How do I beat (vaati)?

  1. How do i beat vaati in the final battle?

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  1. You are dropped down below to face off against Vaati who has grown somewhat.
    What happens is some special pods float around Vaati and act as his
    protection, once these pods have been destroyed the eye opens up and you can
    strike it. Vaati's pods are dangerous however, they can fire laser beams down
    at you while he moves and Vaati himself is capable is throwing numerous flames
    in your direction. your goal should be to use the ultimate spin attack to
    eliminate as many of them as quickly as possibly and then strike the eye below
    the boss. After awhile the pods will change and become shielded. Removing
    the shield is quite easy, simply equip the gust jar and suck that shielding
    off them, after the battle works the same way it did at the start.

    This next boss is interesting, it's just an eyeball floating around, but a
    dangerous one at that. Your weapon of choice here, besides the sword, is
    actually the Bow. Notice there are eight balls surrounding him, well each
    round four of those in a row are real and four are fake. You can tell which
    are real by firing an arrow at them, if they open they're real. Open four in
    a row and then charge your sword. Create three clones aligned with the four
    eyes and strike them all at once. At this point the boss drops and you can
    attack him all your want. It takes about five of these to kill him. The boss
    has a couple of attacks, the first fires weird black objects at you which
    remain as ground traps afterward. These traps can be destory to net you more
    arrows and hearts. The boss also shakes the ground and drops blocks from
    above. Finall he has the ability to fire electricity projectiles at you. Be
    careful of all these attacks and keep the Bow handy for each round. After the
    boss is defeated climb the stairs and let loose a spin attack on Princess
    Zelda. It should bring her back to life and in your debt... but...

    After reaching the Elemental Sanctuary it's time to face off against the ture
    final boss. What happens is the boss bgeins to move around and attack, but
    eventually it will plunge one of its hands under the ground. When it comes up
    that's your cue to equip the Cane of Pacci and fire it at the vertical arm.
    Once it stops moving immediately jump onto the platform and shrink yourself
    down to Minish size. Enter the arm and charge a spin attack. SPin around
    like crazy in the direction of the eye with the red pupil, your goal is to
    destory it. Back outside it's time to do the exact same thing again, except
    this time after entering the arm equip your Flame Lantern so you cna see a
    little bit. Defeat the eye with the pupil. Now when you get back outside
    note the four eyes on the boss are open. His new main attack is a wave of
    electric balls whicy you can dodge pretty easily. Following this the eyes
    shoot four projectiles downward. To defeat the boss you need to split into
    four and align yourself, so that when the four projectiles are coming down,
    you can swing your four swords and knock them back up into the eye. Doing
    this makes the boss vulnerable and you can go up to attack with your sword.
    What I like to do is create the three clones then charge the sword again.
    When the boss fires the four projectiles, use the spin attack to knock them
    back and keep tapping the attack button to keep spinning and move up to the
    boss for serious damage. Doing this it should only take a couple rounds.

    Congratulations of finishing the game, all that remains now is the ending
    this was copyed off alexs faq

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  1. Go to any complete faq and search "final boss".

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  2. The last boss is funny one big eye with two hands. its easy when its hand come out of nowhere use the up-side down rod. Turn small go inside the small hole below the hand when u go in use your spin attack to destroy all the
    monster inside (one of them is the real one, destroy the the real one for an easy time, somtimes if you can't find the
    real one quickly you can't will not destroy its hand). P.s it will not heal its hand again.

    when he fire 4 small eye balls just attack (the normal way) and it will reflect back to him and he will just stop attacking for a few seconds. Keep using this method. You win.

    TIP: You can continue the game after you defeat vaati (you have to defeat vaati again) finish the goro side quest
    the thing hitting the cave. you can fuse with the goro after breaking all blocks then go to the big goro to give your shield to him.Come back for a few minutes. then he will give you the mirror shield (reflect attacks only when enemy fire like ball).

    I found out when (about vaati the final boss the big eye with two hands) i got insane.

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