Review by KyuubiDarkfox

"Superb for a Japanese game!"

Flexible battle system, good graphics, nice sounds. What else could a gamer want out of a game like this? Ok, an English version, yeah, but else it's a supreme game!

The forging system is a nice alternative to buying weapons, since you make them yourself, go out and find the materials yourself, this brings out the spirit of a true craftsman (blacksmith).

The enemies are AI controlled players rather than being a random shooting/attacking object like in some games, though this AI gets sorta lazy at times (when fighting the pink fox it pushed me around allot, though I think that's because I wasn't fighting either) it's otherwise flexible (enemies either block or flee during your attack and go for the strike when you are vulnerable).

The game seems to be fairly long, I haven't finished it yet ^^, the night conversations are a nice touch in getting to know the characters rather than "this guy is a risk taker" or ect.

The voice acting is also a very nice touch, though I know it's being done more and more in these days. Some wouldn't have went through the trouble though, these guys put in as much as they could, admireable.

The sprites are well made and fluidly animated, so much detail (for anime style) is put into them them that you could nearly hear them bark or screech or whatever... when the wind blows the hair flows, heh.

The battle backgrounds are also an upside. Being composed of an animated layer, a still layer, and extra layer for objects.

The world graphics are kinda stiff, though. Well from where I've played so far, meaning the trees don't move but the bushes that can be cut do, which makes everything look odd. But being not a game maker I wouldn't know of the complications of such a process, still things are nicely detailed in a animeish way.

In conclusion, a nice steady paced game with over 156 enemies to face and extra unlockable features that will keep the player playing and difficulty that will keep the player going through battle after battle.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/25/04

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