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  1. In Final Fantasy 1, can you max out every stat? I've reached level 99 (so obviously I can't raise my stats that way), and my theory is that I need to go through places like whisperwind cove and such to do this. But before I do, is it possible to max everything out? (I'm talking about literally every stat, Strength, defence, magic, magic defense, ETC), because i'm thinking about just maxing everything in the game out. My stats, my bestiary (it'll suck for bestiary because i have to beat the game like millions of times for chaos), and everything else. So, can I max out every stat?

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    Huntersunite987 - 8 years ago

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  1. All your base stats (HP, MP, Strength, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina, Luck) can be maxed out through items. Your base attack and defense can never be maxed out.

    Your evasion is tricky. Evasion goes up with your agility normally. However, due to a bug in the game, you gain more evasion when you actually gain an agility point upon leveling up than you do from agility-boosting items. Therefore, in order to max out Evasion, you'll want to keep track of all your character's level-ups to ensure they gain an agility point on every level-up. If you do this up to 99 Agility, your characters will easily have max Evasion with nothing equipped, however, equipping enough heavy armor will lower it a bit.

    Accuracy also goes up as you gain Agility. If you do the above trick, you'll reach max accuracy long before level 99.

    Magic Defense is a different sort of deal. There is no stat for it in the status screen, but it's not something you have to worry about unless you have a Monk/Master. If you have a Monk in your party, you'll want to class change that Monk at level 1 (which means leaving him dead until you get to Bahamut). He still won't have max magic defense, but he'll be very close to it.

    As for class-changing, you'll want to do that as early as possible. The new classes change how new stat gains are calculated during battle, and this applies to all classes except Red Mage/Red Wizard. Therefore, I recommend using at least one Red Mage and soloing with him until you get to Bahamut.

    I should also note that once you get the Judgment Staff (for Flare) and Giant's Gloves (for Saber), the Black Mage becomes practically obsolete, especially with a Ninja to cast Haste and Temper.

    For the record, here are the maximum values for each stat:

    HP: 999
    MP: 999
    Strength: 99
    Agility: 99
    Intelligence: 99
    Stamina: 99
    Luck: 99
    Attack: 255*
    Accuracy: 255
    Defense: 255*
    Evasion: 255

    *=Cannot be reached without cheating.

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  1. My opinion is if you have the time and patience then go for it, i think there is limits on your stats though like mages have weak attack and warriors have weak magic, the only upgrade item i ever saw was the apples, i cant remember if there was any other stat rasing items

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  2. I would think that you could probably max out all your stats, although it would take hundreds maybe even THOUSANDS of hours and runs through Whisperwind to get all the items required, and I don't know what max is in FF1 either.

    Also, if you have a Monk or Master in your party, it will be impossible to max Magic Defense.

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