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    FAQ/Walkthrough by RyuuseiDate

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 03/21/06 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
    AKA: Zoku Bokura no Taiyou (Zoktai)
    Lame ASCII art goes here. I'm awful at the stuff. Maybe I'll put some here if 
    somebody emails me something.
    Table of Contents
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    1. Updates [zero]
    2. Legal Crap That Nobody Reads [bored]
    3. Foreword [rant]
    4. The Solar Sensor [taiyo]
    5. Leveling Up [level]
     - Chapter 1: Prologue [easy]
     - Chapter 2: Like a moth to.. [bugs]
     - Chapter 3: Brotherly Love [saba]
     - Chapter 4: I vant to suck your.. tomato juice [dark]
     - Chapter 5: Let's make Takoyaki! [tako]
     - Chapter 6: Light and Darkness [tower]
     - Chapter 7: Energy Crisis [jormy]
     - Sidequests Part 1: Undead Dungeons
       - Ruins [ghoul]
       - Ruins Revisited [bearnut]
       - Forest [skel]
       - Catacombs [short]
       - House of Time [time]
       - Treasury [puzzle]
       - Dream Avenue [dream]
       - Battle Arena [boss]
     - Sidequests Part 2: Request Sheets [lady]
     - Sidequests Part 3: Shademan [rock]
     - Getting a Perfect Game [no life]
    7. Weapons [sword]
    8. Magic [enchant]
    9. Characters [django]
    10. FAQs [faq]
    11. Credits [board]
    12. Contact Me [dont]
    1. Updates [zero]
    2/26/2006 - After four false starts at uploading this, version 1.0 is good to
    3/21/2006 - Updated the legal section so neoseeker can post it. Added an actual
    FAQs section. Added a few people to the credits, for the hell of it mostly. And
    a few other tweaks that I forgot. I shall call it.. version 1.1.
    2. Legal Crap That Nobody Reads [bored]
    This FAQ is the property of ME. However, the Bokura no Taiyou/Boktai series
    belongs to Konami and Hideo Kojima. This FAQ has not been written for profit
    (though donations are happily accepted :D :D) This FAQ is to be found on
    http://www.gamefaqs.com and NOWHERE ELSE. If you want to repost it elsewhere,
    email me first and I will add your site address here. If you see this FAQ posted
    somewhere besides http://www.gamefaqs.com/, please email me so I can seek legal
    retribution. =3 Oh, and needless to say this FAQ is not to be sold or altered in
    any way blah blah blah.
    Update: www.neoseeker.com is now allowed to post this FAQ as well.
    3.Foreword [rant]
    Welcome! Assuming you're reading this, this is my second FAQ ever to be posted.
    The first one never got finished, but I only got two emails and one IM in the
    years since I posted it so I guess that's not that big a deal. ^^; Maybe I'll go
    back and finish it (and clean it up a lot.. god it's ugly) after I'm done with 
    this. I doubt it, but miracles happen.
    Erm.. anyway, the game. This is the second game in Konami's Bokura no Taiyou
    series, or Boktai for short. These innovative solar-powered spaghetti western
    games aren't terribly popular in America, despite being made by Konami's
    acclaimed designer Hideo Kojima, better known for Metal Gear Solid and Zone of
    the Enders. Even connectivity with the much more popular Rockman EXE (Megaman
    Battle Network) series couldn't save this game from tanking in the US, mostly
    because of its innovative but troublesome Solar Sensor gimmick. But if you
    take the time to give it a chance, you'll find that it's a very solid Action
    RPG, and the Solar Sensor, while slightly gimmicky, adds to the gameplay rather
    than detracts from it. So, without further ado.. FAQy things!
    As a side note, I've been playing a crapload of Shinbok lately, and am used to
    the Japanese names of things. So, in case I forget to clarify below, Ghouls =
    Boks, Sumire=Violet, Kuro=Nero.
    (This FAQ is not spoiler-free, but it shouldn't have too many of them. I
    deliberately moved any section that may contain spoilers BELOW the walkthrough,
    so you know where to stop if you don't wanna read 'em.)
    4. The Solar Sensor [taiyo]
    Before I begin the walkthrough, the Solar Sensor deserves some explanation. The
    Solar Sensor is a tiny little doohickey in your Zoktai cartridge that picks up
    UV radiation (such as from the sun) and reports what it's sensing to your game.
    This is measured on your screen on the Sun gauge, out of a possible 10 bars.
    When the sun is shining on your cartridge, the sun is shining in the game,
    which is important since, as the name implies, our Solar Boy protagonist needs
    sunlight to power his arsenal of magic.
    Django (as the Solar Boy is named by default) has the standard HP and MP
    (called ENE in this) bars. The most immediate and obvious effect of the Solar
    Sensor is that, as long as both you and Django are standing in sunlight, his
    ENE bar will slowly refill. By holding down the A button, Django can perform a
    'Solar Charge' that accelerates this process at the expense of not being able 
    to move. Although there are items that restore ENE, for the most part, sunlight
    is the only reliable way to keep slinging those spells.
    Energy also accumulates in the Solar Stations as long as you're getting
    sunlight. This acts as reserve energy that can be absorbed from Stations
    placed throughout the dungeons in a pinch, but perhaps more importantly, this
    energy can be transferred from the Station to the Solar Bank, where it becomes
    Soll, the currency of the Boktai world. Your Solar Bank account gains interest
    daily, even when you're not playing thanks to a battery-powered real-time clock
    also built into the cartridge. As the game goes on, shops will open where you
    can buy items, Protectors, and weapons using your hard-earned Soll, and of
    course sell unwanted items to earn more. And if needs be, you can transfer
    your Soll back into the Solar Station, turning it back into energy.
    More sunlight is not, however, always a good thing. For one thing, most items in
    Boktai 2 are perishable, and more sunlight makes them perish faster. A lot
    faster. Rotten items can still be eaten, but not without ill effect.
    The Solar Sensor has many more effects, some bad, most good, but to cover them
    all would require a FAQ unto itself, and might spoil some parts of the game. So
    that's all I'll say on the subject for now.
    An afterword: Although there are a few sources of artificial sunlight in the
    game, for the most part it is NOT possible to beat the game without it, and
    it's certainly not possible to get everything. However, there are a couple ways
    to fool the Solar Sensor. Most blacklights give off a fair bit of UV at close
    range, for example. I do NOT recommend playing the game this way, as it detracts
    from the feel quite a bit, not to mention holding the game too close may melt
    parts of your cartridge, GBA, or hands. >.> But it may be the only option for
    people who work for most of the day or have similar problems keeping them from
    soaking up those rays.
    5. Leveling Up [level]
    Unlike the previous Boktai, Zoktai includes an experience/leveling up system
    much like that seen in any other RPG in the world. As you kill enemies, you gain
    experience. When you collect enough experience, you level up. Each time you
    level up, you gain 3 points to distribute between Django's 4 stats, as follows.
    Increases Django's HP count, allowing him to take more damage without dying
    Increases Django's ENE, allowing him to use his magic more without needing a
    Increases the base damage Django deals with his weapons.
    Allows Django to run faster, and reduces damage taken. You'll need a high number
    in this stat to clear some timed missions.
    A sub-section of levelling up is weapon skill. Django has a seperate skill level
    in each of the five weapons in the game, measured from 0 to 99. Higher skill
    equals more damage with that weapon type, and particularly high skill might
    earn you special rewards.. Skill increases naturally as you kill enemies with
    said weapon. Experience value of the enemies has no bearing on weapon skill
    going up, it's a simple matter of the number of enemies killed.
    Chapter 1: Prologue [easy]
     - Valley
    The game picks up more or less where the last one left off. Django is on the 
    road back to San Miguel, the City of the Sun and his hometown, armed with his
    trusty Gun Del Sol. If you happen to have a lot of time on your hands, you might
    try maxing out your Gun skill NOW. I'm dead serious, it starts at 80 and there
    will never be a time that it's this easy to get those last 19 points. You'll see
    why. In any case, press on ahead and put up with Otenko's interruption to point
    out the obvious hint panels. Read them if you're new to the series, either way,
    keep moving ahead and laughing at the INSANE damage your gun does to those poor
    spiders. When you get to a thin pathway, TURN BACK and go kill more spiders if
    you're planning on maxing out your Gun skill and haven't yet. Otherwise, flatten
    against the wall to slide through it. (if you fall, as the hint panels point
    out, you'll need to move a stone block to get back around.)
    In the next area, there will be a long-ish cut scene, and you'll LOSE Gun Del
    Sol! Nothing we can do about it now.. or for a long time, really. Once you have
    control again, push on and enter the passageway ahead of you.
     - City Gate
    Meet your first Ghoul, AKA Bok. Your fists won't even scratch the little
    bastard, so your options are to sneak past it, or if you just HAVE to kill it,
    make sure you're getting some sun, stand in the nearby skylight, and knock on
    the wall to lure it to a fiery death. Either way, the next room is your first..
    Defeat the Skeleton!
    Well crud. We've got a monster to kill, and no weapons to do it with. But note
    that the path to the east didn't lock. This should be a hint. Go through there
    to find a chest with a Gradius, your first sword, and more tutorial babble.
    Go back and give the Skeleton a few quick swipes, aiming for his back if
    possible, and he should go down pretty fast, resulting in your first Level Up
    and MORE tutorial babble from Otenko.
    With the trap cleared, head out the west door before the skeleton can
    regenerate. There's another skeleton in the next room for you to smash. Do so,
    move on, and in the next room, head down the stairs for a chest with a Leather
    Armor, a better Protector. Equip it, stupid! Then head upstairs to the next
    room. One more Skeleton, followed by another..
    Defeat the Zombie!
    Nothing you do can damage this guy just yet. Smack him a few times anyway, and
    Zazie will show up and subject you to her incredibly annoying english voice,
    unless you're lucky enough to be playing the import. Um. Anyway, you get the Sol
    de Vice and your first Luna spell, Enchant Sol. They make life nice and easy on
    you by automatically equipping and activating it, too, so once you have control
    again, a couple quick swipes will kill the Zombie easily.
    That's it for the tutorial areas. Kiss 'em goodbye, because you're never gonna
    see 'em again, and head out the gate to the north.
    Chapter 2 - Like a Moth to.. [bugs]
     - San Miguel
    Welcome to the town that will serve as the hub for your travels through this
    game. You'll come out on 6th Avenue, which still has enemies on it, so be wary
    and head north to the Mall. As you can probably tell from the soothing town
    music, this place is safe. A bit to the north you'll run into Zazie and
    Sumire/Violet, and after a short conversation, you'll get the Dark Card and
    Enchant Flame. A warning: Do NOT use the Dark Card unless you absolutely have
    to. The interest rate is awful, and if you can't pay it back, you're forced to
    kill your fingers in the Punishment Room. Anyway, most of the shops are closed
    as of now. The Coffin Shop is open, but doesn't have anything worth buying yet.
    The Library is the place to go for missions, but there aren't any yet. The Clock
    Tower is the place to go if you set the clock wrong so STOP POSTING ABOUT IT ON
    THE BOARD! ..er, sorry about that. Oh, and if you need to refill your HP, swing
    by the inn and smack the green crystal there a few times. It dispenses Luna Bugs
    that you can absorb with A to heal up. Now, if you plan on doing all the
    sidequests as soon as possible, the first Undead dungeon, Ruins, is available
    right now. Check the 'Undead Dungeons' section for more information. After you
    clear that, you should be able to do a Mission in the library, too. Once you're
    ready to move on, head north and marvel at the GAPING HOLE IN THE GROUND. One
    more room north, one west, to 10th Avenue and OOPS! Music changed. We're out of
    the safe area. Work your way in a generally northwestern direction until you see
    the words 'Immortal' literally in big red letters. That's where we wanna go.
     - Cathedral
    Time for the first Immortal dungeon. For future reference, I'm not gonna tell 
    you to grab every brown chest in your path, so do it yourself. I can't hold your
    hand forever you know!  Anyway, you'll start off in a nice large open area.
    Nothing much to see here, just head straight north. This next room is a bit
    mazey, so bear with me. There'll be a stone block in your path. Just push it
    north twice into the water, then head east and push the crate there out of your
    way. You'll block the path east, but don't worry, we'll come back to that. Head
    west, pushing another stone block west into the water to clear the path north.
    From there, work your way to the northern exit.
    In this next room, you'll see a black cat going through a door that locks behind
    him. More noteably, head up there and grab that green chest for Map A, then head
    through the east path, where you'll see.. the first block puzzle! There's two
    crates here, and we need to use them to make a bridge so we can get to the upper
    platform and to that green chest. Piece of cake. Push the rightmost crate north
    one space, then push the other crate east 1, and south 1. Climb the stairs, walk
    across one crate, circle around, cross the other crate, and grab the chest for a
    Club, your first Hammer weapon. That's all we can do here, so backtrack west and
    See that crate? Smash it with your new club, and push the stone block south into
    the water. You can then push the other stone block east 1 and all the way south
    to create a central shortcut through this stupid maze. Remember the eastern path
    you blocked off with a crate? Go smash it and head through. There's nothing in
    this room but a hint panel, but one more room to the east is a large graveyard
    protected by the one and only Grave Keeper in the game (the dog). He's WAY too
    tough for you at this point in the game, so avoid him. What we have to do here,
    is push all the fake tombs out of the way without messing with the real ones. If
    you try to push a real tomb, a ghost will knock you away and get the Grave
    Keepers attention. How do you tell the fakes? Watch the Grave Keeper from a
    distance. He'll stop to check on the real tombs, but he'll walk right past the
    Here's a crappy diagram of the graves. O=Real grave, X=Fake.
    O X O O
    X O O O
    O X O O
    Once you've pushed all three fakes, a stairway will open in the previous room.
    Go back and head down the stairs. There's a Solar Station in this room, but you
    probably don't need it. More importantly is the first weight switch in the game.
    (I feel compelled to point out a lot of 'firsts') This really isn't that hard to
    deal with though. Just push the crate 2 south onto the switch to open the door
    and keep it open. Head south a couple rooms to the first (*ducks flying bricks*)
    dark room in the game. Nothing really here though, just continue east. Here,
    there's a candle you can light using an attack with Enchant Flame so you can see
    more than two feet in front of your face again and head north.
    The next few rooms are a frigging gauntlet of puzzles. There's a Zombie guarding
    the exit north, and if he sees you, it'll lock. First, light the candle. Then
    knock on the inside of the L-shaped wall in the middle of the room to get the
    Zombies attention, then circle around and through the door. Don't try to fight
    the Zombie, as you probably can't deal enough damage to kill him before he sees
    you even with Enchant Sol, yet. Next room, besides a Solar Station, there's two
    candles in front of you, and one out of reach that you can ignore for now. If
    you light one at a time, they'll go out immediately, so hit them both at once
    with a Flame enchanted sword, and the door will open.
    Now we get to deal with another block puzzle, coupled with the first (*gets hit
    by flying brick* OW!!) touch switch in the game. This is harder than the last
    one, but still mild compared to the brainbusters we'll face later. Push the
    rightmost crate south 1, then west until it's touching the wall to form a bridge
    to the north side, then push the other crate east 2 so you can get to the touch
    switch. Cross over, hit the switch to open the door, and proceed north. This
    next one requires some quick work. Get Enchant Flame ready and toggled on, hit
    once of the candles, turn around and hit the other candle, then QUICKLY before
    either candle goes out open the quick-select menu, switch to your hammer, and
    hit the rusted switch to open the door. If you feel daring, you can try to
    toggle Enchant Flame off before hitting the switch, but I wouldn't risk it.
    Guess what's in the next room? More candles! Light the first one, then
    immediately flatten yourself against the west wall to cross the narrow path
    to the northern side and light the second one before the first goes out. The
    door east will open.
    This last puzzly thing isn't too bad. Ready your hammer and hop onto the
    elevator. Hold down B and, as the elevator takes you up, swing that hammer to
    the left to hit the first rusted switch. Then when the elevator stops, smack the
    other rusted switch. If you missed the first one, you can get it on the way down
    and you'll still be fine. Once both switches are hit, the elevator will take you
    all the way to the top, so you can go up the stairs and put all this behind you.
    We're finally inside the damn Cathedral. Grab the green chest for Map B, then
    head west to another..
    Defeat the Skeletons!
    When you enter the room, you'll see a pattern of light on the floor, and that
    black cat from earlier, who goes down some stairs that promptly disappear. As
    does the pattern. Then the Skeletons notice you and the doors lock. The bad
    news is, these Skeletons are a LOT tougher than the ones in the City Gate. The
    good news is, we have Enchantments now, so we can kill them permanently! There
    are 3 Skeletons here, and they'll take quite a few hits to beat unless you've
    levelled up a lot. To save ENE, you may want to smack them around with regular
    attacks and turn on Enchant Sol to finish them off. You might have to use some
    items here.. fortunately you should have a pretty good collection by now.
    For future reference, I will refer to this room as the main hall. The Skeletons
    should have left behind a green chest. Open it for a Yellow Crystal. There are
    two exits we can use here, both leading west. To pick up some items, go through
    the northernmost door first. In here, there are three weight switches, three
    lattice doors, and only one crate. Push the crate onto the northern switch to
    open the northern door, and the southern switch to open the southern door, and
    collect the items behind each. The middle door won't open unless all three
    switches are pressed at once, and we're short one object to do that just yet.
    Head back out and through the southern west door.
    In here, there's a weight switch, but nothing to put on it.. or is there? Don't
    kill that Ghoul just yet. Knock on the wall over the weight switch to lure the
    Ghoul onto it, and slip through the lattice door before it moves. Upstairs,
    you'll see a Hint Panel, next to a hollow in the wall and a candle. Check the
    hollow and put the Yellow Crystal in it when prompted, then light the candle.
    You should see a cutscene of part of the pattern you saw earlier reappearing.
    To move on, push the crate blocking your path south 2, then use your hammer to
    break the crates so you can push it west into the hole. Break the long pathway
    of crates, but leave the last one so you can push it north into the hole,
    allowing you to reach the blue chest. Open it for a Triangle Key. That's all we
    have to do here. Backtrack downstairs to the main hall. We can now open the
    upper east door.
    The Red Crystal is in this room, but the chest its in is invisible. Don't worry
    though, the solution, as with so many other things in this game, lies in that
    big ball of plasma in the sky. Get some sun and you'll notice something
    sparkling in the sunlight coming through the windows. That's what we're after,
    so go press A on it and the chest will appear. With that out of the way, head up
    the stairs. Uh oh.. open lattice door. That usually means..
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    Sure enough, as soon as we go through it, it closes. You've got three Ghouls and
    a Zombie to deal with here. Enchant Sol works wonderfully on all of them. They
    shouldn't give you much trouble, really.
    Head through the western door that's now open. We're back in the main hall, but
    on a higher ledge now. You could cross over to the west, but not just yet. Drop
    off the thin path to the green chest below for now.. it contains a Short Spear!
    You now have one of each of the three major weapon types. Do a little dance~
    We've got a couple errands to do now. Drop back down to the main hall and go
    back through the lower eastern door. There's a switch in this room you couldn't
    reach before. Hit it with the spear to open the lattice door! Go upstairs.
    Good LORD that's a lot of crates. OK, one thing at a time, there's another
    hollow in the wall with a candle next to it. Put the Red Crystal in the hollow
    and light the candle to reveal another part of the pattern. Now, try to memorize
    the layout of the crates, then break one of them so you can get upstairs.
    This floor is loaded with trapdoors. The trick is, each trapdoor corresponds to
    a crate below it.. so if you remember the pattern, you can safely work your way
    around to the hint panel to the south. It may take you a few tries, but no
    worries. Falling through a trap door doesn't hurt you in any way, you just have
    to go back up the stairs. You MUST read this hint panel to proceed!! Once
    you've read it, go back downstairs (or just fall through a trap door) for now.
    Now, you need to backtrack aaall the way to the ledge you dropped from to get
    your spear. This time, slide across the wall to get to the next room, a large
    library. Kill ALL the enemies in this room so you can concentrate on the puzzle
    (watch out for the poison spiders!) Now, you need to search the books for ones
    who's titles begin with the letters W, O, R, and D, as the hint panel implied.
    Crappy description of where to look follows.
    Bottom Floor, middle shelf off in the western corner: Walking In The Wilderness,
    Words of the Last Dragon.
    On the first staircase: Nightmare Of The Abyss, Overheating: The Risk Of Too
    Much Sun
    Bottom Floor, near the entrance: Rules of a Gunslinger, Spiral Folklore
    Top Floor: Curses & Purification, Doomsday Reincarnation
    When you find each, choose to press the switch hidden amongst the books, but
    make sure you do them in order. If you can't seem to figure it out from my
    description, I recommend Devis0rs FAQ. He's got some nifty ASCII art of the
    library. Note that if you're playing the Japanese version, the books you have
    to check are COMPLETELY different.. in this case, again I must recommend
    Devis0rs FAQ. I can only cover the english version right now. Once you've
    pressed the four switches in order, the lattice door to the south will open. In
    the hallway outside, circle around until you reach an elevator, and take it.
    Hoo boy. Time for another block puzzle. We have to hit both touch switches, and
    make a bridge to the other side. The key to this puzzle is remembering that you
    don't have to do both at once. I'm going to label the crates this time. The one
    sitting on top of the others is A, the others are B-D, from the left, capiche?
    OK. Push Crate A south 1, then east 1 off of the other crates, and press the
    touch switch. Go down the stairs and break Crate C with your hammer, then push
    Crate D north 1 so you can reach the second switch. Break Crate B, then push A
    east 1 and north 3, allowing access to the other side from the second switch.
    Cross your newly formed bridge, hitting the second switch on the way! Before
    you go through the door, head south and grab the Blue Chest for another
    Triangle Key. NOW go through the door.
    Here, equip your spear and Enchant Flame before stepping onto the platform. It
    will begin floating slooowly forward. Your job is to use the spear to light the
    candles on either side of the platform as you float ahead. Light them al
    successfully and you'll hear a tone, and the platform will carry you the rest
    of the way. Now, push the crate in front of you west 1 and north 1 into the
    hole, cross the bridge you just made, then push the other crate west 4 times
    until you can circle around the other side, then east until its touching the
    wall, then south over the bridge and onto the weight switch. The touch switch
    above will lower to where you can reach it, so go hit it, and a Green Chest
    will appear containing the Green Crystal! That's it. We're done here. Backtrack
    to the main hall.
    We have one more errand to do before we finish this up. Go into the uppermost
    east door where you found the Red Crystal. See the candle hidden behind a fence?
    Give it a stab with a Flame-enchanted spear, and a staircase will appear. This
    is a shortcut back outside. Go down the stairs and cross the thin pathway to
    the stairs on the other side. Above, push the stone block into the gap and
    you'll find you're back where you found your hammer. Work your way to the west
    exit, back to the large area outside the Cathedral. See those two lion statues
    on either side of the door? Stab them with your spear until they break. A Green
    Chest will appear, containing the Blue Crystal. Now backtrack through the
    shortcut you just created back to the main hall.
    From here, we want to go back to the room where we found the hint to the Green
    Crystal's location. In case you forgot, it's the southern east door, and up two
    flights of stairs. Put the Green Crystal in the hollow right in front of you,
    then light the candle. Only one piece of the pattern left! Unlock the door to
    the west, and the last hollow will be right in front of your face. If you can't
    figure out what to do with it, I'ma gonna smack you. With the pattern complete,
    the staircase that black cat disappeared down will reappear. Once again, and
    say it with me! Backtrack to the main hall, and go down those stairs.
    Otenko will warn you there's an Immortal ahead. Thanks Otenko, we completely
    missed the GLOWING RED LETTERS OVER THE DOOR. Heal up using that green crystal
    thingy, and refill your energy from the Solar Station if necessary, then head
    through to face our first boss.
    White Duneyrr, the Sky Ruling Immortal
    Duneyrr is a pretty gentle introduction to the bosses of this game. She'll fly
    around, throwing phosphorus powder on the ground that does 1 whole damage per
    second if you walk on it. Not really any more dangerous, but certainly more
    annoying, are the larvae she summons, which can be smacked away with a few well
    placed weapon strikes. The tricky thing is she's flying too high for you to hit
    her. Now class, Duneyrr is a big fricking moth. There's a candle in the middle
    of the battlefield. Give you any ideas? The easy way to light the candle is to
    give it a couple well-placed pokes with a Flame-enchanted spear. The harder, but
    more economical way, is to run around the room hitting the rusted switches in
    each corner with your hammer. I'd go with the spear, personally, unless you're
    totally out of energy. Once all four candles on the stand are lit, Duneyrr will
    drop to the ground. A spear enchanted with Sol works nicely for damaging her.
    Flame works equally well, but is more expensive, so I recommend taking the time
    to switch. (Her actual weakness is Earth, which we won't have for awhile.) Use
    items if you get low on HP or ENE. There's some crystal bamboo scattered around
    that will yield Luna and Sol Bugs too.
    Congratulations on winning your first boss fight! ..god that Oak Coffin is ugly.
    Maybe we should've traded it in after all. Ah, well, all in good time. Once
    Otenko-sama shuts up, head through the north door for a nice lengthy cutscene.
    Grab that Green Chest after it's over.. it contains a High Priestess card,
    which you should use immediately for a bonus to your Spirit stat. Now head back,
    grab that coffin (with A), and start dragging it back to (this is the last time
    I'll say it!) the main hall!
    For those of you who haven't played the first Boktai, Duneyrr isn't gonna just
    stay sealed in that coffin quietly and wait for oblivion. She'll rattle now and
    again, and knock you away if you're trying to drag it at the time. Smack the
    coffin with a Sol-enchanted weapon to make her chill the hell out. She'll also
    try to crawl away if you leave her alone long enough. Grab the coffin again to
    nip that in the bud. Anyway, remember the uppermost west door? The one with
    three weight switches, and only one crate? Well, looks like we've got something
    else to put on it now. Go there! Leave the coffin on one switch, push the crate
    onto another, and step on the last yourself to open that middle door. Head
    through it.. there's a Blue Chest, and three Greens! Jackpot! The Blue Chest
    contains a Circle Key that'll help you get out of here a lot faster and easier.
    The others contain a Dull Blade, a Pounder, and a Quarterstaff.. all of which
    suck, but they'll make good fodder for Solarforging in a little while.
    From here, it's a straight shot out of the dungeon, now that we can FINALLY open
    the front door with that Circle Key. Just head straight south until you're back
    on 10th Avenue. From there, drag the coffin east to the Plaza, where Otenko will
    summon the Piledriver! Yosha! Drag the coffin to the middle, wait for Otenko to
    shut up, then hit the four generators on each side with a Sol-enchanted sword.
    Make sure you're getting some sun before you start this! If it's night, or you
    otherwise can't get your daily dose of skin cancer, you'll have to save and do
    this later. Once you're ready, stand on the glowing button labeled A and
    press.. derrr.. B?
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    White Duneyrr, the Sky Ruling Immortal
    Duneyrr isn't any harder to Purify than she was to seal. She'll still toss
    phosphorus dust at you, but it isn't any more damaging now than it was before..
    you can pretty much just ignore it. Your job is to keep her Ectoplasm (the
    purple mess floating from the coffin) from shutting down the Generators by
    hitting it with Sol-enchanted weaponry to knock it away. The more sunlight
    you're getting, the faster she'll take damage, but you can speed things up a
    LOT by knocking the ectoplasm back into the coffin.
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    Chapter 3 - Brotherly Love [saba]
     -San Miguel
    One Immortal Dungeon down, five to go! with that over with, we'll see some more
    cutsceny goodness, and get re-introduced to Lita from the previous game. Head
    back to the Mall once you have control.. the Fruit Store is now open! Go chat
    with Smith to open up the Solarsmith as well. Unfortunately, since you can't
    Smith using equipped weapons, and need at least one weapon of each type equipped
    at all times, you won't be able to smith with just what you found in Green
    Chests in the Cathedral. But if you're lucky, some of the enemies will have
    dropped some spare weapons you can forge together, in which case I highly
    recommend you do so. Just make sure you don't end up with something you can't
    use yet! Also, swing by the Inn and talk to the sleeping Zazie twice. After an
    amusing cutscene you'll get your first Sol Magic, Freeze. You might also
    consider swinging by the coffin shop and picking up a new one. I like Silver,
    personally. Once all that's done, you can swing by the second Undead dungeon,
    the Forest, as well as the third, the Catacombs. The second Ruins request and
    first Forest request are available too. Or you can have a woefully non-short
    attention span and head for the Remains instead. But I heartily recommend doing
    the optional stuff first, to get those levels up.
     - Remains
    Here we are at the second Immortal dungeon. It's one of my favorites too, for
    reasons that will be stated below. Wait for Otenko to shaddup, then head up the
    stairs. Your first non-TRAP!! encounter with Clay Golems is here. They can be a
    pain, since you don't have their weakness yet, but Sol works alright. A
    well-placed wall tap is great for tricking them into crashing into each other
    too. *evil laughter* North is a dead end, and east is locked, so we go west for
    now. There's a Solar Station in here, if you need one at any point. West is
    another dead end for the moment, so head upstairs. And look, already we have
    Defeat the Vampire Bats
    Oh for crying out loud, this is sad. A trap of nothing but Vampire Bats? Sad.
    Just sad. Swat them out of the sky and lets get on with our life.
    Move on ahead. Now we reach another fork in the road. Downstairs is a fireball
    we can't get past for the moment. Off to the west is a stone block we can drop
    to the floor below. Do so, it'll come in handy later. Then go back and go
    north. This next room has a strong wind blowing, and flamethrower traps. All
    two of you who actually read my overly long explanation of the Solar Sensor
    know what to do here. For the rest of you, cover the sensor, and the wind will
    die, and the flamethrower traps will fire less frequently, allowing you to slip
    by. Stand on the platform past the flame traps and light the candle with an
    Enchant Flame attack, and the platform will start moving. Get your spear ready,
    because as you move, another platform with a second candle on it will move past
    you. Light it with a well-placed stab, so the platform you're on will take you
    all the way across. There are a couple more flamethrower traps before the exit,
    so be careful.
    We'll see a brief cutscene now, introducing one of the most odd characters in
    the game. But he gives you Enchant Frost, so it's all good. After you have
    control, there's another fork. But we can't get through the west path without
    Cloud, and east is a dead end, though there's a skylight there if you need it.
    North isn't an exit at all, though it leads to some crystal bamboo. Backtrack
    through the windy room (remember to cover the sensor again! Unless you LIKE
    falling off the edge and selling yourself into debt to continue) and go down
    the stairs we skipped earlier.
    That fireball that was blocking our path is no problem with our new Enchant
    Frost spell. A single Frost attack will put it out in a hurry. Go through the
    door it was blocking, and we'll reach the room where we dropped that stone block
    earlier. Push it west into the hole. Now we've got a handy shortcut to the exit
    to the south, if you feel the need to go back to town for whatever reason, like
    checking out the item/protector shop that's open now that you've rescued Kid.
    His stock isn't that impressive yet, but he DOES sell a Chain Mail Protector
    that's stronger than anything else you've got so far, defensively, while still
    nowhere near as heavy as the Poison Guard and Thiefs Clothes you (might have)
    picked up from requests. When you're ready to continue, head west.
    Slowdown ahoy! On my game, at least. There's a bunch of ice blocks here, which
    will be your worst enemy later. For now though, we just need to melt them with
    a few Flame powered attacks. The ones off to the right reveal some chests, and
    you can melt them all at once if you use a sword. The one on the left blocks the
    next door. Next up is a Property Cube. These things react differently to
    different enchantments. For now, we need to hit this one with Frost so it drops
    to the ground and presses the weight switch. Now, we have another..
    Defeat the Sword!
    Boktai vets will remember this guy. He'll float around, teleport, periodically
    try to stab you, and summon smaller swords to fly at you. He's null-element, so
    all enchantments work equally well, or you could just use none at all. The best
    way to do damage to him, however, is to wait until he summons the mini-swords,
    then back up a little, wait for them to fly at you, and knock them back into
    him with your own sword. That hurts him a lot. Beat him for an Emperor card.
    Of course, in the very next room is another..
    Defeat the Yellow Slimes!
    Two Yellow Slimes. ..sad. If you want to make this even easier than it already
    is, you can make use of the two stone blocks in this room. Pinning a slime
    between them, or between one block and the wall, will kill it instantly. They
    don't really move much either, so it's very easy to do.
    Followed by yet another..
    Defeat the Clay Golems!
    Four Clay Golems. This is more like a real trap. Use wall taps to crash them
    into each other, then kill them with Sol-powered attacks while they're stunned,
    as usual.
    And then we have yet another.. just kidding. Next room has the Triangle Key,
    and a stone block for you to push into a gap and make another shortcut, this
    time to the room just west of the entrance. Aside from another opportunity to
    leave if you're so inclined, this takes us right back to where we need to use
    the key.. the locked door going east from the first room. Go and open it, and
    you'll see why this is one of my favorite Immortal Dungeons. Come on, Sabata's
    awesome and you know it. Needless to say when he prompts you to turn back,
    don't. After the conversation is over, you'll get Enchant Cloud! Sweet.
    After that, go east and up the stairs. Watch out, the first chest you see here
    is actually a Mimic. You can tell by giving it a good smack with your sword..
    Mimics take damage, real chests obviously don't. In the next room, we have our
    first emblem block puzzle. We have to push the Fire block onto the Fire panel,
    and the Frost block onto the Frost panel. Push one block, we'll say Fire for
    the sake of argument, one square south. Then push Frost west onto the Frost
    panel. Push Fire east, then south until you can get around it, and back north
    until its lined up with the panel. Then push it right onto it. Easy.
    Now to mess around with Property cubes some more. Firstly, push the nearby
    stone cube into the gap to create another shortcut and reveal a Hint Panel that
    practically gives away what you have to do here. But I'll tell you anyway.
    Using a Cloud-enchanted Sword, hit the Property Cube one space east. Then,
    using a Cloud-enchanted SPEAR, hit it over the hole and over the weight switch.
    Then hit it with Frost so it presses the switch down. Go through the north door,
    where you'll see an item on top of a stone block. Two Cloud-enchanted slashes
    will break the block so you can get the item.. a Triangle Key! Go back to the
    last room. There's two chests in the room to the east, but the one on the left
    is a mimic. Now cross over the stone block we pushed earlier to reach the room
    where we rescued Kid. Go through the west door here, and use Enchant Cloud to
    break the block. In the next room, there are two chests that you can only reach
    via a Solar Bridge that appears if you're getting sun. Grab them if you
    want/can, and unlock the door going west.
    We're outside again! To the south, there's a staircase going down, and a path
    heading east. The latter has another stone block for us to push down and use
    later, so do that, then go back and down the stairs. There's a chest in here
    we can't reach yet, until we come from a different direction. Bummer. Go east,
    and there's that block we dropped already. Push it east into the hole. Look, we
    can get back to the entrance now! Again! Do that if you feel like it, go east
    from this spot when you're ready.
    This room has a number of alarm panels, which you've encountered before if
    you've been doing requests. If not, when you step on them they make a loud
    noise which gets the attention of nearby monsters. There are three 'sleeping'
    skeletons in here, but they'll wake up and reassemble the moment you step on
    those panels. The placement of them makes stealth tactics very hard here. The
    room to the east has a pair of chests that, once again, can only be reached
    via Solar Bridge. Go get 'em if you want.
    To the north, we have another emblem block puzzle. To solve this one, we'll
    take the blocks one at a time. First, push the Flame block one north, three
    west, then one north. Circle around, and push the Frost block south, then push
    the Flame block onto its emblem. Now you can push the Frost block three east,
    circle around, and push it one south and one east onto its emblem. Push the
    Earth block one south, three west, and one south. Push the Cloud block one
    north out of the way, then push the Earth block one west onto its emblem.
    Finally, push the Cloud block three east, one north, and one east onto its
    emblem, and the door will open.
    Oh god. Mummies. I hate these things so bad. They can't see, but will react to
    the slightest noise you make, footsteps included, which makes them a royal pain
    to use stealth tactics on. Try tapping on a wall and staying flattened against
    it, then ambushing them as they walk away. Sol does the most damage against
    them, or you can set their bandages on fire with Flame. Be careful about this
    though because they'll run around like crazy. and maybe set YOU on fire in the
    process. Go upstairs. The next room has a number of Zombies waiting in alcoves,
    but you can kill them ridiculously easily if you're getting sun. Just tap on a
    wall and they'll walk out of their safe little alcoves into the sun coming
    through the windows.
    The next room has more Zombies, and more windows. You know what to do. The next
    room has a single mummy, and a candle you can't reach because of a constantly
    firing flame trap. The Hint Panel, once again, gives away the solution, but I'll
    tell you anyway. Smack the Mummy with a Flame-powered attack and watch it run
    straight into the flames and light the candles before dying. This opens the door
    to the south, allowing us to push another stone block we saw earlier into a gap
    and get that brown chest we couldn't reach before. Too bad it's only an Earthly
    Nut, but at least we have another shortcut now.
    Now head up the stairs, back outside. There are some stone blocks to mess with
    here, but head up the stairs to the right first. At the top there's a blue chest
    containing another Triangle Key. Now, rather than pushing the block into the
    nearby gap like you'd think, push it 3 East, 1 North, 1 West, and 2 North to
    create a bridge from the upper level over to two more stone blocks. Push the
    first one 3 west into the gap, allowing access to one chest. Then, push the
    other block 2 North, circle around it, push it 3 South, then 3 East, circle
    around again, push it 4 west, go around one last time, and push it 1 East and
    1 North. This gives you access to a Green Chest containing a Glaive, which
    given the dearth of spears to Solarforge with up until now, is a very nice
    thing. With that out of the way, head back down the stairs, south, east, and
    north to unlock the door, which leads to a..
    Defeat the Axe!
    Before, we had to fight a Sword. Now, an Axe. Like the sword, he hasn't changed
    much since the first Boktai. He'll teleport around, take swings at you, create
    a double.. he's not that tough, really. Like the sword, he's null element, but
    you can probably beat him with no enchantment at all. The Axe will leave THREE
    chests behind.. one Blue and two Green. The Blue contains a Circle Key
    (finally!). One of the greens contains a Devil card, arguably the most useless
    tarot there is. The other contains your second Sol magic, Dynamite.
    With all that out of the way, leave the room and head straight south until
    you're back at the entrance, then keep heading east, past the room where you
    previously met Sabata, and unlock the door. This leads outside.. to the desert!
    You'll take constant damage here unless you have water. Fortunately, straight
    down the stairs and to the right, there's a spring where you can fill up. It'll
    last you for 99 seconds. After some trial and error, I've found that the fastest
    way to get where you're going is to go north two screens, then east three
    screens. You'll reach another spring where you can refill your water, and an
    odd looking monolith. Read it for the clues as to where to find the three parts
    of the Stone Tablet you need to proceed. These clues are different for everyone,
    so I can't help you much here as of right now. I can tell you that the three
    stone tablets will always be in one of the 9 screens immediately surrounding
    the one with the monolith, and are in invisible Green Chests. If you're stuck
    hardcore, try Devis0rs FAQ, or failing that, the boards. Once you collect all
    three, return to the monolith and place all three tablet pieces, and a building
    will rise from the ground. Go inside.
    There's a Warp right in front of us that'll let us come and go as we please.
    This is pretty much your last chance to return to San Miguel before the boss,
    so if you have, say, some Solarforging to do, now's your chance. Go downstairs
    when you're ready.
    There are four candles here named, according to their signs, the Kings of Water,
    Wind, Earth, and Fire. You have to light them in order from eldest to youngest
    using the hints they give you, but one of them is lying. This is a real
    brainbuster. I COULD just tell you the order, but I'd rather explain the puzzle.
    That way you know WHY it goes in that order, not just that they do. Education in
    FAQs! :D First, we have to figure out the liar, by process of elimination. We
    know there's only one.
    The King of Fire says he's the eldest. He can't be the liar, because the King of
    Earth says he's younger than the King of Fire, the King of Wind says he's not
    the eldest, and the King of Water says he's the youngest. Therefore if the King
    of Fire was lying, they ALL would be.
    The King of Wind says he's older than the King of Water, but not the eldest. He
    can't be the liar, because if he's the eldest, the King of Fire can't be.
    The King of Earth says he's younger than the King of Fire. By the same token as
    before, if he was older than the King of Fire, the King of Fire wouldn't be
    eldest. They can't all be liars, so it can't be the King of Earth. That leaves
    Given that, we now know Fire is the oldest, Water is NOT the youngest, Earth is
    younger than Fire, and Wind is older than Water. Therefore..
    Fire (lower-right) is the eldest and goes first.
    Wind is older than Water, and Water can't be last, so Wind (upper-left) goes
    Again, Water (lower-left) can't be last, so goes third.
    That leaves Earth (upper-right) to go last.
    Follow all that? Well meh. Even if you didn't, just light 'em in that order and
    you'll be fine. A staircase'll appear, so go down it. Fight your way through the
    next room (stupid narrow pathways.. stupid mummies.. x.x) Now we've got a four
    way branch, with a puzzle in each room.
    In the northwestern room, we have to use a property block to light a candle.
    Hit the property block with a Flame attack to charge it with fire, then hit it
    west with a Cloud-powered sword (or hammer), and then south with a Cloud-powered
    SPEAR. It'll settle next to the candle, and the Flame effect will light it.
    In the northeastern room, we have to use two property blocks to weigh down two
    switches. Hit the first block east using a Cloud-powered spear to get it out of
    the way for the moment. Hit the other block east with a spear onto the switch,
    then use a Frost-powered spear so it drops onto the switch. Now hit the second
    block west, then north, then west, all with your Cloud spear, and poke it using
    Frost so it drops onto the other switch.
    In the southwestern room, we have a number of weight switches that change
    between blue and red when you step on them. You need to turn them ALL red. From
    the entrance, step exactly as follows. S, S, N, S, S, N, S, E, W, S, N, W, W, S,
    N, W, E, S, N, N, N, S, W, E, E, W, S, S, W, E, W. Phew. Hit the switch. I make
    no guarantees that the aforementioned method was the fastest way through the
    puzzle, but it works.
    Lastly, in the southeastern room, there's a VERY strong wind blowing. We have
    to use switches to change the direction and get to a weight switch. Don't worry,
    you can't get blown off the edge. Hit the switch right in front of you and the
    wind will start blowing east. Push your way south onto one of the pathways until
    you get as far south as you can go. Hit the first switch as you go past and the
    wind will blow north. You should be able to get to the weight switch without a
    problem then. If you overshoot after hitting either of the first two switches,
    you can reach a third that'll shift the wind west so you can try again. Note
    that after you hit the weight switch, the wind will die, letting you get back
    Once you've cleared all four puzzles, you can get through the south door. Otenko
    will warn you that the Vampire you're looking for is here! Once again, I guess
    he figured we would miss the big red letters reading 'Immortal'. There's one of
    those giant crystal bamboos here for you to heal with before you move ahead.
    Time for the first team battle in this game! Your job is to protect Sabata
    until he finishes charging up his Black Hole. The Vampire will dash around,
    summon weird needle.. cane.. sword.. thingies that you can knock away or dodge,
    and periodically fire Gun Del Sol, either several shots in a straight line, or
    a three-way shot. If he summons the needles, your first priority is to make
    sure they won't hit Sabata. Change position to ensure he isn't behind you. Then
    you can dodge them freely. He'll also summon needles around Sabata occasionally,
    but this goes veeery slowly, so you can knock them away pretty easily. If he
    shoots Gun Del Sol, just dodge it. If it's going towards Sabata, your only
    options are to let him get hit, or take it for him. I'd go with the latter
    personally.. the damage isn't that much, and he's your brother, right? Right?
    He also might try lunging at you.. he telegraphs this a bit by backing up before
    he dashes. Once again, make sure Sabata's out of the line of fire when you see
    this coming. If you get hit, he'll either slice you, or grab you and bite you.
    The latter restores some of his health! And yes, he gets healed if he bites
    Sabata, too.
    If Sabata DOES get hit, he'll lose some of the charge he's built up. Once the
    black hole is finished charging, Sabata will yell 'Now!' and the Vampire will
    be stunned. This is your cue to smack him into the black hole. Try to do this
    quickly, or he'll resist by summoning more swords. Once he's in it, his defense
    is nullified. This is your cue to give him a few Sol-powered smacks! After
    about five hits, he'll break out of the Black Hole, knocking Sabata over, and
    you get to do it all over again. If his health is particularly low, he'll
    transform into a swarm of bats and start sucking health from both you and
    Sabata. Stick near Sabata and smack them away with your sword. Sabata may or
    may not opt to help with a spinning attack of his own. This can be a tricky
    boss, but keep up the assault and he'll go down.
    Now for the cool part! For spoilerific reasons, you are now in control of
    Sabata. His weapon is Gun Del Hell, which works more or less like Gun Del Sol
    did in the intro, except you can charge up to perform a spinning Spread attack
    (the same one Sabata used in the previous battle to knock bats away). And it's
    Dark element, of course. He has two spells, Zero Shift, which teleports him a
    short distance forward at the cost of 10 ENE(stylish!) and Black Sun, which
    lowers the sun gauge to 0 for 30 seconds at the expense of all of Sabata's
    energy, with a minimum of 100. In case you're wondering what the use of this
    is, Sabata takes damage constantly when standing in sunlight. Furthermore,
    where Django's energy recharges while he's in the sun, Sabata's charges when
    he's NOT in the sun. Black Sun still isn't that useful though, since you can
    just cover the sensor or go inside. He has fairly high stats, and his Protector
    is the Mail of Luna, which increases his resistance to all properties. He has
    access to the same items as Django, but some work a little differently for him.
    All Solar Fruit works normally except Solar Nuts, which actually take AWAY
    energy. Magic Potions work as normal. If I remember correctly, Solar Bugs and
    Darkness Bugs work in reverse for him too.
    Got all that? Unfortunately, we can't sit around admiring Sabata's abilities.
    We have to get this coffin to the Piledriver, and we have a time limit to do
    it in. Before you start backtracking, check the room to the north for an
    Empress card. Keep that around until you're back in control of Django. NOW start
    your backtracking. When you get to the desert, don't forget to refill on water
    before setting off. Remember, the easiest way back is 3 screens west, two
    screens south. From there it's a straight shot west back to the entrance.
    Hopefully you remember the way back to San Miguel from there? Once you get
    there, you'll be met by Lita and Zazie, who'll take you to the Piledriver. The
    time limit is cut now. You're free to go exploring, but those meanies at Konami
    put a bunch of well-placed boxes around so Sabata, who lacks a hammer, can't
    really go anywhere, except to the Remains, and oddly the Catacombs. So go play
    around more with Sabata if you want, it'll be awhile before you can play him
    again. Talk to Zazie and Lita twice apiece, too. Zazie has some interesting
    stuff to say, and Lita gives you an all-important Sunscreen. You can buy more
    of them from Kid if you want, but you shouldn't need to unless the sun is really
    Ready to go? OK. Make sure you've got some good sun, fire up all four
    generators (don't ask me how Gun Del Hell can activate them.) Step outside, use
    that Sunscreen, and GO! Oh, and for you naughty boys reading ahead, don't go 
    below here, as the name of this boss is a SPOILER!
    Vampire Boy, Black Django
    This is the easiest 'boss' ever, as long as you're wearing that sunscreen. 
    Unlike every other Piledriver battle in the game, Black Django doesn't have any
    real attacks. He'll still try to shut down the Generators, but a single shot 
    from Gun Del Hell knocks him so far back it's easy as hell to get him back 
    into the coffin. If you have any decent sun at all, he'll die long before the 
    sunscreen wears off, and even if it does, his health will drain faster than 
    Chapter 4 - I vant to suck your.. tomato juice [dark]
    You're now Black Django. Whee. Like Sabata, standing in the sun damages you 
    now. Unlike Sabata, you still can't charge in darkness, so buying some sunscreen
    from Kid might be a good plan. You'll also take damage from rain, or trying to 
    step in a puddle. Owie. As if all these things trying to sap your health away 
    weren't bad enough as it is, every once in awhile when you get hit, Black 
    Django will lose control of the darkness within him and fly around screaming 
    like a lunatic. Bad news for the enemies, as they'll take a lot of damage. Bad 
    news for you too, as you'll lose half your health in the process. ALL Solar 
    Fruit does nothing but make you ill now, though there are a few new items to 
    replace them (Like.. *snerk* Tomato Juice. And no, that's not even censored. 
    It's Tomato Juice in Japanese too.)
    More bad news, all of your Sol magic and most of your Luna magic is unusable 
    now. The good news is, you have new magic. One new Luna spell, Enchant Dark, 
    and four Dark spells, Sleeping, Change Bat, Change Mouse, and Change Wolf. For 
    more detailed description of these, see the Magic section. Also, you can swing 
    weapons faster than you could before, and the sword and spear have slightly 
    longer reach owing to a small shockwave they project. Plus your attacks knock 
    enemies back a bit.
    Got all that? Good. Moving right along. Using Enchant Dark, you can now sever 
    those annoying Roots of Darkness that are all over the damn place. Our next 
    destination is Dark City, but a few sidequests abound before that. There's a 
    new enemy layout to run through in the Catacombs, as well as two more requests 
    in the Library. We can technically get to the last two Undead Dungeons, the 
    House of Time and the Treasury, but don't expect to get past the entrance as 
    Black Django. Don't forget to do a few rounds of Solarforging! Oh, and if you 
    talk to Lita, she'll give you one whole Tomato Juice for free. You may want to 
    stock up. It's the most effective healing item you can use right now. Sunblock 
    and Magical Potions from Kid help too. The Coffin Shop has some new stock.. the
    Solar Coffin and Coffin Monster Elefan. Elefan's pretty handy. If it starts 
    raining during your preparations, swing by the warehouse and talk to Violet to 
    get the Raincoat Protector that'll keep you safe from that particular hazard. 
    Its defense blows though. Once you're ready to go, head to the northeast corner 
    of San Miguel..
     - Dark City
    This entire area basically serves as a tutorial to get you used to Black 
    Django's abilities. Handily, pretty much all the chests and item drops are 
    things you can actually use here, too. Since playing in the sun is more than a
    bit impractical here, learn what Enchant Dark is useful on, and use it 
    sparingly to conserve ENE. The first couple rooms have nothing, other than 
    another brief appearance by Kuro/Nero. Eventually you'll come to a fork, as 
    well as your first encounter with a Bandit (Enchant Dark works quite nicely on
    it). The door off to the right is a dead end for now, so head left instead. 
    Here, head up the stairs to your left, past the nest of poison bees. This looks
    like a dead end, but if you look closely, you can flatten yourself against the
    wall and slip through a crack to the east
    Nothing in the next room other than the usual enemies. Head south. There are
    two doors here, and a path further down. The right door doesn't contain anything
    you can use, except a whispering voice that explains what Sleeping does. The 
    door to the left has a crate you can push down to create a shortcut back to the 
    room with the Bandit. Go push that down if you want (its a little early for a 
    shortcut back to the entrance, isn't it? O.o) then go down the path.
    Nothing noteworthy in the next room either, besides more enemies. Kill 'em or
    skip 'em, either way, take the exit in the northeast. Go down this path and go
    through the door. You're on the other side of the room with the Ominous
    Voice(TM) that explained Sleeping. Push the stone block into the hole to form
    another  shortcut. Then back up and take the path north. As a complete non
    sequitur, lucked out in this room and a Ghoul+ appeared. I put on some sunblock
    and my Thiefs Clothes, took the game outside, and it died instantly leaving
    behind a Bastard Sword I couldn't even use yet. Learn from my example.
    That aside, go west from here. Ignore the northern passage.. it's another dead
    end. Go west instead. Kuro will show you the way again. Actually, ignore him for
    now and slide through the narrow path. Ignore the door, but use your hammer to 
    smash the crate and push the steel block south twice into the hole, forming yet 
    another easy shortcut back to the entrance. NOW go follow Kuro.
    Two doors along the side here. The first one has the OminousVoice(TM) that will 
    explain Change Bat. Take the hint and use it to reveal three invisible chests! 
    North is a dead end (though there's a Solar Station there) but the second door
    has a tiny hole. Approach it and the OminousVoice(TM) will explain Change Mouse.
    Take the hint and use it to slip through the hole. On the other side, use your 
    hammer to hit the rusted switch and open the human-sized door, then head up the
    Dark room ahoy! Well, unless you're playing in the sun for some reason, in 
    which case a skylight will brighten things up. It's right over the stairs 
    though, so it's probably more trouble than it's worth to go outside. It's a 
    tiny room besides. Ignore the locked door for now and go south. Hey, it's the 
    OminousVoice(TM) again, this time explaining Change wolf, also known as Free 
    Health. Try it out on the nearby Ghast if you feel like it. The southern door 
    just leads to a chest. Grab it if you want, then go upstairs. There's another 
    southern door leading to a chest here, but it's across a Solar Bridge. It 
    contains a Tonniar Rm, which we'll have no use for whatsoever for quite awhile.
    The only other exit is a hole in the wall. Use Change Bat to get through it.
    You'll go through a small tunnel with only one exit. When you come out, you'll 
    be in a room full of Ghasts. It's worth noting that, since you don't make 
    footsteps when you're a bat, you're effectively undetectable to them until you 
    transform back. Can you say ambush? The next room contains a Weight Elevator, 
    an elevator which you can control where it takes you using Black Django's 
    transformations. Django goes to the bottom floor, Mouse goes to the middle, and
    Bat goes to the top. Going to the bottom is another shortcut, but to move on, we
    want the middle floor, so use Change Mouse and get on. There's a Green Chest
    containing Map A here! (FINALLY!) After that slip through the mousehole going 
    Whoa! Room full of enemies! You might wanna change back to Django pronto. Once 
    that's dealt with head out the east door. You'll end up out on a balcony with a
    crate. Push it off the south edge to fill a hole below. Backtrack to the weight
    elevator and get on as Django. We can get across that hole to the north now. Do
    so, and go through the first door.
    Yargh. Emblem block puzzle. It's not too bad though. First push the Earth block 
    2 West onto the Earth emblem. Next push the Frost block 2 East onto the Frost 
    Emblem. Now, Push the Cloud Block 1 East and 1 South. Push the Fire Block 1 
    West, 1 North, and 2 West. Go around and push the Fire block 1 back to the 
    East. Now push the Cloud block 2 East and 1 South onto the Cloud Emblem. Finally
    push the Fire Block 1 West and 1 North onto the Fire Emblem. Your reward for 
    this little side-puzzle is a Weapon Guard Protector!
    Head back outside. Ignore the path to the west and head toward the puddle, only 
    to be interrupted again by Ote.. er, the OminousVoice(TM) explaining that the 
    puddle is dangerous and how to get over it. Use Change Bat to fly over and 
    through the door. This room is full of Ghasts, so make good use of that bat 
    form to ambush them before grabbing the blue chest for a Circle Key.
    Now that we've got that, Change Bat back over the puddle and backtrack east, 
    through the left door, through the gate, up the stairs, and to the locked door. 
    Open it and head through. Go through the eastern door out onto the balcony 
    here, and push another crate down. Now go back in and up the stairs to kill a 
    couple more Ghasts and grab a chest. Then head downstairs. There are metal 
    gratings here that make noise when you step on them and attract the attention 
    of monsters.. like the Zombies here. You can fly over them with Change Bat, but 
    that leaves you helpless to actually attack the Zombies until you change back, 
    so be careful. Head out the east door to the outside.
    The crate you pushed down earlier allows you to backtrack, if needs be. Press 
    on and head into the alley off to the west. Ignore the first door for the time 
    being and Change Bat to get over the puddle. Go through the second door. 
    There's a Solar Station here, and more importantly, a weight elevator. Hop on 
    as a mouse first. 
    There are two steel blocks ahead. Transform back and push the left one 1 West 
    out of the way. Then push the other one 1 East into the gap. Push the second 
    one 2 East, one North, and 2 East over the first one and into the gap below. 
    Now use Change Bat (there's an invisible chest you can grab while you're at it)
    and go back to the weight elevator to go to the top floor. There's a hole in 
    the wall for you to slip through. Ignore it for now and go right. Grab the 
    invisible chest, then transform back and push the steel block 2 South to the 
    floor below. Use Change Mouse and the weight elevator to get back to that 
    floor. Push the block 2 East, 1 North, and 2 East to the floor below on top of 
    the first one you dropped. Finally, get on the weight elevator as Django and 
    push the block 1 North to complete a bridge to the other side. Go through the 
    door into a..
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    I don't know why it says 'all enemy monsters' when it's just four Ghasts. Ah 
    well. Use Change Bat to sneak up on 'em if you want. The same old 'let them 
    run blindly into your spear' tactic works as well as ever. Your reward for 
    beating them is.. a flail. A lousy flail. Ah well, at least we can say we did 
    ..is it just me, or was that a huge pain in the ass for something we'll 
    probably just use as Solarforging fodder? Ah well. Go back to the weight 
    elevator and go to the top floor with Change Bat. Fly through the hole in the 
    wall and go through the tunnel to the only exit. You'll reach a room full of 
    Zombies with more metal grates on the floor. Rar. Hate. Want Enchant Sol back. 
    Go down the stairs, then out the door to the east to another balcony. Another 
    crate for us to push down, too. Do it and go back in. 
    For a handy shortcut down to the hole we just filled, go back inside, 
    deliberately drop off the first thin path, then slide across the second and 
    follow the path from there. Use Change Bat to fly over both the puddle and the 
    weight switch (it triggers a flame trap) to grab the Blue Chest for another 
    Circle Key. Now head through the east path and push the crate there into the 
    hole. Remember this place? Fly over the puddle and go through the right door I 
    told you to ignore before. Unlock the door in here.
    Another dark room. There's a candle right in front of our faces, and we can't 
    light it for lack of Enchant Flame. God this sucks. Ah well. Go up the stairs, 
    cross two thin paths, and up another flight of stairs. There are Ghosts in 
    this room. Be careful of them, energy is hard enough to come by right now as 
    it is (if, like me, you lack the patience to replenish it with Sleeping) 
    Happily enough, they leave behind Solar Bugs when you kill them though. Finish 
    them off and use Change Bat to fly through the hole in the wall.
    For a change of pace, this tunnel has multiple exits. The one on the far left 
    going east, and the one that's on its own branch that goes north, lead to the 
    same group of rooms. Go through the former. You'll reach a room full of Ghasts, 
    which contains a Blue Chest with another Circle Key, as well as an invisible 
    chest with some tomato juice. The other rooms connected to this one have 
    nothing of interest other than enemies for you to kill. Do that if you wanna. 
    Return to the tunnel and go through the other exit (the one off to the left 
    that goes west) to another room with ghosts. Go down the stairs from here, then
    out the door to yet another balcony with a crate on it. I shouldn't have to 
    tell you what to do with this by now. Once its dropped safely to the hole in 
    the floor below, go back inside and use the elevator to return to the ground 
    Go out the door and east to where the crate fell, and cross it. Use Change Bat 
    to avoid the weight switch, as it triggers another flame trap. The alley off to
    the right has an invisible chest with some sunblock, but that's it. Fly over 
    the puddle and unlock the door. There's a Warp here, which, as we learned in 
    the Remains, usually means 'last chance to go back to San Miguel!'. Go do any 
    last-minute Solarforging or shopping you need to do. When you're ready to 
    proceed, up the elevator with you.
    Cheyenne, the Wind Warrior
    You know, I believe this is the first boss that is neither a TRAP!! nor an 
    Immortal. Well, he's not the boss of the dungeon, and in the arena he shows 
    up with all the TRAP!! minibosses, so that's what we'll call him. His attacks 
    aren't terribly complicated, but he can be annoying, especially if you're 
    underlevelled or using underpowered weapons. He'll throw his tomahawks at you, 
    after which he'll have to pause to pull out new ones, run around, take swings 
    at you, and do a spinning slash that leaves him stunned afterwards.. the most 
    annoying thing is that as long as he has tomahawks in his hands, he has a 
    tendency to block attacks from the front. Also, occasionally he'll reach into 
    his pockets to pull out an item. Smack him and he'll drop it for you to pick 
    up, but most of them are just Solar Fruits that are useless to you right now.
    His weakness is Earth, which we don't have at the moment, so Dark will have to 
    do. Using a spear keeps you out of reach of most of his attacks. For the record,
    items I've seen him try to use include Speed Nuts (increases his running speed),
    Tasty Meats (recovers his life), and Blueshrooms (very dangerous.. makes him 
    invisible. You can still see his shadow, but you'll lose any ability to read 
    his moves).
    After that little misunderstanding is cleared up, Cheyenne will give you a 
    Circle Key, and go back to town to open a weapon shop. Go back down the 
    elevator. Feel free to use the Warp again.. Cheyenne's weapon shop makes 
    getting Solarforging parts SO much easier. His stock SUCKS right now though.. 
    nothing higher than level 9. You could forge them together to get better ones, 
    but that gets expensive, so if you're not having huge amounts of trouble with 
    the weapons you have you might wanna wait. When you're ready to continue unlock
    the door. Go up the stairs and grab the chest for Map B. Fight your way through
    the Ghasts and Ghosts to get up the next set of stairs.
    The chest on the left here is a mimic, so be careful. Go out the east door once 
    you've dealt with that. Up the stairs in the next room. Looks like a dead end 
    here.. but it's not. Despite the absence of the telltale red arrow, you can use 
    Change Bat to fly through the window here. Then use Change Mouse to crawl 
    through the mousehole ahead, and end up on a roof. Staying in mouse form, climb 
    up the roof and through another hole at the top. On this roof, crawl across the 
    tiny plank connecting to another roof, and go through the open window. Now we 
    have both a window to go through with Change Bat, and another mousehole. The 
    mousehole is a dead end though, so switch to Change Bat and go through the 
    window. We'll end up.. on the other end of the hole where we started this. Push 
    the crate into the hole so we never have to run through that little maze again. 
    Then go through the door.
    Down the stairs here after dealing with the enemies. Go through the east door 
    here after being thoroughly annoyed by more stupid Ghasts. There's a giant 
    crystal bamboo and a Solar Station here, which means the Immortal is probably 
    ahead, so refill your HP and ENE. (If you have the patience and a good coffin, 
    Sleeping is probably a better alternative than draining your storage) then go 
    down the elevator. Sure enough, there's that telltale giant red sign reading 
    'Immortal' Since Otenko isn't around to interrupt our forward momentum by 
    pointing out the obvious right now, approaching the door triggers a different 
    cutscene. Anyway, eventually we'll move on to..
    Red Durathror, the Earth Ruling Immortal
    This little girl can be quite annoying. Curiously, her element is Sol, rather 
    than Earth like you'd expect, so Enchant Dark works quite well. She'll begin 
    her attack by popping up in a bulb along with several Roots of Darkness. The 
    bulb will toss out thorns constantly. They're hard to avoid, but don't do much 
    damage, so just take a few swings with whatever weapon you prefer using Enchant
    Dark. It won't take long at all for her to give up that tactic and start 
    exposing several bulbs at once, which will simultaneously open and release some 
    weird pink fog that damages you. Before they open, use Change Bat, and you 
    should see her silhouette in one of the bulbs. Change back, re-equip and 
    activate Enchant Dark, and attack that bulb with the weapon of your choice a 
    few times to make it open prematurely, then beat the crap out of her. Once you 
    do enough damage, her bulb will be destroyed. She'll start burrowing into the 
    ground, then emerging, jumping around, and summoning either spiked vines from 
    below to stab you or spiked balls from above to flatten you. It's pretty much a
    cakewalk from here, just avoid her attacks and counter and she'll be sealed in 
    no time.
    Well, that wasn't so bad. Before we bring Durathror back, slash the vines to 
    the north to reveal a room with a Green Chest containing a Chariot card. After 
    getting that, start dragging your coffin south. The room is totaled, so we'll 
    have to take a different route out. Go south again. Here, leave the coffin on 
    the weight switch so the moving platform stays put where you need it. Use it to
    circle around the stone block and push it north out of your way. The next room 
    is basically the same concept. Leave the coffin on the weight switch so the
    moving platforms form a bridge, then go push the stone block into the gap, and
    drag the coffin across that.
    Next up, let go of the coffin so you can slide across the thin path and push 
    the stone block east into the gap. Drag the coffin over to the weight switch 
    and leave it there. Cross the moving platform bridge and push the nearer wooden
    block west into the hole. Then circle around, push the crate south, circle 
    around AGAIN, push it west 2 to make a bridge to the stairs. Grab your coffin 
    and head up the stairs. From here, out the south door. The first door you see 
    here leads to a property block puzzle, but until we get the rest of our Luna 
    magic back we can't possibly solve it. Drag the coffin through the next door.
    There's a Solar Barrier in this room that you can leave the coffin on so it 
    doesn't try to get away. If you have Elefan this is pointless, since it crawls 
    TOWARDS the exit when left alone. Otherwise, you can take advantage of this to 
    scout ahead a bit, or take a break from the game without the coffin getting away
    from you. It's not really needed though. What you DO want to do however, is use 
    Change Bat to reveal a Green Chest, containing the Blood-Soaked Cape Protector! 
    Go south from here. One more room south is a chest you couldn't reach before, 
    with a jerky. Get it if you want, then back up and go downstairs. Two entire 
    rooms full of zombies and metal gratings are ahead. How annoying. Go upstairs. 
    Here, put the coffin on the moving platform and sit on it yourself before 
    hitting the rusted switch with your hammer. After an annoyingly long delay the 
    platform will carry you across. Go out the east door.
    Back outside! And right by the exit to boot. Drag the coffin straight south, 
    and you should be able to get out pretty easily from here. Off to the Piledriver
    we go! Zazie will meet us there. And accuse us of being just as insane as 
    Sabata. She's probably right. In case you can't figure it out, Enchant Dark 
    activates the Solar Generators just as well as Enchant Sol. Again I have no 
    idea why. Don't bother using sunblock before you start, by the way.. it won't 
    change the effect..
    Long story short, after some kickass dialogue, a counter will start ticking 
    down. If you played the first Boktai, you can probably figure out what to do 
    here. Solar Charge! This scene sounded so much cooler in Japanese. ;_; Bokura 
    no.. TAIYOOOOOOOH! Erm. Anyway. Long story short, we change back to Red Django 
    and learn the Transform and Rising Sun spells!
    Red Durathror, the Earth Ruling Immortal
    Alright! Um.. first of all, unequip all that Dark Magic and get out Enchant 
    Sol! Durathror's main attack is that stupid ring of thorns she used in her 
    first phase. Annoying to be sure, but not that damaging. Do the usual thing.. 
    avoid her attacks as best you can, keep her off the generators, and smack her 
    into the coffin for bonus damage. Certainly harder than Duneyrr was, but not by
    a lot.
    Two Immortals down, and you're back to being a Solar Boy. Bathe in the 
    congratulations of the townspeople. BATHE I SAY! Oh, and you get another Sol 
    Magic, Healing.
    Chapter 5 - Let's Make Takoyaki [tako]
    Well, we can now change back and forth between Red Django and Black Django at 
    will. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to us. First, let's get 
    a couple things out of the way. Swing by Cheyenne's weapon shop, and he'll give 
    you your last Sol spell, Dash. Now, go to the Warehouse and talk to 
    Sumire/Violet. Kuro will hop down and wander off. Go follow him! He'll 
    eventually lead you to the next Immortal Dungeon, the Aqueduct. Don't worry, we
    won't go through it yet. When we go in, we'll see a small cutscene, and Ringo
    will give us our last Enchant spell, Enchant Earth! Yes!! Now leave for now.
    With the joint powers of both forms, you can now actually get INSIDE the last
    two Undead dungeons.. the House of Time, and the Treasury. We can also get into
    that room that was blocked by stone blocks way back in the Ruins, and assorted
    other locations in the Immortal Dungeons that I'll get to in a bit. The
    Catacombs have a new enemy layout, and there's two new requests at the library
    for you to do, too. The Coffin Shop now has the last two coffins, the Vampire
    Coffin and Iron Maiden, in stock. Once you're ready to move on, we have some
    errands to do..
    - Cathedral Revisited.
    We'll need 2 bars of sun here. Head north two rooms to the front of the 
    Cathedral, and check out the western side. Notice the lilly pad floating there?
    Use Healing on it and it'll grow to a size you can walk on. Cross it and you'll
    reach an entirely new room. Healing a couple more lilly pads in here and you'll
    be able to reach a green chest containing The Magician. While we're at it, 
    backtrack to the front of the Cathedral and go east. The northernmost part of 
    this room has three lilly pads leading to another Green Chest. This one
    contains the Fairy Robe Protector.
    - Remains Revisited
    You'll need at least 3 bars of sun. From the entrance, head west, then up the
    stairs. Work your way through what used to be a TRAP! and go through the north 
    door. Make sure you cover the sensor as you go through this windy room, and exit
    north. Here, go through the west door. Use Enchant Cloud to break the stone 
    block in the way. Now, in this room, tap on the east wall until you hear a 
    hollow noise and the little ring signifying the noise turns red. Plant a 
    Dynamite spell next to the wall and ruuuuun! It'll blow a hole in the wall. Go 
    through for your reward.. the Ninja Gi Protector! Now go through the west 
    (formerly locked) door, and downstairs from here. Head north two rooms to a 
    room with several zombies and sunlight coming through the windows. Tap on the 
    west wall, find the hollow spot, lay Dynamite.
    Careful! The brown chest on the right here is a mimic. Change to Black Django 
    and use Enchant Dark to get past the Root of Darkness. Up the stairs is a Green
    Chest with the Hierophant card, one of the three we need to get into the 
    Aqueduct. You can leave now.
    -Dark City Revisited
    Remember that room with the Property Cubes that we couldn't do anything with? 
    You need to backtrack there. If you can't remember the way.. well, look at the 
    previous chapter and pretend you're dragging the coffin backwards.
    OK, let's deal with this puzzle nice and quick. Some of us are fresh back from 
    the Treasury and have no patience for more of this crap thankyew. >.> Push the 
    Steel Block North 1. Hit the frozen Property Cube next to it with Enchant Earth
    to get rid of it. Push the Steel Block East 1 into the gap. Now hit the other 
    frozen Property Cube with Flame so it un-freezes and we can move it. Equip 
    Cloud. Smack the upper Property Cube east. Now smack the lower one west, then 
    north 2 spaces (use a spear for ENE efficiency!). Smack it West 3 more spaces. 
    Now smack the other Property Cube East 1, North 1, and West 2. Finally, use 
    your spear to smack both Cubes North over the gap, switch to Enchant Frost, and
    freeze both Cubes to press down the weight switches. Whew. Cross over the steel
    block and go up the stairs.
    Dark room. Candle nearby. We actually HAVE Enchant Flame back now, so feel free 
    to light it. Go out the south door. You can see the Green Chest from here, but 
    you can't reach it. Go out through the south and you'll end up on a balcony. 
    Follow the path.. watch out for the hive of Poison Bees, and the thin path 
    shortly afterwards. Go inside. Another dark room, another candle, and the only 
    exit is a mousehole, so switch to Black Django and use Change Mouse to get 
    through. There's that chest! Grab it! It's the last Tarot Card, the Hermit. 
    There'll be a cutscene that introduces the librarian, Lady, who oddly recognizes
    you even if you're Black Django at the moment. *shrug* Ah well. Push the crate 
    into the gap to make a shortcut back and we'll make our return trip.
    With all three tarot cards in our hands, we can now enter the Aqueduct.. here
    goes nothing.
     - Aqueduct
    This is probably the shortest Immortal dungeon in the game. Go check the door
    for a nice cutscene. Once you have control go inside and meet an immediate..
    Defeat the Purple Slimes!
    Ooh. Purple Slimes. I'm scared. For maximum easiness, use Black Django and a 
    Go through the next door, then upstairs, and grab the Green Chest for Map A. 
    Then enter the door and walk right into another..
    Defeat the Octopuses!
    Is this actually multiple octopi? I mean, generally, an octopus has more than
    one tentacle, doesn't it? Well, whatever. Dodge the rocks that are thrown out
    of the water at you. When the tentacles show themselves, hack off as many as
    you can with a flame-enchanted spear. This isn't very hard either.
    Next room, watch short cutscene, go upstairs, enter door, OH LOOK!
    Defeat the Fencers!
    Sensing a pattern yet? Well, Skeleton Fencers are more of a challenge than 
    Octopi or Purple Slimes, by quite a bit really. Use the Enchantment of your 
    choice and sneak up on them where possible, but that's not easy with all the 
    metal floors around, and even if you manage it, they're null property with beefy
    HP and defense, so you won't be able to kill them before they turn around unless
    you're very high level.
    Next room. Immortal ahoy! Yes, already! Get ready for it and go inside, for 
    more cutsceny goodness. After its over..
    Blue Dvallin, the Sea-ruling Immortal
    She's.. not.. hard. Especially if you use Red Django with Enchant Flame. She'll
    expose two tentacles at a time and try to smack you with them. Hit 'em with the
    weapon of your choice. Her head will pop up in preparation to smash your entire
    platform. You can avoid this attack with Black Django's Change Bat, or you can 
    stop it entirely with Red Django and a flame-enchanted spear right in her ugly 
    face. Her only really annoying attack is to surface a fair distance from the 
    platform (out of spear reach) and spit ink globs at you. Those globs stick to 
    the ground for a fair bit of time, and your room to maneuver is limited enough 
    as it is. Keep up the jabs to the face and tentacles and she'll be sealed nice 
    and fast.
    Well. That was fast. Start dragging that coffin over the stone bridge out of
    nowhere. On the way out, grab the Green Chest for Map B. Go out the west door, 
    and pull it up the hill. This room has a centipede, possibly one of the most 
    annoying monsters there is, in it. Enchant Cloud will help you kill it a LOT 
    LOT LOOOOOT faster. Through the west door, and up another hill with you. Argh. 
    Skeleton Archers. Beat them. Up another hill. We're now back where Dvallin 
    ambushed us. Go through the north door and grab both Green Chests for a
    Strength card and a Star Piece. Unless you're playing the import. Then no Star
    Piece for you. You have to get it from a Konami rep at gaming shows. In Japan.
    The price we pay to not have to hear the dubbed voices ;_;
    Erm, anyway. You can take that thing back to Smith and have him forge it into 
    ONE Astro Weapon, either Sword, Hammer, or Spear, whichever you like best. But 
    first things first, we have a coffin to drag. And.. well, from here on, it's all
    territory you've been through. So I'll see you at the Piledriver.
    Here already? OK, get some sun, and let's kill us some Immortal!
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    Blue Dvallin, the Sea-ruling Immortal
    Same as every other Piledriver battle. She'll try to stop you by spraying 
    bubbles from the coffin which.. I never saw her do during the previous battle. 
    But she probably does, and just never got a chance cause she died too fast. Ah 
    well. Anyway they're a pain in my ass to avoid, but still don't hurt much, so 
    don't worry about them overmuch. She can also shut down Solar Generators FAST, 
    so be alert and ready to smack her away whenever possible. As always, aim to 
    get her back in the coffin for maximum damage.
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    Chapter 6 - Light and Darkness [tower]
    Sounds like bad stuff is going down at Spiral Tower. Of course, we know what to 
    do about that.. PROCRASTINATE! :D While we don't have the wealth of options 
    we've had in the previous chapters, there are a few. The Catacombs have a new 
    enemy layout, and there's two more requests at the Library. Cheyenne's weapon 
    shop has a lot better stock now, too. Once you're ready to go, head straight 
    north from the Piledriver.
     - Spiral Tower
    Huzzah! THIS is my favorite dungeon in the game. Grab your hat, because we need
    to go out under the scary scary sun yet again. After the dialogue is over, talk
    to Sabata and tell him you're ready. You'll briefly take control of Sabata. 
    Cover the sensor and do a Dark Charge to open his door, and you'll switch back 
    to Django. Uncover the sensor and Solar Charge to open his door. Head inside!
    As Sabata explained, it's impossible to clear this area without conquering both
    towers at the same time. There are 'change magic squares' placed all around the
    tower, and by standing on one and pressing A, you'll switch to Sabata in the 
    Dark Tower! (and vice versa, of course) Don't do this just yet though. Also, 
    take note, the enemies in here are TOUGH compared to what you're used to, and 
    there are quite a few new ones. The Black Slimes are particularly deadly, as 
    the bits of themselves they splatter all over when you hit them still hurt. Try
    Black Django and a spear. OK!
    First things first, go forward and head up the stairs. Go out to the east 
    (watch out for trap doors! If you fall down one, go back upstairs) and you'll
    end up outside. Slide across the thin pathway and you'll eventually reach a 
    high platform in the Dark Tower with a stone block. Push it down, then 
    backtrack to the Solar Tower. Go as far west as you can and find a trapdoor to
    drop down. You should land near a switch you couldn't reach before. Press it to
    open a door in the Dark Tower. Now push the nearby stone block into the gap and
    switch to Sabata.
    Head through the gate Django just opened and up the stairs. Cross the stone 
    block Django pushed down and step on the weight switch to open a door in the 
    Solar Tower. Go up another flight of stairs. If you need it, there's a giant 
    Crystal Bamboo out the west door (cover the sensor or use Black Sun! It's 
    outdoors!) but it's set up so that only Django OR Sabata can get to it.. you 
    have to push a steel block that'll deny the other brother access. Django'll 
    probably need it more. ^^; Head up another flight of stairs. There are three 
    Ghouls blocking the hall here, but you can off them easily by shooting them 
    from a distance and watching them walk forward and fall down a trapdoor. Insert 
    evil laughter here. Use Zero Shift to cross the trapdoor yourself and go 
    upstairs. Nothing of note on the next floor except some crows. Go out the west 
    door (cover the sensor!) and step on the weight switch to bring an elevator 
    down on the Solar Tower side. Switch to Django now.
    Head back upstairs and through the door Sabata opened. Grab the chest for 
    Map A, then go up another flight of stairs. Careful of the Stone Golems in 
    here, unlike their Clay cousins, they're null property. Wall tapping to trick 
    them into colliding still works wonderfully though. That gigantic crystal 
    bamboo is available east from here if you didn't push the block with Sabata, as
    is a Solar Station. Go upstairs. AH! COCKATRICES! If you've played the first
    Boktai, you remember how annoying these are. Actually, they're not that bad now.
    Heads up, their weakness is EARTH now though! Go up to the next floor after 
    dealing with them. There's a frigging gauntlet of Cockatrices on this floor, 
    but if you're getting sun still, you can use a Solar Bridge to bypass most of 
    them. Go out the east door and step on the weight switch to bring an elevator
    down on the Dark Tower side. Sabata can proceed now, but he won't get very far
    yet, so let's keep using Django for awhile. Go up the elevator to a..
    Defeat the Sword +!
    It's.. the previous sword boss, only with higher stats. A lot higher. It's a
    lot more challenging, really, but its pattern hasn't changed any that I 
    noticed. Enchant Sol/Dark helps a bit. Beating it yields a Warp and a Devil 
    card that might actually come in handy.. for Sabata.
    Well that was.. fun. Go west to the next room. Ooh, look at all that treasure! 
    The first can be bagged with Change Bat. It's a Sunny Clog. The second and 
    third can be reached using Dynamite. They yield a Fool card and a Blueshroom. 
    The last can be reached with Change Mouse. That one is a Bearnut. But wait! 
    We're not done yet! In the alcove where the Fool card was, there's another thin 
    wall we can blow up with Dynamite, and behind it is the Skull Suit protector! 
    Score! Head outside. Grab the Green Chest for Map B. Head up the stairs into a 
    room with more Stone Golems and a pair of Leys.. those are nasty if they hit 
    you, so swat them away with a Sol-charged sword. Go out the east door. See that 
    lever across from us? Poke it with a spear to open a door on the Dark Tower 
    side. Switch to Sabata now (remember to cover the sensor! We left him outside!)
    Go up the elevator, and head east back into the tower. Some enemies here, and a 
    gate we can't get through. Go up another flight of stairs. More enemies. Go out 
    the west door. Thanks to the door Django opened, we can shoot the Clay Golem 
    weighing down the weight switch across the way. This'll bring down an elevator 
    on the Solar Tower side, and open the gate below on the Dark Tower side. We'll 
    keep using Sabata for now. Go back inside and backtrack down a floor. Go 
    through the gate and up two flights of stairs. There's a Ghoul on this floor. 
    It has an item ON ITS HEAD. Kill it dead and grab the item.. it's a Triangle 
    Key. Use it on the nearby door. Cover the sensor and go outside. Shoot the 
    nearby switch to change the layout of the area.. and that's all we can do until 
    Django gets here. Switch.
    Go back a room and use the elevator. Head out the door and.. well whaddya know, 
    there's Sabata. Say hi! :D For the sake of not driving yourself crazy covering 
    and uncovering the sensor you may want to go inside for this part. Whack the 
    nearby switch. Cross over the red portions that are now raised to another Change
    Magic Square and switch. Shoot the nearby switch again, cross over the now 
    lowered red parts to a different Change Magic Square and switch back to Django. 
    Cross the raised blue part and whack another switch, then cross the raised red 
    part to another CMS and switch. Cross the lowered blue parts to a switch and 
    shoot it, cross over the lowered red part and switch. Whack the rusted switch 
    to lower platforms in both towers, then push the nearby steel block south into 
    the gap to give yourself an easy path back. 
    Backtrack to the previous room, cross the newly lowered platform, and whack the
    switch to lower all the red/blue walls in the maze area so Sabata can get out. 
    Now go west into another room. There are three switches in this room, each of 
    which drops a bomb parallel to it on the other side of the wall. There's also a 
    Mummy on that side of the wall. Use the switches to drop bombs and blow up the 
    mummy. Don't use a sword to do this or you'll hit more switches than you meant 
    to. ^^; Each switch can only be pressed once, and it'll take all three bombs to 
    kill it. (leave and come back to reset the room if you mess up) Succeed and a 
    chest will appear with a Triangle Key! Open the door, go through, and up the 
    stairs. Here, go through the east door. This part is kinda tricky. You have to 
    cross on a moving platform, but the catch is there are long-firing flame traps 
    in the way. Use your spear to jab switches along the way to make the platform 
    stop and start. Stop each switch you reach, then start again the moment the 
    trap ahead stops. At the end is a weight switch that lowers an elevator on the 
    Dark Tower side. Cross back over the same way, and go up the stairs. There's a 
    Hint Panel here, but the sentence seems incomplete.. because the other half is 
    on the other side. That's as far as Django can go. Switch!
    Head back inside. That Ghoul somehow got replaced by a Cockatrice. Oi. Kill it 
    and get on the elevator. Now we have an interesting challenge.. a hole full of 
    floors, and only a few stone blocks to fill them with. Push the first one you 
    can reach east. Push the next one north. Then push the next one west. Of the 
    two you can reach now, push the one on the right east. Push the one that gives 
    you access to west. Finally, push the last one South 3 and West 2. Go outside, 
    and step on the elevator Django lowered earlier. Go inside. Shoot the switch 
    here to open the gate on the Solar Tower side. The other half of that fragmented
    hint panel is here. I'll save you some pain and put them together for you.
    Place the block X square(s)
    to the <direction>, X square(s) to
    the <direction> of the statue
    The numbers and directions vary depending on playthrough, so take note of what
    your hint panels say. Wanna know what the crap it's talking about? Switch to
    Django and go through the gate Sabata just opened. There's a steel block. And a
    statue. Position it as instructed to open a gate on the Dark Tower side and
    trigger a..
    Defeat the Axe +!
    This guy hasn't changed much since the Remains either, except in stats. I found
    him easier than the Sword +. Use Enchant Sol or Dark as you like and beat him
    the same way you did before. He's worth a Death card, and opens a door on the
    Solar Tower side.
    Go back inside, and up the stairs. Oh look. More block puzzles. OK, the southern
    stone block is A, the northern one is B. Push A East 2. Then push B South 2 and
    East 1. Use a Cloud-enchanted spear to hit the Property Block North. Now break
    B, and push A East 2, North 2, and West 2. Cross the block and hit the Property
    Cube West with your Cloud spear. Now poke it with Frost so it weighs down the
    switch. This'll open the door outside, but there's another gate we have to open
    Go upstairs. Here, take the elevator up. There's Solar Wind blowing here. The 
    fast, but dangerous way, is to cross the solar bridge going north. This'll take 
    you straight to the other elevator, but you have to keep the sensor uncovered 
    so if you're getting lots of sun, the wind could easily blow you off. The safer 
    way is to cover the sensor and take the long way around.. there are some chests 
    you can grab on the way too. Take the elevator down and you can now reach a 
    switch that opens the second gate. Push the stone block into the gap to create 
    a shortcut and backtrack down a floor. Go outside through the east. Django's at
    the top! You'll automatically switch to Sabata.
    Go through the gate Django opened. Ignore the chests nearby.. they're behind a 
    Property Cube, so only Django can get them. Go up the stairs instead. Drop down.
    Ignore the weight switch for now. Fight your way to the next flight of stairs. 
    Cover the sensor before crossing this room, since there's sunlight coming 
    through the windows. Shoot the switch to open the door a floor below. Backtrack
    down there and go out the west.
    With both brothers at the top, they'll use the weight switches to make the 
    bridge appear. You'll switch back to Django automatically. ;_; There's an 
    Immortal ahead, so refill your health from the nearby Crystal Bamboo and 
    recharge with sunlight. Go cross the bridge with Sabata when you're ready to 
    settle the score with Dainn once and for all! Oh, and when Dainn asks you a 
    question, REFUSE!!
    Black Dainn, the Dark Child
    The first part of this battle is just like the earlier fight against the 
    Vampire, except instead of Gun Del Sol, he has a couple different attacks. When 
    he summons spheres of Dark Matter, smack them with a Sol weapon so they can't 
    hit Sabata. Oh, he does craploads more damage, too. Knock off half his health 
    and he'll knock Sabata out and seperate from the Vampires body. You can damage 
    him directly without the need for the Black Hole now, but the tradeoff is he 
    gets new attacks. He'll spray lots of tiny balls of Dark Matter at you, and 
    occasionally he'll sink into the ground. When he does this, keep moving, or 
    you'll get caught in a globe of darkness that bursts out from below you and take
    a lot of damage. The good news is he'll stop summoning those damn needle things.
    Remember his weakness is still Sol. Black Django probably isn't a good idea. :P
    Dainn will leave behind a Wheel of Fortune card. Start dragging that coffin 
    south. We want to go down the DARK Tower, so take it east from the peak. Leave 
    the coffin on the weight switch to bring a candle down within reach, and light 
    it with a Flame spear to open the gate east. Before we go further, a quick side
    trip. Slide across the thin path and go downstairs. Use Enchant Earth to remove
    the property cube and we can reach three more Green Chests. The middle one is a
    mimic, but the one on the right contains a Scale Mail Protector, and the one on
    the left contains a Magic Sword. Not bad. Go back upstairs, and drag the coffin
    through the east door. This is essentially a giant elevator. Smack the switch 
    to be carried down to 4F. Bring the coffin inside. Feel free to backstab the 
    Ghouls. There's no way to get the coffin over the trapdoors, except MAYBE a 
    Power Nut, but that's OK, as long as you're holding onto it it'll fall with 
    you. You know the way from here. See you at the Piledriver!
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    Black Dainn, the Dark Child
    Surprisingly easy, compared to Dvallin. He takes a LONG time to die, even with 
    lots of sunlight, and he can shut down generators fast. But his attack is just 
    pathetic. It's the three homing spheres of dark matter. Although they home in, 
    you can bat them away with any Sol-powered weapon easily, and it just doesn't 
    compare to the spammy annoyingness of Durathror and Dvallin's attacks. This is 
    the last Piledriver fight of the main game!
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    Chapter 7 - Energy Crisis [jormy]
    This is it.. the home stretch of the game. Before heading to the last Dungeon, 
    the Undead Zone, we have some procrastinating to do. First and foremost, grab 
    the chest Dainn left behind in the middle of the Piledriver for the Broken Gun 
    Del Sol. Take it back to Smith and he'll happily fix it for you. Except he 
    utterly breaks the energy efficiency. But he tries to make up for it by 
    installing a charge shot, so its OK I guess. Cheyenne's stock has gotten MUCH 
    better, we have two more requests to do, and the very last enemy layout in the 
    Catacombs is open. We can also get to Dream Avenue now, but that's one thing I 
    heartily recommend leaving until AFTER the game.
    The title of this chapter comes from the fact that there isn't a bit of 
    sunlight in the Undead Zone, so make sure you've got some Solar Nuts. We don't 
    have to Purify anything until the Shademan sidequest after the game is over, so 
    consider investing in the Vampire Coffin too. Once you're all set, return to 
    Spiral Tower.
     - Undead Zone
    This is it! Time to finish this! I actually recommend playing this dungeon OUT 
    of the sun.. there aren't any skylights anyway, and it'll keep your precious 
    items from spoiling. Do play during the day though, as you'll need sunlight on 
    occasion for solar bridges and Healing and Dynamite magic.
    Grab the Green Chest for the map, and get on the elevator. There's a Solar 
    Station here if you need it later. Head west for now. There are two Skeleton 
    Fencers in this room, and if either of them spots you, the door will lock until
    all enemies are dead, or you avoid being seen for 10 full seconds. The same can
    be said for nearly every room with intelligent enemies ahead. Think of it as a
    MGS-like twist on this floor. It's up to you whether to fight them, or use a
    wall tap to avoid them. Head through the next room and to the east. Hack your 
    way through the cacti (and storm crows) in this room and continue east. More 
    Skeleton Fencers and Archers here. In the next room, there's a candle and a 
    Ghast you can't reach, as well as a suspicious looking weight switch. Wait 
    quietly next to the switch until the Ghast is lined up in front of the slit in 
    the wall, then step on it to activate a flamethrower trap. The flaming Ghast 
    will light the candle and the door will open.
    More Skeleton Archers and Fencers in this room. Sneak past or fight. Next up is
    a mild block puzzle. Push the rightmost stone block off the edge, then push the
    other over it and into the gap. Jab the Property Block with a Cloud Spear, then
    go down, stand on the block you pushed into the gap, and Cloud-smack it onto 
    the switch. Finish by freezing it so it presses the switch down and the door 
    opens. The next room has more Skeleton Archers, as well as a sizeable pit that 
    both they and you can fall down. They're klutzes, so they probably WILL fall 
    into it. Make sure not to follow them. Next room, another Fencer and Archer. 
    Nothing we haven't seen before, and nothing special other than that the Fencer 
    is guarding the hall. Oh, and this was where I ran out of energy for the first 
    time. Literally on the hit I killed the last skeleton with. *laugh* Next room 
    has an item ringed by weight switches. As you might guess, they're booby 
    trapped. Use Change Bat to fly over them and get it.. it's a Triangle Key.
    Nothing unusual in the next couple of rooms, just more skellies. You'll 
    eventually reach a stone block in one of the previous rooms. Push it down, and
    you'll see a Blue Chest that was hidden behind it. Grab it. Triangle Key GET! 
    Before we leave, if the sun is shining outside, you might want to head out so 
    you can plant some dynamite against the west wall. It contains a 'The Star' 
    card. Backtrack to the room where you took the elevator down and unlock the 
    North door. It leads to another elevator. Replenish your energy with the Solar 
    Station or Sleeping, before you take it down to a..
    Defeat the Sand Worm!
    This guy is Earth property, so use Red Django with Enchant Cloud. Only his head
    is vulnerable, all other parts take a veeery tiny bit of damage. He'll burrow 
    underground and toss rocks up at you, then he'll stick his head out and try to
    spear you with his tail. Wait for him to try and burrow again, then SMACK him!
    He'll be knocked goofy and you can take several more swings at his head for big
    damage. When he's at low health, he'll start swinging his tail, which makes it
    a lot harder to avoid. Every once in awhile he'll try to crush you with his
    upper body, which.. just gives you a bigger window to hit his head, really.
    Your reward for beating him is a Lovers card (nice!) and a Circle Key.
    OK, that was.. fun. Go back to the elevator room and open the south door. Take
    the elevator down to the next floor. There's another Solar Station here. Every
    direction but east is a dead end, so ignore them for now. Go east. Dark room.
    First things first, kill the two Skeleton Fencers in here so you won't be
    interrupted. You might consider checking out the window to the north, too. Use
    Change Bat to fly through it. It leads to a small hallway with three invisible
    chests containing a Warp Leaf, a Tasty Meat, and a Solar Nut. Once the fencers
    are dealt with and the chests are collected, equip Enchant Flame and quickly 
    light all four candle stands in the room. They go out quickly, and you have to 
    light ALL of them to open the door, so move fast. Next room, there's a 
    mousehole you can slip through. On the other side is a Hellhound, or as the 
    Japanese version calls it (no, I'm not making this up) a Hot Dog.
    Beating it yields.. nothing, but at least it adds it to the monster list. Go 
    back and head south after that. Oy. Cockatrices. Remember, Earth kills them 
    nice and fast. The next two rooms are loaded with them too. You'll eventually 
    reach a locked door. To open it, use a flame-powered spear to light the two 
    candles off to the north. Trick is they're on moving platforms, so it takes 
    good timing. In the next room, if you get some sun, you can use some solar 
    bridges as shortcuts, but you'll end up stepping on an alarm panel, so you'll 
    probably end up fighting cockatrices either way. :/ In the next room.. WHOA 
    that's a lot of crates. Before we start smashing, get some sun and plant some 
    dynamite against the west wall to open a hole. It's the Garb of Darkness 
    Protector! Now then, if we number the crates like so..
    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9
    Break 8, push 9 to the east so you can get at the chest (it's just Tomato Juice)
    break 5, 2, and 3 (watch out for the Ley that comes out!) and push 6 into the 
    other gap, allowing you to get back to the elevator room if you want. Finally, 
    break 1 and move on.
    Next room, there's a chest you can only reach with some sun. But it's only a 
    Jerky, so don't bother if you're not outside already. The next room is just an 
    Archer and Fencer that are a little tricky to sneak past, but I've been killing 
    everything in my path anyway *laugh*. Next room has a Solar Station and an 
    elevator-type platform, which means we're probably due for another boss. Refill
    your energy with Sleeping (or the Station if you're impatient and can spare it)
    and go down. Or across. Or whichever way the silly thing goes.
    Defeat the Lich!
    Oh great. Miniboss fight in the dark. Fortunately, even though this guy looks 
    like a skeleton, he's not null property. Actually, he's Cloud. So use Enchant 
    Earth. He'll attack by firing purple balls of lightning from his staff that 
    home in on you, and periodically throwing skulls that grow into Skeleton 
    Archers or Fencers. When his HP drop by half or so, he'll summon a bunch of 
    lightning clouds that follow you around trying to fry you from above. One nice 
    side effect is that the lightning lights up the room though. Keep trying to hit
    him in the back whenever possible. It's probably best to ignore his minions as 
    best you can unless they happen to wander into your sword swing while you're 
    hitting him. They die when he does anyway. Your reward for beating him is a 
    Justice card and a Circle Key.
    Phew. That's another miniboss down. Unlock the south door. Push the crate into 
    the gap to form another shortcut to the other elevator room, and get on the 
    elevator here to go down another floor.
    Oh goody. Ice level. Head West first to a large central room, and flip the 
    switch in this room to open a gate elsewhere. Then back up and go south. 
    There's a centipede in this room, as well as an annoying icy floor that you 
    can't stop on rar. Work your way up the the door going west. You'll reach 
    another part of the central room. Work your way across (watch out for the Leys.)
    and go through the west door. Flip the switch in here to open another gate and 
    create an ice block elsewhere. Go north if you want to grab a Healer potion, 
    but don't drop down, it's a waste of time as of right now. Backtrack to the 
    room with the centipede instead. Slide your way across the floor and use the 
    ice block near the south exit to stop yourself so you can go through. Here's 
    the room where we opened that next gate, and that ice block is placed just 
    right for us to use it to get to solid ground. 
    For the love of god, stay off the ice in this room. There's nothing there but 
    some Leys and a Skeleton Fencer, and I'm sure you're as thrilled as me at the 
    concept of fighting them on ice. Go out the west door instead. This room has 
    lots more ice, and a switch with no apparent way of reaching it. The solution 
    is amazingly obvious and yet so many people (myself included, my first time 
    through here) take forever to think of it. The answer is to shoot it with Gun 
    Del Sol as you slide past. The gate going north will open. Go through and flip 
    the switch here to form an ice block in the central room. Go north again. We're
    back in the room where I told you NOT to drop down before. Now that that ice 
    block is in place, go ahead and drop down, after grabbing the chest (Speed Nut)
    if you want it. Climb up the ramp and go through the east door.
    Wanna know a good way to deal with those annoying Stone Golems? If you trick 
    them into going near an Octopus tentacle, the tentacle will grab them and do 
    your dirty work for you. Just don't get grabbed yourself. Go out the south 
    door. Here, go down the stairs and slide into the ice block. Slide east from 
    there and you'll be able to reach another switch. Hit it. It'll open one last 
    gate. Now go back up and out through the east. You're back in the elevator 
    room. Slide across to grab the chest (another Speed Nut) if you want it, then 
    drop off the ledge. Head straight south two rooms and go back through the gate 
    to the central room. The newly opened gate is in the absolute south here. Go 
    down the ramp there.
    If you can get some sun, you can use Healing to grow out the two plants here 
    and get a pair of Tasty Meats. Either way, climb up the existing plant and go 
    out through the south. There's a Solar Station in here. And another moving 
    platform. Oh god, here we go again.
    Defeat the Serpent!
    My least favorite miniboss in the game. One slip-up in this fight is instant 
    death, because you're on a tiny platform, and unlike the fight against Duneyrr, 
    you can fall off it. In addition, like the Sand Worm, his main body is immune 
    to damage. However, both his head AND tail are vulnerable (the latter a bit 
    moreso) His weakness is, unsurprisingly, Flame. He'll swim around and surface 
    periodically to spit bubbles like Duneyrr did while Purifying her. These are 
    equally annoying, and they have a tendency to come BACK from the opposite 
    direction at the most inconvenient times. When he dives again, you have a split 
    second to hit his head. He'll also jump over the platform repeatedly. If you 
    can catch him on the way down you can nail his tail for big damage. The problem 
    is he just LOVES to use that bubble attack, and you can't hurt his head for 
    that much. The trick to it is, you have to POP the bubbles (I recommend using 
    your sword and turning Enchant Flame off to do this). This will trigger him 
    doing the jumping around attack so you can hit his tail. Beating him yields a 
    Judgement card (Very nice!) and another Circle Key.
    After you leave, you'll end up next to an elevator that takes you back to the 
    second room with a Centipede. Slide your way in a generally northern direction 
    to get back to the elevator room, and unlock the southeast door to get to the 
    next elevator.
    Last floor folks! And it looks like a fire-themed area this time. Go north.. oh
    look, more Hellhounds. Guess killing that one back on the second floor really
    was a waste of time. Ah well. Go east from here.. and look, a block puzzle.
    First, push the stone block down. Then, Cloud Spear the property cube north
    onto the stone block. Charge it with Enchant Fire, before Cloud-spearing it
    east so it melts the ice block. Now use Enchant Cloud to break the stone block.
    Push the steel block east 2, then use Enchant Earth to clear away the Property
    Cube. Step on the weight switch to open the door in the previous room.
    Backtrack and go through it.
    Fight your way through the Stone Golems in the next two rooms. You'll 
    eventually reach a room with a platform moving over lava, and fireballs blocking
    a switch across from it. Use a Frost-enchanted spear to clear out the fireballs
    then shoot the switch with Gun Del Sol. Backtrack to the previous room and go
    through the gate you just opened. This room is FULL of Crystal Bamboo, as well
    as a Solar Station, so take the opportunity to refill before you move on to the
    east. If you're getting some sun, you can grow out the plant in this next room
    to get at chests with a Warp Leaf and Tasty Meat. Next room has diddly over 
    squat, other than another Hellhound.. or does it? Tap on the north wall to find 
    its weak spot, then get some sun and place a Dynamite for the Parade Armor 
    Protector! Now go up the stairs and back out, and from there, go south. A lone 
    Stone Golem will greet you. Keep moving.
    We're in the home stretch now. Go down the stairs here, and wait for a moving 
    platform to come. Ride it across the lava. You'll have to transfer in the 
    middle. The chests on either side contain a Solar Nut and a Tasty Meat, if you 
    need them. Finally, we reach a Solar Station and another elevator platform. We 
    know what that means..
    Defeat the Lich+!
    Don't worry, this guy isn't that much harder than the Lich. Just different. His 
    weakness is Frost, and he can't multitask quite as heavily as the original 
    Lich, so he's not too bad really. He can do a bit more damage though. He'll 
    summon fireballs from his staff that explode on impact with the ground, but they
    don't home as well as the Lich's ball lightning. He'll summon geysers of flame 
    from the ground, which can catch you off guard if you're not careful. And he'll 
    summon two lines of fireballs to spin around him. The last is by far one of the 
    most pathetic 'attacks' in the game, as you can just dance around him in a 
    circle smacking him repeatedly with your Frost-enchant sword while staying 
    ahead of the fireballs. When his HP get low, his repertoire gets a bit more 
    advanced. He'll summon a flaming dragon that dives in and out of the ground, 
    leaving flaming geysers in its wake, and his lines of fireballs will become far 
    more unpredictable pseudo-rings. By this point he's almost dead anyway though, 
    so it won't take long to finish him off. Your reward for beating him is a 
    Justice card.
    Phew. Cross the moving platform on this guys other side. Get some sun and use
    Healing on the nearby plant to create a shortcut back to the other elevator,
    and take this one down. Save! This is your last chance to do so! And make sure
    you can get some sun before you proceed, you'll need it!
    Take a deep breath, and head south. Brief cutscene. Start heading down the 
    stairs. There's one enemy to each platform, and with the exception of a single 
    Stone Golem, none of them are terribly formidable. Move on to the next room and 
    laugh at the cut scene. LAUGH DAMNIT! Other than a single Centipede, nothing 
    obstructs you in this room. Keep going, watch more cutsceny goodness, and so on.
    The opposition finally gets a little serious with Skeleton Fencers and Archers, 
    Cockatrices, and Hellhounds, but you faced way worse getting down here. Blaze 
    through 'em and you'll reach the final door. Here goes nothing!
    ---FINAL BOSS!---
    Jormungandr, the Ancestor Piece
    Finally, some SUN! And a good thing too, because Jormungandr has a Dark Barrier.
    Which means you can't hurt him at all without sunlight. If the sun goes behind a
    cloud or something in this fight, you're essentially screwed, other than Rising
    Sun. Jormy has a lot of attacks that he'll gradually add to his repertoire as
    you damage him. He'll lunge at you to try and bite you. If you're caught by
    this, wiggle like crazy to get free. He'll pull swords and axes out of nowhere
    and throw them at you. The swords go straight, the axes curve in midair. Some
    weird tentacle thingy will emerge from his body and whip across the
    battlefield.. if you see this coming, back the hell away, as he'll hit you if
    you're anywhere near his body. He'll slowly blow dark mist across the
    battlefield. This is more or less unavoidable, but it won't hurt Black Django.
    That means covering the sensor, using Sunblock, or just taking damage from the
    sun though. He'll shoot some weird multicolored balls at you that home
    slightly. Much like the similar projectiles Hel used in the previous game,
    these will overshoot you if you're close to him. Watch out though, cause he may
    well combo it with the tentacle attack. One of the last attacks he'll use is a
    giant hammer that he slams to the ground. Unless you happen to be using Change
    Bat at the moment, this'll stun you for a good long while
    After all this, you're probably wondering how to HURT the bastard. Well, 
    technically anywhere on his body is vulnerable, but he has so much life you'll 
    definitely want to go for his weak spot. Hit the eyes on either side of his 
    head whenever you can get to them. They'll eventually close and he'll be 
    stunned. That's your cue to hit the other side. With both sides out of 
    commission, his head will lay down and his tongue will stick out. That's your 
    cue to hit it with everything you've got! I suggest either a Sol-enchanted 
    sword, or charged shots from Gun Del Sol if you've got LOTS of energy to burn.
    It might take a few healing items (hopefully you came prepared!) but he'll 
    eventually succumb to your onslaught. After the short cutscene, a 10 second 
    timer will appear. Start Solar Charging to deplete Jormy's life again, and you 
    ---FINAL BOSS!---
    Watch the ending. You've earned it. But we're not done just yet. Load up your 
    save after the game is done. We have one last sidequest to complete. The last 
    Request should be open now too, as is the Battle Arena. I'll see you in 
    Sidequests Part 3!
    Sidequests Part 1 - Undead Dungeons
     -Ruins [ghoul]
    The Ruins are available from the very beginning of the game. You can find them 
    in the southwest corner of 6th Avenue (south from the Mall)
    We've got a Green Chest to pick up in the very first room. Just head south and 
    west around the building and you'll see it.. it contains the map. How 'bout 
    that. Go through the one and only door, into the ruins themselves. Nothing of 
    interest in the first room besides enemies for you to kill. The next one has a 
    weight switch. Don't worry, you don't have to keep this one held down. However, 
    some Klorofolun will pop out to try and chew on your face or whatever it is they
    do when you step on it to open the door. The next room is, once again, boring. 
    Head outside. There's two doors here, but the further one is a dead end, so 
    head through the closer door, and from here, upstairs, then back outside. Unless
    you're coming here late in the game, you won't be able to get through the room 
    blocked by stone blocks yet.. you need Enchant Cloud. So drop off the thin 
    passageway instead to reach a lower room.
    Hmm. Two thin pathways. The hint panel says to go left to proceed and right to 
    go back. So drop off the left pathway. We're now on the other side of that dead 
    end I mentioned earlier. Go out the door and head west. The first door has 
    nothing but a Solar Station, so don't bother unless you need it. As you go 
    upstairs, you'll notice three doors on the northern wall, and one other. The 
    latter contains a closed lattice door and a Hint Panel that says to hit switches
    5, 7, and 3 in that order. The former doors all contain bats and switches. The
    key here is the number of bats. The top room contains 5 bats, so hit that switch
    first. The bottom room contains 7 bats, so hit that one next. (This room is a 
    great place to train weapon skill, by the way.) The middle, of course, has 3 
    bats, so hit that one last, and the aforementioned lattice door will open. Go 
    there, pass through it, and down the stairs. Out the door, and down another 
    flight of stairs.
    This next room is a bit.. odd. There's a trio of Ghouls going around a block in
    circles. If they see you, or you kill any of them, the doors will all close. But
    there's a gap in their lineup that allows you to slip through and move around in
    circles with them so you can get to the three exits to this room. We'll visit 
    them in the order we can get to them. The first one, to the south, just has a 
    couple brown chests. The second, however, leads to a hallway with a couple 
    Ghouls playing guard duty.. followed by a..
    Defeat the Skeletons!
    Ho-hum. More Skeletons. The good news is, you can kill them permanently now by 
    using Enchant Sol. They're a bit tougher than the ones in the City Gate though. 
    Hit 'em in the back where possible.
    With the Skeletons toast, head through the west door for a small dialogue scene.
    Congratulations, you just saved a fairly useless townsperson. Grab the green
    chest for the first Warehouse Key, and go through the Warp back to the
    entrance. Don't worry about the third door the Merry-Go-Round Ghouls are
    guarding, it's a dead-end unless you're on a specific request sheet mission.
    When you get back to town, give the Warehouse Key to Sumire/Violet to unlock
    the Warehouse, allowing you to store your items and gear!
     -Ruins Revisited [bearnut]
    Come back to the Ruins after beating Dark City. We can now get into that room 
    blocked by stone blocks by using Enchant Cloud! Behind that door is a weight 
    switch puzzle. We have to press them down so that each column and row meets the 
    ratio of blue to red described by the hint panel on that line. I explained that 
    really badly. Um, anyway. From lower-left to upper-right, X=Blue, O=Red.
    X O O
    X X O
    O O O
    Once the grid looks like that the door will open. Head downstairs. We've got 
    another, identical puzzle, but this time, one of the hint panels doesn't tell 
    us how much red vs blue we need. The solution is..
    X O X
    O O O
    X O X
    Downstairs with you again. Time for puzzle number 3. This time we've got TWO 
    unmarked panels throwing a wrench in the works. The answer is..
    X X X
    X O X
    O O O
    Go through the door to reach a brown chest with a BEARNUT! These things are 
    unbuyable, and make Django invincible for 30 seconds. Go store it before it 
    rots and save it for a rainy day. And since its a brown chest, you can come 
    back and do this again for more whenever you want.
     -Forest [skel]
    The Forest is available after finishing the Cathedral. In fact, it's right next
    to the Cathedral! There's a wooden box blocking the pathway. The hammer you 
    picked up in the Cathedral will smash it good. Be forewarned, you WILL need 
    natural sunlight to get through here! Sunny Clogs, and even Rising Sun magic 
    won't cut it!
    OK, apparently it is possible to get through with Rising Sun, just very very
    difficult. I still don't recommend it. (credit: beegman)
    I had a really easy time in this place after beating both the Cathedral and the
    ruins, but your mileage may vary. It should be noted that even when you're 
    outside here, the large trees provide a lot of shade, so you won't always be in
    the sun. Keep an eye on Django himself.. he brightens a little if you're out of
    the shade. Anyway, from the first room, head east first. This room is a dead 
    end, but it contains a green chest with the map in it. Then backtrack to the 
    previous room and head north. Head east through the next room.
    From here, north is a one way path.. going the other way. So go east instead. 
    Watch out, poison spiders have a tendency to drop out of one of the trees here.
    Head north. Now, this moving panel moves depending on sunlight. So, if you're 
    playing in real sun like I told you to, cover the sensor so it moves over to 
    you, get on, then uncover the sensor to move across. Ignore the stone block 
    behind a pit for now and head west.
    We don't have a key to the door here yet, so we'll come back. Don't step on the
    platform to the south.. that's the one-way path I told you about earlier. Head
    north instead. From here, in the western part of this room, there's a ramp 
    heading down. Go there. The first room has nothing interesting other than some
    Ghouls. The next room, however, has a lattice door. To open it you have to kill
    all three poison spiders. If you have sunlight, a solar bridge will appear 
    allowing you easy access to them. Otherwise, you'll have to kill them with 
    well-timed pokes with a spear.
    There's 6 Klorofulun in this room. The Hint Panel says 'head 4 in the direction
    the Klorofolun show' 6 o' clock is south, so head south. 6 Klorofolun again.
    Head south again. 3 Klorofolun this time, so head east. 3 again, so head east
    one last time.
    Jeez that's a lot of Skylights.. and Solar Bridges. This part is ANNOYING.
    There's a weight switch, and nothing to hold it down except a zombie. You have
    to cover and uncover the sensor carefully so the Zombie passes safely while 
    luring it onto the weight switch. Knock on the south side of the wall in the 
    middle of the room to get the Zombie's attention. He SHOULD pass safely between
    the two skylights on the platform he's standing on and across the Solar Bridge.
    While he's doing that, run to the weight switch and knock on the wall there.
    Quickly dash across the third Solar Bridge, then wait for the Zombie to cross
    the second one before covering the Solar Sensor so the brainless thing doesn't
    walk right into the skylight. Once it steps on the weight switch, head through
    the door.
    This room contains a Square Key! Score! Go upstairs, then south. We're now on
    the other side of that stone block behind a pit we saw earlier. Push the block
    into the pit to make a shortcut, then head west. Open that locked door we
    passed earlier. Here, we have to, according to the Hint Panel, 'follow the suns
    guidance'. There's a trail of skylights leading to one of the doors, so go
    through that door.
    I don't normally give much advice for dealing with normal enemies, but the
    Ghoul and Zombie in this room can be easily dealt with by luring them into the 
    Skylight. Any remaining HP they have after that will be knocked off with a
    couple Sol-powered slashes from behind easily. In the next room, we have a door
    that won't open unless we kill the two Boks behind the wall somehow. Knock on 
    the wall to get their attention, then stick a Sol-powered spear through the 
    tiny gap. Next room, three Skeletons will try to ambush you, but you can turn 
    the tables on them by hiding in one of the alcoves off to the side before they 
    pop up.
    This next room is rather annoying. Of the four Ghouls on the other side of the 
    wall, only one is real. You have to flip the switch behind the real Ghoul. 
    Flipping the wrong switch results in pain.. a lot of it. Holding down two 
    weight switches at once will open a skylight on the other side. This means you 
    have to hide from the Ghoul on your side of the wall until it steps on a 
    switch, then dash over and step on one yourself. The REAL Ghoul will start 
    shaking if a skylight opens adjacent to it, so when you see that, flip the 
    appropriate switch. For me, it was the third from the left, but it might be 
    Two Zombies, two Klorofolun, and a Skeleton in this room. You have to kill them
    all to open the door. Piece of cake. In the next room, a sign tells us to 
    'initiate at zero light'. This is deceptive. What you have to do is note the 
    pattern of skylights on the floor. Kill spiders until the skylights spell out a
    large 0, then flip the switch.
    Lots of Solar Bridges in this room, but not much of interest otherwise. In the 
    next room, we have another moving platform that responds to light. This time 
    though, there are moving touch switches in its path. You'll have to quickly 
    cover and uncover the sensor to get the platform to move back and forth until 
    you hit both switches. There are also some brown chests in it for you if you 
    get off the platform on the two spots in the middle. Your call if it's worth 
    the risk of falling. One last room. Head east, into a..
    Defeat the Clay Golems!
    If you did this as soon as it was available, this is probably your first 
    encounter with Golems. There's only two of them, but you've got slightly 
    cramped quarters to deal with them in. Their weakness is Cloud, so unless you 
    came here late you'll probably have to settle for a Sol enchantment. For an 
    easy kill, trick them into crashing into each other and beat them up while 
    they're stunned.
    Head through the east door to the last room of the dungeon. Congratulations, 
    you've rescued another fairly useless townsperson. More importantly, grab the 
    green chest for another Warehouse Key! Give it to Sumire/Violet for more 
    storage space. Now go ahead and use the Warp to go back.
     -Catacombs [short]
    This special Undead dungeon is located right next to the Remains, and is very 
    short and simple, but for maximum rewards, you have to go through it several 
    times. Check the Hint Panel at the beginning, and it'll ask 'who do you want to
    visit?' At first, the only option will be 'Dead', but as you clear the Catacomb
    multiple times and progress the plot, more options will become available. The
    Catacombs themselves are always the same simple layout, with a TRAP!! at the
    end, but the enemies and the nature of the TRAP!! are different depending on
    the option you chose to start with.
    Because the Catacombs are so small, I won't do a room-by-room walkthrough, but 
    I will give you an idea of what to expect with each layout.
    Available as soon as you can get to the Catacombs, in other words, after beating
    the Cathedral. Mostly Ghouls and Zombies, with the occasional Klorofolun here 
    and there. In the late parts, you'll run into some spiders and bats as well, 
    and right before the trap, there are crows. The Trap itself consists of four 
    Zombies. Piece of cake. Your reward is a photo of Otenko-sama!
    Available after beating the Remains. Mostly Clay Golems and Mummies, with a few
    yellow slimes showing up near the end. The Trap consists of four Clay Golems, 
    but the catch is, you can't take any damage, or a trap will kill you instantly! 
    Needless to say, the best way to do this is to be cautious. Sneak around,
    avoiding being seen wherever possible, and jab 'em in the back with your spear.
    Enchant Cloud makes this easy, but if you didn't wait for Transform to be 
    available (like me), Enchant Dark works just as well, especially with the 
    knockback effect. Just make sure to refill on ENE before coming in. Your reward
    is a photo of Sabata.
    Available after beating Dark City. This one is great for driving yourself nuts..
    its mostly Bandits and Ghasts. Near the end, Green Slimes and Poison Bees enter
    the mix. The trap consists of four Bandits, with a time limit of 30 seconds!
    Black Django with a Dark-enchanted Spear worked well for me. Your reward is a
    photo of Black Django.
    Available after beating the Aqueduct. Lots of Skeleton Archers and Skeleton 
    Fencers. High level weapons are recommended, with a dose of Enchant Sol or 
    Dark, depending on your preference. Near the end, you'll run into some Purple 
    Slimes and.. weird purple bees that I'll fill in the name of later if I 
    remember. The trap is nasty, though. Three Skeleton Fencers and a Skeleton 
    Archer, and you have to kill them all WITHOUT BEING SEEN. My recommendation is 
    to use Black Django, Enchant Dark, and poke them with a spear from around 
    corners. It's pretty much either that, or bring some Blueshrooms. Your reward 
    is a photo of Ringo.
    Available after beating Spiral Tower. Yuck. Stone Golems and Cockatrices, with 
    some Black Slimes and Storm Crows near the end. The final Trap! pits you 
    against four Cockatrices with 10 times normal life. Enchant Earth is a VERY 
    good idea. If you run out of ENE (I did) you might consider using your Astro 
    weapon. Your reward is Photo A of Dainn.
     - House of Time [time]
       - Present
    This Undead Dungeon is technically available after the Remains, but you'll need 
    Healing magic to actually get past the first room, so more accurately, it's 
    available after Dark City. This also means you need sun to get through it. At 
    least three bars. Unless you want to abuse the hell out of Rising Sun.. Anyway, 
    this dungeon requires you to use both Red Django and Black Django's powers to 
    their fullest. Which means.. lots of time spent on the subscreen changing 
    spells. Oy.
    Anyway. Use Healing on the wilted plants at the entrance, and after a few 
    applications they'll grow to a size that you can climb and get through the 
    front door. Inside, you'll hear a voice warning you not to get lost in time.. 
    fight your way through the enemies and go north. Crap. Dead end. Or is it? 
    Look, tiny hole with telltale red arrow! Switch to Black Django and use Change 
    Mouse to get through it. On the other side is.. a cracked wall. Jesus crap 
    Konami. Change BACK to Red Django and knock it down with Dynamite. The chest is 
    a mimic. Go west.
    We have to kill everything in this room to open the door, but there's a 
    skeleton that stubbornly refuses to wake up. But there's a candle. What do we
    do with candles, class? Light it with Enchant Flame and the Skeleton will wake 
    up so you can kill it. Go north. Here, there's a Solar Station. The only door 
    that's open is east, so go through there. Aside from some annoying Ghasts, 
    there's a switch in here. Flip it to open one of the doors in the previous 
    room. Backtrack and go through said door. Go north through this room to.. a 
    time portal, as the hint panel explains. Stand on it and press A.
       - Past
    Wow, everything looks a lot less run down now, huh? In the past, the enemy 
    layout is different, and the rubble that blocked some of the paths is gone. 
    Some of the dark rooms are light, too. But walls that are cracked in the 
    present are impenetrable here. So without further ado, let's explore some of 
    the paths that are now open to us. Backtrack to the room with the Solar Station
    and head west. There's another switch in this room. Flip it to open the other 
    door. Now go back a room and head south, then west. The green chest in here 
    contains the map! That's.. actually all we can do here for now. Backtrack to 
    the portal and return to the present.
       - Present
    Go back south until the room with the Solar Station, then go through the LEFT 
    northern door (the one we opened in the past) There's a cracked wall here. Make
    it go boom. Oh look, cameo. Once the dialogue is overwith, switch to Black 
    Django and use Change Mouse to get through the hole. Go upstairs.
    Lots of Ghosts in this room, but if you're getting sun, they'll probably kill
    themselves on the skylights. Mwahahaha. Free Solar Bugs. Go south to a
    crossroads with some annoying Ghasts. Then go east for now, then south again.
    You have to kill all three Bandits in this room to open the door. Do it and
    head south. The Blue Chest contains a Square Key. Cool! Now backtrack to the
    crossroads. Go south, and open the locked door to the west. Head south from
    this room. Circle around and head through the rightmost north door. Oh look,
    another @#$%ing mouse hole. u.u;;;; If you don't know what to do with these
    yet I'ma gonna smack you. After slipping through the mousehole continue east.
    You'll eventually reach a room with another time portal. Use it.
      - Past
    Go through the door going north right next to you. Django will notice something
    as you enter this room. Go press A on the boards to form a bridge to the other
    side. It's thin though, so use Change Mouse to cross it. Check the machine here
    and it'll ask you to register a code number. Pick something easy to remember..
    like, say, 0000. Now backtrack aaaall the way to the earlier crossroads. The
    west path is clear now, containing three brown chests with some decent loot.
    Get it if you want, then go east. Check the hint panel next to the door and
    enter your code number to open it. You'll end up outside. Slide across the thin
    path to get the chest, then go step on the weight elevator as Django and you'll 
    be carried to the bottom. Head east (don't worry, those birds are
    garden-variety.) Healing the plant and climb up it, and take the west path.
    Healing this plant too and grab the chests. Now go back to the previous room,
    before the plant, and go east to use the time portal
      - Present
    Use Healing on the plant and climb up it. Go through the west path first and
    Healing the next plant to get the chests. Their contents are different in this
    time. Then go back and head north. Push any one of the three gravestones and
    you'll drop a floor below. Agree to the ghosts favor and grab the blue chest
    for a Square Key. Now go up the stairs and drop off the thin path. Backtrack
    all the way to the weight elevator. Switch to Black Django (cover the sensor!)
    and use Change Bat so it'll take you to the top floor. Fly through the window
    and open the locked door. Kill both ghosts in this room to open the leftmost
    lattice door. Go through it. Kill the ghosts in here too (other enemies, like
    the Ghast, are extra). Keep doing the same in the next two rooms and the second
    door in the first room will open. Backtrack to it and go through.
    This room is annoying. You have to press down the four weight switches to move
    a skylight around on the other side of the gap, and try to kill the ghost on
    that side using the skylight. Of course, for the skylight to be effective, you
    need sun, and you can't see ghosts clearly in sunlight. Ergh. Just push switches
    at random until it dies and the next door opens. Backtrack and go through the
    last door. Stand on the sun-sensitive platform and cover the sensor so it moves.
    Wait for it to stop, then uncover the sensor and quickly cross the solar bridge
    to solid ground. Continue south for two rooms and you'll reach a...
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    Yuck. Two Skeleton Archers and a Skeleton Fencer. These guys are a lot tougher
    than garden variety skeletons, and you still have to use Enchantments to kill
    them permanently. As usual, use Sol (or Dark) for the sake of economy. There's
    really nothing to hide behind here, so just fight them as best you can.
    A happy(?) ending for the ghost boy and his father, and we get the last 
    Warehouse Key. Yaaaay. Use the Warp to head back.
     - Treasury [puzzle]
    The final Undead dungeon in the main game. This one is a little different from 
    the others. It has no request sheet, and it consists entirely of puzzles, 
    divided into four rooms. You can get your foot in the door here after the 
    Remains, but can't actually get inside until after Dark City because of a 
    Property Cube blocking the entrance. Use Cloud to move it or Earth to remove it
      - Panel Room
    These are 'lights out' style puzzles. Stand on a weight switch and press A to 
    invert its color and that of all the panels around it. Your goal is to turn all
    the panels red within a certain number of moves.
    Remember, X = Blue, O = Red!
    Room 1
    Turn all panels red within 2 moves.
    Starts looking like this. North = Up, and so on.
    O X O
    X X O
    O O X
    First, flip the center panel.
    O O O
    O O X
    O X X
    Now stand in the southeast corner and flip that panel. Success!
    O O O
    O O O
    O O O
    Room 2
    Turn all panels red within 5 moves.
    Starts looking like this.
    X X X
    X X X
    X X X
    Hit each of the four corners, one at a time.
    X X X   O O X  O X O  O X O
    O X X   X X X  X X O  X X X
    O O X   O O X  O O X  O X O
    Now hit the middle! Success again!
    O O O
    O O O
    O O O
    Room 3
    Turn all panels red within 4 moves.
    Starts looking like this.
    O X O
    X O X
    O X O
    First hit the top and bottom middle panels.
    X O X  X O X
    X X X  X O X
    O X O  X O X
    Now hit the left and right middle panels.
    O O X  O O O
    O X X  O O O
    O O X  O O O
    Room 4
    Turn all panels red within 5 moves.
    Starts looking like this.
    O O O
    O X O
    O O O
    Piece of cake. Just hit the middle panel..
    O X O
    X O X
    O X O
    Now it's just like the last room. Solve it the same way.
    X O X  X O X  O O X  O O O
    X X X  X O X  O X X  O O O
    O X O  X O X  O O X  O O O
    Room 5
    Turn all panels red within 8 moves.
    Starts looking like this.
    X X X
    X O X
    X X X
    Hit all four corners.
    X X X  O O X  O X O  O X O
    O O X  X O X  X O O  X O X
    O O X  O O X  O O X  O X O
    Now, once again, it's just like room 3. Solve it the same way.
    X O X  X O X  O O X  O O O
    X X X  X O X  O X X  O O O
    O X O  X O X  O O X  O O O
    Your reward for clearing the Panel Room is a Zweihander and a photo of Red 
      - Emblem Room
    Emblem block puzzles, as you might expect. Here goes..
    Room 1
    Push the Frost block North 1. Push the Flame block West 1. Push the Frost block
    East 1 and South 2. Push the Flame block North 2 and West one onto the Flame
    Emblem. Push the Frost Block North 1, West 1, and North 2 onto the Frost 
    Room 2
    Push the Frost block East 1 into the gap. Push the Flame block West 3 over the 
    Frost block. Push the Frost block North 1 and West 2. Push the Flame block 
    North 2 over the Frost block and onto the Flame emblem. Push the Frost block 
    East 2 and North 1 onto the Frost emblem.
    Room 3
    Push the Earth block West 1 onto the Flame Emblem. Push the Frost block East 1
    and North 2 onto the Cloud emblem. Push the Earth block East 1. Push the Frost
    block West 1. Push the Flame block South 1 onto the Frost emblem. Push the
    Earth block West 2 onto the Earth emblem. Push the Flame block South 1 onto the
    Flame emblem. Push the Frost block East 2 onto the Frost emblem. Push the Cloud
    block South 1 and East 1 onto the Cloud emblem.
    Room 4
    Push the Earth block East 1. Push the Cloud block South 1, East 2, and North 1.
    Push the Earth block West 2. Cross the Earth block and push the Frost block
    North 1 off the edge. Push the Earth block East 2. Push the Frost block West 2
    and North 1 onto the Frost emblem. Push the Earth block West 2. Cross the Earth
    and Cloud blocks and push the Flame block East 1 off the edge. Push the Earth
    block East 2. Push the Flame block North 1 and East 1 onto the Flame emblem.
    Push the Cloud block North 1 and West 3 onto the Cloud emblem. Push the Earth
    block West 1, North 2, and West 2 onto the Earth emblem.
    Room 5
    Push the Cloud block South 1 and East 3. Push the Flame block North 1. Push the 
    Cloud block North 1 onto the Cloud emblem. Push the Flame block West 3 and 
    South 1. Push the Frost block North 2. Push the Earth block South 2. Push the 
    Frost block North 1 and East 2 onto the Frost emblem. Push the Earth block 
    North 1, West 2, North 1, and South 2. Push the Flame block 2 North onto the 
    Flame Emblem. Push the Earth block South 1 onto the Earth emblem. PHEW!
    Your reward for clearing the Emblem room is the Magic Robe Protector and a 
    photo of Kid.
      - Ice Room
    ARGH. ICE BLOCK PUZZLES. HATE. The idea here is to push the ice blocks, which
    don't stop until they hit something, to make a bridge so you can get to the
    next room. Remember, two attacks with a Flame-enchanted weapon melts an ice
    Room 1
    Upper block is Block 1. Lower block is Block 2. Capiche? Push Block 1 West. 
    Push Block 2 North, then West, then North. Melt Block 1. Push Block 2 East, 
    then North. 
    Room 2
    Again, upper block is Block 1, lower block is Block 2. Push Block 1 East, then 
    South, then East, then North. Push Block 2 North. Push Block 1 West.
    Room 3
    ARRRRRGH. I pulled my hair out trying to solve this puzzle. Seriously I did. 
    I'm bald now. ;_; OK, the top block is 1. The left block is 2. The right block
    is 3. The bottom block is 4. Your hair is 5. Money is 6.
    Push 1 and 4 West. Push 4 north. Push 2 West, then 3. Push 3 North off the edge.
    Now MELT 4 (that's the corner of the L shape of blocks we have now, if you lost
    track) Push 1 North. Push 2 East, then North, then West, then North again. Push
    3 West. Push 2 East, then North. Check for presence of 5. Send 6 to me.
    Room 4
    Blocks are numbered 1 through 3 from top to bottom. Push 1 South. Push 2 North,
    then East. Push 3 East, then North, then East, then North. Push 1 West. Push 2
    South, then West, then North. Push 1 North into the hole. Push 2 West, then
    North. Push 3 West.
    Room 5
    This one is EASY!! Especially compared to the last two! Did Konami put these in
    out of order or something?! Ah well. Blocks are numbered 1 through 4 from left
    to right. Push 1 North, then East. Push ANY OF THE OTHER THREE North, then
    East, then North, then West, then North, then East. Repeat the exact same
    motions with another one of the remaining two blocks. Finish by pushing the
    last block north. Your reward is a Corsesca and a photo of the Coffin
    Shopkeeper! @#$%ing Konami, I've already forged a Bardiche SP!! >.<
      - Rock Room
    Last one. Same concept as the Ice Room, except Stone Blocks instead of Ice
    Room 1
    Blocks are labeled A through C from left to right, Push Block C North 1 into
    the hole. Push Block A East 1 off the edge. Go aaall the way around then push
    it South 2, North 1, then East until it hits the wall, then South 1 more. Push
    B North 1 off the edge, then East 2, then South 1.
    Room 2
    Blocks are A through C from top to bottom. Push C North 2. Push B East 1 into
    the hole. Push C South 3. Cross B to get to the other side and push C East 4,
    then North until its in the hole. Push A South 1, West 1, South 2, East 4,
    North to the wall, and East 1.
    Room 3
    Again, A through C from top to bottom. Push C East 2, West 1, and North 3. Push
    A East 1. Push B East 1, North 3. Push C West 1. Push B East 3.
    Room 4
    Top block is A. The other blocks are B through D from left to right. Push Block
    B North 2. Push Block D North 2, then West 3. Push Block A West 1. Push Block C
    West 1, and North 2 across the blocks. Push A East 3, North 1, and West 2. Push
    C west into the hole.
    Room 5
    Last puzzle here! YES! OK, of the lower two, the left is A and the right is B.
    Of the others, the lower is C and the upper is D. Send me money if you want a
    diagram. Or go to Devis0rs FAQ, you ingrates.
    OK! Push block B North 2. Now push C West 2. Push A North 2, over C. Now you
    can get across and push D West into the hole. After that push B South 2. Push C
    West 1 then South 1, then push A North 1 and West 2. Finally, push B North 1
    and West 2! Our final reward is.. an Axe and a photo of Ennio! Just the thing
    Dream Avenue [dream]
    Dream Avenue is an optional dungeon you can access near the end of the game, 
    once you have Gun Del Sol. However, I recommend leaving it until after the game
    is over, as it's quite difficult. It could be compared to the Azure Sky Tower 
    from the original Boktai.
    Dream Avenues layout is completely different every time you go in, but there 
    are a few consistencies. For one thing, the monsters are always very strong. 
    Each room has a weight switch in it, and the switches do various things. Some 
    are positive, like healing Django. Others are negative, like dropping a spiked 
    ball on your head, exploding you (generally instant death..) or locking the 
    room for a period of time. How do you tell the difference? Before stepping on 
    the switch yourself, lure an enemy onto it. The two best ways I've found to do 
    this are setting off dynamite on the switch, or standing on the other side with
    Change Mouse and squeaking. Every floor has one switch that yields a key. This
    is important, because the stairs to the next floor are always locked.
    There are 13 floors each time you go through, and at the top is always a TRAP!
    The contents of the trap vary depending on how many times you've gone up so
    far. At the top is a reward, that also varies depending on how many times
    you've been through. It's worth noting that the brown chests in Dream Avenue
    tend to contain very rare items, such as tarot cards, Bearnuts, and Sunny
    A list of possible rewards may follow in a later release.
    Battle Arena [boss]
    Not a true Undead Dungeon per say, but the game lists it as one, so what the 
    hell. The Battle Arena is available after beating the game. Here, you can 
    challenge four ranks. Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Bronze throws you up 
    against every miniboss in the game, one by one. Silver does likewise, but it 
    throws you up against the bosses, Jormungandr included. Gold and Platinum are 
    like Bronze and Silver respectively, but with VASTLY more powerful versions of 
    the bosses.
    Each rank yields a different reward. A list of rewards may follow in a later
    Sidequests Part 2 - Request Sheets [lady]
    You may have noticed that in the library, on the side of several bookcases,
    request sheets are posted. It's here that you can accept Missions that, while
    challenging, yield some very nice rewards. I recommend checking back frequently.
    I do NOT know exactly when each of the request sheet missions becomes available,
    however I can tell you with confidence how to unlock more of them. Beat the 
    Undead Dungeons to unlock the sheets in the first place, then beat all 
    available missions. If nothing else appears, you cannot unlock any more 
    requests until you progress the plot! Do NOT email me asking 'how do I unlock
    X Request?!' or I will Piledriver you.
    Ruins Requests
     -Infiltration: Mission 1
    Find the treasure said to be behind the sealed door beneath the Ruins. But 
    beware, if an enemy monster spots you, you've failed your mission.
    Requested by: ???
    Alright, time for some stealth action! If your level is high enough, you may 
    be able to kill enemies from behind before they can react to you, especially 
    using the right enchantment, but don't count on it. I'll write this assuming 
    you're NOT strong enough to kill them that fast. The key to Infiltration 
    missions is patience and thinking ahead. Incidentally, the enemy layout for 
    this mission does NOT change during the daytime, so you can make this a lot 
    easier by playing in the sun, as several of the Ghouls you have to deal with 
    will fry instantly. I will write this assuming you are not playing in the sun 
    (even though I recommend it!)
    When we first come in, there are two Ghouls right in front of us, fortunately 
    facing the other way. Wait until you have a clear opening to slip through the 
    Two more Ghouls in this room, and the way they're positioned makes it hard to 
    avoid. Try knocking on a wall to get both their attention and slipping past 
    while they're confused.
    This hallway has a single Ghoul, who must be drunk or something, because he 
    keeps turning around and around and around @_@.. anyway, watch him carefully 
    using R Look, and QUICKLY run past when he's facing the wall.
    Another room with two Ghouls that'll be hard to slip past. What worked best 
    for me was running behind both of them to the west wall, waiting for the nearer
    Ghoul to turn his back, then running out the door.
    Back outside, and two more Ghouls. Stay close behind the first one until he 
    turns and starts walking south. You should be able to slip past him and the 
    other one to get through the door then.
    Oh, Konami, this is MEAN. We've got two Ghouls heading straight towards us 
    from the start in this room. QUICKLY run towards the hollow in the west wall. 
    Both Ghouls will probably glimpse you on the way there, but fortunately they'll
    just walk towards where they think they saw you, allowing you to run past their
    backs and up the stairs.
    Don't move! There's another drunken spinning Ghoul, but he can't see you as 
    long as you're standing on the stairs. Wait for him to face away from you and
    bolt for the door.
    Whew, for once, a room with no enemies to spot you. Go drop down the thin 
    pathway. In the room below, drop off the left side. Head out the door and to 
    the west. Aw crap, that's a LOT of Ghouls right in our path. Now, don't panic. 
    Knock on the wall to the right of the door leading to the Solar Station, then 
    quickly run to the hollow off to your right. Wait for all three Ghouls to be 
    out of your way then haul ass up the stairs and through the only open door.
    More drunken spinning Ghouls. This one is actually really easy, just run past 
    when neither of them is facing the hall and go down the stairs. The next room 
    is even easier. Although there's two Ghouls there, unless you run out in front 
    of them on purpose there's no way you should be seen, as they're nowhere near 
    the door. Go down a whole lotta stairs.
    Eventually you'll reach the room with the Ghouls walking around in a circle, 
    and there's one more of them now. Don't worry though, these particular Ghouls 
    are extremely shortsighted. Slip between them and walk in a circle with them, 
    and they shouldn't notice you as long as you don't bump into them. The southern
    doors are a waste of time. Wait until you can get to the northeast door. 
    Remember that dead end I told you about when we first did the Ruins? One of the
    sealed doors is opened now. Head through it to a..
    Defeat the Skeletons!
    Don't worry, the 'can't be discovered' requirement is lifted for this fight. 
    There are three Skeletons, and this is only made challenging by the close 
    quarters. They're not any tougher than the Skeletons we fought the first time 
    we came through here. Beat 'em up with Enchant Sol.
    With that out of the way, head into the next room and down an elevator, 
    straight into another..
    Defeat the Skeletons!
    Exactly like the last trap, only without the close quarters, therefor even 
    easier. Beat them for a Green Chest with the treasure you're after!
    Your reward for clearing this request is a Poison Guard protector. As the name
    implies, you're immune to poison as long as you wear it.
     -Bare Hands
    The only way to perfect attacking with your bare hands is practice. Defeat all 
    the enemy monsters using only your bare hands.
    Requested by: Lita
    Lita scares me to death. Seriously. Anyway, this isn't that hard, you just have 
    to equip your fists from the start and, well, punch everything to death. High 
    strength helps here.
    A room-by-room walkthrough isn't really necessary, since the layout of the 
    Ruins hasn't changed any. Just make sure you kill every single enemy. Attacking 
    from behind helps a lot. Note that any Skeletons you encounter here don't seem 
    to regenerate like they usually do, which is a good thing since you can't use 
    Enchant spells with your fists. 
    The only thing really worth noting here is that the enemy layout is different, 
    and there are quite a few Zombies, which can be somewhat tough cookies. If you 
    can't beat this mission, come back with more strength, and maybe more Fist 
    skill. Your reward for beating this mission is a Strength card, which you 
    should of course use right away.
     - Watch your step
    I also happen to be a master of traps, you know. I wonder if you can survive my 
    death trap?
    Requested by: Lady
    Creepy. The Ruins are covered in pitfalls, and falling down even one is Mission
    Failed. Bring lots of See-All Nuts along here. As soon as you start, use one,
    and start moving. You can use Dash magic to cross trap doors before they can
    open. As soon as your See-All Nut wears off, use another. When you get to the
    room with the Boks going in a circle, go through the upper-right door. One of
    the sealed doors is open, and it leads to a..
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    We start with two Skeleton Fencers, and after you beat them, two Skeleton 
    Archers awaken. There are still trapdoors in this room too.. actually, given 
    the high HP count of the Fencers and Archers, you might try tricking them into
    the trapdoors themselves.
    Our reward is a photo of Lady.
     -Infiltration: Mission 2
    Find the treasure people say is hidden deep inside the castle in the forest. But
    beware, if an enemy monster spots you, you've failed your mission.
    Requested by: ???
    We've got a tougher ride ahead of us this time. A lot of the outdoor monsters
    are skeletons, so you won't be able to pass through the outdoor areas unscathed
    by playing in the sun. Which is too bad, because this time, playing in the sun
    isn't optional. Otherwise, this is more of the same.
    First room has two Skeletons, but this room is nice and open, so it shouldn't 
    be hard to sneak past them. Don't forget about R Look. The next room has two 
    Drunken Spinning Ghouls (TM) but they're placed right in front of the exit. Use
    a series of wall taps to lure them out from under the trees so they fry in the
    Next up, we've got three Skeletons. Run behind the first one, and follow the 
    second, staying close behind him until he turns to walk north. Then slip behind
    him through the east exit.
    Two more Skeletons. You should be able to slip behind these two pretty easily.
    In the next room, we have to deal with that damn sun-sensitive platform again.
    Cover the sensor to move it over, uncover to move across. There's two Ghouls on
    the other side. Knock on the very edge of the west wall, run to the east, and
    giggle maniacally as they fry.
    The two Skeletons walking in a circle here are going to make your life 
    miserable. Run behind the first one, grab the Blue Chest for a Square Key, 
    then QUICKLY run back to the passageway where you came in and flatten yourself
    against the southern wall. Otherwise, when one of the Skeletons rounds the 
    corner towards you, you'll be spotted. Wait until that one turns south again, 
    then dash past him and open the door. The other Skeleton might glimpse you, but
    you should be able to get through the door without actually being seen.
    Remember, in this room, you have to follow the trail of skylights. This time 
    though, there are Ghouls guarding each door. Stupid Konami. The best way I 
    found to do this is to leave and come back until the trail is leading to the 
    leftmost door. Hug the south wall until you're near the door, tap on the wall,
    then hurry over to the other corner and watch the Ghouls fry in the skylights.
    This next one is easy. Just one Ghoul, and a conveniently placed skylight. 
    Stand in the latter, tap on the wall, and watch ghoul fry, again.
    Meet your new best friends.. alarm panels. Stepping on these bastards will make 
    a loud noise that gets the attention of every monster in the area. The Ghoul 
    here won't look away from the wall until the alarm panels go off, so if you 
    move veeeery carefully, you can avoid stepping on the first one by actually 
    standing directly behind him. Just don't bump into him. Then run across the 
    second panel and out the door before he can react.
    Three Skeletons waiting to ambush you in this room, just like before. If you're 
    still in this room when they're fully assembled, you'll get caught. Period. Run 
    straight through before that happens.
    This next room is full of Ghouls, and you have to hit all four switches to open 
    the door. I couldn't find a better way to do this then backstabbing the Ghouls 
    with a Sol-enchanted weapon. They'll stay motionless until they see or hear 
    something, so it shouldn't be too hard.
    Two Zombies patrolling this room, but the next door is right next to where you 
    come in, so you can dash through before they even come around the corner. From 
    there, go upstairs and through the next door.
    This room is a joke. When I came in, three of the four Ghouls died instantly of 
    skylights. The last one kept staring forward stupidly, so I just walked around 
    him, poked the switch, and went through.
    Three Skeletons right in front of the door in this room. Trick is, they're 
    standing on Solar Bridges. Cover the sensor and they'll fall to a quick demise. 
    In the next room, we have that damn sun sensitive platform again.. and this 
    time, there are weight switches guarded by Ghouls on the two platforms in 
    between. We have to hit them both to open the door. Cover the sensor, step on 
    the platform, and take a deep breath. Wait until the nearer Ghoul turns his 
    back, then uncover the sensor. As the platform moves, step off it just enough 
    to trigger the weight switch, then quickly step back on. Do the same for the 
    second one.. you should pass by right as the Ghoul is turning away.
    Two Skeletons, a Zombie, and very close quarters. The best way to do this one 
    is to quickly run to the exit hugging the wall and passing behind the Zombie 
    before that first skeleton can turn the corner. The Skeletons will probably 
    notice you, but you'll be out the door before they can actually catch you. All 
    that's left now is the obligatory..
    Defeat the Clay Golems!
    Exactly the same as your first run through here, except Yellow Slimes will drop
    into the battlefield constantly until the Golems are dead. Annoying, but not 
    terribly threatening.
    With that out of the way, move on to the next room and grab the treasure. Your 
    reward for this mission is the Thiefs Clothes protector.
     - Battle Skills: Lesson 1
    By using traps in the Dungeons, or inducing fighting among enemies, you can 
    defeat enemy monsters without having to attack them yourself. Defeat all the 
    enemy monsters without attacking them.
    Requested by: Smith
    Fair warning for this one. You'll need sunlight. And since it becomes available
    while you're stuck as Black Django, you may want to bring some sunscreen, or 
    wait until you get Transform. Keep those twitchy fingers off the B button here!
    Even trying to swing a weapon is an instant Mission Failed!
    The first room has a single Ghoul. Use wall taps to lure him out of the shade 
    to his demise, then head east. There's a Mummy here. You can either wall tap to 
    lure him out, or let him throw a bomb at you and kick it back at him so he 
    catches fire and runs panicked into the sun. Wahahaha. Backtrack to the 
    previous room and head north. Two more Zombies. Wall taps are, once again, the 
    answer. To the east, we've got three more Ghouls all under the same damn tree. 
    Do I really have to repeat how to kill them? Go north after they're dead. 
    Nothing here but a box with a Square Key. Back up and go east. There'll be a 
    skeleton right in front of you, who will promptly fall down a trapdoor. 
    Remember where it is and watch that you don't follow him down. Go lure the 
    other skeleton in the room into stepping on the same trapdoor. Head north and 
    cross the sun-sensitive platform the same way as always.
    Unlock the front door with the Square Key. Two mummies are in the first room. 
    Lure them into the skylights before going through the door the trail leads to. 
    One Ghoul, and another conveniently placed skylight for you to wall tap and 
    lure him into. The next room has three Ghouls on the other side of the wall and 
    three weight switches. Each weight switch will drop one of the Ghouls down a 
    trapdoor, so step on them all. Next on our menu is three yellow slimes in a 
    room with lots of crates. Smash the little bastards between the crates and the 
    Two more Ghouls, again on the other side of the wall. And again we have weight 
    switches that'll trigger trap doors. This time, they're not right under the 
    Ghouls though, and they won't cooperate by walking back and forth. They'll edge 
    forward for brief moments. And there's a significant delay between the time 
    when you step on the weight switch and when the trap door opens. You'll need 
    good timing. Or you can just step on the switch over and over until they 
    cooperate by falling.
    This next one is a bit troublesome. We have one Clay Golem and two Ghouls, and 
    the skylights that are usually in this room are absent. You have to trick the 
    Golem into rolling over the Ghouls. You'll probably get hit by one or the other,
    or both, in the process of doing this, but it can't be helped. Once the Ghouls 
    are dead, a spiked ball will fall on the Golem and kill it instantly. Yay.
    No more enemies for the next few rooms. Eventually you'll get to a room with 
    some skeletons and solar bridges. You have to lure the skeletons onto the 
    bridges, and then cover the sensor so they fall. The second sun-sensitive 
    platform is ahead. Don't worry, there's nothing behind the two middle doors 
    this time. The next room has three zombies, and only one skylight. It's hard 
    not to get damaged in the melee while luring them into it. The final room has 
    three mummies, and no skylights. Kick their bombs back at them and watch the 
    mayhem when they ignite. If somehow, one gets left alive (this happened to me 
    x.x) it'll take a while to finish him off.. about three bombs, plus waiting for
    him to stop running around and throw another one. So try not to let that 
    happen. Your reward for clearing this mission is a Chariot card.
     - Challenge: Part 1
    I wanna see just how skilled you are, okay man?! See if you can get through the
    Dungeon faster than me. I did it in 3 mins 00 secs.
    Requested by: Kid
    Urgh. I hate these. OK, a few tips. First, wear light armor. As light as 
    possible. High agility helps a lot too. Play in the sun (which is necessary to 
    get through this dungeon anyway), and use Dash magic whenever you can. Other 
    than needing to rush, and a few enemy layout differences (Skeletons placed 
    directly in front of the paths..) this is more or less just like your first run 
    through, though the way through the Klorofolun maze is a little different.. 
    It's NOT easy though. If at first you don't succeed..
    One tip. The puzzle with the Ghoul 'statues' is a real time waster. Try QUICKLY 
    stepping on both of the other weight switches while the Ghoul on your side is 
    still on the first, if you can. If nothing shakes, well, the only Ghoul that 
    hasn't been checked is the one on the far right. The TRAP! consists of two 
    ordinary Clay Golems. I doubt you need my help with that.
    As a side note, if you're REALLY stuck on this one, you might try storing your 
    entire inventory and buying a whole lot of Speed Nuts from Lita.
     - Grave Keeper
    The monsters revived by the Undeadening are trying to bust out of the Catacomb. 
    Destroy them before the contamination spreads too far.
    Requested by: Cheyenne.
    Ah, 'kill all monsters' missions. Always loads of fun. Especially when you miss 
    one stupid bat and go nuts trying to figure out where it is. This really isn't 
    hard, just annoying when the latter situation occurs, so I'll just give general 
    tips and a list of what all needs killing. This mission becomes available while 
    you're stuck as Black Django, so my tips will be relevant for that.
    In the first room, we've got two Clay Golems. The good 'ol wall tap trick works 
    as well as ever here, and Enchant Dark gives you at least a small boost. Next 
    room has two mummies. Enchant Dark does LESS damage to them, but getting their 
    attention and then repeatedly poking them back with a spear works well. Next 
    room, four Clay Golems. Next, one Mummy and one Clay Golem. The side room with 
    a Solar Station has a Yellow Slime. Room after that has FOUR Clay Golems. The 
    room off to the side has two bats, and a sneaky yellow slime hiding behind a 
    stack of stone blocks. Next room, three Clay Golems. Next, one Clay Golem, and 
    two Mummies. Side room has a yellow slime, and some sunlight coming through a 
    window if you need energy. (Don't forget that sunscreen!)
    The next room has EXACTLY four bats. Make sure you get them all, including one 
    in the corner. This is the most common place to miss an enemy. Of the three 
    paths leading outside from here, the middle and the one on the right have three 
    Clay Golems apiece, and the one on the left has three Mummies. Finally, the 
    last room, the one with the Warp, has a single yellow slime.
    Your reward for this is an Empress card.
     - Challenge: Part 2
    Not bad, boy! When you get fightin', you're a tough one to beat. But I don't 
    get scared off that easy! See if you can get through the Dungeon faster than 
    me. I did it in 1 mins 39 secs.
    This is just like the previous Challenge, except a lot easier, because the 
    Catacombs are tiny. As before, wear a light Protector (I used the Fairy Robe), 
    use Dash where possible, and don't stop to fight if you don't have to. At the 
    end is a..
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    Two Skeleton Fencers and a Skeleton Archer. Obviously, you need to beat them 
    quickly, but otherwise they're no different than previous Trap battles versus 
    these things.
    Your reward is a photo of Lita.
     - Infiltration: Part 3
    Find the treasure said to be hidden deep inside the Catacomb. But beware, if an
    enemy monster spots you, you've failed your mission.
    Requested by: ???
    OK, this is the last one of these we have to do. The bad news is, they're using 
    the hardest enemy layout for this one. Plus the Catacombs have some very large 
    rooms, and they're packed with enemies here. At least we won't need sunlight. 
    Pull up your pants, let's get this over with. If you're REALLY stuck on this 
    one, consider coming back with some Blueshrooms. I wore the Skull Suit 
    Protector from Spiral Tower while writing this.
    First room has two Stone Golems patrolling in a very tight pattern. Wall tap so 
    they crash into each other, and run past while they're stunned. The next room 
    has a pair of Cockatrices, one of which is blocking the door. Your only real 
    options here are to wall tap (risky, since they move FAST!) or backstab it with 
    Enchant Earth.
    Next room is full of Stone Golems. As before, wall tapping so they roll up (and 
    hopefully crash into each other) leaves them all but blind. Go out through the 
    lower exit. The next room has Skeleton Fencers, but theres only one on the 
    lower level and it shouldn't be hard to run behind him.
    Lots of Stone Golems again in the next room, and its a large room at that. 
    Clever use of wall taps will continue to serve you well here. More Stone Golems 
    in the next room. Wait for the first one to turn to the north and start 
    patrolling, and shadow him. Once you get close to the two guarding the exit, 
    another well-placed wall tap will cause a nice traffic jam.
    There's a Stone Golem guarding the stairs in this room, but wall tapping will 
    attract the attention of a Cockatrice as well. Instead, stand between the two 
    walls and stab the stone golem in the back with a spear a couple of times. 
    Quickly duck into a different corner when he starts coming over, and run past 
    him while he's facing the wall. As for the Cockatrice itself, a couple 
    Earth-powered backstabs are probably wise.
    The next room is empty, with three possible ways to proceed. The middle one is 
    easiest by far. There's three Stone Golems in this room. As long as you wait 
    for the one off to the west to turn away from the door, you should be able to 
    run through without problems. After that, you can run unchallenged until you 
    reach the..
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    It's just two Cockatrices. If you got this far, you can beat them easy. Hint: 
    Our reward is the Hunter's Clothes Protector.
    House of Time
     - Battle Skills: Lesson 2
    If you use items wisely, you can defeat enemy monsters without having to attack 
    them yourself. Defeat all the enemy monsters without attacking them.
    Requested by: Smith
    STORE YOUR ITEMS BEFORE TAKING THIS REQUEST!! In order to clear it, you have to 
    let Bandits steal from you! And if they steal the items you actually WANT, you 
    can't attack them to get it back! So STORE YOUR CRAP!
    *ahem* Anyway, every enemy here is a Bandit. There are also loads of chests 
    containing assorted spoiled items. The idea is to let the Bandits steal the 
    spoiled items from you and eat them. Two spoiled items kills the doggie. All 
    the chests respawn if you leave the room, so with that in mind, you can load up 
    from any one chest and just go through letting all the Bandits steal from you. 
    You shouldn't need much help with this after that. Do note that a few of the 
    chests here contain genuine Tasty Meat (these won't respawn :/) You should use 
    these right away so the Bandits don't steal them, and to heal the damage you 
    take when they steal from you.
    Your reward for this is a High Priestess card.
     - Challenge: Part 3
    Not bad at all, boy! Looks like I'm no match for you, huh?! But your opponent 
    this time 'round is a bit different. See if you can beat his 3 mins 30 secs 
    Requested by: Kid
    Yargh. Hate. Challenge. Requests. There's not much I can tell you here that'll 
    help, that I didn't say for the last 2, but this time, it's different enough 
    from previous runs that I'll give a step-by-step walkthrough. Remember, wear 
    light armor and use Dash!! You'll need at least 3 bars of sunlight to clear 
    this, too. Also, bring Speed Nuts, they help IMMEASURABLY.
    The first few rooms, you can just blaze right through. You might be spotted by a
    Ghast or two, but you'll be gone before they know what's happening. However, 
    early on, there's a room with four Stone Golems, and you have to kill them all 
    before the door will open. This is a royal pain in the ass and a massive time 
    waster. Use Enchant Sol, and try to crash them into each other so you do more 
    damage. After that, in the next room, quickly hang east. The Ghasts in this 
    room are placed in a way that makes it bloody hard to get by without stopping 
    to kill them, so you'll just have to do that. Smack the switch once you're past 
    them and hurry back to the previous room.
    Go through the door that just opened. Run past the Ghasts, and use the time 
    portal to go to the past. Backtrack through the previous room, killing the 
    Yellow Slime (the Green has more HP) and go west when you reach it. Kill the 
    Golems blocking the path with Enchant Cloud, and hit the switch. Now backtrack 
    to the previous room, go one more room south, then west, and grab the blue 
    chest for a Square Key. Run back to the time portal and return to the present, 
    then backtrack past the Ghasts, and go through the door that just opened. Plant 
    some Dynamite next to the cracked wall. Switch to Black Django while waiting 
    for the dynamite to go off and use Change Mouse to slip through the mousehole. 
    Cancel Change Mouse IMMEDIATELY when you get to the other side, as the mouse 
    moves slower than Django. If you still have Speed Nuts left, you should 
    probably switch back to Red Django so you can use them. Otherwise stay as Black 
    to save time.
    Run up the stairs (if you're getting sun, the Ghosts in this room will die 
    almost instantly. Consider sparing a second to absorb the Solar Bugs) and go 
    south two rooms. Running past Ghasts, vampire bats, etc, unlock the door to the 
    west and go through. Go south from there. Try to move fast enough in this room 
    that the Ley doesn't catch you, as getting confused now could screw everything 
    up. There's a Ghast blocking the door though, so you'll have to stop for a 
    moment to kill it, or just take a hit and run past. I did the latter. In any 
    case, switch to Black if you aren't already and use Change Mouse to get through 
    the mousehole. Change back, but stay as Black even if you have Speed Nuts left. 
    We'll need Change Mouse again soon. Keep following the path until you reach a 
    timewarp, and go to the Past again. Go through the nearby door, press A on the 
    boards, then use Change Mouse to cross them. Register a number on the machine 
    (remember to use something you can remember, like 0000) and run back. Cancel 
    Change Mouse, but don't return to the present yet. Backtrack ALL the way to the 
    room with a skylight and two Ghasts, and go east from there. Check the Hint 
    Panel next to the door and input your code number.
    Either use a Sunblock, or cover the sensor, cause we're gonna need Blackie 
    outside. Drop to the bottom and grab the Blue Chest for another Square Key. Run 
    two rooms east to a timewarp and use it to return to the present. Now haul ass 
    back to the weight elevator and use Change Bat to be taken to the top. Fly 
    through the window, cancel Change Bat, and open the locked door. Thankfully, we 
    don't have to go Ghost-hunting here, the door on the right is open already. We 
    don't need Blackie anymore, so go ahead and switch back to Red Django and use 
    any Speed Nuts you have left. Get on the solar-sensitive panel and cover the 
    sensor to be taken across, then uncover it and quickly run across the solar 
    bridge. For the love of god, don't fall, it would blow royally to get here in a 
    decent time and have to start over now. Run south through the next room and 
    you'll find..
    Defeat Cheyenne!
    The clock is still running!! Cheyenne's weakness is Enchant EARTH (Not Dark!) 
    so use that. I also recommend a sword.. it's a bit reckless, but we need to beat
    him FAST. His pattern hasn't changed any, but he's a lot stronger, and we don't 
    have time to worry about fighting defensively. You might consider switching to 
    a stronger Protector. I got here with 15 seconds on the clock (and that was 
    after messing and going back to the present too soon the second time), and beat 
    him with 3 left, so it IS possible.
    Our reward is the Training Gear Protector.
     - Sunflower
    Wait in the past. (Alex's note: I think this is supposed to be 'I'll be waiting
    in the past')
    What a vague request. Well, we'll actually start off in the past this time, and
    the usual time portals are missing, so we should be able to figure out if we 
    just move ahead. By the way, we'll need at least two bars of sun for this.
    Go through the first few rooms and take note of the fact that the enemies have 
    been replaced with MUCH stronger ones. By this time we've already beaten the 
    game, so they shouldn't be a huge threat. When you get to the room with the 
    locked gates, go west. Kill the Stone Golems (with some difficulty in such a 
    tight area..) and hit the switch. Backtrack, go through the left gate. Whaddya 
    know, the code-locks are gone too. Go through the next door. Up the stairs, 
    then south.
    Well, the south gate is all blocked up. Go west for some items if you want 
    'em, then go east. Go through the formerly code-locked door. Slide across the 
    thin path carefully to grab the chest for some Tasty Meat. Take the weight 
    elevator down for now. Use Healing on the plant and climb up it. Take the west 
    exit and Healing another plant for more items, then go back and go north. Lots 
    of Stone Golems here. There's a Blue Chest with the Square Key in the northeast 
    corner. Grabby. 
    Backtrack to the weight elevator. Cover the sensor, change to Black Django, use 
    Change Bat, hop on. Next stop, top floor. In the window with ya. Open the 
    locked door. Like the previous challenge, the rightmost gate is the only one 
    open. Go in, get on the sun-sensitive platform, cover the sensor to move 
    across, then uncover it and quickly cross the Solar Bridge. Two rooms south to 
    Defeat all enemy monsters!
    Two Stone Golems and a Ghost. Stone Golems are always annoying, to me at least, 
    but they're not any different at least. The Ghost is even less of a threat, 
    especially since when I was playing, it got rolled over by one of the Golems 
    five seconds into the fight.
    Read the dialogue after its over, and see if you can guess who you're talking 
    to from the outrageous accent. Hint: It's not Zazie.
    Our reward is a photo of Zazie.
    After completing every single request, talk to Lady and she'll give you the 
    Mail of Darkness Protector.
    Sidequests Part 3 - Shademan [rock]
    This sidequest is only available after beating the game. You'll know its 
    accessible because you have an item called 'PET' in your key items. This is 
    short for Personal Terminal, and it's from the Rockman.EXE (Megaman Battle 
    Network) series. After clearing the game, return to the Piledriver and Rockman 
    will pop up and have a conversation with you. In case you're wondering, he and 
    Django met previously in Rockman EXE 4, where Django helped Rockman get rid of 
    Shademan once and for all with the Piledriver. Apparently he's come back for 
    more though. Again. x.x
    After you're done talking to him, head back to Spiral Tower and try to go 
    inside either the Solar or Dark Tower. The door is sealed, and we have to find 
    four Shadebats. One of them is hiding in each of the four Immortal Dungeons. 
    Here goes nothing.
     - Cathedral Revisited
    Whoa, the enemies here got a LOT stronger when we weren't looking. Head 
    straight north through the first few rooms. Skeleton Fencers, Black Slimes, 
    Hellhounds.. scary to see all this in the first dungeon. Go inside the Cathedral
    and into the lower east door. Cockatrices too?! Yeesh. Go upstairs twice. The 
    boxes that used to tell us where the trapdoors were in this room are gone, but 
    fortunately we have Change Bat now. Fly over the trapdoors to the southeast 
    corner of the room and you'll see a fishy-looking green bat. That's the first 
    Shadebat. Kill it and you'll get Key Data 1. Now leave.
     - Remains Revisited
    Once again, the enemies here have powered up. Head inside, and go north one 
    room to the central 'shortcut' area where we pushed the stone blocks down 
    before. Take the upper west door. Cross the stone block and go north here. Kill
    the mummy and up the stairs with you. Yargh. The stone blocks in here reset 
    somehow. Here's a copy and paste solution to the puzzle here, if you forgot.
    Now, rather than pushing the block into the nearby gap like you'd think, push 
    it 3 East, 1 North, 1 West, and 2 North to create a bridge from the upper level
    over to two more stone blocks. Push the first one 3 west into the gap, allowing
    access to one chest...
    And that's actually all we need to do. Go up to the chest and you'll see a 
    suspicious looking red bat. Another Shadebat! Kill it for Key Data 2.
     - Dark City Revisited
    First things first, go ahead and use the Warp, it'll take us closer to where we 
    need to be. When you pop out, go through the south door and make your way down. 
    Doesn't it feel good to splash through that puddle without being knocked back 
    and taking damage? While I'm on the subject, go ahead and tromp over the weight 
    switch too, the flame trap won't light in time to hit you. Duck into the west 
    alley and go through the first door. Take the elevator up. From there, go up 
    the staircase. Watch out for the Leys in this room. Switch to Black Django and 
    use Change Bat to go through the window. Go out the nearest exit and change 
    back to deal with the Cockatrices before going east. Look, suspicious yellow 
    bat! Kill it for Key Data 3.
     - Aqueduct Revisited
    The Aqueduct is the most linear of the undead dungeons, which makes this the 
    easiest Shadebat. The enemies haven't really changed either. Use the Warp at 
    the beginning for a shortcut halfway there. Then just follow the path. The 
    Shadebat is pretty much as deep in the Aqueduct as possible, right outside the
    room where you fought Dvallin. It's very conspicuous in blue. Kill it for Key
    Data 4. Now lets get back to Spiral Tower!
    A note, if you got the Vampire Coffin for the Undead Zone, trade it in for
    something else, because we've got one more thing to purify.
     - Spiral Tower Revisited
    You know what? This place hasn't changed at all. And even if it had, for 
    maximum easiness you can just go in the Dark Tower side and use the Warp (or, 
    if you neglected to activate the Warp like me, just go up to 4F and take the 
    elevator the rest of the way) From there, go straight to where you fought 
    Dainn before.
    Poor Shademan. His name looks so small there without a title. I should make one
    up for him, but I'm too tired right now to think of a good one.
    OK, so he's not really an Immortal. But what else am I gonna call him? 
    "PSYCHO VAMPIRE NAVI THAT WON'T DIE!"? Erm. Anyway. As Rockman will explain, 
    he's shielded by Dark power. To break that power down, we have to use the same 
    power. So switch to Black Django and get Enchant Dark ready. He fights rather a
    lot like the Count in the previous game, kind of. He'll fly around in circles 
    and release craploads of bats at you. Watch out, if he glows red before 
    releasing the bats, they'll fly at you in waves instead of all at once. He'll 
    rush at you and take a swipe with his claws. He'll summon a pair of.. weird 
    thingies that'll fire Noise Crush rings at you (you'll be stunned if hit with 
    Once you hit him enough times with Enchant Dark, he'll lose his barrier and 
    turn purple. Rockman will prompt you to hit him with the sun's power now, so 
    switch back to Red Django and equip Enchant Sol. As his life gets lower, he'll 
    start doing what every vampire boss in the history of Boktai does and grabbing 
    you and biting to restore his health if you're caught by his rush. He'll also 
    occasionally glow red and do several rushing attacks in a row.
    With Shademan sealed, take him out of the dungeon the same way you took Dainn 
    out (me, I brought the Solar Coffin so I could just take the warp) and bring 
    him to the Piledriver. Get some sun, as usual, and fire it up.
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    Anyone else think Shademan got gipped? Every other Immortal gets a voice to 
    yell 'atsui!' when they're being Purified, he gets a lame generic sound effect.
    They could've gotten his seiyuu from the Rockman EXE anime. But then again, the
    dubbing.. ah well.
    Shademan is actually slightly tricky to purify, compared to previous Immortals. 
    His attack is, of course, Noise Crush, but he'll fire a whole bunch of them in 
    a row, and they still stun you if they hit. The time you spend stunned is more 
    than enough for him to shut down a generator. He's takes a long time to die, 
    too, but other than that it's just like every Piledriver battle.
    ---BATTLE DRIVE!---
    After you beat Shademan, Rockman will return to his world, leaving behind two 
    Green Chests.. his photo, and the Rock Buster! It's pretty much just like Gun 
    Del Sol, but null property, and it doesn't eat QUITE as much energy. Its power 
    is based on your current HP, but sadly, it can't charge unless you have the 
    Rock Power Protector only available through Crossover Battle.
    Getting a Perfect Game [no life]
    So, you've beaten Jormy. You've beaten Shademan. You've cleared every Undead 
    Dungeon, and every Request is done. What's left to do? Collect Titles, of 
    course. Titles are names that are awarded to you for certain accomplishments. 
    Each title you earn unlocks a wallpaper on Konami's website when you enter your
    password. (you have to beat Jormy again to get a new password first, of course.)
    Once you have collected every title, you can truly consider yourself to have 
    mastered Zoktai. There's literally nothing left to do. You can check your 
    titles in the Library after beating the game. As follows..
    Sword Master, Spear Master, Hammer Master, Fist Master, Gun Master
    These five titles are each awarded for maxing out your skill in a particular 
    weapon. The best way to do this is to go in and out of a room with lots of weak
    enemies, such as the room in the Ruins with 7 bats, or the room in the Forest 
    with 9 Klorofun. For the Gun Master title, consider using the Rock Buster 
    instead of Gun Del Sol, for the sake of your poor ENE bar.
    This title is awarded for reaching level 99. Wear the Training Gear and kill 
    lots of stuff in the high-level stomping grounds of your choice. The lower 
    levels of the Undead Zone always work.
    Day Walker
    If you've gotten this far, you already have this title. It's awarded the first 
    time you beat Jormy.
    Clear every dungeon, including Dream Avenue and the Battle Arena. Not much to 
    say about this one.
    Complete every library request. See above for tips if you haven't already done 
    Get library information on every weapon and Protector, and collect all the 
    photos. This is one of the harder ones. You can collect all the weapons through
    obsessive Solarforging with items bought from Cheyenne's shop or dropped by 
    Crimson Monsters, but it takes awhile with the R-Rank weapons appearing more or
    less at random. 
    Protectors, if you've been following my guide, you're most of the way there, 
    but you'll still need to finish all four ranks in the Battle Arena and clear 
    Dream Avenue at least 10 times.
    Photos, again, if you've been following my guide you're most of the way there. 
    In addition to clearing Dream Avenue several times and finishing all four ranks
    in the Battle Arena, you'll need to beat Jormy a second time to unlock 
    Kuro/Nero's minigame. Then, go talk to him in the warehouse and choose the 
    first option to play it again. Earn at least 800 points in one playthrough, 
    then 2000 in another.
    Dark Hunter
    Get bestiary information on every enemy in the game. That means killing at 
    least one of each. Common enemies that are missed include the Grave Keeper 
    (the unique monster guarding the graves in the Cathedral) and assorted 
    Monster+s, also known as Crimson Monsters. Crimson Monsters appear randomly 
    where the normal version of that monster would appear after you've defeated at 
    least 100 of that monster, and are quite strong. The Parade Armor Protector 
    increases the chances of them showing up. They include: Ghoul+, Mummy+, Golem+,
    Cockatrice+, Skeleton+, and Bandit+. You can check how many of a given monster
    you've beaten in the Book of Memories in the Library, under Purification.
    Grand Master
    Get every other title and talk to ???, and he'll award you this final title and 
    start selling Level 2 Blindboxes.
    That's it! Once you've done all this, you've officially done everything there 
    is to do in Zoktai. Now go bug Konami to translate Shinbok.
    7. Weapons [sword]
    Whereas in the previous game, Django was armed 'only' with his highly 
    customizeable Solar Gun, the Gun Del Sol, in this game Django must master an 
    arsenal of weapons and magic to combat his undead opponents. There are five 
    types of weapon in the game, if you include Django's bare hands, but most 
    people will only be making extensive use of three. You'll get some basic 
    weapons of each type early on, and can improve what you get through use of the
    Solar Forging system which.. you guessed it.. requires sunlight. I will not be 
    listing every weapon in the game.. there are better FAQs that do that already. 
    Django can have, at any given time, one of each type of weapon equipped except 
    Fists/Guns. If you have a gun equipped, it replaces Django's fists on the 
    quick-select bar.
    Bare hands with nothing in 'em. You'd expect these to suck, and at first, you'd
    be right. But once Django's strength goes up, while they can't match the damage
    or reach of the other weapons, you can hit more rapidly with these than 
    anything else. You cannot use Enchant attacks with Fists.
    The most basic, and probably most frequently used weapon. Of the three basic 
    weapon types, swords don't hit as hard, but they hit FAST (though not as fast 
    as fists) and cover a fairly wide area in front of Django with their swing. 
    Combined with the appropriate Enchant spell, these are lethal.
    I hate these. ^^; But you might disagree. Hammers have the highest attack power 
    of the basic weapons, but a slow attack rate and very small area coverage. The 
    only compelling reason to keep one around, other than that you have to, is 
    because the powerful strike of a hammer can break wooden blocks and activate 
    rusted switches.
    The other fan favorite weapon, or so I'm compelled to claim lest Inarabitta
    kill me in my sleep. Spears are a little slow to strike for my taste (even
    slower than a hammer!), but their real use is their reach. Using a spear you
    can poke switches.. or enemies.. that you wouldn't be able to reach with another
    weapon. You'll need these for puzzles a lot.
    There are only three of these weapons in the game, and Django can only get two,
    and only in the late/post game. They cannot be Solar Forged, and you can't use
    Enchant attacks with them.. they have fixed elements. Furthermore they burn ENE
    with every shot. That's about all they have in common with each other.. other
    properties are unique to each of them.
    8. Magic [enchant]
    There are three types of magic in Zoktai. Luna, Sol, and Dark. Luna magic can 
    be used by anyone, but specific spells go to specific people. It consists 
    mostly of Enchantments, with a few exceptions, and uses ENE with each use. Sol 
    Magic can also only be used by Red Django, and doesn't use ENE, tapping 
    directly into existing sunlight instead. This means it can only be used in the 
    presence of sunlight, and the more sun there is, the stronger the spell. 
    Finally, Dark Magic can only be used by Black Django, and consists mostly of 
    stereotypical vampire stuff. It also uses ENE, with the exception of Sleeping.
    Luna Magic
    Enchant Sol
    Used by: Red Django
    Cost: 5 ENE
    Empowers Django's weapons with the Sol property. Particularly effective against
    Dark monsters. Can activate Solar Generators and deflect ectoplasm in Battle 
    Drive mode. Toggles on and off with L, and uses ENE with each attack.
    Acquired: Given by Zazie in City Gate
    Enchant Dark
    Used by: Black Django
    Cost: 5 ENE
    Empowers Django's weapons with the Dark property. Particularly effective against
    Sol monsters. Can activate Solar Generators and deflect ectoplasm in Battle 
    Drive mode. Toggles on and off with L, and uses ENE with each attack.
    Acquired: After Purifying Black Django.
    Enchant Flame
    Used by: Red Django
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Empowers Django's weapons with the Flame property. Particularly effective 
    against Frost monsters. Can light candles, melt Ice Blocks, and empower Property
    Cubes to do likewise. Toggles on and off with L, and uses ENE with each attack.
    Acquired: Given by Sumire when first in San Miguel
    Enchant Frost
    Used by: Red Django
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Empowers Django's weapons with the Frost property. Particularly effective 
    against Flame monsters. Can put out candles and extinguish fireballs, and cause
    Property Cubes to sink to the ground. Toggles on and off with L, and uses ENE
    with each attack.
    Acquired: Given by Kid in Remains
    Enchant Cloud
    Used by: Red Django
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Empowers Django's weapons with the Cloud property. Particularly effective 
    against Earth monsters. Can destroy Stone Blocks and move Property Cubes. 
    Toggles on and off with L, and uses ENE with each attack.
    Acquired: Given by Sabata in Remains
    Enchant Earth
    Used by: Red Django
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Empowers Django's weapons with the Earth property. Particularly effective 
    against Cloud monsters. Can destroy Property Cubes. Toggles on and off with L, 
    and uses ENE with each attack.
    Acquired: Given by Ringo in Aqueduct
    Used by: Red Django/Black Django
    Cost: 0 ENE
    Transforms Red Django into Black Django, and vice versa.
    Acquired: Before Purifying Durathror.
    Rising Sun
    Used by: Red Django
    Cost: All ENE, no less than 100
    Adds four bars to the sun gauge for 30 seconds.
    Acquired: Before Purifying Durathror.
    Zero Shift
    Used by: Sabata
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Teleports Sabata a short distance forward. Will take double damage if hit in 
    the process. Kinda like Dash, but much cooler.
    Acquired: N/A
    Black Sun
    Used by: Sabata
    Cost: All ENE, no less than 100
    Zeroes the sun gauge for 30 seconds. Utterly worthless, just cover the damn 
    Acquired: N/A
    Sol Magic
    Level: 0
    If used to hit an enemy in the back at close range, will freeze them solid, 
    making them immobile and unaware. Will be cancelled if you hit them. Lasts 
    longer with more sunlight.
    Acquired: Talk to Zazie twice after Purifying Duneyrr
    Level: 1
    Django's speed increases for a very short distance. Will take double damage if
    you're hit while dashing. More sun=faster movement.
    Acquired: Talk to Cheyenne after Purifying Durathror.
    Level: 2
    Use this on wilted plants and lilly pads to grow them to a size Django can walk
    on. The more sun you have, the fewer applications required.
    Acquired: After Purifying Durathror.
    Level: 3
    Creates a stick of dynamite that will explode after a few seconds, making a 
    loud noise and dealing flame damage to anything nearby. Will also blast open 
    thin or cracked walls that make a different noise when tapped on.
    Acquired: From chest after beating Sword in Remains
    Dark Magic
    (Note: All Dark Magic is acquired after Purifying Black Django)
    Cost: 0 ENE
    Django sleeps in his coffin, becoming immobile to recharge his ENE. The rate of
    recharge depends on the coffin but is generally comparable to standing in 
    sunlight (NOT Solar Charging) Some coffins may add effects. Silver Coffin makes
    Django invisible. Coffin Monster Elefan can move around and shoot weak 
    projectiles, but Django's ENE will not recover unless he holds still. Sleeping
    also protects from the harmful effects of sunlight or rain.
    Change Bat
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Django transforms into a bat. Although he cannot fight in this form, he can use 
    sonar to see invisible chests and booby traps as if you had used a See-All Nut. 
    He can fly over obstacles on the floor such as weight switches and puddles. He 
    doesn't make footsteps, so he's undetectable to Mummies and Ghasts. He can 
    squeeze through small windows. Upon testing, I apparently got confused. Change
    Bat CANNOT squeak to attract attention like Change Mouse can. Thanks to
    Remix312 for correcting my mistake. Costs no ENE to change back.
    Change Mouse
    Cost: 10 ENE
    Django transforms into a mouse. Although he cannot fight in this form, he can 
    slip across thin pathways without the need to flatten against a wall, and slip
    through tiny holes without using a Redshroom. He can also squeak to attract 
    enemies with A without needing a wall to tap on. Costs no ENE to change back.
    Change Wolf
    Cost: 10 ENE
    With that name, you'd expect Django to transform into a wolf. But all he does 
    is howl like one and, if there's an enemy in front of him, pounce towards it. 
    If you get them in the back, he'll bite down for heavy damage, and heal himself 
    for the same amount. Continue pressing L to bite repeatedly and deal more 
    damage. However, only humanoid enemies such as Ghouls, Skeletons, Mummies, 
    Golems, etc are vulnerable to Change Wolf.
    9. Characters [django]
    Here is a list of the important (and not so important) characters in Zoktai. 
    MAJOR spoilers abound below, beware.
    Playable Characters
    Solar Boy Django
    AKA: Red Django
    The main character of the story, the Solar Boy we came to love in the previous 
    game. He wears a Crimson Scarf handed down from his father Ringo, and wields 
    the Solar Gun, Gun Del Sol.. or did, before a vampire took it from him. Now he 
    wields the Solar Machine, Sol de Vice instead.
    Black Django
    Django's dark side. After being bitten by a vampire, Django himself became 
    half-vampire. He failed to succumb completely thanks to the quick actions of 
    his brother, but the damage was done, giving Django this form. Black Django 
    uses the power of Darkness, rather than the power of the Sun. Sunlight burns 
    him, and water scalds him. But his physical strength is increased 
    Dark Boy Sabata
    Django's older twin brother. They were seperated at a young age, and Sabata was
    raised by the Queen of Immortals, Hel, and his body corrupted by Dark Matter, 
    the substance that makes up an Immortal. Because of this, the power of the Sun 
    is beyond his reach. He wears a Moonlight Scarf handed down from his mother 
    Mani, and wields the Dark Gun, Gun Del Hell. Sabata is only playable during a 
    small portion of the game. He also becomes selectable in Link Battle after 
    beating the game once.
    Non-Playable Good Guys
    Messenger of the Sun, Otenko-sama
    Django's mentor and travelling companion. Wherever Django goes, this odd 
    floating sunflower will be there to give him sage advice and invoke powerful 
    Solar devices such as the Piledriver.
    Sunflower Girl Zazie
    Actually, she hates being called Sunflower Girl. But meh. She's actually the 
    apprentice of the previous Sunflower Girl, who was a famous and powerful witch 
    known for her star-reading abilities. Zazie has a very distinctive dialect 
    inherited from her teacher, and protects Sun Avenue from the Undead with a 
    magical barrier. Possibly has a thing for Sabata?
    Earthly Maiden Lita
    Caretaker of the Solar Tree in the previous game. She came to San Miguel to 
    assist in the purifying of the land by planting a new Solar Tree. After that, 
    she runs a shop selling Solar Fruit. Although her manner is gentle, she's 
    incredibly well-versed in barehanded combat. Has a blindingly obvious crush on
    Crying Banshee Carmilla
    She only appears in this game if you use the Lovers card as Black Django, but 
    Sabata mentions her a couple times so I thought I'd list her. An Immortal who 
    fell in love with Sabata. She was Purified by Django, sacrificing herself for 
    Sabata's plan to take down Hel, and Sabata sealed her soul into his body. Now 
    he searches the world for a way to revive her, if possible as a human being.
    Django and Sabata's father, and formerly a Solar Boy and wielder of Gun Del Sol 
    himself. Was supposedly defeated by the Count before Boktai began, but in truth,
    the Count turned him into a Vampire. He roamed around for a time, his soul 
    sinking into darkness, trying to remember who he was, until he encountered his 
    son once again..
    Moon Beauty Mani
    Django and Sabata's mother. Does not appear in this game, but is briefly 
    mentioned. Known as 'Moon Beauty' which seems to be the Luna equivalent of 
    Solar Boy. Was captured by her sister, the Queen of Immortals Hel, while she 
    and her son escaped from San Miguel, and died in the final conflict of 
    Boktai 1.
    Former gunsmith and the one who taught Ringo to use a gun. Now he's retired to
    simple blacksmithing. He'll be able to help Django improve his weapons. He lost
    an eye during the escape from San Miguel. Sumire's grandfather.
    Called 'Violet' in the english version, which seems to be a literal translation
    of Sumire. Smith's 8-year old granddaughter. She'll help Django store his stuff
    in the town warehouse. She has a pet cat named Kuro.
    Kuro means 'black' and is a common name for cats in Japan. Called 'Nero' in the
    english version, which is apparently the Italian equivalent. (Credit: Varial
    Zraok) Oh, and according to my wife, it's pronounced 'neh-ro' not 'nee-ro' like
    I thought, if you want to pronounce it the proper Italian way. :D
    In any case, this is a perfectly ordinary cat that just happens to go through
    a ridiculous amount of mischief at the hands of Dainn. Poor thing. ;_;
    An odd man with a gigantic blonde afro. In the Japanese version, he has a
    tendency to use english words at random in his sentences. He's a very fast
    runner who enjoys challenges. He runs the item shop.
    The only surviving City Guard of San Miguel. A large native american man who 
    wields a pair of tomahawks. He'll be an opponent a couple of times, the rest of
    the time he runs the weapon shop. He had two brothers, also City Guards, but 
    they were killed during the escape from San Miguel.
    San Miguels librarian. Well-versed in all sorts of knowledge, including arcane
    rituals with which to banish Undead. She's also in charge of all guild work in
    San Miguel.
    Marcello, Luis
    Just a couple random townspeople you rescue. Nothing special about them at all.
    The crotchety keeper of the town clock. He's the one to talk to if the in-game
    clock is set wrong.
    An odd man found trapped behind a wall in the House of Time. He has no memory
    of who he is, not even his name. After you rescue him, he'll sell Blindboxes,
    chests with random items in them, in town. In truth, he's actually a cameo from
    another well-known Hideo Kojima game..
    Rockman EXE
    Called Megaman in the english version. A Net Navi, or artificial intelligence,
    from the 'Cyber World' of the games of the same name. He and his Operator
    Hikari Netto (Lan in the english version) met Django previously in Rockman EXE
    4. Now it's his turn to cameo in a Boktai game.
    Bad Guys
    White Duneyrr, the Sky Ruling Immortal
    One of the four Immortals trying to break the Four Quarter Seal in San Miguel. 
    She transforms into a giant moth to fight. Nothing is really revealed about her 
    before she is Purified.
    Red Durathror, the Earth Ruling Immortal
    One of the four Immortals trying to break the Four Quarter Seal in San Miguel. 
    Her true form is the Dark Tree corrupting San Miguel's soil. It's implied that 
    she was an occupant of the Dark City, and a very lonely girl, before becoming 
    an Immortal, and she refers to the other three as her brother and sisters..
    Blue Dvallin, the Sea Ruling Immortal
    One of the four Immortals trying to break the Four Quarter Seal in San Miguel. 
    She transforms into a giant octopus to fight you. Nothing else is really 
    revealed about her before she's Purified.
    Black Dainn, the Dark Child
    The mastermind of the plan to break the Four Quarter Seal and awaken 
    Jormungandr. He has no true form, but instead occupies whatever physical body 
    suits him at the time. Over the course of the game he will occupy the bodies of 
    first Kuro, then Ringo.
    Jormungandr, the Ancestor Piece
    A gigantic serpent said to be the origin of all living things. Sealed below 
    Spiral Tower, it is an intrinsic part of the cycle of destruction and rebirth, 
    and if it awakens, it will consume the entire world. It knows no reason, only 
    the mindless desire to consume everything. Even Immortals fear it, for it is 
    eternal and cannot be destroyed.
    10. FAQs [faq]
    Q: OMG WHERE R SHADEBATZ?! (credit: Various idiots around the board)
    A: If you ask this, obviously you didn't read the FAQ. Try Ctrl+F and searching
    for [rock] u.u;
    Q: What is the maximum level? (credit: gabrielap0@hotmail.com)
    A: You can't go any higher than 99.
    Q: Is it possible to max out all stats?
    A: Nope! To do that, you would need a total of 396 points. You begin the game
    with 44 if you use a password from Boktai 1, and gain a total of 294 from
    gaining levels up to 99. Thats only 338. Add in a few bonuses from red tarot
    cards and you still come up quite a bit short.
    Q: Can I fool the solar sensor? (credit: gabrielap0@hotmail.com)
    A: Yes. Anything that gives off UV radiation will fool the sensor into thinking
    you're in the sun. That means sun lamps, most blacklights, and plasma balls. I
    do not recommend playing the game this way, as it detracts from the overall
    experience and could be hazardous to your health.
    Q: What about in-game artificial sun?
    A: There are three sources. One is Sunny Clogs. When you use one of these,
    you will randomly summon either clouds or sun. If you summon clouds, your
    sunlight will be limited for the remainder of the day. Not good. However,
    summoning sun adds two bars to your sun meter for the entire day! Just save
    before you use one. The best source is an INVISIBLE brown chest in the Ruins.
    Second is Mr Rainnot. These aren't so good because you can't get any until the
    Solar Tree is already fully grown. What you have to do is get a Tonniar RM
    (the best source is a brown chest in Dark City) and then stand under the Solar
    Tree at sunrise to purify it. This is just like a Sunny Clog, only not random.
    Lastly, there's the Rising Sun spell. This adds FOUR bars of Sun to the meter,
    but only lasts 30 seconds and uses ALL of Django's energy.
    Q: What is the curse of KAAMOS? (credit: Miluda)
    A: KAAMOS is a special status affliction that occurs if Django stands in the
    rain for awhile. While under the effect of KAAMOS, you will not be able to
    absorb sunlight to recharge your energy. It can be easily removed with a Drop
    of Sun item purchased from Lita. It MIGHT go away on its own after three days,
    (it did in Boktai 1) but don't quote me on that.
    Q: How do I grow the Solar Tree?
    A: Its called a Solar Tree for a reason. Play in the sun a lot to add to a 
    'soll' total recorded in the library (you can't read it until you beat the game)
    This is NOT THE SAME as the Soll in your bank account! As you accumulate Soll,
    the tree will grow. Once its fully grown, talk to Lita for a new Protector!
    Then, when it blossoms (turns pink) do it again!
    This WILL take a long time. Soll does not accumulate if you're not moving, so
    you can't just leave your GBA in the sun. However, it does accumulate from
    artificial sunlight. Your best bet is to use a Sunny Clog to get a free two
    bars, then tape down one of the direction buttons somehow and leave it.
    After the Solar Tree is fully grown, if you stand under it at sunrise, a drop
    of dew will fall on you. This restores life and energy to full, cures all
    status changes, including KAAMOS, and turns any Tonniar RMs you're carrying
    into Mr Rainnots.
    The exact amount you need for the Solar Tree to blossom is 216,000 Soll. You
    also must have finished the game. (credit: originalcracker)
    Q: Your FAQ sucks! I want diagrams of the puzzles!
    A: HEY! That's not a question!
    Anyway, patience. I suck at diagramming. Fortunately, someone else on the
    board has volunteered to help with this. We'll see how that turns out next
    update, I guess.
    Q: I just lost half my health for no reason!
    A: That's not a question either! This is Black Django's infamous 'berserk'
    attack. When you hit enemies enough times, Django will shake a little and make
    a brief noise. If you're hit soon after this, he'll go berserk and damage
    everything on the screen quite a bit. The downside is you lose half your health
    in addition to whatever damage the hit did.
    Q: What gives? I just ran into a weird red monster and it killed me!
    A: That was a Crimson Monster. They appear randomly after you've killed 100
    of the same type of normal enemy. So, after you kill 100 Ghouls, a Ghoul+, AKA
    Crimson Ghoul may randomly appear anywhere Ghouls normally do.
    They are freakishly strong and should probably be avoided at lower levels.
    However, they're worth tons of experience, and commonly drop high-level weapons.
    Rarely, they'll drop tarot cards instead.
    11. Credits [board]
    I would like to thank the following people.
    Hideo Kojima and Konami, for making this game.
    Hideo Kojima's son, for liking Rockman EXE and making one of the first 
    cross-company crossovers in existence possible.
    Inafune Keiji, the creator of Rockman EXE, for agreeing to the crossover.
    CJayC, for running the best site there is for getting help with video games.
    My loving wife, for inspiring me to get this done, and helping me figure out 
    block puzzles.
    Chibi Soma, for inspiring me with his very unique style of FAQ writing. Nurr..
    And the Boktai board regulars. Malik for being.. the very unique person that 
    she is. And scaring away the n00bs. lordhuffnpuff and originalcracker for being
    neverending fountains of Boktai knowledge that ISN'T written in the FAQs, and
    dispensing swift justice to people who ask for knowledge that is.
    Tomahawkmanexe and IjuuinEnzan for being nice guys and having memorable nicks.
    Inarabitta for being such a lovable little evil Repliroid. And everyone else,
    for hanging around and talking about Boktai. It may not be popular in english
    speaking countries, but damnit, those of us who love it are obsessed! :D
    12. Contact Me [dont]
    I can be reached at RyuuseiDate@hotmail.com, through AIM as Shdwmldr, and 
    through Yahoo Messenger as kamiyuv. Those are your best bets for contacting me. 
    Bear in mind that I don't check my email daily, so it may take me awhile to get 
    back to you. PLEASE email only if you have information to contribute to the 
    FAQ, or you need to know something that ISN'T written in the FAQ. I will ignore 
    you if you ask for readily available information.

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