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"An enjoyable game"

I finished playing the first game not so long ago (on september I think), and I can say I enjoyed it very much. Then the second game came out in October. You can say that I was quite excited and was eagerly looking forward for the second summon night. And then finally got my hands on this game. Let's see...

Graphic: 8
The graphic is an improvement from the first game. The bland color of the first game (although not bad at all) is replaced with brightly colorful world. The character designs and arts are drawn very well. a cheerful game it is, and I really like the cheerful atmosphere.

Story: 8
The story is a very typical rpg plot. Not much plot twists here. The story begins with a young Edge Fencer named Edgar that apparently had lost a bet to his friend and taking him (the friend) to a place called Goura Seal, where there everything started to turn upside down and Edgar ended up had to take care of the mess. Enjoyable stroyline, although its development is quite slow.

Music/ sound: 7
The music is very good. the tunes don't make you bored even after going in and out the dungeons or town many times. Every track set the mood quite nicely for every scene, either it's happy, sad, or angry. The sound is what takes me off here. The voice-over is good and atlus has done a very good job on this. but, personally I like the japanese sound better than the americans. Well, I'm an anime fan, so it's just my subjective opinion.

Gameplay: 9
This, in my opinion, is what truly shine from this game. Not like general rpg, this game doesn't need you to select options in battle, but more like a fighting game where you press the d-pad to move your characters and other buttons to attack, cast magic, or use items. The weapon system is tweaked a bit, and I think it is more challenging.

Overall this game is very good, and 8 is a fair value upon it. Definitely buy this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/09/06

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