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    Boss FAQ by Lagunathemoron

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    Mario Pinball Land
    Boss FAQ
    By Lagunathemoron
    7th November 2004
    Wanting to return to FAQ writing, I started writing a FAQ for Galleon. The
    walkthrough is a big project, so to save myself getting FAQ block, I'd write
    something I am good at, a boss FAQ. Now the cynics may think that a pinball
    game with bosses cannot be a pinball game. However, being a Super Mario game,
    it has got bosses, and pretty challenging ones too. Getting to the bosses is
    sometimes a chore itself, so I have also explained just how to get to the evil
    This is NOT a FAQ for the rest of the game, and I am not open to gameplay
    questions outside bosses. qqwref has written a well detailed and helpful FAQ
    which I recommend reading when things get a bit tricky outside the boss arena.
    Table of Contents
    A) Legal Disclaimer
    B) Version History
    C) Bosses
    	C)i) Giant Cheep-Cheep
    	C)ii) Pharoe Koopa-Troopa
    	C)iii) Petey Piranha
    	C)iv) King Boo
    	C)v) Bowser
    D) Contact
    A) Legal Disclaimer
    This Boss FAQ was written on 7th November 2004 by James "Lagunathemoron"
    Wardle. It's content is copyrited with this author and credit will be given to
    the relevent users for his or her contributions.
    Gamefaqs.com is soley the only website which can publish this file and/or its
    contents on its website. If another webmaster wishes to use this FAQ for their
    website trhey must first seek permission from the author, E mail address
    Lagunathemoron@hotmail.com. If another web user downloads or copies this
    website and publishes and/or changes it without permission from the author,
    they are therefore breaking copyrite laws.
    Super Mario Ball, Mario Pinball Land, Super Mario and all other content in the
    game are protected by Nintendo 2004.
    This Boss Faq was produced by a fan to help other fans.
    Copyrite (C) James "Lagunathemoron" Wardle 2004
    B) Version History
    1.0] First published version of the FAQ. All bosses explained
    C) Bosses
    C)i) Giant Cheep-Cheep
    Difficulty - 2/5
    Hit Points: Three
    Level - Ice Cap
    How to reach: On an early level on the ice-cap stages, you will have to defeat
    four penguins. Also on this table there is a small ice crack which can hold the
    penguins and Mario. Your objective is to push the giant block of ice upwards on
    to the crack, simply by flipping Mario up. You will now be underwater in a
    familiar Super Mario 64 scene. You will see three chests and three fish. Kill
    the fish and hit all three chests, the ship will now sink further underwater.
    You now have to flip Mario in to the ship hold.
    How to Defeat: The back of the boss table has a wooden wall, and on either side
    of it a circle. Flip Mario on to the circles to release a bomb. You have at
    least ten seconds before the bombs go off. When the bombs are 'dying' they
    flash red in Super Mario fashion. Anyway, release as many bombs as you want and
    flip them upwards to harm to giant cheep-cheep when its in his blowfish form.
    This will get rid of its spikes and inflate it dramatically, so send Mario
    upwards to damage the fish. After you hit him once, he will release two smaller
    spiked cheep-cheep which can be taken care of the same way.
    C)ii) Pharoe Koopa-Troopa
    Difficulty - 3/5
    Hit Points: Three
    Level - Sand
    How to reach: Enter the middle door on the first section of the first sand
    table. Defeat the vultures for a star and you will notice two small sphinxes on
    either side of the table. Your job is to hit these statues fairly quickly to
    raise the pyramid. Becareful, as the longer you take, the pyramid will slowly
    decline. Once the entreance is revealed, enter it and hit one of the side
    panels (AVOID the centre one) and a hole will be revealed. Fall down the hole
    and you will end up in a similar location, hit the panel once more and drop
    down the hole again to reach the boss.
    How to defeat: The boss can be difficult, and requires patience rather than
    skill. You need to first bring the statue to life by either hitting it or
    hitting one of the energy structures. There are two structures and when you hit
    them, they will make Mario bigger and invicible. The energy towers will release
    balls which will chase Mario and make him a miniture Mario, which is deadly if
    he is heading directly towards the flippers. When Mario is in his perfect form,
    flip him up towards the boss, Mario will hit him regardless of whether or not
    he is walking or meditating in the air. You need to hit him a total of three
    times to win the fight.
    C)iii) Petey Piranha
    Difficulty - 1/5
    Hit Points: Three
    Level - Grassland
    How to reach: On the grasslands table, you will see a windmill from Super Mario
    Sunshine. Simply hit Mario inside it (It is big enough, no need for power-ups)
    How to defeat: The fight against Petey Piranha is probably the easiest boss in
    the game, and it is nothing like the Super Mario Sunshine version, despite the
    arena been similar. Petey Piranha has a range of attacks, his most common is to
    snap in the direction of Mario, but as he is a plant, Petey Piranha can not
    move. Your aim is to hit the bottom of his stem. Petey Piranha can also eat you
    and spit you out. However, the simpliest way to take care of the boss is to
    simply hit Mario softly upwards and hit him on the belly. Like the previous two
    bosses, you need to do this three times in order to win.
    C)iv) King Boo
    Difficulty - 4/5
    Hit Points: Three
    Level - Fairground
    How to reach: Once you have ten stars, return to the first level (fairground)
    and enter the ghost house. Defeat all four Boos (hit them from behind when
    their eyes are not looking at Mario) and collect the star. Hit the 10 star door
    and enter it. mario will now ride the rollercoaster track and you will end up
    in King Boo's den.
    How to defeat: It is worth pointing out that like the cheep-cheep boss, this
    arena has a handicap. The stage can be very windy, therefore hard to navigate
    Mario.  The best way to tackle the boss is to defeat it in a similar way to the
    other four boos you thought previously. However, this is much harder as the Boo
    is around eight times as big as the others and getting behind it is a chore.
    Now and again, Boo will look towards the left or right when he is looking for
    Mario, usually he does this when Mario is rolling down the sides. Gentle tap
    the flipper he is coming in contact with so he lands on the other and flip him
    quickly to hit Boo in the cheek. After you have hit Boo twice, he likes to have
    more freedome, making the fight easier as he will follow Mario around, but as
    the windy conditions change Mario's direction, it confuses him and you can
    plant the final hit on the back of Boo. A bit of patience and skill beats this
    C) v) Bowser
    Difficulty - 5/5
    Hit Points: Three and Nine (Total Twelve)
    Level - Bowser's Castle
    How to reach: Defeat King Boo, Koopa Troopa, Pete Piranha and cheep-cheep. Once
    you have defeated a boss, the mountain stage will open up and will let you
    insert one key from each boss. Insert all four keys and enter the castle. In
    the next table, buying a blue pipe from Toad is quite helpful. Enter the
    biggest door (15 stars to enter) and you will reach the final boss.
    How to defeat: Phase One
    There are many things on this level. On the outside wall there are two wheels,
    if you hit them one of the two Thwomps will rise and drop down slowly with
    time. As you previously did with the pyramid, you must raise the thwomps to the
    top of the table. Only then will the blue '!' switch be activated. Bowser walks
    around the table and jumps now and again. Once he lands, the flippers will
    become disabled for a certain amount of time. At the start of the battle this
    isn't too much of a problem because of the blue pipe, but later on it is harsh
    (This is where the blue pipe from Toad should come in). With practice, the
    wheels can be spun again and again by well placed flips from the flippers. Once
    the thwomps reach the top of the table they will remain there and the '!' will
    flash. Hit it and Bowser will fall on to his back and the thomps will fall
    together. Quickly hit Bowser for 100,000 points. He will go back on his feet
    and you need to repeat the process two more times to defeat this form.
    How to defeat: Phase Two
    After you have hit him three times Bowser will curl up and start rolling around
    the board. He is so huge, he cannot fall through your flippers. But you can use
    the flippers to control him. Flip Bowser towards the wheels, thwomps and blue
    switch. Everytime he hits one you will fire a fire and you will also gain
    50,000 points. Hitting the two wheels will create holes. Hit Bowser towards
    these two holes to get another 100,000 points. This will also make the holes
    bigger, flip Bowser towards the widened holes to make them even bigger. Once
    the wholes are big enough, flip Bowser (Do not worry about Mario) in to the
    hole and you will see him get blasted in to the sunset.
    D) Contact
    As my old E mail addressed was full of spam because of Gamefaqs, I have now set
    up an alternative E mail account, apologies to those I never got round to
    replying to, but I was getting close to 2000 e mails a day.
    If you require help on this game or other games I have written for, or want
    permission to display this on your website, than please contact me at
    DO NOT:
    Add me to MSN Messnger, I simply use another account for talking to my friends
    and I will probably never use this account besides for e-mail.
    Ask me questions already explained in the FAQ
    Ask me if you can get this on ROM. Buy the game, stick to the law.
    (c) Lagunathemoron

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