1. Can u trans or not? i no at some point in the story u get to trans, but then later when ur in control of it, can u trans at any time, or is it more like a event in the plot to trans? bear with me on this, i'm still in the middle of the game(emulator, srry for those who had to buy the system and the game, i don't mean to be hurtful or otherwise). so i'm hoping for ur answers and i'll be looking when i can. also, if u just have to say something hurtful because of my stupid question or anything within the question, plz feel free to do so, it's better if u got it out of ur systems, but limit it to the rules. that's all, thanks!

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  1. Yes, you can control the transformation any time you like. But you need a charged daemon gem in your inventory to do it.

    In order to transform, you need to use the charged red daemon gem in battle as you would use any other item (this, of course means that you need to equip the gem before you get into a fight.) Note, however, that when you transform, you cannot change your weapon, use any spells or use any items until your weapon breaks (at which point, you'll transform back into your normal self) so plan your transformations accordingly.

    If you have a charged red daemon gem equipped as one of your usable items when you are in battle and you run out of life, then the gem will be used automatically. This means that you will automatically transform and your entire life bar will be replenished. However, you must be able to use the item normally for this to work (in other words, if you can't use any spells or items, or if the gem is not charged, then this won't work.)

    Once you transform, you the daemon gem will lose it's charge and you'll have to recharge it before you can transform again.

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  1. Every second in "Mono Shift" mode, (that means you've activated the Red Daemon Gem)you will lose 1 DUR. With no DUR, you will return to your normal form. At the end of a victorious battle, you will also return to normal. You can charge the Red Daemon Gem by advancing a day or talking to Bruno.

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  2. Hey its ok playing it on ur emulator ok? Im playing mine on a cartridge so its fine. Ok then, When you press start you will see the SUPPORT word right. Now u can have upto 4 skills placed on that. So at pick 1 of them, my suggestion is the 4rth one since you dont need to click it to use is. You can just wait to die then it will automatically be used. Now Pick one then click once, now you will see skills or magic on the first one then items on the second or third depending on the slot. Pick item and find the Daemon Gem abd click it. Now u have it on ur Skill list.. Ok have fun..

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