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    Items FAQ by DarkOtenko

    Updated: 12/04/04 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                     Boktai 2 Solar Boy Django Item Definitions
    * Items and what they do.
    * Protectors weight, durability, and descriptions
    * Key Items what they do.
    * Magic ( All Info EXCEPT! Location will be added in V.2)
    * Items locations.
    * Protectors Locations.
    * Key Items Locations.
    * Weapons (All Info).
    * Magic Locations.
    * About
    * Updates
    * 1. Normal Items
    * 1A. Fruit
    * 1B.Mushroom
    * 1C. Bottled
    * 1D. Meat
    * 1E. Chocolate
    * 1F. Potions
    * 1G. Weather
    * 1H. Cards
    * 2. Valuable Items
    * 2A. Card 1
    * 2B. Other
    * 2C. Emblems
    * 2D. Coffins
    * 2E. Keys
    * 2F. Crystals
    * 2G. Desert Items
    * 2H. Card 2
    * 3. Protector Items
    * 3A. Standard
    * 3B. Special Protect
    * 3C. Double Effect
    * 3D. Other
    * 3E. MegaMan
    * 4. Magic
    * 4A. Luna
    * 4B. Sol
    * 4C. Dark
    * 5 Weapons
    * 5A Weapon (Sword)
    * 5B Weapon (Spear)
    * 5C Weapon (Hammer)
    * 5D Weapon (Gun)
    * Legal Info
    This is the first FAQ so it might not be as good as these other FAQs
    that you might see. This FAQ is based on the many diffrent kinds of items in
    great game. This FAQ includes normal items, valuable items, protectors, weapons,
    and magic. It took me about a month to make this FAQ so you better not take this
    FAQ and post it as your own on another website. I will allow anyone to copy and
    paste this FAQ onto a word pad or any of those things, I suggest you use the
    note pad because thats where I wrote it. This only contains what the items do.
    If you have any questions about the FAQ you could just post a topic BUT!!
    don't post any questions about the locationsit will be added in the V.2. Thank
    you to the people who bothered to read this because I never read the
    to FAQS so I don't expect people to read this so.....(O_o).
    10/20/04- Tought of the idea for an item FAQ.
    10/22/04- Started searching for the items and key items.
    10/23/04- Started searching for protectors.
    10/25/04- Started making the FAQ.
    10/26/04- Submitted the FAQ (got rejected)
    11/01/04- Added the magic to the FAQ.
    11/05/04- Added the weapons to the FAQ.
    11/08/04- Made up the idea for the Update List.
    11/10/04- Started putting everything in sections.
    11/15/04- Started to make the Version 2.
    11/19/04- Made even more specific sections.
    11/21/04- Read over hte FAQ,
    11/24/04- Posted on the board "Weapons Help"
    12/04/04- Added more to Weapons section.
    12/04/04- Now Submitted the FAQ once agian.
    1.*****--------------------Normal Items:--------------------*****
    In here the sections are fruit, mushroom, bottle meat, chocolate, potions,
    changers and card items.
    1) Earthly Nut: Solar Fruit. Restores some Life.
    2) Solar Nut: Solar Fruit. Restores some Energy.
    3) Speed Nut: Solar Fruit. Increases Speed.
    4) Tiptoe Nut: Solar Fruit. Eliminates the sound of footsteps.
    5) Power Nut: Solar Fruit. Enhances Strength.
    6) Chocolate Banana: Chocolate-coated banana. Enhances Strength.
    7) Bearnut: Solar Fruit. Enables you to endure damage.
    8) See-All Nut: Solar Fruit. Makes hidden things visible.
    9) Rotten Nut: Spoiled Fruit. Restores Life but…(gives a stomach ache)
    10) Redmushroom: Solar Fruit. Makes your body smaller.
    11) Bluemushroom: Solar Fruit. Makes your body invisible.
    12) Bad Mushroom: Poisonous mushroom. Restores Energy but… (makes you confused)
    12) Drop of Sun: Water purified by the sun’s rays. Lifts curses.
    13) Tomato Juice: Blood-Red juice. Retores Life but… (gives you a stomach ache)
    14) Rotten Water: Stale water. Restores Energy but… (makes you confused)
    15) Tasty Meat: Monster meat grilled to perfection. Restores lots of life.
    16) Jerky: Well-dried monster meat. Restores some life.
    17) Rotten Meat: Spoiled meat. Restores life but… (gives you a stomach ache)
    18) Chocolate: Sweet candy. Restores a little Life.
    19) Melted Chocolate: Gooey melted chocolate. Reatores a little Life.
    20) Chocolate-Covered: Chocolate-Covered item. And inside the chocolate.
    21) Deluxe Chocolate: Deluxe chocolate. Restores some Life.
    22) Healer: Green medicine. Restores a little Life
    23) Magical Potion: Red medicine. Restores a little Energy.
    24) Antidote: Blue medicine. Cures poisoning.
    25) Elixir: Yellow medicine. Cures poisoning, confusion, and stomach aches.
    26) Sunblock: White ointment. Protects the body from the sun’s rays.
    27) Mr. Rainnot: Ancient charm doll. Drives away clouds,
    28) Tonnair .RM: Ancient charm doll. Summons clouds.
    29) Sunny Clog: Ancient footwear. Predicts the weather.
    30) Warp Leaf: Leaf from the Solar Tree. Enables warping outside dungeons.
    31) The Fool: Card of potential. Restart an area from the beginning.
    32) The High Priestess: Card of intelligence. Raises Spirit.
    33) The Empress: Maternal card. Raises Vitality.
    34) The Emperor: Paternal card. Protects from all properties for a given time.
    35) The Lovers: Card of choice. Recovers all Energy.
    36) The Chariot: Card of victory. Raises Agility.
    37) Strength: Card of courage. Raises strength.
    38) Wheel of Fortune: Card of destiny. Raises Status.
    39) Justice: Card of justice. Inflicts loss of Life back onto nearby enemies.
    40) The Hanged Man: Card of sacrifice. Swaps Life and Energy.
    41) Death: Card of death. Restores Energy in exchange for Life.
    42) Temperance: Card of harmony. Carries out maintenance for selected weapons.
    43) The Devil: Card of desire. Summons darkness bugs.
    44) The Tower: Card of havoc. Hurts nearby enemies and yourself based on level.
    45) The Star: Card of hope. Exchanges an item in your bag for a brand new one.
    46) The Moon: Card of anxiety. Summons moon bugs.
    47) The Sun: Card of happiness. Summons solar bugs.
    48) Judgment: Card of revival. Restores full life when down to zero.
    2.*****--------------------Valuable Items:--------------------*****
    In here the sections are card 1 (Dark Card), other (PET), emblems, coffins,
    keys, crystals, desert items ( Items found in the second immortal place),
    and card 2.
    2A.--------------------CARD 1:--------------------
    49) Dark Card: Dark Loans Gold Card. Summons Doomy.
    50) PET: Personal Terminal.
    51) Spade Emblem: Certifies limit-lifting of sword-type weapons.
    52) Heart Emblem: Certifies skill with bare hands. Attack power increases as
    Life decreases.
    53) Diamond Emblem: Certifies limit-lifting if spear-type weapons
    54) Club Emblem: Certifies limit-lifting if hammer-type weapons
    55) Joker Emblem: Certifies gun skills. Reduces charge shot time in half.
    56) Oak Coffin: Wooden Coffin.
    57) Bronze Coffin: Coffin made of bronze.
    58) Iron Coffin: Coffin made of iron. Sealed Immortals cannot escape.
    59) Silver Coffin: Coffin made of silver. Enemies will not find it.
    60) Solar Coffin: Magical coffin. Allows movement using Warp Magic Square.
    61) Coffin Monster Elefan: Living coffin. Controllable with sleeping.
    62) Vampire Coffin: A comfortable bed, but lowers Solar Pile attack power.
    63) Iron Maiden: Raises Solar Pile attack power, not such a great bed.
    64) Warehouse Key: Nickel key. Opens door to warehouse.
    65) Circle Key: Brass key. Opens (circle) door.
    66) Triangle Key: Brass key. Opens (triangle) door.
    67) Square Key: Key made out Dark Matter. Opens (square) door.
    68) Red Crystal: Red-glowing crystal.
    69) Blue Crystal: Blue-glowing crystal.
    70) Green Crystal: Green glowing crystal.
    72) Yellow Crystal: Yellow-glowing crystal.
    2G.--------------------DESERT ITEMS:--------------------
    73) Stone Tablet Piece: One of the three pieces of the Stone Tablet.
    74) Tasty Water: Water purified underground in the Desert.
    2H.---------------------CARDS 2:--------------------
    75) The Magician: Card of creation. One of the 3 Sages
    76) The Hierophant: Card of mercy. One of the 3 Sages.
    77) The Hermit: Card of pursuit. One of the 3 Sages
    78) The World: Card of Achievement.
    In here the sections are stndard, special protect, double effects,
    other, and megaman.
    79) Cloth Armor:
    Durability- 10
    Weight- 5
    Description- Armor made of cloth.
    80) Leather Armor:
    Durability- 15
    Weight- 10
    Description- Armor made of leather.
    81) Chain Mail:
    Durability- 20
    Weight- 15
    Description- Armor made of interlaced metal rings.
    82) Silver Chain:
    Durability- 25
    Weight- 20
    Description- Silver chain mail. Change status.
    83) Scale Mail:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 25
    Description- Leather armor with metal sheeting sewed on.
    84) Samurai Armor:
    Durability- 35
    Weight- 30
    Description- Samurai armor. Raises Strength.
    3B.--------------------SPECIAL PROTECT:--------------------
    85) Blade Mail:
    Durability- 40
    Weight- 35
    Description- Armor that protects the were trough automatic counter attacks.
    86) Brigandine:
    Durability- 45
    Weight- 40
    Description- Leather armor with metal sheeting sewn on. Protects from Solar
    87) Mail of Sol:
    Durability- 25
    Weight- 22
    Description- Solar armor. Protects from Sol. Station-charge 2x faster.
    88) Mail of Darkness:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 22
    Description- Darkness armor. Protects from Dark.
    89) Mail of Luna:
    Durability- 25
    Weight- 22
    Description- Moonlight armor. Protects from all properties.
    90) Fire Dragon Fang:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 33
    Description- Fire charm. Protects from Flame.
    91) Water Dragon Tail:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 33
    Description- Water charm. Protects from Frost.
    92) Wind Dragon Wing:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 33
    Description- Wind charm. Protects from cloud.
    93) Earth Dragon Claw:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 33
    Description- Earth charm. Protects from Earth.
    94) Dragon Scale:
    Durability- 28
    Weight- 24
    Description- Armor made from dragon scales. Protects from the 4 main properties.
    3C.--------------------DOUBLE EFFECTS:--------------------
    95) Fairy Robe:
    Durability- 16
    Weight- 4
    Description- Clothing left behind by a fairy. Doubles affects of Spirit Bugs.
    96) Earthly Robe:
    Durability- 28
    Weight- 8
    Description- Maiden’s costume. Doubles effect time of solar fruit.
    97) Raincoat:
    Durability- 		12
    Weight- 		6
    Description- Rain Cloak. Protects from the rain.
    98) Garb of Light:
    Durability- 		30
    Weight- 		12
    Description- 	Clothing woven with the sun’s rays. Doubles value of Solar Gauge.
    99) Garb of Darkness:
    Durability- 30
    Weight- 12
    Description- Clothing woven with Dark Matter. Draws out the power of night.
    100) Magic Robe:
    Durability- 		26
    Weight- 		16
    Description- Clothing woven with a magic spell. Decreases cost of magic.
    101) Blood-Soaked Cape:
    Durability- 		22
    Weight- 		12
    Description- Cursed Overcoat changes status.
    102) Skull Suit:
    Durability- 		20
    Weight- 		16
    Description- Sneaking suit. Makes it hard foe enemies to spot you.
    103) Training Gear:
    Durability- 		25
    Weight- 		16
    Clothing that allows heartfelt emotion. Increases potential Ex Points.
    104) Thief's Clothes:
    Durability- 		18
    Weight- 		24
    Clothing stolen by a thief. Causes enemies to drop more items then usual.
    105) Hunter's Clothes:
    Durability- 		24
    Weight- 		24
    Clothing favored by a hunter. Causes enemies to drop more rare items.
    106) Poison Guard:
    Durability- 		18
    Weight- 		28
    Armor containing defensive magic. Protects from poisoning.
    107) Weapon Guard:
    Durability- 		24
    Weight- 		28
    Armor containing defense magic. Prevents damage to weapons.
    108) Parade Armor:
    Durability- 		32
    Weight-		 28
    Formal Armor. Summons the Crimson Monster.
    109) Ninja GI:
    Durability-		18
    Weight- 		28
    Ninja Costume. Raises Agility.
    110) Spike Mail:
    Durability- 		40
    Weight- 		40
    Armor that protects the wearer throughout automatic attacks.
    111) Pitch Black Armor:
    Durability-		 50
    Weight- 		50
    Berserk armor. Sucks up Life and raises attack power.
    112) Mega Power:
    Durability- 		25
    Weight- 		30
    MegaMan Power. Enables charging of the MegaBuster.
    113) Guts Power:
    Durability- 		30
    Weight- 		40
    GutsMan Power. Reduce sustained damage by half.
    114) Proto Power:
    Durability- 		25
    Weight- 		20
    ProtoMan Power. Speeds up attacks.
    115) Toad Power:
    Durability- 		20
    Weight- 		20
    ToadMan Power. Energy can be restored in the rain.
    In here the sections are luna, sol, and dark.
    116) Enchantment Sol:
    Cost 5
    Adds the power of the sun, Sol property, to a weapon.
    117) Enchantment Dark:
    Cost 5
    Adds the power of Darkness, Dark property, to a weapon.
    118) Enchantment Flame:
    Cost 10
    Adds the power of fire, Flame property to a weapon.
    119) Enchantment Frost:
    Cost 10
    Adds the power of ice, Frost property, to a weapon.
    120) Enchantment Cloud:
    Cost 10
    Adds the power of wind, Cloud property, to a weapon.
    121) Enchantment Earth:
    Cost 10
    Adds the power of earth, Earth property, to a weapon.
    122) Transform
    Cost 0
    Switch between red and blcak.
    123) Rising Sun
    Cost 100 and above
    Summons the Sun Piece
    124) Freeze
    Lv. 0
    Intimidate the enemy.
    125) Dash
    Lv. 1
    Make a dash.
    126) Healing
    Lv. 2
    Revitalizes a plant.
    Lv. 3
    Place a bomb.
    128) Sleeping
    Cost 0
    Sleep in a coffin.
    129) Change Bat
    Cost 10
    Change into a bat.
    130) Change Mouse
    Cost 10
    Change into a mouse.
    131) Change Wolf
    Cost 10
    Pounce and bite.
    The sections in here are sword, spear, hammer, and gun.
    132) Gradius
    Description- 	Dagger
    Level- 		1
    Power- 		5
    133) Short Sword
    Description- 	Small sword
    Level- 		5
    Power- 		12
    134) Broadsword
    Description- 	Wide sword
    Level-		 9
    Power-		 16
    135) Long Sword
    Description- 	Extended sword
    Level- 		13
    Power-		 21
    136) Dull Blade
    Description- 	Blunt sword
    Level-		 1
    Power- 		1
    137) Zweihander
    Description- 	Two-hand sword
    Level-		 17
    Power-		 25
    138) Flamberge
    Description- 	Flaming sword
    Level- 		21
    Power- 		30
    139) Claymore
    Description- 	Large sword
    Level- 		25
    Power- 		34
    140) Magic Sword
    Description- 	Mystical sword
    Level- 		29
    Power- 		39
    141) Katana
    Description- 	Samurai sword
    Level- 		17
    Power- 		34
    142) Bastard Sword
    Description- 	Hand-and-a-half sword
    Level- 		33
    Power- 		43
    143) Great Sword
    Description- 	Giant Sword
    Level- 		37
    Power-		 48
    144) Bushido Sword
    Description-	 Warrior's spirit
    Level- 		41
    Power- 		42
    145) Solar Sword
    Description-	 Sword of light
    Level- 		53
    Power-		 66
    146) Sword of Darkness
    Description-	 Sword of Darkness
    Level-		 53
    Power- 		66
    147) Gram
    Description- 	Complete sword
    Level-		 57
    Power- 		70
    148) Astro Sword
    Description-	 Star sword
    Level-		 ??
    Power- 		6
    149) Short Spear
    Description-	Hand spear
    Level-		1
    Power-		8
    150) Glaive
    Description-	Single-edged spear
    Level-		1
    Power-		5
    151) Long Spear
    Description-	Extended Spear
    Level-		9
    Power-		20
    152) Lance
    Description-	Knight's spear
    Level-		13
    Power-		25
    153) Quarter Staff
    Description-	180-cm fighting stick
    Level-		1
    Power-		4
    154) Corsesca
    Description-	Wing spear
    Level-		17
    Power-		30
    155) Fire Paw
    Description-	Flaming spear
    Level-		21
    Power-		35
    156) Bardiche
    Description-	Long-handled battleaxe
    Level-		25
    Power-		40
    156) Ice Glaive
    Description-	Water spear
    Level-		29
    Power-		45
    157) Rune Glaive
    Description-	Single-edged magical spear
    Level-		17
    Power-		40
    158) Partizan
    Description-	Broad spear
    Level-		33
    Power-		50
    159) Thunder Spear
    Description-	Wind spear
    Level-		37
    Power-		55
    160) Blood Spear
    Description-	Cursed spear
    Level-		41
    Power-		60
    161) Grand Lance
    Description- 	Earth Spear
    Level-		45
    Power-		65
    162) Rune Spear
    Description-	Magical spear
    Level-		33
    Power-		60
    163) Halberd
    Description-	Hatchet spear
    Level-		49
    Power-		70
    164) White Queen
    Description-	Spear of light
    Level-		53
    Power-		75
    165) Black Queen
    Description-	Darkness Spear
    Level-		53
    Power-		75
    166) Gungnir
    Description-	Complete sword
    Level-		57
    Power-		80
    167) Astro Spear
    Description-	Star spear
    Level-		??
    Power-		6
    168) Club
    Description-	Heavy swinging stick
    Level-		1
    Power-		11
    169) Hammer
    Description-	Hitting weapon
    Level-		5
    Power-		18
    170) Mace
    Description-	Hitting weapon
    Level-		9
    Power:-		24
    171) Flail
    Description-	Metal ball with chains attached
    Level-		13
    Power-		29
    172) Pounder
    Description-	Small hammer
    Level-		1
    Power-		7
    173) Axe
    Description-	Hatchet
    Level-		17
    Power-		35
    174) Maul
    Description-	Giant wooden mallet
    Level:-		21
    Power-		40
    175) Silver Mace
    Description-	Silver hitting weapon
    Level-		25
    Power-		46
    176) Silver Flair
    Description-	Metal ball with chains attached
    Level-		29
    Power-		51
    177) Heavy Mace
    Description-	Giant mace
    Level-		17
    Power-		46
    178) Battle Axe
    Description-	Battle hatchet
    Level-		33
    Power-		57
    179) War Hammer
    Description-	Battle mace
    Level-		37
    Power-		62
    180) Bloody Mace
    Description-	Cursed mace
    Level-		41
    Power-		68
    181) Morning Star
    Description-	Star ball with chains
    Level-		45
    Power-		73
    182) Heavy Axe
    Description-	Giant battleaxe
    Level-		33
    Power-		68
    183) Earthshaker
    Description-	Quake hammer
    Level-		49
    Power-		79
    184) Daybreak
    Description-	Hammer of light
    Level-		53
    Power-		84
    185) Twilight
    Description-	Hammer of Darkness
    Level-		53
    Power-		84
    186) Mjollnir
    Description-	Complete hammer
    Level-		57
    Power-		90
    187) Astro Hammer
    Description-	Star hammer
    Level-		??
    Power-		6
    188) Gun del Sol
    Description-	Solar Gun
    Level-		??
    Power-		75
    189) Gun del Hell
    Description-	Dark Gun
    Level-		??
    Power-		80
    190) Megabuster
    Description-	Certificate of friendship
    Level-		??
    Power-		85
    *****--------------------Legal Info:--------------------*****
       This FAQ may be used by the following sites:
    1. GameFaqs.Com
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      Any other website not listed here can not use my FAQ without permission
    you can E-Mail me at ShadowSabata@aol.com for permission or post on
    the board. Thank you to this site for hosting and letting me make a FAQ. Of
    course if you have any ideas for me to add you can E-Mail me or post on
    the board. Thanks to you All!

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