GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File10/23/06seto900864K
English Save File With Aera Lvl 99 with dinah and with Edgar lvl 99 that has Loki
Save Game File10/21/06DarkNarutoCrazy8K
LV 91 Aera and Dinah (At the Subterrainian Ocean) Looking for the 2nd Daemon Edge
Save Game File10/23/06megamanZ9564K
Lvl. 48 Edgar and Dinah. Finish Game. Some Extras Unlcoked(Gabriel Mode, Rival Rush, and Rabbit Rampage).

GameBoy Advance GameShark SP Save File (North America)

Save Game File11/01/08felix_efreet8K
Lvl.99 Edgar and Lvl 99.Loki. Complete Bestiary and Techniques. Extras:Gabriel Mode, Rabbit Rampage, Rival Rush. Rank: Legend. 3 rare medals to go.

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