How do I get onto the island in Lake Hylia with the picori mushroom between the 2 trees?

  1. I read on another post that you must kinfuse with a minish in the minish woods after defeating the wind ruins, but I have defeated the wind ruins and cannot find a minish to fuse with...Do you have to fuse the sword with all 4 elements before getting onto the island?

    User Info: blue_willow

    blue_willow - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. The minish that you have to fuse with in the minish woods is hard to find. He's in the very northeastern corner of the village. You have to follow the wooden path which goes to where a Heart Piece was, then jump off the dock and swim east to his house. (So, you have to have the flippers to do this.) You have to kinfuse with him twice, so kinfuse once, then go out, back in, and do it again. The second time, it will open up a Minish-sized hole by the Lake Hylia Wind Crest. Go through the passage and you're there. (Believe me, the reward is worth the trouble!)
    BTW, I originally found this out from GameToWin's Heart Piece FAQ.

    User Info: zephyrus256

    zephyrus256 - 8 years ago 0 0

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