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    Game Script by miluda

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 04/08/07 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django Script
    Version 1.2
    By Miluda (miluda@gmail.com)
    Version History
    Version 1.2 - 9th April 2007
    I changed a couple of small things and added two missing conversations with 
    Lita after the Solar Tree restoration..
    Version 1.1 - 23rd January 2006
    Version 1.0 - 28th October 2005
    Script Notes
    The vast majority of this script uses a Berserker code from Boktai 1. 
    If there is anything missing, or any mistakes, please email and tell me!
    Script Contents
    To quickly find what you're looking for use CTRL+F and the text in the square
    Beginning                                  [ITDT]
    Ruins                                      [RUI1]
    Cathedral                                  [CEDL]
    White Duneyrr's Purification               [WDPU]
    Spider Forest                              [SPFO]
    Remains                                    [RMNS]
    Django's Purification                      [SBDP]
    Dark City                                  [DACI]
    Red Durathror's Purification               [RDPU]
    "I can see your tonsils!"                  [CSYT]
    House of Time                              [HOFT]
    The Tarot Seal                             [TROT]
    Aqueduct                                   [AQDU]
    Blue Dvalinn's Purification                [BDVP]
    Spiral Tower                               [SPTO]
    Black Dainn's Purification                 [BDPU]
    Undead Zone                                [UNZO]
    Ending                                     [ENDG]
    MegaMan Quest                              [MMQU]
    Alternate Endings                          [END1]
    Lita's Offer                               [LIOF]
    Request Sheet - House of Time: Challenge 3 [RSCH]
    Request Sheet - House of Time: Sunflower   [RSSU]
    The Solar Tree Restoration                 [TSTR]
    Titles and Emblems                         [TMBM]
    Solarsmith Things                          [SSMI]
    Boss Tips                                  [BOTI]
    Introduction                                                             [ITDT]
    Once Sun and Moon retreat into darkness, grand twilight descends on the wedge-
    binding City of the Sun. A deep shadow is then born in its wake. The beginning
    of the end.
    Master Otenko: "It's not far now... Pass through this valley and you'll
    finally arrive at the City of the Sun, San Miguel. Or rather, the City of Death
    that your hometown has been turned into by the Undeadening curse of the Dark
    Immortals. I thought that the Undeadening would abate with the Queen defeated.
    But I feel it with my solar sense... The Undead still roam there, dark
    servants, stripped of life and stripped of death. And the immortal shadow that
    manipulates them all... Let's go, Solar Boy Django! Dispel the dark clouds that
    shroud the City of the Sun! May the Sun be with you!"
    [Try to go south]
    Master Otenko: "Hey, Django! San Miguel is north. Head for the top right of the
    [Go north]
    Master Otenko: "Huh? Is that a Hint Panel over there? Hint Panels are guides
    for adventurers left by those who have gone before. They give you useful info
    for your adventure, and tips for overcoming obstacles. To read a panel, move
    close to it and press the A Button. It'll do you no harm to find out what it
    [A man is blocking the way]
    Man in the Hat: ! "..."
    Django: ?
    Master Otenko: "Careful! He's... Yes, there's no doubt... He's one of the
    Immortals! A Vampire!"
    All: !
    Vampire: "Urgh...?! Urgh... urrrgh!"
    <Django points the Gun Del Sol at the Vampire>
    Vampire: "The... Sol... ...Solar... gun... The Solar Gun... GUN DEL SOL!"
    Django, Otenko: !
    <Vampire takes the Gun from Django>
    Master Otenko: "He took the Solar Gun?! ...Still, it's no use to him! Only
    a Solar Child can operate the Solar Gun! It's useless in the hands of a
    Vampire!" !
    <Vampire shoots Django>
    Master Otenko: "Django! But how...?! Why would a Vampire...?!"
    Vampire: "Django...? Uh... uh?!"
    Master Otenko: ?
    <Vampire screams and then runs off>
    Master Otenko: "The danger's passed... for now! But I can't believe it... A
    Vampire that can use the Solar Gun! Maybe he is the dark Cloud covering San
    Django: ...
    Master Otenko: "Django... What's done is done. You can't change the past. But
    it doesn't mean that the future is decided! What you do right now... That's
    what will determine the future! The Sun will rise tomorrow! Remember the blood
    and soul that rests in your Crimson Scarf! Something like this would never have
    knocked your father's spirits!"
    <Django gets up>
    Master Otenko: "Let's go, Django! You should find some clues in San Miguel. You
    must track down that Vampire and retrieve the Solar Gun! May the Sun be with
    Unknown Place
    Black Shadow: "So he's surfaced then, the Solar Boy, Django..."
    Red-haired Girl: "But he's just a kid... How could he have defeated the Queen,
    let alone the Count?"
    Black Shadow: "Don't underestimate him! The blood of both the Sun and the Moon
    runs in his veins. Anyway, the Queen, -- no, Hel -- simply returned to her
    rightful place... Right then! I must get on while there's nothing in the way.
    Sleeping Beauty awaits her wake-up kiss. You're in charge of stopping the boy."
    Red-haired Girl: "...Okay. What would you like me to do about the vessel?"
    Black Shadow: "Let it do as it pleases for now, until its entire soul sinks
    into Darkness..."
    City Gate
    Master Otenko: "Behold! The City of the Sun, San Miguel! But now it is truly
    the City of Death. ...Huh?! Is that...? Admist the Darkness... I sense a faint
    glimmer of life! Could there be something alive in there that escaped the
    [After opening the treasure chest]
    Master Otenko: "Ah, the Gradius... It's a type of sword, I see. It's nothing
    compared to the Solar Gun, but it's better than using your bare hands. It can't
    purify the Undead without the power of the Sun, but Skeletons are material-type
    monsters, with physical form... so you can get rid of them for a while by
    destroying their bodies. It's all up to you now, Django!"
    [After defeating the Skeleton]
    Master Otenko: "Brilliant, Django! Ex Points go up when you defeat monsters.
    When they reach a certain point, you'll be able to level up. By allocating the
    status points you get when you level up, you can enhance some of your stats.
    There are 4 stats you can enhance: Vitality, which affects Life Gauge capacity,
    Spirit, which affects you Energy Gauge capacity, Strength, which affects your
    attack power, and Agility, which affects your movement speed and your power to
    defend. You can allocate your points on the menu screen's status menu. Even if
    you level up, your stats won't be enhanced unless you allocate points. So don't
    forget to do it!"
    [In a room, trapped with a Zombie, a girl appears]
    Django, Zombie: !
    Magical Girl: "No, no, no! Zombies are undead monsters. Yer can't defeat 'em
    without the Sun's power. What where you thinkin', eh?! The Solar Boy losin' the
    Solar Gun! Jeez! Gotta use a bit more noggin before yer act. Eh? You cryin'?
    Cryin', are yer? Think cryin's gonna help? Even if it's rainin' cats 'n' dogs,
    a sunflower holds its head up high! Here! I'll lend yer this. Now, just
    cheerup, 'kay?"
    *<Alternate text, only if you used a Trigger of Sol password>
    *Magical Girl: "No, no, no! Zombies are undead monsters. Yer can't defeat 'em
    *without the Sun's power. What where you thinkin', eh?! The Solar Boy losin'
    *the Solar Gun! Jeez! So you're Trigger of Sol? How embarrassing... Eh? You
    *cryin'? Cryin', are yer? Think cryin's gonna help? Even if it's rainin' cats
    *'n' dogs, a sunflower holds its head up high! Here! I'll lend yer this. Now,
    *just cheerup, 'kay?"
    <Django receives the Sol de Vice>
    Magical Girl: "That glove's the Sol de Vice. It can add the property of
    Enchantment to any weapon by using the Sun's power. It's one
    amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing Magic Machine! But for
    Enchantment, yer gonna need all different types o' Moonlight Magic. Huh? How
    come a Solar Machine needs Moonlight Magic, you ask?"
    All: ...
    Magical Girl: "It's not that I don't know. I surely do! Don't worry 'bout all
    those details. Just use it. Eh? Can't use magic?! You really ain't cut out for
    all this! You sure you're the Solar Boy? Surely you can use easy stuff like
    ENCHANTMENT SOL, eh? Alright! I'm doing you some bloody favors. Bloody enough
    to please them Vampires! Ready?"
    <Django learns the Moonlight Magic, ENCHANTMENT SOL.>
    Magical Girl: "Listen up, 'kay? To use magic you gotta equip the stuff first on
    the menu screen. Then yer equipped magic shows up at the bottom left of the
    screen, 'kay? You can switch Enchantment Magic on and off using the L Button.
    When yer attack usin' a weapon with Enchantment on, the attack becomes a
    property attack, 'kay? Magic lowers yer energy, so watch yerself and don't
    forget solar chargin'! Rest is up to you, 'kay?! I'm goin' to the Mall. Don't
    be too long, awright?"
    Django, Zombie: ...
    [After defeating the Zombie]
    Master Otenko: "So there's Moonlight Magic in the Sol de Vice...? Well, you'll
    be able to purify the Undead with it. You still have much to learn before
    facing Immortals, but we can't be picky! But goodness, that girl... and the way
    she talks... She said she'd be waiting at the Mall. Go to Sun Avenue, in the
    heart of the city. Carry on to the north, Django!"
    6th Avenue
    Master Otenko: "So you've ventured outside... Let me explain, Django. You'll
    need sunlight to restore your energy, but if you're exposed to very strong or
    are outside for too long, you'll run the risk of overheating both the Sol De
    Vice and yourself. If this happens, obviously you won't be able to carry on
    with your adventure. So if you see the overheat alert appear over the Solar
    Gauge, make sure you get into the shade and rest for a while. Got it?"
    Ruins                                                                    [RUI1]
    Master Otenko: "It's here... Can you feel it? The presence of the Undead...
    We're not in the city anymore. This is an Undead Dungeon. Every time you enter
    an Undead Dungeon, all traps and enemy monsters return to their original state.
    It's all part of the Doomsday Phenomenon. Be sure to stay alert, Django!"
    [After the trap room]
    Young Man: ! "You're... Django... ...aren't you? I'm Marcello. On the day the
    city was attacked by the Undead, I got left behind when everybody ran away..."
    Django: ...
    Marcello: "I see... Then maybe I'll head for Sun Avenue too. This new warp
    magic square will probably take you to the Dungeon entrance. See ya then! You
    take care too, okay?!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "So this is what's left of the old City of the Sun...?"
    [Talk to Master Otenko again]
    Master Otenko: "How about talking to that girl over there first?"
    [A blonde girl hides behind Magical Girl]
    Magical Girl: "Huh. Made it here didya, squirt? I s'pose you are Solar Boy.
    Hey, take care of the rental fee for the Sol de Vice... in the Solar Bank,
    'kay? Yeah... 'bout a million should do it. Y'what? Got no cash? Well, that's
    just typical, now ain't it... Anyway, I reckon this'll help yer out. You can
    borra energy whenever yer want. But watch out, 'cos you'll have to pay it
    back, 'kay? Betta use it carefully. Go ask over at Dark Loans if you wanna know
    more, awright?"
    <Django receives the Dark Card>
    Master Otenko: "Aah, that way you speak... it's so familiar... If I'm not
    mistaken... Sunflower Girl, isn't it?"
    Magical Girl: "And you're Master Otenko, Messenger of the Sun? It's an honor to
    meet you. I am the Star Reader, Zazie. Sunflower Girl is the name the old...er,
    I mean, the Mistress used in her youth. Not that I can begin to imagine the
    old... er, the Mistress at my age. She saved the world with Red Ringo, the
    strongest Vampire Hunter. I came here to because of her star reading, to see
    the end of the world for myself..."
    Master Otenko: "The end of the world... Is that what she predicted?"
    Zazie: "That's right..."
    The Star Reading: Once Sun and Moon retreat into darkness, grand twilight
    descends on the wedge-binding City of the Sun. A deep shadow is then born in
    its wake. The beginning of the end.
    Master Otenko: "Hmmm... That Vampire... What on earth is going on in this
    place? And what could that deep shadow be...?"
    Blonde Girl: ...
    Zazie: "Oh yeah... You're Solar Boy, so yer should be able to help me out.
    Violet's gramps went off looking for somefin' but he ain't come back, see. Now
    we can't be lettin' a little kid like this be all upset, right? So how's about
    yer go off and bring the old man back, 'kay?"
    Master Otenko: "And who is this little girl? Amazing that she's survived
    through all the Undeadening in this place."
    Zazie: "Probably thanks to the City of Sun's barrier. I dunno though. Violet's
    gramps is the one to ask about all that. That old man happens to be steel
    Smith, you know!"
    Master Otenko: "Smith?! He's still alive?!"
    Zazie: "Oh yeah. That's why you've gotta go and save him, awright?"
    Master Otenko: "Steel Smith... He used to be an excellent gunsmith. People
    called him the Gun Master. He's the man that taught your Father Ringo, the
    great Vampire Hunter, about guns. He's sure to have some idea about what's
    causing all these strange things here."
    Zazie: "Goin' by my star reading', he headed to the cathedral just northwest of
    here. 'Course, I'd go there meself, but I'm s'posed to be watchin' the barrier,
    see. The barrier that protects this here City of Sun's gettin' weaker, I tell
    yer. I dunno how much I can do to help, but I'll be tryin' my best at any
    Violet: "Look..."
    Master Otenko: "That's... ...Solar Gun Lens, Flame!!"
    Violet: "Me found it a while ago..."
    Zazie: "Hey, Django was it? Go on and take it as payment for savin' her gramps.
    With that you'll be able to use ENCHANTMENT FLAME, got it?"
    <Django retrieves the Solar Gun Lens, Flame, and learns ENCHANTMENT FLAME>
    Master Otenko: "If that lens was just lying around... Does that mean he's
    close?! But... First thing's first, we'd better find Smith. Come on Django,
    let's head for the Cathedral!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "Smith... I really hope he's all right... Django, let's head for
    the Cathedral in the northwest!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko again]
    Master Otenko: "Hmm... It seems like there may be others left here beside Smith
    and Violet. I wonder if they've given up hope, or..."
    [Talk to Zazie]
    Zazie: "I forgot to tell yer... I left some Solar Bamboo on the first floor o'
    that Inn. If yer want to recover some Life, yer welcome to use it. Yer use it
    by... Oh just give it a beating."
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "Star readin'... It's looking at how the stars move to see the past,
    present and future, see. I s'pose yer think it's all a sham, don't yer? Bet
    there's plenty I could tell yer about yerself, though..."
    <Screen fades>
    Zazie: "Ready? You were born in... <your birthplace>. Your rank in the Istrakan
    adventure is... <Boktai 1 rank>. Bull's eye, right? I tell ya, my talent scares
    me sometimes, y'know."
    *<Choose "It is scary">
    *Zazie: "Oh... And I though you of all people would get it. Looks like I was
    *wrong. I spoke outta turn. I'm sorry, awright?"
    *<Choose "It's amazing">
    *Zazie: "Really?! You've made me go all red, sayin' that! Devilish charm, see?
    *I'm a wicked girl, I am? Nya ha hah!!"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "With me standin' guard at the barrier, not even a single spider'll
    crawl into the City of Sun! I can't help yer directly with yer battles or
    nothing'... but I'll be watchin' yer."
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "Bad luck about the Solar Gun, eh. But don't let it knock yer duck off!
    What's done is done, after all. Even if it's raining cats 'n' dogs, a sunflower
    holds its head up high! So chin up, eh?"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "Got plenty of life in yer, right? No? Such a weakling... Just take
    this, awright?"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "Got enough energy, have ya? Gosh, I worry 'bout ya... take this, go on"
    [Talk to Violet, without the Warehouse key]
    Violet: "... Um... It's in the Warehouse. But there's no key so it won't open.
    Marcello of 6th Avenue, Luis of 10th Avenue... Maybe no one's coming back
    [Talk to Violet, with the Warehouse key]
    Violet: "Ah... the key! That'll open the door to the Warehouse!"
    [Violet enters the Warehouse]
    Violet: "Here it is! You can have some, too. Here you go! Chocolate's really
    yummy. I'm going to give some to Zazie, too!"
    [Talk to Violet after being out in the rain]
    Violet: "Ooh, you're all wet! You mustn't be our in the rain, you know. That's
    what Grandpa said anyway. ...I know! You can have this!"
    <Treasure chest with a Raincoat appears>
    Violet: "Now you don't have to worry!"
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "Aren't you scared of lightning? I'm so scared, I hate it! I'm sure I
    saw something light up in the flash!"
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "I wonder if grandpa's okay..."
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "How was the chocolate? Nero doesn't think much of it, you know. I'm
    Nero's mommy. Nero's so cute and playful!"
    [Talk to Marcello]
    Marcello: "Django! Thanks to you, I managed to get out of the Dungeon okay! I
    heard that you're fighting to save this town, right? That's just amazing!
    There's no way I could do it. Don't you ever feel scared?"
    [Talk to Marcello]
    Marcello: "I really hate fighting... I just can't even stand hurting anyone,
    even a monster. That's the way I feel... ...does that sound strange to you?"
    [Talk to Marcello again]
    Marcello: "I'm quite large, you see... So I'm often misunderstood. But what I
    really like is to observe little creatures like birds and fish. Life and death
    in their world has a certain cruelty to it too, but I get the feeling that it's
    somehow different to the human world..."
    [Talk to Marcello again]
    Marcello: "Listen up! When you're choosing items to use or weapons and
    protectors to equip, press the A Button once over the icon you want on the menu
    screen, and then press it again without moving the cursor to use or equip the
    selected icon. This is a basic control on the menu screen, so you make sure you
    remember it!"
    [Talk to Marcello again]
    Marcello: "Listen up! To drop items, weapons, or protectors, press the A button
    once over the icon on the menu screen and then press SELECT. Once you've thrown
    something away, you can't get it back again. Be careful. And remember that you
    can't drop equipped weapons or valuables and the like."
    [Talk to the Coffin Shopkeeper]
    Coffin Shopkeeper: "...Wanna buy a coffin? Trade in your old one first though."
    *<Choose "Buy" and buy a coffin>
    *Coffin Shopkeeper: "Huh. I've never seen a kid more suited for a coffin! ha ha
    *ha... If it's coffins you're after, I've got plenty. Come anytime!"
    *<Choose "Don't buy" or choose "buy" and don't buy a coffin>
    *Coffin Shopkeeper: "Such a pity. I've got a coffin that'd suit you like a
    *<Choose "Don't buy" or choose "buy" and don't buy a coffin again>
    *Coffin Shopkeeper: "Oh well... Come back if you change your mind, okay? I'll
    *be waiting."
    [Talk to the Clocktower Keeper]
    Clocktower Keeper: "Hey, young'un... What's a brat like you doing here? This it
    the City of Death. Now scram, if you know what's good for you. Hm? Me? I'll be
    fine. I'm too old to be moving now. Anyway, I've got work to do. I'm Ennio --
    it's my job to keep watch on this clock and make sure time's a-tickin'."
    [Talk to Ennio again]
    Ennio: "What? The time's off, you say? You dare tell me my clock's wrong?!"
    *<Choose "It's not wrong" or "It's wrong" with "Don't fix it">
    *Ennio: "So you were just having a laugh, were you? Have you never heard the
    *saying that time is money? I'm a busy man, you know. I don't have time for
    *this kind of messing around. It's hardly likely that my clock would be out of
    *sync now, is it? In fact, it hasn't lost any time for ages, not since the
    *Great Collapse that destroyed the old world. What did you say? I must be
    *really over the hill if I know about all that ancient stuff?! Well! You've
    *certainly got some nerve, lad! That's it! Get outta here! I don't want to set
    *eyes on you ever again! Honestly! The youth of today just have no manners at
    *<Choose "It's wrong">
    *Ennio: "Hmm... Oh well. These things happen. But the people in this town all
    *rely on that big clock, you see. I can't change it easily. It can only be
    *adjusted once a day, you know. And once the time's changed, you can't undo it
    *because the data'll be saved. What do you say then, young'un?"
    *<Choose "Fix it">
    *Ennio: "Great, all set! It wasn't easy, mind you. All done then? In that case,
    *you should be on your way. Okay?"
    [Talk to Ennio after adjusting the time]
    Ennio: "No, I tell you! No! The clock's already been adjusted once today,
    right? I can only change the clock once a day. Got it? Then you should be on
    your way. Okay?"
    The Solar Tree Area
    Master Otenko: "This... is where the Solar Tree used to stand... What a
    terrible scar we're left with. The Solar Tree was a shrine to all life in the
    world, and it contained the power to use the sun's energy and purify the land.
    The Solar Tree was taken away by the City of Death, Istrakan. The Earthly
    Maiden, Lita, brought it back to life, and the land there was purified. But
    here in San Miguel... There's something preventing that from happening. If we
    don't find out what that is, there is no hope for the City of the Sun..."
    Cathedral                                                                [CEDL]
    Master Otenko: "The Cathedral should be through there. I wonder where Smith
    could be...?"
    [Outside the Cathedral]
    Master Otenko: !
    <They spot a cat walking into the Cathedral>
    Master Otenko: "What was that...?"
    [After opening a treasure chest]
    Master Otenko: "A Club... That's a hammer-type weapon. It wields a lot of
    power, but can leave you open to attack. Be careful. At any rate you can use it
    to break wooden boxes that block pathways."
    [Inside the Cathedral]
    Master Otenko: "From the look of it... we've somehow managed to get inside the
    [Cathedral Great Hall]
    Django: !
    <After Django and Master Otenko spot the cat going down some stairs>
    Master Otenko: ... "That black cat... something's not right... How can we get
    access to those steps leading underground? Maybe that treasure box holds the
    [After picking up the Triangle Key]
    Master Otenko: "Looks like you've got a key. The blue door is locked. Press the
    A Button in front of the door to try the key, but the door won't open if it's
    the wrong key."
    [After using an Orb]
    Master Otenko: "The floor painting in the great hall has appeared... but it
    lacks color. Seems like it needs the other three crystals...?"
    [After opening a treasure chest]
    Master Otenko: "Ah, a Short Spear. One of the spear-type weapons. Since it's
    range is long, it's quite ineffective at close quarters. Be careful! At any
    rate, you can use it attack things that are one block away. It can probably
    used to move those traps in the two eastern rooms as well."
    [After going down the secret stairs]
    Master Otenko: "I sense something... It's an Immortal! You don't have the Solar
    Gun, but you can manage, right, Django?"
    [In the boss room, after seeing the cat walk into another room]
    Django: !
    ???: "Wait..."
    Django: !
    White-coated Woman: "You're the Solar Boy? Well, you're a darling. I am the
    White Duneyrr, the Sky-ruling Immortal... Please don't let this shock you,
    but... I'm afraid you must die now. My brother told me not to fight you. But
    I'm so hungry. I've been asleep for such a long time. Waking up and having a
    Solar Child for breakfast is just what I need... So you see, I've really got no
    choice. So sorry."
    [After you beat Duneyrr]
    Master Otenko: "The White Duneyrr... She's an Immortal. You can't afford to
    leave her like that. She may be shut away in a coffin for now, but she could
    escape. You must purify her with sunlight immediately. But... That Black Cat is
    still troubling me... and then there's Smith... Let's first explore a bit
    [Cathedral Wedge Room]
    Master Otenko, Django: !
    Master Otenko: "Smith!"
    Smith: "Urgh... urrrrgh..." ! "Is it...? Ah, Otenko!"
    Master Otenko: "It's been a long time, Gunsmith!"
    Smith: "I'm just a regular blacksmith now. Gettin' a bit too old for it,
    though! Anyway, Django! You made it back safely! So you've defeated the Vampire
    Master Otenko: "Oh, yes. And the Queen of Immortals, Hel, as well... But it
    came at a price... We lost Django's mother, the Moon Beauty Mani..."
    Smith: "I'm sorry..."
    Master Otenko: "What about Ringo, Smith?! Is he..."
    Smith: "Yup... Dyin' before his master like that... What a useless apprentice!
    ...Oh, I'm sorry, Django..."
    Master Otenko: "...Anyway... What are you still doing here? What on earth
    happened here in this city?"
    Smith: "Well... Look at this."
    Master Otenko: "Is it... a wedge? Some kind of seal?"
    Smith: "After the count had gone, it seemed the Undeadening had come to an end.
    But then there started to be signs of movement from the Undead, as if they were
    seekin' something... Cheyenne, a descendent of the Guards of this city, gave a
    warning. He said the Undead were tryin' to break their seal, see. I dunno what
    the seal was, but..."
    Master Otenko: "The broken wedge... Perhaps it was Duneyrr's seal...? And that
    Vampire... There are still things we don't get in this city..."
    Black Cat: meow
    Master Otenko: "Is that you cat?"
    Smith: "That's Nero. A friend o' my granddaughter. He came all this way... For
    a cat, he's got some nerve, eh?"
    Master Otenko: "Mm... It's thanks to the cat that we managed to get this far.
    Thank you, Nero. Anyway, could you go back to Sun Avenue for us, Smith?
    Violet's worried, I'm sure. We've got to purify that Immortal."
    Smith: "Right you are. I'll be at Sun Avenue then."
    Master Otenko: "Come on then, Django! We must take that coffin to the Plaza
    north of the Mall. We'll summon the Pile Driver there, and use the Sun's rays
    to purify the Immortal White Duneyrr!"
    Plaza                                                                    [WDPU]
    Master Otenko: "All right. This is it. This is where we summon the Pile
    Driver!" Taiyoh! "Okay, position the coffin in the center of the Pile Driver!"
    Master Otenko: "Now then! You must adjust the 4 Generators with an Enchantment
    attack. The Generators are blessed by Father Sun and Mother Earth, so they can
    amplify solar energy. This Pile Driver is the one and only way to purify
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "Django!! When you're ready, it's time to purify the White
    [Enter and re-enter Plaza]
    Master Otenko: "Okay, position the coffin in the center of the Pile Driver!"
    [In the coffin shop]
    Coffin Shopkeeper: "Hey there... looks like you're giving it your all. Huh? Are
    you after a new coffin? I'm afraid I can't help you, unless you bring in an old
    one. That's the rule. You know... a trade-in system. Come by again when you're
    done with the coffin you're using now, okay?"
    [Set all four Generators]
    Master Otenko: "Everything's set! Ready, Django? You need sunlight to start the
    Pile Driver. The sun's out, right?"
    *<Choose No>
    *Master Otenko: "Ah... Guess you won't be able to purify the Immortal. The Pile
    *Driver requires sunlight. You'll have to try again when the sun's out. You can
    *either look for new dungeons outside of Sun Avenue, or stop you adventure for
    *the time being and wait for the sun..."
    *<Choose Yes>
    *Master Otenko: "Great! Make sure sunlight's hitting the solar sensor, then
    *press the A Button over the flashing white emblem to start the Pile Driver!"
    [Use the Pile Driver with no reading on the sensor]
    Master Otenko: "Eh? The sun! You must have sunlight to start the Pile Driver!
    Make sure sunlight's hitting the solar sensor!"
    [Use the Pile Driver with a reading on the sensor]
    Master Otenko: "Taiyooooooooooh!"
    [Generators start up]
    Master Otenko: "Begin Battle Drive! Now to purify the Immortal with a Solar
    Pile from the Generators! The Pile will be more powerful if more sunlight is
    hitting the solar sensor. But the Immortal will use Ectoplasm to resist it.
    You'll have to push it back into the coffin with Enchantment attacks. Get the
    Immortal's Dark Gauge down to zero, and you'll emerge victorious! It's all up
    to you now, Solar Boy Django!"
    [After the Dark Gauge has been brought down to zero]
    White Duneyrr: "Wh-what... At long last... I was released from my deep sleep.
    But now... Is this... the end? Brotherrrrrrrrrrrrr!"
    [Duneyrr fades away]
    Master Otenko: "You have completed the incineration of the Immortal's source,
    its Dark Matter. Now there's no way for it to come back. Well done, Solar Boy
    <They hear a noise>
    Master Otenko, Django: ! ...
    <They follow the noise>
    Ribbon Girl: ! "Master Django! Master Otenko!"
    Master Otenko: "Lita! What are you doing here?! The Undead are roaming San
    Miguel now, just as Sabata said, and there are signs that the Immortals are
    plotting in the shadows behind there. There's nothing you can..."
    Lita: "Well, I'm sorry! ...But, I can't just stay out of it, waiting in a safe
    place while the two of you are off risking your lives in battle!"
    Master Otenko: "But you're a maiden, not a warrior. Surely you wouldn't
    purposefully expose yourself to danger?"
    Lita: "True, I'm no warrior. I'm a maiden... But as the Earthly Maiden, I
    believe there are tasks that only I can fulfill. Besides, San Miguel is my
    home. Please, you can't deny me the chance to do what I can to help free this
    City of the Sun from Darkness!"
    Master Otenko: "...Okay. If you're that determined, there's nothing more I will
    say. So, Earthly Maiden Lita... Together we will crush the Immortal's evil
    scheme, and restore light once again to the City of the Sun!"
    Lita: "Thank you, Master Otenko..."
    Master Otenko: "Actually, I wonder if you could help us out now, Lita. The
    Undeadening supposedly ceased in this city, but it still can't be purified. Do
    you have idea why?"
    Lita: "Yes, I do... The land in San Miguel has lost the power of the Sun.
    Before the land has a chance to absorb the sunlight pouring down on it...
    someone or something is taking that energy away. That something must be
    expelled, or else the Solar Tree's seed will not grow, and its power cannot
    purify the city."
    Master Otenko: "I see... So we know what we must do. First we track down that
    Vampire and retrieve the Solar Gun. Then, we get rid of whatever is stealing
    power from the land. Right now, we need to gather some clues... Maybe Smith or
    Sunflower Girl have come up with something. To the Mall!"
    Lita: "Speaking of the Mall, I was wondering if I could be of any use to the
    people still left in the city, so I decided to open a Fruit Store! I'm sure the
    Solar Fruit I'm selling will help you two on your adventure! Be sure to come
    by, Master Django! Keep the Sun always in your heart!"
    <Lita runs off>
    Master Otenko: "Hm... I'm sure Lita's doing this because she really wants to
    help out the city... But maybe she also wants to get close to you..."
    *<Choose "Could be a pain">
    *Master Otenko: "I see... Well, that's the way she is. There's no fault in
    *being worried about the future. Now, that great big hole... How did Lita fill
    *it in such a short time?"
    *Master Otenko, Django: ...
    *Master Otenko: "Don't give up, Django..."
    *<Choose "Great!">
    *Master Otenko: "Right then. In order to make her wish come true, you mustn't
    *lose this battle!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "It seems that things have worked out for now... But you can't
    let that Vampire have the Solar Gun forever. You must get it back at once!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko again]
    Master Otenko: "The barrier looks fine. The Legendary Witch, Sunflower Girl,
    would be proud of her apprentice!"
    [Smith and Violet are standing outside the Solarsmith]
    Smith: "Looks like you managed to purify that Immortal then! That's the sun of
    the great Vampire Hunter, Red Ringo, for you, eh Django?!"
    Violet: "Err... Thanks for helping Nero and Grandpa!"
    Smith: "I heard what happened from Sunflower Girl. The Solar Gun, Gun Del Sol,
    has been stolen, eh? But that Sol de Vice could be even more powerful if you
    use it right, see? You need to get a higher level and make you weapons more
    powerful first, though. I run a smithery, you know. With your solar power, I
    could make weapons that are even more powerful. That's Solar-forging, see? But,
    to make a new weapon, I need two others to work from. Of course, the attributes
    of the new weapon depend on the two that you start with. Go collect some
    weapons you think would work, and bring them back to the smithery. Right now,
    all I can do is smithing... But I'd be happy to help you out!"
    <Smith and Violet both exit, Zazie appears>
    Zazie: "Yer dun awright, Django! Gettin' back the old man, and takin' care of
    an Immortal while yer at it... Not bad. It's all because of that Sol de Vice I
    lent yer! (Who'da thought such a load of junk'd be that useful, eh...? Nya ha
    hah!) Anyway. 'bout that Vampire's whereabouts... I gotta strong sense of
    Darkness from 'round where violet picked up that lens. Them Remains in the
    southeast desert, they're a bit fishy. They're up ahead on that path there. Be
    careful! It weren't just one thing I sensed, right? There's at least 2
    Immortals in them Remains... Aaaah... Well, I'm off for a nap! Lookin' after
    this barrier's no piece o' cake, yer know. I'll be at the Inn. Wake me up if
    anythin' happens. Now go get 'em!"
    [Talk to Smith in the Smithery]
    Smith: "There you are. There's some info SOLARSMITH on that panel over there.
    Better read it once before we start, eh."
    [Talk to Smith]
    Smith: "Want to do some forging?"
    <Choose "Forge" without reading the explanation panel>
    Smith: "Have you read the panel explanation?"
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Cheyenne's still not back from exploring in the east. Wonder if
    something's happened to him...? No, what am I thinking... Cheyenne's a Guard. I
    mean, he's the Wind Warrior. He must've just found somethin'."
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "If ya need some forgin' done, just gimme a holler! Any time. I retired
    from battle, but I can still do as much as you young'uns!"
    [Talk to Violet in the Warehouse]
    Violet: "Nero just sleeps all the time. It's no fun!!"
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "You shouldn't hold too many items! If your bag's full, you can't carry
    any more items."
    [Talk to Violet with the Warehouse key]
    Violet: "Ah... the key! That'll open up even more of the Warehouse!"
    [Talk to Nero]
    Nero: "Meooow."
    [Talk to Nero again]
    Nero: "Meow?"
    [In the Fruit Store, talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Welcome! Come to buy something?"
    [Use the shop]
    Lita: "Thank you! Fresh produce like fruit get spoiled if they get too much
    sunlight. The expiration date varies for different items, and chips in the
    round mark before an item's name represent the condition it's in. Make sure you
    check the condition of your items on the menu screen okay?"
    [Use the shop]
    Lita: "Thank you! You must be really careful in the Dungeons at night. Keep the
    Sun always in your heart!"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Have you got enough items, Master Django? If you need more Solar Fruit,
    stop by any time!"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django, are you feeling all right? If you eat rotten food, you'll
    get an upset stomach. Take care, okay?"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django... <3"
    [Talk to the Coffin Shopkeeper in the Coffin Shop]
    Coffin Shopkeeper: "You've come at a great time... I got my hands on a new
    coffin for ya! Be sure to take a look! It's got special effects and everything!
    I'm sure you'll love it!"
    [Talk to Luis in one of the houses]
    Luis: "Oh, it's you, sonny! Looks like those monsters can't be gettin' in 'ere
    now, eh? That's sure given me a bit of extra time here, I tell ya, sonny. I
    can't thank ya enough!"
    [Talk to Luis again]
    Luis: "D'ya wanna know what I've realized, sonny? 'Fraid I can't tell ya... If
    ya don't feel it on your own, ya won't understand. You'll get it soon, sonny.
    I'm sure of it..."
    [Talk to Luis again]
    Luis: "Did ya know this? If you press SELECT on the menu screen during an
    explanation of an item, weapon, or protector, ya can fast forward through to
    where ya want. Pretty useful, huh?"
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "We're finally on the Vampire's trail... Django, they say there
    are Remains in the desert to the southeast. Head for there!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko again]
    Master Otenko: "Come to think of it... I'm sure I've seen that Vampire
    before... ...But where?"
    [Talk to Zazie who is sleeping on a barstool in the Inn]
    Zazie: "Huh...? Lemme sleep just a bit more, awright?"
    [Talk to Zazie again, she stands up]
    Zazie: "What?! No one can disturb my sleep! Take this! The Water Devil's
    Allure! Sun Magic, Freeze!"
    <Zazie freezes Django>
    Master Otenko: ...
    <Screen fades>
    Zazie: "Sorry. I'm cranky first thing in the morning 'cause of my low blood
    *<Choose "Huh?!">
    *Zazie: "Jeez, yer got no guts... Guess I'll have to teach yer that magic I
    *used. That'll cheer yer up some. So, yer ready?"
    *<Choose "I see">
    *Zazie: "Knew yer'd understand, Django! That's why you're the one I can count
    *on! Right then, I'll show yer that magic I used, awright? Ready?"
    <The water blesses Django, he learns the Sun Magic, Freeze.>
    Zazie: "Unlike Moonlight Magic, Sun Magic don't use energy. But it needs
    sunlight instead, awright? So as long as the Solar Gauge is above the magic
    level, yer can use it as much as yer like. Even if the gauge's right at the
    bottom, yer can still use a level 0 Freeze. But the amount of time it works for
    depends on the level of the gauge, right? So the stronger the Sun is, the
    better it works, see. Remember that!"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "..."
    Django: (It's dangerous to wake her if she's fast asleep. Best be quiet.)
    Spider Forest                                                            [SPFO]
    [After defeating the two Golems]
    Old Man: "Sonny...? I'm Luis. I got chased by those Undead and got meself stuck
    here. I though I'd be left here for dead, I tell ya..."
    Django: ...
    Luis: "Hm... Maybe I'll be headin' to where the others are then. Looks like
    this new warp magic square'll take ya to the Dungeon entrance. Don't push
    yourself too much. Nothin's worth riskin' your own precious life..."
    4th Avenue                                                               [RMNS]
    [Just before entering the Remains]
    Master Otenko: "These look like... destructive traces of the Root of Darkness
    surfacing around the city. It's the work of the power of Darkness... The
    Remains that Sunflower Girl was talking about are up ahead."
    Master Otenko: "These are the Remains in the desert. This is where that
    Vampire... Django! It's time to get revenge for what he did! May the Sun be
    with you!"
    [Django meets an Afro-haired Man]
    Afro-haired Man: ! "Oh, it's you again... Huh? Oh, no... my mistake. There was
    some dude in here just now that looked just like you, man... Ah, well. I'm Kid.
    I run the city's item shop. I was chased out to these Remains by the Undead.
    But I stayed cool, man... Only, then I got trapped by that freaky plant. And
    then some other dude was about to attack me. It was all bad, man. All bad...
    But then, like I said, that dude who looked just like you came by and beat up
    on that spikey thing, so I'm gonna get the heck out of here! Anyway, what are
    you doing 'round these parts, man?"
    *<Choose "I'm lost">
    *Kid: "I see... You wanna check out the map on the menu screen. But you won't
    *be able to look at all the Dungeon maps straight away. You gotta get your
    *hands on them first in each Dungeon you go to. And maps aren't just limited to
    *just one per Dungeon. I'm sure I saw one over there somewhere... Anyway,
    *man... Who are ya?"
    *<Screen fades>
    *<Choose "I'm after a Vampire" or after choosing "I'm lost">
    *Kid: "So, what you're trying to say is... You're the Solar Boy old Smith's
    *been talkin' about?! That stuff he was talkin' about... that's all true?! I
    *dig it! I thought that this city was done. But this changes things. I'm
    *stayin' put now! I gotta open up shop again. Make sure you stop by, man! My
    *shop does protectors too, y'know! Not just items! Oh, yeah! That guy I told
    *you about, he got chased off by your look-alike, dude. I dunno where he
    *went... But he dropped this. If he were a Vampire... I guess this could be of
    *some use, huh?"
    <Django retrieves the Solar Gun Lens, Frost, learns ENCHANTMENT FROST>
    Kid: "There are traps all over these Remains, you know. Gotta stay cool and be
    careful, man, especially with treasure boxes. I've gotta split now! Watch your
    back, dude. Come back alive now!"
    <Kid leaves>
    Master Otenko: "That lens... There's no doubt he's here now! And he said there
    was someone who looked like you... Could he be here...?"
    Django: ...
    [They find Sabata kneeling on the floor, injured]
    Master Otenko: "Dark Boy Sabata! So you're here in San Miguel!"
    Sabata: "Django... You really messed up, eh? I mean, you of all people, getting
    the Solar Gun Stolen!"
    Master Otenko: "How did you know?"
    Sabata: "Hmph... 'Cause I took a hit! I'll never forget it, the stunning blow
    of the Gun Del Sol!"
    Master Otenko: "So you've seen that Vampire? Where is he?!"
    Sabata: "He escaped... Or rather, he slipped out of sight... I was caught off
    guard. I thought he was a normal Vampire. But what skill... And on top of that,
    he had the Solar Gun... thanks to this loser. What exactly is that Vampire?"
    Master Otenko: "We don't know... But something gets me. I don't think this is
    our first encounter..."
    Sabata: "... Well, you clearly can't stand up to him, having lost the Solar Gun
    and all. Turn back, Django!"
    *<Choose "Turn back">
    *Master Otenko: ...
    *<Forced to choose again>
    *<Choose "No way">
    *Sabata: "So you're determined to go? Hrmph... You would defy the will of the
    *Galaxy Universe that wishes to cast aside the seeds of life of all these
    *countless stars? Are you both used to hopeless battles? Are you? Haa, haa,
    *haa, haa, haa!! Good luck to you! May as well take this with you!"
    <Django retrieves the Solar Guns Lens, Cloud, learns ENCHANMENT CLOUD>
    Sabata: "He went through that door up ahead. You'll need the key to that door
    if you want to go after him. Find that first."
    [Talk to Sabata]
    Sabata: "You think it's strange that I'm here? I'm not like you. I never cared
    about the fate of this city. I was raised as a warrior of Darkness by Hel, the
    Queen of Immortals... But it's not my deceitful mother I hate. Not anymore.
    It's that Dark, who drove both of us to madness, and the Immortals of the
    Forces of Darkness who obey his will. I won't let them carry on. That's why I'm
    [Talk to Sabata again]
    Sabata: "He's tough... He dodged most of my attacks, and all I could do was get
    one lens off him. It'll be virtually impossible to get the Solar Gun back from
    him. It might be better just to destroy it..."
    [Talk to Sabata again]
    Sabata: "Kid from the Item Shop? With the crazy hair...? Yeah, without him
    getting in the way, it wouldn't have come to this! What's that? I helped him?
    Now why would I do that?!"
    [Talk to Sabata again]
    Sabata: "Do you know the legend of these Remains? It's said that it's a place
    where the dead are resurrected. But they don't lose their past lives' memories
    or appearances like the Undead. They come back just as they were before they
    died... Does that mean they're Immortals? Or do they have the bodies of men?
    But that's just crazy talk. There's no way you can change the past..."
    [After opening an explosive treasure chest]
    Master Otenko: "Are you all right, Django?!"
    <Django was blessed by fire, learns Dynamite>
    Master Otenko, Django: ...
    <Flashback to Django talking to Kid>
    Kid: "Gotta stay cool and be careful, man. Especially with treasure boxes."
    <Flashback ends>
    Django: (It's over...)
    [Outside, in the desert]
    Master Otenko: "Wait, Django! You must have water in the desert. Check that
    spring over there first."
    [Go to the next screen]
    Master Otenko: "Feel the heat of the desert! Without water, your life energy
    will go down. Your remaining water is shown at the top center of the screen. If
    your water runs out, don't push on, Django! Just go back and fill up."
    [After entering the hidden desert building]
    Master Otenko: "This is a Warp Magic Square... It seems to be connected close
    to the Dungeon entrance. You can use it to go in and out of the Dungeon
    whenever you want. To activate the warp, press the A Button on top of the Warp
    Magic Square. If you're worried about your equipment, why not return to the
    city first and prepare?"
    [Before the Immortal room]
    Master Otenko: "Hold on, Django! Can you sense it? This presence... Make no
    mistake... Just beyond here... It's the Vampire! Prepare yourself! May the Sun
    be with you!"
    [In the Immortal room]
    Vampire: "Stay away! Don't come near me! Heart... sinking... into...
    <Vampire starts to shake>
    Master Otenko: "It's... just like that other time?!"
    Vampire: "Urgh... urrrgh! Run...! Run away, Django!"
    Master Otenko: "You can't be...?!"
    <Another man appears>
    Black Shadow: "Heh, heh, heh... So you've finally figured it out? But it's too
    late! Messenger of the Sun, Otenko. This is where you must leave us. I can show
    them they way from here... The way for those two... to Darkness, that is!"
    Master Otenko: !
    <A big shadowy hand takes Master Otenko away>
    Django: !
    Vampire: "Aaaaaargh!"
    <Vampire lunges towards Django, Sabata appears and pushes Django away>
    Sabata: "What are you playing around for, Django?! Worry about Otenko later.
    Right now we've got to kill this Vampire! I'll stop his movement by sealing him
    with a Black Hole! You just keep him off my back 'til then, okay?"
    [After defeating the Vampire]
    Vampire: "You two... Django... And surely not... ...Sabata?!"
    Sabata: "How do you know my name?!"
    Django: "F-Father...?!"
    Sabata, Django: !
    Django: !
    <Vampire rushes forward and bites Django>
    Vampire: "...Django...!"
    <Vampire screams and disappears>
    Sabata: "Django! Damn! He's been hit with Vampire blood. The Undeadening is
    advancing... The Lunar Child blood should be suppressing the change but it's
    not working. Why?! The reaction must be too strong! If it's not stopped, not
    only will he turn into a Vampire... he may lose his life. It's a risky gamble,
    but... the Pile Driver's the only option!"
    <Sabata puts Django in the coffin>
    Sabata: "At the top right of the screen is Django's Life Gauge. Before that
    gets to zero he must be taken to the Pile Driver on Sun Avenue."
    [In the Remains Wedge Room]
    Sabata: "A broken wedge... This could be the seal of an ancient Immortal. Maybe
    who broke out of this seal was the Shadow that took Otenko. Hm. Looks like the
    Undead Immortals are the only ones who can transcend death..."
    Mall                                                                     [SBDP]
    [Lita and Zazie run up to Sabata]
    Lita: "Master Django?!"
    <Screen fades>
    [Django's coffin has been placed in the Pile Driver]
    Zazie: "It's like Sabata said... To help Django now, all we can do is purify
    the Vampire blood in him with the Pile driver."
    Lita: "But... if we do that... Master Django might..."
    Zazie: "Yer right. It's a gamble. A gamble with life..."
    Lita: ! "But! You can't..."
    Zazie: "Yer pretty attached to him, eh?"
    Lita: "Huh?! What? Me...?!"
    Zazie: "Then believe in him! Star readin's the same. Just 'cause yer believe in
    it don't mean it'll work. No matter how hard yer try, if it ain't gonna work,
    yer can't do nothin'. But, if yer don't even have faith and yer just give up...
    that's it, then. That Sabata, he knows only too well. And you need to as
    well... Believe in him! Your feelings'll get through to him!"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Help Master Django... Please!"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Sabata, please use this!"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "..."
    [Talk to Zazie]
    Zazie: "Your body..."
    Sabata: "Oh! Your great star reading again, right? Yeah that's right. My body's
    been taken over by Dark Matter... It probably couldn't survive without the
    power of Darkness..."
    Zazie: "But if yer use the Pile Driver with yer body... Yer must know the
    consequences, eh?"
    Sabata: "I won't last long anyways, will I? I fight the way I fight. That's
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Sabata: "The legend of the Remains in the desert, the resurrection of the
    dead... maybe it's just referring to the Immortals of the past. But your
    mistress, the Legendary Witch, she might know something... You know, about
    resurrecting people's souls..."
    Zazie: "Sabata, I dunno what yer thinking of, but that stuff's off-limits,
    awright? Even for a witch, that subject's taboo. So stop comin' up with such
    bad ideas, eh?"
    Sabata: "I know! I've known... from the beginning..."
    Zazie: "..."
    [Kid is standing outside the Item Shop]
    Kid: "What's up, boy? I'm ya main man for items and protectors! They're all
    right here! Take a look!"
    <Kid goes inside the shop>
    Kid: "Yo! Wanna shop?"
    [Use the shop]
    Kid: "You're the man! Go through those items, and come see me when ya need some
    [Use the shop again]
    Kid: "You're the man! I'll buy any stuff if it's weighin' ya down! I'm all on
    [Talk to Kid]
    Kid: "Oh yeah! On my way back over here, I ran into that Cheyenne guy from the
    Weapon Shop. He's a crazy dude like you! Going to the Dark City with all those
    Undead wandering about... What's he doing in the ruins, man?"
    [Talk to Kid again]
    Kid: "Hey, you know 'bout all those abnormal statuses? Ignite sets your body on
    fire and drains your life bit by bit, man. Freeze zaps your mobility because of
    the ice stuck to your body. Petrify's all about rocks weighing you down so you
    can't move. But you can get out of all three of them with some speedy finger
    work on the Control Pad! Don't panic and just chill, okay?"
    [Talk to Luis]
    Luis: "Sonny..."
    [Talk to Marcello]
    Marcello: "You're..."
    [Talk to Violet]
    Violet: "Huh?! Aren't you Django's brother?"
    Sabata: "I'm Sabata..."
    Violet: "..."
    Sabata: "...?"
    Violet: "Um... I'm Violet. This is Nero."
    Sabata: "Oh..."
    Violet: "..."
    (The conversation ends)
    [Talk to Smith]
    Sabata: "You're Smith?"
    Smith: "Sabata...?! Django's brother, right? Ringo was always looking for
    Sabata: "There's something I want to ask you. Is our Father... Is he really
    dead? Did you see it with your own eyes? His last moments, I mean..."
    Smith: "...Nobody saw his last moments... He used himself as bait to lure the
    Count away, so the people of the city could escape. We never found his body..."
    Sabata: "I see. Them there's no doubt that Vampire is..."
    Smith: "Don't be ridiculous! That's impossible! Old, maybe... but he had the
    Blood of the Sun. He was the ultimate Vampire Hunter."
    Sabata: "Still, there's no denying Django is in mortal danger of being killed
    at his hand... If that man obeys the Immortals, and Dark, I will destroy him.
    I'll defeat the Vampire... Even if he was once our Father! I was raised as a
    Dark Child... The only life I know to live is one smeared in blood! Haa, haa,
    haa, haa, haa!!"
    Smith: "Sabata...!"
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Ringo...!"
    [After starting the Pile Driver]
    Zazie: "Sabata, yer ready? Force the Ectoplasm back into the coffin, and hold
    on to Django. Once the Dark Gauge at the top-right o' the screen hits zero, the
    purifyin's done. Yer body won't last for long, so it's a race against time,
    awright. Ready?"
    [After Django has been purified]
    Lita: "Master Django! Your body...?!"
    Sabata: "Guess we couldn't stop him from becoming a Vampire..."
    <Sabata collapses>
    Zazie, Lita, Django: !
    Zazie: "Sabata!"
    <Django got the power of Darkness, learns ENCHANMENT DARK, Sleeping, Change
    Mouse, and Change Wolf and Change Bat but loses the Power of the Sun>
    [Upstairs, in the Inn, Lita is watching over a comatose Sabata]
    [Downstairs Zazie is with Django]
    Zazie: "Django, you're half Vampire now, ain't yer? Sunlight burns yer, water
    scalds yer... Can't really call yer Solar Boy no more, eh...? More like Black
    Django! But the worst could be yet to come, y'know. The power of Darkness could
    eat yer up and turn yer into a real Vampire. Or... you could escape that fate
    and turn yerself back into Solar Boy... It's all still to come..."
    <Lita runs down the stairs>
    Zazie: "Where's Sabata?"
    Lita: "He still hasn't woken up..."
    Zazie: "Oh, right... A Witch's Apprentice but useless as a chocolate tea-pot. I
    can't do nothin'..."
    [Talk to Kid]
    Kid: "There you are, boy! Huh?! What's up? You seem a little different... Oh
    well. That's cool. I've got items and protectors on sale for ya here. Whaddya
    [Talk to Luis]
    Luis: "Did ya know this? If ya press START on the menu screen, you'll get a
    list of menus. Scroll through with the Control Pad and select with the A Button
    to open one. Ya can switch between menus with the L Button and R Button too,
    which can come in handy when looking for a particular menu."
    [Talk to Luis again]
    Luis: "Bein' this age, I was starting to wonder what the point was in living
    any longer... But now seeing all this Undead stuff, I realized it for the first
    time. Now I understand it, the meanin' of life..."
    [Talk to the Coffin Shopkeeper]
    Coffin Shopkeeper: "You've come at a great time... I got my hand on a new
    coffin for ya! Be sure to take a look! I tell ya, these were a real good find
    this time around I got a coffin with Solar Child magic, and a living coffin,
    the Coffin Beast. You'd be crazy not to take a look, huh?!"
    <Buy a new coffin>
    Coffin Shopkeeper: "Ah, nice fit... The coffins love you, my boy! Ha ha ha....
    See ya again soon, kid."
    [Talk to Violet]
    Violet: "Waaah... You look like Nero!"
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "Nero's gone missing again. Oh fooey!!"
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "Anything you put in the Warehouse won't go bad. You don't have to
    worry about fruit or meat getting spoiled."
    [Talk to Smith]
    Smith: "Django... I can't believe that you, Solar Boy, are turning into a
    Vampire... And Ringo too. Was the Vampire that you were chasing really
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Come to think of it, I've heard word from Cheyenne. Seems like he's
    found something in Dark City to the northeast. Says he going to look into it a
    bit further. The Dark City is the ruins from before we were attacked by the
    Undeadening... A territory of Darkness made by us mortals. Maybe the Forces of
    Darkness coming back to life was our own doing..."
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Weapons don't go bad in the Sun like fruit and meat do. But if you use
    them a lot they can show a bit of wear and tear. Too much damage will
    eventually lower the quality of the weapon. It's smart to use it for forging
    before that and make yourself a stronger weapon!"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Master Django, I heard that Solar Fruit has no effect on Vampires. I
    won't be able to provide you with any blood... But try quenching your thirst
    with this!"
    [Use the Solar Fruit shop]
    Lita: "Thank you! Master Django, even if you become a Vampire, I'll still...
    um... Keep the Sun always in your heart!"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Depriving the earth of its power... That strange plant, the Root of
    Darkness, that's sprung up all over San Miguel... I'm sure it's that plant
    that's preventing this city from being purified. But the Root of Darkness is
    just the tip of it all. Somewhere there is a Darkness Tree, and unless that's
    destroyed this town cannot be purified. The Root of Darkness steals the Sun's
    energy from the ground, and it seems that this makes it vulnerable to the power
    of Darkness. You should be able to use ENCHANTMENT DARK now. You can destroy it
    with that!"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django, are you feeling all right? Solar Fruit doesn't have any
    effect on Vampires. Be careful, okay?"
    [Talk to Zazie, who is watching over a sleeping Sabata]
    Zazie: "Sorry an' all, Django. I haven't a clue where Master Otenko or that
    Vampire went off to. It's these black clouds... They're gettin' in the way of
    me star readin', see. I'm no use at all, am I..."
    *<Choose "That's right">
    *Zazie: "Guess I'm not as good as that old hag..."
    *<Choose "Cheer up!">
    *Zazie: "Thanks, Django. Appreciate it..."
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "This fella's been tryin' the impossible all along... Exposing his
    body... with the blood from the Sun an' the Moon... to Darkness. And you're in
    the same boat now, too. Watch out for the Sun's rays, awright? Especially when
    yer solar chargin'."
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "Django, You can't be usin' the Power o' the Sun now, yer know. Yer can
    only use Dark Enchantment. Yer can't be usin' Sun Magic no more. So instead,
    yer need to use the power o' Vampire -- Dark Magic. Yer gotta take control o'
    that power and manipulate it for yerself. Yer can't let the power o' Darkness
    swallow yer up, okay?"
    [Talk to Sabata]
    Sabata: "..."
    Dark City                                                                [DACI]
    [Django sees Nero enter Dark City]
    Django: !
    [While searching Dark City]
    ???: "Django... You must make use of it... the power of Vampires, Dark Magic...
    Sleeping is Healing Magic that uses a coffin. Sleeping in a coffin allows you
    to recover energy without relying on the Sun. You must embrace it, Dark
    ???: "Django... You must make use of it... the power of Vampires, Dark Magic...
    CHANGE BAT is Change Magic that enables you to transform into a bat. When you
    become a bat, you'll be able to use ultrasonic waves to see things you can't
    usually see. You must embrace it, Dark Magic..."
    ???: "Django... You must make use of it... the power of Vampires, Dark Magic...
    CHANGE MOUSE is Change Magic that enables you to transform into a mouse. Then
    you'll be able to get through small holes that you usually can't pass through.
    You must embrace it, Dark Magic..."
    ???: "Django... You must make use of it... the power of Vampires, Dark Magic...
    CHANGE WOLF is Change Magic that enables you to transform into a wolf. With
    CHANGE WOLF, you can steal life energy from enemies by biting them. But you
    have to bite them behind or else it won't work, so keep that in mind. Hit the L
    Button repeatedly while biting and you'll steal more life energy. You must
    embrace it, Dark Magic..."
    ???: "Django... You must make use of it... the power of Vampires, Dark Magic...
    CHANGE BAT is Change Magic that enables you to transform into a bat. As a bat,
    you'll be able to get through small, usually impassable windows. You must
    embrace it, Dark Magic..."
    ???: "You must be careful, Django... Vampires are vulnerable to water and the
    Sun's rays. Even puddles can harm you, so you can't let your guard down for
    even a second... You must make use of it... The power of Vampires, Dark
    Magic... CHANGE BAT is Change Magic that enables you to transform into a bat.
    As a bat, you'll be able to fly around obstacles that are usually impassable.
    You must embrace it, Dark Magic..."
    [On the roof, an axe is thrown towards Django]
    Django: !
    ???: "A Vampire... So it is an Immortal that is behind that Darkness Tree. I am
    Cheyenne, Guard of San Miguel and the Wind Warrior of the four Sun Warrior
    classes. Even if I'm the last one left, I will not let you Immortals do as you
    please! Creatures of the night that sully the pure Sun... with my sword I will
    send you back to the Darkness!"
    *<Choose "Wait!">
    *Cheyenne: "You're wasting your breath!"
    *<Choose "Come on, then!">
    *Cheyenne: "Aaaaaargh!"
    [After beating Cheyenne]
    Cheyenne: "I don't believe it! Django...?! You've turned into a Vampire...
    ...But I was certain I would see you again...! Do you remember me? That day,
    thanks to the sacrifice your Father, Red Ringo, made, we managed to escape from
    San Miguel. But the Count had a trap in store for us... And we all paid dearly
    at the hands of the Vampires. Smith lost an eye, I lost my dear brothers, and
    you... You lost your mother, Mani. But despite that, you didn't give up. With
    the Crimson Scarf as a memento of your Father, you set off on your travels to
    the City of Death, Istrakan... And now, even though you have dark blood
    invading your body, I see no despair in your eyes. Your Sun... hasn't set
    <Cheyenne stands up>
    Cheyenne: "We Guards have been defending the City of the Sun since the days of
    old. But in this period of Darkness... What could the legendary Wedge Seal have
    been locking away? It has all been lost in time. Just like people have
    forgotten the Sun... And now the powers of Darkness have come back to life. Two
    seals are already broken... one at the Cathedral and one at the Remains in the
    desert. Go take a look at that."
    <Both look at the vines covering the building>
    Cheyenne: "That plant... It's definitely not natural. I'm sure it's the
    Darkness Tree. By the look of things, the third seal isn't safe either. Looking
    at that Root of Darkness that's overwhelming the entire city, it seems likely
    that here in Dark City was where it all began. This city is being swallowed up
    by the Darkness humans have created themselves. What exactly have we Guards
    been protecting all these years...? I can't do anything to put an end to that
    Darkness Tree... In fact I don't think there's anything more I can do here...
    I'm going to return to the City of the Sun and set up a shop. I'll sell weapons
    opposite Smith's place. Maybe that way I'll be able to help you some. And we
    must continue to find out more about the Wedge Seal. Django, it's up to you to
    save this City of Darkness! You possess the ability to defeat the Darkness
    Tree... and the Darkness within you. Take this! It's the key to the door on the
    first floor."
    <Django receives the key>
    Cheyenne: "I believe in you, Solar Boy Django!"
    [Before the Immortal room]
    Black Shadow: "You've finally made it all the way here. Enjoying the power of
    Darkness? You're half Vampire now, so you haven't mastered the power of
    Darkness yet... But you've probably realized how marvelous it is, right? The
    very fact that you made it this far is testament to that power. Ha, ha, ha...!!
    I haven't introduced myself. I am the true Dark Child, Black Dainn. Django,
    you're one of us now. Only the Immortals can truly save this world now.
    Together, we must release this world from the hand of the unforgiven. That
    would make your Father, the Vampire Ringo, so proud."
    ???: "Hey! How dare you do dropping my name in like that!"
    Django, Black Dainn: !
    <Many bats appear>
    Black Dainn: "What the...?! You got your memory back?!"
    Ringo: "Django, thank goodness you're safe... Your blood... The blood of Mani
    within you is what woke me. Now there's no time to lose! This is our chance!
    While I'm subduing him, you must destroy the Darkness Tree!"
    Black Dainn: "Urgh... That fool Count... What a useless Vampire he's
    <Ringo moves Black Dainn out of the way; Django goes into the Immortal room>
    Red Hair Girl: "Dark Brother has been playing for too long now... White Sister
    is defeated, and Blue Sister will not awaken. We cannot let you continue your
    games any further. We must swiftly get rid of harmful pests. The abandoned Dark
    City and the Darkness Seed it bore, the seed I nurtured... It took root in me,
    and started to sprout. And on the day of the Undeadening... I woke up to my
    true self. Dark Brother called to me! I'm not alone anymore! I'm needed! I'm
    allowed to stay here! I am the Red Durathror! I am the Earth-ruling Immortal!"
    <Plant tentacles rise from the ground>
    Red Durathror: "...Light attracts Darkness. But your light was too strong. And
    that troubles Dark Brother... You don't need light anymore, right? I'll take
    you... to a world with no light... to a world where the Sun doesn't rise!"
    [After defeating Red Durathror]
    Ringo's Voice: "Django... You must purify the Darkness Tree..."
    [After seeing that Ringo is not outside the Immortal room]
    Django: ...
    Plaza                                                                    [RDPU]
    [Zazie appears in front of Django]
    Zazie: "Eh, it that... the Darkness Tree Immortal? You certainly got the hang
    of that power o' Darkness business, didn't yer...? But yer not thinkin' o'
    usin' the Pile Driver like that, are yer, Django? It's true that San Miguel's
    doomed if the Darkness Tree ain't purified. But you ain't forgotten what
    happened to Sabata, right? Yer still gonna do it?!"
    *<Choose "No">
    *Zazie: "...Didya really think yer could pull a fast one by me? Honestly, you
    *two brothers are pretty sneaky, ain't yer? Still, that's what I like about you
    *two. Awright, I won't stop yer. I'm watchin' over all yer battles. Give it all
    *yer got!"
    *<Choose "Yes">
    *Zazie: "...You two brothers are mental, I swear. Stark ravin' bonkers...
    *Still, that's what I like about you two. Awright, I won't stop yer. I'm
    *watchin' over all yer battles. Give it all yer got!"
    [Talk to Zazie]
    Zazie: "In the dark night sky is a mirror reflecting the Sun, the Moon...
    Sunlight and Darkness, and the four elements of fire, water, wind and earth...
    The Moon Kindred, Lunar Children, had the ability to understand their power.
    The Lunar Maiden, Moon Beauty, was able to make use o' this power. Mani was the
    last of those who remained... And then there was Red Ringo, said to be the
    strongest Vampire Hunter. With the Solar Gun, a Magic Machine handed down from
    the Solar Children, he's the one that succeeded in defeating the King o' the
    Immortals... And it's their blood and soul that's been passed down to you two,
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "You brothers have inherited the blood o' the Sun and the Moon. But that
    don't mean your powers are the same. You've got more o' the Sun in yer, and
    Sabata's got more o' the Moon in him. So when it comes to Darkness, you didn't
    have the same degree of resistance as he did. And now that you're bein' invaded
    by that Vampire blood, you don't have resistance to the Sun's rays either. So
    yer really gotta watch it now, awright?"
    [After starting the Pile Driver]
    Django: "Taiyooooooooooh!"
    <Django collapses>
    Zazie: "Django?!"
    ???: "Django... You must wake up. You still have work to do. There is something
    that only you can do. There are people who need your help. Can you not hear
    their voices?"
    Sunflower Girl: "Oy, Django! Get up, will yer?!"
    Smith: "Django!!"
    Violet: "Wakey wakey!"
    Kid: "Come on, boy!"
    Cheyenne: "Django!!"
    Lita: "Please, Master Django!"
    <Django gets up, sees Sabata in front of him>
    Sabata: "Django, you mustn't give in to the power of Darkness. Surely you
    haven't forgotten the battle with the Queen? It's just like you taught me,
    remember? The power to escape death... The will to live... That and only that,
    <Sabata disappears>
    Django: "That is... our..." sun!
    <Django retrieves the power of the Sun, learns Transform and Rising Sun>
    [After Red Durathror has been purified]
    Red Durathror: "In my world, there was no light... With no light in the world,
    I just wanted to die... Dark Brother... I tried my hardest... My life had...
    meaning... didn't it? Aah, it's so warm... So this is... the Sun..."
    [Everybody is around Django]
    Zazie: "Blimey, don't scare me like that, I tell yer..."
    Smith: "You really had me worried there!!"
    Violet: "You're safe! I'm so happy!"
    Kid: "Well, this town would just be dull without ya."
    Cheyenne: "I had faith in you, Solar Boy Django!!"
    Lita: "Dear Master Django!! I... sniff... ...I'm sorry."
    Sabata: "Phew, glad that's over..."
    Solar Tree Area
    Lita: "Now that the Darkness Tree is gone, the city can finally start to
    recover from the ravages of the Undeadening. Look! The seedlings of the Solar
    Tree have grown so much... The Solar Tree's happy too!"
    Django: (Durathror?!)
    <Django learns Healing>
    Lita: "It's small right now... but as long as we have this new Solar Tree, the
    Sun, and the Earth... As long as we don't forget their blessings... we should
    all be able to go on living together. Even if the world faces the Doomsday
    Mall, the Inn                                                            [CSYT]
    Sabata: "So? Have you found out where that Vampire is?"
    Zazie: "No luck... Master Otenko and Ringo are still covered by that dark
    cloud... Me star readin's no use as usual. You're all doin' yer best even while
    recuperatin' but I can't do nothin'. To think I didn't realize that Vampire was
    Ringo... I'm not worthy of bein' the old hag..."
    Sabata: "Save your regrets for later. You think there's nothing you can do?
    Don't be ridiculous! What about the barrier you set up here at Sun Avenue?
    Without that, this city would've been taken over by enemies ages ago. It must
    take a huge amount of energy to maintain that barrier. Who else but you could
    provide that amount of energy? Who else besides the legendary Witch's
    Apprentice, eh?"
    Zazie: "Yer mean... only I can do it? Yer right. There is stuff I can do, that
    I must do... The Sun Avenue barrier... That's me job -- To protect that, and
    the city folk... and the young Solar Tree. And I'm the only one who can do it!
    Even if it's rainin' cat 'n' dogs, a sunflower holds its head up high! And to
    think it was me who told Django that... This is no time to be down!"
    Sabata: "Oh goodness... You do not have what it takes to live up to the name
    Sunflower Girl."
    Zazie: "Hrmph! Don't call me by the old hag's name! I got my own name, and it's
    Zazie! I can't do everything the old hag could, but I'm doin' me best, so it's
    Sabata: "Haa... Haa, haa, haa, haa, haa!!"
    Zazie: "Nya, ha hah!"
    Sabata: "Hey, Sunflower! I can see your tonsils!"
    Zazie: "Huh?!"
    <Sabata leaves>
    Zazie: "Aaaaaaah!"
    [Talk to Cheyenne who is outside the Weapons Shop]
    Cheyenne: "Ah, looks like you're fine now, Django. Well, the shop's all ready.
    I don't have much stock yet, but Smith and I plan to work together and gather
    new weapons as well. Use them to win your battles!"
    [Talk to Cheyenne inside the shop]
    Cheyenne: "Django, I've got something I want to give you. You should be able to
    master it, now that the Sun is back with you."
    <Django learns Dash>
    Cheyenne: "And I've found out some things about those wedges. The Spiral Tower
    that stands on the Hill of Promises to the north if the city... I don't know
    what's in there, but the 4-Quarter Seal blocking the path... that used to be
    the purpose of the wedges. Four wedges complete the four quarters, sealing away
    four Immortals: The Black Dainn, the White Duneyrr, the Red Durathror, and the
    Blue Dvalinn... Of the four wedges, three have already been broken. The last
    one is in the depths of the Aqueduct in the southwest of the city. Fortunately
    a strong Tarot Seal holds the door to the Aqueduct tightly shut. The city's
    Guild Master set it up to protect the water supply from the Undeadening. Even
    an Immortal would have a lot of trouble breaking through it. Of all the
    Immortals that were released, you've already purified two. Just defeat the
    Black Dainn who's left, and you will preserve the 4-Quarter Seal. You must find
    Dainn, Django!"
    [Talk to Cheyenne again]
    Cheyenne: "Hi there, Django."
    [Use the shop]
    Cheyenne: "Hm. The weapons here are just run of the mill. If you want high
    quality weapons, try forging them at Smith's place. The quality could go up or
    down though, depending on how good you are."
    [Use the shop again]
    Cheyenne: "Hm. The price you'll get for weapons depends entirely on their
    quality. Any with SP will get you a nice tidy sum!"
    [Talk to Cheyenne again]
    Cheyenne: "Do you remember Lady? Normally she works at the Library, but that's
    just a cover... Her real job is running the underground operations in town as
    the Guild Master. And she's the Card Master too. You know the seal on the
    Aqueduct door that operates by Magic Cards and Tarot? She was supposed to come
    back to San Miguel with Smith and me, but I haven't seen her since..."
    [Talk to Cheyenne again]
    Cheyenne: "There are various ways to get yourself a weapon. The easiest is just
    to buy one at this shop, but sometimes monsters drop them as well."
    [Talk to Cheyenne again, and choose "Link Shop"]
    Cheyenne: "With Link Shopping, you can use the Game Boy AdvanceTM Game LinkTM
    cable to buy and sell weapons with your Solar Boy friends. The prices you pay
    and charge are entirely up to you. But remember, no matter how strong the
    weapon is, if it's higher than your current level, you won't be able to use it.
    Got it?"
    [Talk to Violet]
    Violet: "Poor Nero... Sabata found him for me, but he's hurt... Lita put a
    bandage on for me, so he'll be okay. He will, won't he? Sabata's much better
    now too..."
    <Nero wakes up and walks off>
    Violet: "Nero, you've got to rest!"
    [Talk to Violet]
    Violet: "..."
    [Talk to Violet again]
    Violet: "Bad Nero!! ...sniff..."
    [Talk to Smith]
    Smith: "You had me worried there for a while... But I tell ya, I'm sure glad
    you're back as Solar Boy again. It's Ringo we've gotta worry about now, eh.
    Losing his memory and all when he became a Vampire... But why would the Count
    have done that to his arch rival? Maybe it signifies his love and hatred. Or
    maybe... Anyway, I'm still worried about what's happened to Otenko as well.
    We've toppled the Darkness Tree, but it's still no time to relax..."
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "The power of the Lunar Child blood running through your body is what
    brought back Ringo's memory. But that power was abused by the Immortals, and
    the Lunar Child disappeared from this world... The last remaining two, Mani and
    Hel... Two sides of the moon, Affection and Lunacy, each inherited
    separately... Two tragic sisters, split as friend and foe... Mani... please
    help guide Ringo!"
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Weapons have ranks according to their level. Weapons up to level 13 are
    C-rank, easy for beginners to use, but not much power. Weapons up to level 29
    are B-rank. Special effects come into play at this rank. But giving a weapon a
    special effect is all down to your SOLARSMITH, see."
    [Talk to Kid]
    Kid: "I can't believe you were a Vampire, man... But if your cash is still
    comin' my way for items, dude, I'm cool with that. We live in a craaazy world!
    We can't worry about all the little details, man. We just gotta chill."
    [Talk to Kid again]
    Kid: "Hey, dude! Has it ever been Game Over for you? When you get beat in the
    middle of an adventure, part with some SOLL and pay to the order of Dark Loans,
    and you can continue from the start of the area you were beaten in."
    [Use the Item shop]
    Lita: "Thank you! Keep your strength up, Master Django! Let's get through
    another day!"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "I'm so glad you're okay, Master Django... Zazie called us. She told us
    to talk to you so the Darkness wouldn't take your soul... Could you hear our
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Do you know...? If you're poisoned or confused, you'll get better
    naturally in time. Other kinds of abnormal statuses like stomach aches will
    heal themselves too. But the Curse of Kaamos never goes away on its own. There
    are two ways to lift it. You can either bathe in plenty of sunlight, or use a
    Drop of Sun. When the Solar Tree fully matures, you could use morning dew as
    [Talk to the Coffin Shopkeeper]
    Coffin Shopkeeper: "You've come at a great time... I got my hand on a new
    coffin for ya! Be sure to take a look! It's a Coffin of Darkness. I got it off
    the black market. It's a bit hard to handle but if you master it, the results
    are spectacular!"
    House of Time                                                            [HOFT]
    ???: "Who are you...? This is the House of Time... a distorted time space where
    past and present collapse. If you don't watch your step, you could get lost in
    [After Django blows up a wall]
    ???: ! ! "Who's there?! Hm? A boy? Who are you...?!"
    Django: ...
    ???: "Hmm... Solar Boy fighting the Forces of Darkness, eh...? My name is...
    ...oh, it's no good! I just can't remember a thing. Seems like I've gone and
    lost my memory somehow. What was I doing trapped between these walls in a room
    with no exit? How on earth did I manage to get in here in the first place?!"
    Django: ...
    ??? : "You're right... What's the point in hanging around here? I'll go to Sun
    Avenue like you said. Hey, there's no need to worry. I have my own skills to
    get me through safely. Yeah, my own skills... Not that I can remember what they
    are. You take care, too, Solar Boy!"
    [After falling in a trapdoor]
    ???: "Who is it...?!"
    Django: !
    Ghost Boy: "You did well not to get lost in this time warp. Maybe you could
    help... You might be able to find my Pa for me. Please!! Bring my Pa back!!"
    *<Choose "Don't want to">
    *Ghost Boy: "Awww...! I'll give you a reward! Please!! Bring my Pa back!!"
    *<Forced to choose again>
    *<Choose "Okay">
    *Ghost Boy: "Thank you!! Pa got taken away by these Ghosts. I don't know where
    *they've taken him to, but... He's in the house somewhere. The key we used to
    *use for the house is over there. You should take it with you. And remember
    *that me, Pa, and the Ghosts are all in the present, okay? Make sure you don't
    *get confused between the present and the past."
    [Talk to Ghost Boy]
    Ghost Boy: "Pa should be in the house in the present... I wonder if he's
    [Talk to Ghost Boy again]
    Ghost Boy: "The Ghost will probably try to get in your way. Better be really
    careful, all right?"
    [After defeating the skeletons]
    ???: "Where am I...? What am I doing here...? Oh yes... The Ghosts whisked me
    Django: ...
    ???: "Ah! What about my son...?!"
    <Screen fades>
    Ghost Father: "Django, I really must thank you. I nearly fell in with some evil
    spirits back there. I never thought I'd see my son again... But the whole thing
    was my fault... It was fair punishment for the things I did when I was alive."
    Ghost Boy: "But you did those things to save me... And if the illness has
    spread, even more people would've gotten hurt. You didn't do anything wrong,
    Ghost Father: "That may be so, but it's not right to sacrifice others, even if
    you're doing it to help someone. And in the end, nothing I did saved your
    life... I will go to the World of the Dead and accept the judgment of the
    Queen. That is the only thing I can do to try to atone for my sins..."
    Ghost Boy: "I'm coming with you! I can't let you suffer alone, Pa!"
    Ghost Father: "Giorgio..."
    Ghost Boy: "Well, we'll be going now, Django... Thanks so much for saving Pa
    for me!"
    Aqueduct                                                                 [TROT]
    Django: !
    Ringo: "Django?! So you defeated Durathror... And you got back the power of the
    Sun without losing the power of Darkness... ...I'm impressed you found this
    place. Dainn is behind here... I was just a step behind, but he got away
    through this door. I'm sure that behind here we'll find the Wedge Seal. If it's
    broken, yet another Immortal will be brought back to life. We must defeat Dainn
    before he can do that. But first we've got to do something about this tarot
    Django: ...
    Ringo: "No ordinary Immortal could break this seal. But he's the Shadow
    Immortal. Apparently he can slip through gaps that are too tiny to see... To
    undo the Tarot Seal, we need the cards of the 3 Sages. I can't leave this
    place. I need you to go and find the cards, Django! Here, take this! I think it
    might come in handy when you're hunting them down."
    <Django retrieves the Solar Gun Lens, Earth, learns ENCHANTMENT EARTH>
    [Talk to Ringo]
    Ringo: "Black Dainn is behind this door. To preserve the Wedge Seal we must
    unlock this Tarot Seal... So it's essential we get hold of the 3 Sage cards!"
    [Talk to Ringo again]
    Ringo: "Listen, Django! I don't know who or what put this seal in place, but
    the cards of the 3 Sages must be somewhere here in San Miguel. I'm sure of it.
    Otherwise they wouldn't be used as the key. If I only knew how to do some star
    Dark City
    [After getting the Tarot card]
    ???: "I wondered who it was... And it's you, young Django! Getting past all my
    traps, guess it's no surprise seeing you made it alive from the City of Death.
    Do you remember me? It's me, Lady! The Librarian!"
    *<Choose "Don't know you">
    *Lady: "Really?! What a pity..."
    *<Choose "I remember">
    *Lady: "You're a good kid!"
    Lady: "By the way, what are you planning to do with that card? It's very
    important because it protects the city's water supply... You know I can't just
    let you take it away, even if you are Solar Boy."
    Django: ...
    Lady: "Getting past the Tarot Seal... No one could manage that, not even an
    Immortal... I suppose it's okay. I'll trust you. But just make sure you defeat
    that Immortal, okay? It seems that Lita managed to revive the Solar Tree, so
    there shouldn't be any problem with the water supply. But I'm a bit worried
    about what Cheyenne said. People seem to be gathering on Sun Avenue, so maybe
    I'd better return soon, too. There might be some Request Sheets that need to be
    taken care of... See you again, then! I'll leave that Immortal to you!"
    [Zazie is in the Inn, awake]
    Zazie: "The cards of the 3 Sages? I didn't know yer were interested in Tarot
    cards! Huh? Yer trying to break the seal? Oh, the Tarot Seal... Didn't know
    anyone here could do that kind o' stuff. Out o' the 21 cards, 18 are used for
    the Tarot Seal. The other 3 cards are the key for unlockin' the seal. Them 3
    cards are the Sages, awright. The Magician, the Hierophant and the Hermit.
    Awright, then. Now I'll find out where they are using me star reading'!"
    <Screen fades>
    Zazie: "The Magician card is... in a holy place, on the opposite side of a
    lotus leaf. Guess a holy place's gotta be the Cathedral. And speaking of a
    lotus leaf... Maybe that Sun Magic might come in useful, eh?"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "The Hierophant card is... in a place of thirst, behind a sealed wall.
    Guess a place of thirst means them Remains in the desert. And speaking of a
    sealed wall... Maybe that Sun Magic might come in useful, eh?"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "The Hermit card is... in a dark place, inside a house guarded by
    special properties. Guess a dark place'd be that Dark City. And speaking of
    them properties... Maybe that Enchantment Magic might come in useful, eh?"
    [Talk to Zazie after collecting all three cards]
    Zazie: "Looks like yer've got all them 3 Sages, eh. See, me star readin's right
    on! Which means... the dark cloud that was getting' in the way o' the stars
    [Talk to ???]
    ???: "Hey, boy!! How's it going'? Huh? Me? My memory's still not comin' back,
    but... Hey, what can you do? I'll be fine. I've even set up shop. I'm sellin'
    the weapons and items I've picked up for 200 SOLL a peice. I sell 'em in
    Blindboxes though, so ya can't see what you're buyin'. To be honest, I've yet
    to sell one... So how 'bout it? Ya wanna buy one?"
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Level 1 Blindboxes cost 200 SOLL each. Whaddya say?"
    <Buy a Blindbox>
    ???: "Wonder what it'll be?!"
    [Talk to ??? after buying a Blindbox]
    ???: "Boy, don't forget to get yourself a Blindbox before you go, eh?"
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Listen to this, boy... Some undead monsters, like Ghouls and Mummies, and
    some Phantom monsters, like Klorofolun and Ghosts, are weak to the Sun's rays.
    This means you can inflict damage on them with rays from Skylights. But you'll
    have to be careful in the night when there's no Sun because monsters that
    usually lurk indoors go on the prowl outdoors after dark."
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "By the way, boy, have you ever seen one of those monsters colored all
    over in red? Those are Crimson Monsters. They've been completely Undeadened.
    Dark Matter gets stronger from negative feelings like anger and hatred. The
    resentment of defeated monsters awakens these Crimson Monsters. They're a
    formidable foe. Don't take them lightly."
    [Talk to Lady without having done any Request Sheets]
    Lady: "Welcome, young Django! Books can teach you many things. They should help
    you on your adventure, so read as many as you like. Oh, also... my Guild work
    is really piling up at the moment. Would you mind helping me out a bit? There
    are Request Sheets on the left and right shelves. Could you have a go at doing
    some of them?"
    [Talk to Lady with having done some Request Sheets]
    Lady: "Welcome, young Django! Books can teach you many things. They should help
    you on your adventure, so read as many as you like. One more thing... It looks
    like you helped out on my Guild work while I wasn't around. I was wondering if
    I could count on you for more help? I'd be sure to reward you for it."
    [Talk to Lady again]
    Lady: "How are things?"
    ["Discuss work" with Lady]
    Lady: "Weren't there any requests that you fancied? If you change your mind,
    have a go any time!"
    ["Chat" with Lady]
    Lady: "Hmm, actually... wasn't your house behind 6th Avenue, Django? That area
    was completely ransacked, wasn't it..."
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "You get Ex Points by defeating enemy monsters. But if they're killed by
    a Skylight or a Dungeon trap, or by another monster, you won't get any points.
    Better remember that!"
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "You know... there are monsters roaming about in the Forest at the end of
    10th Avenue. It used to be such a peaceful forest, but now it's full of the
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "Apparently... the Catacomb under 10th Avenue has been contaminated by
    the Undeadening. I hope all those monsters don't start surfacing above
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "Did you know... the big mansion at the end of 2nd Avenue is like Dark
    City, just an uninhabited ruin. But now somehow monsters have intruded. I
    wonder what's in there...?"
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "Actually... have you taken a look at the Treasury on 8th Avenue? It's
    been made into a kind of puzzle. If you like that kind of thing, why don't you
    have a go? It's quite tricky!"
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "I was thinking... don't the iron bars on 12th Avenue bother you? What on
    earth could be behind them...?"
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "I've been wondering... when do you think the mystery door on 6th Avenue
    will open?"
    [Talk to Lady and choose "Gift"]
    Lady: "A gift exchange is when you swap the Battle Points you collect in link
    battles for Magic Cards. But which card you get depends on your fate... And if
    you bag is full, you won't be able to make the exchange, so watch out! Have a
    go, and see if you can get some good cards!"
    [Before taking on a request]
    Lady: "Well, good luck then, Django! <music note>"
    [If you fail a request]
    Lady: "Are you all right, Django? Maybe you weren't quite ready... Don't push
    yourself too hard, okay?!"
    [If you succeed in your request]
    Lady: "Django! You did it! This is your reward. Please take it! <music note>"
    [If you didn't pick up your reward and try to accept another request]
    Lady: "First get your reward for last time, okay?"
    [Talk to Cheyenne]
    Cheyenne: "I see you've already met Lady. Watch out for her. Normally she works
    at the Library, but that's just a cover... Her real job is running the
    underground operations in town as the Guild Master. Don't do any rash work for
    her that you might end up regretting."
    Aqueduct                                                                 [AQDU]
    [Talk to Ringo after finding a card]
    Ringo: "We still need two cards... There's not much time! Hurry, Django!"
    [Talk to Ringo after finding two cards]
    Ringo: "We still need one card... Almost there, Django!"
    [Talk to Ringo after finding all three cards]
    Ringo: "Great work, Django! You've got all 3 Sage cards... Right! Now use them
    to unlock the Tarot Seal!"
    <Django goes to unlock the Tarot Seal>
    ???: "Wait, Django! That's not Father!"
    Django: !
    <Sabata enters the Aqueduct>
    Ringo: "Too late!"
    <Ringo unlocks the Tarot Seal, knocks Django aside>
    Sabata: "I won't let you pass!"
    <Sabata shoots at Ringo>
    Ringo's Voice: "Thank you, Django! Now I can finally reach the last wedge! It's
    not much, but I prepared a little thank-you gift. Ha, ha, ha...!!"
    Sabata: "No...!"
    [In the Immortal room]
    Ringo: "You're too late, Django! You'll never catch me like that! Ha, ha,
    Sabata: "Stop this pretense and show your true form... ...Black Dainn!"
    Ringo: "My true form? What is one's true form? It's nothing more than an
    illusion... People just play the part of the person that suits them at the
    time, wagging their tails at those they like, and shaking their heads at those
    they don't. Just like switching between the Sun and Darkness... Isn't that so,
    Django? I am a shadow. I have no true form. That's why I've borrowed a body for
    myself from someone else!"
    <Dainn screams>
    Sabata, Django: !
    Black Dainn: "The Immortals' old rival, your Father, Red Ringo... Actually, I'm
    getting quite used to being his Vampire-turned body! Ha, ha, ha...!!"
    Sabata: "...You twisted being!"
    Black Dainn: "Never expected such harsh words, especially from you. How could
    you, with your dark blood, betray the Will of the Galaxy Universe now?"
    Sabata: "Betray? Hrmph! Even if my body is infested with all this Dark Matter,
    I'm not part of some group! And I don't take orders from anyone! Even from the
    Galaxy Universe, Dark!!"
    Black Dainn: "I will see to it that Dark's will is obeyed... Neither of your
    inherited bloodlines are any use! You inadequate Dark One! I have no use for
    you anymore!"
    Sabata: "Inadequate...? What's wrong with that...? I used to seek completeness.
    Complete power... But it's because people aren't complete that they keep
    striving for more! Being able to wish for things... the power to dream... Being
    incomplete gives them potential for the future! They have hope! You don't even
    have a self! You could never understand."
    Black Dainn: "Believe me, there is no hope for you... What will come out of
    betraying the Will of the Galaxy Universe? Do you think you stand a chance?"
    Sabata: "Hrmph...! Against Dark, the Will of the Galaxy Universe, the origin of
    all life. Of course... Right from the start, I don't stand a chance. All the
    starts, all life... Everything is enveloped with eternal death. People die...
    But me... I don't care about all that. It's all about how I live. Resisting and
    fighting to the end. That's what it means to me... to live!"
    Black Dainn: "Then you will die fighting... Django, I still have many things I
    want to talk to you about. But now is not the time. ...The fourth one is awake.
    With this body, I can get into that tower... I'll leave Dvalinn to deal with
    you two. I have no more use for this thing either... Here, take it back."
    <Black Dainn brings out Nero>
    Django: (Nero...!)
    <Black Dainn throws Nero, Django catches the cat>
    <A tentacle comes up from the water>
    Sabata, Django: !
    <Django is dragged underwater, Sataba picks up Nero>
    Black Dainn: "Ha, ha, ha...!!"
    Blue-silhouette Woman: "So Sabata got away from me... Never mind. If it's just
    him, my brother can take care of him. We can have our own bit of fun here,
    can't we? After all you did for -- or should I say, did to -- my underlings...
    I am Blue Dvalinn, the Sea-ruling Immortal!"
    Sabata's Voice: "Stay strong, Django! You take care of her! I'm going after
    [Blue Dvalinn pops up from the water]
    Django: !
    Plaza                                                                    [BDVP]
    [After starting the Pile Driver]
    Django: "Taiyooooooooooh!"
    [After purifying Blue Dvalinn]
    Blue Dvalinn: "Urgh... urrrgh... So sad... for it to end like this... But my
    end... will soon unleash the Doomsday Beast! Now I must leave the rest to
    you... b... brotherrrrrrr!"
    [Zazie appears]
    Zazie: "Django! Yer got a message from Sabata... Come to the Spiral Tower right
    away! It's north o' Sun Avenue, on that Hill o' Promises at the end o' 12th
    Avenue, 'kay? The 4-Quarter Seal that blocked the path up to the tower's been
    broken... Reckon yer've got to be careful, 'kay? That tower's off-limits even
    for Immortals. I don't have a good feelin' about all this... And yer've got to
    save yer Father, Ringo, too. Not that I should be tellin' yer to save yer own
    Father... But it was me Mistress -- the old hag's -- last wish..."
    Zazie: "Yer know... there's more about the old hag's star readin' I was tellin'
    yer about."
    The Star Reading: Once Sun and Moon retreat into darkness, grand twilight
    descends on the wedge-binding City of the Sun. A deep shadow is then born in
    its wake. The beginning of the end. The shadow plunges the infant sun into
    darkness, depriving the new moon of its shimmering light. And so awakens the
    Doomsday Beast. The world of the living, amidst chaos, shall sink into the
    world of the dead.
    Zazie: "Sun and Moon, right, I reckon that might be Ringo and Mani, eh... And a
    deep shadow... That could be that Black Dainn who captured Ringo. The two of
    'em passed away, and Dainn came back... And that bit about the infant Sun being
    plunged into Darkness... If that signifies you, when you became a Vampire, then
    half of it's like the star readin' said. But that don't mean everythin' is! The
    path to the tower's open now, but the Doomsday Beast's not awake yet! It's not
    too late for Ringo... There's still time! Whatever happens, yer've gotta stop
    Dainn, Django!"
    Zazie: "Wanna hear about the old hag's star readin' again?"
    *<Choose "Yes" to hear it again>
    *<Choose "No">
    *Zazie: "Star readin' the future's not just about foretellin'. The instant them
    *stars are read, yer grab the potential to guide a different future. That's
    *what star readin' is all about, right? Graspin' future possibilities!"
    *<Choose "No" again>
    *Zazie: "The old hag never said nothin', but... I reckon she really liked Ringo
    *a lot..."
    [Talk to Cheyenne]
    Cheyenne: "...So was everything I've done too late? I am the one who stands
    atop my three sacrificed brothers... But what have I accomplished? Have I been
    traveling the right path all this time...? What is there that I can do right
    [Talk to Cheyenne again]
    Cheyenne: "Enemy monsters all have different properties. Of course, an
    Enchanted attack with that monster's property won't do much, but if you Enchant
    an attack with the opposite property, an enemy weakpoint property, you can
    deliver several times more damage than usual."
    [Talk to Violet]
    Violet: "Nero... He'll be okay, right?"
    *<Choose "Probably not">
    *Violet: "Sniff... ...Nero..."
    *<Choose "Yes">
    *Violet: "Hmm... ...Nero... Nero belongs with me. And I became like his mum...
    *But I haven't been such a good mum..."
    [Talk to Smith]
    Smith: "So Ringo... has been reduced to a Vampire, and had his body stolen from
    him. Has his soul already sunk into Darkness...? What am I talkin' about?! I
    should know how stubborn that guy is! He's not the type to fold under somethin'
    like this! Django... you've gotta help Ringo. Save his soul!"
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "The Sun will rise tomorrow! That was Ringo's catchphrase... Django!
    Believe in Ringo! Believe in your Father!"
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Weapons have ranks according to their level. Weapons up to level 45 are
    A-rank, not even sold at the Weapon Shop. They're designed for pros! The only
    way you can get them is by Solar-forging."
    [Talk to Kid]
    Kid: "The recovery items I've got at my store, man... They're not as effective
    as fruit or meat, but they don't go bad in sunlight. Dude, you'd better get
    some of them just in case, eh?"
    [Talk to Kid again]
    Kid: "Chocolate doesn't go bad, but it's no good in heat. That stuff's gonna
    melt if it gets too much Sun, man. Still, melted chocolate tastes good too,
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Master Django... I can't believe Ringo's body has been taken over by an
    Immortal... But Ringo's your Father, Master Django! Even if they take his body,
    I'm sure his heart won't be defeated by the Darkness! And also Master Otenko...
    You believe they're okay, don't you, Master Django?!"
    *<Choose: "I'm not sure">
    *Lita: "Master Django...! Brighten up your spirits! Keep the Sun always in your
    *<Choose "Yes">
    *Lita: "That's the Master Django I know! Keep the Sun always in your heart!"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django, have you noticed a crystal-like thing appear out of the
    floor when you're fighting? That's a Solar Bamboo Shoot. They're clumps of
    energy that's stored in the ground. All kinds of Spirit Bugs are hidden in
    Solar Bamboo Shoots. There are Solar Bugs that store solar energy, Darkness
    Bugs that store Dark Matter, and Moon Bugs that can restore your life energy.
    Spirit Bugs of the same property as yourself can restore your energy, but ones
    of the opposite nature can suck energy away, so careful of that!"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Solar Fruit grows in the sunlight. If there's a good dose of sunlight
    one day, the following day will bring a big harvest of fruit, so I'll be able
    to give you a discount. Up to 40% off! Keep the Sun always in your heart!
    That's the spirit!"
    The Hill of Promises                                                     [SPTO]
    Sabata: "Looks like you managed to deal with the Immortal. He is in the
    tower... This Spiral Tower's made of two towers, the Solar Tower and the Dark
    Tower. There are two security locks in the two towers. And there are two keys
    for the locks: the power of the sun and the power of darkness. The solar energy
    from the sun's rays, and the Dark Matter from the Darkness. Without either of
    them, you can't get to the top of the tower. That's why Dainn was after your
    body and your father's as well. Not mine. I've already lost the power of the
    sun... What on earth could be so important that it'd bring a Solar Child and a
    Dark Child together to protect it, when they'd normally be enemies? Whatever it
    is, we can't just let that Immortal do anything he wants with it! Django, let's
    go after him! Up the tower!"
    [Talk to Sabata]
    Sabata: "You ready?"
    *<Choose "Not yet">
    *Sabata: "Time's running out! Get ready quickly!"
    *<Choose "yeah" to go and open the doors>
    *Sabata: "Right! First I'll use Dark Charge and open the dark door. Once that's
    *open, you follow with Solar Charge and open the solar door quickly. Okay?!
    *Let's do it!"
    [If you fail to Dark Charge]
    Sabata: "There's no time! For Dark Charge, hide the solar sensor from sunlight
    and hold down on the A Button!"
    [If you fail to Solar Charge]
    Sabata: "What are you doing?! For Solar Charge, expose the solar sensor to
    sunlight and hold down on the A Button!"
    [Once the doors are open]
    Sabata: "Ready, Django? If we don't conquer both the Solar and the Dark parts
    of this tower at the same time, we can't get to the very top. I'll take the
    Dark Tower. Your job's to conquer the Solar Tower. Don't let me down!"
    [Try to enter the Dark Tower]
    Sabata: "Django! What are you doing?! Hurry up and climb the Solar Tower!"
    Spiral Tower
    [If Sabata reaches the top first]
    Sabata: "This is the top... but... ...it looks like a dead end! Ah, no... There
    are two weight switches! Guess I've got to wait for Django, then."
    [After Sabata and Django press the switches]
    Sabata: "Django, Dainn is probably waiting beyond here. This time we've got to
    settle things. But first I need to tell you something. Dainn's taken over
    Father's body, but what happened to his soul...? Maybe it's already sunk into
    Darkness? Or maybe it's still struggling internally? Either way, Dainn's not
    the kind of enemy you can afford to go easy on. Got it? We're going all-out! No
    holding back! Don't be confused and think you can help Father out!"
    Django: ...
    Sabata: "Let's do it!"
    [In the Immortal room]
    Black Dainn: "So it seems Dvalinn could only slow you down... Still, she
    fulfilled her duty well enough. As we speak, the binding spear is about to be
    drawn out."
    <The tower shakes>
    Black Dainn: "Heh, heh, heh... Now my destiny as the true Dark Child is
    fulfilled! Ha, ha, ha...!!"
    Sabata: "You... What have you done?!"
    Black Dainn: "So you really don't know? It seems I was right to seal away
    Otenko. San Miguel, the City of the Sun, is no ordinary city. Underneath it
    lies the ancient Sol City... One of the heavenly cities created by the late Sun
    Kindred, the Solar Children, fell to the ground. Of course, there was a reason
    for that."
    Sabata: "The seal..."
    Black Dainn: "Very perceptive! Yes, Sol City was brought down to the ground in
    order to seal something away... This something was the Doomsday Beast...
    Jormungandr! The Ancestor Piece even Immortals fear..."
    Sabata: "Ancestor Piece?"
    Black Dainn: "When the Count attacked this city... it was all part of my plan.
    He was sent to spy on Hel, but then fell in love with her. We didn't expect him
    to break away from us. Someone like Hel becoming Queen... what a bad joke!"
    Sabata: ... "You said the binding spear? You mean this tower is..."
    Black Dainn: "Exactly! A giant spear guarded by the four wedges and three
    bloodlines. The tower is the seal that bind Jormungandr in place. That's what
    this Spiral Tower is! Heh, heh, heh..."
    Sabata: "Hrmph! If this tower's a binding spear, then we can just thrust it
    back in again! It hasn't been withdrawn all the way yet!"
    Black Dainn: "True, it's not too late. Django, I'll ask you once... Join us!
    Become our Dark Sun! The world is in the midst of its Doomsday Reincarnation,
    the recurring cycle of life and death. The unforgiven... hurting others,
    hurting themselves, hurting the whole world... That pain hurts the stars, the
    solar system, and the very Galaxy Universe itself. Someone has to stop it. Only
    the Immortals of the Forces of Darkness can do that... If people reject the
    eternity of becoming the Undead, they must be sent back to their ancestral
    origin with or without the dawn of Doomsday... Surely you must understand?
    Django! Together, let us free this world from the hands of the unforgiven!"
    *<Choose "Join Black Dainn">
    *<Django screams>
    *Sabata: "Don't be crazy! Django..."
    *Black Dainn: "Ha, ha, ha...!!"
    *<Game credits roll>
    *The Star Reading: Once Sun and Moon retreat into darkness, grand twilight
    *descends on the wedge-binding City of the Sun. A deep shadow is then born in
    *its wake. The beginning of the end. The shadow plunges the infant sun into
    *darkness, depriving the new moon of its shimmering light. And so awakens the
    *Doomsday Beast. The world of the living, amidst chaos, shall sink into the
    *world of the dead.
    *<Boktai 2 End>
    *<Choose "Refuse!!">
    *Sabata: "That was a waste of time! Now let's go, Django! Let's crush this guy
    *and get the tower seal back in place! That's probably what Father wants as
    [Halfway through the battle, Dainn leaves Ringo's body]
    Black Dainn: "Tsch!... What a bothersome body! It's no use to me anymore!
    ...Behold! The power of the true Dark Child! The power of my shadow that even
    casts all stars into darkness!"
    [After you defeat Black Dainn, he goes back into Ringo's body]
    Black Dainn: "I... But I am the true Dark Child... How can this be?"
    Sabata: "You still don't know? You're just like me... Just a piece of nothing
    being used by Dark!"
    Black Dainn: "No... Can't be... Ringo's soul... It should have sunk completely
    into Darkness... But..."
    Django: "The Sun will rise tomorrow... Even if the Sun sets... it always rises
    [After Dainn is sealed into the coffin]
    Sabata: "So the tower, the binding spear, is back to normal. But... what about
    the Doomsday Beast? We've got to make sure. Django, you purify this guy. And...
    honor Father with a ceremony, please."
    Plaza                                                                    [BDPU]
    [After starting the Pile Driver]
    Django: "Taiyooooooooooh!"
    [After purifying Black Dainn]
    Black Dainn: "Urrrgh... Ringo...! You're trying to leave me...?! You'd throw
    away your future?!"
    Ringo: "I'm not throwing it away... I'm passing it on! I'm already dead. But
    even so, my blood and soul will live on in my sons! That's what it means... to
    <Nero walks into the Plaza>
    Black Dainn: "Noooooo! I shall not disappear! I shall not be shut away in this
    body! Help me, Django... Join me... as one!"
    Django: "I'm going to live... That's true, isn't it... Father?"
    Ringo: "Yes, exactly! Even if my body were to disappear... the Sun will rise
    tomorrow! People grow and evolve. That's by no means the path to extinction!
    Live, Django! Otenko... look after my sons!"
    Black Dainn: "Stop this! ...Ringo!!"
    Ringo: Taiyoh!
    Django: (Goodbye, Father...)
    <Zazie runs into the Plaza>
    Zazie: "Django, that was... ...Ringo..."
    Django: ...
    Zazie: "The Ancestor Piece, Jormungandr... So that was the true form of the
    Doomsday Beast... It's called an ancestor 'cause it's the mother of all
    existence. The seeds of all kinds o' being come from that one seed, y'see. The
    seeds grow, bear children, and go on evolving, while transcending all time and
    age. That's the reincarnation cycle of life and death. But them Immortals are
    like seeds of anti-being, puttin' a stop to life and death... The Forces of
    Darkness, playin' out eternity in a vacuum of time. But the Ancestor Piece
    ain't a seed o' being or a seed o' anti-being. It can't be granted life or
    death. It just exists. Eternity... The absolute existence even the Immortals
    fear. Yer can't kill somethin' that can never die. That's why it's sealed away.
    It really is a Doomsday Beast, eh? If that kinda creature woke up, it'd really
    be the end o' the world for sure. To think that was the Will of the Galaxy
    <The ground shakes>
    Zazie, Django: !
    Zazie: "Is this... Jormungandr?! If it is...? Oh no! If only Master Otenko were
    here for times like this!"
    Nero: meow
    Zazie: "Wait... Can't be!?"
    ???: "Yes, that black cat is Otenko."
    Zazie, Django: !
    <Sabata appears>
    Sabata: "Dainn's old body, and now the vessel that holds Otenko's soul. --
    That's Nero."
    <The ground shakes again>
    Sabata: "The Doomsday Beast may soon awaken. At the moment, his body is
    ensnared by the Spiral Tower... but that'll change once Jormungandr wakes up...
    And we can't get to him because the door that leads underground is still
    sealed. It's protected by a third power following the Sun and Darkness..."
    Zazie: "The power of the Moon, the power of the Lunar Child, right?"
    Sabata: "Exactly. I don't have that power in me now... But I do know how to
    summon Otenko's soul sealed inside Nero. I once sealed Otenko into my own very
    soul, so I know. Now that Nero's recovered his strength, he should be up to the
    separation... Here it goes!"
    Master Otenko: "Ah! At last... I'm back to my true form...! Thank you, Sabata!"
    Sabata: "Hrmph! I didn't do it for you. Just didn't want to lose the battle
    without even putting up a fight."
    Master Otenko: "Hm. I see I don't need to ask whether you're okay, with that
    kind of comment!"
    Zazie: "Master Otenko, What about Jormungandr's seal?!"
    Master Otenko: "It's okay. I understand the situation. Although I was sealed
    away, I could still share consciousness with Nero."
    Sabata: "So, you know what to do?"
    Master Otenko: "The method is simple. Strike Jormungandr's head, deep below the
    Spiral Tower, and reposition the seal at the same time."
    Sabata: "But the door leading underground!!"
    Master Otenko: "Sabata, that problem has already been solved."
    Sabata, Zazie, Django: ?
    <The screen fades>
    Master Otenko: "...So, even though he'd become a Vampire, he chose to meet his
    end as a human. Hm... He was definitely one that defied death. Farewell, Ringo!
    The ultimate Vampire Hunter! My greatest friend! Your blood and soul... lives
    on in your sons...!"
    <The ground shakes>
    Master Otenko: "Django... Come to the Spiral Tower as soon as you're ready.
    This isn't a battle just for San Miguel. The fate of the entire world rests on
    it. Make sure that you don't have any regrets, all right? May the Sun be with
    [Talk to Zazie]
    Zazie: "What's up, Django? Getiin' cold feet? Of course yer nervous... Yer
    facin' the Doomsday Beast! But yer not alone, awright! Yer got me and old Smith
    o' course, and all these folk who've gathered in Sun Avenue to cheer yer on,
    too. Everyone's gonna give their support for sealin' away that Jormungandr. All
    'cause of what yer've done up to now. Yer've touched everyone's hearts. Yer can
    do it! Everyone believes in yer!"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "As it turns out, all this is just like what the old hag's star readin'
    said... But it can't just end like this. If it did, there'd be no point in the
    old hag bringin' me to this city. I reckon I'm here to change the future.
    That's right, ain't it, Django?!"
    [Talk to Zazie again]
    Zazie: "Eh, Django... Who's Carmilla? ...Oh, no! I should never have brought it
    up! It's a bad habit of star readin', wanting to know about other people's
    pasts. Still... I'm sure I've heard that name Carmilla before. Yeah, the Cryin'
    Witch. She was feared and killed for her amazin' power. Magical powers... It's
    not like she even wanted to have 'em..."
    [Talk to Lady]
    Lady: "Jormungandr, the Doomsday Beast... We can't afford to let something like
    that awaken again. Now listen, Django. I know I've told you before, but... I
    believe in you. And so does everyone else in this city. So... believe in us
    too, and strike Jormungandr right on the head, okay? Don't worry. I know you
    can do it!"
    ["Chat" with Lady]
    Lady: "Are you using Magic cards? Magic cards and Tarot cards all harbor great
    strength. If you use them right, you can turn a tough jam into an opportunity,
    you know. But get it wrong, and an opportunity might become a tough jam. Take
    ["Chat" with Lady again]
    Lady: "Do you know about Skill? Skill is a barometer that measures how much you
    have mastered a weapon. By SOLARSMITH a weapon, or by using it to defeat enemy
    monsters, your Skill for that weapon-type will increase. The quality of the
    weapons you make by forging goes up with your Skill. And with gun-type weapons
    or your bare hands, the attack power increases with Skill. You can check your
    Skill level on the status menu on the menu screen."
    [Talk to Cheyenne]
    Cheyenne: "...The Wedge Seal has been broken, and the bond of the Spiral Tower
    is no more. Yet the Doomsday Beast... might still awaken. I couldn't fulfill my
    duty as a Guard... ...But even so, there's still hope. And that hope is you!
    There is no good to be gained from regretting the past. We must think what we
    can do now so that we can have hope for the future! There is still something we
    must fulfill! Right, Django?! We're going to make sure that Jormungandr is
    sealed away again!"
    [Talk to Cheyenne again]
    Cheyenne: "By attacking an enemy monster from behind, you can increase the
    damage you inflict. But it's not as powerful as an attack that's Enchanted with
    the monster's weakpoint property. Yes... weakpoint property and back attacks...
    I guess a combination of the two is the ultimate battle technique."
    [Talk to Cheyenne again]
    Cheyenne: "To find out a monster's weakpoint property, watch how it reacts hen
    it suffers an Enchanted attack... If attacked by its weakpoint property, black
    smoke will come out of its body."
    [Talk to ???]
    ???: "Yes, the Doomsday Beast... So it seems the fate of the world has been
    placed in your hands, Solar Boy... You can't afford to lose, boy!"
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "This is the last battle. Prepare your weapons and protectors carefully.
    Don't forget about items either. You must think long and hard about what you'll
    need. If you find you're short of items, just pull out of the fight. Don't
    hesitate. As long as you're alive, you'll always have another shot at it."
    [Sabata has brought Nero back to Violet -- only if you don't go to the Undead
    Zone first]
    Sabata: "...It's nothing to worry about. A bit of rest and he'll be fine
    Violet: "Okay..."
    <Django enters the Warehouse>
    Violet: "Ah, there you are! Sabata's just helped Nero again!"
    Sabata: "Funny huh, Django? Gosh, I can't believe I'm helping out other people.
    Maybe Carmilla's preaching has affected me... ...But there's nothing wrong with
    that! Violet, I've got my own battles to fight now. I can't help Nero anymore."
    Violet: "..."
    Sabata: "But even if I'm not around, you can still help him. Right?"
    Violet: "...I guess... I'll... Yes! I'll be the one to look after Nero now!"
    Sabata: "That's right. That's your battle! Don't you give in, Violet!"
    Violet: "Yeah! I'll do my best! And you do your best too, Sabata!"
    Sabata: "Hrmph! That always goes without saying..."
    <Sabata leaves>
    [Talk to Violet]
    Violet: "Don't worry, Nero... I won't let anything happen to you from now on!"
    [Talk to Violet having found all Warehouse keys]
    Violet: "There are 3 Warehouse keys in all. Now you've found all of them!"
    [Talk to Smith]
    Smith: "You can leave the sealing up to us. We can't let Ringo steal all the
    glory! It'll be the first big job we've had in a while, and we're up for it!
    You go and give that Jormungandr the good whack on the head he needs!"
    [Talk to Smith with the Solar Gun back in your possession]
    Smith: "Huh? That thing you hold... Is that... the Solar Gun, Gun Del Sol!! So
    you finally managed to get it back, eh? It's not in good shape though. It's not
    gonna be much use like that. Let's see if I can fix it for you. They used to
    call me the Gun Master, see. Probably won't be as good as it was to start with,
    but I'll get it going again!"
    <Smith fixes the gun>
    Smith: "That should do it!"
    <Django receives the fixed Gun Del Sol>
    Smith: "It should be usable now, but you can't change lenses, I'm afraid. And
    the energy efficiency's dropped a bit. I have tried to make up for it though.
    By holding down on the B Button, you can amplify its power and shoot a high-
    energy charge. Give it a try."
    [Talk to Smith again]
    Smith: "Ringo... How could he pass on from the world and leave me behind, just
    an old man... What a stupid fool!"
    [Talk to Smith]
    Smith: "When you're Solar-forgin', the same combination of materials usually
    leads to the same type of weapon. But on top of that, depending on your luck
    and skill, you can make rare weapons. They're R-ranked weapons, see. Have you
    already got one, Django?"
    [Talk to Kid]
    Kid: "I heard what happened, man. Seems like you've got some serious stuff
    going on... I'm just a shopkeeper here at the item shop. It's not like I own
    it, dude. There's not much I can do to help ya, my man... But I know what
    you're up against. Even I can see how tough it's gonna be. So I was thinking...
    Maybe I could lend you a hand? Items are the way! We've gotta keep at it!
    That's what it's all about, man!"
    [Talk to Kid again]
    Kid: "Did you know? When chocolate melts, the item in the row below it gets
    chocolate-covered. But it'll go back to normal after you've used it once, man.
    So by getting the chocolate to melt, you can hold two items in one space, dude.
    Only thing is, you can't see what a chocolate-covered item is underneath until
    you've used it once, and the chocolate goes away. Guess it's not something for
    beginners, right dude?"
    [Talk to Kid again]
    Kid: "You can reduce damage if you equip a protector, but if you try and carry
    one that's too heavy it'll really slow ya down, man. You gotta pick a protector
    that's right for your Agility, okay?"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Master Django! Please let me help you in sealing Jormungandr away! I
    can't ignore Ringo's dying wish! It's been a while, but... I'm ready to get
    serious now!"
    Django: (Lita getting serious... ...let me not imagine it.)
    [Use the item shop]
    Lita: "Thank you! Make sure you're well-prepared before setting off, Master
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Do you know about fighting without weapons? When you're not equipped
    with a weapon and you attack, you'll strike with your bare hands. You can only
    make short-range attacks with your bare hands, and you can't use Enchantment
    either. Still, bare hand attacks don't leave you unguarded for enemy attacks.
    Since both Strength and Skill have a direct impact on the attack power, the
    more you train, the more powerful the attacks become. ...Master Django... How
    about we both try for maximum power together?"
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "The Solar Tree is just like Solar Fruit. It needs the sun's rays to
    grow. If you, Solar Boy, are at one with the sun, Master Django, I should think
    it won't be too long before the Solar Tree is fully grown."
    [Talk to Marcello]
    Marcello: "The new Solar Tree has taken root, and the animals have finally
    returned to this place... But is it over... ...this time around?"
    [Talk to Marcello again]
    Marcello: "Jormungandr, the Doomsday Beast... The Undead and the Immortals are
    the ones that threaten the cycle of life and death, but Jormungandr also has
    the power to influence the life of the stars. It's hard to believe there's
    something so powerful lying dormant in this town... Can the stars not escape
    the cycle of life and death yet again...?"
    [Talk to Luis]
    Luis: "What is this earthquake? My life... You saved me, sonny, but... ...is it
    over now?"
    [Talk to Luis again]
    Luis: "Even if this is the end, I'm ready. I haven't got nay regrets. Livin'
    life is not about the end..."
    The Hill of Promises                                                     [UNZO]
    Master Otenko: "Are you ready then, Django? I'm relying on you, then, Sabata.
    The moon reflects the light of the Sun. But she's more than just a mirror. Her
    light bears the affection and lunacy of all things, and directs every power in
    existence: the Sun and the Darkness, and the four elements of fire, water, wind
    and earth. The power to direct... That is the power of a Lunar Child. A long
    time ago, you sealed me away, along with the Spirits of the Ancients, Muspell
    and Garmr. That was the moon's dark side, the power of lunacy. But now you have
    rescued me from a prison of shadows. Your power even saved the small life that
    was turned into a prison. That was the moon's Sun side, the power of affection!
    Your actions of helping others will lead you on the path to becoming a Moon
    Beauty! The two sides of the moon, affection and lunacy... Mastering these
    opposing forces is the way to become a true Moon Beauty!"
    Sabata: "Hear this, Spirits of the Ancients! We are the Lunar Children,
    following the line of our mother, and her ancestors. The evil that you sealed
    away in the past is trying to break free. We wish to lay this evil to rest,
    just as you did. I ask that you grant us the means to subdue this beast! I am
    your child, Sabata, the Moon Beauty!"
    <The door opens and Sabata falls to his knees>
    Master Otenko: "Are you okay, Sabata?!"
    Sabata: "The Doomsday Beast... Incredible... Just holding the reins on this one
    is too much pressure...! Django, it's up to you now to strike Jormungandr. It
    doesn't look like I can leave here any time soon. This is my battle... You have
    your own battle awaiting you! Now go forth! Solar Boy Django!"
    Master Otenko: "you hold the fort here, Sabata!! Jormungandr's head... We'll be
    sure to strike it!"
    <Django and Master Otenko enter the Undead Zone>
    [Go back and talk to Sabata]
    Sabata: "I don't believe it... Me... A Moon Beauty... This is like my worst
    nightmare. Surely I shouldn't have affection in me? But if I do then it must be
    from Carmilla... Her soul that lies within me alongside the Dark Matter. It's
    her soul that's turning me into a Moon Beauty... The Crying Witch I killed,
    Carmilla... If only... I wish I could give back human life and death to her.
    ...An impossible dream. And yet, I..."
    [Talk to Sabata again]
    Sabata: "We lost our mother, defeated our father... And yet... We must go on.
    There's no victory in our fight. Which is all the more reason that we mustn't
    lose. Keep up the good fight... That's the only sure way to resist the evil
    plots of Dark!! Right, Django?"
    [Talk to Sabata again]
    Sabata: "Django, while you're underground, the Sunflower Girl and all will
    prepare for the sealing. You should just concentrate all your efforts on
    hitting Jormungandr's head, okay?"
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "Are you ready?"
    *<Choose "No">
    *Master Otenko: "Django, Ringo's entrusted everything to you as he died, so for
    *all our sakes... you cannot absolutely cannot lose this fight!"
    *<Talk to Master Otenko and choose "No" again>
    *Master Otenko: "The Will of the Galaxy Universe, Dark... This doesn't just
    *stop at the Undeadening of all life forms... It also plans to take back all
    *species to nil with the Ancestor Piece. If we don't do something, this whole
    *star is going to get swallowed up. That's how much it wishes to stop the
    *evolution of species... of the Solar System..."
    *<Choose "Yes" and Sabata will open the door again>
    *Sabata: "Now go forth! Solar Boy Django!"
    Undead Zone
    [Go down a floor]
    Master Otenko: "What is that I feel...? Is it the Undead? This is the deepest
    floor of the Spiral Tower, already within the seal. Nothing usually exists in
    this space... But there's this landform... the Ancestor Piece, Jormungandr.
    Could its existence be the whole cause of all these Undead phenomena...? You
    can't afford to be reckless, Django! May the Sun be with you!"
    [When you reach the bottom floor]
    Master Otenko: "This is the very bottom... So much disease in the air. The
    Undead influence has spread fast... If something is not done... The Spiral
    Tower won't stay a binding spear for much longer! Let's hurry, Django! But be
    careful! This diseased air... From here on out, you won't be able to retreat or
    save! You'd better save right now, okay?"
    [Lady and Lita are in the Cathedral]
    Lady: "Those born into Darkness... I bid you, return quietly to your graves!"
    <The Skeletons crumble>
    Lita: "You're amazing! Master!!"
    Lady: "It's not over yet! Stay alert, Lita!"
    <The Skeletons get back up>
    Lita: "Now it's my turn...!"
    <Lita beats up the Skeletons>
    Lita: "Out of the way, small fry!"
    Lady: "(Dear me... Maybe I trained her a bit too hard...?)"
    [Cheyenne is in Dark City, disposing of some dogs]
    Kid: "Ch... Cheyenne!"
    Cheyenne: !
    <Kid is being chased by bees>
    Cheyenne: ... "I told you not to follow me... ...Oh well, a bit of excitement
    every now and then can't hurt. Kid!! Prepare some Healer!"
    [Before facing Jormungandr]
    Master Otenko: "This is it... The tip of the tower. Jormungandr's head will be
    up ahead... You can't defeat Jormungandr, the Eternal Ancestor Peice. But if
    you inflict enough damage on its head to make it unconscious, you just might
    have enough of a window to seal it away again! Everything rests on this battle!
    Go for it, Solar Boy Django! May the Sun be with you!"
    [Face to face with Jormungandr]
    Master Otenko, Django: !
    Master Otenko: "This is the Ancestor Piece, Jormungandr! Maybe the Ancestor
    Piece possesses no reason... Maybe all there is to it is a greedy instinct to
    swallow everything up! Let's do it, Django! Strike it on the head! I'll relay
    the Sun's rays from here above the ground!" Taiyoh!
    [After Jormungandr has been defeated]
    Master Otenko: "Did we do it...?!"
    Django: !
    <Jormungandr swallows Django>
    Master Otenko: "Django!!"
    [Lita, Violet and Nero are by the Solar Tree]
    Lita: ! "Master Django!!"
    Violet: "Django...?"
    [Sabata is still outside the Spiral Tower]
    Sabata: "Django!! We didn't make it in time...?!"
    Zazie: "It ain't over yet!"
    [Lady is in a Cathedral Wedge Room]
    Lady: "You mustn't give up! It's when you're in a pinch that you have to seize
    an opportunity for victory!"
    [Cheyenne is in a Wedge Room]
    Cheyenne: "You must believe in yourself! Your Sun... hasn't set yet!!"
    [Kid is in a Wedge Room]
    Kid: "Us guys... We ain't given up yet, man!"
    [Smith is in a Wedge Room]
    Smith: "You're actually thinkin' of leavin' me behind?! Ringo entrusted
    something of great importance to you... The Sun... It's time you remembered
    what it represents!"
    [Zazie is standing on the Pile Driver]
    Zazie: "Django! Hear all our words! Take strength in 'em! Now's yer chance!"
    [Back underground]
    Master Otenko: "This is it...!! Now's our chance, Django! Grab the Sun in your
    <Django grabs the Sun>
    Django: Taiyoh!
    Ending                                                                   [ENDG]
    [Zazie and Django are standing outside The Hill of Promises]
    Django: "That day, the Black Shadow that stopped Jormungandr in its tracks...
    Was that father? Or..."
    Zazie: "Yer think it was the Black Dainn?"
    Django: "I don't know... But when the light is strong the shadows thrown out
    become a deeper Darkness. The dark is scary... But around dusk, I always think
    the same thing... It's those dark shadows that allow the world to be so..."
    Zazie: "That kinda stuff... ...you may be right about."
    Plaza, after Jormungandr has been defeated                               [MMQU]
    Django: ?
    Blue One: "...n... Hello...? Can you hear me? ...an? Huh? Lan... Isn't it you
    Lan? You're... I don't believe it! Do you remember me?"
    *<Choose "Of Course">
    *MegaMan: "Django! Never thought I'd see you again!"
    *<Choose "No">
    *Blue One: "I'm Lan's NetNavi, MegaMan!"
    MegaMan: "But what are you doing with this PET...?"
    <Screen fades>
    MegaMan: "Django, I was chasing after the Dark NetNavi, ShadeMan, when I found
    myself in this Undernet Warphole. And I ended up here in this Doomsday World...
    Django, maybe you could help me find ShadeMan? If I can find him, I should be
    able to figure a way home, back to Lan."
    Django: (nods)
    MegaMan: "Thanks a lot, Django!! ShadeMan's dark power DarkSoul... I'm picking
    up a signal for it in the tower to the north of the city. Let's head for it!"
    [Talk to Lady]
    Lady: You've come at just the right time. I removed the book seal. Take a look!
    On the shelf along the wall in front of the counter, you'll find the Book of
    Memories that contains records of all kinds of adventures. On the shelves to
    the left and right, there is a book about investigations in San Miguel and
    another about titles. If you read them, you're sure to get some new clues
    for your adventure."
    [Talk to ???]
    ???: "Now listen, boy. Just because you've ascquired titles, doesn't mean you
    profit from them. It's up to you to decide how much that's worth."
    The Hill of Promises
    MegaMan: "Django, DarkSoul's signal's coming from the top of this tower!"
    [Go towards the Spiral Tower door]
    Django: !
    ???: "He he hee... How soon my presence has been discovered... You're pretty
    sharp, Solar Boy Django..."
    MegaMan: "ShadeMan!"
    ShadeMan: "Well, well! I wondered who it was... Who'd have though you'd follow
    me all this way! I may have been defeated by you pests before, but soon I will
    gain the true power of Darkness from this Doomsday world! And then... He he he
    MegaMan: "We're not going to let you get away with this!"
    ShadeMan: "He he! You never change! I respect that determination of yours, you
    know. So I'll give you a hint. The key to opening that door... lies with my
    underlings... the four ShadeBats. They're gathering the power of Darkness for
    me in the four corners of San Miguel. I wonder if you can manage to find them?!
    He he hee!"
    MegaMan: "Django! We must find those four ShadeBats fast! But what could he
    have meant by the four corners if the city? Have any ideas?"
    [Talk to Sabata]
    Sabata: "What are you up to? Get a move on and delete that ShadeMan program,
    now! In the meantime, you can leave Jormungandr to me!"
    [Talk to Sabata again]
    Sabata: "Hmph. At a time like this, who needs to be worrying about other
    people. You two are just like him... Why am I always surrounded by such
    [Talk to Master Otenko]
    Master Otenko: "What is it, Django? Hm? That machine..."
    MegaMan: "Are you... Master Otenko?!"
    <Screen fades>
    Master Otenko: "Ah, that's right... Django, you must work with MegaMan to put a
    stop to ShadeMan's evil ambitions. Sabata and I will keep an eye on
    Jormungandr. It's quiet at the moment, but we mustn't let our guard down."
    MegaMan: "Thank you, Master Otenko!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko again]
    Master Otenko: "MegaMan, the worlds we live in are different, but together we
    must fight the Darkness. Tell us any time if you ever need anything. We're
    always here to help!"
    [Talk to Master Otenko again]
    Master Otenko: "ShadeMan... A Darkloid, a man-made program that employs the
    power of darkness. But how could it be here in this doomsday world... And how
    can a program with no physical form function in our world? ...There's something
    behind all of this..."
    ShadeBat Hunting
    [Destroy a Shadebat]
    MegaMan: "Key Data... The four clusters of data that the 4 bats hold form the
    key to opening the door... There are 3 more clusters to find. Where are the
    other ShadeBats...?"
    [Destroy second Shadebat]
    MegaMan: "Now you've got two clusters of Key Data! There are another two left
    to find. Good luck, Django!"
    [Destroy third Shadebat]
    MegaMan: "That makes 3! Now there's just one more cluster of data to find.
    Almost there, Django!"
    [Destroy last Shadebat]
    MegaMan: "You did it, Django! Now you've got all the data. Time to find
    ShadeMan in the northern Tower!"
    Hill of Promises
    [After opening the door]
    MegaMan: "Now we'll be able to climb the tower, but... Why would ShadeMan have
    told us about the key like that? It could be a trap... We must be careful,
    [At the top of Spiral Tower]
    ShadeMan: "Hee hee hee. I've been waiting for you, Solar Boy."
    MegaMan: "ShadeMan! You can't get away now! You must return quietly to our
    ShadeMan: "He he hee... Of course I'll return. Thanks to that man, my ambitions
    in this world have now been fulfilled!"
    Django: ?
    MegaMan: "What do you mean?"
    ShadeMan: "You don't know? He he he he he! Even in this Doomsday world, you're
    just a NetNavi in a PET. But I... Yes... thanks to Dark Matter, I have gained
    physical form!"
    MegaMan: "That's impossible...!!"
    ShadeMan: "He he hee... First I'll have myself a nice snack... My first meal in
    the real world... You'll do just fine, Solar Boy Django! He he heeeee!!!"
    MegaMan: "Django! ShadeMan is shielded by the power of Darkness. First break
    down his defense using the very same power!"
    [After breaking ShadeMan's barrier]
    ShadeMan: "You!! How did you...? Solar Boy using the power of darkness...?!
    Even with no defenses, the power of darkness, Dark Matter, still dominates!
    You'll soon regret getting on my wrong side!"
    MegaMan: "Now, Django! Burn ShadeMan's Dark Matter with the power of the sun!"
    [After beating ShadeMan]
    MegaMan: "Let's go Django, time to purify ShadeMan using the Pile Driver!"
    [After starting the Pile Driver]
    Django: "Taiyooooooooooh!"
    [After purifying ShadeMan]
    ShadeMan: "Gwaaaaargh!! If you think you can strike me down with this... You're
    making a big mistake!"
    MegaMan: "Django! Gosh, at times like these... I can't but feel completely
    Django: !
    MegaMan: "What's this?!"
    Django & MegaMan: "Chaaaaarge!"
    ShadeMan: "What?!"
    MegaMan: "Now, Django!"
    Django: Taiyoh!
    ShadeMan: "Gwooooorgh!! Once more... I...! ...Don't think... ...that I will
    disappear... ...in THIS world! And again... back... ...to the... ...the
    MegaMan: "Right, I'll be going then. I should be able to get back to the
    Cyberworld using the Warphole ShadeMan made. I'm a bit worried about what's
    become of him now though..."
    Django: "Don't worry about it! It doesn't matter how many times he springs to
    life... We're all here in this world and you and Lan are there in your world to
    stop him. He doesn't stand a chance!"
    MegaMan: "Yeah! You're right! Okay then, see you later... Sometime, 
    Django: "The Sun will rise tomorrow! See you again soon, MegaMan! Say hi to Lan
    for me!"
    [After leaving the Plaza]
    ???: "MegaMan...? An unexpected hindrance to my plans. But... I certainly had
    some fun, Solar Boy Django. That's what makes me such a good rival! I'd planned
    to use ShadeMan to get myself a new physical form... But now I know I should
    wait for a full resurrection of my own! Heh, heh, heh... Hm, ha, ha, haaah!!"
    Alternate Endings                                                        [END1]
    [Defeat Jormungandr repeatedly for a slightly altered end scene]
    [Defeat Jormungandr again]
    [Violet, Nero and Django are standing outside The Hill of Promises]
    Django: "That day, the Black Shadow that stopped Jormungandr in its tracks...
    Was that father? Or..."
    Violet: ?
    Django: "When the light is strong... the shadows thrown out become a deeper 
    Darkness. The dark is scary... But around dusk, I always think the same 
    thing... It's those dark shadows that allow the world to be so..."
    Violet: "That's... pretty! <music note>"
    [Defeat Jormungandr again]
    [Sabata and Django are standing outside The Hill of Promises]
    Django: "That day, the Black Shadow that stopped Jormungandr in its tracks...
    Was that father? Or..."
    Sabata: "Him, huh...?!"
    Django: "I don't know... But when the light is strong the shadows thrown out
    become a deeper Darkness. The dark is scary... But around dusk, I always think
    the same thing... It's those dark shadows that allow the world to be so..."
    Sabata: "Hmph... You really are just too naive sometimes, you know..."
    [Defeat Jormungandr again]
    [Lady and Django are standing outside The Hill of Promises]
    Django: "That day, the Black Shadow that stopped Jormungandr in its tracks...
    Was that father? Or..."
    Lady: "The infamous... Shadow Immortal?"
    Django: "I don't know... But when the light is strong the shadows thrown out
    become a deeper Darkness. The dark is scary... But around dusk, I always think
    the same thing... It's those dark shadows that allow the world to be so..."
    Lady: "Beautiful... I reckon. You're a bit of a poet, aren't you, Django?"
    [Defeat Jormungandr again]
    [Lita and Django are standing outside The Hill of Promises]
    Django: "That day, the Black Shadow that stopped Jormungandr in its tracks...
    Was that father? Or..."
    Lita: "The Black Dainn?"
    Django: "I don't know... But when the light is strong the shadows thrown out
    become a deeper Darkness. The dark is scary... But around dusk, I always think
    the same thing... It's those dark shadows that allow the world to be so..."
    Lita: "How... beautiful."
    Lita's Offer                                                             [LIOF]
    [Talk to Lita three times after Django has been purified and during the night]
    Lita: "Master Django, I... I've made up my mind! For you, and only you, Master 
    Django... I want to give you... my blood!"
    <Lita turns her back to you>
    <Talk to Lita>
    Lita: ...
    <Bite Lita with the Werewolf Attack>
    <Django bites Lita>
    <Game over!>
    Request Sheet - House of Time: Challenge 3                               [RSCH]
    [Enter the last room]
    Django: !
    Cheyenne: "Glad you made it. I've no interest in Kid's foolish games... But I 
    can't let this opportunity go to waste. Django!! I am a warrior... And so I 
    challenge you once more to a fight! Let's go, Solar Boy!"
    Request Sheet - House of Time: Sunflower                                 [RSSU]
    [After defeating the enemies in the last room]
    ???: "You surely are the son of that man... Yer brother's like yer mum, but 
    you're just like yer dad. Yer really are... Maybe yer have what it takes to 
    change the future... My star-readin' had some use after all then, eh...? ...So 
    it's all up to you now, awright...? That girl and this world as well... Really 
    lookin' forward to what's gonna happen to this world... for sure..."
    The Solar Tree Restoration                                               [TSTR]
    [When you get a fully grown Solar Tree]
    Lita: "Master Django! The Solar Tree is fully grown at last! This is all thanks 
    to you, Master Django! This is a present from the Solar Tree. Here, please take 
    it! <Music note>"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Now that the Solar Tree is fully grown, it will provide us with the 
    healing water, Morning Dew. If you bathe in this Morning Dew, its purifying 
    power will restore your Life and Energy, and even cure the Curse of Kaamos! To 
    obtain Morning Dew, you must go to the Solar Tree and watch sunrise. Press the 
    A Button while holding down SELECT on the menu screen to change the time 
    display and check what time sunrise is."
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django! I... I love... u... kuleles! ...... Keep the Sun always 
    in your heart!"
    [When you get a pink Solar Tree]
    Lita: "Master Django! The Solar Tree...! I... I love... it! It's great! This is 
    all thanks to you, Master Django! This a present from the Solar Tree. Here, 
    please take it! <Music note>"
    [Talk to Lita]
    Lita: "Master Django... I... I love... u... nicorns!"
    Django: ...
    Lita: (Aargh! What am I saying?! Fool, fool, fool... I'm such an idiot!)
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django... I... I love... u... nicycling!"
    Django: ...
    Lita: (Aargh! What am I saying?! Fool, fool, fool... I'm such an idiot!)
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django... I... I love... y... ule logs!"
    Django: ...
    Lita: (Aargh! What am I saying?! Fool, fool, fool... I'm such an idiot!)
    [Talk to Lita again]
    Lita: "Master Django... I... I love... (you! <3)"
    Django: ?
    Lita: (Aargh! I just can't say it! Fool, fool, fool... I'm such an idiot!)
    [Talk to Lita in her shop afterwards]
    Lita: "Now that the Solar Tree is fully grown, its purifying strength will 
    finally heal the land of San Miguel. Soon the place will be filled with 
    laughter and birdsong and trees again. The Sun and the land, and all the 
    creatures and plants that live among them... Everything's connected..."
    [Talk to Lita in her shop afterwards again]
    Lita: "Master Django... <3"
    Titles and Emblems                                                       [TMBM]
    [Talk to Lita with a skill level of 99 for fists]
    Lita: "I don't believe it! You've really mastered the skill of using your bare 
    hands! You're amazing Master Django <3 Now it's time to pass the highest title 
    from the master to you. Please accept this!"
    <Django receives the Heart Emblem>
    Lita: "Those that inherit the Heart Emblem get stronger bare hands, the more 
    Life they lose. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!"
    [Talk to Sabata with a skill level of 99 for guns]
    Sabata: "Hm? Oh, you finally got the gun back, huh? Looks like the Charge 
    Shot's up to level 2. All right then... I'd better give you this."
    <Django receives the Joker Emblem>
    Sabata: "The Joker Emblem allows the bearer to reduce the Charge Shot time by 
    half when using any gun-type weapon. With Charge Shots, you can increase your 
    attack power through energy consumption. You can't call yourself a Gun Master 
    without getting the hang of this weapon."
    [Talk to Smith with a skill level of 99 for hammers]
    Smith: "Django, Looks like you've really mastered the hammer. Okay... It's time 
    we did some limit liftin' for your SOLARSMITH so that you can make an S-rank 
    <Django receives the Club Emblem>
    Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    [Talk to Smith with a skill level of 99 for swords]
    Smith: "Django, looks like you've realy mastered the sword. Okay... It's time 
    we did some limit liftin' for your SOLARSMITH so that you can make an S-rank 
    <Django receives the Spade Emblem>
    Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    [Talk to Lady after completing the Monster Guide]
    Lady: "You finally did it! You finished the Monster Guide... You're amazing, 
    Django! I've got a special present by way of thanks. Use it wisely! <Music 
    [Talk to Lady after completing all Request Sheets]
    Lady: "You finally did it! You got all that Guild work done for me... You're 
    amazing, Django! I've got a present for you to thank you for all your hard 
    work. Use it wisely! <Music note>"
    [Discuss work with Lady after completing all Request Sheets]
    Lady: "It's such a help having you around, Django! Keep up the good work!"
    [Talk to Lady after completing the Weapon Guide]
    Lady: "You finally did it! You finished the Weapon Guide... You're amazing, 
    Django! I've got a special present by way of thanks. Use it wisely! <Music 
    [Talk to Lady after completing the Album]
    Lady: "You finally did it! You finished the Album... You're amazing, Django! 
    I've got a special present by way of thanks. I've added SOUND for you on the 
    title menu, so you can enjoy lots of cool Boktai music! <Music note>"
    [Talk to ???]
    ???: "Day Walker is the title you get when you've sealed away the Doomsday
    Beast. Huh? The Doomsday Beast has already been sealed away?!"
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Spear Master is the title you get when you've learned how to master a 
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Hammer Master is the title you get when you've learned how to handle a 
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Fist Master is the title you get when you've learned how to fight with 
    your bare hands."
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Gun Master is the title you get when you've learned how to operate a 
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Adept is the title you get when you've survived in battles and tested 
    your limits."
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Adventurer is the title you get when you've traveled through all of the 
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Agent is the title you get when you've completed all requests you've 
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Collector is the title you get when you've secured every weapon, 
    protector, and photo."
    [Talk to ??? again]
    ???: "Dark Hunter is the title you get when you've fought and defeated all 
    [Talk to ??? after obtaining all other titles]
    ???: "Ya finally did it, boy! You got all those titles... Wow... Right then. 
    Now let's give ya the final title... Grand Master! Here's the certificate for 
    <Django received The World!>
    ???: "Thanks to you, business is goin' well. By way of thanks, I've upgraded 
    the stuff in my Blindboxes for ya. Here's to doin' more business with ya, Solar 
    [Talk to ???]
    ???: "Grand Master is the highest ranking title that you get when you've 
    attained all other titles."
    Solarsmith Things                                                        [SSMI]
    [Do a really bad job]
    Smith: "Tsh... Not great, eh. Looks like your timing was great <number>
    times(s), good <number> time(s), and bad <number> time(s). The key to forging
    is temperature control and the timing of the strikes. You'll get better at it
    the more things you make."
    [Do a decent job]
    Smith: "Oooh... A fine job! Looks like your timing was great <number> times(s),
    good <number> time(s), and bad <number> time(s). Make sure you get some use out
    of that, eh?"
    [Do a fabulous job]
    Smith: "Wow... Superb workmanship! Looks like your timing was great <number>
    times(s), good <number> time(s), and bad <number> time(s). Great work, Django!"
    [Make a rare weapon]
    Smith: "Well... that's a pretty rare weapon! Looks like your timing was great
    <number> times(s), good <number> time(s), and bad <number> time(s). This weapon
    is R-rank, so it's got some hidden higher powers."
    [Getting Smith's photo]
    Smith: "Wow... Superb workmanship! Your timing when you're forgin' is perfect!
    I can't believe you got it just right <number> times! I'm giving you this to
    mark the occasion!"
    [Talk to Smith with the Star Piece]
    Smith: "Django, what do you have there... It's meteoric iron, a Star Piece,
    right? Meteoric Iron comes from Star Pieces that have fallen from space. It's a
    type of metal we could never make here on Earth. You could use it to make some
    really unique weapons. But there's only enough of it to make one. Django, which
    type will it be?"
    <Choose "Spear", "Hammer" or "Sword">
    Smith: "All done! You can't use that weapon for forgin', but it's already got
    some special effects anyway. The first one means that, when you make an
    Enchantment Attack, you can use solar energy directly from a Solar Station
    instead of your own. Another special effect is that its power will adjust to
    match your level. Success or failure depends on you with this weapon. Use it
    well, okay?"
    [Talk to Smith with one or more weapon level at 50]
    Smith: "Django, looks like you've become quite skilled with weapons now. 
    Okay... It's time we did some limit lifting for your SOLARSMITH so that you can 
    make an S-rank weapon. But you can only lift the limit on one type, see."
    Smith: "How about limit liftin' sword-type weapons?"
    *<Choose "Sure">
    *<Django recieves the Spade Emblem>
    *Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    *special powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    *<Choose "No">
    *Smith: "How about limit liftin' spear-type weapons?"
    *<Choose "Sure">
    *<Django recieves the Diamond Emblem>
    *Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    *special powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    *<Choose "No">
    *Smith: "How about limit liftin' hammer-type weapons?"
    *<Choose "Sure">
    *<Django recieves the Club Emblem>
    *Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    *special powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    <Choose "No" again and the questions will cycle round>
    *[If only the sword weapon level is at 50]
    *Smith: "Looks like you're best with sword-type weapons. "Okay then. Here's 
    *proof of your limit liftin' for sword-type weapons, the Spade Emblem."
    *<Django recieves the Spade Emblem>
    *Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    *special powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    *[If only the spear weapon level is at 50]
    *Smith: "Looks like you're best with spear-type weapons. Okay then. Here's 
    *proof of your limit liftin' for spear-type weapons, the Diamond Emblem."
    *<Django recieves the Diamond Emblem>
    *Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    *special powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    *[If only the hammer weapon level is at 50]
    *Smith: "Looks like you're best with hammer-type weapons. Okay then. Here's 
    *proof of your limit liftin' for hammer-type weapons, the Club Emblem."
    *<Django recieves the Club Emblem>
    *Smith: "S-rank refers to weapons of level 49 or more. They each possess secret 
    *special powers. You can make yourself a super weapon!"
    Boss Tips                                                                [BOTI]
    If poor Django fails to beat an Immortal, you can choose to continue and the
    game will give you a helpful hint.
    [White Duneyrr]
    You can't attack Duneyrr when she's in the sky. You have to set the candle
    stands alight to lure her down to the ground first.
    There are two ways to light the candle stands. You can hit them directly by
    hitting them with an Enchanted Flame weapon or you can activate the 4 lever
    switches to set them alight.
    You won't get anywhere trying to attack a Vampire from the front. Stop the
    Vampire from moving by sealing him with Sabata's Black Hole.
    Defend Sabata and complete the Black Hole. Deflect attacks on Sabata to
    yourself to make sure he doesn't get hurt, and be sure to take out any Vampire
    Swords that are directed towards him.
    [Red Durathror]
    If a fake bud appears, keep an eye on its movement and hunt out Durathror.
    Using CHANGE BAT will allow you to see right inside the bud.
    If you follow Durathror, bite with CHANGE WOLF, and you can steal Life from
    [Blue Dvalinn]
    Dvalinn's weak point is her head. You can inflict damage by attacking her arms
    too, but don't get too engrossed in that and miss a chance to deliver a bit in
    her head.
    Dvalinn's Dark Breath and Ink Balls are Dark properties. If you transform into
    Black Django, you can limit the damage you incur.
    [Black Dainn]
    Dainn's Dark Blast attack will plunge an entire area into darkness. But it's
    possible to weaken his powers if you have the sun's rays to help you.
    If you get caught in Dainn's grabbing attack, Shadow Arm, you'll incur damage
    and lose Life, and Dainn's Dark Gauge will be restored too. Refrain from
    attacking, but when the dark lightens, be sure to counterattack.
    When Jormungandr is protected by the power of Darkness, you can't hurt it. Get
    rid of the Dark Guard by bathing in the Sun's rays.
    Jormungandr's weak point is its tongue. Attack both of its eyes to get it to
    open its mouth.
    It's difficult to dodge ShadeMan's WingStorm, an attack in which he summons a
    large amount of Bats. But if you defeat the Bats when he uses a normal RedWing
    attack, you'll be able to reduce the number of Bats that come during the
    WingStorm attack.
    After a WingStorm attack, ShadeMan lets down his guard down for a while. Don't
    miss this opportunity to attack.
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