GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

Save Game File11/23/04Kelvinate64K
All Quest completed, lvl99 with max stats, all weapons, armour (except megaman ones), titles collected
Save Game File10/26/04Mykas064K
Almost all quests completed (even megaman one), all stats at 99, game finished twice, saved near Battle Arena quest, the only that isn't completed yet.
Save Game File11/01/04Cybertic Dragon64K
Beat last boss, still have Shademan quest to do if you want to do it, max stats :)
Save Game File10/24/04Mykas064K
Game saved at the point that you get your solar gun back.
Save Game File08/18/05BBEG64K
Level 99, Gram SP, Gungnir SP, Mjollnir SP Forged. Astro Sword Forged. Mega Buster. All Protectors. 9999 Sol in Station/Bank. All Titles. Sound Test Unlocked.
Save Game File10/24/04Mykas064K
PET unlocked, game saved on last possible save point.

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Save Game File06/15/09Laertisss8K
Have forged Muramasa, Rune Spear, Morning Star and have Megabuster and Gun Del Sol. Game complete of course. All skills maxed. Level 99. Stats: VITALITY=73, SPIRIT=73, STRENGTH=99, AGILITY=99.
Save Game File07/14/05Peac3Maker64K
LvL. 65, Main game and megaman sidequest completed with all Megaman Series Armors collected and all swords data completed
Save Game File07/19/05Peac3Maker64K
LvL.99, everything unlocked, I mean everything

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