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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Warfreak

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 12/20/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     _______ _            _    _      _                    _____ _               
    |__   __| |          | |  | |    | |                  / ____(_)              
       | |  | |__   ___  | |  | |_ __| |__ ____  ______  | (___  _ _ __ ___  ___ 
       | |  | '_ \ / _ \ | |  | | '__| '_ \_  / |______|  \___ \| | '_ ` _ \/ __|
       | |  | | | |  __/ | |__| | |  | |_) / /            ____) | | | | | | \__ \
       |_|  |_| |_|\___|  \____/|_|  |_.__/___|          |_____/|_|_| |_| |_|___/
     _____         _______ _             _____ _ _         
    |_   _|       |__   __| |           / ____(_) |        
      | |  _ __      | |  | |__   ___  | |     _| |_ _   _ 
      | | | '_ \     | |  | '_ \ / _ \ | |    | | __| | | |
     _| |_| | | |    | |  | | | |  __/ | |____| | |_| |_| |
    |_____|_| |_|    |_|  |_| |_|\___|  \_____|_|\__|\__, |
                                                      __/ |
    Author: Warfreak
    Version: Final
    Day Started 27/1/05
    Table Of Contents
    [1] Introduction
       [1.01] Game
       [1.02] Version History
    [2] The Game
       [2.01] Controls
    [3] Create a Urb
       [3.01] Urb
       [3.02] Xizzle
       [3.03] Motives
    [4] Rep Group
       [4.01] Groups
       [4.02] Trophies
       [4.03] Missions
       [4.04] Rep Points
    [5] The Guide
       [5.01] Walkthrough
    [6] Catalog
       [6.01] Appliances
       [6.02] Decorative
       [6.03] Electronics
       [6.04] Furniture
       [6.05] Recreation
       [6.06] Utilities
    [7] Jobs
       [7.01] Squeegee Clean
       [7.02] Hoopz
       [7.03] Dr. Max Stat!
       [7.04] Comic Explosion
       [7.05] Motocross Mayhem
       [7.06] Moogoo Monkey
       [7.07] Yar Hey! Bombard!
       [7.08] Soul Music
       [7.09] Spelling Bee
    [8] Buildings
       [8.01] Housing
       [8.02] Places of Interest
    [9] Recipes
       [9.01] Recipes
       [9.02] Ingredients
    [10] Tips and Secrets
       [10.01] Hints
       [10.02] Hiding Places
       [10.03] Heidi Shadows
    [11] Characters
       [11.01] The Cast
       [11.02] Housewarming Gifts
    [12] Q&A
       [12.01] Q&A
    [A] Contact Information
    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    [D] Sites FAQ is on
    [E] Copyright
    [1.01] Game
    The Urbz is the next game in line after the Sims Bustin Out. This game 
    sets your in the city of Minipolis and you are here to stop the Daddy Bigbucks
    scheme to make the city into a theme park (I wonder how he changed so quickly
    from SimValley). You start off as a lowly janitor and work your way up to the
    big time and eventually into the big time.
    [1.02] Version History
    Version 0.1 [27/1/05]
    Started this guide due to the lack of the FAQ's on this game. Basic guide up
    and running.
    Version 0.2 [28/1/05]
    Did a lot more. Haven't submitted but I will do so in due time.
    Version 0.3 [31/1/05]
    Finishing off the main walkthrough. Still a long way off from completion.
    Version 0.4 [1/2/05]
    Still on the Walkthrough. Finished the Walkthrough, starting on the other
    chapters. Will submit guide within the next few days.
    Version 0.5 [11/2/05]
    Ages since update. School is more important. Anyway, finish off the next areas
    or chapters. Several more updates to complete this.
    Version 0.6 [25/2/05]
    Sorry, schoolwork is way more important than this. Okay, I'll try to finish 
    this off as soon as possible.
    Version 0.7 [13/3/05]
    Very Busy, as I'm writing my third FAQ. Only have the catalog to go. Next 
    update will probably be final.
    Version 0.8 [27/4/05]
    One more update to go now. I sort of promise.
    Final [5/6/05]
    This is the final update, this guide is complete and nothing more is to 
    be added. Thanks for reading!
    Update [12/6/05]
    Changed email policy.
    Update [4/8/05]
    Oh My God, an update! This is a minor update, fixing appearances, questions, 
    yaddda, yaddda, yaddda.
    Update [20/12/05]
    Added ASCII art. Nothing special.
    [2.01] Controls
    You have controls with this game as with any other.
    The arrow keys will move you around the screen.
    A - Allows interaction with people, objects (action button)
    B - Hold to run instead to walk
    L - Hides or shows your motive bar
    R - Uses hoverboard, puts it away
    Start - Game screen. Shows mission, relationships, items, etc
    Select - Game options. Shows map, xizzles, catalog and jobs.
    [3.01] Urb
    To create am Urb, you use the title screen to create a Urb. First, you choose
    your Skin colour, hair style, hair colour. Press A when finished. Then you 
    have the advanced options to mess with his clothes.
    Then you will face a series of questions. The first question will determine
    your Rep Group.
    Answer with caution.
    King of Minipolis - Streeties
    Computer Daze - Nerdies
    Bright Lights, Big Wallet - Richies
    My Guitar Hero - Artsies
    The next questions will determine what xizzles will be available to you. This
    will be explained below.
    Question 1:
    A) Pizza and Games - Eager Eager Hippo
    B) Stay Home and Sleep - Inzombiac
    C) Prank Call People - Nemesis
    Question 2:
    A) Drink OJ: Little Pilly Diddle
    B) Play Street Ball - Sweet Smell
    C) Go to Mall - Sell Out
    Question 3:
    A) Chilly Pie - Play it Off
    B) Krazy Klaw - Mantis Rapture
    C) Smooth Money - All Ups On
    Question 4: 
    A) Show off Bling - G'd Up
    B) Tell Joke - Jibba Jabba
    C) Outwit Bouncer - Nerd Level 5
    Question 5:
    A) Yes - Chillin' Like a Villain
    B) No - Livin' Large
    This is a general idea. If you mess around, you'll get some different combos
    but the last question will always be the same.
    [3.02] Xizzle
    You can buy xizzles at Club xizzle in the game. You will be able to unlock and
    use the xizzles when you answer the questions after you determine your Rep
    Eager Eager Hippo       - Hunger Erosion Slows 30%
    Inzombiac               - Sleep Erosion Slows 30%
    Sweet Smell             - Hygiene Erosion Slows 30%
    Play It Off             - Comfort Erosion Slows 30%
    Little Piddly Diddle    - Bladder Erosion Slows 30%
    Mantis Rupture          - Fun Erosion Slows 30%
    All Ups On              - +1 Relationship Point when talking to the other sex
    Livin Large             - Earn 20% more money when playing games
    G'd Up                  - Reduce Social Degradation by +1
    Nemesis                 - Everyone gets +6 Relationship except one with -100
    Chillin' Like a Villain - All motives slows 10%
    Nerd Level 5            - All skills get +1 point
    Jibba Jabba             - Talk option with random effects
    Sell Out                - Get §10000
    Rep xizzles
    Street Signs  - Any Rep Group member gets +1 social
    Gratis Baby   - Richie Funds give 400 dollars a month
    Spell Champ   - Access to Spelling Bee minigame
    All these xizzles can be brought from the club xizzle for 3 beads each.
    [3.03] Motives
    Your Sim will have motives like everyone else.
    The more red in a bar, the more that bars needs refilling. When it is red 
    for a while, the Sim will refuse to do anything.
    The knife and fork sign is hunger. To refill hunger, you have to eat using a 
    grill outside, an oven, a microwave or baking a mix.
    The Showerhead sign is hygiene. To refill hygiene, use a shower.
    The toilet seat is bladder. The refill bladder, use a toilet.
    The TV is fun. To refill fun, watch TV, play games, play pinball, etc
    The bed is energy. To refill energy, sleep on a bed, sofa, etc
    The chair is comfort. To refill comfort, sleep, sit on a chair, etc
    The 2 people is social. To refill social, talk to people
    The home is homesickness. To refill this bar, go home and stay there
    [4.01] Groups
    There are 4 Rep Groups, each with a leader.
    Artsies: A group of actors and artists
    Leader: Roxanna Moxie
    Members: Pritchard Locksley, Cannonball Coleman, Theresa Bullhorn
    Nerdies: Smart, intelligent people
    Leader: Polly Nomial
    Member: Sue Pirnova, Lincoln Broadsheet, Maximillian Moore
    Richies: Wealthy arrogant pricks
    Leader: Luthor L. Bigbucks
    Members: Lottie Cash, Misty Waters, Lily Gates
    (Daddy Bigbucks is not a Richie)
    Streeties: Down to Earth, Content with life
    Leader: Darius
    Members: Crystal, Kris Thistle, Ewan Watahmee
    [4.02] Trophies
    The Rep Group trophies give one extra rep point with the group whose trophy
    is recovered and given back to the leader. You press A when you see the arrow
    or press it anyway.
    The Artsies trophy is located in the Bayou, From the house, you go right into
    the next screen, past the fly trap, cross the bridge, go south-west and cross
    another bridge. You can get it when you see two fly traps and you go past them
    like so.
    . = Tall Grass
    o = Fly Trap
    X = Trophy
    The Nerdie Trophy is located in the carnival. Follow the main road into the
    carnival area and go straight. Go straight onto the footpath and go until you 
    hit the fence. The big tree on your right has the trophy
    The Richies Trophy is located in the Mega Mall. Go upstairs and go past the 
    electronics dealer. It is between the computer and the utilities heaters.
    The Streeties Trophy is located in the graveyard. When you go back from the 
    Bayou back to the city, you will go past a graveyard before you can leave it.
    The closest one to the exit back down will be the grave to look for.
    [4.03] Missions
    Each group has a rep mission to gain an extra rep point. You must have at 
    least 3 rep points before you can get the mission which is started by the 
    group leader. If you have 3 points and do not get a mission, try 4 points and
    then try 5 points. You are sure to get it at five points.
    Artsies Mission
    Objectives : Get Best Promotion In Comedy Club
                 Bake a Strawberry Tiramisu
                 Clean Up the City
    Goal 1: Get Best Promotion in Comedy Club
    Reach level 5 in the comedy club minigame
    Goal 2: Bake a Strawberry Tiramisu
    The cheat ninja sells a slip of paper that has the recipe on it. Also, if you
    ask the sneaky thief Giuseppi to get the recipe. The recipes uses 1 unit of
    flour, 1 unit of strawberries and a unit of vanilla. Mix it in a mixer to get
    the mix, and bake it in the oven. If you don't succeed, then try again.
    Goal 3: Clean Up the City
    Pick trash off the floor and sell it. Pick it up fast because after about 30
    days have past in the game, a glitch will occur and there will be no more 
    trash to be picked up in the city.
    Nerdies Mission
    Objectives: Get Best Promotion in Dr. Max Stat Game
                Make a Petrified Wood Chess Piece
                Sell 15 3-Eyed Frogs in a row
    Goal 1: Get Best Promotion in Dr. Max Stat Game
    Read above ^
    Goal 2: Make a Petrified Wood Chess Piece
    To get petrified wood, go to the top of the paradise island and walk around,
    go to the bayou and it is behind a fly trap sometimes. It is also in the 
    tunnel when Det. Dan tells you a shortcut. Then get a craftsmaster table and
    carve the wood. Then make it into something. Save before because you have a 
    chance that you might wreck it the carving. Then save before you decide to
    make a chess piece. If you don't get the chess piece, reload and wait another
    Sim hour before you start again.
    Goal 3: Sell 15 3-Eyed Frogs in a Row
    Find 15 of those 3 eyed frogs. They are most commonly found in the bayou, and
    I mean common. You can get about 3 a day. You can also find them in the 
    graveyard if you are not scared to go there.
    Richies Mission
    Objectives: Get Best Promotion in Moogoo Monkey
                Have §30000 in assets
                Have §10000 in your hand at one time
    Goal 1: Get Best Promotion in Moogoo Monkey
    Sigh, this is getting a bit obvious
    Goal 2: Have §30000 in assets
    This is by far the most annoying objective ever. Basically what you have to do
    is that you have to make §30000 in objects in your house. So get the best of
    everything, best oven, best fridge, best toilet, etc. Monkey Butlers are the
    best as they equal §3999 in the asset count.
    Goal 3: Have §10000 in your hand at one time
    Funny, this is a mission objective at the end of the game. Weird.
    Streeties Mission
    Objectives: Get Best Promotion in Basketball
                Annoy Daddy Bigbucks
                Convince someone to join the group
    Goal 1: Get Best Promotion in Basketball
    I won't even bother
    Goal 2: Annoy Daddy Bigbucks
    Get Daddy B. relationship with you to -50 relationship points. You could just
    play around with the Nemesis xizzle though.
    Goal 3: Convince someone to join the group
    Get Ewan's relationship with you to about 75 relationship points.
    [4.04] Rep Points
    When you choose your rep group in the beginning, when you reach about 3 points
    with them, you will receive a silver plaque and a subscription to their 
    exclusive magazine which you can sell for §50. When you reach 10 Rep points,
    the most in the game, you will receive a gift, an ultimate item and a xizzle 
    along with the keys to the clubhouse room in the game. You also get a gold
    If you don't belong to a certain group and you want to join, get 10 Rep points
    and the Group Leader will offer you to join. When you say yes, you will join
    that group, receive both silver and gold plaques, receive an ultimate item, a 
    xizzle can be brought, and you get subscription to their magazine and their
    clubhouse keys.
    The clubhouse is located in Glasstown.
    The stairs going down belong to the nerdies
    The stairs going up belong to the richies
    The room on the right belong to the artsies
    The room on the left belong to the streeties
    You can place certain furniture in the clubhouse. It is basically a storage
    place for you when you exceed the limit on your house.
    To get 10 Rep Points you have to
    1 - Get 50 Relationship Points with one member
    2 - Get 50 Relationship Points with two members
    3 - Get 50 Relationship Points with three members
    4 - Get 50 Relationship Points with all the members
    5 - Get 100 Relationship Points with the leader
    6 - Move to a place desirable to the group
    7 - Get -5 Relationship with the rival group
    8 - Max out the certain skill
    9 - Finish the Rep Mission
    10 - Give the group trophy to the group leader
    The rival groups are
    Streeties against Artsies
    Nerdies against Richies
    The desirable places are depending on what your status is with each of the 
    groups. The lowest group is the most likely to get a boost when you move, 
    while the highest group with the most rep points is least likely to get a rep
    point when you move. 
    When you move to a place undesired by a certain group, you will most likely 
    lose a rep point, that point can be recovered when you move out to another 
    location. You also lose a rep point when you have a -5 relationship point
    with a certain group
    Likely moves and points
    Skyline Penthouse - Richies
    City Apartment    - Nerdies
    Brownhouses       - Streeties
    Townhouse         - Artsies
    Undesired Locations
    Urbania     - Richies
    Glasstown   - Streeties
    SimQuarter  - Nerdies
    None        - Artsies
    [5.01] Walkthrough
    *Chapter 1*
    Mission 1: Slave to the Grind
    Started by: Automatically
    Objectives: Play "Squeegee Clean"
                Befriend Kris Thistle
                Give Kris your Squeegee and Bucket
    Goal 1: Play "Squeegee Clean"
    When Kris walks up to you, she'll ask why you aren't cleaning windows. Choose
    any option and when you regain control, move up to the § sign and play the 
    mini game. Read the instructions and get yourself promoted (hard not to). Then
    you will be fired and that the mean Daddy Bigbucks has brought the tower. You
    will have a talk bar after the conversation.
    Goal 2: Befriend Kris Thistle
    Basically, talk to Kris. If you talk about something she likes you will see a 
    ++ sign which means you gained some relationship points. If you see a -- sign
    however, you lost relationship points. Get her relationship point up to 30 to
    finish this goal
    Goal 3: Give Kris your Squeegee and Bucket
    Simple, so to friendly stuff and select give a gift. Click on your Squeegee 
    and bucket to give it to her
    Mission 2: Get Cleaned Up
    Started by: After you hand over your squeegee and bucket
    Objectives: Take a Shower
                Take a Nap
                Eat Something
    Goal 1: Talk a Shower
    So to the elevator and press A. Choose the Skyline Penthouse. Go to the shower
    and use it.
    Goal 2: Take a Nap
    Go to the elevator and choose either Tower Lobby or Law Offices. If you choose
    the law offices, go to the bed and sleep on it. If you choose the lobby, sleep
    on the seat.
    Goal 3: Eat Something
    Go to the lobby and go to the vending machine. Go eat something.
    When finished, talk to Kris Thistle
    Mission 3: Help Kris Thistle
    Started by: Kris Thistle
    Objectives: Move the Bed to the Penthouse
                Repair the Television
                Repair the 2 Drinking Fountains
    Goal 1: Move the Bed to the Penthouse
    Go to the law offices and find the bed. Put it in your pocket. Go to the 
    penthouse and press Start. Press L and R till you get the items screen. Select
    the Bed and move it around till you are happy
    Goal 2: Repair the Television
    Go to where the bed used to be. There is an old television so repair it.
    Goal 3: Repair the 2 Drinking Fountains
    The Fountains are grey boxes. The ones need repairing are in the lobby and the
    gym. Repair it like you did to the television.
    When finished, talk to Kris Thistle
    Mission 4: Find the Key
    Started by: Kris Thistle
    Objectives: Earn 1 Mechanical Point
                Pick the Lock
                Find the Key
    Goal 1: Earn 1 Mechanical Point
    Go to the television and look at the bench. Go study mechanical
    Goal 2: Pick the Lock
    Go to the Law Office and go to the door stopping you getting inside. Click on
    it and pick the lock
    Goal 3: Find the Key
    Search near the computer. Then Daddy B. will have a conversation with you. 
    Choose any option to find out his evil schemes and Det. Dan will arrest you
    and you will end up in jail.
    Mission 5: Get out of Jail
    Started by: Det. Dan
    Objectives: Befriend Det. Dan
                Answer Questions
    Goal 1: Befriend Det. Dan
    Get a 30 Relationship Points on detective Dan. Talk about health and crime.
    Goal 2: Answer Questions
    Talk to the Detective and answer his questions.
    On the first question, choose any option then choose
    "The janitor told me I could stay"
    "Real food, I was tired of eating junk"
    "No, He is finding legal ways to make people miserable"
    Then choose the option that you haven't seen Mr. King for a while.
    You will choose any option as you get to leave jail.
    Mission 6: Find a Place to Live
    Started by: Completing Mission 5
    Objectives: Play Hoopz Minigame
                Earn §150 for rent and taxes
                Buy a House
    Goal 1: Play Hoopz Minigame
    Leave the dank cell and go left. Go upstairs and find the § sign. Between 5am 
    and 5pm, you can play the Hoopz minigame. Read the instructions and finish the
    stupid game.
    Goal 2: Earn §150 for rent and taxes
    What taxes? Just earn §150 which you already should have since you have played
    the window cleaning game and hoopz. Keep playing or recycling trash until you
    reach the amount.
    Goal 3: Buy a House
    Leave the prison and go up, right and turn left after the park. You will see a
    green sign with a house on it. Click on it and buy it. You can buy the other
    one but it is slightly more expensive. You will have a crate inside. Unpack 
    your items and place it in the house. When the crate is empty, return the 
    crate and it will disappear.
    Talk to the Detective and start Chapter 2
    *Chapter 2*
    Mission 1: Work Study
    Started by: Sue Pirnova
    Objectives: Befriend Maximillian Moore
                Give the Artemisia Plant
                Write Doctoral Thesis
    Goal 1: Befriend Maximillian Moore
    Make his relationship with you up to 30
    Goal 2: Give the Artemisia Plant
    Go to the blockade north of the houses and the thrift shop. Near the dumpster
    is a plant. Collect that plant and give it to Doctor Max within 1 hour. Give
    it as a gift.
    Goal 3: Write Doctoral Thesis
    Go to the Newspaper Agency and go to the computer. Do enough research to fill 
    2 logic points. Then write the thesis. The bar will complete fast but there is
    a high chance of having writers block. Keep writing until you finish. The 
    thesis that Mr. Clodd is selling for §300 is not worth it, the Doc will not
    accept it.
    When finished, talk to the Doctor. You now have access to the university and
    access to the Hospital mini-game
    Mission 2: Gotta Finish the Riff
    Started by: Phoebe Twiddle
    Objectives: Befriend Cannonball Coleman
                Give a Saxophone Reed
                Earn 1 Creativity
                Finish Cannonball's Song
    Goal 1: Befriend Cannonball Coleman
    Find the dudderhead and get the status up to 30
    Goal 2: Give a Saxophone Reed
    Go to the thrift shop and buy a reed for §50. Then give it to him as a gift.
    Goal 3: Earn 1 Creativity
    Go to where you found the artemisia plant, near the northern barricade and 
    go to the dumpster. Then you talk about the horrible street art and gain a 
    Goal 4: Finish Cannonball's Song
    After finishing the 3 Goals above, he will ask you to finish your song. To do
    this choose these options
    "... up to old tricks"
    "... so right"
    "... and chill as a lake"
    "... saxophone reed"
    After that you have access to the comedy club minigame in the pizza shop
    Mission 3: Race for Glory
    Started by: Dusty Hogg
    Objectives: Get §500
                Talk to Ewan Watahmee
                Bring Ewan Lunch for 3 Days
    Goal 1: Get §500
    Get the money and give it to Dusty Hogg
    Goal 2: Talk to Ewan Watahmee
    Talk to him, well duh
    Goal 3: Bring Ewan Lunch for 3 Days
    Go to the pizza shop and buy 3 Corn dogs. Everyday between 12PM and 1Pm, go
    to Ewan in the chopper garage and give the corn dog as a gift for 3 days.
    When you finish the mission, talk to Dusty Hogg and he'll give you access to
    the Motocross Mayhem game
    Mission 4: Salesmenship
    Started by: Berkley Clodd
    Objectives: Attend an Auction
                Acquire the Shrunken Head
                Give the Shrunken Head
    Goal 1: Attend an Auction
    Go to the thrift shop between 5PM and 7PM and go talk to the cashier
    Goal 2: Acquire the Shrunken Head
    Get the Shrunken Head via the auction
    Goal 3: Give the Shrunken Head
    Give the stupid head to the cheapskate Berkley
    After completing, you get a hoverboard. Press R to use it and R again to stop
    use. Press A while on the hoverboard to move around and make it faster. The
    arrows are used to steer. Use can place it in your house as a decoration.
    Mission 5: Club Xizzle
    Started by: Lottie Cash
    Objective: Take Crystal Out 
               Get a Bite to Eat
               Play a Game
               Go Shopping
               Give a Gift
    Before start, get good stats and the thrift shop and pizza store is open
    Goal 1: Take Crystal Out
    Talk to Crystal and she wants you to take her somewhere. Take her to the pizza
    Goal 2: Get a Bite to Eat
    Buy a pizza slice from the cook and give it to her as a gift
    Goal 3: Play a Game
    Go to the dance machine and play on it
    Goal 4: Go Shopping
    Go to the thrift shop
    Goal 5: Give a Gift
    Go outside your house and talk to the old guy there. Buy something from him
    like a flower and give it to him.
    Note: Don't sleep or talk to anyone but her unless you want to start again.
    After that, you have access to Club Xizzle. It is where the blockade it, 
    outside the dumpster. Press A on the door to access it. You can buy xizzles
    at 3 beads each and enter the club. The password is Bucket.
    Mission 6: Road to SimQuarter
    Started by: Gramma Hattie
    Objectives: Make 3 Friends
                Raise §500
                Earn 2 Promotions
    Goal 1: Make 3 Friends
    Get your relationship points to 50 with 3 separate people
    Goal 2: Raise §500
    Read above ^^^
    Goal 3: Earn 2 Promotions
    Play a minigame a get 2 promotions or get 2 jobs and one promotion each
    Talk to Gramma Hattie and you will join in the protest. Daddy B. gets pissed
    and goes red to blow steam and the barricade is gone. You now have access to 
    *Chapter 3*
    Mission 1: Mission for the Man
    Started by: Det. Dan
    Objectives: Play Moogoo Monkey
                Follow the Directions
                Give the Briefcase to Det. Dan
                Give the Briefcase to Giuseppi
    Goal 1: Play Moogoo Monkey
    Go in SimQuarter from Urbania. Keep right. Go onto the peer and keep going.
    Go until you see a steamboat and go inside. Play the game at about 4pm to 2am.
    Goal 2: Follow the Directions
    Go to the newspaper agency and look on the bulletin board. Then head to the
    Shrubbery outside the museum and search it to get a piece of paper. The next
    answer lies beyond the grave so go to the graveyard and go until you get to 
    the last 4. Search the last one. The note says Another Feather in His Hat.
    Talk to Berkley Clodd.
    Goal 3: Give the Briefcase to Det. Dan
    Clodd will give you a briefcase so give it to the Detective
    Goal 4: Give the Briefcase to Giuseppi
    Give the Rigged Briefcase (Briefcase with a massive microphone on the side
    stuck with sticky tape, great rigging) to Giuseppi.
    Note: Make sure you finish Chapter 3 Mission 3 or do not start it as you will
    not be able to access the graveyard while on the mission
    You now have access to Moogoo Monkey Game after this mission
    Mission 2: Batten Down the Hatches
    Started by: Lily Gates (located in the docks during the afternoon)
    Objectives: Earn 5 Creativity
                Fix the Attraction
                Beat Dusty Hogg
                Convince Polly
    Goal 1: Earn 5 Creativity
    Speaks for itself
    Goal 2: Fix the Attraction
    Get a relationship of 50 with Ewan and he will say he'll fix the boats. He 
    says that he can't fix the engines so you should talk to Dusty Hogg
    Goal 3: Beat Dusty Hogg
    Talk to Dusty Hogg and he'll challenge you to a race. If you beat him, he'll
    fix the engines. Modify you bike. Use the racing tyres, not a lot of Nitrous
    Oxide, medium handling and the best engine. After you beat him, he'll fix the
    Goal 4: Convince Polly
    Get a 50 relationship with Polly to get her to go to the rides.
    Talk to Lily Gates after you finish. She'll allow you access to the bumper 
    boat ride and you have Dusty Hogg's bike (you get it after goal 3)
    Mission 3: None Shall Pass
    Started by: Gramma Hattie
    Objectives: Earn 5 Body or Charisma
                Meet at the Cemetery
                Guard the Cemetery
    Goal 1: Earn 5 Body or Charisma
    Earn 5 points on one of them
    Goal 2: Meet at the Cemetery
    Meet at the cemetery at 11pm to Midnight
    Goal 3: Guard the Cemetery
    If you have 5 Body, Daddy B. shows up, if you have 5 charisma, Lily shows up
    Say anything you want to Daddy B.
    When Darius shows up for Daddy B., say this
    "Sorry, but I'm not supposed to let anything thru"
    "I'm so strong I can deflect sunlight with my breath"
    The second option as it always changes
    "I'm so crazy Detective Dan kicked me out of jail!"
    After he leaves, you get a cookbook from Gramma Hattie. If you let anyone pass
    you have to do the mission again.
    Mission 4: Get on the List
    Started by: Cannonball Coleman
    Objectives: Earn 2 Rep
                Take Tickets
    Goal 1: Earn 2 Rep
    Earn 2 Rep Points with your group so be friends (50 rel) with 2 of the members
    Goal 2: Take the Tickets
    You have to be at the Club Zydeco at 2am to 5am. You cannot let people of your
    rival rep group in. So if you are a Richie, you cannot let a Nerdie in. If you
    are an Artsie, you cannot let a Streetie in and so forth. When you get enough
    people in, you can talk to Cannonball and get a reward which is a golden 
    Mission 5: High Society
    Started by: Luthor L. Bigbucks
    Objectives: Find a Curator
                Donate an exhibit
                Give §300
    Goal 1: Find a Curator
    Talk to Roxanna Moxie and she'll say that she knows a curator
    Goal 2: Donate an exhibit
    Go to the museum on floors 1 and 2. Find a stand and press A. It will ask if
    you are willing to donate § for it. Donate § for one of them
    Goal 3: Give §300
    Give Roxanna §300 for her friend in travel expenses
    Talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks when you are finished. The more you donate, the 
    more money will be awarded for your donations. The more exhibits, the more 
    money. In the end, if you get all of the exhibits, you get §1000 every time 
    your bill comes and you collect the checks.
    Mission 6: The Ballad of Pepper Pete
    Started by: Mambo Lao
    Objectives: Find a Sailor Coat
                Find a Fake Beard
                Find a Sailors Cap
                Give Costume
                Talk to Olde Salty
    Goal 1: Find a Sailor Coat
    Go to the Thrift Shop and talk to Phoebe. She'll say that she has a coat so 
    look in the clothes rack in the back of the shop. It is where you also change
    clothes. Keep pressing A until you find it.
    Goal 2: Find a Fake Beard
    Talk to Pritchard Locksley and he'll sell you a white one for §300
    Goal 3: Find a Sailors Cap
    Talk to Polly Normal and she'll suggest you look online. Go to a computer in 
    the cafe in SimQuarter and go to the computer and go to shop online. The cap
    will arrive in 1-2 days
    Goal 4: Give Costume
    Give the costume to Mambo Lao and she'll dress you up
    Goal 5: Talk to Olde Salty
    After you talk to Olde Salty (choose any option), Daddy B. will come and give
    you an accidental push into the Bayou with his son and Lily watching you fly.
    *Chapter 4*
    Mission 1: The Greatest Fear
    Started by: Automatically
    Objectives: Prove to Clem
                Find the Dark Tree
                Find a Light
                Capture the Alligator
    Goal 1: Prove to Clem
    You have to prove to Clem you are not a vampire. Answer the first 3 Questions 
    in anyway but when you get to what food you like choose
    "Garlic Ice Cream"
    "Sun Bathe on the Beach"
    "A Gnat"
    Goal 2: Find the Dark Tree
    Follow the path until you reach some tree stumps in a group. Go up to the tree
    that has tyres in front of it
    Goal 3: Find a Light
    From the first bridge you cross, go up. You will see a yellow glowing object
    next to the plant. To get to the plant, stick next to the edge of the water to
    past the rock. Injure the plant to get the light
    Goal 4: Capture the Alligator
    Go inside the dark tree. You will see a vampire but you will use the light.
    Then talk to the alligator
    When finished, talk to Bayou Boo
    Mission 2: Fiddle with the Old Man
    Started by: Finishing Mission 1
    Objectives: Meet at the Hickory Stump
                Fiddle the Red Man
    Goal 1: Meet at the Hickory Stump
    Meet at the set of tree stumps outside the dark tree at about midnight
    Goal 2: Fiddle the Red Man
    Play the red man's minigame to finish
    When finished, talk to Crawdad Clem
    Mission 3: Bye Bye Bayou
    Started by: Finishing Mission 2
    Objectives: Convince Clem
                Meet Boo
    Goal 1: Convince Clem
    Convince Clem to show you out by showing him your locket
    Goal 2: Meet Boo
    Meet Boo at the mausoleum entrance. Go to the stumps and go south. Then talk
    to Boo. Follow the crypt until you reach the exit. Now walk to Gramma Hattie 
    and talk to her.
    Glasstown is now open
    Mission 4: Running from the Law
    Started by: Detective Dan
    Objectives: Find a Letter Writer
                Find a Messenger
                Gain Popularity 40
                Find a Map
                Give Map to Gordie
    Goal 1: Find a Letter Writer
    Talk to Gramma Hattie. If you left the jail, go back in
    Goal 2: Find a Messenger
    Find Gordie, the sleeping guy in the university
    Goal 3: Gain Popularity 40
    Keep getting relationships with people at about 80 until you reach the mark
    Goal 4: Find a Map
    Go to the top of Olde Salty's ship and climb the ladder and pick up the map
    Goal 5: Give Map to Gordie
    Talk to Gordie
    Talk to Det. Dan. He'll give you access to the fan boat in the upper right 
    hand corner of Glasstown, down the stairs. You have access to Paradise Island
    and you can run around without the fear of getting arrested.
    Mission 5: Carnivale!
    Started by: Roxanna Moxie
    Objectives: Capture Dancing Nutria
                Give the Dancing Nutria
                Give §5000
                Find a Tightrope Walker
                Find Misty a Date
    Goal 1: Capture Dancing Nutria
    Get the fan boat and drive south without going to the next area. Go east until
    you see an island with hedgehogs in it. Go to one and use the option "Put in
    Goal 2: Give the Dancing Nutria
    Give the Dancing Nutria to Roxanna
    Goal 3: Give §5000
    Give Roxanna §5000
    Goal 4: Find a Tightrope Walker
    Talk to Misty Waters and she'll say that she will do it if you find her a date
    for the film premier
    Goal 5: Find Misty a Date
    Talk to Luthor L. Bigbucks and he'll happily date her
    Talk to Roxanna when finished
    Mission 6: The BigBucks Players
    Started by: Theresa Bullhorn
    Objectives: Gain Popularity 50
                Convince Dusty Hogg to Perform
                Convince Sue Pirnova to Perform
                Decorate the Stage
                Attend the Play
    Goal 1: Gain Popularity 50
    Go what you did when you gain Popularity 40
    Goal 2: Convince Dusty Hogg to Perform 
    Get the Relationship up to 50 and ask him
    Goal 3: Convince Sue Pirnova to Perform
    Do what you did with Dusty Hogg
    Goal 4: Decorate the Stage
    Place 5 Decorative Items on the stage. They can be plants, paintings, etc.
    Goal 5: Attend the Play
    Be at the theatre at night and attend the play. 
    Talk to Theresa after you complete the goals.
    Chapter 5
    Mission 1: Reality Show
    Started by: Leader of Your Rep Group
    Objectives: Travel to Paradise Island
                Play the Trivia Contest
                Insult the Other Contestants
    Goal 1: Travel to Paradise Island
    Use your fanboat to go east from where it is park in Glasstown and north into
    the gap. Head all the way to the beach and dock your boat. Talk to Locksley.
    Goal 1: Play the Trivia Contest
    Go around the island and look under the coconut trees for the trivia coconuts.
    Give the coconut to Pritchard as a gift. Answer each question for §2000.
    "What Colour is Crystal's Hair?"
    "Where is the Old School Bus located?"
    "Which of these people do NOT belong to a Rep Group?"
    Dusty Hogg
    "Where does the ninja, Heidi Shadows hang out?"
    At the Carnival
    Goal 3: Insult the Other Contestants
    Make your relationship with the contestants negative
    If you win, you get §10000.
    Before you go to the island, have full stats as there is no stat refilling
    Save before going to find who is there. Lower their relationship before you go
    Mission 2: Back to the Drawing Board
    Started by: Luthor L. BigBucks
    Objectives: Convince Polly
                Find the Secret Lab
                Get 6 Logic
                Return Blue Prints
    Goal 1: Convince Polly
    Get Polly to a relationship of 70, and use the new options
    Goal 2: Find the Secret Lab
    Go to Daddy Bigbucks Office between 3-4AM with 6 Logic and search the upper
    right bookcase there. If you search before or after that time, you will be 
    Goal 3: Get 6 Logic
    Explains itself
    Goal 4: Return Blue Prints
    Get the blueprints that are in the left side of the lab and return it to Daddy
    BigBuck's son, Luthor.
    Mission 3: Interview with a Cajun Vampire
    Started by: Crawdad Clem
    Objectives: Find Boo
                Free Bayou Boo
                Find a Cure for Vampirism
                Feed Boo Chocolate
    Goal 1: Find Boo
    Go to the graveyard and enter the mausoleum which you use to escape the Bayou.
    Sooner or later, along the way you will find Bayou Boo.
    Goal 2: Free Bayou Boo
    Get your Mechanical Skill up to 7 and pick the lock
    Goal 3: Find a Cure for Vampirism
    Talk to Mambo Lao and she'll say that you have to make a mix of chocolate to
    cure it. Mix 3 Chocolate in the mixer and bake it and give it to Boo. If you
    keep failing, than get a higher cooking level.
    Goal 4: Feed Boo Chocolate
    Give the Chocolate Bunny you made as a gift to Boo
    Mission 4: Captured!
    Started by: Going Near the Cheat Ninja in the Carnival
    Objectives: Befriend Harlan King
                Escape the Cell
    Goal 1: Befriend Harlan King
    Get 30 Relationship Points with Harlan King
    Goal 2: Escape the Cell
    After the scene, go out of the open cell
    Mission 5: Atlantis Premier Party
    Started by: Crystal (if you're a guy), Dr. Max (if you're a girl)
    Objectives: Find a Premier Ticket
                Impress Lily
                Dress all in Black
                Attend the Premier
    Goal 1: Find a Premier Ticket
    Talk to Lily Gates
    Goal 2: Impress Lily
    Get 70 Relationship with Lily and a Popularity of 70. Talk to Crystal after
    this goal
    Goal 3: Dress all in Black
    Go to the Thrift Shop and dress in a black shirt and black pants
    Goal 4: Attend the Premier
    Get to the theatre at 8:00pm and meet your partner. When you go near them, you
    will enter the cinema automatically
    Mission 6: Back in Time
    Started by: Finishing Mission 5
    Objectives: Find an Inventor
                Find 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods
                Find a Contractor
                Find the Correct Date
                Use Time Machine 
    Goal 1: Find an Inventor
    Talk to Sue Pirnova to finish this goal
    Goal 2: Find 10 Nuclear Fuel Rods
    Go looking around the Bayou and in the graveyard for nuclear fuel rods. The
    places where the fuel rods are will be changed every 24 Sim Hours. Do not sell
    them, when you have 10, give it to her.
    Goal 3: Find a Contractor
    Find Ewan and he will fix up your time machine for a slim price of §10000
    Goal 4: Find the Correct Date
    You have to find a worker for Daddy Bigbucks so talk to Guiseppi and he'll
    tell you the correct date
    Goal 5: Use Time Machine
    Use the Time Machine by placing it on top of King Tower where the status used
    to be. When you are back in time, talk to the very alive Eprham Earl and he'll
    have a nice conversation with Daddy Bigbucks. Watch the Ending
    Well Done, you have Finished the Urbz, Sims in the City. Throw the game away
    now or keep playing.
    [6.01] Appliances
    Barbecue Grill - §375
    Sizzle your fish flesh and stear steaks on the heavy-duty Light-My-Fire BBQ. 
    perfect for park picnickers seeking gourmet tastes in the great outdoors.
    Gagmia Simore Espresso - §350
    One pull on the egronomically crafted side lever and this hyper-efficent,
    automated espresso machine grinds, brew and serves your espresso all by its
    Smoothie Machine - §505
    Yes, it's expensive. Yes, it heavily taxes SimValley orchards. Yes, it's
    terribly noisy ... But your health is worth a little pain and suffering. A 
    smoothie a day keeps the money away!
    Vending Machine - §1,200
    Why walk to the store where prices are high and the selection is modest when
    you can have the same shopping experience in the comfort of your home? 
    Restocked only when you aren't looking.
    Positive Potential Microwave - §250
    Perfect for popcorn and pot-roast alike, this Positive Potential Microwave
    is compact, safe and easy to use. (Some restrictions apply)
    Arctechnology 2-Door Refrigerator - §1,650
    Arctechnology knows that value of space and style and their new 2-door 
    refrigerator proves it. More storage space for less room, this unit also
    features and ice-maker and easy-to-read LED temperature readouts.
    Sno-Time Refrigetator - §525
    There's no time like Sno-Time! Their newest economy class refrigerator 
    features climate control, two crispers, and ample door space large enough to
    fit a whole turkey.
    Dialectic Range and Stove - §440
    Affordability and class are typically opposing forces. Butn the folks at
    Dialectic have managed to synthesize these qualities in what could easily be
    the keenist range in town!
    Epicurious Gourmet Stove - §1,750
    For gourmet epicureans, regular stoves just don't cut the mustard. Now serving
    Epicurious ... the hottest stove to spice up the home-appliance landscape in 
    nearly a year.
    PyroInferno Atom Burner Oven - §3,000
    Gourmet standards for domestic spaces. The PyroInferno is perfect for an 
    amateur cook eager to cross home-basil and hit the big thyme. With extra wide
    gas ranges. 
    Bovitron Z-36 Cheese Modulator - §795
    The moon may not be made of cheese, but the Bovitron Z-36 Cheese Modulator 
    sure can make it! We don't know how it does it, honestly, but it sure tastes 
    great! Available exclusively on Moon Base Zeta.
    [6.02] Decorative
    Manila-100 Marine Aquarium - §1,950
    Dry land got you down? Then this 100-gallon column tank, stocked with exotic
    and endangered Indo-Pacific fish and fauna is the cure! If you enjoy taunting
    captive animals, you'll love this!
    Poseidon's Adventure Aquarium - §535
    You can't play with fish. You can't pet them. You can't take them for walks. 
    And you can't teach them tricks. So what's the downside? You have to feed 
    Suit of Armor - §715
    Our overseas expert at Ironman Industries have reproduced this incredible suit
    of armor from an actual suit in the Hundred Years War. Includes a stunning
    basinet with mail aventail!
    Tropical Birdcage - §950
    These exotic, multicolored birds were flown in direct from SimIsle shortly
    before it was overrun by dinosaurs.
    Zen Fountain - §777
    Quiet. Peaceful. Serene. Wet. What more could you ask of a fountain?
    Guillotine - §1,450
    The mahogany replica 1789 Reign-Of-Terror model come standard with EZ-Gilde
    shuttle runners, one oblique chrome-alloy razor-blade (laser sharpened), and a
    durable double-grip release lever.
    Shrunken Heads - §250
    These balsa-wood, replica shrunken heads are the perfect, politically-correct 
    alternative for the curious but queasy collector.
    Potted Jade House Plant - §180
    Nothing crass about the Crassula Arborescens here. Originally smuggled in 
    SimValley by a man driving a dark van, the Jade Plant is now the valley's most
    popular, if somewhat needy, decorative flora.
    Potted Rubber House Plant - §120
    You won't be staring up a glavanized rubber business by draining the sap from
    this plant - it's MADE of rubber! So while it can't replenish your house's 
    oxygen, it looks great ... from a distance. 
    Monkey-Headed Jack-In-A-Box - §635
    All around the blueberry bush - The weasel chased the monkey - The weasel 
    thought, "Now I'll show HIM!" - POP! Goes the monkey!
    Lawn Gnome - §35
    Let "Gnorman the Ceramic Gnome" greet friends into your humble abode. His
    infectious smile and joyful wave are guaranteed to set even the most petulant
    minds at ease.
    Lawn Leprechaun - §105
    Your desperate need for dark drinks and four-leaved clovers will be long gone
    once you have Liam the Leprechaun perched on your lawn.
    Green Meteorite - §1,900
    Emitting a soft and sickly emerald glow, this strange meteorite has travelled
    many millions of miles to clutter your living room and render superheroes 
    Baroque Mirror - §450
    As Berkeley said "To be is to be percieved." So why not assert your existance
    and improve your charisma by staring at yourself for untold hours into the
    silvery deep?
    Shaker Floor Mirror - §650
    The simple and austere Shaker way of life is reflected in the clean 
    craftsmanship of the Shaker full length mirror. Muse and mumble in this mirror
    for added charisma.
    Movie Poster - §145
    A full color poster of the hit 1997 action film, "Explosion, The Prequel".
    Starring Anita Tension as Miss Wick and Pritchard Locksley as Jojo, her dim 
    yet devious sidekick.
    JC Portrait - §150
    A poster of the infamous Jeremiah Carbuncle O'Connell the Third: spiritual 
    guide, soothsayer, and speaker of cryptic instructions.
    Unicorn Tapestry - §200
    Made exclusively for the opening ceremony of the 20th Miniopolis Renaissance
    Faire, this majestic piece was one of only ten to survive the scouring 
    perpetrated by the Sci-Fi Convention next door.
    Modern Sculpture - §675
    Artist Kit Bubble recently shocked the art-scene with this revolutionary 5-D
    sculpture. This is art with width, length, depth, duration, and ... well, we
    can't really explain the fifth-dimension.
    Neon Smoothie Sign - §375
    An retro design from the golden age of the smoothie. There's just something 
    about neon that can part a man from this money in 5 seconds flat.
    Creepy Corner Kid Doll - §865
    What a darling little doll! What a marvelous work of ... did he just move? I
    thought I saw ... No, surely not, for this antique is carved from the finest
    ... there, see? He moved again! I'm not making this up!
    Giant Stuffed Gorilla - §1,200
    When you want the preception of safety and protection without the potential 
    hazards, invest in a giant stuffed gorilla and hope against all odds that 
    potential burglars have poor eyesight.
    Roman Statue - §850
    When NOT in Rome, bring it home! The replica, high quality, alabaster, 
    neo-neo-classical sculpture is the closest you'll ever get to living like a
    flashy Roman senator.
    Giant Tiki Head - §450
    Each Tiki mask is hand-carved from the finest block of palm wood available by
    a single specialist using only tiny chipping instruments. New models are no
    longer cursed!
    Candy Cane - §100
    Keep the winter holidays alive all year round with 4 feet of red and white 
    saccharine sweetness! As an added bonus, if you moisten this baby it's 10
    times more effective than ordinary fly-paper!
    Pilgram Gnome - §175
    What an odd little item. Are you celebrating or repudiating past exploits of
    wandering pilgrams with this limited edition "Pader the Pilgram Gnome"? Only 
    you know for sure.
    Mardi Gras Mask - §300
    When your manners are shot, your party-voice loud, and your judgement 
    impaired, wouldn't it be nice to have a giant, flamboyantly colorful Mardi 
    Gras mask like this to disguse yourself?
    Giant Pumpkin - §50
    Shulz and Sons Squash Farms can guarantee that their award-winning giant 
    pumpkins are 100 percent naturally grown. Free of pesticides, genetic
    modifications and ghosts.
    Golden Mop Award - §400
    A life-sized replica of the "Mop d'Or" - the top honor given to one 
    outstanding Sanitation Engineer a year at the annual Sweep N' Squeegee Awards.
    Voodoo Dan Doll - §650
    Few people in Miniopolis are qualified - or willing - to judge the 
    authenticity of this doll. But don't let that stop you from admiring its 
    quality craftsmanship ... and giving it the occasional jab.
    Flaming Hoop - §390
    No more stinky kerosene spills to clean up with this pump-action, 
    self-igniting circus hoop. Just plug in, flip a switch, and flame on! Real 
    fire, real savings. 
    Key to the City - §875
    This is the key to the city. Not THIS city. Not Miniopolis. But another city. 
    You don't know which. Nobody knows. Nobody remembers. All you have is this 
    key ... and soon, thousands of cities to explore. Good Luck. 
    Lawn Flamingo - §75
    It's a little-known secret that the intense pink color unique to these lawn
    flamingo's was created back in 1979 by a team of scientists trying to devise a
    color that would ward off burglars. The rest, as they say, is history.
    Magic Lamp - §1,200
    A beautiful Persian lamp, this 700 year old treasure is made of durable brass 
    and decorated with exquisite detail. But neither fact has saved it from 
    gathering dust over the years. Why not give it a good rub-down?
    Comdey and Tragedy Masks - §400
    Signifying in elegant porcelain the two most important dramitic themes of the 
    human condition - comedy and tragedy - these masks, though beautiful, will not
    likely help you decipher the meaning of life.
    Orange Pedistal - §700
    Similar to the still-life painting, but in THREE dimensions! Delight your 
    friends and relatives with this juicy item. Aesthetic fun from any angle!
    Periodic Table of Elements - §215
    It never fails: The party is just getting good when someone suddenly needs to
    verify the molecular weight of Einsteinium. If you owned a Periodic Table 
    you'd have the answer. Don't get caught off guard!
    Safe - §350
    Built from the strongest, lightest steel alloy available to the public, Lock
    and Key Inc.'s top of the line safe is fireproof, water resistant and 100 
    percent inpenetrable. How is this possible? It doesn't open!
    Burning Spoke Sign - §190
    The Burning Spoke is one of the rowdiest, loudest, dirtiest, and most popular
    hang-outs in near-by, SimValley ... and as evidenced by this "borrowed" sign,
    that isn't about to change anytime soon. 
    Velocirooster Skeleton - §1,200
    Found over one century ago buried deep in the Bayou, this velocirooster 
    skeleton is often used as evidence to prove that we are not in  fact living 
    on this planet earth anymore.
    Soap Box - §80
    The historical significance of this soap box hs never been fully understood, 
    but it is known that this particular item was present at the infamous
    "Miniopolis Soap Party" of 1774.
    Music Stand - §120
    Two decades of intense industrial design went into the creation of this, the
    perfect music stand. Featuring a high-friction, low-sheen acryllic coating, 
    keep your sheet music in place no matter how crazy the crowd gets.
    Movie Standee - §200
    An ultra-rare cardboard standee for the "Abscond with the Breeze", the classic
    multi-million Simoleon blockbuster that made Anita Tension, playing the lovely
    but spoiled Chartreuse O'Trigger, a household name.
    Angel Status - §500
    Possibly inspired by the lyrics to the 1985 glam-rock hit "Angle Baby Doll".
    "Ooh my Angle Baby Doll / Flap those wings, don't ever fall / The sun is so
    bright it looks like dark / Let's walk our dogs around the park.
    Blind Justice Status - §550
    A classical sculpture monument to the concept of equal justice for all 
    citizens of earth. A quality piece, sure, but you have been wondering lately
    if this lady has been peeking out from under that blindfold.
    Lottie Cash Statue - §375
    Given to Lottie Cash by her parents on her 16th Birthday, this life-sized 
    statue exemplifies everything you have ever known about her. It is garish, 
    ersatz and impossible to ignore.
    Python Statue - §400
    Pythons have an eerie effect on people when they seem to be standing upright.
    Be thankful this carved out of wood and steel.
    3-Card Monte Table - §820
    Tired of standing on the wrong side of this tricky deal? Weep no more! Now's 
    your chance to get in the game, attract tourists, and make fools of all of 
    them. Just make sure you keep it fun, OK?
    Throne - §1,100
    A precise replica of a 14th century throne used by King Litmus the Ninth. Note
    the superior craftsmanship of the carvings and fabrics. And no, it isn't a 
    Traffic Light - §300
    Do you find personal freedom a dreary burden? Then add a little bureaucratic
    regulation to your life with this giant traffic-light! Hang it anywhere! 
    Perfect for modifying capricious behaviour of all kinds!
    Miss Urbverse Trophy - §250
    A Miss Urbverse Trophy cast insturdy plastic and painted with a genuine, 
    pyrite derived, faux metal coating. In other words it has SENTIMENTAL value.
    Typewriter - §300
    Where do you plug this thing in? Where is the screen? Where is the disk drive?
    Why is it - But of course! It's manual typewriter! So grab a ream of paper and
    start writing your own epic novel.
    Wall Mounted Alligator - §560
    A cured and stuffed alligator head mounted on a varnished slab of stained 
    applewood. And it STILL looks scary.
    Wall Mounted Swordfish - §620
    A cured and stuffed swordfish head mounted on a varnished slab of stained
    maplewood. And it STILL looks mean. 
    '98 Adder Bumper - §300
    A bumper taken from Luthor's '98 Adder (one of Luthor's first eight cars). 
    This hot-rod was famous for its swooshing fin, cramped interior, and
    insatiable thrist for gasoline.
    Uncle Suede Shizzle's Cane - §200
    Uncle Suede always had a flair for flair, and his heavy, gold plated, diamond
    encrusted shizzle's cane proves it. Unfortunately, this thing is worth a lot 
    less than you might think, and has no practical uses. 
    Electro Lamp - §190
    Yet another amusing artifact from the recent past. The electro lamp is perhaps
    the best example of the late 90's trend to make harmless deocrative objects
    appear downright deadly.
    Khroniton Reactor - §950
    A curious historical artifact, the khroniton reactor was Polly Nomial's first
    attempt to harness the kinetic energy of passing time. It didn't work ... but
    it makes funny noises. Sometimes. 
    Wooden Block - §3
    A solid block of soft wood. What mysteries lie within? Whittle away and find 
    Decorative Chess Piece - §8
    A giant replica of your favourite chess piece. Could there be some 
    psychological reason you identify with this particular one?
    Chainsaw Chicken - §5
    To think that it was a skilled chainsaw that turned this lowly stump into a 
    colloquial work of art.
    Wooden Cowboy - §20
    A lovingly detailed representation of the classic western cowboy, complete 
    with his lasso, his 10-gallon hat, and a searching, somber face.
    Wooden David - §30
    An earlier, warmer version of Michelangelo's classic sculpture. Not quite as
    tall, not quite as expensive, but handsome all the same.
    Wooden Grizzly - §15
    The gnarled and knotted grain of this fine carving imbues the piece a true 
    sense of the rugged wildness of real grizzly bears.
    Wooden Nymph - §25
    Such supple, smooth lines. Such lithe, limp limps. Clearly you have earned a 
    rare connection to the subline secrets of another world.
    Wooden Potato - §1
    Stick a fork in it, because this one's ... wood? A fine piece of 
    craftsmanship compared to most accidents.
    Rowboat - §10
    Row row row your boat, gently down the stream, careful where you whittle next,
    you might just burst a seam.
    Totem Pole - §12
    Like all authentic totem poles, this replica tells an intricate story through 
    symbols ... in this case, you find the story of how the pole came to be carved
    in the first place.
    [6.03] Electronics
    Viva Lost Wages Home Casino - §899
    Hit the jackpot with the Viva Home Casino. Advances in coin-capture technology
    have made it easy to bring the potential for serious fun, serious profits, and
    serious coin loss right to your home!
    Brahma 5000 Behemoth Computer - §2,500
    If there is a faster, more powerful computer out there, only the Government
    owns it. Otherwise owners of the Brahma 5000 can rest soundly with dreams of
    total bandwidth dominance.
    Video Arcade Machine - §1,250
    How'd this dive of a bar get the latest "Ultra-Mega-Super-Psycho Hyper Warrior
    Gamma 3 Extreme?" But really, who cares?! Pop your money in and play!
    Newton's Apple Pinball Machine - §1,600
    Before there were bytes and pixels there was psyhics! Chrome plated, steel 
    balls bounce of rubber-coated bumpers in a cacophony of noise and light as fun
    is had by all.
    Sky Diving Machine - §3,875
    Originally designed by scientists to test the aerodynamic qualities of falling
    fruit, this giant fan generates winds up to 120 miles per hour to give you the
    sensation of falling without moving an inch.
    Robot Monkey Butler - §3,999
    The silicon simiam is a striking simulacrum of a snappy suburbian servent. 
    Simply superb!
    Robot Vacuum Cleaner - §375
    The amazing Foom-Ra! robot vacuum system uses military technology to clean 
    your house! Do not open Foom-Ra!, as that will void the warranty and endanger
    the species.
    String Theory Super System - §1,700
    The String Theory Super System uses an entropy logarithm to produce mass
    excitations of an audio data string particle with zero initial mass to get you
    jumping and jiving.
    Zimantz Unity Stereo - §650
    An integrated radio, three-disc CD player, and dual cassette deck, the Zimantz
    Unity Stereo brings affordable entertainment to people who hate messing with
    Monochrome Television - §99
    There's something special about your favourate program on a black and white,
    low-fidelity, low-defination television - it turns the most insipid show into
    abstract art!
    Soma Electronics Plasma Television - §2,400
    Soma Electronics takes a brave new step towards total sensory emersion
    entertainment. Featuring nanopixel technology, the ultra-thin display is
    sharper and more colourful than the real world.
    Trottco RBG Ultra Television - §500
    Another sturdy performer from Trottco, the 27-inch RGB ultra is just the box
    is just the box for people hoping to get a television in every room. 
    Affordable, stylish and cable-ready!
    Skratch N' Spin DJ Starter Pack - §650
    Like music? Hate Musicians? Throw your own party and spin the tunes you like
    with the Skratch N' Spin DJ Starter Pack.
    [6.04] Furniture
    Amberson's Magificent Sleigh Bed - §750
    Whether your an automobile tycoon or an incorrigble buffoon, this plush bed
    will carry you across the snowy plains of sleep in warmth and comfort.
    Amberson's Magificent Double Bed - §1,400
    Amberson's Magificent Double Bed is the grand patriarch of the Amberson 
    Sleigh Bed Line. If this one doesn't send your to bed with tears in your 
    eyes, nothing will.
    Spartan Special Bed - §275
    For those on a tight budget and TIGHT schedule, there is no better model than
    the Spartan Special by Cheap Eazzze. Barrack inspired comfort and design.
    TykeNyte Bed - §550
    Young ones need just as much sleep as adults, but that doesn't need they 
    enjoy every second of it. So give kids something colorful and zany to smile
    at and sleep on. Give them TykeNyte.
    Country Class Chair - §150
    A delightful, and some say improbable blend of English country style and mass-
    market affordability, the armchair gives down-filled comfort at a modest 
    Work-Bunst All Purpose Chair - §80
    Work-Bunst has done it again. Comfortably facilitates a variety of seated 
    postures, as well as tasks involving standing, professional wrestling, and
    Back Slack Recliner Chair - §250
    Inspired by sunsets and whale songs, the Back Slack recliner features 
    overstuffed, oversized arms and luxorious cushions ... the perfect chair for
    sleepy fathers.
    Comfy Recliner - §295
    Oversized and comfortable, you practically sink into its plush upholestry.
    Great Leather Recliner - §595
    Large, black and expensive; it just screams decadence!
    Plaid Recliner - §700
    Visually atrocious, yet strangely hypnotic if stared at for long periods of 
    Zebra Recliner - §610
    Relax already, it's fake. But oh-so cozy.
    Biker Sofa - §50
    A ratty, tattered, mess of a sofa, severe but sincere, much like the biker you
    will come to know in the next few days. It may smell odd, but it won't let you
    Cheap Eazzze Sofa - §180
    When you boil it down to the basics, what do you really need from a sofa other
    than a long, flat, lateral plane to rest on? Did somebody say Cheap Eazzze? Oh
    Country Class Couch - §450
    More rustic than romantic, this style offers sturdy arms and a stiff back with
    plush downy cushions. The perfect blend of adult comfort and child-proof 
    The Wally Whitman Repose Sofa - §1,100
    International yet regional. Rare yet affordable. Firm yet yielding. White yet
    off-white. These are the beautiful contradictions inherent in the Luxuriare
    line, a brand that works as hard as our logic.
    Zebra Flax-Fur Sofa - §820
    There's something so slimming about black and white stripes that we decided to
    smother a sofa with them, modeling it after the beauty of nature's best 
    dressed beast.
    DTS Wood Countertop - §100
    Manufacturer: DTS Service Products Group. Target: Nouveau Riche Niche. Price:
    So affordable we must be mad. Aesthetic goal: Soon we will redecorate the 
    DTS Wood Countertop with Sink - §200
    Countertop, DTS Wood with Sink. If you don't already know how exclusive this
    item is, you don't deserve it.
    SteriLife Bathroom Countertop - §50
    Once upon a time, people had to choose between elegance and anti-septic 
    coating, but those days are long gone thanks to the people at SteriLife. 
    These counters are durable and feature raised panel cupboards.
    SteriLife Bathroom Countertop with Sink - §150
    The SteriLife Bathroom Countertop with Sink. Same quality stuff you'd expect
    from SteriLife, but with more sink and less countertop.
    Pinegulcher Dresser - §175
    Machine-cut pine panels and nature's own pine aroma without all that 
    bothersome pitch. Our best seller in the Pinegulcher line, this dresser is 
    perfect for all your apperal.
    Amorous Inc. Love Seat - §620
    A traditional love seat with a modern twist. This sofa for two features a 
    slightly beveled base beneath two cozy rayon cushions guaranteeing you date
    will fall helplessly in your arms. Amorous Inc. puts the V back in love!
    Alumimum Card Table - §115
    When your house is crowded and the game must go on, look no further than this
    alumimum framed card table. Lightweight, yet able to withstand the pounding 
    fists of 10 hungry guests, this table suits every need. 
    London Mesa Dining Table - §350
    Inspired by the flat mesa landforms in America's south-west, this English-
    built table may not improve on this naturally occuring landform, but it sure
    makes it more useful!
    Anywhere End Table - §85
    Part of the popular Anywhere line, the Anywhere End Table is usable wherever
    flat, compact, elevated surfaces are desired, demanded, or dreamed of.
    Celestial Slumber Moon Bed - §1,800
    Nothing says nightie-night like the "Celestial Slumber" Moon Bed. Dig the
    sleek lines of rocket-ship and revel in the cottony comfort of deep space. 
    This bed is out of this world! Available exclusively at Moon Base Zeta.
    Seat of Tranquality Crater Chair - §710
    When you need to escape the weight of the world, look no further than the
    "Seat of Tranquality" Crater Chair. Floating in Zero-G can only match its
    weightless comfort. Available exclusively at Moon Base Zeta.
    Denizen Cane Bamboo Bed - §1,500
    Curiously light, curiously tough, this bamboo bed frame sums up the joy of 
    the tropical in a single glance. Comes standard with a mattress woven from
    palm leaves,
    Denizen Cane Bamboo Chair - §300
    The geniuses at Denizen Cane industries have bestowed us with this little 
    treasure: A comfortable sturdy Bamboo chair for the office, hom, or 
    Denizen Cane Bamboo Recliner - §850
    Resting comfortably on the new Bamboo Recliner from the craftspeople at 
    Denizen Cane, you'll be convinced you're deep in the arms of paradise, in
    your very own Xanadu.
    [6.05] Recreation
    Max Matewell's Pro-Chess Board - §375
    So few rules yet so many emergent possibilities. Chess was the original 
    complex system and it still manages to delight and confuse. Play a game and 
    raise that logic skill.
    Hot-Trot Dance Tiles - §1,365
    As every B-Boy and disco queen knows, the first step to fancy moves is a 
    smooth, shiny surface. Whatever your style - be it break-dancing, disco, tango
    or pogo - this is where the spinning begins.
    Dilly Taunt's Portable Easel Kit - §290
    You don't need to know to know how to paint to enjoy painting ... you just
    need to think you know how to paint to enjoy other people admiring you for 
    attempting to paint.
    Free Weight Set - §350
    Since time immemorial, free-weights have been the preferred method of weight-
    training. Freedom of movement allows for more natural development than 
    machines and protein supplements can yield.
    Offender Guitar and Amplifer - §600
    Ask any guitarist and they'll tell you that the Offender line of guitars is
    the only choice for rock and rollers who aren't afraid of giving fans a dose
    of anger, sweat and tinnitus.
    GalleLayman Backyard Telescope - §999
    Impeccable optical imaging yields heavenly optical results. You won't be 
    discovering new planets with is baby, but you might settle the Martian 
    question once and for all.
    [6.06] Utilities
    The Savvy Shower - §230
    The tiles are Moroccan, the shower head is Polish, and the grout was made in
    the U S of A. Without damaging your wallet, this shower makes a 
    cosmopolitian out of all who wash here.
    SaniQueen Luxury Shower - §1,500
    Lavish expense and garish detailing accent SaniQueen's entry into the luxury
    shower line.
    Mr. Andersonville Sink - §105
    This standing, porcelain sink replicates the elegant lines and curves found
    in the furniture of the British Victorian era. Finally, you don't have to be
    an aristocrat to wash behind our ears in style. 
    Hanging Telephone - §75
    A cute, almond-tinted telephone with 25 quick-dial memory banks, mute, redial
    and volume control. Call your parents, they miss you!
    HygeiaOmatic Toilet - §120
    Just the basic; no frills, no spills. The HygeiaOmatic Toilet is all you'll 
    ever need to satisfy your fundamental urges. Available with optional puffy-
    seat for unexpectedly cold nights.
    Pee-K-Boo Mfc. Toilet - §380
    A century of public toilet technology in a single stall. Fabricated from 
    solid phenolic resin, each shell is quintuple coated with an antiseptic, anti-
    graffiti enamel to ensure a hygienic experience.
    The Mix Whizzard - §250
    The Miz Whizzard makes mixing easy. Simply fill the mixer with three 
    ingredients and push the big button. Volia! In seconds you have something
    to toss in the oven. Let's hope you're a good cook.
    The Mix Whizzard De-Lux - §750
    The Mix Whizzard De-Lux makes more reliable mixes that its cousin. Simply fill
    the mixer with three ingredients and push the big button. Volia! In seconds
    you have something to toss in the oven. Let's hope you're a good cook.
    Woodcarving Table - §100
    The last thing you want when whittling away at your masterpiece is a table 
    made of the same material as your subject. Thats why we use high strength
    Plethlar fiber in this special table made specifically for artists. 
    Craftmaestro Pro Bench - §950
    For those who can top-notch craftsmanship, the Craftmaestro Pro Bench is the
    ultimate carpenter's playpen. If it were any bigger, you'd need a business
    license just to own it.
    Craftmaestro Mini Bench - §100
    Perfect for people who don't know a spanner from a hammer, the Craftmaestro
    Mini Bench is compact and easy to store. Easy to ignore too, if you still
    aren't into woodworking yet.
    [7.01] Squeegee Clean
    Squeegee Clean is a game that you have to wipe bird dung/poo/crap off the 
    windows of the King Tower. There are 3 levels. The first level will have not
    many birds so that you can warm up. The second level will have a start of more
    birds doing their business. The third level is insane. It is really hard not
    to get hit by the birdie business at least once.
    Location: Floor 5 [Roof] of King Tower
    Time: 5am to 7pm
    [7.02] Hoopz
    Hoopz is a game that you have to play basketball to earn money. That is sad 
    but is the only source of income in the beginning of the game. All you have to
    do is to make both of the circles, the black one and the basketball in the 
    centre to make your character to shoot into the hoop. Once you get 3 hoops in
    a row, you get a special Simolean ball. Once you sink that one in, you get a 
    Location: On top of the Jail
    Time: 5am to 5pm
    [7.03] Dr Max Stat!
    Dr Max Stat is where you help the bored doctor operate on lawn gnomes. I know,
    we should feel sorry for the poor gnomes. You will be shown a sequence on 
    the top of the screen, near the money made. You have to make the sequence in
    order with the one shown above. You can only go on adjacent squares, squares 
    next to one another. They can not be diagonal. You can only use one block once
    and no more.
    Location: Minipolis Hospital
    Time: 6am to 11pm
    [7.04] Comic Explosion
    Comic Explosion is the game that you have to tell corny jokes to make money. 
    The more jokes you make, the more money you make. Stand near the microphone
    and the mouth bar will fill with teeth. Once it is full, you tell a joke and
    make money. Once you move away from it, the teeth start going away. If you get
    hit by a tomato, you lose time washing it off and flowers increase your time 
    on the stage.
    Location: Pizza Shop
    Time: 6pm to 2am
    [7.05] Motocross Mayhem
    Motocross Mayhem is the game where you have to drive a bike around 4 times. 
    The better your rank, the more money you make. To make better your racing, 
    you can talk to the guy near your bike and pay for an upgrade. They are 
    expensive however. You can use weapons by pressing L and R and you can get a
    nitro boost by holding down B. A is used to move forward.
    Location: Chopper Garage
    Time: 9am to 6pm
    [7.06] Moogoo Monkey
    Moogoo Monkey is a game that you play in a casino. You play fruit (your bets)
    under a monkey. Then you play a card with a number. The colour of the card 
    will be placed under that coloured monkey. The lowest card number will be
    removed after each monkey has a card. The aim is to keep the monkey with your
    fruit under it to survive. The more fruit you have remaining after 3 rounds
    will be calculated to your money received.
    Location: Olde Salty's Boat
    Time: 4pm to 2am
    [7.07] Yar Hey! Bombard!
    Yar Hey! Bombard! is a bumper boat style game. You have 3 health and your 
    object is to make the other contestants hit the alligators while you avoid 
    them. The play remaining after all the other 3 contestants have lost all their
    health is the winner. The other 3 get even money. You knock the other players
    into the alligators by ramming them at high speeds.
    Location: Minipolis Wharf, near the boat
    Time: 9am to 5pm
    [7.08] Soul Music
    Soul Music is a game that you have to follow the red man. Look at what buttons
    he presses and when it is your turn, you also press those buttons. This will
    make the music. The more music you get correct, the more money you make. Think
    of this game as Simon says on GBA by pressing buttons. Simple.
    Location: Outside the Dark Tree, Bayou
    Time: Midnight to 8am
    [7.09] Spelling Bee
    Spelling Bee is a secret minigame. You have to have 10 Rep with the Nerdies.
    All you have to do is to press A or B to say if the word is correct or not.
    Location: Clubhouse
    Time: 24/7
    [8.01] Housing
    There are houses for sale in the city of Minipolis. Green signs that have a
    house on them show that the house is able to be brought. Once you buy the
    house, you have to pay bills weekly and you have to pay a one off deposit on
    the house. The houses you can by are
    Small Brownstone
    Deposit: §150
    Rent p/w: §175
    Large Brownstone
    Deposit: §200
    Rent p/w: §195
    Deposit: §1,000
    Rent p/w: §475
    First Mate's Quarters
    Deposit: §1,350
    Rent p/w: §435
    City Apartment
    Deposit: §3,500
    Rent p/w: §800
    Skyline Penthouse
    Deposit: §6,500
    Rent p/w: §999
    You can also upgrade you house in the utilities board. In the Brownhouses, 
    the boards on in the first room left. The Townhouse is upstairs. The Steamboat
    is also on the first floor. The Apartment is in the northern area. In the 
    Penthouse the utilities board is upstairs.
    Baseboard Heating - §0
    Central Heating - §600
    Lowers bill by 20%
    Double Pane Windows - §2,000
    Lowers bill by 40%
    Mild - §0
    Stylin' - §750
    Others feel vibes 15% more
    Groovy - §1,500
    Others feel vibes 40% more
    *Security System*
    No Security - §0
    Burglar Alarm - §250
    Decrease robbers by 50%
    Nite-Ninja Security - §1,500
    Never get robbed
    *Fire Alarm*
    No Fire Alarm - §0
    Smoke Detector - §50
    When there is a fire, automatically calls Fire Department
    Halon Suppression System - §500
    When there is a fire, puts itself out
    [8.02] Places of Interest
    This carnival holds many attractions.
    At certain times, Heidi Shadows can be found here
    There is a slot game, gamble for §10
    You can play Derby for §10
    You can play Cups for §10
    You can play Darts for §10
    There is a pet store where you can buy pets
    *Cinema d'Urbania*
    Cinema d'Urbania is open between 11:00am and 3:00am
    It Sells: 
    Jumbo Combo - §35
    A good old fashioned jumbo hot dog, crispy fries and a large soda. Football
    tickets are not included
    Chocolate Ice Cream - §20
    A heaping bowl of chocolate ice cream. Always a treat, forever a classic.
    Mega-Bucket of Popcorn - §20
    One handful of this and you can feel your arteries harden. So scarfing down 
    the entire bucket is probably a health risk.
    Barrel o' Soda - §20
    A hefty barrel of 100 percent natural root beer. Good thing root beer doesn't
    have caffeine ... you'd be awake for months.
    *Glasstown Megamall*
    Glasstown Megamall is open between 10:00am and 8:00pm
    Glasstown Megamall has four sections.
    On the first floor, there is a furniture seller and an appliances seller.
    The second floor has a electronics seller and a utilities sellers.
    *Club Zizzle (Glasstown)*
    Club Zizzle is where you can exchange your Zizzles beads for Zizzles, which
    can help you in the game. Also, you can enter the club with the password 
    Bucket. You can go to the other side of town from this club. It has a 
    vending machine and is a very popular place for the socialites.
    The Clubhouse is where you can access after you have 10 rep with a group and
    get their keys.
    *King Tower*
    This is the massive building of the game.
    The Basement is Misty Water's gym.
    There are toilets here, as well as exercise equipment here.
    The Lobby
    The lobby has a vending machine and thats it
    Law Office (2F)
    This office has Lily Gate's office and a TV, nothing special
    Executive Office (3F)
    This is Daddy Bigbuck's office, again nothing special
    Skyline Penthouse (4F)
    This is the best house in the game, and you can live here
    Roof (5F)
    This is where you can play Squeegee Clean and travel back in time.
    You can travel to 
    November 29, 1984 - Quite Wonky, NES Graphics. 
    Present Day - Back to normal
    1,000,000  BC - Instantly go back as there are bad things
    December 2, 2003 - Back to Uncle Hayseed and you fixing the tractor!
    3798 AD - Cave looking place, You'll go back
    December 31, 1870 - Stop Daddy B.
    *Coffee Shop*
    This cafe has the ability to link with another GBA and shop online.
    It sells:
    Cup o' Jay - §16
    An aromatic cup of black coffee with a dash of cardamom and coriander.
    Cup o' Joe - §8
    A regular cup of dark black coffee. Enjoy, but stay near a toilet.
    Cup o' Kev - §12
    A rich cup of black coffee with a shot of chocolate mint syrup.
    Cup o' Les - §14
    A steaming cup of black coffee with an extra blast of chicory root.
    *City Apartment*
    This apartment is the basic living quarters after you can enter Glasstown.
    There are quite a few attractions here.
    You can sell:
    Pile of Trash
    This is a foul, putrid, rank and surprisingly fascinating pile of trash
    Aluminum Cans
    These are aluminum cans people didn't recycle ... shame on them! But you can
    cash them in for a few extra Simoleons.
    License Plate
    One of the many license plates manufactured right here in Miniopolis, back
    when the prison doubled as a factory.
    Nuclear Fuel Rods
    For some reason, these nuclear fuel rods are laying around Miniopolis. Though
    some types of radiation make you sick, in this game the radiation is quite 
    Three-Eyed Bog Frog
    You can find these strange frogs all over the wetter parts of Miniopolis. 
    Three Eyes? Yikes! What are they putting in the water out there?
    Also, if you get arrested, there is a TV, toilet, shower, food and rest for
    you. And on the top, you can pay Hoopz.
    *Miniopolis Chronicle*
    Miniopolis Chronicle is open between 7:00am and 10:00pm
    Inside there is a bulletin board for some never changing news and a computer 
    for work.
    *Miniopolis Hospital*
    This hospital is where you can find the Dr. Max Stat game. There is a vending
    machine here for food, a bed for rest and thats about it.
    *Miniopolis University*
    This University is open at 6:00am to 9:00pm
    You can study Cooking, Creativity, Logic and Mechanical here. The price you
    have to pay is determined by the level your skills are at. 
    *Large Brownstone*
    The large brownstone will be the alternative to live in to start off.
    *Small Brownstone*
    The most basic house you can live in.
    *Comedy Club*
    The Comedy Club is open between 10:00am and 2:00am
    It Sells:
    Corny Dawg - §15
    Dipped in batter and baked until it's brown and crispy, the corny dawg is a
    Cheesy Pizza - §20
    A basic slice of cheese pizza for those who want portable taste without a lot
    of filler.
    Slice o' Heaven Pizza - §30
    This is food that must be believed to be seen. One bite will send you to your
    knees in a reverie of devotional bliss.
    Tub o' Soda - §5
    Any bigger container than this and you'd need to back a truck into the 
    restaurant to carry this cola around.
    Also, there comedy club game is found here. There are toilets and games here.
    *Street Peddlar*
    The street peddlar is outside the comedy club. The peddlar sells you items
    that you can give to other people as gifts at low prices.
    *Club Zizzle (Urbania)*
    Club Zizzle is where you can exchange your Zizzles beads for Zizzles, which
    can help you in the game. Also, you can enter the club with the password 
    Bucket. You can go to the other side of town from this club. It has a 
    vending machine and is a very popular place for the socialites.
    *Second Looks Thrift Emporium*
    This shop will form the basic of your furniture early in the game. It will
    sell cheap furniture you can afford. You can change your clothes here and
    there is a mirror.
    *Chopper Garage*
    The chopper garage is where you can play Motocross Mayhem, where you race on
    your bike. You can modify your bike by pressing A on the guy next to the 
    *Urbania Park*
    Urbania Park is where you can find some food or groceries on the floor. There
    is a grill here if you need some food.
    *Crawfish Shack*
    Crawfish Shack is open between 7:00am and 10:00pm
    It sells:
    Beans n' Rice - §15
    A spicy bowl of beans n' rice. A simple meal for simple times
    Grilled Catfish - §25
    Grilled to perfection and seasoned with lemon, this is some tasty catfish.
    Fresh Cornbread - §12
    Moist and fresh, this cornbread is a sweet and hearty snack.
    Jumbo Jerk Gumbo - §20
    Two great tastes that taste wild together: Traditional jerk spices in a funky,
    chunky gumbo stew
    It also has some seats and toilets for your pleasure.
    *Fortune Teller Shop*
    Fortune Teller Shop is open between 6:00am to 12:00pm
    The only thing of interest here is the fortune table with increases the green
    bar on your motives.
    *Epoch Museum*
    Epoch Museum is only open between 10:00am and 6:00pm
    Epoch Museum sells some stuff on the lower floor. On the upper floors, you can
    donate exhabits for the public to earn a part of the money.
    *Farmer's Market*
    The farmer's market has three shops
    Baker's Dozen sells:
    The Mixer - §250
    Chocolate - §30
    Flour - §5
    Nuts - §10
    Sugar - §10
    Vanilla - §15
    Carver's Corner Sells:
    Mini-Bench - §100
    Pro-Bench - §950
    Elm Wood - §25
    A soft block of lovely elm perfect for carving
    Oak Wood - §50
    A fine block of hard oak perfect for carving
    Teak Wood - §75
    A tough block of tropical teak perfect for carving
    The Wood not Sold are:
    Redwood Wood - §30
    A sturdy block of mighty redwood perfect for carving
    Petrified Wood - §60
    A solid block of petrified wood, rather difficult to carve
    The Bayou Bazaar sells furniture and items. 
    *Pet Guy*
    The Pet Guy is found outside the Crawfish Shack. They sell pets for your 
    The townhouse is a two storey building that you can rent to live in.
    *Zeke's Zydeco Club*
    Zeke's Zydeco Club is open between 12:00pm and 3:00am
    It Sells: 
    Bayou Bubbly - §30
    A bubbly, emerald-green concoction containing the juice of over 12 different
    fruits, vegetables and grains. Rich and hearty, though not necessarily 
    scrumptious, this drink has a small but dedicated following.
    Caramel Coffee - §35
    One steaming cup of Caramel Coffee will kick you in the pants and get you
    Swamp Juicy - §9
    Don't let the name keep you away! Swamp juice is a refreshing combination of
    watermelon and cranbery juice thickened with 100 percent organic rice milk and
    honey. Dee-lish!
    Zydeco Zowee - §12
    Equal parts pink lemonade and tart grapefruit put the zing in the Zydeco Zowee
    a summertime drink that helps you beat the heat.
    *Cafe Multiplaya*
    This cafe has the ability to link with another GBA and shop online.
    It sells:
    Cup o' Jay - §16
    An aromatic cup of black coffee with a dash of cardamom and coriander.
    Cup o' Joe - §8
    A regular cup of dark black coffee. Enjoy, but stay near a toilet.
    Cup o' Kev - §12
    A rich cup of black coffee with a shot of chocolate mint syrup.
    Cup o' Les - §14
    A steaming cup of black coffee with an extra blast of chicory root.
    The cementry is where you can access the Bayou later in the game. Also many
    frogs and nuclear rods and be found here.
    The Riverboat is on the wharf. It sells:
    Great Gravy Fries - §10
    Thick chunks of hand cut potatoes, fried and slathered with a goopy layer of
    rich gravy
    Da Slam-Burger - §15
    Da Slam-Burger is a hamburger fixed up with a touch of every taste: onions, 
    tomatoes, avocado, bacon and blue cheese.
    Mango Mambo Smoothie - §5
    Bursting with Vitamin C, this thick mango smoothie is probably your best 
    defense against germs ... apart from soap and hot water.
    Fruit Squeezee - §7
    Slurp down a zippy fruit squeezee loaded with real orange and carrot juice, 
    and fortified with 15 vitamins and minerals.
    It also has the game Moogoo Monkey on the first level and the house on the
    second level
    *Paradise Island*
    Paradise Island is only accessable via the fanboat. The shop has some items
    and there are some lemons for you to pick up.
    The Paradise Island Shop
    Giant Tiki Head - §450
    Denizen Cane Bamboo Bed - §1,500
    Denizen Cane Bamboo Chair - §300
    Denizen Cane Bamboo Recliner - §800
    *Bayou Shack*
    The Bayou Shack is where the two bayou brothers live. Outside is a grill and
    there are toilets and showers inside.
    [9.01] Recipes
    To cook, you must have the ingredients, a mixer and an oven. Use the mixer and
    mix the ingredients up. Then bake the mix in the oven. The higher your cooking
    skill, the better the chances of success.
    *Apple Pie*
    Need: 1 Apple, 1 Flour and 1 Sugar
    Piping hot and oven fresh, this delicious pie is loaded with chunks of apple
    and generous spoonfuls of cinnamon.
    *Apple Strudel*
    Need: 1 Apple, 1 Nut and 1 Sugar
    A dense, rich strudel with hefty chunks of apple and handfuls of cinnamon and
    *Birthday Cupcake*
    Need: 1 Vanilla, 1 Sugar and 1 Flour
    A delicious cupcake for those celebrating birthdays for cheering up bad days.
    *Biscotti Chocolate*
    Need: 1 Nut, 1 Chocolate and 1 Flour
    Designed for coffee dunking, this crumbly biscotti combines sweet chocolate
    and bitter almonds in one delicious treat.
    *Caramel Apples*
    Need: 1 Apple, 1 Sugar and 1 Vanilla
    Doused in a gooey, glucose rich caramel, these apples are the perfect antidote
    for a dull day.
    *Chocolate Cake*
    Need: 1 Chocolate, 1 Sugar, and 1 Flour
    A simple, tasty and sweet chocolate cake layered with nearly one pound of 
    rich frosting.
    *Chocolate Decadence*
    Need: 2 Chocolate and 1 Flour
    As far as Chocolate Decadence cake goes, it doesn't get much denser and richer
    than this.
    *Cocoa Apple Cake*
    Need: 1 Apple, 1 Chocolate and 1 Nut
    A strange and delightful new recipe imported from SimValley, take our word for
    it; this is the next big thing.
    *Fudge Brownies*
    Need: 2 Chocolate and 1 Nut
    Soft and chewy chocolate fudge brownies ... much better than your mom ever
    *Giant Chocolate Bunny*
    Need: 3 Chocolate
    Why does chocolate taste so much better in the shape of cute animals? Only 
    your psychiatrist knows for sure.
    *Glazed Fruit Salad*
    Need: 1 Apple, 1 Strawberry and 1 Lemon
    A fresh, sweet snack, this glazed fruit salad is perfect for picnics and 
    *Lemon Meringue Pie*
    Need: 1 Lemon and 2 Sugar
    Lemon Meringue Pies are so easy to love and even easier to bungle, but this
    one looks sweet, creamy and absolutely perfect.
    *Lemon Pudding*
    Need: 2 Lemon, 1 Sugar
    It's not often that you find a lemon pudding on the menu, but this batch is a
    creamy delight.
    *Lemon Tart*
    Need: 1 Lemon, 1 Sugar and 1 Vanilla
    This lemon tart has a crumbly crust and a tangy taste worth swooning for.
    *Low-Carb Chocolate Cake*
    Need: 2 Chocolate and 1 Sugar
    For those who like fab with their food, this flourless, lob-carb, chocolate 
    cake is dense and delectable.
    *Pecan Pie*
    Need: 1 Nut, 1 Sugar and 1 Flour
    A piquant, piping hot pecan pie perfect for premeditated parties.
    *Red Velvet Cake*
    Need: 1 Vanilla, 1 Strawberry and 1 Chocolate
    Let's hope you aren't allergic to red dye, because this red velvet cake is 
    worth every decadent second.
    *Strawberry Shortcake*
    Need: 1 Strawberry, 1 Sugar and 1 Flour
    Moist sponge cake, sweet cream, and juciy strawberries combine miraculously 
    to make this summertime favourite.
    *Strawberry Tiramisu*
    Need: 1 Strawberry, 1 Vanilla and 1 Flour
    An exciting update of a classic recipe, this strawberry tiramisu is five times
    sweeter and ten times more decadent than the legally allowed limit.
    *Sugar Cookies*
    Need: 2 Sugar and 1 Flour
    Warm and soft on the inside with a slight crisp crunch on the outside. These
    cookies are the epitome of simple pleasure.
    *Vanilla Swirl Tart*
    Need: 1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla and 1 Sugar
    A sweet and scrumptious with thick stripes of vanilla and sugar.
    [9.02] Ingredients
    Note that all ingredients are found in twos or pairs
    Location: Found in Urbania Park and near the Chopper Garage
    A ripe Red Delicious Apple, suitable for eating, cooking, or dropping on the
    head of a thoughtful physicist.
    Location: In Farmers Marker for §30
    A hefty chunk of extra-rich, ultra-creamy baking chocolate. Careful dude ... 
    you don't eat this stuff plain.
    Location: In Farmers Market for §5
    Sifted and measured, this is the finist quality baking flour you'll find this
    side of the industrial age.
    Location: On Paradise Island
    When life gives you lemons ... go buy lemonade, and use the fruit for 
    something sweeter and yummier.
    Location: In Farmers Market for §10
    An assortment of pecans, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts. If you need just one
    type, start picking. 
    Location: In Urbania Park, on the middle shrub. Bayou
    Fresh strawberries bursting with sweet flavour, grown here on the sticky 
    streets of Minipolis.
    Location: In Farmers Market for §10
    Raw, pure cane sugar imported from Paradise Island
    Location: In Farmers Market for §15
    Pure vanilla, fresh from the vine and ready to be squeeze. (Psst, Just use 
    the beans.)
    [10.01] Hints
    * Carving objects can make a lot of money
    * Baking objects can make a lot of money
    * Recycling Things make some money
    * The Best Burglar Alarm stops all thieves
    * In later stages, decreasing bills by 40% is about §400 savings
    [10.02] Hiding Places
    Get 100 Relationship with these people and they will give you a brand new
    place to do stuff
    Detective Mann: In the prison, there is a poster. You will be able to go 
                    through and go to the Bayou
    Ewan Matahmee: Pass the Yar Har! Bombard! sign is a place for you to live
    Phoebe Twiddle: In Glasstown, outside Club Xizzle is a trashcan, you can go in
    Giuseppi Mezzoalto: You can go in the old school bus
    Theresa Bullhorn: You can access the movie projection room
    Magic Lamp: A free bed and toilet and is portable!
    [10.03] Heidi Shadows
    Heidi Shadows is the cheat ninja, a helper in the game. There are many places
    for Heidi to appear.
    Everyday in the Top of the Carnival 2am to 3am
    Sometimes in the passage leading into the Bayou
    Going back in Time
    She Sells
    Rosebud - §100
    A flavorful and fragrant smoothie made from a single red rose. Classic cheat,
    classic taste.
    Silver-Tongue Berry Smoothie - §999
    The rare berry in this smoothie grows on the Silver Tongue Tree, which once
    sprouted on the beach after the Great Starfish Attack of 1997.
    Gourmet Berry Smoothie - §999
    This smoothie is said to contain the most exquisite and exotic nutrients known
    to mankind.
    Clock Berry Smoothie - §999
    If you pour this smoothie in your ear, you can hear the tick-tock of a clock.
    Buff Berry Smoothie - §999
    This smoothie contains more protein and vitamins than a field of cows.
    Mind Berry Smoothie - §999
    The berry in this smoothie was genetically engineered at VirtuChem labs 
    before the Government found out and shut down the program.
    DaVinci Berry Smoothie - §999
    It is said that famous artists drank smoothies like this just prior to 
    painting masterpieces
    Piece of Paper - §999
    A slip of paper. Odd, isn't it? If you look at it closely, in scratchy
    handwriting it reads: "BUCKET" And don't forget, 1 Strawberry, 1 Vanilla, 1
    Flour makes for a tasty treat.
    [11.01] The Cast
    Bayou Boo
    Boo is one of your strong, slient types - a gentle man with a mind running 
    riot with fanciful ideas
    Berkeley Clodd
    If you think Berkeley is a model of human honesty and decency, he's got some
    swamp land to sell to you
    Cannonball Coleman
    There is no sweet sound than Mr. Coleman's sax playing. He's an artist, 
    through and through
    Crawdad Clem
    Clem is the more talkative of the two bayou brothers, though they share an 
    insatiable thrist for invention
    A fashionista from out of town, Crystal has come to Minipolis to check out the
    scene and steal some good ideas
    Daddy Bigbucks
    Most people call him Daddy B. It's the only resistance possible against this
    miser and his money
    Darius uses his size and his cool composure to stop fights before they begin.
    A good guy to have in your corner
    Det. Dan D. Mann
    Detective Mann is a no-nonsence cop with a nose for facts and figures. He's
    kind but a little humorless
    Dusty Hogg
    Dusty has a mean streak longer than his patience, but if can prove you're 
    tough, he just might like you
    Ephram Earl
    Driven to near madness by two centuries of lonely wanderings. Ephram is a 
    ghost looking for some rest
    Ewan Watahmee
    Ewan is a builder for whom every project, no matter how minor, is an 
    opportunity for artistic enlightenment
    Giuseppi Mezzoalto
    Since moving here from SimValley, Giuseppi has ditched his black-market 
    dealings. Now he's just a shady guy. 
    Gramma Hattie
    Outspoken firebrand and social activist, Gramma Hattie gets more done in a
    days than you could in three lives
    Harlan King
    Kind, doddering Harlan King is your old boss. Just where he disappeared to, no
    one can say
    Kris Thistle
    Kris is a smart and sassy dreamer, currently working as King Tower's lead
    Lily Gates
    Lily is Daddy B's attorney and business partner. She means well but is a 
    terrible judge of character
    Lincoln Broadsheet
    If there is a conspiracy to unearth, you can bet that local journalist, 
    Lincoln Broadsheet is there, shovel in hand
    Lottie Cash
    Lottie's move to the big city has shown her things her mother and step-father
    never taught her ... like how to work
    Luthor L. Bigbucks
    Luthor is the handsome, talented and arrogant son of Daddy Bigbucks. Easy to
    hate but impossible to ignore
    Mambo Loa
    Mystic Sage Mambo Loa always has some wisdom to share with the aimless 
    traveler in times of great confusion
    Maximillian Moore
    Dr. Moore is the handsome hyperchondriac in charge of Minipolis University's
    Medicial Center. Approach with gloves
    Misty Waters
    One-time lifeguard, Misty Waters is a fitness guru and manager of King Tower's
    state-of-the-art fitness center
    Olde Salty
    Sunshine, open ocean and briny saltwater have warped dear Olde Salty into a 
    confused and crazy ex-captain
    Phoebe Twiddle
    Erstwhile SimValley kick-nack maven Phoebe Twiddle has come to Minipolis to 
    ply her trade and sell her swesome junk
    Polly Normal
    Research assistant and think-tank pundit, Polly Normal is your geeky, 
    pretentious and nauseatingly brillant
    Pritchard Locksley
    Pritchard is a actor temporarily waiting tables in a restaurant outside 
    Minipolis. Or is it the other way around?
    Roxanna Moxie
    You'd be hard-pressed to find another person as talented, fearless, and crazy
    as this local carnie, Roxanna Moxie
    Sue Pirnova
    Sue Prinova is a college student struggling to find her path. This year, she's
    majoring physics. What will next year bring?
    Theresa Bullhorn
    Once an actor, now a part-time director and manager of the cinema, Theresa is
    100 percent old school class
    [11.02] Housewarming Gifts
    Bayou Boo             - Python Statue
    Berkeley Clodd        - 3-Card Monte Status 
    Cannonball Coleman    - Music Stand
    Crawdad Clem          - Wall Mounted Alligator
    Crystal               - Magic Lamp 
    Daddy Bigbucks        - Key to the City
    Darius                - Uncle Suede Shizzle's Cane
    Det. Dan D. Mann      - Safe
    Dusty Hogg            - Burning Spoke Sign
    Eprham Earl           - Angel Status
    Ewan Matahmee         - Traffic Light
    Giuseppi Mezzoalto    - Orange Pedestal
    Gramma Hattie         - Soap Box
    Harlan King           - Throne
    Kris Thistle          - Golden Mop Award
    Lily Gates            - Blind Justice Statue
    Lincoln Boardsheet    - Typewriter
    Lottie Cash           - Lottie Cash Status
    Luthor L. Bigbucks    - '98 Adder Bumper
    Mambo Loa             - Voodoo Dan Doll
    Maximillian Moore     - Periodic Table of Elements
    Misty Waters          - Miss Urbverse Trophy
    Olde Salty            - Wall Mounted Swordfish
    Phoebe Twiddle        - Lawn Flagingo
    Polly Normal          - Khroniton Reactor
    Pritchard Locksley    - Comedy & Tragedy
    Roxanna Moxie         - Flaming Hoop
    Sue Pirnova           - Velocirooster Skeleton
    Theresa Bullhorn      - Movie Standee
    [12.01] Q&A
    Q. If I sell the Clubhouse keys, can I go back in?
    A. Yes you can
    Q. Can you tell me where I can find the Rom?
    A. No, so don't even think about it
    Q. How do I get into the Clubhouse?
    A. Stupid Kid, all you have to do is to get 10 Rep with a certain group
    Q. Where do I find trash?
    A. Its all over the floor, but after a certain period of time, the trash will
    Q. How do I buy items from the catalog?
    A. You can't
    Q. How do I empty my pockets?
    A. You place them down
    [A] Contact Information
    Before you E-Mail me, read the guide first. If the answer is not in here, then
    E-Mail me. If it is, don't bother as I won't reply.
    To contact me, e-mail me at
    hillsdragon13 [at] hotmail [dot] com
    Replace [at] with @ and [dot] with .
    Please put the title on the email title.
    Don't add me to MSN Messenger List because if I don't know you, I won't accept
    you, simple as that. 
    E-Mail me (and anyone else you want to e-mail) with courtesy and respect as 
    we are living people like you. Have a title of what you are sending so I know
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    Please write in English or anything close to it. It can't understand foreign
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    Don't write in sloppy English. I mean, who the hell would understand "Hwo Od 
    Yoi Di Tjih Ni Tje Sdgs?" Don' be too formal, a question is not a freakin
    business agreement so don't say "Dear Sir, In accordance to your Walkthrough
    to the GBA Game, The Urbz, ..." it makes me wonder if I'm talking to a freak
    the President of the United States of America or Bill Gates or Donald Trump.
    I will credit you if your send me information about this game that is not in
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    Gamefaqs or a site which has my permission. If you do, tell me so I can kick
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    I will not respond to:
    * Spam
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    * Technical Problems
    Technical Problems will not be answer as they should be sent to Maxis not me.
    I didn't design the game so I shouldn't know what's wrong with it, its your
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    [B] Webmaster Information
    [C] Credits
    This section is where you see your name. It will be long. The names are either
    Board Names from the Boards or your e-mail so if your name is Bob Rob and 
    another Bob Rob posted the message, the First Bob Rob will not be credited so
    in short, someone around the world who shares the same name as you will not
    be credited for your work.
    CJayC for hosting this FAQ
    Maxis and EA for developing the game
    Me for making it
    http://www.rootsecure.net/index.php?p=ascii_generator for ASCII art
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    May Be Outdated
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