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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Shadowchaser91

    Version: 5.9 | Updated: 11/07/14 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                   Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2: FAQ / Walkthrough
                                     Version: 5.9
       By: Shadowchaser91
       Release date: January 14, 2007
       Last Major Revision: November 6, 2014
    -- Contents --
    1. Version History
    2. Walkthrough
    3. Restarting SN2
    4. List of Sidequests
    5. Credits
     1. Version History
    Version 5.9 (Current)
    -- Removed all extraneous information from the Walkthrough for readability.
    -- Removed most of the story (which you could simply get by reading the
       dialogue) to prevent many spoilers and to improve readability.
    -- Removed most other non-walkthrough sections.
    -- Reformatted a few maps to make them more accurate.
    -- Updated most parts of the walkthrough for clarity. Made some parts of the
       guide more efficient (i.e. less backtracking).
    -- Refined tactics for many bosses and provided more information on their
       abilities and how to counter them.
    -- Fixed minor formatting errors.
    -- Fixed spelling and grammar errors.
    Version 5
    Version 4 (BETA)
    -- Edited the Continuous Sidequests.
    -- Finished going through the Walkthrough again and wrote a little bit from a
        pure ATK perspective. Also fixed a few spelling and gameplay errors.
    Version 3 (BETA)
    -- Finished the Rampage Rabbit Golden Mono Shift part at the very end of the
        Epilogue/Aftermath walkthrough.
    -- Rearranged some sections for smoother transitions.
    -- Added a Restarting SN2 section.
    -- Add Day Count (Days 1-11) to break the walkthrough into sections.
    -- Added a few more General Walkthrough Notes.
    Version 2 (BETA)
    Version 1 (BETA)
    -- Main storyline complete.
     2. Walkthrough
    --                                   Day  1                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Follow Ryouga. You will find a stray summon.
    You will already get to choose who your Guardian Beast is going to be. Once you
    do, you'll try to save him/her and a fight will begin against "this cute bunny"
    that gets really mad at you.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 45
    Strategy: This isn't hard at all. When you get close to it, hit it with your
    hammer by pressing [A]. It'll also counterattack, so you should practice jumping
    out of the way here to avoid getting hit or perfect guarding to avoid taking any
    damage. Get 50 EXP and a level-up for winning, plus an extra bonus point for not
    getting hit and a Bandage.
    Note: You will also get a Trainee Bracer after you start a new game using old
    save data.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Once you win, you will end up keeping the Stray Summon (as they will eventually
    be your Guardian Beast). Also give them a name.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    After some conversation (which varies depending on your Guardian Beast), Blaire,
    or Master, walks in from the stairs. Orin drags Tatiana downstairs and Blaire
    drags your Guardian Beast downstairs. Follow them.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House > Workshop --
    Blaire explains that this is the Workshop. You'll be making weapons and doing
    all sorts of things with them here. Afterwards, when you try to head upstairs,
    you'll note the sword in stone right next to the stairs. You can use that to
    -- Cliff Village --
    Head left and up the first path you see in the next screen (there's a blue-
    haired boy standing next to it).
    -- Cliff Village > Village Monument --
    The Chief goes on a long story, but we don't have to bear all of that. After
    that, Blaire yells at you to go back to the Workshop, so head back there.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House > Workshop --
    The conversation turns to how you're so bad at working machines and that Tatiana
    ate mud as a little kid (Orin: "Her taste buds are all screwed up." Tatiana:
    "You have a problem with my cooking!?") Blaire gets you all back on track and
    makes you swing the hammer 100 times.
    Blaire then gives you a Swordstone and briefs you on the kinds of weapons you
    can make. Then he gives you an Iron Ore to make the sword with. Walk up to the
    giant furnace behind Blaire and hit [A]. Here, you can Create, Upgrade (later),
    Disassemble (later), and Repair. Go to Create. Now you'll see Swordstone on the
    list. You'll get Axestones, Spearstones, etc. later. The bonus ATK, DEF, AGL,
    and DUR are all at 0 because this is your first time. Hit [A] on Swordstone and
    select Iron Ore from the next menu to forge it.
    If this is your first time through, you get a few question marks for stats
    because you haven't made one of these yet. If you had, there would've been a
    green check mark on Iron Ore. There is also ? Special Attack and ? Effect, but
    not all weapons have one. After hitting [A] again, you realize that there
    isn't, but you get the Amateur Knife.
    (Blaire: "Don't worry about me! I'll take your room." Kattenna: "But my clothes
    are in there!" Blaire: "Well, I'll be going! Good night!")
    -- Cliff Village > 4h --
    Just hang out with your Guardian Beast tonight at where your old house was.
    --                                   Day  2                                   --
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Equip your Amateur Knife and head upstairs to your old room (top right) and
    get your 200 boam. Now head outside and follow the path all the way down. You'll
    see Ryouga outside his door waiting for you. Talk to him and head up to Goura's
    Gate. Oh, but before you do, go to the main menu and equip Healing Spell on your
    Guardian Beast.
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate --
    A mysterious voice stops you guys for entering. He introduces himself as
    Gedharm. He takes your Guardian Beast hostage and demands that you get everyone
    to the Seal. After messing around, Gedharm first Summons a Cattan to keep you
    -- Goura Labyrinth > Chamber of Seals > [2] > Mini-Boss --
    Name: Cattan
    HP: 200
    Strategy: You'll be facing a lot more of these little guys later. Anyway, the
    Cattan charges at you for some damage, as well as throws a bomb at you (short-
    range). It'll also fire a missile that covers the entire distance of the
    fighting field, so when that comes, either Guard ([B]) or jump over it ({up}).
    If you hit [A] three times in quick succession, you do a 3-hit combo on him
    for some damage and your weapon DUR goes down a little bit. Practice this.
    Take out the little toy tank to win and get 50 EXP and a 6 EXP Bonus if you
    don't get hit.
    -- Goura Labyrinth > Chamber of Seals > [2] --
    Afterwards, when Gedharm can't open the thing, he summons the Cattan again,
    which promptly goes berserk.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    You wake up and Tatiana comes rushing in. Better go see if Blaire's all right.
    When Orin comes in and later leaves with Tatiana, follow them to the monument
    area (first path up). Your mission is to retrieve the Daemon Edge and reseal
    -- Cliff Village > Monument --
    The Chief will dismiss you after a while and you should be heading off to the
    Vault in Wind Fortress.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    ... But first, you need to re-make that sword weapon again. Head back to your
    Forge. Long story short, you guys mess up. And then Blaire bursts in. ("You have
    to make your own weapon! No Craftknight would go into battle with somebody
    else's sword! It'd be like... wearing their underwear! Yeurgh!") Then, if you
    remember from SN1, your master talks about the hammer forging a man/woman...
    -- Cliff Village --
    Before you go into the forest, go to the lower left corner of Cliff Village
    where there are two kids standing outside talking about losing something. Talk
    to the boy before going inside the house. Inside, talk to the woman and she'll
    mention that she can't find her cat. Go to the house on the far right of this
    level (Village House B) and notice the barrel on the left side of the doorway to
    the back kitchen. Walk down from that a little bit and very slightly to the
    right and mash your [A] button until you find the little boy's item (it never
    said what it really was). He'll give you an Anywhere Diary. For the missing cat,
    go to the shop in the middle of the second level (next to the waterfall) and
    head straight down. Take it back to get a few Small Worms. Leave the Cat House
    and go into the one right next to it. Talk to the lady for a Quest Item, Broken
    If you want, you can go up to the top left of town (3h) where there's a
    fisherman there. Talk to his back and you'll get the option to fish. Catch
    something good and you can exchange it for something useful later.
    You can also head back up to where you first met the Rampage Rabbit and fight
    him again, but it's much harder to damage it since you don't have a weapon and
    your hammer swings only deal 1 dmg to it. You can try to fight him now or wait
    until you get another weapon.
    -- Entry Woods --
    1 --> To Cliff Village
    When you're ready, go past the blue-haired gatekeeper west of the shop and enter
    the cave. The purple thing on the right is a teleporter, just like in SN1. You
    can't use it just yet but activate it anyway by pressing [A] at it.
    On your left are a couple of barrels/boxes. Press [A] to use your currently
    equipped weapon to break them. This doesn't use any of your weapon's DUR. What
    you get depends on where you are and whether you get anything at all is by
    chance. Chests will remain open and have fixed items, but barrels/boxes reset
    every time you move to a different area.
    Encounters with (up to 4) creatures happen at random. Just go down 1 screen into
    [2] and open the chest on the left. Then head back home.
    -- Cliff Village > Workshop --
    Make your third Amateur Knife and don't forget to equip it. Heal by sleeping in
    the bed if necessary and head back out to Entry Woods.
    -- Entry Woods --
    1 --> To Cliff Village
    Return to [2] and you'll see grass blocking the south path. Use the sword to cut
    it out of the way and keep heading down. To the left are wooden stumps, but you
    need an Axe to break them. There's a chest with an Axe stone on your right that
    you can use later. There's also a Rare Medal - the golden flickering thing at
    the mid-right of [3]. Get that and find a boy in the Village that is sort of
    hiding under a staircase and talk to him. (See Sidequests)
    -- Cliff Village > Workshop --
    Make your axe so you can clear those stumps out of the way at Entry Woods. Heal
    and save and head back to Entry Woods.
    -- Entry Woods --
    1 --> To Cliff Village
    Head into [4] after clearing the stumps on the left of [2]. Go up while clearing
    optional stumps to get the chest with a Spearstone in it. If you continue left, 
    you can clear grass for some items and there will be an enemy at the top left of
    the screen. Don't forget the Rare Medal on the lower left corner. You should go
    make the Amateur Spear if you have the Ore for it. You can go back down to [3]
    to get some fruit from the trees at the bottom of the screen with the spear. In
    any case, once you're ready, save in [4] using the Anywhere Diary and press [A]
    on the wolf in the way.
    -- Entry Woods > [4] > Mini-Boss --
    Name: Hound
    HP: 200
    DUR: 0
    Strategy: You'll meet these guys later in the game, but it serves as a mini-boss
    for now. When it jumps, you can hit it before it hits you to knock it down to
    the ground and stun it temporarily, or you can just run under it and it will
    jump over you. It will also bite normally to do about 16 damage. What attack it
    uses depends on how far away you are from it, but it will occasionally jump
    even at close range. Practice guarding and doing three hit combos.
    -- Entry Woods --
    1 --> To Cliff Village
    4 --> To Wind Fortress
    Now that the hound is out of the way, head into the Wind Fortress.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    1 --> To Entry Woods
    Activate the teleporter, save, and move up a screen. Keep going up and you will
    mention that you haven't really found anything. There will be a noise from
    ahead. Your Guardian Beast offers to go in first. Follow them.
    Don't worry - there isn't another fight or anything. You'll need to fix the
    broken sword before moving on, so head back to the Workshop.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Before you can go to your workshop, Orin wants to talk. He'll mention something
    about finding herbs and you wonder where Tatiana is before remembering that you
    have to repair the sword. Go down to your workshop and choose Repair to fix all
    weapons and heal. If you haven't made a spear yet, you should have received an
    Iron Ore from the Hound mini-boss, so make it.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Head outside and go to the bottom part of the village. Go into the the house on
    the far right and talk to the boy sitting at the table to return his watch and
    get a Bandage in return. Head back to the meeting place to find Tatiana. Now
    that you have weapons, you can go fight Rampage Rabbit as well.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 150
    Strategy: Stay as far away from him as you can while still hitting him or he'll
    bite for about 20 damage. This is most easily done with a spear, but your axe
    will deal significantly more damage at this phase of the game. If you get
    cornered on one side, you can double jump over him. He'll try to bite you
    between jumps and miss.  You get a good 100 EXP and bonus if you don't get hit
    or guard for minimal damage every time.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Go back to Wind Fortress.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    1 --> To Entry Woods
    4 --> To Forest Outskirts
    Talk to Rocky to deliver the sword. He'll mention that Orin came by earlier. He
    says that you should leave the and you'll find the Hononas herb where Borzak, a
    sweet but dangerous flower grows. Leave the room through the north entrance into
    [4] and up again. You can also heal in the bed in the left room of [3] if you
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    1 --> To Wind Fortress
    There are two guys out here. Talk to them and you'll find out that you can
    Dismantle weapons then create them again to make them stronger.
    In [2], you'll see a chest on a raised platform that only the spear can reach.
    There's a Knuckle Stone inside. There are a couple of dead trees and grass
    clumps to cut and smash your way through but nothing important. However, there
    is a semi-hidden path to your left that leads to 3 chests above a cliff that
    you can't otherwise get in [3]. Look - it's hidden in the trees. When you get
    back, go all the way to the bottom of [2] and look above a rock for a Rare
    Medal. Now, on to [3].
    Remember those blue triangle spots from SN1? You recover your health when you
    stand on them like before. There's a vine down below that you can climb down for
    another berry tree and back. Also, before climbing back up, go to the right
    through the trees for a little opening with a Rare Medal.
    From the bottom right of [3], go into [4] and prepare for a boss fight.
    -- Forest Outskirts > [4] > Boss --
    Name: Grass Dragon/Kabuto/Kabuto
    HP: 500/100/100
    Strategy: You should mostly ignore the Kabuto, as they will get periodically
    revived if you kill any of them. To end this quickly, go to the far left and
    bait the Kabuto into charging at you, and then run past them and get a few
    quick hits in on the Grass Dragon. The Grass Dragon itself will shoot spiked
    thorns at a medium range and breathe a cloud of poison at you if you're near.
    Guard them if you can, particularly the melee range poison because you will see
    it rear its head.
    -- Forest Outskirts > [4] --
    After the fight, start looking for the Hononas. They're on the bottom right - it
    looks like one of those patches of grass that you can cut with your sword. Then,
    after a small celebration, a mysterious voice comes from the bottom right.
    Gedharm and Ryouga come into view again. After they leave, you'll notice a vine
    leading down and a path to the right, but we can't go that way yet. Head back
    toward Wind Fortress.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    After the event, head back home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    You wonder what Lynn's doing at your house and start bickering with Tatiana.
    You'll find yourself in your Workshop eventually. Your Guardian Beast will want
    to go out, so can follow or meet Tatiana.
    --                                   Day  3                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    The next day, you're already healed and your weapons are repaired too. Go up
    the stairs to find Orin and Tatiana talking about a suspicious person loitering
    ing around the village. Then Blaire comes in and you end up taking Tatiana with
    you to the Forest, so go back that way.
    But first, talk to the boy standing below the entrance to the Fishing area and
    once again, he's missing something. If you don't remember where he was
    yesterday, go down to the Cat House (far lower left) and take about 1.5 steps
    down and 2 steps right and just hit the [A] button a few times to find it.
    Bring it back for a Kicker Potion.
    Also, the cat's missing again. This time, she's at the bottom of the steps up to
    your house. Bring her back for a Bandage. Go to the shop and talk to the boy to
    the left side of the counter for a Kicker Potion. If you want an Aqua Ore for
    300 boam, talk to the salesman in front of the Chief's house. I suggest you
    forge a weapon of your choice with it.
    Don't forget to forge a knuckle and drill weapon before you leave.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 300
    Strategy: You'll probably need to use the Leafwyrm Thorn to make a weapon that
    actually deals more than 1-2 damage to it. He generally tries to bite you in
    melee range and he now tumbles at you if you're further away. Try to predict
    when he's going to tumble and kite him by dashing away and then turning around
    and attacking him or jumping over him. He has a little windup animation when
    he's about to tumble.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Head out to Entry Woods again.
    -- Entry Woods --
    You'll meet Lynn and some more awkward conversation ensues. Port to the Wind
    -- Wind Fortress --
    Head out the north exit.
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    1 --> To Wind Fortress
    5 --> To Roaring Cavern
    Follow the path until you get to [4] again and as you enter the screen, a
    mysterious voice will start yelling at you. Turns out it's our friend Gabriel.
    After learning about your smell, go down the vine at the bottom right and into
    [5]. Go up into Roaring Cavern.
    -- Roaring Cavern --
    [1] [3]-[4]-[5]-[6]
      \ /        |
      [2]       [7]
    1 --> Forest Outskirts
    Save before anything. Now move right and talk to the two salesmen again. The
    younger one will now talk about upgrades. The path here is pretty straight-
    forward. Watch out when you're fighting Gunnerheads. Unlike SN1, if you hit
    them from close range, they will keep firing at you, doing about 3 dmg per hit,
    up to 5 hits. The yellow Jelly Slimes can shoot their slime like a cannonball to
    deal damage. Red Pinchers will charge at you and run you over. Mud Boxers have
    a new effect as well - turning into a bluish dome and enveloping you in it for
    repeated damage up to about 12 hits! There are also a few new enemies here as
    well, including the Bugball - kinda looks like a steel ball with a face and
    arms. Get too close and it bites. Stay away and it'll swing its arms to do 2
    hits' worth of damage.
    In [3], the bottom path leads to 6 boxes/barrels, a recovery spot, and yet
    another Rare Medal. Once you've got everything, take the top path.
    That's a pretty big mechanoid. Someone emerges from the ground - a pink girl
    with glasses. She says that Borgrim isn't dangerous, so don't hurt it. No matter
    what you choose when she asks you to trust her, you won't fight. Orin snaps out
    of it and Nina will want you to follow her. Just say yes and follow her into
    At the intersection, Nina wants you to follow her straight ahead and you can't
    move in any other direction, so just keep going into [6]. You'll run into Nina
    again, but you're at a dead end. Head back to the intersection at [5]. You can
    move down now, past a treasure chest.
    In [7], you'll need knuckles to move the rock out of the way before advancing
    any further. When you move it a little, take the left path and back up to [5],
    where there are boxes and a chest containing a Swordstone. Head back to the
    movable rock and keep going right. Use your drill to blast your way through the
    wall and go in to get a chest with an Axestone and a Rare Medal on your left.
    Now, back up to the intersection in [5] and Nina will tell you to follow her up.
    At this point, you might want to head back to [3] to heal before following Nina.
    Climb up some steps in [8]. There are 7 patches of grass with Flat Stones and
    such (so you know that you're in [8]). Save and get ready.
    -- Roaring Cavern > [8] > Boss --
    Name: ????
    HP: 450
    DUR: 150
    Strategy: He has a sword and is pretty fast with it. Watch out for his 3x-slash
    combos and guard them. His weapon has 150 DUR so it might be a while before you
    break his weapon. He will follow you wherever you go. If you want to KO him
    quickly, he rarely Guards, but won't flinch if you repeatedly hit him. This
    means you should dash in, hit him a few times, guard or dash out, and repeat.
    There is a long lag time after he does his 3 hit combo which gives you time to
    jump in for some damage as well. He will occasionally deal two very quick hits
    on you or jab you from a short distance. He will also enchant his weapon with
    wind, dealing additional damage on successful hits for a short period of time.
    Unlike SN1, you don't get a Weaponstone or Technique if you break his weapon.
    Instead, you get a Beast Crest. If you're going for this, use a drill and wait
    until he guards and hit him 5 times for best results. Knuckles have a much
    larger window to Guard than the others, so that should be your second weapon.
    In general, you will just be running up to him and guarding and healing as
    necessary. Make sure you have enough DUR across your weapons so you don't
    automatically lose.
    -- Roaring Cavern > [8] --
    After the fight, you'll head home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Orin insists on not telling Tatiana about what happened and you reluctantly
    agree. After we catch a glimpse of Orin in bed, Blaire will have to get dragged
    to bed too. Your Guardian Beast suggests more Hononas. You recall that you still
    have some left and need to make the medicine, but you don't know how. Time to
    find Lynn. Go heal and repair first.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Turn in your Rare Medals to the boy at the bottom right of the village under the
    stairs if you have any. Go back to 3h and take the path to the left (to where
    Ryouga transformed before). Lynn will be there. After a bit more story, you can
    head back to Nina.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    But first, before you can get back to Roaring Cavern, you'll need to talk with
    -- Roaring Cavern --
                  [8] [9]
                  / \ /
    [1] [3]-[4]-[5]-[6]
      \ /        |
      [2]       [7]
    1 --> Forest Outskirts
    9 --> To Water Fortress
    Walk into [4] and you'll talk with Nina. Walk right into [5] and up to [8].
    Continue the path and you'll end up back in [6], but this time, you're above
    the mudslide. Continue forward into [9]. You'll meet up with Nina again and
    there's another Heal Spot. Nina cautions you as you emerge in the bright
    -- Water Fortress --
    1 --> To Roaring Cavern
    Activate the telepad, save, and head into the fortress.
    -- Water Fortress > [2] > Boss --
    Name: Iron Horse
    HP: 600
    Strategy: Iron Horse has 3 attacks. First he shoots bullets at you (close range)
    from his mouth, which hits 3 times. Next, he'll jump and aerial attack you
    quickly, but you can easily see this coming and guard it or jump out of the way.
    Finally, He'll shoot 1 missile from his mouth that goes practically the entire
    fight range for quite a bit of damage, but once again, it's very obvious that
    it's coming.
    Spears are good for hitting him from a distance, but they probably still have a
    lot of lag time afterward. Drills and knuckles require you to get in close, so
    jab, guard, jab, guard, etc. Practice jumping over him and attacking from behind
    if you have the AGL, or stay in one position and as he charges at you, hit him
    back with a slower weapon like an axe.
    -- Water Fortress > [2] --
    After the fight, it turns out Nina was watching the whole thing from the floor.
    Go up to [3] head past Nina to trigger the next event. Nina mentions that
    there's another Fortress even deeper in the forest. It's a lightning-elemental
    Fortress. Before you head home, pick up Tatiana at Wind Fortress.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    Grab Tatiana and head back to Cliff Village.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Orin's feeling good enough to walk again and Lynn's home too. Choose where you
    want to go tonight. ("Hey! Hey! Shut your halo hole!!") ("I'll beat you to a
    pulp!" "Hey, you're my Guardian Beast. You're supposed to protect me!" "I...
    Um... I'll protect you to a pulp!" "What the heck does that mean?")
    --                                   Day  4                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Next morning, Orin walks in looking serious. Before you head out, Tatiana stops
    you, but eventually lets you go.
    Go to the lower left house on 1h again and talk to the old man in the back left
    room. He usually gives you things for clearing boxes, but today, he'll also give
    you an Eerie Mask. The old lady's cat is gone again, so talk to her. Go to the
    house right next to the one you just left. Talk to the boy to switch the Eerie
    Mask with a Hard-boiled Egg. Now, go to the Chief's house. At the top right
    corner is the missing cat. You can also buy Gale Ore from the salesman on the
    second floor for 350 boam. Head up to the monument area to find the boy that's
    lost something somewhere and then head back where he was yesterday (next to the
    shop, to the left of the waterfall, just above the spinny thing on the fence)
    and mash the [A] button around there to find it and bring it back. Go to the
    shop and talk to the boy to get a free Rubstone this time. And once again, you
    can practice with the Rampage Rabbit before you talk to Orin. He's waiting for
    you at the path leading south from the shop.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 640
    Strategy: He has the same moves as before (bite, tumble) but deals more damage
    and is slightly tankier than before. Once again, your best bet is to kite him as
    much as possible, jump over him when he tumbles into you, and hit him between
    -- Cliff Village > 2h > Boss --
    Name: Orin
    HP: 600
    DUR: 180
    Strategy: If you had no problems with the Rampage Rabbit, then this won't be too
    hard. He has a drill, so that could be a slight problem if you guard too much,
    as that will wear away your weapon DUR a lot faster. He occasionally summon his
    Guardian Beast to power up his drill and use Chain Spark. You'll want to stay
    close enough to him that you can jump over him whenever he casts this spell.
    A set of knuckles here is pretty effective, since that puts you in melee range
    where you can block his drill and when he guards, you can pummel him with a
    series of quick hits to reduce his own DUR. Break his weapon for a Boost Motor.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Heal up, save, and head over to the Water Fortress.
    -- Water Fortress --
    1 --> To Roaring Cavern
    4 --> To Lost Woods
    Nina will be with Lynn. ("This is a wierd conversation.") Moving on...
    -- Lost Woods --
    1 --> To Water Fortress
    2 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [1]
    As you begin, climb up the vine. Here's a quick briefing about the monsters
    in this area. Firstly, the Gel Slime (red) has a new move where it "drills"
    underground and spikes back up three times to damage. When it turns into a
    smudge, it can move the entire field's length and is untargetable. The Escaroo
    now breathes ice for damage as well as pinch and charge. The Magickeeno (blue
    pumpkin) can now blow itself up to about 3x its normal size and mash into you
    for some damage.
    In [2], there's a cave opening in a cliff. Go down from that between trees for
    another Rare Medal. To the right are 2 fruit trees. There's another path in the
    bottom right, but go into the cave first.
    -- Lost Woods Below Ground --
    1 --> To Lost Woods [2]
    The enemies here can get quite annoying. There are the new-and-improved
    Sniperheads, with 199 HP. They'll ascend all the way to the ceiling and bomb
    you 3 times. They also dual-shoot if you get too close. The new Evil Spirits
    will shoot lightning at you from their mouth instead of just from the ceiling.
    Lizardios (green and kangaroo-like) will punch like in SN1, but will also charge
    at you and punch up to three times.
    Go down the stairs and hack away 3 clumps of grass. In [2], there is an obvious
    chest to the left of a mudslide. Get a Blaze Ore from that. In the corner,
    partially obscured by a branch is another Rare Medal. That's all we can get from
    here. Head back out.
    -- Lost Woods --
      / \
    [1] [3]
    1 --> To Water Fortress
    2 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [1]
    3 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [2] (1-way trip)
    3 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [2] (Above the mudslide)
    4 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [3] (1-way trip)
    Go to the bottom right and head into [3]. Hack away at more grass on the right
    and go down to find a hole in the middle of the field. You'll also notice that
    there's a river of some sort and 5 crates on the other side. We'll be there in a
    second. If you go down the hole, you'll end up back at Lost Woods Below Ground
    [2]. We've been there already, so instead, go on to [4].
    Another hole? This time, go down it.
    -- Lost Woods Below Ground --
    1 --> To Lost Woods [2]
    2 --> To Lost Woods [3] (Other side of the stream)
    The only way to go from here is up. Ignore the mudslide and head up the stairs.
    You'll emerge in Lost Woods [3], but next to the crates we saw earlier.
    -- Lost Woods --
      / \
    [1] [3]-[5]
    1 --> To Water Fortress
    2 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [1]
    3 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [2] (1-way trip)
    3 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [2] (Above the mudslide)
    4 --> To Lost Woods Below Ground [3] (1-way trip)
    5 --> To Thunder Fortress
    In [3], break the crates move to the right. Nothing much in [5] except for some
    clumps of grass on the right. Now move up into Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    1 --> To Lost Woods
    Although the screen doesn't go black and display [Thunder Fortress], it'll say
    you're there in the main menu. There's another teleport pad, so make sure you
    activate that and save. Prepare for a boss fight.
    In [2], a voice suddenly shouts, "Intruder Alert!!" Whether you choose to fight
    the first robot or not, a second robot appears. The first analyzes you and sees
    that you're an Edge Fencer. Bruno will eat your father's memento.. You get
    transformed and healed and start a fight!!
    -- Thunder Fortress > [2] > Boss --
    Name: Clock Knight
    HP: 1000
    Strategy: You have no Guardian Beast at the start of this fight. You're under a
    time limit since your DUR constantly degenerates. Your Ultimate [R] deals 3x
    normal damage, but costs you 20 DUR. If you're lacking in attack, you're almost
    definitely going to break your weapon, but that won't end the battle. In
    general, you probably just want to all-in this fight.
    If your weapon breaks, you can fight with your other weapons (their DUR didn't
    reset) and your Guardian Beast. Clock Knight has three attacks. One, he'll
    charge at you, doing 40-50 damage. Next is jabbing with his spear for around 70,
    then finally, throwing a small knife-like thing at you for around 25.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    1 --> To Lost Woods
    Go to [3] and look in the room on the right for the Summonite Gem. When you try
    to "install" it, you mess up. Long story short, we need to find Orin. Teleport
    to Water Fortress.
    Since you now have the Red Daemon Gem, you can equip it on your Guardian Beast
    and when it's Charged, you can use Mono Shift. Your HP is automatically
    replenished and your weapon DUR goes up to max. Also, if you have this in a
    usable slot and you get KO'd, you auto-Revive with this with full HP/DUR.
    -- Water Fortress --
    Lynn's there with a Summonite Gem and a kiss. Head back home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Rocky is here to meet Tatiana and Orin isn't at home. Save, heal, and forge any
    weapons you want. Teleport to Wind or Water Fortress and head for to Roaring
    -- Roaring Cavern --
                  [8] [9]
                  / \ /
    [1] [3]-[4]-[5]-[6]
      \ /        |
      [2]       [7]
    1 --> Forest Outskirts
    9 --> To Water Fortress
    Orin will be at [4]. Just walk in and after a very short conversation, we're
    back at Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    1 --> To Lost Woods
    4 --> To Forgotten Woods
    Deliver the 2 Summonite Gems you collected and Bruno will tell you about the
    last fortress. Head up into the Forgotten Woods.
    -- Forgotten Woods --
    1 --> To Thunder Fortress
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (Cave opening)
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (1-way trip) (Above mudslide)
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (1-way trip) (Below mudslide)
    In this area, there are the somewhat better Smoggro, (grayish cloud), which will
    grab you and inflict about 10 damage per hit for 6 hits if you don't Guard.
    Skydogs will bite now as well and they come at you fiercely. Gliders (bird-like
    creatures) will ascend toward the top of the screen and dive at you for quite
    a bit of damage, as well as fire wind attacks at you. A new monster is also
    here: Clobber Rex, an alligator with a giant head and a mace for a tail. It
    moves very slowly and bites.
    Go into [2] and at the bottom of the screen will be tufts of grass and a Rare
    Medal. Now go back and head up into [3]. If you want to get three tufts of
    grass, then just go into the cave and pop back out again. Once you're ready to
    move on, drop down the top right hole.
    -- Forgotten Woods Below Ground --
    1 --> To Forgotten Woods [3]
    Move right and up the stairs and you're back outside already!
    -- Forgotten Woods --
    1 --> To Thunder Fortress
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (Cave opening)
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (1-way trip) (Above mudslide)
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (1-way trip) (Below mudslide)
    5 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [2] (1-way trip) (Above mudslide)
    You're on the right side of [3], past the stream. Move down to the bottom right
    and enter [4]. Follow the stream on your left. At an intersection, you can go up
    to find a hole. There's also a hole on the other side of the trees. We'll get to
    that later. For now, drop down.
    -- Forgotten Woods Below Ground --
    1 --> To Forgotten Woods [3]
    Go left, cut some grass, and get the Knucklestone. Go down the mudslide and grab
    the obvious Rare Medal to your right between two cliffs. Follow the path left
    back into [1] and outside again.
    -- Forgotten Woods --
     |    \ /
    [1]   [5]
    1 --> To Thunder Fortress
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (Cave opening)
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (1-way trip) (Above mudslide)
    3 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [1] (1-way trip) (Below mudslide)
    5 --> To Forgotten Woods Below Ground [2] (1-way trip) (Above mudslide)
    Well, we're back at [3] again. Go right and drop down the top right hole, and
    continue at that intersection in [4]. Instead of going up, move down into [5].
    You'll know you're with me if you see 2 fruit trees on your left. On the right
    are Gabriel and Xeride. Go all the way to the right for a Spearstone. Now you
    go up the path to [6]. Head left and into [4] and down the other hole we saw
    -- Forgotten Woods Below Ground --
    1 --> To Forgotten Woods [3]
    Move right. If you go down the mudslide, you're basically back at the start.
    You should see 2 movable rocks. Push the left one up and follow the path to the
    right to a chest with a Gale Ore.
    Pop back into [2] quickly to reset the rocks. Now move the one on the right up,
    and follow the path to the exit.
    -- Forgotten Woods --
    Follow the path and you'll be up at Fire Fortress.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    There's no Heal spot for this, so you may want to use the teleport pad to go
    back somewhere and heal. Get ready for a boss fight.
    -- Fire Fortress > [2] > Boss --
    Name: Durahan
    HP: 1280
    Strategy: Run from him if he raises his sword above his head or jump behind him
    and pummel him during the cast time. He will also basic attack you for a bit of
    damage or send out his ghost hand to squeeze you multiple times. His basic
    attack also hits slightly above him, so jumping over him will sometimes end up
    knocking you to the ground instead. Try to stay in the middle of the stage so
    you have more room to avoid his attacks. If you stand on the ground and hit him
    directly, he'll take less damage. Hit his head for bonus damage by jumping. You
    can sort of dance around him using a set of knuckles. Beat him for another Boost
    -- Fire Fortress > [2] --
    You'll meet Passeau afterward. Follow your Guardian Beast up to the left room in
    [3] and get the Summonite Gem. Head back to Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Give it to Bruno and Orin will put it in this time. It'll take a while for Bruno
    to finish, so we're going to look for Nina. Teleport to Water Fortress and head
    into Roaring Cavern from there.
    -- Roaring Cavern --
                  [8] [9]
                  / \ /
    [1] [3]-[4]-[5]-[6]
      \ /        |
      [2]       [7]
    1 --> Forest Outskirts
    9 --> To Water Fortress
    Head over to [4] to find Nina. Then head home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Lynn and the Chief are here. The Chief explains that Blaire has been cursed
    by Goura. Choose where you want to go for the night.
    --                                   Day  5                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Next day, you walk upstairs and Orin's waiting with Tatiana. The two start
    fighting and Blaire comes down to shut them up. Lynn will also drop by. Head out
    when you're ready.
    Couple of sidequests though. First, the cat's missing again. You can cash in a
    couple more Rare Medals to the boy on the lower right of 1h, and if you spoke to
    the cat lady first, you'll see the cat right there. If you broke everything, you
    can get a Boost Motor from the old man in the house of the missing cat, there's
    a blue-haired boy on 2h left of the Shop that picked up 200 boam and will give
    it if you say it's yours, and you can fight Rampage Rabbit again. The Salesman
    looking at the waterfall in 2h will sell you a Fulgar Horn for 400 boam. The boy
    that keeps losing something is on the lower right of 1h. The item's back at the
    monument. It's above the rock on the left of the stone steps.
    When you're done, head out to Bruno's.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 800
    Strategy: This time, he whacks you with a carrot or eats it to heal himself for
    288. Punish him if you guard his tumble with quick moves and then back off, or
    poke him with a spear if he whiffs his carrot. He will often try to bait you
    into closing on him by missing the carrot and then immediately tumbling toward
    you. Counter this by jumping over him.
    -- Water Fortress --
    Talk to the sales guy here for Extra Hot Spices. In Cliff Village, there's a
    lady who's trying to make curry, but missing some ingredients. Talk to her for
    an Anywhere Diary. (The house is the far right on the lower level.)
    -- Fire Fortress --
    If this is your second time through, you can pick up your stored items from the
    chests here. Also talk to the salesman on the right for information on upgrading
    for 600 boam. Using a Leafwyrm Thorn adds a Paralysis attack. He'll also give
    you one.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Finish the conversation in the first room and head up to Bruno. You can also
    recharge the Daemon Gem if it's Not Charged and when you're ready, select
    Transhift and you'll be teleported to...
    -- Ruined Factory B1 --
    1 --> Bruno's Transhift
    3 --> Ruined Factory B2
    Tatiana and Orin immediately communicate with you through Bruno, though they
    start arguing right away. Bruno won't go with you either.
    In [2], go straight ahead and use the left conveyer belt to move yourself up.
    Move right into [3]. Take the conveyer belt to the right and once you get off,
    hit the button in the upper left corner. Go right and take the path down for two
    chests containing Light Metal Ore and Drillstone. Follow the path around and
    you'll end up back at that switch. There's no need to press it again. Just go
    right and down the stairs.
    -- Ruined Factory B2
     |   |
    1 --> To Ruined Factory B1
    The Iron Giants here can punch as well as blast from their cannons. Guarding
    their attack still makes you take about 25 damage, but you get nice EXP and
    bonus for it as well. A new enemy, Dustons, which are pig-like things, shoot
    wind at you. Defenders aren't much of a problem.
    First, go to left into [2] and down into [3]. As you're going, face up and
    have a weapon ready. Break the barrels/boxes by pressing [A] when you're below
    them. (You stop moving temperarily to smash an item). Remember this trick, as
    it'll be important later. When you're heading into [3], there will be a few more
    boxes on your right, but you can only break these with a spear, as you're out of
    range with the other weapons. At the bottom of [3] are two chests with Light
    Metal Ore and Rubstone. Take the conveyer belt all the way back to [1]. Go down
    from there and go left when you can. You'll come to a drill-able part of a wall.
    Drill in and get 2 chests and a Rare Medal. Exit that little chamber and go the
    only way you can and make your way back into [1]. Now go down the right path
    again and keep going down into [4]. Go left on the conveyer belt and into the
    first door you see.
    There will be a monster there who immediately gets ticked off and starts a
    fight. Notice that you're standing on a cracked spot on the floor.
    -- Ruined Factory B2 > Boss --
    Name: Grappler
    HP: 1600
    Strategy: If he raises his left hand (the one on the right if he's facing left),
    then he'll punch out with electricity. If he raises his other hand, he'll send
    a circular jolt of electricity at range. If he raises both hands, he'll send out
    two smaller bolts of electricity. Take advantage of the fact that he moves
    slowly and dance around him. Spears can attack from a distance. The only problem
    with this boss is that you might run out of DUR. Strike/Stab at him and then be
    prepared to guard or run. Try to not get cornered.
    -- Ruined Factory B3 --
    2 --> To Ruined Factory B2 (Door on the left)
    2 --> To Ruined Factory B4 [1] (Door on the right)
    Remember what I said about the floor?
    There's a Heal Spot if you go right into [2] and up the first set of stairs
    (that's also how you get out of here). Take the second set of stairs.
    -- Ruined Factory B4 --
    1 --> To Ruined Factory B3
    Take the left moving panel down. Get a few boxes, go right, and get a Rare Medal
    along with a chest. Hit the switch above the Rare Medal to let yourself back up.
    Once you're back again, go right and keep going until you get to another switch.
    Hammer it and go back left to where you started in this room.
    Take the right moving panel below you. Hit the switch and continue moving right
    and go diagonally up for 2 boxes and a chest with a Fulgar Horn. Now move the
    only direction you can: left and back up to the start of [1]. Take the middle
    path now and follow it. Keep going until you get to a point that looks like
     | |  _______
    _| |_| O     |
    _____        |
         |       |
         |__ X __|
            | |
    You came in at X. The O indicates another switch. Mash it with the hammer and
    take the path you came in on, which moves you to [2]. Heal at the Heal Spot and
    read the glowing red inscription.
    A record of my dungeon adventures:
    "The Machine Dungeon"
    It seems likely that I've gone the
    right way so far.
    However, I have no drill with me, so
    I can't break this wall.
    I would go ahead if I could break
    the wall by using a drill...
    Although I'm so disappointed,
    I think I have to give up...
    Drill open the wall and save. Walk into the room and you'll receive the Jinrai
    Blade and be prepared for a boss fight.
    -- Ruined Factory B4 > Boss --
    Name: Black Swordsman
    HP: 950
    DUR: 200
    Strategy: If you don't want the forging item, this is pretty simple. He'll
    triple-slash as usual, but he'll also cast Storm Wind and Enchant Wind. Make
    sure your weapons have their DUR back up since you'll need it to bring down his
    200 DUR. Or, you can just wait for him to say, "I Can Do This" and every time he
    spins, dealing damage around him, and his DUR goes down by 15. Just Guard and
    you'll take about 7 damage. Warning: if you get too close and he slashes at you
    with one of his special moves, then you could be blasted all the way back to the
    end of the field and stunned for about 3 sec. Reward for breaking his weapon:
    Beast King Crest.
    -- Ruined Factory B4 --
    Ryouga and the Black Swordsman leave. You should get going too. Recover your
    health outside and give your weapons enough DUR to survive the trip back home.
    On your way back up in [1], there are 5 boxes. Break them, of course.
    -- Ruined Factory B3 --
    Go to the other doorway and up to B2.
    -- Ruined Factory B2 --
    Go left and head out the bottom door. Take the moving platform and you'll go all
    the way back to the beginning of B2. Go up the stairs to B1.
    -- Ruined Factory B1 --
    Head left and down.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Once you get back, you try to be happy and stop everyone from worrying. Bruno
    tells you that there are 4 Daemon Edges. Go home and rest.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    The usual talk plus a nighttime stroll. Next day, there's someone making a
    fuss at the entrance to Cliff Village.
    --                                   Day  6                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    First, the cat's missing again. Talk to the woman in the far right house on 1h
    for Wheatgrass Juice. The boy that gave you the 200 boam earlier now found 400
    boam, but say No. The boy that loses his stuff is next to Ryouga's house. His
    item is on the path just northweste of the Curry House next to the small ledge.
    Go to the Chief's second floor and buy a Vortex Crab Claw for 450 boam. The boy
    at the store counter gives you a free Whetstone. On your way up to fighting the
    Rampage Rabbit again, you'll see the missing cat. 
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 1500
    Strategy: He has the same attacks as before, but is a little bit wiser. If you
    have slow or melee weapons, then just get close enough to hit it a few times and
    back off against his carrot or tumble attack. His carrot can also be interrupted
    if you do enough damage, but tumble cannot. Kiting him with a spear is also an
    -- Cliff Village --
    So, now you can go to the meeting, but Orin lets you out early. Don't leave town
    just yet. Talk to the Gatekeeper and get a Seafood Soup.
    -- Entry Woods --
    Ooh, here's Rocky and Kara. Looks like Rocky's over Tatiana, but he's going for
    Lynn instead! ("The kid likes older women!")
    -- Water Fortress --
    Most notable thing here is that you can buy Gourmet Clams for 500 boam each, if
    you're into fishing.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    Salesman here gives you a Boost Motor for 800 boam. Take it, but only use it to
    upgrade a Sword, Spear, or Axe. It'll give you a multiple-hit combo to use.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Lynn's here again. And Gabriel and the others. Move on. In [3], Bruno explains
    that the sword you're looking for is Mizuchi. Select ??? as your destination
    and teleport.
    -- Subterranean Bay --
            \ / \
    1 --> Bruno's Transhift
    Nice place. ("Surf's up!" "I'd like to go swimming." "I forgot my bathing
    suit... Wait! We're supposed to be finding the Daemon Edge, not swimming." "Oh
    Anyway, Bruno won't tag along ("Negatory, dude!") because he can't get wet. And
    it's dangerous. Read the inscription to your left if you want before continuing.
    A record of my dungeon adventures
    Part 2 -
    "The Water Dungeon"
    I've reached a cave that smells
    like the ocean. THere are seashells
    all over the place.
    Naturally, this interested me.
    I headed in!
    After a few minutes of exploring,
    I encountered an area that filled
    with streams of water that
    prevented me from continuing
    on my way.
    I'm surrounded by water, and I
    can't see how deep it is. It
    doesn't really matter, I suppose -
    I can't swim!
    It was too dangerous to cross the
    water, and I was stuck on this
    new island.
    I happened to look down at the floor
    and noticed that there were three
    colored switches on the ground.
    There are switches all over the
    world! Where did they come from?
    Since I had no other options, I
    tried hitting the switches with my
    hammer as I has with so many
    other switches I had encountered
    in my travels...
    As soon as I hit one of them,
    a platform rose up from the water!
    What a surprise...
    (omg, this is so frickin' long)
    I could use this platform to
    cross over the water!
    How useful!
    Moreover, I found out that the
    different colors of switches made
    different platforms appear.
    Someone before me put these
    switches in for someone just like
    me to use... How thoughtful!
    Now... on to [2].
    Another mysterious voice greets you. The mermaid is Sarin. Move on into [3].
    Couple of new monsters here. Firstly, there's the Ikaroo, a floating version of
    Snairoo, which shoots water and pounds on you for damage. Mud Suckers, the
    slime-like creatures with eyes and hands, punch and shoot muddy water at you for
    damage. Octaco, a new monster, will literally jump on top of you and they do
    quite a bit of damage too. They also squirt water. Stay close and attack with
    swords or drills. The Snairoo itself can blast you with water as well. Sahagin
    now squirts water and the hitbox stays out for a lot longer, so don't run into
    it. A third new monster, Frogman (blue frog), shoots water from his belly, ducks
    down into the ground to avoid hits, and lashes out with his tongue. Elewater,
    the floating thing, will spear you and it has a fairly short startup time, or it
    will sent up jets of water that knock you into the air. If you're lucky, it will
    drop a Vortex Crab Claw.
    In [4], another unknown person calls you. It's like the previous dungeon where
    you have to hammer the switch to change the map, so hit it. ("Only good-looking
    people deserve to win in life.") The chest on the right is empty. Move along the
    bottom right and up into [5].
    This area seems complicated at first, but it's not. Each switch simply opens up
    a path that takes you to a specific location.
    Hit the diamond and follow the path for a chest with a Sandstone Ore. Hit the
    circle and follow the path into [7]. You'll have the option to go up or left.
    Head left first and go up into [8] for two chests. Go back to the intersection
    and head up into [6] again and run left into [8] again. You'll be above the two
    chests you just got and there will be a Rare Medal. 
    Go to the top right of [6] and you'll see Sarin and Byron. ("You perv! What's
    your deal?") You end up having to go find Lynn no matter what choice you make.
    Head straight down and hit the triangle to open up the path. Make your way to
    Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Head back and talk to Lynn. ("There's always something strange happening with
    you guys around." and "Did you see that?" "She had Kattenna wrapped around her
    little finger!")
    According to Sungju Ham, you can talk to Tatiana at your house as well, and if
    you tell her the truth, she'll want to come with you to AquaElement's place and
    give a shot at it too. This just a fun thing and I doubt if it really changes
    the story.
    Anyway, go back to AquaElement once Lynn comes with you.
    -- Subterranean Bay --
            \ / \
    1 --> Bruno's Transhift
    Head back to [6]. You can take the triangle path to get there the quickest.
    Prepare for a boss fight.
    -- Subterranean Bay > [6] > Boss --
    Name: AquaElement
    HP: 2000
    Strategy: He'll stab with his spear for long-range damage. It has a fairly low
    startup time and can easily knock you out of the air if you jump. You have
    enough time for a single jab in between his autos, but drills are often too
    slow and he'll hit you before you have a chance to guard. If water starts
    swirling up around him, he'll damage all surrounding enemies multiple times and
    shoot bits of water in the direction he's facing, but this can be interrupted if
    you do enough damage. He can send up water fountains from the ground and this
    will knock you up if you don't guard it, but if you're within melee range, it'll
    miss. You can hit him between abilities or dance around him and hit him from
    behind while he's casting in the wrong direction. His swirling water will also
    burn a lot of your DUR if you get caught guarding in melee range. Defeat him for
    the Vortex Crab Claw.
    -- Subterranean Bay --
                              \ / \
    1 --> Bruno's Transhift
    Lynn will leave. (Sarin: "Wow, I could totally learn a thing or two from her!")
    There's a Heal Spot up ahead. Move on into [A].
    Once again, the three switches. The triangle doesn't lead anywhere. Hit the
    circle to get to a few patches of grass. Hit the diamond and follow the top path
    to a chest. Spear it. Then head along the bottom path and you'll come to another
    set of switches. Walk past them and follow the path into [B]. You should be on a
    narrow island with a chest containing Sandstone Ore.
    Go back to the set of switches I told you not to touch. Hit the triangle and
    follow the path left. Cut some grass in [B] and keep going into the next screen
    for 7 boxes/barrels. Go back all the way to the three switches in [A] again and
    hit the circle and move left into [D] and see Sarin again.
    Keep moving on to [E]. Go up and we meet Passeau again.
    Hit the circle in [F] first and follow the path to the right for a Swordstone
    and a Rare Medal. Go back and hit the other switch and follow the path. You'll
    come up on another green and a blue switch. Hit the blue one and continue. When
    you have the chance to move up, don't. Instead, keep going left for a chest with
    a Rubstone. Now, go back and up. Get ready for a Boss fight.
    -- Subterranean Bay > [G] > Boss --
    Name: Lobsta Dragon
    HP: 3000
    Strategy: Don't let it corner you. It can use either claw (head?) or both to
    attack, doing quite a bit of damage. Guarding its attacks will only reduces
    damage you take by half. The claws can shoot a jet of water at you for damage,
    but you can easily see it coming. A spear actually outranges his double hit, but
    but each single hit. Dash in, jab, and jump back to avoid his counterattack.
    Aqua Tornado and Chain Spark won't do much. Your best magic bet is Burst Flare,
    actually. Defeat it for a Hard Shell.
    -- Subterranean Bay > [D] --
    After the win Byron wants to fight for the stone, but concedes defeat before he
    humiliates himself. You'll automatically go back to Sarin in [D] with the
    Opaline Stone. ("Wait, why is everyone falling in love with me? I'm a girl!")
    Head back or use your Guardian Beast's Escape technique. Talk to Bruno and
    Transhift back to Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Teleport home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Orin and Tatiana are up, along with Blaire. ("Nuh-uh! I'm not saying anything
    about 'that'.")
    --                                   Day  7                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Ooh, next morning, the whole house shakes.
    Before you head over to Goura's Gate, you can buy a Diffusion Device for 500
    boam from the salesperson to the right of the Gatekeeper. The cat's missing
    again and the kids are hanging around the Cat House. Talk to the boy again and
    go down the wooden steps toward Ryouga's house. There's a stone on the left,
    about 3-4 steps away from the door. The item is there. Go to the right path
    leading to the monument and the kitty's in the lower left corner. You can fight
    Rampage Rabbit again ("Come on! Fight the Rabbit!") if you want. Oh, and you can
    also get a Repellant Amulet at the shop for free.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 1700
    Strategy: He can now bounce around to deal damage. You can hit him while he's in
    the air, but he won't even flinch. Don't get caught under him while he's
    bouncing around or it's going to hurt. He also heals 408 for each carrot.
    Otherwise, his attacks are the same.
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate --
    Follow the conversation, as usual, and head down to Borgrim's place. Teleport
    to Water Fortress. But you're not even out of the village yet before you
    meet Rocky, who wants you to check Wind Fortress first.
    -- Entry Woods --
    As you step outside, another tremor.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    Talk to the salesman again for 1000 boam. He'll give you advice on using
    Diffusion Devices, which can only be applied to Swords and Knuckles for a "Fast
    3-hit Combo". Otherwise, there's no special attack, but it's still worth it. You
    should've gotten some Diffusion Devices from enemy encounters in Ruined Factory.
    There's nothing special in Water Fortress; the same 4 items as before.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    Nothing unusual here. Head to Water Fortress now, or you can take the long
    way from Wind Fortress.
    -- Water Fortress --
    Head down and left into Roaring Cavern.
    -- Roaring Cavern --
                  [8] [9]
                  / \ /
    [1] [3]-[4]-[5]-[6]
      \ /        |
      [2]       [7]
    1 --> Forest Outskirts
    9 --> To Water Fortress
    The path to [4] should be familiar by now. ("Oh-ho! Things are about to get
    interesting!" Nina: "You're not interesting!")
    -- Cliff Village --
    Head back to the village and look for Toumei and Orin. But first, talk to Rocky
    and Kara and they'll give you a Kitty Badge. Go talk to the girl in front of the
    Cat House and to trade it for an Anywhere Diary. Both Toumei and Orin are at the
    entrance to Goura's Gate so head there. Then, go to Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Apparently, everyone's already gone ahead of you. Go to Ruined Factory. Remember
    that locked door from B3 earlier?
    -- Ruined Factory B2 --
    Remember that it's two downs and one left. Go into the door. You can just go
    down the hole in the floor this time.
    -- Ruined Factory B3 --
    Head left when you can and through the previously locked door.
    -- Ruined Factory B5 --
      \ /
    1 --> Ruined Factory B3
    2 --> Ruined Factory B6
    Not kidding. We jump from B3 to B5.
    Cattans look like little toy tanks. They charge at you and throw bombs that
    explode. There are also Titanpers, which are orange robots with a giant head. I
    don't know what they do because I just kept jabbing at it with a spear and
    perma-stunned it.
    Go right into [2] for an Axestone. Go back and head down into [3]. Go to
    the end and drill a hole in the wall. There's also an inscription.
    You're back up in [2]. If you got the chest earlier, remember the conveyer belt?
    Well, there it is again. Stepping on it takes you back to the entrance, so
    instead, move right and down some stairs into B6.
    -- Ruined Factory B6 --
    Follow the path. Once you have a choice of 3 paths to take, notice the switch
    tile in the upper left corner. You'll need that later.
    Take the middle one into [2] and follow the path into [3]. You'll see 4
    crates and a Rare Medal and hit the switch so you can return to [1]. Hit the
    switch there to reverse everything again and go down the right path this time.
    Follow that and use a drill to break the wall for 2 chests containing an
    Anywhere Diary and Adaman Ore, along with a Rare Medal.
    Now go back and take the left path. Keep going and step on the moving tiles
    into [3]. Move left into [4]. There's your boss fight.
    -- Ruined Factory B6 > [4] > Mini-Boss --
    Name: Scanner Eye
    HP: 3200
    Strategy: He's tall, so jumping over him will prove difficult. If he pounds the
    ground, he'll create some seismic waves for damage on either side. Avoid this by
    jumping into the air. He'll halfway raise a hand and there'll be an aiming thing
    at you, and this is easily avoided as well, and is unguardable. Sometimes, the
    aiming won't occur and instead, he'll shoot 2 bullets at you that go all the way
    to the ends of the field. Jump over it or guard it. Overall, not very hard
    because you have ample time to avoid his abilities. Defeat it for a Med Kit and
    the Mech Core Parts.
    If you move ahead, you'll notice that you can't move forward because there's a
    gap in the floor. Head back.
    -- Ruined Factory B3 --
    Deliver the parts. Then head back to Cliff Village.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Go heal, repair, etc. Then head over to Toumei, who's up at Goura's Gate. He
    tells you to basically go fishing and Prize Exchange for Anti-Demon Ore. Head
    over to the pond and start fishing. Get 350 points buy an Anti-Demon Ore. Go
    forge the sword with it. I suggest you use a spare Swordstone, since you're
    going to be giving it up. Get the Exorcism Blade from Toumei. Now back to
    -- Entry Woods --
    Another tremor. The Black Swordsman comes into view and Borgrim screams loudly.
    Teleport to Water Fortress. You should know the drill by now. Prepare for a boss
    -- Roaring Cave > [4] --
    Borgrim's trying to climb out, Gedharm comes, talks for a bit, then Orin
    interrupts him with GUNVALD. ("This is impossible! It's just a trick!" "Don't
    you like dirty tricks?" "Only when I'M the one doing the tricking!" "Spoken like
    a sore loser...") Long story short, you get in, and everyone else warns you not
    to touch anything.
    -- Forest Outskirts > Boss --
    Name: Borgrim
    HP: 32000
    Strategy: This just a storyline fight. You don't get EXP or anything for it.
    You will outdamage Borgrim no matter what you do. Use the laser twice if you
    wish or alternate between attacking and blocking. Borgrim flinches, but you
    -- Roaring Cave > [4] --
    Now the real fight begins.
    -- Roaring Cave > [4] > Boss --
    Name: Blade Wing
    HP: 3400
    Strategy: Be careful if you jump. This guy flies really fast and will knock you
    out of the air with his aerial attack, doing quite a bit of damage. Stay on the
    ground for the most part and use a spear to jab at him if he floats or stick to
    him in melee range with your fast weapons like knuckles and swords. Guard his
    jabs and if you're right under him, his medium-range tail whip will miss. There
    really is no way to avoid damage besides guarding since he moves so fast. His
    aerial attack also can't be guarded and covers half the field. Don't chase him
    off screen or he will just deal free damage to you because you can't see it
    coming. If you see him rising into air, run towards him to get underneath him
    and he'll miss. If you have really high AGL, you can also jump over it, but you
    have a fairly small window to not get hit. Patience is the key to winning this
    fight. Let him come to you.
    -- Roaring Cave --
    Gedharm leaves and Borgrim falls asleep. Ryouga and Passeau come in. GUNVALD
    breaks, Borgrim wakes up again, and Gabriel shows up.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Scene switch. We're home and it's nighttime again.
    --                                   Day  8                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Go up and meet Orin, then head to Goura's Gate again. Go up and fight Rampage
    Rabbit again if you wish. Head back to meet Kara, Rocky, and Lynn. Go down to
    the lower level and talk to the Salesman for a Wyvern Claw for 550 boam. The
    cat's somewhere in the village again, so go to Ryouga's house and it'll be in
    the top right. The little boy's lost his thing again. If you talk to the girl,
    she's stopped caring! Anyway, as you come out of the Cat House, it's about 2
    steps below the spinning weather vane thingy attached to the fence.
    If you talk to Toumei, he'll ask to see your memento.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 2250
    Strategy: Same attacks as before, but a little bit stronger and a little more
    HP, so he doesn't flinch as easily. If you had no problems with Blade Wing, then
    you shouldn't have difficulty here either.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    The Salesperson gives you 2 Beast Crests for 1200 boam and the advice that if
    you use both Beast Crests during upgrade, you get the ability to increase your
    weapon's attack speed.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Go to the back room, Transhift to ??? again.
    -- Glacier Gorge --
    1 --> To Bruno's Transhift
    A record of my dungeon adventures:
    Part 3-
    "The Snow Dungeon"
    It was chilly, but I was comforted
    by the beautiful panorama around me.
    The whiteness astounds me.
    I took a step forward, and enjoyed
    the crunching of snow beneath
    my boots.
    After a while, I found a place
    where the ground had frozen
    into a solid layer of ice.
    I thought that it was just a shallow
    puddle, so I started to walk across
    it. Suddenly, I lost my footing! (omg! what a surprise!)
    Since I couldn't stop myself from
    sliding, I just gave up struggling
    and waited to reach somewhere.
    Eventually,I reached the other edge
    of the ice, where I could stand up
    and escape.
    However, I felt that giving up now
    would be like letting the ice win.
    I proceeded to study the ice by
    sliding on it from all angles,
    over and over again.
    Since I just kept focusing on
    sliding and not on how cold it was,
    I found a kind of sliding rule.
    If I keep a certain angle and seped
    up as well as hitting the wall
    diagonally, I can slide along the
    It took me some time to figure it
    out, but it seems it was worth it.
    ("Smell the Mana okay?") Move down into [2]. Take the left or right path into
    [3], it doesn't matter. There are a few boxes on the right and a few clumps of
    grass to your left.
    Couple of new enemies here, but they're mostly the same. Lycaons bite and leap
    at you. Black Pinchers will charge with a longer range and Winderdogs bite and
    blast air. Headaches bite and shoot blue missiles. Dark Demons blast their Dark
    Sphere (jump over this and mash your [A] button to perma-stun it) and swing
    their scythes. Another new monster is the Rockhide, a giant golem-like thing
    that spits rocks at you and pounds on you for damage. Also has a lot of HP and
    doesn't flinch against many attacks, but they're good for sandbagging and
    quickly TEC-ing up anything but spears. There's also a new Elewind, which is a
    green bird creature that can fly up, even out of spear-range, but it pecks with
    its beak and shoots 3 large whirlwinds. It'll also try to run, so you can just
    pound on it at the edge of the screen if that's the case. You can get a Wyvern
    Claw from it. There are also Foggro, which are just like their counterpart,
    In [3], you walk down to find 2 kids.
    In [4], there's a giant patch of ice. Go to the very top and slide straight
    across to get to a couple of boxes/barrels. From there, you can also move on
    into [5], but don't just yet. Go back across the ice and immediately hold down-
    right at the same time. You should end up on a small patch of snow (labeled S in
    the diagram below) in the middle of the ice. From there, go to the top right
    corner of the little patch of snow and move diagonally up-right. That should put
    you in the little corridor and there should be two tree stumps that can be cut
    with an axe. Move over into [5] from there for a chest with a Crystal and a Rare
    Medal on the right. Head back into [4]. You can either take the top path or the
    bottom path to [5]. It doesn't matter.
    <-  * * * * *   -> To [5]
    To  * * * |-----
    [3] * * * |
    ---|* * * *|----
       |* * * *  X
       |* *S* *|----
    In [5], cut some more grass and take out the tree stump in the lower right.
    There are some fruit trees at the top. As you're about to move right, you hear
    someone going, "Hey!". Move on into [6] to find out who it is, but save before
    you do. Depending on your choice, you will fight a different mini-boss.
    In [6], you get into an argument.
    -- Glacier Gorge > [6] > Mini-Boss --
    Name: Toris (If you chose female voice in [5])
    HP: 1400
    DUR: 150
    Strategy: This shouldn't be too difficult. The only trouble with breaking her
    weapon is that her DUR regenerates during battle. Still, she just triple-swings
    and Guards for the most part. She'll occasionally summon Nesty, the guy in
    glasses and he'll do around 300 damage to you. You have some time to dodge the
    attack, though. Don't let your HP drop too low or she will use this to try to KO
    you. Also, she will summon Amer, the other girl to heal her by 900 HP, so don't
    worry about KO-ing her if you want her to break her weapon.
    If you really want the item, you need to just guard and make her attack you.
    Follow her around because she's not always going to come to you. She'll always
    attack you if you stay close to her sword, though. When she's down to about 2
    DUR, she'll wait for her DUR to go back up to 3 before attacking again. You can
    just force the issue by hitting her a few times until she guards, then using a
    drill or knuckles to break her weapon. You get a Mark of Courage for doing so.
    -- Glacier Gorge > [6] > Mini-Boss --
    Name: Magna (If you chose male voice in [5])
    HP: 1500
    DUR: 250
    Strategy: All you have to do is get past 250 DUR to break his weapon. He has
    passive HP regen. His sword outranges and outspeeds your drills, especially when
    he uses it to poke you. Knuckles are pretty good in this situation as you can
    easily switch between guarding and going aggressive to force him to guard. He
    will often only swing twice if you guard, or but will triple-hit you if you get
    caught with your defenses down, so it's best to wait until his attack animation
    is completely over before you hit him back. Occasionally, he will jump into the
    air to attack you if you're too far away. He summons Nesty, the guy in glasses,
    for 300 damage, but you can avoid this by jumping over it if you're far enough
    away from the cast position or run away from its range. Once again, patience is
    the key to breaking his weapon. You'll get a Hero's Badge if you do.
    -- Glacier Gorge --
    [3]               [9]
      \                |
    Heal up and head on to the right. aThere's another giant section of ice in [7].
      |* * * * *   G *|
    --|* * *B* * * * *|
       * * * * * * * *|
       * * * * * * * *|--
     M * * * *|  * * *    -> To [8]
       * * * *|  * * *|--
       * * * * * * * *|
       * * * * * * * *|
    -------| * * * * |
    Go to the bottom and slide right. Then up and left and you should get to the
    bottom right corner of the group of boxes (marked B). As you're going, you
    should notice the tiny island in the middle. We'll get there. Anyway, use a
    spear to break the bottom 2 crates. From that position, go back to the right,
    down, left, up, and right again, and you should end up on a patch of snow at the
    top. There's some grass there (marked G).
    Stand at the very top left of the patch of snow and move left, then down. You
    should bump into the boxes again and use your spear to break 2 crates. Go back
    up and right and repeat what you just did to break the other set of crates.
    Move down from the right end of the stretch of snow there and you'll be on the
    middle island. Take aim and you can move on to [8].
    In [8], cut the 5 bits of grass you see as you walk in. There are 3 fruit trees
    up top. And we come to another ice spot. Before the ice, go to the top of the
    snow path and slide straight across to the right. You'll come to a strip of
    snow. Go up to the top left of that, and slide diagonally up-left. You should
    come to the path leading up to [9]. Get the three crates, then up into [9].
    Time for a mini-boss battle.
    -- Glacier Gorge > [9] > Mini-Boss --
    Name: Lycaon/Lycaon/Lycaon
    HP: 678/678/678
    Strategy: The only problem you might have here is the fact that they're in a
    group. They may all jump at the same time and attack, which is why it's
    probably better just to cast a spell to get rid of all of them before they can
    -- Glacier Gorge --
    [1]               [B]
     |                 |
    [2]               [A]
     |                 |
    [3]               [9]
      \                |
    Since you can't go any further yet, go back to the screen where you fought Toris
    or Magna at the little glacier. Bring back the kid, heal up again, and head back
    to [9].
    Large sheet of ice up ahead in [A], but once again, it's pretty simple. Go all
    the way to the right and up into [B] and [C] and collect some items, including
    a Rare Medal. Come back around into [A]. Then, go about 3/4 of the way to tehe
    right and up again. There should be a path with 3 barrels lined up on either
    side. Go up into [B] for a Spearstone, Anywhere Diary, and Heartleaf Potion. Now
    go back down and to the very left and up again into [C] and just follow the path
    right into [D]. There should be a circle of 7 patches of grass as you're coming
    in. Be ready as you move into [E].
    It's Gedharm and Passeau again. She'll summon an ...
    -- Glacier Gorge > [E] > Boss --
    Name: Ice Golem
    HP: 4500
    Strategy: If he goes up into the air, resist the urge to jump up and follow him
    unless you're fast enough to get away. He'll crash-land on you, doing heavy
    damage if you're underneath. This is easily avoidable. He can also shoot ice
    spikes for damage and if you guard, you still take about 55 damage per hit.
    He'll also breathe ice to hit you if you're in the air and icicles descend on
    you through the mist and deal damage. However, if you're in melee range, this
    will miss.
    -- Glacier Gorge --
    A man in winter clothing interrupts all of you. He thinks you're all the evil
    Summoners. The Daemon Edge reacts. Grab the blade anyway. ("You're all freakin'
    weirdos!") The kid comes up to his dad and explains that you're not the evil
    summoners and you get some sweet potatoes.
    Head back or use Escape.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Head home.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Tatiana invites you to try out some of her newest sweets. Politely decline. It's
    nighttime again.
    --                                   Day  9                                   --
    Next day, Orin's calling you before you even go up the stairs. Apparently
    Gabriel's hurt and we need to head over to see Kara at the edge of the place.
    The cat's missing again. It's in the Chief's house, on the second floor, bottom
    right of the bottom left room. You can buy a Dragon Ring for 600 Boam from the
    Salesman to the left of the waterfall. This is a very good deal. The boy outside
    of the shop lost his item again. Go bridge between the Cat House and the Curry
    House on the lower level and find the stone toward the top left corner of the
    bridge. The item is there. Talk to the lady making curry to find out that she
    needs milder ingredients. Also, fight the Rabbit again.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 2800
    Strategy: He does the usual attacks and heals 540. Do what you did last time
    and you should be fine.
    -- Entry Woods --
    Gabriel's hurt and they walk him back to your house. If you go back, you'll
    see the party in the main room.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    Get 2 Vortex Crab Claws and some upgrading info for 1400 boam.
    -- Water Fortress --
    Talk to the Salesman here to get the Mild Spices and bring them to the curry
    woman. Then teleport to Wind Fortress and head for the Garden.
    -- Wind Fortress --
    Head north.
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    1 --> To Wind Fortress
    5 --> To Roaring Cavern
    A reminder map is there in case you don't get it. Get to [4].
    -- Forest Outskirts > [4] > Boss --
    Name: Death
    HP: 5200
    Strategy: Death will swing his scythe, though if his eyes glow blue and you hear
    a sound effect, he'll breathe a blue spirit thing to come and damage you. If you
    have the AGL, jump over it, since it goes almost the distance of the field, or
    guard. He'll also open up a portal-like thing and damage you if you're within
    range. Dance around him and you'll easily dodge his attacks. Get a Demon Horn
    from him after you win.
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    Turns out Passeau was supposed to be bait while Gedharm went to steal the
    Daemon Edges. Head back home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Finish talking and head back to where you faught Passeau - Forest Outskirts >
    [4]. The Black Swordsman will be there.
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    He's already given the Daemon Edges to Gedharm. Too late. Well, no matter
    whether you choose to fight for your innocence or fight for the village, you
    get into a fight.
    -- Forest Outskirts > [4] > Boss --
    Name: Blk Swordsman
    HP: 1650
    DUR: 250
    Strategy: The Black Swordsman will do his usual triple-strike attack, block and
    use Wind Tornado. Easiest way to break his weapon is with a drill. Melee him
    and when he hits you twice, jab him once with your normal drill attack to make
    him guard and then use your {down}+[A]. Break his weapon for a Lion Crest.
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    Turns out it was Gabriel. We need to go even deeper into the forest to get to
    Gedharm and defeat his Summon creature to bring the Village back to normal.
    ("Gabriel managed to get out of eating Tatiana's sweets. He has a strong
    survival instinct after all!") Gabriel runs away, Xeride with him.
    -- Forest Outskirts --
    1 --> To Wind Fortress
    5 --> To Roaring Cavern
    4 --> To Vanishing Forest
    Instead of following Gabriel to the right, go down from that screen into
    Vanishing Forest.
    -- Vanishing Forest --
    1 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [1]
    1 --> To Forest Outskirts
    Cut some grass to your right before moving on into [2].
    New monsters here include Maizaille, a slightly stronger version of the Gazelle,
    and Rainboy, the pinkish thing that doesn't do too much. There are also Hannya,
    demonic face-things, and Chamedeon (wind-elemental). There are also Gunner
    Giants. You should be able to perma-stun them with spear attacks. Another new
    monster is the Skullbear. He runs and charges mostly, or swipes at you with his
    claws. The fourth new monster is the Big-mouth. Remember the Bugball? There's
    now the Hangball, which looks the same, though is slightly improved.
    Go down the vine in [2] and back left into the lower half of [1]. Enter the
    -- Vanishing Forest Below Ground --
    1 --> To Vanishing Forest [1]
    Before you climb down the rocks in [1], go stright up from them and drill the
    wall. Go in for 2 chests containing an Anywhere Diary and a Heartleaf Potion.
    Climb down and run past the mudslide into [2], where you see 2 more mudslides.
    Go down from there into [3] and use your Kunckles to move the rock out of the
    way. Go left and cut 5 patches of grass and at the end, drill up into another
    room. At the top right is a Rare Medal and at the top left are 2 chests with a
    Rubstone and a Med Kit. Go back up to [2] and right into [4]. Get the chest with
    the Whetstone. Go back to [1] and head outside.
    -- Vanishing Forest --
    1 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [1]
    1 --> To Forest Outskirts
    3 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [3] (1-way trip)
    4 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [4] (1-way trip)
    4 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [4] (1-way trip)
    Go right into [2] and down into [3]. See the Rare Medal on the right? We'll get
    that. Follow the path and cut some grass. Right around there, you can go up
    between the trees and get the Rare Medal. Don't drop down the hole. Instead,
    move right into [4]. Break a couple barrels on the right and move up. Don't drop
    down the hole at the top. Just get the dead tree stumps and the clumps of grass.
    Go back down to where the barrels were and up between the trees. Drop down this
    hole on the right.
    -- Vanishing Forest Below Ground -- (typical)
    1 --> To Vanishing Forest [1]
    6 --> To Vanishing Forest [5]
    See the open chest to your left? That was the Rubstone we got earlier. Cut 3
    bits of grass and move up and left into the top part of [2]. Both mudslides lead
    to the same place, and we've been at the bottom already. Move left to the top
    part of [1] and drill down the bit of wall you see there. Go in and get the
    Knucklestone and keep going right into [6] and out.
    -- Vanishing Forest --
    [1]-[2] [6]
         |   |
    1 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [1]
    1 --> To Forest Outskirts
    3 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [3] (1-way trip)
    4 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [4] (1-way trip)
    4 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [4] (1-way trip)
    5 --> To Vanishing Forest Below Ground [6]
    You're in [5]. Move left to the top part of [4] and then up into [6]. Before you
    climb up the vine, be ready.
    -- Vanishing Forest > [6] > Boss --
    Name: Orin
    HP: 1700
    DUR: 250
    Strategy: 250 DUR on a drill is going to be tough to bring down, as he will
    wear away your weapons a lot faster with his drill. Make sure you have all 3
    weapon slots filled with decently durable weapons. He'll occasionally Weapon
    Guard as well, so during that time, don't attack him - just evade by jumping and
    running. He's very close-range oriented, so you can jab him with a spear for an
    easy win and evade in the same way. Knuckles are also really effective against
    him as they come out a lot faster than his drill and you have more time to guard
    in return. He'll also occasionally summon his Guardian Beast to use Chain Spark.
    Beat him for a Machinery Scroll.
    -- Vanishing Forest --
    You give him Tatiana's Sweets. I hope you still have a lot of DUR left on your
    weapons. ("I overestimated you, Kattenna! You were too stupid for my plan to
    -- Vanishing Forest > [6] > Boss --
    Name: Gedharm/Gedharm Gunner
    HP: 1700/1500
    DUR: 265/0
    Strategy: Ignore Gedharm Gunner as it will be resummoned if it's defeated. I'd
    advise you to stay away from it and poke at Gedharm and make him guard, since
    the Gunner moves quite slowly. It will punch very short-range, or throw out
    random bombs, so keep moving. Gedharm has a drill, which means you have to go on
    the offensive in order to bring down his DUR or use Weapon Guard. To win, break
    Gedharm's weapon or KO him. If you manage to break his weapon, you get another
    Machinery Scroll. Your EXP gained also depends on how many times you've taken
    out Gedharm Gunner.
    -- Vanishing Forest --
    Gedharm goes crazy, but then Ryouga comes and stops him. Gedharm flees from
    Ryouga's transformation and then he advises you to get some rest. Use the two
    Escapes your Guardian Beast has.
    -- Lost Woods --
    As you try to enter Cliff Village, Lynn appears. She wants you to tell her
    what has happened, but you insist it's nothing.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Return home. This is one of the best conversations in the game.
    Kattenna: Yeah... But I have to re-hide the Daemon Edges before that.
    Tatiana:  Where had you hidden them before?
    Kattenna: Hehehe. I won't tell you that!
    Orin:     Come on! Tell me! I knew you had some fake ones hidden under your
               bed, but where were you keeping the real ones?
    Kattenna [looks surprised]
    Blaire:   I saw through the fake ones, but I'd also like to know where you
               were keeping them.
    Tatiana:  Nobody'd be fooled by the ones you hid under the bed!
    Kattenna: Huh? Uh... well... That's true...
    Tatiana:  So where'd you hide them?
    Kattenna [is starting to sweat]
    Kattenna: I already said. I can't tell you...
    Orin:     Give me a break! Just tell us!
    Kattenna [takes a step back]
    Blaire:   Please...
    Kattenna [takes another step back]
    kattenna: Waaaa! I'm sorry!
    Kattenna [runs downstairs]
    Tatiana, Orin, and Blaire look confused.
    Tatiana:  Why are you apologizing to us?
    Aelita:   I guess Kattenna feels guilty about something... Hehehe...
    Nighttime. Go take a breath of fresh air. If you talk to Orin, he'll apologize.
    ("It was like getting slapped with a moldy piece of cheese.")
    --                                   Day 10                                   --
    Next morning, Orin and Tatiana come rushing in. This can't be too good. Go
    upstairs to meet Master Blaire. ("Come back alive! Just remember that! That's
    an order!") Go to Bruno at Thunder Fortress, but first...
    The cat's missing again. The boy's right outside. If you talk to the girl
    standing outside the path to your house, she'll mention that the boy's item is
    around there somewhere. From where she's standing, go diagonally down-left 3
    steps or from the weather vane on the fence, go left about 1 step to find the
    Go up to the monument and you can buy a Crimson Horn for 650 boam. Fight the
    Rampage Rabbit again. Go to the fishing spot in 3h and the cat's on the left. As
    you're heading there, you'll also talk to Rocky and Kara, who tell you to pick
    up the pace.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 3350
    Strategy: Same as before.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    You can get information about Upgrading for 1600 boam - you can do damage to
    just the enemy's weapon by using 3 Hard Shells on a weapon and getting the
    "Arm Breaker" Special Attack. He'll also give you 3 Hard Shells.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    If you talked to Toumei on Day 8 or 9 and answered yes when he wanted to see
    your father's memento, then he'll give you a second Red Daemon Gem.
    Go up to Bruno. Quickly head to Oni Hot Springs.
    -- Oni Hot Springs --
                [G]       [C]
                 |        / \
        [4]-[5] [F]-[E]-[D] [B]
         |   |               |
        [3] [6]-[7]-[8]-[9]-[A]
    1 --> To Bruno's Transhift
    A record of my dungeon adventures
    Part 4-
    "The Hot Spring Dungeon"
    As soon as I entered the area, I
    noticed two things: the hot air
    and the foul smell of sulphur.
    What made the hot springs so hot?
    I thought the answer could be found
    underground. Driven by curiousity,
    I entered a nearby cave and
    descended into an area that seemed
    to be from another world.
    The bad air made me dizzy in this
    dark and moist cave, but I
    continued onward.
    Suddenly, a hude blast of steam
    appeared directly in my path!
    I realized that these steam blasts
    appeared to occur at regular
    I managed to time my progress,
    and made it past the steam without
    being cooked like a lobster.
    Deeper inside, I found a small
    pond of steaming water. A fountain
    of hit water rose from this pond.
    I was getting annoyed by the high
    humidity and the poor visibility,
    and my underwear was riding up.
    I still don't know why, but I
    decided to take my aggression out
    on the fountain in front of me.
    With a mighty swing of my hammer,
    I brought it down squarely on top of
    where the waer was spouting from.
    Unbelievably, the water stopped
    gushing from that spot, and the
    steam cleared up a bit!
    My fit of rage had allowed me
    to progress more easily!
    I was cheered up by this, and
    concentrated on clearing up my view
    by hitting more geysers.
    Move right into [2].
    Wow, everything here is a shade of red! The fruit trees in [2] are red, the
    3 spots of grass are red... yeah. 
    New enemies: Strawboys don't do that much. Kero Ninja, or frogs in capes, throw
    shuriken or fight with them. If they throw, jump straight up - not backwards -
    or you'll get hit. There are also Fire Mages and Oni Foxes. Remember the Brute
    Monks from SN1? They're still here. They're still easy to take down from range
    (just jump back when it's about to throw you), though if you get close, they'll
    stomp on you, doing quite a bit of damage. Manty are giant ogre-like creatures
    with snake tails. It punches and if the tail lashes out, a small lightning bolt
    comes down. You can also meet Ying and Yang, both with 1500 HP. They both can
    teleport and summon firestreams, though they usually do the former and stab with
    their spears, doing 140 and 240 damage without guard. Elefire can drop some rare
    weapon materials.
    Just follow the path into [4] while getting the little stuff along the way. It's
    misty here and the screen may go almost white for a few seconds. Go up the
    stairway you see (next to the miniature waterfall). Go left and you'll note the
    tiny geyser. Remember the message from earlier? Smack it with your hammer and
    the mist will go away. There's also a Rare Medal left there, so pick that up. Go
    down the waterfall and to the left is a chest. Open that, then go back up,
    right past another waterfall and continue right.
    Go down the stairs in [5] and just follow the path. In [7], you hear something
    and wonder if it's Ryouga. It's steamy again in [8]. Tiny hot springs scene
    here. Anyway, a double-fight begins.
    -- Oni Hot Springs > [8] > Double-Boss --
    Name: Kuuya/Kohina
    HP: 1750/1700
    DUR: 150/130
    Strategy: By the way, the girl's Kohina and the guy's Kuuya. The girl has the
    claws, the guy has the scythe. If Kuuya jumps, you'll see a shadow on the
    ground. Get away from that, or he's going to do more than 200 damage and bypass
    any guard attempts. They love to gang up on you, so if you let that happen,
    Kohina will stab you to death with her claws and Kuuya will double-slash you
    with his scythe at the same time! You can poke them with a spear to wear down
    their weapons as they block, but this is time-consuming and if you mess up once,
    the lag time with spears will make you eat a lot of damage. Kohina's special
    ability lets her jump back and forth once to stab you from both sides, and this
    receives the damage bonus from back attacking. She will also cast Quick Move,
    which just makes defending her even worse since she can weave in and out of your
    weapon range with ease. Kohina will also Aqua Tornado if you constantly Guard.
    Your best bet in this match is probably to get yourself to a position where
    they're both hitting you and you're guarding it all. It's not DUR or HP
    efficient, but it gets the job done. Be warned: you can't get caught in a corner
    with this strategy, or Kuuya will jump on you while Kohina forces you to keep
    guarding. Or Kohina will just hit you for a full Aqua Tornado. Obtain Ninja
    Scroll I and II if you break both weapons.
    -- Oni Hot Springs --
    You'll get a heal triangle in the next screen. Move on into [9] and it'll be
    steamy again. Go up when you can and you'll see a few spots of grass. On the
    right of those is the spring, so whack it and the mist disappears. Go directly
    left from there to get to 2 fruit trees and 2 chests with a Med Kit and a
    Rubstone. Go down and keep going into [A].
    Once again, it's steamy in here. Follow the path up the stairs, go right and
    up for a total of 7 patches of grass, then down the stairs on the right. You'll
    see the geyser on your right, so whack it again. Go down from there to get a
    Rare Medal, then head back up and the newly appeared chest from the little area
    that used to have 4 patches of grass and then go up-left into [B] and follow the
    [C]. Steam. Go up the stairs, right, and down the stairs and smack the geyser.
    Go back up and left, then down the waterfall and get the chest with an Anywhere
    Diary. Go down into [D]. Notice the left path? That's the way back up.
    There are a couple bits of grass and a few boxes there. Move left and follow
    the path into [E].
    You'll meet Kohina again. Save and heal up.
    -- Oni Hot Springs > [G] > Boss --
    Name: Shaman Monkey
    HP: 6700
    Strategy: He'll look like he's using ninjutsu, and that means he'll bring
    down something like flower petals at almost 3 spears' range to do about 50
    for each hit (nulls Guard attempt). If you have good speed, as you see him
    about to do this, run and jump over him and attack from behind to do good
    damage for a while. He'll also take off his bead necklace and thrust it at you
    for a decent amount of damage. If you try to Guard against this and are not
    successful at a complete Guard, you take half of what you normally do. This
    might be your only strategy if you have low speed but good attack - just stay
    as far away from him as you can while attacking him and Guard when necessary.
    If you can do decent damage (around 150), then you can make him flinch every
    time you hit him. He'll also swipe upwards with his claws for damage and this
    also nulls any attempt to Guard. Also, getting knocked out of the air with
    this move Hurts. (Notice the capital there.) If you can jump over him and
    damage at the same time, then jump back and forth over him while doing damage.
    This way, you won't get hit ... until he catches on to what you're doing.
    Defeat him for a Kishin Horn.
    -- Oni Hot Springs --
    After the fight, Kohina faints and you need to carry her back to the hot
    springs... but you forget to take the sword. So run back there and get it. Save
    before you enter that screen.
    You'll meet Ryouga again and this time, he won't let you off so easily. Gabriel
    rushes in and takes a stab at him with his sword, but gets knocked aside.
    ("Dammit! Play dead, Gabriel!") Poor guy. Anyway, you'll fight with Ryouga.
    -- Oni Hot Springs > [G] > Boss --
    Name: Ryouga
    HP: 2500
    DUR: 150
    Strategy: He has DUR Regen as well, so if you're trying to bring down his
    weapon, this could take a while. He has claws, which count as knuckles, so if
    you let him hit you while you're off guard, it hurts. Try to make Ryouga use his
    special attack, since it'll cost him 20 DUR. He also heals 1250 HP if his HP is
    low. Defeat him for a Kishin Horn.
    -- Oni Hot Springs --
    Head back to Bruno the long way or by using Escape.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Head home.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Nighttime stroll again. If you've talked to Gabriel whenever you could, then
    he'll want you to meet him at Wind Fortress. Be warned that your ending will be
    determined based on who you meet tonight.
    --                                   Day 11                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Your Guardian Beast leaves. The cat is missing again. Talk to the girl to the
    left of the waterfall on the lower level for a Tablecloth. Go to the right and
    talk to the old woman standing in front of the chief's house and give her the
    Tablecloth for an Anywhere Diary. The boy that loses his things is outside of
    the Curry House. And his item is below the girl that you talked to earlier for
    the tablecloth and a little bit to the left. The cat's in the lower left corner
    of the Shop. You can buy a Monger Bracer from the Salesman staring at the
    waterfall on the middle level. Not particularly useful, since I don't know what
    you're going to do with all the money.
    Depending on who you talked to last night, you will have to find them in
    various locations around town, or even by heading out to the woods. When you do,
    it will immediately be night time.
    --                                   Day 12                                   --
    -- Cliff Village --
    Next morning, you hear someone calling for help. ("It's never easy for us.")
    Nina's fading away. Go outside and talk to the boy, who's hanging around with
    the girl again in front of the entrance to the fishing pond. You should remember
    where the item is - top left of the Curry House. The cat's missing again. You
    can buy a Ninja Ring (best ring) from the Salesman for only 750 boam on the
    second floor of Chief's house. The missing cat is right next to your house. You
    get a nice Ninja Scroll II for this. Go fight the Rampage Rabbit, though you'll
    only get about 1000 EXP.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 2500
    Strategy: Still nothing much to it.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    For 1800 boam, you will learn that 3 Demon Horns improves your ATK when you're
    in critical health.
    -- Water Fortress --
    We've gone through this so many times. You should know how to get to Borgrim
    from here.
    -- Roaring Cave --
    You need to find Toumei, since he's the only one that can help Nina get back
    into her body. ("He's usually never anywhere where people want him.") Move
    right twice to that mudslide to find Toumei.
    Time to make an Anti-Passeau Sword.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    You should already have at least 1 Vortex Crab Claw and 1 spare swordstone left.
    If you don't, the fishing hole has some swordstones as prizes. Make the Vortex
    Sword and go find Toumei at the fishing hole.
    Go out to Entry Woods to find Xeride, who Transhifts you to Thunder Fortress.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    Prepare for a boss fight.
    -- Thunder Fortress > [3] > Boss --
    Name: Passeau/Bone Knight
    HP: 1500/1200
    DUR: 270/0
    The Bone Knight will swing his sword and roll towards you, dealing damage. If
    you stay near it, it'll swing its sword. All of its abilities are guardable.
    Passeau will spin her spear if you're too close and stab at you if you're the
    right distance away. Because of the drastic differences in timing, it's hard to
    guard against her attacks properly. Defeating the Bone Knight will just make
    Passeau summon it again. To break her weapon without using Arm Breaker, go to
    the ends of the field and have Passeau come to you and ignore or run away from
    the Bone Knight. Be aware that Bone Knight will roll on top of you if you stay
    in a corner for too long. 270 DUR does really take forever to bring down. Break
    her weapon for a Tyrant Soulstone.
    -- Thunder Fortress --
    You'll be teleported to Nina after the fight. ("Master! Stop getting mushy
    around all the women we meet!")
    -- Cliff Village --
    Go home, heal yourself and repair your weapons, and get the Daemon Edges from
    your bed. Orin gets home as well and when you head upstairs, the Chief will
    be there as well. ("Of course, if you fail... You'll be dead! And so will
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate --
    Prepare for a boss fight.
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate > Boss --
    Name: Ryouga
    HP: 3000
    DUR: 180
    Strategy: This time he has DUR Regen. His claws hit for a lot of damage even if
    you guard it and he's fast. Your best bet is to go on the offensive and hope
    that he guards against you instead. He'll use his special ability to Fury Swipes
    at you like before which once again knocks off 20 DUR. He'll use Speed Boost to
    raise his AGL and Healing Spell when his HP is low, so don't worry about KO-ing
    him if you want to break his weapon. Break his weapon for the Doji Soulstone.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Gedharm and Lynn show up.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Your weapons and health have recovered. Talk to Blaire.
    Head outside. The boy that loses things is right outside the Cat House. The
    missing cat is in front of the Chief's house. The salesman there will sell you a
    Tyrant Soulstone. The boy's item is at th  lower right of the little area
    leading to the fishing pond. The Rampage Rabbit is ready to roll again.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 6400
    Strategy: His 3 carrots heal for 684 each, so it's really like 8000+ HP that you
    have to go through. As before, punish the ending lag of his abilities and don't
    get baited into the whiffed carrot > tumble. He also has a lot more DEF than
    last time, so you should have 3 weapons that each give you a total of 200+ ATK
    after they're equipped.
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate --
    Continue the story at Goura's Gate. Get ready for a boss fight.
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate > Boss --
    Name: Blaire
    HP: 2500
    DUR: 290
    Strategy: He's surprisingly quick with the axe, so don't underestimate him.
    He'll also Special Attack you by spinning around with his axe, doing about 10
    damage per hit. This costs him 10 DUR, though, so if you can constantly evade
    it, that'll help bring down his DUR quickly. He summons his Guardian Beast for
    Healing Spell for 1500 HP, Aqua Tornado, and Enchant Aqua. Break his weapon for
    the Eye of Truth.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Return home, heal and recover your weapons.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    More Upgrading information for 2000 boam. A Beast Crest, Beast King Crest, and a
    Lion's Crest together creates a Special Ability called Shatter Strike. It breaks
    your weapon, but does a lot of damage. He'll give you those three materials, of
    course. Decide whether you want to use it or not.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Ground Level -- (I like this background music.)
    1 --> To Cliff Village
    1 --> To Goura Labryinth B1
    Note: From now on, the number in the [] definitely corresponds to the Area.
    (i.e. Goura Labyrinth B1 [1] = Goura Labyrinth B1 Area 1). This will also be
    true for the Epilogue section.)
    New monsters:
    - Brownie, HP: 650, Reddish thing with a spear. Floats in the air and will jab
    at you if you're close. Also shoots wind. Best to use knuckles or a drill.
    - Harricade, HP: 1250, Blue kangaroo. Shoots wind at a very lon range.
    - Clock Knight, HP: 2400, Perma-stun it or you could start taking a lot of
    damage as it keeps charging at you.
    - Yasha Spider, HP: 3900. Can also be perma-stunned with low end-lag weapons.
    - Tsuchigumo, HP: 4100, Red demonic thing.
    Returning monsters:
    - Dragon Puppy, HP: 670, Shoots fireballs and bites.
    - Striker, HP: 600, More annoying than ever, as it floats higher and higher.
    - Squibolt, HP: 1450, Now perma-stun-able with a spear. (Wasn't in SN1.)
    - Red Dragon, HP: 3200, Same old dragon. Don't bother meleeing it. Just perma-
    stun it with a spear. The fire breath is really obvious and easily avoided.
    - Tumbler, HP: 2800, Hit-and-run tactics work well.
    Go around the pillars in [1]. Then There are 3 paths you can take - the left an
    right lead to 4 crates each, the middle goes on. Use your Knuckles to move some
    rocks out of the way and do down into the labyrinth.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B1 -
      / \
    [3] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth Ground Level
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2 (Seveal Entrances)
    Follow the path. You'll eventually come to an area with 2 boulders. Use knuckles
    to move both up to the platforms with an eye insignia on them. This opens the
    door to [2] and follow it around and down into [3]. Take the first path right
    that you see, past 3 robot things, and enter the door back up into [2]. Go right
    and take the boxes out, then go down fro 2 chests with an Anywhere Diary and a
    Med Kit. Go back to where you were in [3] and go down.
    That red stuff down there is basically ice. You see 2 boulders once again that
    need to be moved.
    --{O}-:  :-{O}---
              :   :
    `  =slippery area
    -  =wall
    :  =wall
    Don't do anything with the boulders yet. Instead, keep moving right and down a
    -- Goura Labryinth B2 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B1 (Several Entrances)
    From where you dropped in, move up, then take the right path for some good
    stuff. Then take the left path and follow it up into [2]. Follow the path up and
    to the left. Take the first path down for a Rare Medal. Go back up and take the
    second path back into [1]. Go all the way down, get the few boxes/barrels, then
    go up the stairs.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B1 --
    Remember the ice/boulder thing from earlier? Push the boulder that's blocking
    your way up far enough so that you can slide left and push the other boulder
    (that's Boulder 1) over to the bottom left corner.
    --{O}-:  :-{O}---
              :   :
              :   :
    Now push both boulders up to their respective plates and the door will open.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B2 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B1 (Several Entrances)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3
    You're in [1] again, but immediately move left to [3] without hassle. Heal at
    the heal spot. Another large red ice spot is up ahead.
          :   C      C   :
          :              :
          :              :
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:        :``:
          :``:  :{}:  :``:
          :``:  :  :  :``:
          :``:--:  :--:``:
    :```````````````````````( ):
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:  :``:
    :``:  :``:--:  :--:``:  :``:
    :``:  :````         S:--:``:
    :```````````````````````( ):<- Boulder should end up here.
    :  :--------------------:  :
    :  :<- Left path        :  :
    :  :                    :  :
    :  :--------------------:  :-
    :                             -> To [1]
    ( )=boulder
    Take the left path up, slide right, and get behind the boulder. Move it down and
    go with it. Stop moving it when you can slide left and hit the wall at point P.
    (See "Boulder should end up here.")
    Go straight up from P and get the 2 chests at the top. Go back down on the right
    ice path. You should stop at point S. Go left a little bit and take the middle
    path up to the {} doorway and enter.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Go left from where you arrive. See those 2 holes? Take neither, but go up to
    the stairs and down them.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3
    Get the Rare Medal, since that's the only thing here. Now go back up.
    Note that everything here seems more complicated than it actually is in the
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Take the bottom hole of the 2 I mentioned earlier down into B4.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Follow the path and take the stairs up to B3.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Get a few boxes here and follow the path. When you come to 2 holes, take the
    left one down to B4. (The bottom one should seem to be blocking the path, but
    it really isn't. Remember that for later.)
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go left and get 6 boxes/barrels. Keep going left and up to B3 again.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Go right and take that hole down.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Get the chest. Use your Knuckles to move the rock out of the way. Go left and
    up again back to B3 [2].
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    This time, take the left hole down.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Confused, yet? Grab whatever's there and go up the stairs again.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Just to let you know, you're in [2]. Go down the only hole there.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Follow the path.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Just to let you know, you're still in [2]. Go down the only hole here.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go left and up and get the chests with the Med Kit and Grinding Stone. Take
    the stairs up again and you'll note that you're feeling Goura's power.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Now in [3]. Follow the path and fall down the hole. Note the pattern of the
    eyes at the top here. Remember which ones are lit and which aren't.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Follow the path and go up.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Follow the path down.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Few more boxes/barrels. Follow the path up.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    You know what I'm going to say.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go right and up, past the stairs, for quite a few boxes/barrels. Go back down
    and take the stairs up.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    You're in [2] again. More boxes on your right. Go down the hole you see as you
    come in. There's another one below, but we've been there before. Going up and
    right gets you out if you wish by using your Knuckles to move the boulder out
    of the way.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go back up the stairs.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Get the chest with an Anywhere Diary at the top, then go down the hole again.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go up and take the first set of stairs you see. We've already been at the top of
    this floor before.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    You're still in [2]. Go up and get several boxes/barrels. Go down and fall down
    the hole. 
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go right and up.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Follow the path and take the hole down at the top. Once again, you can leave
    this area if you wish by moving the boulder.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go to the bottom right for a Grinding Stone. Go up-left and go up the stairs.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Go way back and try to remember back when you had a choice of 2 holes and the
    bottom one looked like it was blocking the path. You can skirt the left side of
    the first hole. Go past it and take the left one down again.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Go left, down, and when you see a stairway leading up to your right, take it.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Go down and take the hole down.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3 (Several Entrances)
    Follow the path. All this should look somewhat familiar by now.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B3 --
    [3] [2] [1]
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B2
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    3 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4 (Several Entrances, some 1-way only.)
    Don't take the hole down again. At the top right is a boulder. Use your knuckles
    to get that out of the way. Take the path down and follow it until you get to
    more stairs and a chest with a Med Kit. Take the stairs down.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B4 --
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B3
    2 --> To Goura Labyrinth B5
    Hmm... 5 switches. If you go up top, you'll note that you can feel Goura's
    prescence. Talk to the door to find that "Only the seeker finds the eye of
    truth." Remember the combination of eyes I told you to remember earlier? Hit the
    switches until the correct eyes are lit up. You'll know it worked when the room
    -- Goura Labyrinth B5 --
    1 --> To Goura Labyrinth B4
    A pushing maze here. Push the first boulder you come to as far right as it can
    go. Then go around and push it up. Go around and push it right again 2 units. A
    unit equals a tile, which equals the diameter of the boulder. Now go around
    again and push it up until you can't any more (total 4 units). Now push it left
    2 units (once again, it's not all the way against the side wall.) Push the
    boulder up 6 units, which is 18 hits with the knuckles. It should not be
    touching the topmost wall, or you should go back and reset. Go around to the
    left side of the boulder push it right 2 units, then down 2 units.
    Now push it right against the wall (2 units to the right) and up (4 units). It
    still should not touch the top wall. Make sure that when you're pushing up, you
    can get above it to push it down ice path on your right.
    The rest of the way should be pretty obvious. The object of this is to get the
    boulder on the ice path on the right so you don't slip all the way to the
    bottom. (There's a path that you continue on, but you need the boulder to
    stop you or you slide all the way to the bottom.)
    If you do this once correctly, when you come back, you don't need to do this
    again. Same as for some of the other puzzles.
    Move right, past 2 robots standing guard there, break 6 boxes/barrels, and go
    Be prepared for a boss fight. It doesn't matter what choices you make here.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] > Boss --
    Name: Lynn
    HP: 3500
    DUR: 300
    Strategy: Lynn takes giant swings at you with her spear and if she catches you,
    she'll spin her spear which hits 4x instead of the usual 2, doing quite a bit of
    damage. She'll also cast Chain Spark, Weapon Guard, and Heal Spell. Her weapon's
    Special Ability, which costs her 10 DUR, quickly and repeatedly stabs at you,
    much like Killer Lance from SN1. Whatever you do, don't jump over her unless you
    can jump really far. Stick close to her and Guard every time to wear down her
    weapon. Astral Guard is a good asset to Heal Spell here, as you will be taking a
    lot of damage if you constantly guard. Break her weapon for a Witchstone.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] --
    After the fight, Lynn remarks on how kind you were, but she still needs the
    Daemon Edge! She takes it from you and sacrifices it to Goura. The shapeless
    mass of energy in the air takes form!
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] > Boss --
    Name: Guren Goura
    HP: 12800
    Strategy: You do 1 damage per hit. When he paws the ground, it means he's going
    to rush at you. Run away and when he comes at you, jump straight up and he'll
    miss. This is unguardable. He can also use 2 swords to stab you if you're too
    close, as well as jump and pounce on you. After a little while, the battle ends
    automatically. Try to not get cornered against him. Knuckles are a good way to
    perfect guard against his other attacks.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] --
    You remark on how you can't hurt Goura. Gabriel runs in and he and Xeride get
    you all out of there.
    -- Cliff Village > Goura's Gate --
    You get the Gem of Light from your Guardian Beast.
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Use your Gem of Light to create a weapon of your choice. Go back upstairs and
    find Bruno.
    Go to Goura's Entrance again and talk to Xeride, who will Teleport you to
    Goura's Dungeon.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B5 > [2] --
    Be ready. Equip the weapon you just forged.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals --
    Move up.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] > Boss --
    Name: Guren Goura
    HP: 12800
    Strategy: He has the same attacks as before. Once again, do not get cornered
    against him. Use the additional AGL from knuckles to prevent this, even if
    you're not actually using knuckles. For this first battle, try to end it with a
    high HP count, since that's what you're starting with next, so you don't waste a
    few rounds of magic on healing at the start of the next fight.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] --
    Second form of Guren Goura coming up.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] > Boss --
    Name: Guren Goura
    HP: 40000
    Strategy: He will cast all sorts of spells that you know. Just weave around him
    and poke him during the lag time of all of his moves. You should not get hit,
    except maybe with his fireball thing because it casts very quickly. He'll also
    summon some swords to throw at you and occasionally dash at you at short range.
    He'll also turn into a ghost and walk to one end of the map. Defeat him for a
    second Red Daemon Gem. A perfect victory gets you more than 30000 EXP.
    -- Goura Labyrinth Chamber of Seals > [1] --
    This is the end of the main storyline.
    New path opened at the magic circle! You know what that means...
    -- Cliff Village > Your House --
    Save when the game asks you to and you'll restart in your room. Like in SN1, you
    can hit [Select] and have 3 different conversations with your Guardian Beast.
    This is a walkthrough of all the stuff you can do after the main storyline.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit
    HP: 11000
    Strategy: Poke from a safe distance with a spear, or do as you did before and
    punish the end lag of its moves with your other weapons, and let him come to
    you. He will probably not flinch to any of your moves, so combos are risky and
    you will probably get outtraded. This little guy now guards as well, but has no
    DUR. He will bite you and bounce around the field as usual. He will also pursue
    you to the ends of the field since he now runs. Beat him for a Carrot Badge.
    This also opens up Extras on the main menu.
    You have the option to fight him again. I advise you go level up a little more
    first, because if you don't, you'll be up against:
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit (Golden Shift)
    HP: 64000
    -- Cliff Village --
    Go to the cat house and talk to the woman there for a Cat Paw Figurine to make a
    weapon with. Also, talk to the boy near the Cat House for a Mechanical Box. You
    can talk to the girl if you want too. ("Hey, that kid finally stopped losing his
    belongings! Do you want to know how? I took away everything he owns!")
    The salesman west of the shop will offer you an Onyx Lifestone for 2000 boam.
    Take it.
    -- Fire Fortress --
    The salesman on the right will teach you about adding Large DUR Regen on your
    weapons by using 2 Marks of Courage and a Bushido Scroll for 10,000 boam. I
    guess there's something to do with your money too.
    Talk to the salesman on the left this time and depending on what you have done,
    you can unlock extras from the main menu.
    - The "Legend" Craftknight status
    - A completed weapons list (forged all weapons)
    - A completed bestiary (seen all monsters)
    -- Cliff Village --
    Heal, save, make your weapons, and head over to Goura Labyrinth.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B6 --
    1 --> To Teleporter and B5
    1 --> To B7 (2 Entrances)
    After the ending, remember that tile that turned purple in Goura's Chamber? Get
    there and step into the center of the large circle and hit [A].
    Teleport pad on your right. Activate it.
    Go up and take the right path diagonally up (run diagonally up as you slide on
    the ice) to get to a corner of the place with 2 boxes and a chest. Go back down.
    Do the same for the left side. Now go back down and from the bottom right corner
    of the ice (you're still on the left side) go diagonally up and you'll hopefully
    hit the red chunk in the middle, which changes your direction and moves you up
    the other path. You get 2 boxes and a door heading down no matter what path you
    -- Goura Labyrinth B7 --
    1 --> To B6 (2 Entrances)
    1 --> To B8
    New monsters:
    - Sparquid, HP: 1700, Remember the Squibolts? This version lowers its head and
    zaps you more quickly.
    - Chrono Knight, HP: 1800, The charge is really annoying, and you can't stop it.
    - Greezly, HP: 1950, Remember the annoying bears back in Vanishing Woods that
    just kept charging at you and dealing a lot of damage? They're back, but they
    now swipe at you as they're running and leap at you.
    - Kijo Spider, HP: 5000, Same giant spider as from SN1, but you can't perma-stun
    it this time. Remember to not hit from behind, since you do about 1/10 damage.
    - Onigumo, HP: 4800, Dance around it and you'll never get it. Otherwise, he will
    knock you into the air or charge up and swipe at you.
    Returning middleonsters:
    - Bolt Striker, HP: 950.
    - Dark Dragon, HP: 3500. You can get a Black Dragon Fang from it.
    - Charger, HP: 3800. Still doesn't have much start-up animation so sometimes
    it's hard to tell when it's attacking.
    You'll come to a boulder-pushing puzzle again. You can go up and get a couple of
    boxes as well as go to the other stairway down from B6. I'm doing this from the
    perspective of the right entrance.
    Push the boulder nearest the right entrance (it should be right in the middle of
    the path) left against the wall. This should take you 2 hits. Since this puzzle
    isn't in a perfect grid, I will be using hits and not units this time.
    Now, go up and hit the boulder in the middle of the floor left 2 hits. Go back
    to the first boulder at the bottom right and push it straight up until you can't
    move it anymore. Go around to the left and hit it to the right 2 hits. Then push
    it up until you can't again. Push it to the left for 4 hits so it's against the
    wall and up to the right panel. Head back down and move the boulder in the
    middle to the right so that it's resting in a corner.
    Go move the left boulder up as far as it will go. Then move it to the right for
    6 hits. Go around underneath it and move it up. Tap it to the left and push it
    up to the left panel to open the door.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B8 --
    1 --> To B7
    1 --> To B9
    Slide diagonally up right so that you come to a small patch of dirt. Go to the
    top left corner of that patch and slide directly left to get 2 barrels and a
    chest with an Anywhere Diary. Go diagonally up-right from there to get to the
    next patch of solid ground. Continue up-right to get to a third patch of dirt.
    Go straight left for a chest with a Tyrant Soulstone and a Rare Medal. Go back
    to the third dirt patch and slide down-right and follow the path.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B9 --
    1 --> To B8
    2 --> To B10
    Before anything, go as far left as you can for a few boxes/barrels. Take the
    right path up to get a few boxes. Go left and when you come to an intersection,
    go down for 2 barrels, then back up and left for 3 boxes. Take the left path up
    for a chest in [2], then go back down again. Take the path right next to it up
    again into [2].
    At that next T intersection, go left and get 3 barrels and continue following
    that path down into [1]. Keep going until you get to a dead end with a chest
    containing a Heartleaf Potion. Go back up to that T intersection in [2] and go
    right and up-right for a few boxes and a Rare Medal. Go down from there back
    into [1]. You'll get 3 barrels and 3 boxes and U turn back into [2]. In [2], go
    right and down, getting 4 boxes/barrels. Go all the way down in [1] for a chest
    with a Grinding Stone. Now go back all the way up to the top right corner of [2]
    and then left and smash boxes. There's a heal spot up there too. Move into B10.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B10 --
    1 --> To B9
    2 --> To B11 (Several Entrances)
    Follow the path. When you come to a split, go right for a few boxes and a chest.
    Go left and take and follow it into [2]. See the 3 stairways at the top of this
    screen? Take the left or right one into B11 and follow the paths.
    You'll get mostly boxes and barrels here, but there's a chest with a Witchstone!
    Head back up to the 3 entrances in B10 and take the middle set of stairs down.
    Be ready for a boss fight.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B11 --
    1 --> To B10 (Several Entrances)
    -- Goura Labyrinth B11 > [1] > Boss --
    Name: Death Reaper
    HP: 22000
    Strategy: Do what you did with Death earlier and you should be fine. Death
    Reaper will charge at you with his scythe, open up a portal like before to do
    continuous damage, and shoot his wisp at you. If you have low speed, stay near
    him (axe's or sword's distance away) and keep attacking. He'll usually just
    scythe-charge at you and you can see this coming and usually guard it perfectly.
    He'll end up on your other side at the end of this, so just turn around and you
    can hit him again! Reward: Onyx Lifestone.
    -- Goura Labyrinth B11 --
    Get the 2 chests, one for a Grinding Stone and another for a Startup Switch.
    Head home.
    -- Cliff Village --
    When you're ready, head up to the monument. Orin will be there with Bruno, so
    you can teleport. Head for Ruined Factory.
    -- Ruined Factory --
    Make your way to B6, Area 4. Remember to take the left path on B6 [1] and
    everything will be fine. Reach ScannerEye - the boss you faught earlier - and
    there's a little Cattan behind him. Go up to the computer thing and hit [A]
    on it to make a bridge appear over the chasm. Cross it and go down the stairs.
    -- Ruined Factory B7 --
    [2] [5]
     |   |
    1 --> To Ruined Factory B6
    5 --> To Ruined Factory B8
    New enemies:
    - Catapulter, HP: 1020, They charge at you with their drill or shoot a missile
    that goes a long distance, so don't instinctively jump backwards against this.
    - Beefy Giant, HP: 4100, Dance around it and hit it from behind when it uses any
    of its laggy moves.
    - Quadtanper, HP: 2200, Another remake. Jabbing it over and over again with a
    spear brings it down easily.
    - Elespark, HP: 4500, You can potentially get a Fulgur Horn. It charges at you
    with lightning and this is unblockable. He'll also bring out a bolt of lightning
    in front of him for continuous damage.
    - Heavy Metal, HP: 5800
    - Pighonker, HP: 1000, Doesn't really do anything.
    Returning enemies:
    - Interceptor, HP: 1900, Just a recolor, I think.
    - Jumper, HP: 980
    Note: most enemy encounters will be in groups of 3-4. To avoid getting hit,
    especially by groups of 4 Catapulters, isolate one of them, and mash. If you
    leave one with low HP, it'll occasionally try to run, with the result of you not
    getting as much EXP as you would if you KO-ed it. While mashing, watch out for
    other enemies coming in and attacking you from long-range. Stop mashing and jump
    to avoid this. You'll need this advice for this and the next few locations.
    Go down, since that's the only thing you can do, and move right across the
    conveyer belt and go right and at the end, move up and left, getting 6 boxes,
    and move down on the conveyer belt again and into [2].
    Follow the path across 3 more intersections and to the right wall, where there
    is another line of boxes.
      __| |___| |___
    __|             |__
    __              X__
      |             |
      |_________ R _|
                | |
                | |
    You enter a middle platform at the X and continue left and follow the path
    (pass a belt going down) for a chest with a BlackDragon Fang. Now go on that
    conveyer belt moving down. You'll be able to move down to the next area here,
    but don't. Go right for a chest and a Rare Medal. Take the small belt up to
    point R and go left again and down. Head into [3].
    Follow the path. There's a heal spot. Move down for a few boxes. At the
    intersection, continue taking the lower path into [4] first.
    Here, go right for a few boxes, then take the only path you can. Go up on the
    conveyer. Hit the switch and go back down and take the bottom right conveyer
    belt. Keep going for a Rare Medal and use your spear to get the chest with a
    Grinding Stone. Hit the switch to go back into [3] and take the top right path
    into [4] again.
    Go up and right. Smack the switch and follow the path back around. Head right
    across the intersection in the conveyer belts and continue following the path
    and you will enter a new screen - [5]. Get everything that's there and go down
    the stairs to B8.
    -- Ruined Factory B8 --
    1 --> To Ruined Factory B7
    Smash a few boxes as you come in. Take the right path down (as that's the only
    thing you can do. As you're moving, switch to a spear and smash the boxes on
    your right. At the bottom, go left and up the conveyer and take the first right
    or you will find yourself back at the entrance. Follow the path. Go right into
    the next screen when you get to the bottom right corner.
    In [2], follow the path and get the chest with an Onyx Lifestone. Follow the
    path and you'll get to another chest with Seafood Soup. Keep going into [3].
    Just move up. Be ready.
    -- Ruined Factory B8 > [3] > Boss --
    Name: Satellite Eye
    HP: 32000
    Strategy: He pounds the ground to release seismic waves and damages you if
    you're nearby. He'll also shoot 2 very quick missiles and they go the length of
    the field, so jump over that or guard. If he takes aim, get away from his target
    area or you'll take a lot of damage. Just stay in melee range and he'll only
    ever ground pound, which is easy to see coming and avoid by dodging or perfect
    guarding. Defeat him for a Mechanical Box.
    -- Ruined Factory B8 --
    Get the 2 chests, one for a Spark Bracelet and another for a Water Bell. Head
    -- Cliff Village --
    Save, do what you need to, which would involve creating new weapons, etc. Go to
    Bruno again when you're ready and teleport to Subterranean Bay.
    -- Subterranean Bay --
    You'll pass by Sarin and Byron again. Head all the way to the end (where you
    fought Lobsta Dragon last time).
       [17]  [19]
       /  \  /
    [16]  [18]
    In Area 15, walk up to the biggest waterfall and hit [A] on it to open up a path
    inside. As usual, there's a teleport pad here in [16]. (Notice that I changed
    the numbering for this part of SB to correspond with the Area.)
    New enemies:
    - Octapot, HP: 1050, They raise their caps and squirt water long distance, but
    you can easily perma-stun them with a spear.
    - Ikarocky, HP: 1050, Just hit it and it'll die.
    - Mermarion, HP: 2300, His anchor still shoots out water and has a long-lasting
    hitbox. He'll also now toss out the anchor at a large range, which also has a
    hitbox when it's going back to him. He has the same startup lag on all of his
    moves, though.
    - Giant Serpent, HP: 4500, Beware the flailing fins. Just dance around him and
    hit him in between attacks.
    - Elehyde, HP: 4200, 
    - Frogmarine, HP: 2800, He'll sink into the ground and come back up to hit you.
    - Filleon, HP: 4800,
    Returning enemies:
    - Aquanare, HP: 1100, Now they spin and dive at you too.
    Follow the path. The way should be pretty obvious. Once you get to 6 barrels,
    go and break them and continue up into [17].
    First hit the pink switch and go left for a few chests. Go back and hit the
    blue switch and follow the path to the right. Continue going bottom right into
    [18]. (The green switch here doesn't do anything.)
    Once in [18], hit the blue switch and follow the path. Get a chest and heal
    before going back to [17]. Hit the blue switch again and head up the wide path
    to a middle island with another set of 3 switches and take the pink one. Follow
    that path to the right and down into [18] again. On your way, get a Rare Medal
    as well as a few barrels.
    Keep following the pink path in [18] until you get to another island with a set
    of 3 switches, hit the green one and follow the path left, up, and into [19].
    Here in [19], hit the pink switch and follow the path. Once you come to a set
    of switches, hit the green one and follow the path left and up and right and
    up again into [20]. Notice that right before you go up into [20], if you go
    down, you see a blue switch and the same set of switches we were at earlier.
    [20]. Hit the green switch. Go right and follow the path to a chest with Gale
    Boots and a Rare Medal. Go back down and take the left path to a blue switch.
    Hit that and go right and follow the path until you get to a pink switch. Hit
    that and go all the way around. Be ready.
    -- Subterranean Bay > [20] > Boss --
    Name: Lobsta Supreme
    HP: 42000
    Strategy: You can dance around him in melee range and never stay in front of him
    or you can use a spear and poke from max range. If the head closest to you goes
    back slightly, then it'll lash out with that head. If it raises on to its hind
    legs, that's your cue to run behind him and mash [A] for a few hits while it
    shoots its bubbles. It will also bite you with both heads, but the range on this
    is a lot shorter, and your spear outranges it. Defeat it for a Cat Paw Figurine.
    -- Subterranean Bay --
    Go up to get the Snowmelt Powder from the chest. Head home.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Do what you need to do and this time, head for Glacier Gorge.
    -- Glacier Gorge --
       /  \
    [16]  [18]  [20]-[21]  [23]
     |       \  /       \  /
    [15]     [19]       [22]
    As always, get to the end of Glacier Gorge. There's a bit of ice on the right
    side of the wall that has cracks in it. Hold your Snowmelt Powder up to it to
    unlock the next area. (Once again, I've changed the numbering for this part.)
    New monsters:
    - Sneivel, HP: 1130, They still attack you really quickly with their spears, so
    you can get gipped out of bonus EXP. More of a nuisance than anything else.
    - Elegale, HP: 5300, Re-make of Elewind, but even faster. Might flee randomly,
    so if you want its dropped item, chase after it.
    - Boulderhide, HP: 5200, Its abilities are slow and easily avoided by dancing
    around him.
    - Grudge Fish, HP: 6600, It'll flail its fins to send out a wave of water at
    short range like before. It'll also attack diagonally upwards twice to catch you
    if you're jumping behind him.
    - Metal Crab, HP: 7000, Can get an Eye of Truth from this guy. He'll pound the
    ground in front of him with his two claws, reach out to attack at a decent range
    in front of him, or pull himself up into the air and jab at spots on the ground.
    To avoid this last bit, just run to a corner. Also when he comes down, he'll
    damage things underneath him and create a shockwave that stuns if you're on the
    Returning monsters:
    - Death Head, HP: 1100, Bites and shoots the laser.
    - Arch Demon, HP: 3800, You can still perma-stun him with a spear.
    [15]. Smack the teleporter as always. There's a giant blob of ice up ahead,
    but it's not that difficult to get through. If you go along the bottom of the
    ice patch, you'll notice a little bit of an indent.
    * * * * * * * * 
    * *  /----\ * *
    ----/      \----
    Stand in the middle of it and slide straight up into [16]. Get everything
    there and go back down. Now, from that same spot, slide up-right and you
    should make it to another path. Go up from there to [16] again and follow the
    path to [17].
    In [17], there's another one of these:
    | * * * * *
    |----\  * *
    |     \----
    Start at the left. (The | is the left wall) and go straight up to a patch of
    snow. Slide right to get to another one, then diagonally down-right to a third.
    From that, slide diagonally up-right and you'll see 4 barrels. Don't worry.
    We'll get those. From there, slide directly down and you'll be at the entrance
    to [18]. To get those barrels, take aim at them and slide straight up and hit
    them. Don't worry if you don't get to them on your first try as long as you
    slide straight back down again to the entrance path to [18] and try again. When
    you're done, move on to [18].
    Slide down the left (just about anywhere that counts as left works) to get a
    Rare Medal and a Heal Spot. Slide back up and go right for 3 boxes/barrels.
    Right by where the field obstacles were, there's a bit of an indent in the snow
    that looks like this:
    * * \---
    * * * * *
    Stand at the X and slide straight down into [19].
    Giant ice patch again. Before you step on the ice, don't miss the 3 barrels at
    the bottom. From the top wall, move down 3 steps and slide right to reach a
    chest with a Grinding Stone. (I think this is the only way you can get it.) Go
    back to the start and walk 1.5 to 2 steps down and slide straight to the right
    again. As you're sliding, hold up-left at the same time so that when you hit the
    wall, you'll go diagonally and you should end up on the path to [20].
    Here in [20], there are a few things on the right for you to gather. Now,
    humongous ice patch here.
    * * * * * * * * * * *
    * * * */-----\* * * *
    *  /--/       \ * * *
    --/            \----- (Not drawn to scale)
    This is the very first little indent you see from the right. Slide diagonally
    up-left to reach 3 chests with 2 Med-Kits and a Grinding Stone. Go back down and
    from that same spot, slide up-right this time to reach another area with a tree
    and a Rare Medal.
    Now, go back down and from the left indent, slide up-right and you should reach
    the path to [21]. However, if you mess this up a little and you don't hit the
    path perfectly, that's OK. Just slide to the top right corner and then go left
    slightly so you hit a small indent in the wall and stop. From there, hold down-
    right at the same time and you should be good to go.
    |* * * * *
    |-----\* *
    |      \--
    [21]. Cut the 3 tufts of grass and the stump. Instead of taking the top path, go
    down and get 6 crates. Follow the loop around and you'll see a few fruit trees.
    Get those and 8 boxes/barrels, and go to the bottom right and move down into
    In [22], if you look carefully to your right from the top of the ice, you can
    see the very edge of a snow spot. Slide over there and get 6 patches of grass.
    From near the top, slide to the right again and you'll come across a chest with
    a Cat Paw Figurine. Remember that you can use weapons to break the chest as
    you're sliding!
    If you didn't hit the chest directly, don't worry. You can slide back left to
    the first snow patch and go down-right to hit the next one. If you did hit the
    chest with the Cat Paw Figurine, then slide straight down. To advance, you have
    to stand near the top left corner of this second patch of snow and press up-
    right at the same time. If you don't make it perfectly to the path leading on,
    it's all right. From where you stop, if you're close enough to the path, you can
    actually hit left and then hold up and you should be able to continue.
    Prepare for a boss fight.
    -- Glacier Gorge > [23] > Boss --
    Name: Ice Doll
    HP: 52000
    Strategy: He'll breathe an ice vapor cloud like before and icicles will rain on
    you. If you're too close, he'll clap his hands together twice for quite a bit of
    damage. Of course, there's the thing where he floats into the air and comes
    crashing down on you if you're underneath, which also sets off shockwaves that
    stun you momentarily if you're not guarding or in the air yourself. Unless
    you've been pumping all your bonus stats into ATK, some bonus DUR Regen is nice.
    Dance around him and stay behind him while he performs his laggy moves and get
    free hits. Get an Angel Ice Statue for winning.
    -- Glacier Gorge --
    Pick up a few things and leave and heal.
    -- Cliff Village --
    Monument. Bruno. Oni Hot Springs.
    -- Oni Hot Springs --
     [25]  [24]
        \  /
       [18]  [20]
       /  \  /
    [17]  [19]
    Make it to the end of Oni Hot Springs, which is [16]. Hold the Unlock Talisman
    up to the weird thing at the end wall and move on.
    New enemies:
    - Ghost Fox, HP: 1290,
    - Kero Oyabun, HP: 2500, Faster and more annoying than ever with its quick and
    decently ranged abilities.
    - Gothboy, HP: 1350, Easy.
    - Omen Fish, HP: 9900, 
    - Eleflare, HP: 8000, 
    - Death Manty, HP: 4500, Shoots a beam from his mouth. Easy to perma-stun if you
    have a spear. Get too close and it'll bite you.
    Returning enemies:
    - Flying Lizard, HP: 1300,
    - Flame Mage, HP: 2800
    - Giant Monk, HP: 4100, More improved. He'll bring his hands down to damage and
    make you flinch, or send a fireshot with that pound. Take advantage of the lag
    on his moves.
    We find Toumei. There's a small body of water here in the center. Take the right
    way around to get 3 tufts of grass and move up to [18].
    It's steamy in here. Go up the stairs and to 2 fruit trees. Move right past the
    waterfall and you'll see 4 bits of grass blocking stairs down. Cut those and go
    down. The geyser's there, along with a Rare Medal. Go back up and go back left
    to the waterfall. There's a chest there at the bottom.
    There are 2 waterfalls here. Take either one down for 2 chests and continue
    going down.
    [19]. Follow the path. There's a heal spot in this area too.
    It's foggy again in [20]. Take the left path up some stairs (between the 2
    waterfalls) and move right at the top, passing a large and a small waterfall,
    and keep going right until you can't. Then go down to get the geyser. 2 chests
    will appear so go get those, then go up-right into [21].
    Follow the path in [21] and [22]. In [23], it's misty again. Go up, cut some
    grass, and take the left path up until you reach another large body of water.
    Then go right and you should see the geyser. Take the right path into [24].
    More steam here in [24]. Cut some grass at the top and go up and go right and
    get the Rare Medal. If you've been following this guide thoroughly, you only
    need 1 more. Go back to the entrance area and continue right for the geyser. Go
    back up to where the Rare Medal was, but this time, go to the top-left for 2
    chests, one which has an Angel Ice Statue. Now leave [24] back into [23]. Just
    go left and you should be able to exit this area left into [25]. Be ready.
    -- Oni Hot Springs > [25] > Boss --
    Name: Monkey Extreme
    HP: 62000
    Strategy: Like before, he sends wisps at you like leaves falling which can't be
    guarded. He'll also take off his necklace thing and throw it at you long range.
    If you're too close and facing the wrong way, he'll claw you for quite a bit
    of damage. Dance around him and always stay behind him. If you're having
    trouble, stay a spear's length away from him and wait for him to use his falling
    spirits attack, which gives you ample time to run behind him and attack for the
    duration. You don't really want to engage him head on because if you don't
    perfect guard, you will still take a lot of damage and you'll need all the DUR
    you can get. Beat him for a Bushido Scroll.
    -- Oni Hot Springs --
    Behind Monkey Extreme is that last Rare Medal and 2 chests with another Bushido
    Scroll and a Fire Bracelet.
    -- Cliff Village --
    That's pretty much it for the extras. But wait - there's one more thing. Rampage
    Rabbit time. Head back to upgrade your weapons and use your best weapon
    materials. Get 255 TEC on them, etc.
    -- Cliff Village > 4h > Rampage Rabbit --
    Name: Rampage Rabbit (Golden Shift)
    HP: 64000
    Strategy: Be at level 70+. All of Rampage Rabbit's attacks null any attempt to
    block. He'll typically do around 500 damage per hit from the front and his crits
    will hit even harder. He'll do the usual bounce as well and tumble toward you
    for damage. He'll also follow you into the air and try to bite you if you get
    caught whiffing an aerial. Also watch your DUR count. You can always kite him
    with a spear and decent AGL or punish the end lag after all his moves,
    particularly when he bounces. Running at him typically doesn't work as he'll hit
    you first. As before, don't try to perform combos as he will not flinch and
    you will get outtraded. Win for a set of Rabbit Boots (AGL +30).
    -- Cliff Village --
    That's it for the extras!
     3. Restarting SN2
    Here's what you get to carry over when you completely restart a game:
    -- Craftknight Rank
    -- Techniques list
    -- Bestiary 
    -- Money
    -- Fishing points
    -- Chest Weapons (in Fire Fortress)
    You can store your created weapons in the Fire Fortess and once you get back
    there in your new game, you can get your stuff back. You can't store Noble
    When you restart, you can get a Trainee Bracer after defeating Rampage Rabbit
    for the first time. Thanks to Alejandro Rodriguez-Matos for the tip.
    What do you not get to keep:
    -- Weapon Materials
    -- Other items in your inventory
    -- Accessories
     4. List of Sidequests
    1. Cat House
    The lower left house on 1h is home to a cat that likes to wander around the
    village. Talk to the old woman every day and she'll say her cat's missing. Find
    it and bring it back for a reward.
    2. Rare Medals
    Find Rare Medals, which can be found lying on the ground. They're the gold
    things that are sparkling slightly. Go to 1h and on the bottom right, there
    will be a blue-haired boy beneath a staircase. Go to him and give him up to
    35 medals for stuff.
    After 5 medals, you get a Beast Crest.
    After 10 medals, you get a Beast King Crest.
    After 15 medals, you get a Wyvern Claw.
    After 20 medals, you get a Kishin Horn.
    After 25 medals, you get a Thunder Bracelet.
    After 30 medals, you get a Magic Ring.
    After all medals, you get an Angel Ice Statue.
    3. Lumberjack
    In the cat house, there's also an old man in the upper left room who will give
    you reward items for clearing every obstacle in an area.
    Entry Woods - Charged Ore
    Forest Outskirts - Leafwyrm Thorn
    Roaring Cavern - Beast Crest
    Lost Woods -  Gale Ore
    Forgotten Woods - Boost Motor
    Vanishing Forest - Lion's Crest
    4. Little boy's missing item
    There will be a boy (usually hanging out with a girl) that says he's missing
    something. The girl tells him to look where he was last. If you remember where
    he was onthe previous day, you can go back there to find his item by mash [A] in
    that area.
     5. Credits
    - Cangor (blueblazegames (at) gmail (dot) com) for his help in looking over
       this walkthrough and being the first one to use it. And of course, for
       encouraging me to post this on GameFAQs.
    - MidnightFox () for the quick tip on the item you get if you break Gedharm's
       weapon for that fight.
    - Sungju Ham (zerotg90@hotmail.com) for the thing about Tatiana in Subterr-
       anean Bay.
    - Alejandro Rodriguez-Matos (AlejandroRM21@hotmail.com) for a quick tip about
       the Trainee Bracer.
    - Isaac Pwnster (isaac289@gmail.com) for a tip about the second Red Daemon
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