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"This was such a let-down...."

I am a HUGE fan of the Legend of Zelda series. I mean that! Everything from the original, to Ocarina of Time, to the Oracle games, I love em all and have given them all a personal score of at least 8! But this.....what is this?!

First of all, this is just a renewed and prolonged version of the game Four Swords that came with the GBA version of A Link to the Past. Infact, the dungeon you go through to get the fourth and final element has rooms that are the EXACT SAME as Vaati's Wind Palace in Four Swords. I was actually really intrigued and pleased at the beginning of the game when I heard he was a swordsman and a sorcerer as opposed to a levitating eyeball. Boy, was I disappointed.....

Gameplay: 6/10
The gameplay holds true to the Legend of Zelda traditions; puzzle-solving with tricky enemies and sometimes difficult bosses. However, the tedium is more than usual for a Zelda game. I like the idea of being Minish, but does it have to happen so often? Well, of course it does, that's the story of the game (hence, "Minish Cap.) However, call me old-fashioned, but I don't exactly relish the thought of straining my eyes on a little dot with a tiny bubble over it indicating that's where Link is. An optional zoom-in effect could've been included.

However, what you'll notice is that the first few bosses are easy beyond belief, but the last 2 bosses will make you want to throw your GBA out the window! The fifth boss makes it literally IMPOSSIBLE to get all three clones created in time unless you're VERY lucky, and Vaati's final form does NOT follow any trademark pattern. Though you know what to do, you will NEVER get hints as to when to do it. It doesn't add difficulty, it doesn't add anything; it takes away from a boss trademark that we all came to know and love!

Did you like Ocarina of Time? What about Majora's Mask? Or how about A Link to the Past or Windwaker? These four games hold something that we've grown used to, and also very accustomed to: healing items. However, Minish Cap completely screws healing items over! First of all, fairies heal ONLY four hearts, and that counts for revivals and pick-ups. Liked using Red and Green potions? Well, they're gone. Instead you have just the Blue Potion. Now, the Blue Potion in the other LoZ games healed you completely. But in Minish Cap it heals only 10 hearts......what the Hell?!

Floating with your cap to get to the Gorons that will give you your final bottle is NOT a quick feat. Sometimes you'll get it on the first try, or sometimes you'll just turn off your GBA out of frustration!

Graphics: 10/10
This is the best part of the game, bar-none. It's simply gorgeous. Everything from bomb explosions to sword swings......awesome!

Story: 7/10
Same old, same old, really. Zelda has been imprisoned/kidnapped and Link finds it necessary to help her just so he can get nothing more than a "thank you" from a teenage girl his own age that he obviously has a crush on. I think Zelda could stop faking the headache when Link saved her from Vaati....and Ganon....and King Moblin....and Ganon.....and Aghanim....and Twinrova....and Ganon again.........

Most of the characters are props that you will use once in the game, and their use is not too much, anyway.

Items: 6/10
Aside from your Minish Cap, the only original item in the game is the Gust Jar. Every last item is straight from Four Swords, A Link to the Past, and the Oracle Games/Link's Awakening DX. Plain and simple. Uncreative, really, as they didn't even doctor them up in any way. Majora's Mask opened up so many new ways of attacking; Ocarina was diverse in weapon selections; Windwaker really pimped out the Master Sword and the Mirror Shield. But Minish Cap is the same old items throughout the entire game - nay, the entire series.

An aspect I actually really enjoyed was the Kinstone thing. Or rather, I did at first. However, too many things had to happen. At least half of the heart pieces required Kinstones, and I just don't have the patience to chat to EVERY SINGLE VILLAGER in Hyrule just to have to waste more time hunting down a hole with a chest containing rupees I don't need. Rupees buy NOTHING in this game. The potions are worthless, so you're better off just bottling some fairies and buying a single potion. Trust me, for Vaati, if you lost more than 8 hearts from his minions, you are royaly screwed if he hits you with his shadow ball thingie.

And what's up with the Mirror Shield thing? You have to beat the game to get it, and the thing is, there is NOTHING to do when you get it. What's the point?! Even if you can fight Vaati again (I haven't tried) who would want to? He wasn't fun. He was just a thorn in my backside! You have to go through the ENTIRE game with that little dinky piece of crap that Zelda idiotically chooses for you.

Sound: 10/10
Kept the classic themes. Gotta love those songs! *hums Saria's Song for no reason* It also added in some really cool ones, too

Bosses: 3/10
No puzzle-solving was involved. You could figure out what to do in an eyeblink, which is fine, but the bosses went down WAY too easily. However, when it comes to the final bosses, you WILL have close calls, if not die completely. With worthless healing items, Vaati WILL wipe the floor with you if you took too many hits from his Darknut guardians. The bosses were also few in number and very disappointing. Puzzles were way too easy to solve, and you weren't rewarded very well. When your sword gets an upgrade, it literally makes no difference because you'll be fighting a slew of enemies that you will need the final Tiger Scroll (Ultimate Spin Attack) in order to beat.

In himself, Vaati does way too much damage, and the game goes from untraditionally easy to forcefully redundant all in one dungeon.

Awesome graphics
Great sound
New and interesting concepts
Got to go through 95% of the game without hearing that prepubescent little wench Zelda whining
Vaati looks first

Old traditions of the series are gone
Traditions that remain include the items that we've seen too many times
Too repetitive
Bosses are unpredictable and have no patterns; it doesn't add difficulty, just frustration!
Strain on the eyes
Costs 30+ dollars when you can rent it for an eighth of that.

Overall Rating: 5/10
I never thought I would ever see myself rate a Zelda game so low, but this game has sullied the traditions of this series. Its idea is creative, I'll admit, and yet it's so needlessly redundant. Minish form is not fun. It's not difficult, nor easy. It's just repetitive. In Majora's, sure, mask-changing was tedious, but it was at least fun to do a Goron roll or rock out as a Zora. \m/ >.< \m/ Even as a Zelda fan, I do NOT feel compelled to keep this in my collection. A more.

The next person I hear call this a must-have for the GBA will be shot personally by myself. A Link to the Past is a must-have. Metroid Zero Mission (remake of the original Metroid) is a must-have. Fire Emblem is a must-have. Pretty much any Castlevania game is a must-have. But not this. This is just more of the same. It's not a classic, it's not an epic, and it's just not worthy of its publicity. It's an over-rated hunk of plastic. Stick with the Oracle Games, Link's Awakening, and A Link to the Past for portable LoZ games. They're infinitely better....

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 02/28/07

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