouldn't hurt to submit one, and help the Prince of Tennis loving gamers
    a little. Someone should probably do a FAQ/Move List, too, but that's
    another issue. Well then, without any less delay, here it is. (Please read
    the Credits section)
    2) Unlocking Characters
    For simplicity's sake, I'll write them in the following fashion:
    (Character you use) - (Character you unlock). Also, if you see something
    like (Character1/Character2), this means you have to play in doubles using
    both characters. You need to play in Tournament mode to unlock characters.
    Also, it must be mentioned that, to unlock some characters, you have to
    beat the game without losing ONE SINGLE POINT in ANY of the 4 matches.
    Hard? Yes. If you are having problems unlocking these characters, I 
    recommend turning the difficulty to easy, double special-shots gauge rate
    of speed to fill, and to constantly use taunts/praises to raise the golden
    bar. Also, save as often as you consider necessary. This is a cheap method,
    I'm aware, but sincerely, it is all too easy to lose one point when using
    Tezuka or Echizen, since their rackets love to jump out of their hands.
    Glorious Gold:
    Echizen          - Momoshiro
    Momoshiro        - Kaidoh
    Momoshiro/Kaidoh - Shinya
    Shinya           - Atsushi
    Echizen/Momoshiro- Sakuno
    Echizen/Sakuno   - Nanjirou
    Echizen/Nanjirou - Yasuyuki
    Ezhien/Kaidoh    - Inui
    Inui             - Yanagi
    Atsushi          - Mizuki (No Points Lost)
    Mizuki           - Akazawa
    Akazawa          - Kaneda
    Akazawa/Kandeda  - Eiji
    Echizen/Eiji     - Fuji
    Ezhizen/Fuji     - Yuuta
    Fuji/Inui        - Tezuka
    Tezuka           - Yamato (No Points Lost)
    Yamato           - Oishi
    Oishi/Eiji       - Yagyuu
    Yagyuu           - Niou
    Echizen/Tezuka   - Kirihara
    Kirihara         - Jackal
    Jackal           - Marui
    Kirihara/Jackal  - Sadana
    Momoshiro/Sakuno - Sengoku
    Echizen          - Akutsu (No Points Lost)
    Akutsu           - Taka
    Momoshiro/Sengoku- Touji
    Touji            - Minami
    Minami           - Masami
    Echizen/Akutsu   - Dan
    Stylish Silver:
    Echizen          - Shinji
    Shinji           - Kamio
    Kamio            - Kaidoh
    Kamio            - Momoshiro (No Points Lost)
    Momoshiro/Kamio  - An
    An               - Tachibana
    Tachibana        - Ishida
    Ishida           - Taka
    Kaidoh           - Kentaro
    Kentaro          - Ryoh (No Points Lost)
    Echizen          - Tezuka (No Points Lost)
    Echizen/Tezuka   - Fuji
    Echizen/Kaidoh   - Inui
    Echizen/Inui     - Fukushi
    Fukushi          - Oishi
    Oishi            - Yamato (No Points Lost)
    Fuji/Oishi       - Eiji
    Tezuka           - Atobe (No Points Lost)
    Atobe            - Sakaki (No Points Lost)
    Fuji             - Jirou (No Points Lost)
    Atobe            - Kabaji
    Sakaki           - Hiyoshi
    Hiyoshi          - Ootori
    Ootori           - Shishido
    Shishido         - Taki
    Momoshiro/Eiji   - Gakuto
    Gakuto           - Oshitari
    Hiyoshi/Taki     - Amane
    Amane            - Bane
    Eiji/Fuji        - Saeki
    Saeki            - Itsuki
    3) Copyright and Credits
    This work is copyrighted and should not be reproduced or used in any way
    without the explicit permission from the author. Only GameFAQs has permission
    to use this guide, and should not be available in any other website.
    This work, in turn, is not mine.
    Credits for the factual information presented here belongs to Tri Bang Tang, 
    hosting this information in this site: 
    I have tried to contact the author several times, but his main webpage is down
    and I have no way to ask for his permission. However, the information 
    provided in this guide has no owner. These are FACTS. Facts are not protected
    and have no owner. This guide is not plagiarizing, and is not in violation
    of any law. However, I would still like to have the permission of the author
    to use the information he obtained, and thus I take no credit in this work.
    I only re-wrote the information in a way that it could be available for the
    users of GameFAQs, and nothing more.
    The only reason I want his permission is out of respect for his work. In turn,
    when I manage to contact the author of the website, I will ask for permission.
    If it is denied, I will take down this guide from GameFAQs, even though I am
    in no way obliged to do so even if he were to deny it.
    That clarified, let us continue.
    - "Tri Bang Tang", whose real name I do not know.
    - The people at the boards, for their support they've been giving each other
      and gave me reasons to write this.
    - GameFAQs, our home.
    4) Contact Information
    Suggestions, questions or contributions to: dfa_monk"at"hotmail.com
    (Replace "at" with @)

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