Where can I find more gem of light?

  1. I read this on a guide .
    im not finished with the game story
    I need to know what weapon is needed to get it

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    dragonlore250 - 8 years ago
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    Is it really the first?I thought it was third . The first was in the factory where youll fight The Black Swordsman The Second Was at a Bay/Beach,where you find Passue" s weakness.The third Was Glacier Gorge ,Where you find a crystal formation at the end.The fourth was Oni Hot Spirings Where You"ll fight ninja's ,monkey ,Japanese Style Monsters and will think that you killed Ryouga

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    dragonlore250 - 8 years ago
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    So if its the first Where There

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    dragonlore250 - 8 years ago

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  1. The first Gem of Light is given to you after your first (and futile) attempt at fighting GurenGoura (you deal 1 damage per hit). You get teleported out by your buddies and the Gem of Light is given to you.

    Forge a weapon with it, then disassemble the weapon. Head over to the giant snowflake at the end of Glacier Gorge (it's a bloody long walk...) and talk to it to gain another Gem of Light. Head back to your house to forge another weapon with it, then disassemble the weapon and...well, you get the idea. You can't have a Gem of Light in your Inventory, and you can't have a Gem of Light weapon in your weapons cache if you want another Gem of Light. It's a whole lot of backtracking to do since Glacier Gorge is huge. Obviously, the best way to go about this is to forge every type of Gem of Light weapon in such a manner that the one you want to use in the GurenGoura fight is forged last (don't disassemble this one for God's sake =.=).

    e.g. If I want to use the Gem of Light Sword in the fight, I'll forge it last so that don't have to run all the way back to Glacier Gorge to get another Gem to re-forge it.

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  1. From molowmowchow's materials guide:

    you cant. you can only replace it and it is done by dissasembling your weapon with the gem and go to the place where you found your first daemon edge.

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  2. First save the game,then you can start new game if it show you 'load from the file'?...............you'll say yes and load from the saved file and play again until you get the gem of light and forge it back

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  3. You can have more, but you have to craft one weapon and then go to glacier gorge im not sure where was it exactly, i might be where you first met the summoners in the crystal or in the crystalwhere de daemon edge is to get another then craftb another weapon and do that again because you can't have more than one gem nd you can do this only before killing the last boss so leave the labrynth

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