Where do i get the 1 star dragonball?

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    super_mario87 - 7 years ago

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  1. A little south and east from Roshi's island is the Thieves Den. You will have to pass a level 80 Trunks door to get in.

    To enter the place with the 1-star ball once inside the area you will need a Bandanna accessory, which can be won at random from one of the enemies on the airships or submarines. To get to this place, head east and north as much as you can. Eventually you will come to a gate blocked by a pair of typical criminal-type enemies. If you do not have the Bandanna, they will not let you pass. If you have a Bandanna, equip it; the guards let you go right on by. The top floor of the building in the top right corner is where you will find the 1-star ball.

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