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    Boss FAQ by yugimew / lordhuffnpuff

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        /           /     /    \  \    / \   /  ____\   
       /           /      \____/  /   /   \ /  /    \\
      /___        \              /    \   //   \____// 
     /    \        \            /      \_//         / 
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           \     BOKTAI 2: Solar Boy Django   /
            \  Boss FAQ    /        \        /
              \_By Aqua Mew\_______/________/
    1. Intro
    2. Boss #1: Duneyrr
    3. Boss #2: Vampire
    4. Boss #3: Durathror
    5. Boss #4: Dvalinn
    6. Boss #5: Dainn
    7. Final Boss: Jormungandr
    8. Secret Boss: Shademan
    9. Minibosses by Lordhuffnpuff
    10. Miniboss #1: Cheyanne
    11. Miniboss #2: Sand Worm
    12. Miniboss #3: Serpent
    13. Miniboss #4: Lich
    14. Miniboss #5: Lich+
    15. Miniboss #6 and 7: Sword and Sword+
    16. Miniboss #8 and 9: Axe and Axe+
    17. Credits and stuff
    1. Intro:
    Welcome to the world of Boktai!  In the second 
    installment of this revolutionary and extremely 
    fun game series, Solar Boy Django returns to his 
    hometown of San Miguel, the City of the Sun to stop 
    the Undeadening and purify the Immortals causing it.  
    Helping him are his friends Otenko the Messenger of 
    the Sun, Earthly Maiden Lita, Sunflower Girl Zazie, 
    and his (very cute) brother, Dark Boy Sabata.
    Playing as Django, you go through each Immortal 
    Dungeon, fight the boss and put it in a coffin, 
    drag it to the Piledriver, and purify it.  This guide
    explains strategies for the fighting and purification 
    of each boss.  First the boss's attacks are listed, 
    then the strategy for the fight, and last, the 
    Note: Some of the attacks don't have the same name
    that the library lists them with; I just call the
    attacks by what they look like.
    2. Boss #1: Duneyrr
    Phosphorus Powder- An incredibly weak attack.  She 
    sprays powder on the ground, doing 1 damage each 
    second you stand in it, which you won't be doing.
    Larvae- She drops larvae all over the ground.  These 
    guys are easily dealt with.
    Dive Bomb- She flies up in the air and tries to slam 
    down on you.  This attack is a lot weaker than it looks.
    Phosphorus Powder Ball- She will shoot these when 
    attracted to the center light.
    Run around the room and hit each lever with your hammer.  
    This lights the candles in the middle of the room.  Being 
    a moth, Duneyrr is attracted to light and will fly to the 
    candles.  Hit her while she's looking at the candles, then 
    go hit the levers again.  The larvae will sometimes drop 
    items when you kill them, so do that as well.  When her 
    health gets low, Duneyrr will start dive bombing.  Dodge 
    it and hit her whenever she does this.  It's a fairly easy 
    fight that shouldn't take very long and that you definitely 
    shouldn't die on since her attacks do nearly nothing.
    The most important thing about the Piledriver is that you 
    need sunlight in order to use it.  Put the coffin in the 
    middle of the Piledriver and use one of your weapons with 
    the Sol element equipped to turn on the solar generators 
    that appear.  When the fight starts, Duneyrr will turn 
    into a big purple blob of ectoplasm that floats around 
    and attempts to latch onto the generators and turn them 
    off.  She also occasionally flashes for a few seconds and 
    tries to hit you with the still-incredibly-weak phosphorus 
    powder.  If a generator gets turned off, use a Sol-equipped 
    weapon to turn it back on (preferably the sword because it's 
    the fastest).  This is the basic strategy for purifying 
    everyone else, but the next one is a little trickier.
    3. Boss #2: Vampire
    Sword #1- He throws swords at you.  They fly at you in 
    a certain rhythm, so they're pretty easy to avoid.
    Sword #2- Three swords are aimed at Sabata.  Knock them 
    away with your own sword.
    Gun Del Sol #1- He shoots you with the Gun Del Sol he 
    stole from you earlier.
    Gun Del Sol #2- Basically a "triple version" of the 
    first one. Uses the Wizard Frame from Boktai 1!
    Ripper- He flies at you and slashes.  This is fairly 
    easy to dodge.
    Blood Sucking- Same as above, but if he catches you, he 
    starts biting you, healing himself.
    This fight is really hard if you're at a low level.  
    You have to not only keep yourself alive, but also 
    protect Sabata so he can finish the Black Hole.  When 
    he does, hit the Vampire until he goes into the Black 
    Hole, then slice repeatedly with the Sol element.  Keep 
    doing this until he's beaten.  When his health gets 
    low, he turns into a bunch of bats that you have to hurt, 
    then turns back to normal.
    The Vampire may be down, but he's not out just yet.  Once 
    defeated, he bites Django and runs off.  Django is severely 
    weakened by the bite and has to be dragged to the Piledriver 
    in the coffin.  Now the cool part: You now get to play as 
    Sabata!  Too bad you don't have time to enjoy it, as Django's 
    health is steadily decreasing with each passing second and if 
    he dies, it's Game Over.  When you get back to the city, leave 
    the coffin in the center of the Piledriver.  Now you're 
    safe, but you can't really do much at this point except go 
    buy a bunch of sunblock, which you need because Sabata hates 
    sunlight.  If you don't, then you suffer the embarrassment 
    of dying against someone who has no attacks.  Beat Django 
    the same way you beat Duneyrr, applying sunblock whenever 
    you need to.
    It seems the purification didn't quite go as planned, as 
    Django is now a vampire, known as Black Django.  Oh well, 
    at least he'll live. You're now hurt by sunlight and water, 
    and can no longer use your enchantments, but you've learned 
    some new ones.  You can sleep in your coffin to restore 
    energy, turn into a mouse and a bat, and bite enemies with 
    a werewolf form.  You'll have to use these new powers to 
    get through the next dungeon, but first go to the warehouse 
    and get the raincoat so the random rain doesn't hurt you.
    4. Boss #3: Durathror
    Vines- These are the same vines that prevented you from 
    going anywhere before, but they can't be killed, only 
    Leaves- Used with the vines.  She shoots leaves in all 
    directions, but they barely do any damage.
    Buds- Five buds pop out of the ground.  One is the real 
    Durathror; the rest will release bees if you hit them.
    Spiky Vines/Seeds- She jumps around, alternating between 
    giant spiky vines that stick up and giant spiky seeds 
    fall down.
    This battle is divided into three parts.  In Part 1, 
    attack her with your Dark Element while avoiding the 
    vines.  Don't worry about the leaves; they shouldn't 
    hurt you much if your level is high enough.  Part 2 is 
    where she makes the buds come up.  Use your bat form to 
    see which is the real Durathror, then change back and 
    attack her.  Keep doing this until she says "How could 
    you?" and starts Part 3.  This is where she jumps around 
    using the giant spiky vines and seeds.  Use the wolf to 
    bite her in the back until she dies.
    When you get to the Piledriver, Django will pass out 
    due to being a vampire in sunlight.  After the classic 
    anime-style encouragement speeches from his friends, you 
    have ten seconds to absorb as much sunlight as possible.  
    If you fail, you die, but if you succeed, you learn 
    Transform (as the name suggests, it lets you change between 
    vampire and normal forms) and are able to use all your 
    enchantments.  Now you can purify Durathror with no 
    trouble.  She uses the leaf attack.  Kill her and 
    continue to your next destination.
    5. Boss #4: Dvalinn
    Tentacles- She tries to hit you with her tentacles.
    Charge- She charges at the platform.  This is painful.
    Bubble- She gets up on the edge of the platform and 
    shoots bubbles at you.
    Ink Spit- She spits ink onto the platform to attempt 
    to restrict your movement.
    Purple Smoke- She gets up on the platform and blows 
    purple smoke at you.  It doesn't hurt Black Django as 
    This thing annoyed me to no end.  You have to be at a 
    high level, otherwise you can't even get past the 
    skeletons you had to fight earlier.  The tentacles are
     pretty easy to avoid, and when she charges, hit her with 
    your spear.  You can also use the bat form and be 
    unaffected by the charge, but that's a little tricky and
     uses up energy, and you need all the energy you can get 
    because Dvalinn has way too much HP to be taken down 
    without the Flame element if you're at a low level.  
    The purple smoke attack is pretty much her way of begging
    to be killed, as she will sit there blowing smoke until 
    you kill her.
    Do the purification the same way as the first three, and
     watch out for the bubble attack.  After that, you can 
    finally get into Spiral Tower, the home of Dainn, who needs
     to be hurt badly for what he did to the cute kitty before 
    you fought Dvalinn.
    6. Boss #5: Dainn
    Sword- Exactly the same as the Vampire's first one, except 
    it does more damage.
    Klorofolun+- Big red versions of normal purple ones.  I call 
    'em "mini Metroids".
    Ripper- Same as that of the Vampire.
    Blood Sucking- See above.
    Dark Blast- He glows red for a second and shoots a bunch
     of red balls all over the room.
    Shadow Arm- He melts into the ground and reaches up trying
    to grab you.  This is the same thing he used to capture 
    Otenko earlier in the game.
    This is divided into two parts.  Part 1 is just a harder 
    version of the fight with the Vampire, where you have to 
    push him into the Black Hole.  Part 2 is more fun, but be 
    somewhere with lots of light because the screen can be 
    hard to see.  Run around the room; otherwise you'll be 
    grabbed by his Shadow Arm.  Your vampire form won't be 
    hurt much by Dainn's Dark attacks, since they're the same 
    element as you, but you might want to change back when 
    attacking so you can use the Sol element.
    Hopefully you have the Solar Coffin; otherwise you'll 
    have to take the long way down the tower instead of 
    using the warps.  At the Piledriver, do the same thing 
    you've been doing, and kill the Klorofolun+ he sends 
    after you from time to time.  Now that you've taken 
    care of the guy behind everything, the world is now 
    safe... or it would be if the death of Dainn had any 
    affect on whether or not the Doomsday Beast was 
    awakened.  Because it didn't, you now have to go fight 
    the beast.  Good luck against the final boss.
    7. Final Boss: Jormungandr
    Bite- He lunges at you and tries to eat you.
    Axe/Sword Throw- He throws swords and axes at you.
    Tentacle- A tentacle comes out of his stomach and whips
    you if you get too close.
    Black Smoke- Similar to Dvalinn's Purple Smoke.
    Hammer- He pounds the ground with a big hammer, stunning 
    you for a few seconds.
    Light Rays- He stands still and shoots light rays out of 
    his eyes.  Each color has a different effect if it hits 
    What some people don't realize is that this fight is 
    literally impossible without sunlight, unless you're 
    trying to lose.  The basic strategy is to shoot his eyes 
    (only one on each side; don't try to shoot all his eyes), 
    then slice repeatedly when he sticks his tongue out.  Anytime 
    he's sitting still is a good chance to attack, but don't try 
    to hit him while he's moving.  If he gets you in his mouth, 
    mash the buttons to get out.  As with the final bosses of most 
    games, he probably will take a few tries, but you'll get him 
    eventually.  Once you do, after a long and confusing quest, 
    you get to fight a secret boss, who is none other than 
    Shademan, the dude from MMBN4.
    8. Secret Boss: Shademan
    Red Wing- He releases a bunch of bats that fly at you.  
    They can be easily killed.
    Crash Noise- Two or three squares appear on the floor and 
    shoot sound waves at you.  Very easy to dodge.
    Ripper- Same as Dainn and the Vampire.
    Blood Sucking- Same as above.
    Destroying Shademan's Dark Guard is a bit more difficult 
    than destroying Jormungandr's.  If you have played Mega 
    Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun/Blue Moon, or payed attention 
    to the before battle dialoge, then you should know what you 
    have to do.  Before he can be outright attacked, the Dark 
    Guard must be broken by a Dark Enchanted weapon. You know 
    what this means: If you aren't already Black Django, switch 
    to him in the beginning of the battle.  Then attack him until 
    he pauses and smoke comes out of him.  Then you can switch to 
    Red Django and attack with a Sol Enchanted weapon or the Gun 
    Del Sol.  Either way, this battle relies hevily on enchant, 
    and there is no skylight so bring several energy restoring 
    items with the usual health recovering ones. Be warned that 
    after the Dark Guard is gone, he will become more aggressive 
    in his attacks.
    Once again, have the Solar Coffin unless you want to take 
    the long way down Spiral Tower.  Shademan's attack while in 
    the Piledriver is Crash Noise.  Kill him, and after the 
    purification, Megaman goes back home and leaves behind two 
    gifts: the Megabuster and a photo of himself. Now go kill 
    Jormungandr again to unlock Nero's minigame, which you then 
    get to play during the credits after every even number of 
    times you kick the snake's ass.
    9. Minibosses by Lordhuffnpuff
         ##             ##             # #                   
        #;;#    ###    #=;#           #i  #                 
        #+i#    #+#    #+=#           #=t #                  
       #==MB#   #t#   #RB=;#          #i= #               
       #;iWRB## ### ##MRMt=#,         #++,#                  
      #==MBBBMR#XIV#BBBMBB=;#.        #++.#               
      #;+MBBBMBiY=ViBBBBMBi=#.        #++ #                  
      MtIRMMBBB=X+V=MRMWRBi=W         #++ #                  
      #t+MRBMBB+YtV;MRMRBBtt#         #++ #                  
      #+tBBBBBM;YtV+RMBBBM+i#         #++ #                  
      #iiBBBMRRiYtV+BBBBBRIi#         #++ #                  
      #tiBMRRWB#VVV#MBBBMBtiW         #++ #                  
       #iBMBM## #RW ##BMRMt#          #++ #                  
       #ttBB#   #B#   #BMii#          #++ #                  
        #tB#    #V#    #BtW           #++ #                  
        #tB#    #B#    #Ri#           #++ #                  
         ##     #X#     ##            #++ #                  
                #M#                   #++ #                  
                #;#                   #++ #                  
                #+#                   #++ #                  
                #=#                   #++ #                  
                #i#                   #++ #                  
                #=#                   #++ #                  
                #+#                   #++ #                  
                #i#                   #++ #                  
                #X#                   #++ #                  
                #B#                   #++ #                  
                #R#                   #++ #                  
                #R#                   #++ #                  
                #R#                   #++ #                  
                #B#                   #++.#             
                #+#                   #=i #               
                #;#.                 #I++,YW               
                #+#                  #I+i V#                
                #i#                  #I+i Y#                
                #+#                  #V+t V#                 
                #+#                  #IiY I#                 
                #+#                  #i+V Y#               
                #+#                  #YiI.VW               
                #X#                  #+iV..#            
                #B#               W###V+ItR####        
                #X#               #,tY::;:.I:.#          
                #R#               #,II;,;.,V:.#          
                #B#               #############             
                #X#                    #:W           
                #=#                    #I#         
                #=#                    #I#                
                ###                   #IYY#             
    10. Miniboss 1: Cheyenne
    Type: Beast
    Property: Cloud Property
    Features: Attacks with at tomahawk.
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    Cheyenne the Wind Warrior isn't that hard to defeat,
    but he has several annoying points.  He has three attacks.
    The first involves him throwing his tomahawks at you.  These can 
    be knocked aside with any weapon.  He will then run away until 
    he can pull new ones out of his pockets, which apperantly 
    contain an infinate amount.  I would think he would cut
    himself, but who knows?  The second attack consists of him 
    just lashing out with his little pals.  Stay more than two 
    or three steps away to avoid this attack.  His third attack 
    is where he spins round and round with his tomahawks held out.
    This is avoided by standing far away, and he is dizzy for a 
    few seconds after this attack.  Use this time to attack him.  
    The most annoying thing about Cheyanne is that he is the only 
    enemy in the game that will use items.  First he will use a 
    speed nut, then a tasty meat, and finally a blueshroom.  
    Luckily, he will stop moving when he is about to use one, 
    and hitting him will cause him todrop it, letting you pick 
    it up and use it for yourself!  Remember, turnabout is fair play.
    11. Miniboss 2: Sand Worm
    Type: Beast
    Property: Earth Property
    Features: Hurls itself against it's prey.  Has no sight. 
    It's head is it's weak point.
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    The Sand Worm is an easy boss, who can be taken out 
    quickly with the Cloud element.  It's weak spot is it's head,
    and hitting it there will stun it for a few seconds. The rest
    of it's body is highly resistant, and won't suffer much damage 
    from attacks. Take advantage of the stunned time to hack off 
    a good part of it's life.  The Sand Worm has four attacks.  
    The first is where it will crawl around on top of the sand, 
    allowing it's head to be hit.  Avoiding this attack is easyer 
    than being hit with it.  The second attack is where the Sand 
    Worm buries underground, shooting up rocks.  These don't fly 
    very far, and can be dodged by staying away from the worm.
    The third attack is where the Worm sticks it's upper body 
    half out of the ground.  It will then proceed to try to shoot
    it's tail up from underneath you, then smack you with it.  
    If you continually run you should be fine.  
    The final attack is where the Sand Worm hurls it's 
    entire body out of the sand in an arch.  
    If you are skilled, you can hit it's head when it comes
    in for a landing.  An appropriately skilled player 
    should have little trouble destroying this enemy.
    12. Miniboss 3: Serpent
    Type: Beast
    Property: Frost Property
    Features: Hurls itself against it's prey.  Uses bubbles 
    to hunt.  It's tail is it's weak
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    The Serpent is the complete opposite of the Sand Worm, 
    in that you have a very narrow arena to fight in, and 
    it's tail is it's weak point.  However, it's head can still
    be attacked. The number one thing to remember when fighting
    the Serpent is DON'T TOUCH THE SIDES!!!!!!! Doing this will
    cause Django to fall off, resulting in instant death.  The 
    Serpent has three attacks.  The first consists of it swimming
    around.  You can't be hurt by it at this time, it's basically
    open season.  The second attack is where the Serpent lifts
    the top half of it's body out of the water and blows bubbles 
    at you.  Popping these bubbles initates attack number three.
    The Serpent will hurl itself at you, much like the sand worm.
    This is the time to hit it's tail, just as it is decending
    into the watery depths.  There is very little skill involved
    in winning this battle, just have a sword for popping lots 
    of bubbles *fun*
    13. Miniboss 4: Lich
    Type: Material
    Property: Cloud Property
    Features: Uses Cloud property magic.
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    Ahh the Lich, the enemy that gives more people trouble 
    than any else.  I consider this battle the hardest in 
    the game, because nine out of ten players are completely
    unprepared.  You fight him in the dark, and there are many
    things all happening at once.  It's crazy.  Once you learn
    his pattern he is a cinch, but if you havn't learned it 
    prepare to be eaten alive.  He has three attacks.  The 
    first consists of shooting two balls of homing energy at
    you.  These can be dodged with some fancy footwork.  
    The second attack is comprised of the Lich throwing 
    skulls onto the feild, which sprout into either fencers
    or archers.  More of a nusance than anything else, they
    can be dispatched with reletive ease.  Once you damage him
    enough, he will stop throwing skulls and he will start 
    shooting three energy balls instead of two.  He will 
    also start his third attack, in which he summons 
    several thunder clouds to shock you.  Run around and
    these will miss.  That's all he does, so just have 
    patiance and you will topple this guy.
    14. Miniboss 5: Lich+
    Type: Material
    Property: Flame Property
    Features: Uses Flame property magic
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    Many people tremble when they first see the name 
    Lich+, having just finished with the Lich.  In comparison,
    this fellow is a pushover.  He has the ability to do more 
    damage, and has more attacks, but can only do one attack 
    at a time, allowing you to rip his head off.  He has 
    four attacks.  The first one is performed when you hit 
    him.  He causes a lava gyser to sprout underneath you.  
    This can be avoided by moving immediatly after you hit 
    him.  The second attack is where he shoots fireballs from
    his wand.  This can be avoided by standing behind him.  
    The third attack features the Lich+ standing perfectly
    still and creating balls of fire that circle around him
    in different patterns.  He can't create the gyser while
     performing this attack, and not only can he not move 
    but this attack lasts for a very long time, giving you
    an ample period of time to kill him.  The fourth and 
    final attack consists of the Lich+ summoning a fire 
    dragon, which jumps in and out of the stadium much 
    like the Sand Worm or the Serpent.  However, the fire
     dragon is small, and can be avoided by moving out of 
    it's way.  It cannot be attacked.  Be forewarned, 
    the battle will continue as normal only with the dragon
    jumping around.  Eventually, the dragon will selfdestruct,
    speweing flames everwhere.  Just take your time with this 
    miniboss, it's not terribly hard.
    15. Miniboss 6 and 7: Sword and Sword+
    Type: Material
    Property: No Property
    Sword: Attacks with a sword.  Summons Slave Sword.
    Sword+: An advanced level Sword.
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    The Sword and Sword+ are the same in every way, exept 
    the Sword+ is green and has more attack/health.
    Because of this, they have the same strategy.  
    The Swords have four attacks.  The first is just spinning 
    fast, which can be avoided by moving out of the way.  
    The second is where the Sword will point at you
    and charge foward.  Sidestep this, and continue the battle.
    The sword will also summon smaller Slave Swords,
    which orbit around it and can be knocked into it for major 
    damage.  The final attack just involves the sword 
    teleporting next to you, and starting attack one.  
    These guys are pushovers, and you should have no trouble
    with them.
    16. Miniboss 8 and 9: Axe and Axe+
    Type: Material
    Property: No Property
    Axe: Attacks with an Axe.  Uses its shadow.
    Axe+: An advanced level Axe
    Normal: ---
    Rare: ---
    Like the swords, the only differences between the Axe 
    and Axe+ are colour and stats.  So like the Swords, they
    are combined into one section.  The axe has four attacks.
    The first has the Axe throwing it's shadow around 
    the room.  Just stay out of it's way.  The second 
    attack hs the Axe chopping down.  It will be stuck in the 
    ground for a few seconds, so take this time to chop away 
    at it.  The third attack involves the Axe jumping at 
    you in an attempt to spit you in two.  Sidestep this, and
    attack as it is stuck in the ground.  The final attack
    in the Axe's closet of fun is where it clones itself and
     the two spin.  Attacking the clone causes it to dissapear.
    Like the sword, these guys are pushovers, and should 
    provide no trouble for the player.
    17. Credits and stuff
    - Konami for making the game
    - Capcom for getting me into Boktai in the first place
    - lord huffnpuff for the ASCII Jormungandr, the Shademan 
    strategy, the minibosses section, revising it and for 
    motivating me to finish.
    Aqua Mew
    Email: rosemary151@yahoo.com
    AIM: mewie DS
    Email: shademan.exe@gmail.com
    AIM: I'm not telling!
    Legal Info: This guide can only be displayed on GameFAQs. 
    If I see it on any other websites, etc. I will ask for 
    it's removal. If it is not removed, legal action will follow.
    Copyright 2005 Aqua Mew and Lordhuffnpuff 

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