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    Rep Groups Guide by enacting

    Version: 3.3 | Updated: 10/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Urbz: Sims In The City Rep Groups guide
    Version 3.3
    Written by blahzer
    1. History
    2. Introduction
    3. The rep groups
    4. Rep group missions
    5. Changing rep groups/gaining 10 rep points
    6. Rep group rewards
    7. The "Pile of Trash" glitch
    8. Frequently Asked Questions
    9. Legal Information/Credits
    10. Contacting me
    1. History
    05/12/04 - Completed version 1.0
    08/12/04 - Added Legal Information and information on where to find Daddy
               Bigbucks before the end of the game under the Streeties Rep group
               mission. Also took out the supposed point given regarding your
               room mates.
    11/12/04 - Added another topic Daddy Bigbucks dislikes, and 2 more links under
               the authorized links section.
    18/12/04 - Added more questions in the Frequently Asked Questions part. Check
               it out if you can't find trash reappearing. Also addressed other
               common problems. Included Gratis Baby as another Richies reward.
    23/12/04 - Included more Xizzles and corrected a mistake.
    03/01/05 - Added another location for finding Petrified Wood.
    08/01/05 - Another location for the Wood, and updated the Frequently Asked
               Questions bit.
    24/01/05 - Updated the section regarding missing trash. The trash glitch is a
               huge headache for me, took me awhile to attempt to fix the mis-
               information. Added another place to find D. Bigbucks and Petrified 
    16/02/05 - Moon Base Zeta information added. Refer to Frequently Asked
    29/05/05 - I apologize for the lack of updates. Anyway, I added another way
               to get the Genie lamp.
    01/06/05 - Updated on the green meteorite, and acknowledged an error in the
               Artsies rep group mission.
    07/07/05 - Changed email address and added a "cheat" to earning money - refer
               to the Richies rep group mission.
    09/07/05 - I've gotten so many theories on the mysterious "Pile of Trash"
               glitch that I decided to make a section out of it. Just for fun.
    10/07/05 - Corrected a minor error in the Richies Rep group mission that
               would've caused a lot of confusion.
    04/10/05 - Added another way to earn lotsa cash and a way to make improve
               relationships with people - keep your contributions coming in,
    2. Introduction
    Rep groups are one of the most interesting and important features in the game.
    I had lots of fun playing around with the different rep groups, and it is by
    far my favourite aspect of the game. In this guide, I hope to allow you to
    understand what they're all about, and ultimately how to get the maximum 10 
    rep points for each group. Hopefully, doubts about certain missions will be
    cleared and the game will be enjoyed more thoroughly after reading this guide.
    I sincerely hope that you'd enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.
    3. The rep groups
    There are basically 4 rep groups in The Urbz. What you select as your answer
    to the first question when you Create-an-Urb will determine your rep group.
    The rest of the questions, though fun, play no part in determining your rep
    a) Richies
    The Richies are incredibly rich, and more often than not, arrogant. Some bask
    in the glitz and glamour of life, while others in this group remain spoilt and
    uncontented. Be prepared for a huge hole in your wallet if you want to gain
    a lot of rep points for this group. To get into the Richies at the beginning
    of the game, be sure to pick "Bright Lights, Big Wallets" for the first
    question. The group is made up of:
    Leader     -  Luthor L. Bigbucks. Spoilt, unsatisfied son of Daddy Bigbucks. 
                  Very unapproving of his father's plans. He can be found outside
                  the musuem in SimQuarter most of the time.
    Members    -  Lily Gates. Busy attorney of Daddy Bigbucks who loves making 
                  lots of money. She can be found in King's Tower level 1, 2 and 
                  the wharves at SimQuarter most of the time.
               -  Lottie Cash. Spoilt and pretty much ignorant, she definitely 
                  knows how to enjoy life to the fullest by indulging in her 
                  riches. She can be found at the top-most street in Urbania 
                  most of the time.
               -  Misty Waters. Ex-life guard, now a gym trainer who still misses 
                  her old job. She can be found at Waters' Gym in King's Tower 
                  most of the time.
    Rival gang -  Streeties
    b) Streeties
    These people are mostly down-to-earth, frank and highly contented with their 
    lives. They're pretty much average, and gather around Urbania the most. 
    They're at odds with the Richies because of contrasting ways of living. Be 
    sure to pick "King of Miniopolis" for the first question if you want to get 
    into the Streeties at the beginning of the game. The group consists of:
    Leader     -  Darius. He's cool, strangely materialistic, loves the 
                  neighbourhood a lot and simply chillin'. He can be found 
                  loitering Urbania and around the market most of the time.
    Members    -  Crystal. Trendy girl who seeks to have the hippest fashion sense
                  and greatest fun around. She can be found walking around Urbania 
                  most of the time, and sometimes at the pizza bar and Megastore.
               -  Ewan Watahmee. A worker in the garage, he loves his job and is
                  passionate about cars. He can be found in the garage or around 
                  Urbania most of the time.
               -  Kris Thistle. Very street-smart and unmaterialistic, she dreams
                  of getting a better job. She can be found around King's Tower
                  most of the time.
    Rival gang -  Richies
    c) Nerdies
    People in this group belong to the "high-collar" workforce or are academically
    outstanding. They're very intellectual and refined, choosing to spend their
    time learning something new. Pick "Computer Daze" for the first question if
    you want to be in the Nerdies at the beginning of the game. The group consists
    Leader     - Polly Nomial. Bespectacled geek who spends her time burying
                 herself in books and studying. She can be found at the University
                 almost all the time.
    Members    - Lincoln Broadsheet. A passionate and inquisitive journalist who 
                 loves his job lot. He can be found in the newspaper centre, or 
                 outside, almost all the time.
               - Maximillian Moore. A doctor obsessed with good hygiene.
                 He can be found inside the clinic in Urbania or on the streets
                 of Urbania most of the time.
               - Sue Pirnova. She's your resident inventor, who's really into
                 research and discovering new things. She can be found on the
                 streets of SimQuarter, Urbania and the University most of the
    Rival gang - Artsies
    d) Artsies
    Their members love the arts and are all very talented. Carnivals and the
    market are favourite hunts of theirs, and everyone has an artistic flair for
    performance arts. Pick "My Guitar Hero" to join the Artsies at the beginning 
    of the game. The group is made up of:
    Leader     - Roxanna Moxie. She loves performing at the carnival and the
                 animals she work with, and also has eccentric tastes for things.
                 She can be found at the carival and around the market most of the 
    Members    - Cannonball Coleman. Loves music and travels around the city
                 playing his saxophone. He can be found outside the University
                 or around Urbania usually.
               - Pritchard Locksley. A struggling actor who still enjoys relishing
                 his glory days. Now a waiter, his first love is still acting. He 
                 can be found on the streets of SimQuarter most of the time.
               - Theresa Bullhorn. She loves watching movies and is very into
                 films, having directed some. She can be found outside the cinema
                 and at the market most of the time.
    Rival gang - Nerdies
    A general tip from Leanne Ly on how to improve relationships with people:
    If you have a sensory chamber, invite people over and if they like your house
    and give you a housewarming gift, go to your sensory chamber, use it, and
    then talk to the person you invited over again. You will get the housewarming
    gift again. Keep doing it until you're satisfied. :D The sensory chamber is
    also good for making friends because guests don't leave until you walk out of
    the house or go upstairs or something. 
    blahzer's note: How to get the sensory chamber? Scroll to part 6: Rep group
    4. Rep group missions
    Rep group missions, though optional, can be used to gain a rep point for that
    particular group once completed. They take a lot of effort and time to 
    complete, so be patient. I recommend completing an entire mission at one go 
    in-between entire chapters except for the Artsies mission which you'd have to
    complete as soon as possible. This is because they take up a lot of time and
    during the interim some of your present plot missions might be compromised,
    like your popularity falling, in which popularity is crucial in some of the
    missions. You can also take your time to complete them, finding the things 
    required along the way as you go about finishing the actual missions. However, 
    that takes a much longer while as many a time the things required in a rep 
    group mission need you to actually hunt for them, instead of "being found 
    along the way".
    To activate a rep group mission, you must gain between 3 to 5 rep points. It
    took me 3 points to activate the Artsies one and 5 for the Streeties one. 
    Talk to the leader and he or she will give you the mission. Note that to gain 
    the maximum number of rep points, you MUST complete that group's mission.
    a) Richies
    The Richies mission took the longest time for me to complete, and is the most
    effort-consuming one. It requires a lot of time at hand to complete, and
    basically, lots, and lots of money.
    The goals of the mission are:
    - Get best promotion in Moogoo Monkey Minigame
    Moogoo Monkey is a fairly easy game to play if you understand how to play it.
    Play it every night and be sure to increase your Charisma to 4 and Logic to 6
    to get the highest promotion. Try to be the winner in every game you can. If
    you do all those, you should be promoted after every game and get to level 5
    in no time.
    - Own $30,000 of items
    This is the hard part. It takes a lot of errand-running and money-making in
    jobs to have the money needed to buy all the items. This is pretty much
    trial and error, and there is no specific list of items to buy. However, it is
    most logical and recommendable to buy the most expensive items in the stores,
    instead of buying many average-priced items since you have a limit in the
    number of items you can place in each floor of your house. I suggest buying 
    online for some of the priciest goods, and the Megastore sells pretty 
    expensive furniture and kitchenware too. Be sure to check the auctions at the 
    Thrift Store and Megastore as they also have expensive goods sometimes. Try to
    also buy as many Robot Monkey Butlers as you can, as they're the one of the 
    most, if not the most, expensive items at $3,999. Other items include the 
    Brahma 5000 Behemoth Computer, Miniature Llama and the Sky Diving Machine.
    Check your Catalog so you know what you should buy, and plan well.
    Thanks to Tiffani and Nicole D. for the following tip:
    A way to get items that you can not afford. You need another person with the
    items you want that has unlocked the cafe multiplaya. Both of you save your
    game and them connect and go to auction. The other person gives you the items
    and then you both exit. The person who gave you the items then shuts off the
    game or exits the game WITH OUTsaving. When the other player returns you both
    have the items.
    and also to Leanne Ly:
    If you have no-one to link to, another way would be to just make items with
    the woodworking table (make sure you have a high mech skill.) and put them
    around your house. Also, upgrading things like the stove and the shower and
    the toilet makes it easier.
    - Have $10,000 in cash
    No mean feat, but nonetheless possible with a lot of effort. Try to get the 
    top promotion in many jobs, so that you'd get more money. A game I find rather
    easy and quick to earn money is Moogoo Monkey, which coincidentally (and 
    luckily) is a required goal in this mission. Another game you might want to
    play regularly is Max's stat game. Also, be sure to run errands as much as you
    can, but don't try to overload yourself with them as you might not finish them
    all in time.
    b) Streeties
    The Streeties mission is more of a fun thing. You get to find Daddy Bigbucks
    and annoy him like crazy, after all the hatred that you (or rather your
    character) would have built up for him throughout the game. 
    The goals of the mission are:
    - Seriously annoy Daddy Bigbucks (Rel -50)
    This is easy and fun. You can find him on that island where you found the 
    dancing nutria for Roxanna Moxie in the early morning around 3-5am after the
    end of the game. You can also find him on the section of Paradise Island where
    the shop and hammock are, although he isn't there all the time. 
    Kudos to Braxton (Bkam4) for telling me how to contact Daddy Bigbucks during
    the game and an extra bit of information:
    I know of a way to get to daddy bigbucks before the end. Just wait until his
    hatred towards you goes down just a little bit(Relationship:0)and get on your
    Hanging telephone and Invite him over!Off topic:He gives you a key to the city
    if he likes your house!Its not the key to Miniopolis,but it is the key to
    blahzer's note: It took me about 18 consecutive calls (including a couple
    which spoilt my phone) to finally pursuade him to come over. Just keep trying.
    He won't talk to you after you annoy him for quite a bit, so come back again
    the next day. Topics that he dislike talking about are (besides insults,
    itimidation and rude gestures):
    Rep groups
    Your opinion
    Coffee shop
    Bad pun
    - Convince someone to join the Streeties
    Get Rel 50 or more with Ewen Watahmee and he'll join. You can find him at the
    garage. The topics he like to talk about include cars, books, river, lounge,
    simoleons and theatre.
    - Get the higest promotion in Basketball
    This is quite difficult in my opinion. At level 4, the ball and hoop scrolls
    pretty fast, and it's hard to line them up exactly. However, to get a minimum
    of 600, you need to score at least 3 or 4 bull's eye. You also need Body 9 to 
    get the highest promotion. Play it every day and soon it'd be accomplished.
    c) Nerdies
    The Nerdies mission requires a lot of hunting, but it's rather easy and should
    be completed quickly with the appropriate amount of skill points.
    The goals of the mission are:
    - Get best promotion in Dr. Max Stat Minigame
    Be sure to have logic 8 and cooking 5 and at least 600 salary to get the
    highest level of promotion. Something that made this game easier for me is to
    spot the first two symbols needed on the grid first, as this points out the
    possible patterns faster. As it gets more difficult, try to spot the first 3
    symbols first. Play this every day and the goal shouldn't be much of a 
    - Create a Petrified Wood Chess Piece
    I had a tough time finding the Petrified Wood, but finally found it at 
    Paradise Island in the early morning (before daybreak). They look like the 
    regular Redwood wood, but is more grey-brown. Get a bench (doesn't matter 
    which I guess, because I could get what I wanted from both the mini and pro 
    benches) from the market and carve a small Petrified wood cube first, then
    carve again to get a Decorative Chess Piece. A thing to note is that it's 
    pretty rare to carve a chess piece out of that cube, and upon almost 20+ tries
    did I get it. So either you take a lot of Petrified Wood with you, or you save
    before each try, and load if you get something else, exit the screen and 
    return and carve again. I used that method, and had tons of other things from
    totem poles to wooden rowboats. More of luck and patience, really.
    Thanks to Cof Syn DM for the following info:
    Another easy place to find petrified wood, only after you've finished the game
    though, is to travel back in time to 1870 again and go search the bushes near
    where you met young Ephram Earl the first time you traveled there (he won't be
    there this time).
    Also to Claudia:
    I found petrify wood, sometimes, in the secret tunnel from jail to dark tree.
    And to Kira:
    I found the Petrified wood in the bayou.  It is behind a plant. The plant is
    the little one at the top of screen directly across from the plant that you 
    find the light for the scary cave.
    - Sell 15 Giant Bog Frogs to the Deputy
    I find these golden frogs most abundant in the bayou. Collect 15 of them
    every day and take them to the recycler at the jail.
    d) Artsies
    The Artsies mission is easily the least challenging mission. The items needed
    are easy to find, and Comic Explosion isn't a difficult game.
    The goals of the mission are:
    - Get best promotion in Comedy Club Minigame
    A fairly easy task. Remember you need Charisma 7, Creativity 4 and a minimum 
    salary of 650 to reach the highest promotion. I found the easiest way to beat
    this is to place collecting flowers as your top priority.
    - Bake a Strawberry Tiramisu
    The recipe is strawberries, vanilla and flour, courtesy of Giuseppi's father.
    Flour, vanilla and the mixer can be bought from the market. Strawberries can
    be picked on the ground in the bayou and the centre of Urbania, among the
    bushes. Mix the ingredients, and then Bake-a-mix it in the oven. If you fail, 
    go for cooking classes at the University to increase your cooking points. 
    Likewise, you can buy a Gourmet Smoothie from the ninja at the carnival 
    between 2 to 3am. I had about 7 cooking points to obtain a moderate percentage
    of success.
    - Clean up the city! Recycle 100 piles of trash
    Miniopolis isn't exactly the cleanest city around. You can find piles of trash
    on almost every street, from the carnival to Urbania. The trash is usually
    "replaced" at the stroke of midnight. Once you have 100 give it to the Deputy 
    at the jail.
    *Important note* 
    Please complete this goal as soon as possible, as there is a trash
    glitch that'd cause trash to disappear after certain days. Refer to section 7:
    "The Pile of Trash" glitch for more information.
    5. Changing rep groups/gaining 10 rep points
    To change your current rep group, you need to obtain 10 rep points with the 
    rep group you desire to get into. After you have gained 10 rep points, talk to
    the leader and he or she will ask you whether you want to join them. Say yes,
    and you'd be given a series of rewards, which is included in the next part. 
    Another interesting thing to note once you have 9 or more rep points is that 
    you start to walk differently, depending on what rep group you're in. I've 
    made a list of the things I did that managed to help me get 10 points. If you
    see a mistake or have more ways to add rep points, please contact me and you'd
    be credited. These will give you rep points:
    -  Max out the skill specific to the rep group. 
    a) Richies 10 Charisma skill
    b) Streeties 10 Body skill
    c) Nerdies 10 Logic skill
    d) Artsies 10 Creativity
    -  Have Rel 50 or more with a member of that rep group (4 in all, including 
       the leader)
    -  Have Rel 100 with that rep group's leader
    -  Have Rel -5 or less with rival rep group's leader
    -  Complete that rep group's mission
    -  Give that rep group's trophy to the leader.
    a) The Richies trophy can be found on the 2nd floor of the Glasstown 
       Megastore. It is near the computers at the back, near the top-left corner.
    b) The Streeties trophy can be found in the cemetary, on the screen just 
       outside the mausoleum. It's at the end of the screen, behind the right-most
    c) The Nerdies trophy is located around the tree at the carnival. It's near 
       the end of it and pretty much stands out so you won't miss it.
    d) The Artsies trophy can be found after crossing the second plank in the
       bayou. Head directly left, past the 2 plants and search the ground.
    -  Move to a place not in a disliked district.
       There is no single "preferred location" theoratically. Each rep group has a
       number of "preferred location", and the point will be given to the rep 
       group that you have one of the least rep points with, or have not fulfilled
       a point for that yet. It's possible to score rep points anywhere you move,
       as long as it's not in the disliked district.
    Disliked location according to the guide book:
    Richies: Urbania
    Streeties: SimQuarter
    Nerdies: SimQuarter
    Artsies: Glasstown
    This is basically trial and error, but I did some experimenting and the 
    highest likelihood of gaining a rep point for each group are as follows:
    Richies: Townhouse, Penthouse
    Streeties: Large/Small Brownhouse
    Nerdies: City Apartment, First Mate's Quarters
    Artsies: Large/Small Brownhouse, First Mate's Quarters
    Also regarding roomates: Upon further researching, I found out that moving in
    with anyone but a member in your rival rep group does NOT give you a rep
    point. However, it also does NOT take away a rep point. Moving in with a
    member of the rival group will take away a rep point, but kicking him/her out
    will return that point to you. Hope this clears up the misconception that
    moving in with a fellow rep group member gives you 1 rep point.
    6. Rep group rewards
    These are items that are given to you by the leader only when you have max rep
    points, besides the gold/silver plaques. They help you a lot in the game, and
    most of them are immensely useful. Xizzles are also given when when you obtain
    10 rep points. [thanks to Braxton for the xizzles info]
    a) Richies 
    - Sensory Deprivation Chamber
      This wonder machine replenishes all your need meters for awhile. This is 
      very useful, especially in time-constraint situations where you cannot 
      afford to sleep but are in need of energy.
    - Gratis Baby [Xizzle]
      Richie Trust Fund pays $400 monthly stipend.
    - Richie Clubhouse keys
      The Richie Clubhouse is in the Clubhouse building in Glasstown. It is the 
      one up the stairs.
    b) Streeties
    - Ultimate MP-DEE Stereo System
      A huge stereo system that replenishes your Entertainment meter greatly. It
      also changes the background music every time you enter the house.
    - Street Signs [Xizzle]
      Any Rep group member reacts +1 social.
    - Streetie Clubhouse keys
      The Streetie Clubhouse is in the Clubhouse building in Glasstown. It is the
      one in the left-most door.
    c) Nerdies
    - Mad Skillz Cerebral Data Infuser
      It gives you one random skill point daily. Enough said.
    - Spell Champ [Xizzle]
      Unlocks the Spelling Bee Minigame
    - Nerdie Clubhouse keys
      The Nerdie Clubhouse is in the Clubhouse building in Glasstown. It is the 
      one down the stairs.
    d) Artsies
    - Bod-Mod Booth
      This changes your skin tone and hair colour. Not the most useful thing
      around, but certainly fun to play around with.
    - Djinn Genius [Xizzle]
      Unlocks the Genie's Lamp. The lamp can be gotten from the mail, and also by
      inviting Crystal over to your house during the housewarming party. (credits
      to Brittney Wong)
    - Artsie Clubhouse keys
      The Artsie Clubhouse is in the Clubhouse building in Glastown. It is in the
      right-most door.
    7. The "Pile of Trash" glitch
    What is this glitch? Well, it's probably the single most annoying glitch that
    occurs in The Urbz which causes trash to disappear before everyone can collect
    100. This means that you'll never be able to complete the Artsies rep group
    mission if you run into this guy. How and when it occurs is beyond me - it
    seems totally random. I've received quite a number of mail from people with
    varying theories on how to fix it, and I've compiled them all in this section.
    It's quite impossible to strike out any of these theories totally, since many
    have said this "works" or not in their game, so I'll just leave it to you all
    to try out for yourself. Anyone with additonal theories can feel free to
    contact me and I'd gladly add them in.
    Theory 1a:
    The trash will stop appearing on the 30th day.
    Theory 1b:
    The trash will stop appearing on the 100th day.
    Solution 1:
    Collect as much trash as possible before the 30th in-game day.
    Theory 2: (many thanks to StorymasterQ)
    You can also keep collecting Piles of Trash (without selling it to the deputy)
    until it reaches 100+. Then you sell it altogether. It _always_ worked for me.
    I think the glitch is that the trash disappears when you sell around 90+
    because some 'You found a recyclable!' is a Pile of Trash, but I haven't
    confirmed this.
    Solution 2:
    Recycle the 100 "Pile of Trash" ONLY after you've gotten them all.
    Theory 3:
    The glitch occurs at random - there's no way to fix/prevent it.
    Solution 3:
    Much as I hate to say, if you really want to complete the mission, you'll have
    to restart the game.
    8. Frequently asked questions
    These are questions that I see commonly going around in the message boards. If
    you've got a question that you want me to answer, send me an email and if it's
    not mentioned around anywhere in this guide, I'll post a reply here and/or
    reply via email.
    Q. Isn't Daddy Bigbucks in the Richies?
    A. No, he is not. If you talk to him after the game about Rep groups, you'll
       find out that he dislikes and doesn't know much about them.
    Q. Help! <insert character's name> won't move in with me!
    A. Not everyone in the game can move in with you. However, there is at least
       1 person in every rep group that is able to move in with you.
    Q. Help! I've done everything but I still don't have 10 rep points!
    A. Double-check the list again and make sure that you've done everything. 
       Also, be sure that you have Rel 100 with the leader, not anything less.
    Q. I can't find anymore piles of trash anywhere.
    A. Refer to section 7: "The Pile of Trash" glitch.
    Q. How do I unlock that game in the clubhouse?
    A. You need the Spell Champ Xizzle, obtainable when you have 10 rep points and
       are in the Nerdies group.
    Q. Can other kinds of trash besides the "Pile of Trash" work for the Artsies
    A. No. It is specifically "Pile of Trash".
    Q. Where is the dancing nutria island?
    A. The dancing nutria island can only be accessible by the boat. From the
       SimQuarter wharves: head south to exit the map, then go due east and you'll
       run into the island. From Glasstown (down the steps at the right-most edge
       of the map): head south until you see a bridge, then go due east and you'll
       find the island.
    Q. Are there any cheats to [insert desire]?
    A. Yes, there are cheats, but I do not use, nor will I provide them in this
       guide. If you really need them for whatever reason, I suggest checking
       the message boards.
    Q. How do I access Moon Base Zeta?
    A. Buy a "Green Meteorite" online. If you can't find it on that day, check
       back the next day. While still having it in your pocket, go to the phone
       booth in SimQuarter. The "Home" option should be up, so select it. You can
       now buy things only available in Moon Base Zeta.
       Update: This works for both DS and GBA versions, thanks to BLOODSTORMER23
       for confirming this.
    9. Legal Information/Credits
    This guide is copyrighted by Hikki H. It should be used solely for personal
    and private use only. No part of this should be reproduced anywhere else on
    the Internet without my permission except for the following links:
    I'd like to thank the following groups of people:
    GameFAQs - For being a great place where tips and FAQs are shared.
    Everyone at the message boards - A part of this guide wouldn't be possible
                                     without some of the help shared by the users.
    Braxton - For kindly informing me of many things, including mistakes and
              additional information.
    CofSyn DM, Claudia Furtado & Kira - For providing alternate places to get the
                                        Petrified Wood.
    Brittney Wong - For revealing another way to get the Genie lamp.
    The one who didn't want to be named - For an alternate place to find Daddy
    Tiffani and Nicole D. - For a nifty tip to get items you can't afford.
    StorymasterQ - For giving rise to a new theory regarding the "Pile of Trash"
                   glitch. A part of that section wouldn't have existed if you
                   didn't send me that additional theory too.
    Leanne Ly - Tips to make more cash and improve relationships with people.
    BLOODSTORMER23 - Confirming that Moon Base Zeta works for the GBA version too.
    You - For reading my very first FAQ.
    Everyone else who contributed to the "Pile of Trash" glitch theories but I
    couldn't credit because I've combined most of the similar theories into 1
    and it's difficult to credit a single person or all of them then. Your help
    is greatly appreciated.
    10. Contacting me
    Lastly, if you've got a question, something to add, spotted a mistake,
    a compliment or even a constructive criticism, don't hesitate to email me at
    [eis.rune@gmail.com]. Any useful information will be accepted and
    credited rightfully.
    Note: I will reply to only email regarding rep groups. Any questions regarding
    the main plot missions will be ignored. I may not check my inbox every day,
    but rest assured I will definitely reply as long as I receive it. Again I'd
    like to make myself clear: I WILL NOT answer mail regarding the main plot
    missions, so stop asking!

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