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    Boss FAQ by GameToWin

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    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
    Boss FAQ
    version Final
    Last updated: 2 Mar. 2005
    by: GameToWin
    e-mail: gtowin@gmail.com
    |--------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------|
    1. FAQ Versions
    2. Introduction
    3. Bosses
    4. Copyright & Publishing Info
    5. Thanks & Contact
    |---------------------------- 1.) FAQ Versions ------------------------------|
    Version 0.3 (13 Nov. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Finished mini-bosses and bosses for the first two dungeons. 
    Rest coming soon.
    Place in game: Just finished the Cave of Flames (2nd dungeon)
    Version 0.5 (16 Nov. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Finished the description of the boss of the Fortress of 
    Winds. Still playing through the game, and hoping to be finished soon so that 
    I can add more descriptions.
    Place in game: The beginning of the Temple of Droplets
    Version 0.55 (16 Nov. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Decided to pull out my mini-bosses, read why in the 
    Place in game: In the Temple of Droplets
    Version 0.7 (16 Nov. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Finished the description of the boss of the Temple of 
    Droplets. Just a few more to go!
    Place in game: Finished the Temple of Droplets
    Version 0.9 (20 Nov. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Finished description for the boss of the Palace of Winds.
    Place in game: Just entered Dark Hyrule Castle.
    Version 1.0 (24 Nov. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Finished all descriptions. Decided to not make any ASCII 
    Art because it's just a Boss FAQ.
    Place in game: Finished! :D
    Version 1.01 (1 Dec. 2004)
    Progress/Changes: Asked by neoseeker.com if I would post their FAQs on their
    site. I agreed.
    Place in game: Finished!
    Version Final (3 Jan. 2005)
    Progress/Changes: Changed the boss names into the official names.
    Place in game: Finished!
    |----------------------------- 2.) Introduction -----------------------------|
    It's not a real intro. It's just a small note. First I thought to make a Boss 
    FAQ covering bosses AND mini-bosses. But I found out that this game doesn't 
    have any real mini-bosses, I decided to pull out those minibosses. The mini-
    bosses are usually just normal enemies that have a very basic way of 
    defeating. IF you have trouble with them still, you can always mail me at 
    |-------------------------------- 3.) Bosses --------------------------------|
    Giant Chu-Chu
    Where: Deepwood Shrine
    Reward: Earth Element & Heart Container
    His attacks: He'll basically just walk around and try to touch you. As you 
    get further into the fight, he'll also start to jump and try to crush you. 
    When he does this, get away as fast as possible.
    Method: Grab every chance you get to use the Gust Jar to suck away the slime 
    covering his "feet". You won't have a lot of time, so be prepared to use it. 
    When you sucked away all the slime, he'll start to stagger, and then he'll 
    fall over. Walk up to his head and hit him with your sword as fast as 
    possible. When he recovers, use the same method again, and after three 
    assaults on his head, he'll be dead.
    Where: Cave of Flames
    Reward: Fire Element & Heart Container
    His attacks: His only attack is spraying fire all across the room. This is a 
    very annoying attack, because if it hits you you'll lose a life (duh!) and 
    start running around uncontrollably, but when it doesn't it'll create a fire 
    on the floor, which blocks your path. You can suck away the fire with the 
    Gust Jar, or hit it away with the sword, but then you'll usually be hit by
    another fire. The fire covers hearts, though, so if you're in need of hearts
    you should use this method. Later on in the fight, he'll also start to spray
    a lot more fire than before, so be careful.
    Method: Roll around the room at a high speed, and when you get the chance hit 
    his shield with the Cane of Pacci. When done right, the shield will flip over 
    and crush the Dragon of Fire, and he'll be vulnerable for some ten seconds. 
    Quickly walk across his neck towards the shield and start hitting his shield 
    as often as possible. He'll recover, and repeat the same method for three 
    times and he'll be a goner.
    Where: Fortress of Winds
    Reward: Ocarina of Wind & Heart Container
    His attacks: He attacks mainly with his hand. Most of the time, he'll raise 
    one of his hands to form a fist, and then he'll try to crush you. This can be 
    easily avoided. Sometimes, one of his hands will slide across the ground in 
    an attempt to grab you. Walk all the way to the other side of the room to 
    avoid this (when his right hand tries to grab you, walk towards the right). 
    Later on in the fight, there will also be a laser coming out of his eyes. 
    This can be easily avoided, though.
    Method: When the boss has stopped attacking you, he'll calm down for some ten 
    seconds. Grab your chance and take out your Bow. Hit the palms of his hands 
    once, walk up to that hand and swing your sword and that hand will be gone. 
    When you did this to both of his hands, quickly walk towards a portal and
    shrink. Now walk up to his head and enter it via his mouth. Now, hit the 
    pillar with the face on its bottom. Hit it as fast as you can until you get
    dragged out by some crane-like animal. Now, repeat this procedure until he's 
    defeated. By the way, when you enter his head now, you'll have to use the
    Mole Mitts to search for the pillar with the smiling face. When you found the 
    right one, hit it as fast as you can :D. When you destroyed 3 - 4 pillars, 
    he'll be a goner. Bye bye!
    Big Octo
    Where: Temple of Droplets
    Reward: Water Element & Heart Container
    His attacks: The boss has 5 phases, and I'll describe his attacks for all of 
    them separately.
    NORMAL PHASE 1 --> In the first normal phase, all he'll do is turn around and 
    spit balls at you. These are easy to avoid, but watch out as when they are 
    destroyed, they'll leave behind stingy rocks that hurt you.
    ICE PHASE 1 --> In his first ice phase, he'll try to suck you up and spit you 
    out. This can be avoided by just not standing near its mouth. When you set 
    his tail on fire, he'll become very angry and keep on charging against the 
    walls to make ... rocks fall down! Avoid them.
    NORMAL PHASE 2 --> In the second normal phase, he'll start walking around 
    towards you. Also, he can fake you because he is pretending to spit a ball 
    but he's actually going to suck you up which'll cost you a heart.
    ICE PHASE 2 --> In the second ice phase, he'll have another attack: He'll 
    bump in the walls to make rocks fall down. When you set his tail on fire, 
    he'll become very angry and keep on charging against the walls to make ... 
    rocks fall down! Avoid them.
    NORMAL PHASE 3 --> In the third and final normal phase, he'll have all the 
    same attacks as in the other normal phases but he'll also start to bump into 
    walls so that rocks will fall down. They are easy to avoid because you can 
    see where they're going to land.
    Method: This is a quite complicated boss, so I'll set the fight into five 
    phases. Don't worry, he isn't as bad as you think he is!
    NORMAL PHASE 1 --> In this phase, all he'll do is turn around. When he acts 
    as if he's going to spit a ball out of his mouth, go stand in front of him 
    and wait for the ball to come. When it comes, quickly hit back the ball 
    towards him so that it hits him, or just take out your shield and "reflect"
    the ball towards him Do this three times to proceed to the next phase.
    ICE PHASE 1 --> This is a more dangerous phase, because it will become dark! 
    You have to walk around him with a lit Flame Lantern and set his tail onto 
    fire. When you did this, wait for some 10 seconds so that he's totally on 
    fire, and then you'll proceed to the next phase.
    NORMAL PHASE 2 --> He'll have more attacks this time and he'll be on the 
    move! Basically, just do the same as before: hit these balls back at him. 
    Sometimes, he'll fake you and suck you up. Watch out for this!
    ICE PHASE 2 --> Do the same as before: Set his tail onto fire.
    NORMAL PHASE 3 --> This is an easy phase: I believe you just have to hit one 
    ball back at him (I might be wrong here, but otherwise it's 3). Then, he'll 
    be dead at last.
    Where: Palace of Winds
    Reward: Wind Element & Heart Container
    His attacks:
    BIG DRAGON -->The big dragon can only hurt you when you touch it's tail. When 
    you stand on the big dragon and the small dragon comes flying in, he'll try 
    to ram you, but you can avoid this by using Roc's Cape. Later in the fight, 
    there will also be five really small dragons that fly across the screen. 
    These can be irritating, as they will also appear when you're with 3 Links. 
    You'll have think about 3 Links!
    SMALL DRAGON --> When you stand on the small dragon, you can be hurt again by 
    touching its tail. Also, he'll swing around with his tail, which you can 
    avoid by jumping over it. Later in the fight, there will also be five really 
    small dragons that fly across the screen. They can hurt you badly, so watch 
    Method: This boss has two separate phases, so I'll describe them phase by 
    SMALL DRAGON --> Get ready for some action. You have to hit the eye that 
    opens, and jump his swinging tail the same time. When an eye opens, quickly 
    walk up to it and hit it as fast as you can. If you hit him enough time, the 
    big dragon will come flying in, and jump on him for the next phase.
    BIG DRAGON --> When you stand on the big dragon, wait until three of his eyes 
    open. Quickly walk towards the flashing tiles, and clone yourself so that you 
    can walk up to the open eyes and his them at the same time. Then hit them 
    all, and wait for the small dragon to come flying in, and jump on him.
    After three rounds on each dragon, that dragon will fall. When they both 
    crashed, you've won the fight!
    Vaati (Normal Phase)
    Where: Dark Hyrule Castle
    Reward: Another boss fight :P
    His attacks: Again, more than one phase for this boss.
    PHASE 1 --> You'll battle Vaati now, with eyes circling him. These eyes can 
    hurt you if you touch them. Also, Vaati and his eyes will sometimes shoot 
    lasers at you, but these can be easily avoided (just don't stand in the way). 
    He might send a black hole at you, suck this up to prevent it from touching 
    PHASE 2 --> In this phase, he doesn't have a lot of attacks. He'll fly around 
    the room trying to touch you. Also, he'll bump into the ground a few times 
    which'll make some rocks fall down. A lot of times, he'll send around 
    grey/blue spiky rocks that hurt you if you touch them. If you get the chance, 
    destroy them with your sword. Don't focus on this too much, though!
    PHASE 1 --> When there are eyes circling around them, destroy all these eyes 
    with your sword, then walk up to Vaati and hit him as fast as possible in the 
    eye. When there are black dots surrounding him, suck them up with the Gust 
    Jar and then walk up to Vaati and hit him in the eye as fast as possible. 
    About three-four rounds should be enough for this phase.
    PHASE 2 --> Shoot the eight eyes around him with arrows. When you found all 
    four red eyes, quickly walk to the flashing tiles to clone yourself so that 
    you can hit the red eyes simultaneously. When you did this, walk up with the 
    Four Links to Vaati's eye and hit the eye with your sword as much as 
    possible. Four rounds should be enough for you.
    Vaati (Final Phase)
    Where: The Elemental Sanctuary
    Reward: Finishing the game
    His attacks: Again, two phases for the final boss of the game.
    PHASE 1 --> He'll basically try to hit you with his arms. You can jump over 
    them with Roc's Cape if you want, but I suggest just avoiding them because it 
    isn't hard. When one of his arms sticks out of the ground, you have to run 
    for your life (sorry...your hearts) to avoid them. When you're in an arm, you 
    can be hit a lot of time by the eyes. Don't care about this and just go 
    looking for the red eye (see Method PHASE 1).
    PHASE 2 --> He'll shoot a lot of energy balls at you. These should be avoided 
    carefully, because they'll hurt you badly. This is his main attack, and 
    furthermore watch out that you don't fall off the platform. Also, you 
    shouldn't get hit by the energy balls the eyes shoot at you.
    PHASE 1 --> When he puts one of his arms in the ground, equip the Cane of 
    Pacci. When the arm pops out of the ground, shoot it with the Cane of Pacci. 
    When the arm flips over, walk up to the shrink box and shrink. Then walk up 
    to the upside-down arm and enter it. Now look for the eye that has the most 
    red pupil (most eyes are just very little red, there's one that stands out). 
    Hit that pupil with your sword, and once the arm starts to crumble, quickly 
    exit the arm. Then become big again and do the same for the other arm. This 
    time, you'll have to use the Flame Lantern to look for the red eye. When both 
    arms are destroyed, get ready for the final phase of the final boss of the 
    PHASE 2 --> Alright, this is a hard phase. Focus all your attention on 
    avoiding the energy balls Vaati shoots at you. Walk towards the flashing 
    tiles. Make sure you have 3 spots on the tiles, but don't clone yourself yet. 
    Wait until the eyes turn blue. Quickly clone yourself now and hit the energy 
    balls they shoot back at them. If you hit them all 4 at the same time, walk 
    up to Vaati (still with four), and hit him in his eye. Repeat this technique 
    until he's defeated. The reason you shouldn't clone yourself until the last 
    moment, is that you then have 4 Links to handle. You then cannot avoid all 
    energy balls, but you can when you're on yourself. When he's defeated, enjoy 
    the ending sequence because you finished the game!
    |-------------------- 4.) Copyright and Publishing Info ---------------------|
    This file is copyright (c) GameToWin 2004. This file may not be copied,
    used for profit, distributed, etc. Any violators will be dealt with to the
    fullest extent of the law. This file is protected by the International 
    Copyright Laws. 
    If you have seen this file under somebody else his name, also contact me 
    This file and all my other FAQs may only be found on the following sites: 
    You will find the most updated version on GameFAQs, though.
    If you'd like my FAQ on your site, you are allowed to mail me and I'll decide
    if I'm going to post my FAQ on your site. DON'T DO IT WITHOUT PERMISSION!!! 
    If you do, you know the consequences!
    If you want to use a piece of this file for your own FAQ, e-mail me and I'll
    think about. You've got a good chance I'll say yes.
    If you, as a reader, see this file somewhere else than any of the sites above,
    or under somebody elses name than GameToWin, e-mail me at
    |--------------------------5.) Thanks and Contact ---------------------------|
    My thanks, so far, go out to:
    - John Chrapkowski, for giving me some tips on Gleerok and on Gohdan.
    - Nintendo and Capcom, for making such a wonderful game,
    - Myself, for making this FAQ,
    - and you, for reading it!
    If you want to contact me, you can, but only for the following things:
    Help with the game
    Using of pieces of my FAQ for your own
    Advises I could use for my FAQ
    Just about anything else related to the game or my FAQ
    And is you e-mail me, please choose as your topic: "The Minish Cap", so 
    I know what your e-mail is about. And don't forget, my e-mail is: 
    That is my FAQ (for now). I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you at my next FAQ ;).

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