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"Slow to pick up but amazingly addictive"

Firstly, this game is pretty much a polished version of the Summon Night 1, with great added features.

The graphics are superb, the colours are vibrant and the sprites are all well animated. Contrary to the previous installment, you now spend a lot more time in more varied environments. The forests, castles, beaches, run-down factories, these all help break the monotony experienced in Summon Night 1. 8/10

The story is fairly similar to the first game; you start off as an apprentice craftknight. Something goes wrong and you are thrown into a quest to save the world. While this is extremely generic, the interesting characters, events and dialogue makes it worth going through the game. 7/10

Combat is quite entertaining, but only once you get the hang of it. If it gets tedious while doing a puzzle, you can opt to run away. Character movement is fairly responsive; double-tap left or right to run in that direction, double-tap down to do a quick back-step. Living up to the game's name, you can summon your guardian creature for various spells. Switching weapons during combat is very easy. That brings another aspect of the gameplay. 8/10

Crafting is central to the game. You gather base materials (like a sword-casting mould) and the ore you wish to make the weapon with. Weapon strength is determined mainly by the ore you choose, but reusing the same mould will also have its benefits. 9/10

Sound can range from extremely poor to excellent. The character voice acting is pretty poor but it isn't heard enough to be a bother. Music is the wild card. While I find the forest theme extremely annoying, the rest isn't bad. It's really up to your tastes. But relative to the previous game, I think the music has stepped down a notch. 7/10

There are various sidequests and gameplay aspects that serve to polish the game to a greater extent. Fishing is an added minigame and is pretty fun as well. There is an added combat feature that can be classified as a light spoiler, so I won't say anything here. Miscellaneous (and small?) gameplay improvements add to the addictive-factor. 8/10

Overall, it's a very addictive game. It is void of many of the faults of Summon Night 1. The graphics are nice to look at, the combat is entertaining and the character interactions help carry the generic story. So the final verdict? 8/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/01/06

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