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    Request Sheets Walkthrough by Meotenks

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 02/19/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    BBB        OO       K    K    TTTTTTTTT     AA      IIIIIIII      2222
    B  B      O  O      K   K        TT        A  A        II       22222222
    B   B    O    O     K  K         TT       A    A       II      222   2222
    B  B    O      O    K K          TT      A      A      II       22  2222
    BB     O        O   KK K         TT     A  AAAA  A     II        2 2222
    B  B    O      O    K   K        TT     AAAAAAAAAA     II         2222  2
    B   B    O    O     K    K       TT     A        A     II        2222  22
    B  B      O  O      K     K      TT     A        A     II       222222222
    BBB        OO       K      K     TT     A        A  IIIIIIII   222222222
       ---------/                                              \---------
        \       |                SoLaR BoY DjAnGo              |       /
         |      |                                              |      |
        /       /----------------------------------------------\       \
       ---------|                                              |---------
    Summary: This walkthrough take you step by step on how to complete, each and 
    every request made in the Library on Sun Avenue. While making the walktrhrough 
    for each resuest, I play it so that I canget the most accurate results.
    Table of Contents
    Section I. Symbol Meanings
    Section II. Walkthrough
      Sub Section A. Ruins Request Sheet
      Sub Section B. Forest Request Sheet
      Sub Section C. Catacomb Request Sheet
      Sub Section D. House of Time Req. Sheet
    Section III. Extra Stuff
    Updation List; I will randomly check over this faq every once-in-a-while.
    1st Update: 1/17/06; A few numbers edited here and there, and this updation 
    2nd Update: 2/29/04; I was looking over my e-mail account and saw ppl had asked
    me questions.  Whoops.  E-mail account has been updated.
    Section I. Symbol Meanings
    The symbols will be inside the parenthesis.
    	 %  :Means: Beat the course in a specific time.
    	 +  :Means: Cannot attack any creature.
    	 !  :Means: Destroy all enemies.
    	 ?  :Means: Collect a certain item(s) to finish.
    	 *  :Means: The Request must be done without being seen.
    	 ~  :Means: You must defeat the trap(s) at the end.
    Section II. Walkthrough
    |Sub Section A. Ruins Request Sheet|
    ^Infiltration: Mission 1 ( ? * ~ )
    To not sound repetitive, I'll say this once at the beginning, you can be heard 
    by the creatures, just not spotted. If your spotted, game over. Also killing 
    enemies from behind is ok, and this is a suggestion to most enemies in this 
    mission. Now head through the door on the left. Then head downstairs and STOP, 
    as soon as you head through this door, head to the wall on the right, and knock
    on it to get the bok's attention. Then quickly head to the other wall and 
    flatten up against it. Move silently along the wall, while the bok heads in the
    other direction. Head through the door. Wait for the bok to pass the door, 
    kill it from behind, and the other one in the same manner. Leave here to the 
    outside area a bok will be right next to you, kill it. Go to the wall adjacent 
    to the door and knock, then run down and wait for the bok to go over there. 
    Before you go to the next room, note that there will be 2 boks facing you as 
    soon as you enter head to the left and flatten up against the wall. If they 
    hear you, they will walk over to you and see you. So in other words, if they 
    hear you, leave and try again. Before heading up the stairs, note that a bok 
    will turn to meet you as soon as you enter the new room, to avoid this, turn 
    and go left a little ways so he doesn't spot you, but hears you (If he doesn't 
    hear, knock). Then head down to the wall before the exit, stay there till he 
    passes, and head out. There will be only 1 way we can go and that is down, so 
    fall of the edge to the left once you climb up the stairs, as a marker, you 
    should be next to a caged door, with 2 rock blocks in front of it. Careful, 
    now fall to the left of the hint panel. Head down stairs and out the door, and 
    through to the next area. 3 boks will be in your way, head to the right of the 
    stairs and knock, to get the first two bok's attention. Run back quickly and 
    flatten up against the stairs or the wall. Wait for both to enter the ally, 
    kill them.  Do the same with the 3rd bok, except, get his attention by knocking
    on the gated door, head down to the ally again and wait till he turns around, 
    go up and kill him. Head up the stairs, and to the left through the door. Now, 
    you can either kill the 2 boks, or see if you can run through. Either way head 
    downstairs once you’re finished. Wait for the boks to walk forward a bit and 
    double kill them from behind. Go outside and down the stairs, head down the 
    stairs.  Go all the way down; do NOT kill any of these boks, instead read the 
    hint panel.  Now, follow between 2 of them to the door at the upper right. 
    Head straight through the open red door. Take a step past the cage door, and 
    you'll enter the trap, defeat the 3 skeletons and head to the next room, go 
    down the elevator. Another trap. Destroy 3 more skeletons and claim your prize.
    ^Bare Hands ( ! ~ )
    Note: In this mission, if you have any weapon besides Hands equipped to you 
    while you press the B button, it's Game Over. Start out by destroying the 2 
    skeletons in this room then head left through the door. Bye bye Bok, kill it 
    and move on. Do the same in the next room. This time he brought a zombie 
    friend, kill it too. Now, destroy the 2 skeletons over here, and head to the 
    bottom left of the screen, over the stairs and kill the poisonous Spider, head 
    through the door in front of you to kill a regular spider.  Head back out and 
    go through the other door. Kill the 2 boks, head upstairs, and kill the zombie. 
    Go through the door. Get the apple, and the hidden meat on the other ledge and 
    then fall. After you kill the spider without falling of, fall to the left. Keep 
    going and kill the 2 skeletons in this area. Then it's up the stairs, and 
    through the door. Kill the bok next to the stairs and head down, where there 
    are 2 zombies, kill them too. Keep head out and down stairs till you get to a 
    room with spiders, kill everything you see moving. Head toward the bottom 
    entrance and go through. Kill the skeleton and the 2 zombies and that’s game. 
    ^Watch Your Step ( ~ )
    My suggestion, is to take plenty of See-All Nuts, and have the earthly robe 
    equipped. Follow the path through the door on your left through 4 rooms 
    (watching out for Traps). Once in the bigger area containing 2 skeletons, head
    north through the door, wait till the skeletons hear you, walk forward and 
    fall. Head up the stairs, pass the centipede, up the stairs where the rock 
    blocks are, fall to your left, and fall to your left again. Go up and through 
    the door. Go up the stairs and go through the door, dodging the traps and the 
    skeletons. Go down the stairs and out the door. Keep going till you get to the
    area with the 4 boks. Head to the northern right door, and make a right at the 
    red door. Go through till you get the trap, now let them all fall to their 
    doom, that’s game.
    Lordhuffnpuff's Note: Once in the trap, note that black Django's Sonar effect 
    will NOT detect the traps. The only thing capable of detecting them is the See-
    All nut.
    |Sub Section B. Forest Request Sheet|
    ^Infiltration: Mission 2 ( ? ~ )
    Another infiltration, make sure no one sees you. Now head north a room, then 
    right.  Head right again, but don't get on the solar panel. Instead shoot the 
    boks to the north with the Gun Del Sol or the Megabuster.  Now go on the Solar 
    panel and head over to the next room. Collect the key in the blue chest and 
    head through the door. Go which ever way the sun goes. Head through the next 
    three rooms.  In this room, hit all 4 switches to open the gate, and go 
    through. Go to the right room and up the stairs, and through the door. Hit the 
    switch to open the gate, and head through. Head through the next room. With the
    spear,kill the bok, and with careful timing on the solar panel kill the other 
    one with the spear. Now activate both weight switches, and go on through. Pass 
    this room, and go into the next one. Defeat the trap my killing the 2 golems. 
    In the trap, it doesn't matter if they see you. Go into the next room, to get 
    the treasure. That’s game.
    ^Battle Skills: Lesson 1 ( ! + )
    Don't press the B button or its game over. Now, get the bok out into the light,
    it'll damage him, and eventually kill him. Head to the right and lure the mummy
    into the light. Crispy. Head back to the previous room, and then go north. 2 
    more zombies enter the frying pan. Now move onto the next room. 3 more boks 
    need to be killed, head north to find the key in the blue chest. Then head back
    down to the right. There is a trap panel in the middle of the floor directly 
    ahead of you when you walk in. The 2 skeletons must fall in it. Go all the way 
    around to where the blue door is, enter it and lure the mummies into the 
    skylights. Go through, and knock where the skylight is. Hide while the bok 
    visits the sun. Go to the next room. In this room, have some fun by playing 
    Drop a Bok. When you’re finished go through. Slime time; push the box in front 
    of you forward. Then push it over the slime closest to you, it should wind up 
    in the side of the room. Push the other block in the same direction, out of 
    the way of the door, and into the slime's face. Go through the door. The next 
    room requires exact timing. Right when one of the boks is about to move 
    forward, step on the panel, it'll fall into the hole do this for each bok. 
    Then into the next room. Get the golem to overrun the 2 boks. Once the second 
    dies, an Metal Spike Ball will kill it instantly; go through the next 3 rooms 
    (nothing is in them). Using the sun drop the 3 Skeletons and go to the next 
    room. Kill the 3 zombies with the skylight and move on. Using the mummies 
    bombs, and fire power, let them destroy each other. That’s Game.
    ^Challenge: Part 1 ( % ~ )
    Ah the first time challenge. What you need to do is use speed nuts, and 
    Moonlight Magic Dash. These help greatly in the race against time requests, and
    are a necessity in the last one. Let’s start. By now, you should no this place 
    fairly well out. Get to the room with blue door, and head north. Go down the 
    stairs to the room with the 3 poisonous spiders, kill all three and head 
    through the gate. Just incase you don't get this time room, look at the diagram
    Note: The * icon is the Kloroflurin and the -->, <--, or v arrows show you 
    where to go. View the room like a clock, the hours are labeled below. However 
    many Kloroflurin there are that is the time and direction you need to go. The 
    Hint Panel is 12 o'clock.
    Image 1.  11'    12'    1'     
               _ _ _/  /_ _ _ _    
          10' /               /  2'
             /   *           /     
         ___/               /_     
      9' __        *    -->___ 3'  
          /               /        
         /           *   /         
    8'  /_ _ _ _   _ _ _/   4'     
         7'    /  /    5'          
    Image 2.  11'    12'    1'     
               _ _ _/  /_ _ _ _    
          10' /               /  2'
             /  *   *   *    /     
         ___/               /_     
      9' __                ___  3' 
          /               /        
         /   *   *   *   /         
    8'  /_ _ _ _ | _ _ _/   4'     
         7'    / v/    5'          
    Image 3.  11'    12'    1'     
               _ _ _/  /_ _ _ _    
          10' /               /  2'
             /   *   *   *   /     
         ___/               /_     
      9' __<-- *   *   *   ___ 3'  
          /               /        
         /   *   *   *   /         
    8'  /_ _ _ _   _ _ _/   4'     
         7'    /  /    5'          
    I think you get the idea, back to the walkthrough. Anyways head in the 
    direction it says for about 4 rooms. Lure the zombie to the weight switch and 
    be ready to run. Get the key and run back out to the blue door, go on through. 
    By now, you should know this house inside and out. So follow the yellow brick 
    road to the Trap at the end. Defeat the 2 golem and that’s game.
    |Sub Section C. Catacomb Request Sheet|
    ^Grave Keeper ( ! )
    Go through the first room and kill the 2 golems in the second room, head to the 
    next room.  Kill the 2 mummies and go through.  In the next room kill the 4 
    golems and go through the northern door. Kill the mummy, and the golem in 
    there, go through the door on the right. There should be a solar station and a 
    slime, kill it. Go back to the previous room and head north. Destroy the 4 
    golems and head to the lower right door, near the way you entered. This area is 
    tricky. Kill the bat that’s visible when you walk in, you'll notice 3 stone 
    blocks below you, u can destroy them if you want but it isn't necessary to the 
    mission, the slime hiding behind the rocks is, kill it. Head to the northern 
    part of the room, where some stairs are, kill the bat on the wall. Head left, 
    up the stairs into the previous room, and go north. Kill the 3 golems in this 
    room, and head to the next one. Destroy the golem at the bottom of the stairs, 
    and the 2 mummies. Now go back down the stairs and into the room in front of 
    you. Kill the slime, and head back out and up the stairs, go into the next 
    room. Destroy the 4 bats in this room, head through the north door. Kill the 3 
    golems and head back. Go through the door on your left. Kill the 3 mummies and 
    the Kloroflurin. Head back into the previous room, one last time and go through 
    the right door. Kill the 3 golems and head north. There shouldn't be anything 
    in this room, go up. The next one will hold a solar station, pass it into the 
    next room ahead. Pass this room, and in the next one should be a warp circle, 
    and a slime, kill the slime. Mission accomplished.
    ^Challenge: Part 2 ( % ~ )
    In this speed challenge, have very little time. So I recommend dashing this 
    course as much as possible. Look at your map; it's almost a straight shot. From
    the first room with the hint panel, make your way straight through 6 rooms 
    dodging the creatures. In the seventh, take the stairs up. Keep on dashing 
    straight till you get to the trap. Be sure to purify the skeleton archer, and 
    the 2 skeleton fencers. This must be done with any sort of enchantment attack.
    ^Infiltration: Mission 3 ( * ~ ? )
    Yay, our final infiltration mission, be on guard. Head through the first room, 
    passing and/or killing the golems. Next room has some cockatrices, knock on the 
    wall to distract them. This room is golem infested, be careful and head 
    straight on through. Fallow the skeleton archer closest to you till you get to 
    the opening, or if you are impatient like me, kill it and run on through. Head 
    up the stairs and the steps dodging the golems, go into the next room straight 
    ahead. Go into the little gap and knock, run back to the entrance, wait for the
    golem to head over inside, run behind him. Then knock on then knock on the 
    single stationed block (below the 2 stationed blocks) on the right side. Dodge 
    the golems, and run through this room. As soon as you enter, head straight into 
    the wall, knock. Then head and flatten up against he one to the right. The 
    golem and cockatrice will run to see what happen quickly run up the stairs into 
    the next room. Keep heading straight through the room, till you get to the 
    trap, and as in all infiltrations, it won't matter if they see you. Kill the 2 
    cockatrices and head to the next room. Grab the treasure and that’s game.
    |Sub Section D. House of Time Req. Sheet|
    ^Battle Skills: Lesson 2 ( ! + )
    Just like lesson 1, if you press B its game over. Instead this time, your going 
    to take some damage. First of all, make sure you have lots of room in your 
    inventory. Now, head left to pick up the rotten nut, then left to pick up the 
    rotten water, let the Bandit attack you. He'll take the rotten nut, and deal 
    some serious damage, let him attack again, and the rotten water will kill him, 
    1 down. Head inside, and grab the rotten nut, next room. Take the water, and go 
    to the next room ignoring the mouse hole. Let the bandit attack you twice, 
    then head right to pick up some rotten meat. Note: Once you get the meat go 
    back into the room and notice that it's there again, this happens every where 
    in this request so you won't run out of rotten goods. Now head straight. Go on 
    up to the fork and take the left route. Another bandit, deal with him then go 
    back and up the right route. To enter the room on the left, you can either use 
    dynamite, or head up one more room and turn into a mouse. Either way, the chest 
    contains a poisonous mushroom, next head up the stairs. Go to the next room, 
    another bad shroom. Go left then south, and then let the bandit attack you 
    twice, and head south, get one rotten meat and a roasted meat to replenish the 
    damage. Head back up 2 rooms and go through the door. Walk along the edge to 
    get another tasty meat, but be careful, we don't want bandits getting those. 
    Head down the elevator. These 2 bandit need to be taught not to steal, once 
    you deal with them you'll have another mission completed.
    ^Challenge: Part 3 ( % ~ )
    For this you'll need the following magic equipped before you start, to make it 
    faster, Dash, Change, Dynamite, and Mouse. For this place I recommend dashing 
    as much as possible. I made this course with 3 seconds on the clock. Head north 
    till you get to the room with the candles, destroy the four golems to open the 
    door, and head through. Quickly make a right and hit the switch in this room. 
    Then head back out and make a right at the fork. Go through and switch times, 
    head back down until you get to the solar station go to the left of it. Hit the 
    switch, head back out and go down a room and left again. Get the blue key. Go 
    all the way back up and switch back times. Go down and this time make a right 
    at the fork. Lay some dynamite to the left of the candles, while you are 
    waiting for it to go off, change to black, and then to mouse (it saves a few 
    seconds). Head through the hole, change back and go up the stairs. Take the 
    southern exit in the room with the mummies and go left to the door open with 
    the key, head through and down. Turn into a mouse and run through the hole, 
    change back and run through and around the area to another Time Circle, switch 
    times and go through the room, press A on the boards. Then change into mouse 
    and run across and change the password machine to something easy like 0000, or 
    1337 like my friend does. Either way memorize it and go back, change time, and 
    go straight till you get to the room with the mummies and the candles, make a 
    left. Head down the elevator, and straight to the time circle, switch times and 
    head back to the elevator, get the key and turn into a bat to ride al the way 
    up, go through the door. Head through the gate door on the far right, and then 
    through the room with the solar panel and the sun, be careful not to fall. Head 
    through this room and defeat Cheyenne, remember, he's weak against Enchantment 
    Dark. Defeating him with at least a second to spare is game.
    ^Sunflower ( ~ )
    This request is interesting, all you have to do is get to, and defeat the trap 
    at the end, but there is something at the end... Head up on into the house and 
    go straight till you come to the solar station go left and hit the switch. Now 
    go back out and up to the left side, go up the stairs. Head over to the room 
    with the cockatrices and go left to collect chocolate, see-all nut, and tiptoe 
    nut. Now go back out and to the right. Quickly run to the door, dodging the 
    ley. To the right is some meat, head down the elevator and go through. Revive 
    the plant and go up on the plat formed area, stay on the upper area, and got to
    the right, where many a' golem are. In the far right hand corner is the key, 
    collect it and go back to the elevator and go all the way up. Head through the 
    door and go through the gate on the right side. Use the sun and get across to 
    the next room. Pass this room dodging or attacking the cockatrices. Kill both 
    golems and the ley to Defeat the trap and get your special surprise.
    Section III. Extra Stuff
    This FAQ is only for Gamefaqs, Neoseeker, and Supercheats use, unless consulted
    by me.
    Questions, comments, concerns, spelling errors, or just your general input, 
    Contact me with the subject "boktai2 wkth" at:
    E-mail: thunder_bird_god@yahoo.com
    AIM: Aerolectric
    Thanks to:
    Konami ~ Making the game.
    Gamefaqs ~ Posting this.
    Boktai 2 Board members ~ Helping me get through the requests myself, without 
    going insane.
    DarkBoy_Sabata and Lordhuffnpuff ~ For proofreading it, and helping me get it 
    You ~ For reading this FAQ and playing Boktai2!

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