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    Level 11 Class Change Guide by blacksniper

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 01/10/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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     )__)  _)(_  )  (  /(__)\  )(__    )__)/(__)\  )  (   )(  /(__)\ \__ \ \  /
    (__)  (____)(_)\_)(__)(__)(____)  (__)(__)(__)(_)\_) (__)(__)(__)(___/ (__)
                                      /  )
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                    \__ \ )(_)(  )(__)(  )(__    )(_)(  )__)
                    (___/(_____)(______)(____)  (_____)(__)
                         ___  _   _    __    _____  ___
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                       ( (__  ) _ (  /(__)\  )(_)( \__ \
                        \___)(_) (_)(__)(__)(_____)(___/
    |Final Fantasy I&II - Dawn of Souls Level 11 Challenge FAQ            |
    |Written by: blacksniper (Jordan Mepham)                              |
    |E-Mail: the_soul_of_archangels AT yahoo DOT com                      |
    |Started on: Thursday, February 24, 2005 10:56:00 PM                  |
    |Last revision on: Friday, January 19, 2014 3:02:00 PM                |
    |Version: 3.0                                                         |
    |Created in Microsoft Word using Courier New, 10 point font           |
    |ASCII art created in Courier New, 9 point font                       |
    |                               CONTENTS                              |
         |Introduction ---------------------------------------- (INT)|
         |The Rules ------------------------------------------- (RUL)|
         |Benefits & Explanations ----------------------------- (B&E)|
         |Chaos Temple ---------------------------------------- (CHA)|
         |Pravoka --------------------------------------------- (PRA)|
         |Marsh Cave ------------------------------------------ (MAR)|
         |Western Keep ---------------------------------------- (WES)|
         |Treasure Hunt --------------------------------------- (TRE)|
         |Cavern of Earth ------------------------------------- (CAV)|
         |Giant's Cave ---------------------------------------- (GIA)|
         |Sage's Cave ----------------------------------------- (SAG)|
         |Cavern of Earth - revisited ------------------------- (CA2)|
         |Cavern of Ice --------------------------------------- (ICE)|
         |Citadel of Trials ----------------------------------- (CIT)|
         |15 Puzzle ------------------------------------------- (HLP)|
         |---Prizes ------------------------------------------- (YAY)|
         |Magical Statistical Enhancements -------------------- (MSE)|
         |The Monk -------------------------------------------- (MON)|
         |Copyright ------------------------------------------- (DIE)|
         |Credits --------------------------------------------- (THX)|
    |To jump to a section quickly press Ctrl+F and type a key code above. |
    |                             Introduction                       (INT)|
    Hello, salut, buon giorno, hoi, guten tag, konnichi wa, annyong 
    hashimnikka, buenos dias. This is version 3.0 of my guide. First and 
    foremost I want to thank the GameFAQs Dawn of Souls community for being 
    there for me in the primary stages of the guide.
    If it wasn't for the people who got my two topics to 500 posts I 
    wouldn't have had the ambition to do this guide. I would like to thank 
    the people that helped with boss tactics and the preliminary tactics 
    used in Version 1.0 - 1.2.1 because without them version 3.0 would not 
    be here today.
    Additonally without seeing GameFAQs had somehow lost my guide the
    willingness to write up the 3.0 version would not have come to me.
    So, thanks for that GameFAQs! Couldn't have done it without you
    and the second time you have eaten my guide mysteriously.
    The Credits section of my guide will thank those more deserving than 
    others. To those people I say kudos, kudos indeed. You guys, with your 
    great information, code hacking and reading and all the oh-so-useful 
    information have been a giant help.
    Basically I made this guide to give people a decent challenge. I also 
    hope that this guide will inspire further challenges to be taken. Dawn 
    of Souls is, admittedly, an easy game to complete and as such there can 
    be many additional steps taken to rectify this.
    This guide will only go as far as the class change, obviously. If you 
    want to continue on through the final stages of the game in the lowest 
    level rest assured that it is very possible. I also recommend it due to 
    the added challenge.
    Well, anyway, we have a few rules to go over and I'll also explain why 
    you should do this challenge. And with that, on to the rules! 
    |                               The Rules                        (RUL)|
         |                           Rule #1                         |
    |You are not allowed to finish bosses with any of your team dead. It's|
    |okay if they die during the fight provided they are alive at the end.|
         |                           Rule #2                         |
    |Random fights are very simple. You will run from them. You will never|
    |actually kill any random group of monsters.                          |
         |                           Rule #3                         |
    |Be equipped adequately. Always buy the best weapons and armor. Spells|
    |are not important and I will list which ones you need to worry about.|
    |                       Benefits & Explanations                  (B&E)|
    Okay, now you may be wondering "Why would I want to take the time to do 
    a challenge for this game. I'm not into that sort of crap" and that's 
    perfectly okay, but before you make up your mind I should let you know 
    this challenge is perfect for power leveling.
    Yeah, that's right. This challenge is perfect for those of you that
    really want to max their characters. I'm going to briefly touch on
    exactly what kinds of benefits this will lead to.
    First of all, and most importantly, the Monk has bad magic defense 
    growth. In fact he has the worst growth in the game. The Master has 
    better magic defense growth, but still poor in comparison to the other 
    classes. Obviously this is a good reason all by itself it you plan on 
    using a Monk.
    The Monk/Master will never reach max magic defense. He is, in fact, the 
    only character this will happen to even if you class change him at 
    level 1. However, with this early class change it will result in much 
    higher magic defense. And all other classes will be gaining better 
    magic defense.
    One other obviously noticeable change is, very simply, that the Warrior 
    and Thief do not gain MP while the Knight and Ninja do. Granted, MP is 
    not really a vital stat for these classes but it's worth noting because 
    it can add up to several hundred extra MP gain.
    The final changes are more subtle. I, in fact, do not know the exact 
    changes but I have a general idea thanks to Terence. Basically you do 
    not gain more stats per level up. This is a common misconception, one I 
    was guilty of until Terence corrected me, and I hope to help clear up 
    the issue a little bit.
    When you class change the core stats agility and stamina are now 
    calculated differently into your characters battle stats accuracy and 
    evasion. The result of this is better battle stats without gaining more 
    core stats.
    I should point out that the class change does not change those formulas 
    on stat gains you have already received, as far as I know. It only 
    works on future gains. So class change early even if you don't want to 
    do a level 11 challenge. I suggest before level 30 at the very maximum.
    Oh, and the Red Mage is an exception to this. It gains exactly the same 
    stats before and after class change. So, if you want to go Solo Red 
    Mage while using my guide to have three people class change at level 1 
    and your Red Mage a few levels above 11 feel free. All tactics I 
    provide will work for a Solo Red Mage.
    One last thing, during the course of the game (but not during this 
    challenge) you will undoubtedly find items to increase your stats. Do 
    not use the items that raise your agility. The agility gain it gives 
    you is worth half a real level. Just get 99 AGL through natural gains 
    to be assured of max stats.
    So, there you have it. Now, on to the guide!
    |                              Chaos Temple                      (CHA)|
    Before going to the Chaos Temple do a bit of shopping. Fully outfit all 
    your characters with the best equipment the shops sell. Then sell your 
    old equipment for the extra cash because you are going to need it.
    If you have a Mage of some sort you will need a few spells. I suggest 
    the following: 
    White Mage - Get Cure
    Black Mage - Get Thunder
    Red Mage   - Get Cure or Thunder or both
    All areas where there are encounters should be handled in roughly the 
    same fashion. Save after every dangerous battle that you get out of 
    roughly unhurt. Reload if you think you took too much damage that you 
    won't be able to restore for the boss fight.
    Before each boss strategy I will be listing every treasure chest you 
    can get, and some you will not be able to get due to experience gains 
    being forced upon you. I would like to think my directions are easy to 
    follow. Given that I haven't been emailed on this since version 1.0
    I'm inclined to say that you are bad at directions if you can't find
    a chest.
    From where you start head west and you will come to a room with a 
    Leather Cap. From this room head north to find another room with a 
    Potion and a Tent. Garland can be found straight north of the start.
    Boss fight 1:
    |                               Garland                               |
         |HP - 212                                                   |
         |Attack - 15                                                |
         |Accuracy - 27                                              |
         |Defense - 8                                                |
         |Agility - 6                                                |
         |Intelligence - 12                                          |
         |Evasion - 12                                               |
         |Magic Defense - 64                                         |
         |Gil - 250                                                  |
         |EXP - 130                                                  |
         |Treasure - Longsword                                       |
         |Weakness: None                                             |
         |Resistance: None                                           |
    Garland is a good idea of how much trouble you are going to have during 
    this challenge. If you can not kill him in around 4 attempts you can 
    expect trouble later on.
    He isn't particularly challenging since you have 4 people, but he may 
    be a bit of a jerk and attack one of your people over and over. The 
    strategies we have are very limited right now but I'll try my best to 
    draw out a nice one for you.
    The Easy Way:
    The fight is simple enough. Melee characters should only need to 
    attack. Your White or Red mage should focus on curing whoever really 
    needs it. 
    At your current levels Garland is very capable of killing some 
    characters in 1 attack and others in just 2. Fight cautiously because 
    you don't want to actually lose to Garland, do you?
    The Hard Way:
    Get used to seeing Garland. See that Longsword? You're going to get it. 
    It may take you around 50 kills, if you have average luck, before he 
    gives it up but there are two very good reasons for getting it.
    If you have a Warrior or Red Mage you instantly have a free, very good, 
    weapon that would have cost you 1200 Gil later on. If you do not have a 
    Warrior or Red Mage you just got an additional 600 Gil that will come 
    in handy later.
    The O'Riley Way:
    Firstly, I have to thank "Kane O'Riley" for his e-mail. Kudos, Kane, 
    thanks a lot. According to Kane you are able to gain exp up to level 4 
    and still achieve the level 11 change as long as you do not exceed 173 
    exp. points.
    This can be taken one step further for those who really want to make 
    things easier. Kane assumed you are going to kill the Dragon Zombie in 
    the Citadel of Trials. If you choose not to kill him you can snag 755 
    total exp. which is enough to give you a few more levels earlier on and 
    still make the level 11 class change.
    I'm going to assume you do not do the O'Riley way because I like a good 
    challenge and you might too. Well, whatever. Let's continue.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 2                                                     |
    |Current EXP per person - 32                                          |
    |EXP to next level - 10                                               |
         |Make sure you have the aftermath levels and experience.    |
    |                                Pravoka                         (PRA)|
    Provoka is simple enough, but do not upgrade your items just yet. All 
    you need to do is kill the pirates and then move on to the next town 
    for better items. Come back here once you visit Elfheim and get 
    whatever items you still need. It won't be much, probably just gloves, 
    but it will help and you won't be so poor that you can't afford it.
    As for spells, you should buy them now if you can:  
    White Mage - Get Silence if you do not intend to use the 15 puzzle game 
    Black Mage - Get Temper and Sleep for the next fight
    Red Mage   - Get Silence if you do not intend to use the 15 puzzle 
    game, Sleep for the next fight and Temper
    White Mage - Nothing
    Black Mage - Nothing
    Red Mage   - Nothing
    Boss fight 2: 
    |                              9 Pirates                              |
         |HP - 24                                                    |
         |Attack - 10                                                |
         |Accuracy - 2                                               |
         |Defense - 0                                                |
         |Agility - 6                                                |
         |Intelligence - 3                                           |
         |Evasion - 12                                               |
         |Magic Defense - 35                                         |
         |Gil - 40 a piece                                           |
         |EXP - 40 a piece                                           |
         |Treasure - Leather Shield                                  |
         |Weakness: None                                             |
         |Resistance: None                                           |
    This fight is going to vary in difficulty depending on if you know 
    Sleep. Without Sleep it will be slightly harder, but still not overly 
    hard. If you have Sleep just cast it and you will instantly take out 
    around half of them and if you are very lucky all of them.
    The same tactics we used for Garland still apply here. It's up to you 
    if you want to get the Leather Shield. Personally, I suggest you do 2 
    fights total because it's not all that rare and the Pirates are very 
    The shield won't really save you a lot of money, as it only costs 12 
    Gil, but nevertheless its money saved or money earned with very little 
    extra effort.
    Once the fight is over you have a big decision to make. Now that you 
    have the ship you have access to the 15 Puzzle. It's up to you to 
    decide if you are going to use it or not.
    I highly suggest it for many reasons. Here are some pros and cons for 
    the ship game:
    Astos may take 1 turn to kill
    Lich will be much easier
    The Piscodemons will be much easier
    The Vampire will be much easier
    You can skip the Dragon Zombie entirely
    It is a good source of Gil for those hard up on cash
    I have a section to help you get good at it
    You can achieve the lowest experience total
    You can do the 755 exp. version of The O'Riley Way
    It's a puzzle! Everybody likes puzzles!
    Several fights will be more challenging
    You may not be any good at it
    It will take practice to get good at it
    It will take time to get the items you need based on your skill
    You can not achieve the lowest experience total
    You can not do the 755 exp. version of The O'Riley Way without it
    It's a puzzle! Who actually likes puzzles anyway!?
    As you can see the cons do not really come close to the pros of doing 
    it. There is really no reason not to do it unless you want a harder 
    challenge. In which case, I suggest you ignore the 15 Puzzle because 
    without it the difficulty will be drastically increased.
    If you choose to do the 15 puzzle you need to get the following items:
    1 to 2 Emergency Exits. Let's you skip the Dragon Zombie.
    1 Cockatrice Claw. One shots Astos.
    10~ or so Red Fangs. Useful against the Vampire and Lich.
    2 Blue Fangs. Useful against the Piscodemons
    1 Blue, White and Red Curtain. For Lich.
    While you are getting these items you will likely have some 
    White Fangs.These aren't totally needed but they can do some quick 
    damage if you don't have the other Fangs in the supplies I list.
    Consider substituting 2 White Fangs in place of 1 of the other listed
    I will try to remind you of your shopping list before boss sections.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 4                                                     |
    |Current EXP per person - 122                                         |
    |EXP to next level - 74                                               |
    |                              Marsh Cave                        (MAR)|
    The Marsh Cave is your first taste of a real challenge. The Piscodemons 
    can be a pain in the ass regardless of your team. They are so powerful 
    that killing a fully equipped Warrior in two hits is not uncommon.
    The Marsh Cave will also be your first taste of avoiding forced fights 
    when you come back with the Mystic Key. A fixed fight, as you probably 
    already know, is a tile that always results in a battle when stepped 
    on. This cave has a lot of them you will need to avoid.
    The cave is also your first taste of duplicate treasures. A duplicate 
    treasure is simply a treasure box found in multiple rooms of the 
    dungeon all holding the same item. When one box is opened the rest of 
    the boxes that are duplicates of that box also open and you will find a 
    chest that was seemingly opened by a previous adventurer later on in 
    the dungeon.
    Not many people are aware this is happening and a lot of guides 
    incorrectly list treasure chests as empty when they are actually just 
    duplicate treasures. I will be pointing out what treasures are 
    duplicates by marking them with asterisks. I realize not all of you 
    know what those are so here are ten of them so you know. **********
    Before going into the Marsh Cave you will want to get 2 or 3 Blue Fangs 
    from the 15 Puzzle. They will make your coming boss fight very simple. 
    They must be Blue Fangs too. Piscodemons are strong against Ice and 
    Fire elements but are not strong against Thunder.
    The dungeon starts off with a forked path. Start off by heading north 
    to reach a dead end with several treasure chests. They will pay off 
    later so be sure to get all of them.
    North of the entrance in B2: 
    This room is almost a square so my directions shouldn't be too 
    confusing. There's a Dagger in the northeast room. In the room west of 
    that room is *680 Gil* that can also be picked up in the southern B2. 
    In the room south of that room is a *Broadsword* that can be picked up 
    in a few other spots and 620 Gil. 
    South of the entrance in B2: 
    This room is also square-like in design. If you got the chests from the 
    northern room these chests will all be empty. In the far southwest is 
    *680 Gil*. 
    To the room east of that is a *Broadsword*. The room east of that also 
    has a *Broadsword* but as you can see they are duplicate chests. If you 
    went north like I said I wouldn't have needed to type these two 
    paragraphs. It would have only been one explaining why you are so cool 
    because you listened to me.
    This room is a giant room with 4x4 smaller rooms in neat little rows. 
    In the room you start by, room 1x1, is a *Phoenix Down*. Continue east 
    past the next 2 rooms and enter the 4th room, room 1x4, of the top row 
    for 295 Gil.
    Go 1 room south and to the 3rd room to the west, room 2x2, for a 
    Cottage and *Phoenix Down* if you didn't get the one by where you 
    started. Continue to the room to the west of that, room 2x1, for a 
    Copper Armlet. Now go 1 room south and to the 2nd east, room 3x2, to 
    get the Crown but keep in mind the space directly in front of the Crown 
    is your next boss fight so you may want to finish the treasure hunt 
    Continuing to the east, room 3x3, is 385 Gil. There is another chest in 
    the final room to the east, room 3x4, containing that same *Phoenix 
    Down* in the other rooms. All other doors are "bound by the mystic key" 
    as of now or contain no treasure so you should head back to the Crown 
    room for a serious fight.
    Boss fight 3: 
    |                             2 Piscodemons                           |
         |HP - 84                                                    |
         |Attack - 30                                                |
         |Accuracy - 21                                              |
         |Defense - 16                                               |
         |Agility - 33                                               |
         |Intelligence - 18                                          |
         |Evasion - 66                                               |
         |Magic Defense - 98                                         |
         |Gil - 300 a piece                                          |
         |EXP - 276 a piece                                          |
         |Treasure - None                                            |
         |Weakness: None                                             |
         |Resistance: Fire, Ice, Stone, Paralysis, Poison, Darkness, |
         |Sleep, Silence, Confusion and Mind                         |
    Congratulations, you have made it to the first real challenge of this 
    guide. I hope you are prepared because if not you have that oh-so-
    joyful walk back out to get prepared. If you feel you are ready read 
    on. If not, head back out and get what items and spells you still need 
    then come back and read on.
    Before you go into a frenzy and kill, kill, kill you need to force a 
    battle with only 2 Piscodemons. Save right before the square the 
    triggers the fight. If you don't know what spot that is, it's the 
    square directly in front of the chest. If you do not fight just 2 shut 
    off your GBA and reload your file.
    Once you manage to manipulate them into giving you just 2 we can 
    discuss the strategies. This fight will either be fairly painless or a 
    pain in the ass. Those who have Blue Fangs will have a much easier 
    Those who used the 15 Puzzle:
    Now, if you have Blue Fangs this fight is very simple. Simply have your 
    team use them and you will win in one turn. If you have magi make sure 
    they use them instead of your fighters, unless you have 4 Fangs. 
    Remember, if they kill anyone you need to restart the fight.
    Those who did not use the 15 Puzzle:
    To begin with figure out which character does the most hits, not 
    damage, when he attacks. He is the character who has the most accuracy. 
    This character will be your muscle. Start the fight by having everyone 
    who knows Temper cast it on that character.
    Hopefully this will push his damage to the point that he can kill a 
    demon in one attack. If not, it's assured to give him the power to kill 
    them in 2 attacks. Have any characters not casting Temper attack the 
    same Piscodemon that your muscle attacked.
    Hopefully at the end of turn 1 you will have killed one of them. If not 
    have your muscle attack the demon he didn't attack the first time to 
    soften him up and have your other characters finish off the first 
    If that tactic doesn't work, because you can't kill them in one hit, 
    you can try casting it on the character with the most attack and hope 
    for better results. Also, on turn 2 the characters should not need to 
    cast Temper, but instead should cast Thunder.
    If you do not have Temper just attack them normally and hope for the 
    best or go get a few Blue Fangs from the 15 puzzle. If you know 
    Thunder, use it since they are not resistant to it. Without Temper and 
    the 15 puzzle you will be fighting the hardest version of this fight.
    If you are having serious trouble with this fight, remove all of your 
    armor. As odd as that sounds, it's actually a very good tactic. All 
    armor you have lowers your evasion so if you take it off your evasion 
    will shoot up a little bit.
    It's a bittersweet tactic because if you get hit it's going to hurt a 
    lot more than normal. But hopefully the evade boost will push you over 
    the top and you'll come out alive. Anyway, good luck, best wishes, 
    blah, blah, blah and other words of encouragement.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 5                                                     |
    |Current EXP per person - 260                                         |
    |EXP to next level - 90                                               |
    |                             Western Keep                       (WES)|
    There's nothing to really do here just yet, but shortly after the fight 
    we will be coming back for the treasure you can't get right now. Just 
    make sure you are healed up and ready for the fight.
    Make sure to bring a Cockatrice Claw for an easier kill.
    Boss fight 4:
    |                                 Astos                               |
         |HP - 420                                                   |
         |Attack - 30                                                |
         |Accuracy - 42                                              |
         |Defense - 18                                               |
         |Agility - 39                                               |
         |Intelligence - 24                                          |
         |Evasion - 78                                               |
         |Magic Defense - 170                                        |
         |Gil - 2000                                                 |
         |EXP - 2250                                                 |
         |Treasure - Mythril Sword                                   |
         |Weakness: None                                             |
         |Resistance: None                                           |
    Astos is a pretty challenging fight for the unprepared. Good thing you 
    have me, eh? 15 Puzzle users will want a Cockatrice Claw before coming 
    here. Those of you not using it should get Silence and Temper. Those 
    not using them should stock up on curing items and curing magic because 
    you are going to need it. God help you.
    15 Puzzlers:
    This is so unfair it's not even funny. Save before the fight and open 
    with your Cockatrice Claw. It has a pretty good chance to hit and if it 
    does, you win.
    Non-15 Puzzlers with Silence:
    Open with Silence and hope it works. If it does not work continue using 
    it until it does. We don't want him casting Death and all his other 
    goodies on us while we beat away. Focus temper on one character since 
    Astos doesn't really have that much HP and should go down with ease.
    Non-15 Puzzlers without Silence:
    Be ready to use curing items and revive people as soon as possible. You 
    are probably going to witness deaths in this battle. Possibly even a 
    few Game Over screens if his spell wheel gets into his dangerous 
    spells. Otherwise just cast Temper and attack away. He doesn't have 
    that much life so he will die pretty soon.
    Non-15 Puzzlers without Silence or Temper:
    What the heck is your team made up of!? Are you some sort of masochist 
    that likes to complicate things? Seriously, this fight still isn't too 
    hard and since you don't have those 2 spells you probably have a lot of 
    good fighters on your team. Take advantage of that and his hp will be 
    gone soon.
    Otherwise this battle is like the fight without silence because you 
    need to be ready to cure or you'll get to see the Game Over screen a 
    few times. If you were only choosing not to have Temper and have the 
    ability to learn it, go learn it because Lich will be a very hard fight 
    without Temper and the ship game.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 7                                                     |
    |Current EXP per person - 822                                         |
    |EXP to next level per person- 60                                     |
    After you visit have visited Motoya, and looted her place, and gave the 
    Elven Healer the Jolt Tonic you are given the Mystic Key. This key item 
    lets you open doors previously locked when you tried to enter them. 
    There are several good items you can backtrack to get now. I highly 
    suggest you do so and the guide will also assume you do.
    |                            Treasure Hunt                       (OPT)|
    From now on there will be chests protected by monsters. I will list 
    what chests have them, and how to avoid them when possible. Unless 
    specifically stated by me each forced fight that you can't avoid can be 
    run from. You should save before trying to get any treasure with a 
    forced fight guarding it, you might mess up and Game Over and we don't 
    want that.
    Chaos Shrine: 
    From where you start head east to a room containing a Rune Blade. The 
    Rune Blade has a fixed fight directly in front of it. After getting the 
    Rune Blade head to the room north of you to get a Werebuster and Gold 
    Needle. The chest directly above the door has a forced fight directly 
    in front of it. It's another fight you can run from though.
    Marsh Cave B3:
    Remember how B3 is a 4x4 grid of rooms? Head south to room 4x1.Upon 
    entering the room walk north until you hit the wall. Then go east two 
    spaces. Now go south until you hit the wall. Make sure you open the 
    chest from the front to get a Silver Armlet. Make sure when you leave 
    the room you follow your steps the same way you got in to avoid the 
    forced fights this room has. 
    Go to the room east of you, room 4x2, for a chest containing an 
    Antidote. This chest has forced fights on the left and bottom of the 
    chest. The right side is safe so make sure you open the chest from that 
    direction if you actually want the Antidote.
    There is one more treasure here, but getting it will result in an exp 
    gain. So wait until you class change and come back later for it.
    Western Keep:
    From the starting spot head east and follow the path to the north and 
    around to the west and south until you reach a room. Don't approach any 
    of these chests from the front. All three are protected with forced 
    fights. The sides are safe though, so you can get them without any 
    fights. They contain, starting from left going to the right: Power 
    Staff, Falchion and Steel Gloves.
    Elven Castle: 
    From the exact spot you start head east until you can head north around 
    the outside wall of the castle. Head north when you reach that spot. 
    You will come to a "hidden" room. The chests contain, starting from 
    left going to the right: Mythril Hammer, 800 Gil, 700 Gil and Bronze 
    Mount Duergar: 
    Once you enter head to the room directly north of your starting spot 
    for two chests containing 575 Gil and 450 Gil. Now enter the room next 
    to Nerrick for chests containing, starting from left going to the 
    right: Tent, Great Helm, Wyrmkiller, Ether, Potion, Mythril Mail, 575 
    Gil and Cottage.
    Castle Cornelia:
    You should know how to get these chests because it is story line 
    required. Nevertheless they contain, starting from the left room and 
    the left chest going to the right room going to the right: Iron Armor, 
    Tent, Nitro Powder, Cottage, Saber and Mythril Knife.
    Buy anything you think you may need.
    Crescent Lake:
    Take a side trip to this town. They have some very good items that will 
    be of use to you if you can afford them.
    Okay, that's all the optional gear you can get up to this point in the 
    game. The rest of the guide will assume you did this since it's very 
    |                           Cavern of Earth                      (CAV)|
    Before Coming here make sure you have at least 3 Red Fangs. Lich is
    Not coming up so you will not need the full 10 just yet. If you got
    2 Emergency Exits this area will be considerably easier.
    This room has several paths you can take at the start. To your west is 
    the Hall of Giants. Avoid it like the Black Death.
    North path of B1: 
    Approach the chest from its front to get 1975 Gil. The right side is a 
    forced fight that you can not run from. 
    East then South then West path of B1:
    The chest on the right has a fight you can not run from at its front. 
    All other spots are safe in that room. The chest on the right is a 
    Potion and the left is 880 Gil.
    East then South then East path of B1:
    If you approach the left chest from its front you can get both chests 
    without a fixed fight. The top of the right chest/right of the left 
    chest is a fixed fight you can not run from. The left chest contains an 
    Antidote and the right chest contains 795 Gil.
    This floor is set up like a maze. If you follow the walls around you 
    will come to two rooms.
    The south room: 
    This room is guarded by a fixed fight you can NOT run from and can NOT 
    avoid. You can NOT get its chests until you class change because you 
    must kill the enemies in the fight to get the chests. If you would like 
    to come back after you class change you can get, starting from the left 
    going to the right: 5000 Gil, Leather Shield and 575 Gil.
    The room to the east:
    This room has no forced fights. This room has, starting from the left 
    going to the right: Coral Sword, Tent and 330 Gil. 
    This room reminds me of a spiral in its shape.
    East of the stairs:
    This room has a Sleeping Bag.
    Room directly north of that:
    To get to this room you will need to head north and then east a short 
    way and then south. Approach the chest from the right for a Gold 
    Needle. The front of the chest has a forced fight you can not run from.
    First room on the path to the boss:
    Approach the chest from the right to get 3400 Gil. The front of this 
    chest has a forced fight you can not run from.
    Room further down the path towards the boss: 
    Approach from right or left but not the front for 1020 Gil. The front 
    of this chest has a forced fight you can not run from.
    Boss fight 5:
    |                                Vampire                              |
    |HP - 280                                                             |
    |Attack - 76                                                          |
    |Accuracy - 39                                                        |
    |Defense - 26                                                         |
    |Agility - 36                                                         |
    |Intelligence - 26                                                    |
    |Evasion - 72                                                         |
    |Magic Defense - 75                                                   |
    |Gil - 2000                                                           |
    |EXP - 1200                                                           |
    |Treasure - None                                                      |
    |Weakness: Fire and Dia                                               |
    |Resistance: Quake, Ice, Stone, Paralysis, Poison, Darkness, Sleep,   | 
    |Silence, Confusion, Mind and Death                                   |
    This guy can be a pain. He's simple enough but he has a few really 
    annoying habits. Mainly he likes to hit with a lethal attack and cast 
    spells that paralyze your people.
    Once again Red Fangs are very helpful. A round or two of them and you 
    win. Like I said before the ship game is incredibly helpful.
    As usual Temper is also a very good choice. It becomes a bit trickier 
    because of his habit to paralyze your people. He often paralyzes your 
    chosen Temper target due to them traditionally being in the top two 
    slots. I don't suggest moving them down a few spots because that will 
    leave a weaker person to take his hits and usually they can't live 
    through a single one. Use your own judgment on who you think could 
    benefit from temper the most.
    Of course you can always go all out and just have everyone attack. 
    Hoping you get in the damage you need to take him out. If you are 
    having serious trouble with this go buy the spell Fire for your Black 
    and Red Mage and Dia for your White Mage. They will help out a little 
    but not a whole lot. It's best to just get 4 or so Red Fangs from the 
    tile game and waste him with them.
    As a last resort you may also consider getting Protect. That spell can 
    do a lot of good in a fight where the enemies' biggest advantage is his 
    brute force. This fight is certainly one of those fights.
    All in all this fight is not a hard fight. It's just a matter of luck. 
    Sometimes the fight will go perfect and other times you'll cast Temper 
    and he'll paralyze the person you tempered... three turns in a row. 
    Just don't worry a whole lot about curing. If a person dies revive them 
    just don't bother curing because usually he can one hit kill you anyway 
    unless he attacks your Thief or Warrior and possibly your Red Mage if 
    its levels have been kind to your HP values.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 8                                                     |
    |Current EXP per person - 1122                                        |
    |EXP to next level - 166                                              |
    Now go all the way back out. I know it sucks. Your next stop is...
    |Giant's Cave                                                    (GIA)|
    Give Star Ruby. Make friend. Ignore grammar. Continue.
    Go south of your new friend to a room containing, starting at the right 
    going to the left: Great Axe, 620 Gil, 450 Gil and Mythril Helm
    |Sage's Cave                                                     (SAG)|
    Talk to the old, wise and venerable one to get the Earth Rod. I only 
    listed this because technically the Earth Rod is an item... and I'm 
    bored. <(*_*<)
    |Cavern of Earth - revisited                                     (CA2)|
    Lich is forthcoming. Bring those Red Fangs. You are going to want them.
    Also bring those Curtains. Lich is serious business.
    This is another maze like B2.
    Room to the north:
    For the two chests on the right go into the middle of the two. Each one 
    of them has a fixed fight to the front of the chest that you CAN run 
    from. The chest on the right has a Staff and the left has 3400 Gil.
    For the three chests on the left approach them in the middle as well. 
    The bottom chest has a fixed fight above and to the right of it. Both 
    fights you CAN run from. The top left chest has 5450 Gil. The top right 
    chest has 1520 Gil. The bottom chest has 1455 Gil.
    Room to the south west:
    If you want to avoid the fights in this room approach the bottom chest 
    from the right and approach the top two chests from the middle. There 
    are a few forced fights here but all CAN be run from. The chests 
    contain, starting from the bottom going to the top: Tent, Mythril 
    Shield and 1250 Gil.
    Boss fight 6:
    |Lich                                                                 |
    |HP - 1200                                                            |
    |Attack - 40                                                          |
    |Accuracy - 49                                                        |
    |Defense - 40                                                         |
    |Agility - 12                                                         |
    |Intelligence - 30                                                    |
    |Evasion - 24                                                         |
    |Magic Defense - 120                                                  |
    |Gil - 3000                                                           |
    |EXP - 2200                                                           |
    |Treasure - Dry Ether                                                 |
    |Weakness: Fire and Dia                                               |
    |Resistance: Ice, Stone, Paralysis, Poison, Darkness, Sleep, Silence, |
    |Confusion, Mind and Death                                            |
    Well this is IT, the hardest fight of the challenge. Once this fight is 
    over its smooth sailing from this point on out. Obviously since this 
    boss is so hard there are many ways to tackle her. I couldn't possibly 
    list all of them myself so I'll leave this area open for suggestions. 
    Please contact me at my email address just a little ways down past the 
    not using the tile game method.
    If you use the tile game:
    Lich has a rather nasty array of spells. Some of her spells are 
    Blizzara, Fira, Thundara, Haste and even things like Sleepra. She has 
    others though, all of which can be deadly. The main thing you want to 
    have in this fight is one of each of the Curtain items. They can all 
    be obtained via the tile games 3rd place prizes. This will help you 
    halve the damage she can do with her elemental spells. This is a good 
    thing because Blizzara can and will usually kill your entire team in 
    one casting without a Nulfrost spell up. The bad thing is your White 
    Mage can naturally cast all the Nul spells. Just not all of the ones 
    you need to have up yet.
    Red Fangs are a good option for one or more of your people to use. They 
    do a good deal of damage and are easy to get. Of course you will want 
    to use Temper if you have it because it is the fastest way to take her 
    out. Ideally your first turn will look something like this:
    Character 1 uses White Curtain
    Character 2 uses Red Curtain
    Character 3 uses Blue Curtain
    Character 4 uses Temper on Character 1, 2 or 3 or uses Red Fang on Lich
    Then on the rest of the turns one or two character(s) curing/using 
    Temper and two attacking/using Red Fangs.
    If you don't use the tile game:
    This is going to be a lot harder than usual. As far as seen you will 
    need Temper. If you do not have Temper then it could very well be 
    astronomical odds against you. I wouldn't call it impossible because 
    that's not the way a game like this works. Eventually you can win even 
    without Temper but I'd imagine you would have to have Lich attack well 
    over 20 times in a row. If you don't have Temper then you should check 
    the section on how to beat her with the tile game. All Lich will need 
    to do is cast Blizzara and she wins. That makes a win pretty simple for 
    her really. All you have to do is 1200 damage before she casts 
    Blizzara. That's very hard to do because she will always cast Blizzara 
    as her first spell as far as I know. That doesn't mean that will be her 
    first attack. Basically you'll need to cast Temper on one person over 
    and over and hope she only attacks for however many turns you need to 
    kill her.
    If you have a success story against Lich (or of course any of the 
    bosses, even Garland) you would like to share email me at 
    "the_soul_of_archangels AT yahoo DOT com" with details of how you beat 
    her as well as what team you were using. In future updates I may 
    include your methods and give you credit, of course. Just be sure to 
    type like an intelligent person. Use proper spelling and hopefully 
    grammar or you won't even have much of a chance of me reading your 
    email let alone putting it in my FAQ.
    |Submissions                                                          |
    ***From: Robb Johnston***
    Lich is easily the most difficult battle in a Level
    Eleven Class Change Game, mostly due to the fact that
    he can cast Blizzara (as wel as the other 'ra' black
    magics and other nasty spells). My first Lvl. 11 CCG,
    I had to face Lich around 75 times before beating him,
    without using the ship game. Here's some
    ~Lich's Blizzara doesn't always mean instant death, it just means that
    AT LEAST one of your characters will die, maybe all of them. If only
    one or two characters die, it might be worth your time to try to 
    revive them, since Lich usually doesn't cast Blizzara again for
    ~Your Black Mages and Red Mages should spend EVER SINGLE TURN casting 
    Temper, because it is your only path to victory. 
    ~If your White Mage isn't healing, toss in the extra Dia spell, it does
    help a little.
    ~Mostly, just be patient, and if it's not happening, turn the game off 
    and try again in an hour or so, when you're calmer.
    ***From: Mike pierce***
    Lich can be a real pain without ship items, but I found one technique 
    that seems to help considerably. If you have two physical characters 
    and two mages capable of casting Temper, it is possible to make use 
    of a mathematical advantage.
    One thing people make the mistake of is buffing only one character and
    hoping to win, but if you have the ability to buff two chars up it
    would most certainly be easier. Why? Because at level 11 characters
    are beginning to score multiple hits... and because overall power is
    low, the number of attacks is what makes temper useful. And thus if
    you have two sources of temper, one should temper the main combatant
    (usually a fighter) while the other should use temper on the second 
    physical character (black belt, thief, red mage) TWICE, then switch
    to buffing the main one.
    Keep tempering and attacking... but be sure to mentally estimate how
    close Lich is to croaking off. Once he has low HP, start to slam him
    with any damage spells available to you with your mages. When towards
    the very end, do not waste your mage's turns tempering. At this point
    in the game, a single temper is not going to equate the damage of an
    offensive spell in an isolated turn... plus there is the remote chance
    your mages could go first and deliver the finishing blow, which is
    nice because this fight is extremely luck based.
    Hope that helps, good luck!
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 9                                                     |
    |Current EXP per person - 1672                                        |
    |EXP to next level - 134                                              |
    Now it is time for the hardest dungeon of the challenge and in my 
    opinion the hardest part of the NES version of this game. You can do 
    the Citadel of Trials first if you want. I am going to assume your 
    doing the Cavern of Ice first just because that is how I would do it.  
    |Cavern of Ice                                                   (ICE)|
    If you happen to have leftover Fangs, they can be put to good use here.
    Should you have yet another SPARE Emergency Exit consider yourself 
    somewhat lucky.
    Room with levistone on B2:
    The chest on the right has an unavoidable fixed fight by it that you 
    CAN run from. It contains Clothes. Wahoo! The chest on the left 
    contains a Flame Sword.
    From the room you start in head west to come to a room with two chests. 
    Be careful when entering this room because a very dangerous fight with 
    a White Dragon(s) in front of right chest. You CAN run away from them 
    but they have a nasty breath attack that can easily kill your party. 
    The chest on the right has Ice Armor and the left chest has Mythril 
    From that room your in head back out to the main area and head south 
    until you come to a fork. Take the right path and then you'll come 
    across another branch in the path. This time go south until you come to 
    yet another fork. Take the left path to your next room. There is a 
    fixed fight in between the top right and bottom right chest. If you 
    take a look at the room you'll notice they are all obtainable without 
    having to touch the fixed fight square. They have 9900 Gil, 5000 Gil, 
    12350 Gil, 180 Gil, 7900 Gil and 5454 Gil.
    The first chest you come across contains Ether. The room south of you 
    has 10000 Gil. And the room that drops you into the room with the 
    Levistone has, starting from left going to the right: 9500 Gil, 
    Sleeping Bag and Ice Shield.
    Boss fight 7:
    |Evil Eye                                                             |
    |HP - 162                                                             |
    |Attack - 30                                                          |
    |Accuracy - 42                                                        |
    |Defense - 30                                                         |
    |Agility - 6                                                          |
    |Intelligence - 20                                                    |
    |Evasion - 12                                                         |
    |Magic Defense - 92                                                   |
    |Gil - 3225                                                           |
    |EXP - 3225                                                           |
    |Treasure - None                                                      |
    |Weakness: None                                                       |
    |Resistance: Quake                                                    |
    Hmm. What to say? Oh! How about "easier than Garland"?
    Seriously this fight will most likely not take two turns. The only 
    thing he does have going for him is his ability to cast a few dangerous 
    spells. Most likely you won't see them though. Just expect to rip 
    through him like a wet paper bag.
    In the event you actually do need told how to kill it just cast Temper 
    or use any of the Fang line of items. If you don't have either just 
    have your people attack it until it dies. It couldn't be any easier.
    A really cool thing to do after you pick up the Levistone is to use the 
    item Emergency Exit to leave the place instantly. Just like using exit. 
    You get that item through the tile game. If you Dont't have it, don't
    worry. It's a short trip and you've made it this far.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 11                                                    |
    |Current EXP per person - 2478                                        |
    |EXP to next level - 756                                              |
    This is the point where you decide if you want to have the lowest 
    possible exp. or just the plain old lowest level. Either way you will 
    be level 11. The only change is with the lowest exp. possible you 
    will skip the next boss fight by getting an Emergency Exit item from 
    the ship game before you go to the Citadel of Trials. Once you have the 
    Rat Tail all you have to do is use the Emergency Exit and you are done. 
    No having to fight the Dragon Zombie.
    *END NOTE* 
    |Citadel of Trials                                               (CIT)|
    If you didnt read the above you want an Emergency Exit.
    When you are in the teleport maze always take the lowest teleport to 
    get to the next area.
    The room you can't miss in 2F:
    I would personally suggest not going into that room. It has a chest 
    with a fixed fight in front of it that you CAN run from and the chest 
    contains Gauntlets which are one of the best items in the game. However 
    you have to go out of your way to get them and in the next room you get 
    them right on your path anyway (you either get them now or later. You 
    cannot get two here) so just wait until the next room.
    Upon going through the first door is a fixed fight with one or more 
    Nightmares. You CAN run from them so do so. The chest to the right of 
    the door contains a Healing Staff. Make sure you get it.
    Further along the path is three chests containing, starting from the 
    top going to the bottom: Ruby Armlet, Ice Brand and Steel Gloves.
    Even further along the path is four chests containing, starting from 
    the right going to the left: Gauntlets, Cottage, 1455 Gil and 7340 Gil.
    Even further than that along the path is what you came here for. The 
    Rat's Tail and the final treasure in this guide.
    Boss fight 8:
    |1 Dragon Zombie                                                      |
    |HP - 268                                                             |
    |Attack - 56                                                          |
    |Accuracy - 67                                                        |
    |Defense - 30                                                         |
    |Agility - 12                                                         |
    |Intelligence - 26                                                    |
    |Evasion - 24                                                         |
    |Magic Defense - 135                                                  |
    |Gil - 999                                                            |
    |EXP - 2331                                                           |
    |Treasure - Megalixir                                                 |
    |Weakness: Fire and Dia                                               |
    |Resistance: Quake, Ice, Stone, Paralysis, Poison, Darkness, Sleep,   | 
    |Silence, Confusion, Mind and Death                                   |
    Well here we have another really easy boss. Being your average undead 
    enemy he is weak to Fire and Dia so whip out a few Red Fangs if you 
    have any and cast Dia if you purchased it at some point. If you have 
    none of those things just attack and Temper somebody if you have it.
    The only thing I need to really point out for this fight is you must 
    only fight 1 Dragon Zombie. Any more and I can promise you will be in 
    level 12 at the very least.
    |Aftermath:                                                           |
    |Party levels - 11                                                    |
    |Current EXP per person - 3060                                        |
    |EXP to next level - 174                                              |
    Well that's all there is to it. Congratulations if you made it this far 
    in the challenge. All you need to do now is class change like usual and 
    brag to your friends and family that you did what you did. I hope my 
    FAQ helped. If you have any suggestions for the FAQ please feel free to 
    email me at "the_soul_of_archangels AT yahoo DOT com" just make sure 
    you use correct spelling and try to have proper grammar as well. I'm 
    not too picky really I just want to be able to read what you write me 
    without having to weed through stuff like "elite speak".
    |15 Puzzle                                                       (HLP)|
    Well, here it is, the hardest part of the challenge, in my opinion, and 
    my advice to get you through it. I am by no means a pro at this but I 
    can get 1st place record with relative ease. The main thing you need is 
    to just practice. If you have to spend 20 minutes, at first, practicing 
    the basic theory of this then, by all means, do so.
    To start the 15 Puzzle you must first defeat the 9 Pirates. Defeating 
    them earns you the ship. While on the ship, hold down A and keep 
    tapping B and very shortly the mini-game will begin.
    It's actually a very simple puzzle and a very simple concept. You will 
    see a grid 4 squares wide by 4 squares high with the numbers 1 - 15 
    placed around randomly with an extra square left over to allow the 
    other pieces to move around the grid.
    The goal is to get the numbers aligned in the correct order as fast as 
    possible under normal conditions but for this guide you won't really 
    need to ever break the 2nd place record. All the Fangs and Curtains can 
    be acquired by breaking the 3rd place record. However, with enough 
    practice and a little luck in the placement of the numbers you should 
    be breaking 1st place later on in the game.
    To begin with you will want to press start to pause the game as soon as 
    you start the game. That will allow you time to plan where you need to 
    move the numbers. You can press start to pause the game at any moment 
    so I suggest you pause whenever you need to think about where things 
    need to go.
    When the game begins you need to check for where the numbers 1, 2, 3 
    and 4 are because those are the numbers we want to work on first. When 
    you figure out where they are find a way to move them so the 4 leads 
    the 3 and the 2 leads the 1.
    You want to position the 4 (or the 2. Whichever you are working on at 
    the moment) so it is under the spot the 3 will end up (or the spot 1 
    will end up if you are moving the 2).
    Like so:
    Or, a combination of those two: 
    Then move the 4 up into the 3s position (or the 2 into the 1s position) 
    and have the 3 follow the 4 (or the 1 follow the 2).
    Then move the 4 (or 2) into its spot and the 3 (or 1) into its spot.
    You do not need to UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES move 1, 2, 3 or 4 now 
    because they are in the correct position and the rest of your moves 
    will never need to use the top row.
    Now for the next you need to locate the 5, 6, 7 and 8. When you figure 
    out where they are find a way to move them so the 8 leads the 7 and the 
    6 leads the 5.
    You want to position the 8 (or the 6. Whichever you are working on at 
    the moment) so it is under the spot the 7 will end up (or the spot 5 
    will end up if you are moving the 6).
    Like so:
    Or, a combination of those two:
    Then move the 8 up into the 37s position (or the 6 into the 5s 
    position) and have the 7 follow the 8 (or the 5 follow the 6).
    Then move the 8 (or 6) into its spot and the 7 (or 5) into its spot.
    You do not need to, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, move 5, 6, 7 or 8 now 
    because they are in the correct position and the rest of your moves 
    will never need to use the 2nd row.
    The next part is much more tricky... depending on where your pieces are 
    now is pretty random depending on how you had to do the previous rows 
    and since you are going to work on the last 2 rows at the same time I 
    can't give you a great method for doing them.
    However, if you can get the bottom row to look like:
    You're on the right track. If you can get that row to look like that 
    just move them to look like:
    If you have gotten lucky the rest of your numbers will be in the 
    correct spot. If not before doing the above two steps you need to 
    figure out a way to get the rest of them to line up when you do the 
    above two moves. Just remember to press start to pause your game when 
    you are thinking so the timer stops.
    Oh and speaking of the timer. Like I said before you only need to break 
    3rd place. If you end up getting a time of 15 seconds, for example, 
    you're going to have a hard time breaking it so I suggest the first 
    time you break 3rd place you get a time very close to the existing 
    record. Make it close enough to break it so you leave yourself a nice 
    big window when you break it again.
    |Submissions                                                          |
    From: Shintaun | Posted: 3/21/2005 4:49:45 PM
    I'll just post my shipgame info right here 
    X means the numbers here dont matter yet 
    Steps show what even the most new guy should be able to get the setup 
    Its not too reader friendly at the moment ^_^;; I might think of a way 
    to fix that later 
    Step 1 
    from here move 3 left and 4 up 
    Step 2 
    from here move 13 down and 9 left 
    Step 3 
    move 7 left and 8 up 
    Step 4a the tricky one (idea is to get 10 to trail just behind 14) 
    Step 4b  
    from here move 14 down and 10 left 
    Step 5 rotate the final 3 pieces into their respective spots
    |Prizes                                                          (YAY)|
    For winning at the ship game you are awarded 2 prizes. The prizes vary 
    depending on what record you break (or fail to break). The following is 
    a list of various prizes I have received and whether it was the first 
    or second item listed. That should give you an idea of the chances of 
    each item to be awarded.
    3rd Place,
    1st Slot:
    Blue Fang -------------------------------------- Casts Thundara
    Red Fang --------------------------------------- Casts Fira
    White Fang ------------------------------------- Casts Blizzara
    Blue Curtain ----------------------------------- Casts NulShock
    White Curtain ---------------------------------- Casts NulFrost
    Cockatrice Claw -------------------------------- Petrifies one foe
    Vampire Fang ----------------------------------- Paralyzes one foe
    Spider's Silk ---------------------------------- Slows down all foes
    2nd Slot:
    Phoenix Down ----------------------------------- Revives one KO'd ally
    Echo Grass ------------------------------------- Cures silence
    Eye Drops -------------------------------------- Cures darkness
    Gold Needle ------------------------------------ Cures stone
    100 Gil ---------------------------------------- N/A
    Potion ----------------------------------------- Restores 50 HP
    Ether ------------------------------------------ Restores 50 MP
    2nd Place,
    1st Slot:
    TO DO
    2nd Slot:
    Phoenix Down ----------------------------------- Revives one KO'd ally
    Echo Grass ------------------------------------- Cures silence
    Eye Drops -------------------------------------- Cures darkness
    Gold Needle ------------------------------------ Cures stone
    100 Gil ---------------------------------------- N/A
    Potion ----------------------------------------- Restores 50 HP
    Ether ------------------------------------------ Restores 50 MP
    1st Place,
    1st Slot:
    TO DO
    2nd Clot:
    Phoenix Down ----------------------------------- Revives one KO'd ally
    Echo Grass ------------------------------------- Cures silence
    Eye Drops -------------------------------------- Cures darkness
    Gold Needle ------------------------------------ Cures stone
    100 Gil ---------------------------------------- N/A
    Potion ----------------------------------------- Restores 50 HP
    Ether ------------------------------------------ Restores 50 MP
    |Magical Statistical Enhancements                                (MSE)|
    The follow is a list of spells or items that have what I call Magical 
    Statistical Enhancements (MSE's (I told you to type the code in 
    EXACTLY, didn't I?)). All MSE's (that I have listed) of similar effect 
    do stack, but are not cumulative with the other spells... I probably 
    worded that wrong... but here's what I mean.
    Let's say I cast Blink, followed by Invisra and for good measure, 
    Invis. This combo does not set up an evade increase of 80%/40%/40% in 
    the games data. It makes an increase of 160%. The game uses the same 
    exact spot in the data for all 3 spells increases is what I'm trying to 
    get across.
    You can't use Blink up to a 255% increase and then follow up with an 
    Invis increase of another 255%. 
    NOTE: Once a stat has been pumped by 255 it has reached its max.
    If you wonder how I have this info, when no other FAQ does (for some 
    reason (and to my knowledge, since I haven't read all of them)), it's 
    because I have a basic ability to hack codes for video games. I simply 
    turned the game on, turned on a program to watch the data values and 
    found the ones I needed. I am posting this because I am 99% sure it's 
    correct. If it's wrong, it should only be wrong due to a typo on my 
    part, or a spell raising more stats than I was aware of.
    Blink - Increases *only casters* evade by 80% for one battle
    Invis - Increases *any friendly targets* evade by 40% for one battle
    Invisra - Increases *entire party's* evade by 40% for one battle
    Protect - Increases *any friendly targets* defense by 8 for one battle
    Protera - Increases *entire party's* defense by 12 for one battle
    Temper - Increases *any friendly targets* attack by 14 for one battle
    Saber - Increases *only casters* attack by 16 and accuracy by 10
    Giants Tonic - 200 max HP increase for *any friendly target* for one 
    Fairie Tonic - 200 max MP increase for *any friendly target* for one 
    NOTE: The two items above cannot take your values past 999, but can be 
    stacked that high
    Strength Tonic - Increases *any friendly targets* attack by 10 for one 
    Protect Drink - Increases *any friendly targets* defense by 10 for one 
    Speed Drink - Increases *any friendly targets* accuracy by 32 for one 
    Weapons and Armor:
    Assassin Dagger - Kill
    Black Robe - Blizzara
    Braveheart - Confuse
    Deathbringer - Death
    Defender - Blink
    Gauntlets - Thundara
    Giant's Glove - Saber
    Healing Helm - Heal
    Healing Staff - Heal
    Judgement Staff - Flare
    Light Axe - Diara
    Lightbringer - Holy
    Mage Masher - Silence
    Mage's Staff - Fira
    Murasame - Protect
    Ragnarok - Flare
    Razer - Scourge
    Rune Axe - Curaga
    Rune Staff - Healara
    Sage's Staff - Life
    Thor's Hammer - Thundara
    White Robe - Invisira
    Wizard's Staff - Confuse
    |THE MONK                                                        (MON)|
    The Monk is a very interesting class. His stamina and strength greatly 
    change his stats. Depending on how he levels and if you have gear on 
    him could, in fact, handicap him to a degree. The following is a basic 
    breakdown (thanks to Terence) of how the Monk actually works.
    First, when equipping a weapon, Monk/Masters get an additional *1* ATK 
    for equipping it. 
    Secondly, the various formulas are: 
    Monk Hands ATK = [(STA + 1) * 3 / 4] 
    Monk Unarmed HLM = [STA / 8] 
    Monk Unarmed GLV = [STA / 8] 
    Monk Unarmed ARM = [[STA / 4] * 3 / 2] 
    Master Hands ATK = STA 
    Master Unarmed HLM = [STA / 8] 
    Master Unarmed GLV = [STA / 8] 
    Master Unarmed ARM = [STA / 2] 
    So for a Monk, their DEF will change every 4 STA, while for a Master, 
    it will change every 2 STA. 
    [x] means to truncate a number or round towards 0. So [5.9] = 5, [8.3] 
    = 8, [9.0] = 9. 
    The above is slightly more accurate than what I've posted before, which 
    were off for Monk ATK and ARM def (since they use slightly more complex 
    formulas). They should be correct now. 
    In any case, you should take the following into account. It does mean, 
    for example, that a Monk would actually need 133 STA to equal the 
    Ultima Weapon, while a Master would need 100 STA (remember, when a 
    Monk/Master equips a weapon, they get an extra point of ATK)
    Thank you, Terence.
    Now for those of you either not good at math or unaware of how to use a 
    formula I'll explain that a bit.
    Let's say that we have a Monk with 32 Stamina and we want to know 
    whether or not equipping an item will help us. The simple way is to 
    just go into the equip screen and try it on. The downside to that 
    method is when you get a point of stamina that piece of armor that used 
    to help you may, in fact, now handicap you. It's good to know when an 
    item will help and when an item won't.
    So, again, we have a Monk with:
    12 Strength
    5 Agility
    1 Intelligence
    32 Stamina
    5 Luck
    He is currently equipped with nothing.
    Now we want to know if equipping an item will help. First let's find an 
    item we want to equip. I'm going to equip the Silver Armlet (defense = 
    15). Now that the Silver Armlet is equipped my Monk has 23 Defense.
    Now let's find out if equipping that item was worth it by using the 
    Monk Unarmed ARM = [[32 / 4] * 3 / 2] = 12
    So as you can see the Silver Armlet did in fact help me. It gave me 3 
    additional defense points. Now let's change his stamina to 45.
    Monk Unarmed ARM = [[45 / 4] * 3 / 2] = 16
    Now the silver Armlet does not help. So you really have to be careful 
    when you use items on the Monk and Master. Not nearly as much during 
    this challenge as would during a normal game but still enough that you 
    should be cautious. 
    Now let's use the same stats for a Master.
    Master Unarmed ARM = [45 / 2] = 22
    As soon as you class change (and every time you see him gain a point of 
    stamina) check all the gear you may have had on your Monk because it is 
    possible that it will no longer help.
    Now, for the weapons of a Monk/Master you should never use anything but 
    his hands. While using his hands he gets twice the amount of hits any 
    weapon can provide. He even gets twice the max amount of hits the other 
    characters get. The easy way to put it is that Monks/Masters have an 
    Auto-Haste feature built right in. The plus side to them is haste still 
    works on them, effectively doubling the amount of hits they get.
    It should also be noted that while Terence said the Master will need 
    100 stamina points to reach the power of the Ultima Weapon he did not 
    mean that the Ultima Weapon is more powerful. Remember that equipping 
    the Ultima Weapon will HALVE the number of hits the Monk and Master are 
    able to land.
    |COPYRIGHT & LEGAL                                               (DIE)|
    This document is Copyright 2014 Jordan Mepham. You may not distribute 
    it in any way, shape or form without the authors' permission. The 
    author has nothing to do with Square-Enix or any of its affiliates.
    The only sites that may use this FAQ are:
    www.gamefaqs.com (always newest version)
    www.neoseeker.com (probably newest version. I don't know how they 
    handle updates and I don't really care.)
    If you see this FAQ anywhere else contact me at "the_soul_of_archangels 
    AT yahoo DOT com" so I can take legal actions against them.
    |CREDITS                                                         (THX)|
    Shintaun - with his 15 puzzle chart and tactics.
    Terence - with the equations for the Monks\Masters stats.
    Robb Johnston - For his Lich submission.
    I would first and foremost like to thank Square-Enix for making this 
    game and all their other games. You rock Square-Enix! Keep up the great 
    I want to thank all the people in the GameFAQs forums that have posted 
    in the topic that I originally made for this challenge and the ones who 
    "bumped" it when it needed a good hard bumping.
    If I tried to thank people who helped with this FAQ individually I 
    would fail miserably so thanks to all the people who know they are 
    deserving of thanks.

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