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    Materials Guide by MoloMowChow

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    	Summon Night-Swordcraft Story 2
    	       Materials Guide
    	 By: MoloMowChow (Leranz Clyde)
    	  Copyright 2006 Leranz Clyde
    No. I don't do those fancy text arts. Too bad.
    Table of Contents
    1. Intro................................0001
    2. Copyright............................0002
    3. Contact..............................0003
    4. Update/History.......................0004
    5. Basic Info...........................0005
    6. Material Info List...................0006
    	Iron Ore........................0006-1
    	Charged Ore.....................0006-2
    	Leafwyrm Thorn..................0006-3
    	Heavy Metal Ore.................0006-4
    	Aqua Ore........................0006-5
    	Beast Crest.....................0006-6
    	Blaze Ore.......................0006-7
    	Gale Oret.......................0006-8
    	Boost Motort....................0006-9
    	Light Metal Ore.................0006-10
    	Fulgur Horn.....................0006-11
    	Beast King Crest................0006-12
    	Sandstone Ore...................0006-13
    	Vortex Crab Claw................0006-14
    	Hard Shell......................0006-15
    	Adaman Ore......................0006-16
    	Diffusion Device................0006-17
    	Anti-Demon Ore..................0006-18
    	Wyvern Claw.....................0006-20
    	Hero's Badge....................0006-21
    	Mark of Courage.................0006-22
    	Demon Horn......................0006-23
    	Lion's Crest....................0006-24
    	Machinery Scroll................0006-25
    	Crimson Horn....................0006-26
    	Ninja Scroll I..................0006-27
    	Ninja Scroll II.................0006-28
    	Kishin Horn.....................0006-29
    	Tyrant Soulstone................0006-30
    	Doji Soulstone..................0006-31
    	Eye of Truth....................0006-32
    	Gem of Light....................0006-34
    	BlackDragon Fang................0006-35
    	Onyx Lifestone..................0006-36
    	Mechanical Box..................0006-37
    	Cat Paw Figurine................0006-38
    	Angel Ice Statue................0006-39
    	Bushido Scroll..................0006-40
    	Special Attack Combinations.....0007
    	Special Effect Combinations.....0008
    7. FAQS.................................0009
    8. Credits..............................0010
    Inroduction                                     			    0001
    Welcome to the "Materials Guide."
    This FAQ will cover the basics of Materials, the locations, the weapons they 
    forge, ETC. As time goes on, I will add more info to this Guide, so keep
    checking if you still need more info on Materials.
    This is my FIRST FAQ I've composed for GameFAQS ever. I hope people will find
    this guide helpful.
    Copyright Notice                                     			    0002
    Unless you have my permission, this guide cannot, under any circumstances, be
    changed/edited unless it's for personal use. It will not be hosted on other
    websites or distributed publicly without MY permission. If you cannot follow
    those simple terms when using this, you cannot use it at all, or else you
    violate the copyright.
    If you do decide to break the copyright, I'll send my private police force to 
    hunt you down.
    Contacting Me, the Author                                     		    0003
    If you wish to contact me, feel free to do so but ONLY about these subjects:
    -A question that is not answered in this guide
    -Giving me more information that is not in the guide and should be
    -Errors in the guide that I should fix
    -If you want to praise me :D
    I will not except anything else. Do not e-mail me flames or spam my
    inbox with questions you have already e-mailed me once. If you e-mail me a
    question, then I will answer it unless you ask over and over again.
    When you e-mail me, make sure you include subject, or else i won't know what
    you're e-mailing me about and i'll delete it.
    DON'T e-mail me asking me to put this FAQ on your website.
    Don't contact me via MSN or i'll kick you.
    Updates/History                                         		    0004
    Version 0.60 - October 30, 2006
    	-Release of FAQ
    	-NOTE: Rest of Weapon forges will be added as SOON AS POSSIBLE
    Version 0.76 - October 31, 2006 (Halloween, YAY!)
    	-Fixed Version history (it wasn't supposed to be 1.00 version, sorry!)
    	-Axe Weapon Forges Complete
    	-Added "Legends" to the Material List
    	-Edited the Credits to make sense...
    	-Fixed a few spelling errors here and there
    	-Now working on: Spear Forges
    Version 0.86 - November 6, 2006
    	-Spear Weapon Forges are complete
    	-Fixed the FAQ answers
    	-NOTE: I realized all the e-mails that were sent to my e-mail were put into the
    	junk folder! If you e-mailed me these past days and yet to recieve an answer,
    	please e-mail me again. ONCE AGAIN do NOT e-mail me asking me to put the FAQ
    	in your website! I will not reply to those!
    Version 0.96 - November 23, 2006 (Late update...Sorry)
    	-NOTE: First off, there are two reasons explaining my barbaric lack of updates
    	this past month. Firstly, because I had decided to COMPLETE the guide in one
    	go. Secondly, I have a lot of school work which limits the time i can spend
    	working on this guide. In fact, I can hardly find time to play the game 
    	itself. So now I haven't completed the guide yet, but I promise it will be
    	done before December comes.
    	-Knuckles Forges are Complete
    	-Edited FAQ section
    	-Now working on: Drill Forges
    Version 1.00 - December 23, 2006 (...VERY late update)
    	-NOTE: So I'm 23 days late from my actual deadline. I broke my promise but I
    	don't really care anymore. The guide is FINALLY done. Now enjoy what's here.
    	-Drill Forges are Complete
    	-Guide Officially complete
    	-Fixed some grammar errors
    Version 1.10 - September 9, 2007
    	-Added "Special Attack material combinations" chart
    	-Added "Special Effect material combinations" chart
    Basic Info                                         		  	    0005
    For those of you who don't know what these "materials" are, these are items that
    you obtain during the game that allow you to make your weapons. Each material
    has their own little strengths, weakness and properties.
    To forge your weapons, you must first have a Shapestone and the material you're
    going to use as Materials, you have to go to you room, and step infront
    of the giant kiln and press A. Doing so will bring up a menu. Choose
    "Create" and you'll automatically be brought up to your Shapestone list. Choose
    a shapestone of a weapons form you want, in this case a sword shapestone, and
    after you choose that, you'll be brought up your list of materials, in this case
    an iron ore. Once you've selected your materials, you get to watch you and your
    GB smashing your weapon with ridiculously small hammers that they must hold with
    two hands, then a blinding light comes out of nowhere and your weapon will be 
    made. (I swear there's a conspiracy in this game).
    Each material you forge a weapon with will give you a different weapon. Iron Ore
    will always you an Amateur Sword whereas a Bushido Scroll will give you a 
    Ethereal Sword. As you progress through the game, the materials you gain along
    the way will give you stronger weapons.
    But don't count out the weak materials just yet. There's also another factor in
    using materials, and that's upgrading. You'll be able to upgrade weapons when 
    you keep gaining Craftknight Ranks, and each material you use to upgrade will
    increase or lower certain stats. For example if I upgraded a weapon with Iron
    Ore the DUR will increase by 6 and the DEF will increase by 1. The better the
    material, the stronger the stat upgrade is. So why should we not count out the
    weak ones? Well, that's because certain materials can give weapons certain 
    special attacks and effects! Like if you upgrade a knuckle with a Kishin Horn,
    a Demon Horn and a Witchstone, not only will your knuckle have boosted stats, 
    but will have Hundred Fist special attack and HP Drain for effect! Of course, 
    only certain weapons types can have other certain Special Attacks but you get
    the idea.
    Be carefully though, some materials also decrease other stats, which can make
    your weapons very hard to use sometimes.
    Material List                                     			    0006
    +....Adding Stats
    -....Subtracting Stats
    ()...Weapon Special Attack
    {}...Weapon Special Effect
    The List of Materials. Includes Specific Details. Use CTRL+F to find the one you
    are looking for without needing to scroll.
    NOTE: Incomplete. Drill Forges are in progress right now.
    1. Iron Ore                                                           (0006-1)
    	-Buy for 50 fishing points
    	-Smash boxes in Entry Woods and Forest Outskirts
    Weapon Forge:
    	Amateur Knife-[ATK 10][DEF 8][DUR 85]
    	Amateur Axe-[ATK 13][DEF 11][AGL -25][DUR 105]
    	Amateur Spear-[ATK 10][DEF 8][AGL -20][DUR 95]
    	Amateur Knuckles-[ATK 8][DEF 4][AGL 20][DUR 80]
    	Amateur Drill-[ATK 11][DEF 10][AGL -10][DUR 100]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +6][DEF +1]
    2. Charged Ore							      (0006-2)
    	-Dropped by Spirit, found in Entry Woods
    Weapon Forge:
    	Metal Saber-[ATK 12][DEF 9][DUR 80]
    	Metal Axe-[ATK 15][DEF 13][AGL -25][DUR 100]
    	Metal Spear-[ATK 11][DEF 9][AGL -20][DUR 98]
    	Metal Knuckles-[ATK 9][DEF 5][AGL 20][DUR 85]
    	Metal Rotor-[ATK 12][DEF 11][AGL -10][DUR 105]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +8][ATK +1][AGL +1]
    3. Leafwyrm Thorn						      (0006-3)
    	-Buy for 100 fishing points
    Weapons Forge:
    	Grand Saber-[ATK 21][DEF 16][AGL 2][DUR 100]
    	Grand Axe-[ATK 24][DEF 20][AGL -25][DUR 110]
    	Grand Spear-[ATK 21][DEF 15][AGL -20][DUR 100] (Paralyze Attack)
    	Grand Claws-[ATK 18][DEF 10][AGL 10][DUR 28]
    	Grand Rotor-[ATK 22][DEF 18][AGL -10][DUR 115]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +10][ATK +1][dEF +1][AGL -1]
    4. Heavy Metal Ore						      (0006-4)
    	-Dropped by enemy Red Pincher, found in Roaring Cavern
    	-Smash boxes in Roaring Cavern
    Weapon Forge:
    	Crevice Dagger-[ATK 20][DEF 15][DUR 110]
    	Crevice Axe-[ATK 23][DEF 20][AGL -25][DUR 115]
    	Crevice Spear-[ATK 20][DEF 16][AGL -20][DUR 105]
    	Crevice Knuckles-[ATK 18][DEF 9][AGL 20][DUR 95]
    	Crevice Drill-[ATK 21][DEF 18][AGL -10][DUR 113]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +12][DEF +3][AGL -5]
    5. Aqua Ore							      (0006-5)
    	-Dropped by Mud Boxer, found in Roaring Cavern
    Weapon Forge:
    	Hard Saber-[ATK 22][DEF 17][DUR 100]
    	Hard Axe-[ATK 25][DEF 21][AGL -25][DUR 100]
    	Hard Spear-[ATK 21][DEF 17][AGL -20][DUR 110]
    	Hard Claws-[ATK 19][DEF 10][AGL 20][DUR 100]
    	Hard turbine-[ATK 22][DEF 19][AGL -10][DUR 118]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +10][ATK +2][DEF +3]
    6. Beast Crest							      (0006-6)
    	-Buy for 150 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Tusk Saber-[ATK 24][DEF 18][DUR 118] (2 Hit Combo)
    	Tusk Axe-[ATK 27][DEF 23][AGL -30][DUR 118] (2 Hit Combo)
    	Tusk Spear-[ATK 22][DEF 18][AGL -20][DUR 115] (2 Hit Combo)
    	Tusk Claws-[ATK 20][DEF 10][AGL 10][DUR 105]
    	Tusk Rotor-[ATK 24][DEF 21][AGL -10][DUR 125] (Drill Special)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +14][ATK +2][DEF +2][AGL +1]
    7. Blaze Ore							      (0006-7)
    	-Dropped by Onibi, found in Lost Woods
    Weapon Forge:
    	Slicer Sword-[ATK 30][DEF 23][DUR 110]
    	Slicer Axe-[ATK 33][DEF 28][AGL -25][DUR 120]
    	Piercer Spear-[ATK 30][DEF 24][AGL -20][DUR 118]
    	Crusher Claws-[ATK 28][DEF 14][AGL 20][DUR 102]
    	Steel Piercer-[ATK 30][DEF 26][AGL -10][DUR 120]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +13][ATK +3][DEF +3][AGL -3]
    8. Gale Ore							      (0006-8)
    	-Dropped by Windleon, found in Forgotten Woods
    Weapons Forge:
    	Steel Saber-[ATK 32][DEF 24][DUR 95]
    	Steel Axe-[ATK 35][DEF 30][AGL -30][DUR 110]
    	Steel Spear-[ATK 31][DEF 25][AGL -20][DUR 110]
    	Steel Claws-[ATK 29][DEF 15][AGL 10][DUR 95]
    	Steel Rotor-[ATK 32][DEF 26][AGL -10][DUR 115]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +16][ATK +2][DEF +2][AGL +2]
    9. Boost Motor							      (0006-9)
    	-Buy for 200 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Swift Saber-[ATK 34][DEF 26][AGL 5][DUR 100]
    	Swift Axe-[ATK 37][DEF 31][AGL -20][DUR 115]
    	Swift Spear-[ATK 32][DEF 26][AGL -15][DUR 115]
    	Swift Knuckles-[ATK 30][DEF 15][AGL 25][DUR 100]
    	Swift Drill-[ATK 34][DEF 26][AGL -5][DUR 120] (Gale Strike)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +10][ATK +2][DEF +2][AGL +3]
    10. Light Metal Ore						      (0006-10)
    	-Break boxes in Ruined Factory
    Weapon Forge:
    	Balanced Sword-[ATK 40][DEF 30][DUR 105]
    	Balanced Axe-[ATK 43][DEF 36][AGL -25][DUR 120]
    	Balanced Lance-[ATK 40][DEF 32][AGL -20][DUR 120]
    	Balanced Claws-[ATK 38][DEF 19][AGL 10][DUR 105]
    	Balanced Drill-[ATK 40][DEF 35][AGL -10][DUR 125]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +11][ATK +3][DEF +3][AGL +2]
    11. Fulgur Horn							      (0006-11)
    	-Dropped by Elebolt, found in Ruined Factory
    	-Dropped by Elespark, found in Bonus Section of Ruined Factory
    Weapon Forge:
    	Heavy Blade-[ATK 42][DEF 32][DUR 120]
    	Heavy Axe-[ATK 45][DEF 38][AGL -25][DUR 138]
    	Heavy Spear-[ATK 42][DEF 33][AGL -20][DUR 125]
    	Heavy Knuckles-[ATK 39][DEF 20][AGL 20][DUR 115]
    	Heavy Rotor-[ATK 42][DEF 35][AGL -10][DUR 150]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +12][ATK +4][DEF +3]
    12. Beast King Crest						      (0006-12)
    	-Buy for 250 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Beast King Saber-[ATK 53][DEF 35][AGL -10][DUR 125] (Spin Attack)
    	Beast King Axe-[ATK 56][DEF 40][AGL -30][DUR 140]
    	Beast King Spear-[ATK 52][DEF 38][AGL -20][DUR 130]
    	Beast King Claws-[ATK 50][DEF 22][AGL 10][DUR 110] (Spin Attack)
    	Beast King Rotor-[ATK 54][DEF 40][AGL -10][DUR 155]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +15][ATK +3][DEF +3][AGL +2]
    13. Sandstone Ore						      (0006-13)
    	-Break boxes in Subterranean Bay
    Weapon Forge:
    	Sand Saber-[ATK 50][DEF 38][AGL -10][DUR 118]
    	Sand Axe-[ATK 53][DEF 45][AGL -25][DUR 142]
    	Sand Halberd-[ATK 50][DEF 40][AGL -20][DUR 128]
    	Sand Knuckles-[ATK 48][DEF 24][AGL 20][DUR 109]
    	Sand Rotor-[ATK 50][DEF 43][AGL -10][DUR 145]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +15][ATK +4][DEF +5]
    14. Vortex Crab Claw						      (0006-14)
    	-Dropped by Elewater, found in Subterranean Bay
    	-Dropped by Elehyde, found in Bonus Section of Subterranean Bay
    Weapon Forge:
    	Vortex Sword-[ATK 52][DEF 39][AGL -10][DUR 120]
    	Vortex Axe-[ATK 55][DEF 46][AGL -30][DUR 140]
    	Vortex Spear-[ATK 51][DEF 41][AGL -20][DUR 130]
    	Vortex Claws-[ATK 49][DEF 25][AGL 20][DUR 110]
    	Vortex Turbine-[ATK 52][DEF 43][AGL -10][DUR 150]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +12][ATK +3][DEF +6][AGL -2]
    15. Hard Shell							      (0006-15)
    	-Buy for 300 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Shell Blade-[ATK 63][DEF 46][AGL -10][DUR 130]
    	Shell Axe-[ATK 66][DEF 56][AGL -25][DUR 150]
    	Shell Spear-[ATK 61][DEF 42][AGL -20][DUR 130]
    	Shell Knuckles-[ATK 59][DEF 25][AGL 20][DUR 120]
    	Shell Rotor-[ATK 63][DEF 43][AGL -10][DUR 165]
    Upgraded Stats:[DUR +18][ATK +4][DEF +6][AGL -3]
    16. Adaman Ore							      (0006-16)
    	-Break boxes in lower levels of Ruined Factory (B5 and B6)
    Weapon Forge:
    	Adaman Sword-[ATK 60][DEF 45][DUR 145]
    	Adaman Axe-[ATK 63][DEF 53][AGL -30][DUR 180]
    	Adaman Spear-[ATK 60][DEF 48][AGL -20][DUR 165]
    	Adaman Knuckles-[ATK 58][DEF 29][AGL 20][DUR 140]
    	Adaman Drill-[ATK 60][DEF 52][AGL -10][DUR 195]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +21][DEF +10][AGL -8]
    17. Diffusion Device						      (0006-17)
    	-Dropped by Grappler, found in lower levels of Ruined Factory
    Weapon Forge:
    	Buzzsaw Sword-[ATK 62][DEF 47][DUR 130] (Quick Hit)
    	Ring Axe-[ATK 65][DEF 55][AGL -25][DUR 160] (Guard Crush)
    	Sniper Lance-[ATK 61][DEF 49][AGL -20][DUR 145] (Gale Strike)
    	Gimmick Knuckles-[ATK 59][DEF 30][AGL 10][DUR 98] (Hundred Fists)
    	Twin Drill-[ATK 62][DEF 52][AGL -10][DUR 175] (Gale Strike)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +15][ATK +5][DEF +3]
    18. Anti-Demon Ore						      (0006-18)
    	-Buy for 350 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Diabolic Cutlass-[ATK 64][DEF 48][AGL -10][DUR 138]
    	Diabolic Axe-[ATK 67][DEF 56][AGL -30][DUR 168]
    	Diabolic Halberd-[ATK 62][DEF 50][AGL -20][DUR 135]
    	Diabolic Fists-[ATK 60][DEF 30][AGL 20][DUR 110]
    	Diabolic Rotor-[ATK 64][DEF 52][AGL -10][DUR 160]
    Upgraded Stats:[DUR +18][ATK +5][DEF +6][AGL +2]
    19. Crystal							      (0006-19)
    	-Break boxes in Glacier Gorge
    Weapon Forge:
    	Crystal Sword-[ATK 70][DEF 53][DUR 130]
    	Crystal Axe-[ATK 73][DEF 61][AGL -25][DUR 160]
    	Crystal Pike-[ATK 70][DEF 56][AGL -20][DUR 140]
    	Crystal Claws-[ATK 68][DEF 34][AGL 15][DUR 115]
    	Crystil Drill-[ATK 70][DEF 60][AGL -10][DUR 170]
    Upgraded Stats:[DUR +20][ATK +6][DEF +5][AGL +1]
    20. Wyvern Claw							      (0006-20)
    	-Dropped by Elewind, found in Glacier Gorge
    	-Dropped by Elegale, found in Bonus Section of Glacier Gorge
    Weapon Forge:
    	Talon Blade-[ATK 72][DEF 54][DUR 128]
    	Talon Axe-[ATK 75][DEF 63][AGL -30][DUR 158]
    	Talon Spear-[ATK 71][DEF 57][AGL -20][DUR 145]
    	Talon Knuckles-[ATK 69][DEF 36][AGL 20][DUR 118]
    	Talon Turbine-[ATK 72][DEF 60][AGL -10][DUR 175]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +13][ATK +6][DEF +6][AGL +4]
    21. Hero's Badge						      (0006-21)
    	-Buy for 400 fishing points
    Weapons Forge:
    	Holy Blade-[ATK 80][DEF 56][AGL -10][DUR 140] {HP Regen}
    	Holy Axe-[ATK 77][DEF 65][AGL -30][DUR 180] {HP Regen}
    	Holy Pole-[ATK 72][DEF 58][AGL -20][DUR 160] {HP Regen}
    	Holy Knuckles-[ATK 70][DEF 35][AGL 20][DUR 120] {HP Regen}
    	Holy Turbine-[ATK 74][DEF 60][AGL -10][DUR 200] {HP Regen}
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +20][ATK +8][DEF +5]
    22. Mark of Courage						      (0006-22)
    	-Buy for 400 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Saint Knife-[ATK 74][DEF 56][AGL 5][DUR 120] {DUR Regen}
    	Saint Axe-[ATK 83][DEF 7-][AGL -30][DUR 175] {DUR Regen}
    	Saint Pole-[ATK 80][DEF 64][AGL -20][DUR 150] {DUR Regen}
    	Saint Knuckles-[ATK 78][DEF 39][AGL 20][DUR 115] {DUR Regen}
    	Saint Turbine-[ATK 80][DEF 69][AGL -10][DUR 185]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +20][ATK +5][DEF +8]
    23. Demon Horn							      (0006-23)
    	-Buy for 450 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Evil Saber-[ATK 82][DEF 62][AGL -10][DUR 138]
    	Evil Axe-[ATK 85][DEF 71][AGL -30][DUR 180]
    	Evil Spear-[ATK 81][DEF 65][AGL -20][DUR 145]
    	Evil Claws-[ATK 79][DEF 40][AGL 10][DUR 120]
    	Evil Rotor-[ATK 82][DEF 69][AGL -10][DUR 190]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +22][ATK +8][DEF +7][AGL -5]
    24. Lion's Crest						      (0006-24)
    	-Buy for 450 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Jaw Blade-[ATK 84][DEF 63][AGL -10][DUR 130] (Gale Strike)
    	Jaw Axe-[ATK 87][DEF 73][AGL -30][DUR 188] (Impact Attack)
    	Jaw Spear-[ATK 82][DEF 66][AGL -20][DUR 160] (Impact Attack)
    	Jaw Claws-[ATK 80][DEF 40][AGL 10][DUR 119]
    	Jaw Turbine-[ATK 84][DEF 69][AGL -10][DUR 205] (Impact Attack)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +21][ATK +7][ATK +7][AGL +6]
    25. Machinery Scroll						      (0006-25)
    	-Buy for 450 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Machine Blade-[ATK 95][DEF 65][DUR 140]
    	Machine Axe-[ATK 96][DEF 74][AGL -25][DUR 180]
    	Machine Pole-[ATK 92][DEF 67][AGL -20][DUR 165]
    	Machine Knuckles-[ATK 90][DEF 41][AGL 20][DUR 120]
    	Machine Rotor-[ATK 95][DEF 69][AGL -10][DUR 200]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +22][ATK +8][DEF +8][AGL -5]
    26. Crimson Horn						      (0006-26)
    	-Dropped by Fire Mage & Elefire, found in Oni Hot Springs
    	-Dropped by Eleflare, found in Bonus Section of Oni Hot Springs
    Weapon Forge:
    	Spiky Blade-[ATK 90][DEF 68][DUR 150]
    	Spiky Axe-[ATK 93][DEF 78][AGL -30][DUR 200]
    	Spiky Lance-[ATK 90][DEF 72][AGL -20][DUR 170]
    	Spiky Claws-[ATK 88][DEF 44][AGL 20][DUR 128]
    	Spiky Drill-[ATK 90][DEF 78][AGL -10][DUR 225]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +18][ATK +10][DEF +2][AGL -2]
    27. Ninja Scroll I						      (0006-27)
    	-Buy for 500 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Kunai-[ATK 92][DEF 69][DUR 145] (Weapon Throw)
    	Ninja Axe-[ATK 95][DEF 80][AGL -30][DUR 190] (3 Hit Combo)
    	Naginata-[ATK 91][DEF 73][AGL -20][DUR 168] (3 Hit Combo)
    	Ninja Hooks-[ATK 89][DEF 45][AGL 20][DUR 125] (Fast 3 Hit Combo)
    	Spiral Auger-[ATK 92][DEF 78][AGL -10][DUR 205]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +20][ATK +4][DEF +2][AGL +10]
    28. Ninja Scroll II						      (0006-28)
    	-Buy for 500 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Ninja Sword-[ATK 94][DEF 71][DUR 150] (Jump Attack)
    	Ninja Sickle-[ATK 97][DEF 81][AGI -25][DUR 200] (Jump Attack)
    	Ninja Spear-[ATK 92][DEF 74][AGL -20][DUR 175] (Jump Attack)
    	Ninja Gauntlet-[ATK 90][DEF 45][AGL 20][DUR 135] (Jump Attack)
    	Ninja Rotor-[ATK 94][DEF 78][AGL -10][DUR 225] (Jump Attack)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +25][ATK +2][DEF +4][AGL +10]
    29. Kishin Horn							      (0006-29)
    	-Buy for 500 fishing points
    Weapon Forge:
    	Kishin Sword-[ATK 101][DEF 72][DUR 155]
    	Kishin Great Axe-[ATK 104][DEF 82][AGL -25][DUR 210]
    	Kishin Pike-[ATK 100][DEF 75][AGL -20][DUR 180]
    	Kishin Gauntlet-[ATK 91][DEF 46][AGL 20][DUR 129]
    	Kishin Drill-[ATK 101][DEF 78][AGL -10][DUR 230]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +25][ATK +11][DEF +6][AGL -10]
    30. Tyrant Soulstone						      (0006-30)
    	-Dropped by Filleon, found in Bonus Section of Subterranean Bay
    Weapon Forge:
    	Magic Saber-[ATK 100][DEF 75][DUR 145]
    	Magic Axe-[ATK 103][DEF 86][AGL -30][DUR 195]
    	Magic Cane-[ATK 100][DEF 80][AGL -20][DUR 175]
    	Magic Claws-[ATK 98][DEF 49][AGL 10][DUR 125]
    	Magic Rotor-[ATK 100][DEF 86][AGL -10][DUR 225]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +23][ATK +13][DEF +10][AGL -12]
    31. Doji Soulstone						      (0006-31)
    	-Dropped by Death Manty, found in Bonus Section of Oni Hot Springs
    Weapon Forge:
    	Savage Blade-[ATK 102][DEF 77][AGL -10][DUR 158] (Impact Attack)
    	Savage Axe-[ATK 105][DEF 88][AGL -30][DUR 220] (Shockwave)
    	Savage Spear-[ATK 101][DEF 81][AGL -20][DUR 190] (Gale Strike)
    	Savage Claws-[ATK 107][DEF 50][AGL 10][DUR 145] (Hundred Fists) {DUR Regen}
    	Savage Turbine-[ATK 102][DEF 86][AGL -10][DUR 238] (Gale Strike)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +25][ATK +12][DEF +8]
    32. Eye of Truth						      (0006-32)
    	-Dropped by Heavy Metal, found in Bonus Section of Ruined Factory
    	-Dropped by Metal Crab, found in Bonus Section of Glacier Gorge
    Weapon Forge:
    	Master Blade-[ATK 110][DEF 83][DUR 160] (Arm Breaker)
    	Master Axe-[ATK 113][DEF 95][AGL -30][DUR 225] (Tornado Attack)
    	Master Spear-[ATK 110][DEF 88][AGL -20][DUR 195] (Arm Breaker)
    	Master Claws-[ATK 108][DEF 54][AGL 10][DUR 138] (Arm Breaker)
    	Master Gear-[ATK 110][DEF 95][AGL -10][DUR 235] (Arm Breaker)
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +30][ATK +15][AGL -15]
    33. Witchstone							      (0006-33)
    	-Dropped by Omen Fish, found in Bonus Section of Oni Hot Springs
    Weapon Forge:
    	Hellcat Blade-[ATK 112][DEF 84][AGL -10][DUR 160] (Gale Strike)
    	Hellcat Axe-[ATK 115][DEF 96][AGL -30][DUR 220] (Shockwave)
    	Hellcat Spear-[ATK 111][DEF 89][AGL -20][DUR 190] (5 Hit Combo)
    	Hellcat Gauntlet-[ATK 109][DEF 55][AGL 20][DUR 130] (Shockwave)
    	Hellcat Drill-[ATK 112][DEF 95][AGL -10][DUR 240] (Gale Strike)
    Upgrade Stats:[DEF +15][AGL -15]
    34. Gem of Light						      (0006-34)
    Weapons Forge:
    	Noble Buster-[ATK 114][DEF 86][AGL -10][DUR 180] {Large DUR Regen}
    	Noble Caesar-[ATK 117][DEF 98][AGL -30][DUR 240] {Large DUR Regen}
    	Noble Thruster-[ATK 112][DEF 90][AGL -20][DUR 200] {Large DUR Regen}
    	Noble Claws-[ATK 110][DEF 55][AGL 10][DUR 170] {Large DUR Regen}
    	Noble Horn-[ATK 114][DEF 95][AGL -10][DUR 250] {Large DUR Regen}
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +35][ATK +1][DEF +20][AGL +1]
    35. BlackDragon Fang						      (0006-35)
    	-Dropped by Dark Dragon, found in Bonus Section of Goura's Labyrinth
    Weapon Forge:
    	Dragon Edge-[ATK 120][DEF 90][AGL -10][DUR 177]
    	Dragon Masher-[ATK 125][DEF 100][AGL -30][DUR 220]
    	Dragon Pole-[ATK 120][DEF 96][AGL -20][DUR 190]
    	Dragon Cestus-[ATK 115][DEF 60][AGL 10][DUR 130]
    	Dragon Drill-[ATK 123][DEF 103][AGL -10][DUR 230]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +20][ATK +16][DEF +5][AGL -15]
    36. Onyx Lifestone						      (0006-36)
    	-Dropped by Boss of Bonus Section of Goura's Labyrinth
    Weapon Forge:
    	Embossed Blade-[ATK 135][DEF 85][AGL -10][DUR 170]
    	Embossed Axe-[ATK 140][DEF 98][AGL -30][DUR 230]
    	Embossed Lance-[ATK 135][DEF 90][AGL -20][DUR 195]
    	Embossed Claws-[ATK 130][DEF 50][AGL 10][DUR 132]
    	Embossed Rotor-[ATK 138][DEF 98][AGL -10][DUR 240]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +29][ATK +15][DEF +15][AGL +10]
    37. Mechanical Box						      (0006-37)
    	-Dropped by Boss of Bonus Section of Ruined Factory
    Weapon Forge:
    	Gear Saber-[ATK 115][DEF 130][AGI -10][DUR 158]
    	Gear Axe-[ATK 120][DEF 140][AGL -30][DUR 235]
    	Gear spear-[ATK 115][DEF 136][AGL -20][Dur 190]
    	Gear Knuckles-[ATK 110][DEF 100][AGL 20][DUR 135]
    	Gear Turbine-[ATK 118][DEF 143][AGL -10][DUR 245]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +35][ATK +20][DEF +20][AGL -10]
    38. Cat Paw Figurine						      (0006-38)
    	-Dropped by Boss of Bonus Section of Subterranean Bay
    Weapon Forge:
    	Kitty Saber-[ATK 123][DEF 90][AGL 20][DUR 125]
    	Kitty Axe-[ATK 128][DEF 100][DUR 200]
    	Kitty Spear-[ATK 123][DEF 96][AGL 10][DUR 155]
    	Catickles-[ATK 118][DEF 60][AGL 50][DUR 100]
    	Kitty Rotor-[ATK 126][DEF 103][AGL 20][DUR 200]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +10][ATK +10][DEF +10][AGL +30]
    39. Angel Ice Statue						      (0006-39)
    	-Dropped by Boss of Bonus Section of Glacier Gorge
    Weapon Forge:
    	Ribbon Saber-[ATK 145][DEF 65][AGL -10][DUR 100]
    	Ribbon Caesar-[ATK 155][DEF 70][AGL -30][DUR 100]
    	Ribbon Lance-[ATK 145][DEF 56][AGL -20][DUR 100]
    	Ribbon Knuckles-[ATK 140][DEF 35][AGL 20][DUR 80]
    	Ribbon Rotor-[ATK 148][DEF 70][AGL -10][DUR 100]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +33][ATK +25][DEF +25]
    40. Bushido Scroll						      (0006-40)
    	-Dropped by Boss of Bonus Section of Oni Hot Springs
    Weapons Forge:
    	Ethereal Saber-[ATK 130][DEF 100][AGL -10][DUR 180]
    	Ethereal Axe-[ATK 138][DEF 120][AGL -30][DUR 240]
    	Ethereal Lance-[ATK 130][DEF 110][AGL -20][DUR 205]
    	Ethereal Claws-[ATK 125][DEF 80][AGL 10][DUR 150]
    	Ethereal Rotor-[ATK 133][DEF 120][AGL -10][DUR 250]
    Upgrade Stats:[DUR +35][ATK +35][DEF +35][AGL -30]
    Special Attack Combinations                                     	    0007
    Material 1         Material 2	      Material 3	 Special Attack
    [Boost Motor]      ---		      ---		 [2 Hit Combo]
    [Boost Motor]      [Boost Motor]      ---		 [3 Hit Combo]
    [Boost Motor]      [Boost Motor]      [Boost Motor]	 [4 Hit Combo]
    [Boost Motor]      [Boost Motor]      [Ninja Scroll I]	 [5 Hit Combo]
    [Diffusion Device] ---		      ---		 [Fast 3 Hit Combo]
    [Diffusion Device] [Diffusion Device] [Ninja Scroll II]	 [Fast 5 Hit Combo]
    [Vortex Crab Claw] [Vortex Crab Claw] ---		 [Tornado Attack]
    [Vortex Crab Claw] [Vortex Crab Claw] [Diffusion Device] [Spin Attack]
    [Best King Crest]  ---		      ---		 [Launcher]
    [Leafwyrm Thorn]   ---		      ---		 [Paralyze Attack]
    [Wyvern Claw]      ---		      ---		 [Quick Hit]
    [Demon Horn]       ---		      ---		 [Unblockable]
    [Kishin Horn]      ---		      ---		 [HundredFists]
    [Machinery Scroll] ---		      ---		 [DrillSpecial]
    [Hard Shell]       ---		      ---		 [Guard Crush]
    [Hard Shell]	   [Hard Shell]	      [Hard Shell]	 [Arm Breaker]
    [Anti-Demon Ore]   [Anti-Demon Ore]   ---		 [Gale Strike]
    [Anti-Demon Ore]   [Anti-Demon Ore]   ---		 [Shockwave]
    [Ninja Scroll I]   ---		      ---		 [Charge Attack]
    [Ninja Scroll II]  ---		      ---		 [Jump Attack]
    [Ninja Scroll I]   [Ninja Scroll II]  ---		 [Weapon Throw]
    [Hero's Badge]     [Mark of Courage]  ---		 [Impact Attack]
    [Beast Crest]	   [Best King Crest]  [Lion's Crest]	 [Shatter Strike]
    [Tyrant Soulstone] [Tyrant Soulstone] ---		 [Soul Strike]
    [Mechanical Box]   [BlackDragon Fang] [Onyx Lifestone]	 [Fatal Strike]
    Special Effect Combinations                                     	    0008
    Material 1         Material 2	      Material 3	 Special Effect
    [Charged Ore]	   ---		      ---		 [LitWeak Effect]
    [Charged Ore]	   [Charged Ore]      ---		 [LitMed Effect]
    [Charged Ore]	   [Charged Ore]      [Charged Ore]	 [LitStr Effect]
    [Aqua Ore]	   ---		      ---		 [WtrWeak Effect]
    [Aqua Ore]	   [Aqua Ore]	      ---		 [WtrMed Effect]
    [Aqua Ore]	   [Aqua Ore]	      [Aqua Ore]	 [WtrStr Effect]
    [Blaze Ore]	   ---		      ---		 [FireWeak Effect]
    [Blaze Ore]	   [Blaze Ore]	      ---		 [FireMed Effect]
    [Blaze Ore]	   [Blaze Ore]	      [Blaze Ore]	 [FireStr Effect]
    [Gale Ore]	   ---		      ---		 [WindWeak Effect]
    [Gale Ore]	   [Gale Ore]	      ---		 [WindMed Effect]
    [Gale Ore]	   [Gale Ore]	      [Gale Ore]	 [WindStr Effect]
    [Eye of Truth]	   ---		      ---		 [Parry]
    [Demon Horn]	   [Witchstone]	      ---		 [HP drain]
    [Hero's Badge]	   [Tyrant Soulstone] ---		 [HP Regen]
    [Mark of Courage]  [Doji Soulstone]   ---		 [DUR Regen]
    [Hard Shell]	   [Adaman Ore]	      ---		 [DUR Guard]
    [Light Metal Ore]  [Wyvern Claw]      ---		 [AGL Up]
    [Boost Motor]	   [Eye of Truth]     ---		 [Critical]
    [Heavy Metal Ore]  [Vortex Crab Claw] ---		 [Piercing]
    [Beast Crest]	   [Beast Crest]      ---		 [Speed Up]
    [Demon Horn]	   [Demon Horn]	      [Demon Horn]	 [Critical Powerup]
    [Mark of Courage]  [Mark of Courage]  [Bushido Scroll]	 [LargeDUR Regen]
    Frequently Asked Questions                                 		    0009
    Q: Where can I find another Gem of Light?
    A: You can't really "get another" Gem of Light, but rather replace the one you
    have. To do that, you need to get rid of all traces of your current Gem of
    Light (in other words, disassemble whatever weapon the Gem of Light is in) and 
    then go back to Glacier Gorge where you first got the Daemon Edge. Now, walk up
    towrads the crystal and a little scene will be triggered. However, this
    replacment process can only be done BEFORE you finish the game. So if you want
    to compelete your technique list, then you better do this before you fight
    Q: What's the best materials to use?
    A: To lower your choices, I'd say the 5 materials that you get from the bonus
    dungeon bosses and the Gem of Light. From those 5, choose one that suits you.
    Each of those materials have their own strengths, like the Cat Paw Figurine
    gives a huge AGL boost to your weapons whereas the Angel Ice Statue gives you
    an extra boost of ATK.
    Q: What are the elemental weaknesses?
    A: There are no weaknesses, just resistances. Meaning you can't do more damage,
    but you can reduce damage. Same goes with monsters.
    Q: Can I post this guide on my websi...
    A: NO!
    Credits/Acknowledgements                                     		    0010
    Thank you, reader and/or gamer for reading my FAQ.
    Thanks to Atomechanical for the list of all materials and their locations.
    Thanks to Atlus for publishing the game to the US and translating it, and thanks
    to Banpresto for developing the game.
    Thanks to GameFAQS for hosting this guide on the site.
    You may not know me, but I made this guide, so congrats to my first FAQ made.

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