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    Fishing Guide by seijin_odoriko

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    SUMMON NIGHT Swordcraft Story 2 Fishing Guide                             v1.10
    Copyright © 2005-2006 seijin_odoriko
      |           Contents           |
      | 1.0  | Legalities            |
      | 2.0  | Version History       |
      | 3.0  | What is fishing?      |
      | 4.0  | How do I get started? |
      | 5.0  | Waiting for the bite  |
      |  5.1 |  Species of Fish      |
      |  5.2 |  Prizes               |
      | 6.0  | Quick Tips            |
      | 7.0  | Acknowledgements      |
    | 1.0 Legalities                                                              |
    Everybody is bored of seeing this, but it still has to be here ;)
    This document is copyright © 2005-2006 and the sole property of seijin_odoriko.
    You may use, reproduce and store it on the condition that you do not edit it in
    any way, in part or in full. You may NOT distribute this document, in any form
    or by any means outside of GameFAQs without prior written permission of the
    author. You absolutely may NOT use, reproduce or store this document for
    commercial profit, alone or with other documents, in part or in full or in any
    way that discredits the author.
    The 'SUMMON NIGHT' series is copyright © BANPRESTO. 'SUMMON NIGHT Craftsword
    Monogatari 2' (Japanese) is copyright © 2004 FLIGHT-PLAN and BANPRESTO. The
    English version of the game, 'SUMMON NIGHT Swordcraft Story 2' was licensed,
    published, and distributed in North America in 2006 by Atlus USA. SUMMON NIGHT
    Swordcraft Story is a trademark of BANPRESTO CO., LTD.
    This document is an independent effort and the author does not claim any
    relations or affiliations of any kind to the afore-mentioned parties.
    For any queries or submissions, please direct them to the following address:
    Email: yihui_86 (at) yahoo (dot) com
    MSN: yihui_86 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    Alternately, you can post your questions on the GameFAQs board for SUMMON NIGHT
    Swordcraft Story 2, though I can't gurantee you'd get a reply immediately.
    | 2.0 Version History                                                         |
    v1.10 (2006.11.03)
    - Updated the guide now that the English version is out. If you still find any
      inconsistency, please let me know.
    v1.00 (2005.11.19)
    - Finished the entire guide in one day! Go me!
    | 3.0 What is fishing?                                                        |
    Fishing is a mini-game in SUMMON NIGHT Swordcraft Story 2 in which you catch
    aquatic lifeforms (mostly fishes) and exchange them for points that can be
    further exchanged for prizes such as rare ores and several other things. Using
    baits that you find throughout the course of the game, the mini-game allows you
    to get uncommon or rare ores to fill up the pages in your weapon technique
    manual, or just to get stronger weapons.
    Lazy gamers might not want to spend time playing this mini-game, but if you're
    the hardcore type who want to fill up your technique manual, you might want to
    consider spending some time on it.
    This guide will cover the type of fishes that you can catch with each type of
    bait, the amount of points you get for successful catches, tips to help you
    improve your score, as well as a list of items you can exchange your points
    for. Last but not least, tips for you to catch the BOSS fish!
    Important note! This guide is NOT spoiler-free. Read it at your own caution.
    | 4.0 How do I get started?                                                   |
    You can only fish when you have bait. The earliest point in the game is right
    after your second sword breaks, when you can access the Entry Woods. Notice
    those crates and barrels just slightly southwest of the entrance? Break 'em
    and you might receive an item called Small Worm, the first and poorest bait
    (well, gotta start somewhere).
    When you have your little sacrifice ready, go north from the old man in the
    northern half of the village. He's on the other side of the bridge as the item
    shop, just east of the entrance to the forest. Follow the path and you'll see a
    fisherman at a pond. Talk to him and he will give you three options:
    1. Fish
    2. Prize Exchange
    3. Cancel
    Select option 1 and a screen will pop up teaching you how to play the fishing
    mini-game. Here's from the game itself:
    Step 1: Press the A button to stop the Power Gauge and cast the lure.
    Step 2: Watch for the fish to bite and press the A button to hook it.
    Step 3: Press the A button when the gauge is full, and repeat until the fish is
    Basically, after selecting option 1 and hitting your A button to get pass the
    explanation screen, you'll be brought to the fishing screen itself. It will
    resemble something like this:
                     (1) -> |   |                         |
                            |---                          |
                            |                             |
                            |                             |
                            |                             |
                            |__________                 --|
                            |          |               |  | <- (3)
                     (2) -> |          |          --------|
                            |          |         |        | <- (4)
    The four boxes above contain:
    (1) A clock showing the remaining fishing time you have.
    (2) The succesful catches you have currently made.
    (3) Your selected bait.
    (4) Your Power Gauge.
    Now you get to pick your bait. Once the game starts, the Power Gauge will begin
    filling up from left to right. If it hits maximum it will drop to zero and
    start to charge up again. Pressing the A button stops the Power Gauge. The
    fuller it is, the further you will cast your line. You will then see the float
    bobbing on the surface of the water.
    Now simply wait for a fish to snag the line and you'll see an icon asking you
    to hit your A button. Doing so will then give you a "FISH ON" message. During
    this time the Power Gauge will begin filling again, hit the A button to stop
    it. The more power you use, the more you'll pull your line in. Repeat until you
    catch the fish.
    Be aware that if you take too long to reel in the fish, it will escape. Also if
    you hit the A button while the fishes aren't biting, your character will lose
    his/her balance and you'll have to cast the line over again.
    | 5.0 Waiting for the bite                                                    |
    While you're seeking that elusive bite, here are some fishing statistics to
    help tide you over the wait.
    Note: The names of the fishes are the products of my imagination. To my
    knowledge, they have no official names (the poor things).
    5.1 Species of Fish
    The species of fish you can catch depend on the bait, so I will sort this table
    according to the bait used. There are five types of baits, listed below from
    poorest to best:
           | Name                     | Fish Caught             | Points |
      | 01 | Small Worm               | Small gold fish         |    5   |
      |    |                          | Small azure fish        |   10   |
      |    | Earliest Found:          | Green frog              |   10   |
      |    | Entry Woods              | Medium purple fish      |   12   |
      |    |                          | Stingray                |   16   |
      |    |                          | Medium blue fish        |   30   |
      |    |                          | Big red fish            |   50   |
      | 02 | Lugworm                  | Small azure fish        |   10   |
      |    |                          | Red crab                |   10   |
      |    | Earliest Found:          | Medium purple fish      |   12   |
      |    | Forest Outskirts         | Stingray                |   16   |
      |    |                          | Medium blue fish        |   30   |
      |    |                          | Medium green fish       |   40   |
      |    |                          | Eel                     |   60   |
      | 03 | Red Shrimp               | Medium purple fish      |   12   |
      |    |                          | Stingray                |   16   |
      |    | Earliest Found:          | Medium blue fish        |   30   |
      |    | Subterranean Bay         | Medium green fish       |   40   |
      |    |                          | Dogfish                 |   45   |
      |    |                          | Big red fish            |   50   |
      |    |                          | Koi carp                |   70   |
      | 04 | Lobster                  | Stingray                |   16   |
      |    |                          | Medium blue fish        |   30   |
      |    | Earliest Found:          | Medium green fish       |   40   |
      |    | Subterranean Bay         | Catfish                 |   45   |
      |    |                          | Big red fish            |   50   |
      |    |                          | Eel                     |   60   |
      |    |                          | Big golden fish         |   80   |
      | 05 | Gourmet Clam             | Medium blue fish        |   30   | 
      |    |                          | Medium green fish       |   40   |
      |    | Earliest Found:          | Big red fish            |   50   |
      |    | Fire Fortress            | Eel                     |   60   |
      |    |                          | Koi carp                |   70   |
      |    |                          | Big golden fish         |   80   |
      |    |                          | BOSS fish               |  500   |
    For pointers on how to catch the best fishes, especially the BOSS fish, consult
    Section 6.0 Quick Tips.
    5.2 Prizes
    Who would play the fishing mini-game without these? All cost are in fishing
      | Name                                              | Cost |
      | Iron Ore                                          |   50 |
      | Leafwyrm Thorn                                    |  100 |
      | Beast Crest                                       |  150 |
      | Boost Motor                                       |  200 |
      | Beast King Crest                                  |  250 |
      | Hard Shell                                        |  300 |
      | Anti-Demon Ore                                    |  350 |
      | Hero's Badge                                      |  400 |
      | Mark of Courage                                   |  400 |
      | Demon Horn                                        |  450 |
      | Lion's Crest                                      |  450 |
      | Machinery Scroll                                  |  450 |
      | Ninja Scroll 1                                    |  500 |
      | Ninja Scroll 2                                    |  500 |
      | Kishin Horn                                       |  500 |
      | Sword Shapestone                                  |  520 |
      | Axe Shapestone                                    |  520 |
      | Spear Shapestone                                  |  520 |
      | Fist Shapestone                                   |  520 |
      | Drill Shapestone                                  |  520 |
      | Fine Fishing Rod                                  | 1500 |
    Iron Ore, the Shapestones, and the Fine Fishing Rod are always available as
    soon as you can access the fishing mini-game. As for the other weapon
    materials, you can only wait as new materials will be added with each passing
    day (game day, that is).
    | 6.0 Quick Tips                                                              |
    Art of Fishing
    The bait you use determines what species of fish you can catch, but the type of
    fish you actually catch depends on how far you throw the line and the time you
    take to hit A after there's a bite. If you hit the A button at the same time
    the float drops below the surface of the water, you'll have the chance to catch
    a rare fish. So, even if you don't throw your line very far, with good timing
    you can always catch better fish.
    Fine Fishing Rod
    There has been some debate about what this actually does. Suggestions are that
    it changes the Power Gauge, whether slower (to let you get maximum power more)
    or faster (so you can catch more fish), or that it gives you more fishing time.
    The only confirmed fact is that it lets you catch the better fishes as well as
    the BOSS fish. What is the BOSS fish? Read below...
    BOSS Fish
    To find the BOSS fish, you must use a Gourmet Clam, as well as possess a Fine
    Fishing Rod. Throw the line out with maximum power (when the Power Gauge
    flashes white) then time it so you reel it in at the same time the float bobs
    below the surface. You'll know it's the BOSS fish because it's more difficult
    to catch. It takes 7 reels at full power to pull it in (normal fishes only take
    5), and will escape easily if you don't use full or near full power. When you
    do catch it, you get the message "BOSS GET!" This fish looks as big as two
    slots (though it occupies one) and gives you a whopping 500 fishing points
    straight! Wow! The mini-game ends when you catch this giant, though, and you
    need to use a new bait to start fishing again.
    Finding Gourmet Clams
    If you fish for ores a lot or you are trying to catch the BOSS fish, you'd
    want lots of these Gourmet Clams on hand. The only place to get them FREE is
    the Subterranean Bay, the second dungeon in the game, by cutting down the
    grass in the dungeon with your sword and hoping you'd get one of them (since
    you usually get one of the other poorer baits). The alternative is to fight
    Stray Summon #47, a fat blue frog called Frogman (an original name, how nice).
    Buying Gourmet Clams
    For those with money (and you know you do get too much in this game), you can
    buy Gourmet Clams in the Water Fortress after a certain point in the game (on
    the game day after the merchant in town first mentions his friends in the Water
    and Fire Fortresses). Go into the backroom and look for Tete, a purple
    Mechanoid with a yellow helmet. He sells them for 500b each.
    Not really a tip, but who cares? At first I thought 740 was the highest score
    you could ever get (3 big golden fish plus 1 BOSS fish), but then I got a few
    emails with screenshots. The confirmed hi-score is now 820. How do you get it?
    Blaze MoonShadow shares his trade secret:
    To save time I only threw the line out to where the green part of the bar
    starts to turn white just barely, and it landed just past the leaf in the pond.
    At the point the best fish you can catch if you grab it while the line is going
    under is the big golden fish, and when you reel it in from where, it only takes
    4 tries, thereby saving time. I did that four times to catch the golden fish,
    then threw the line out to the max and grabbed the BOSS fish.
    I have also tried and achieved his hi-score, and I believe it to be the limit
    since you can only catch 5 fishes before the fishing session ends.
    | 7.0 Acknowledgements                                                        |
    Not in any order of importance, of course ;)
    Myself, for making this guide.
    CJayC and GameFAQs, for maintaining such a wonderful site.
    Xellos633, for his tip about buying Gourmet Clams in the Water Fortress.
    Blaze MoonShadow, for letting me know about the real hi-score. He even sent a
    DarkMaster22, for correcting some of my mistakes and mentioning that the
    Gourmet Clams are buyable.
    CubeGamerMV, also for emailing me about the Gourmet Clams. I guess I should
    have updated sooner ;)
    Phun_guy, for sending his screenshot confirming the hi-score.
    Gho$t, for tipping both about the hi-score AND the buyable Gourmet Clams.
    Zorphis, for notifying me about the hi-score and making a screenshot of his
    Thanks for all the contributions guys ^.^
    To Do List
    This is for myself only ;)
    - get some nice ascii art for the guide
    - make a list of locations to find baits, including from summoned creatures

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