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"Best hand held game ever."

The Legend of Zelda series has always been known for putting out consistently exceptional games. I find it even more surprising that they are just as terrific on hand held systems. The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, continues this tradition by falling just short of a perfect score.

The graphics in Minish cap are exceptional by the standards of the Game Boy Advance. This is easily the best looking GBA game ever, and up there as one of the best looking hand held games. The land is filled with rich, vibrant colors that make the over world a sight to see. All the characters are filled with the same stunning level of creativity. The enemies are as well. Also, there is a high level of detail in just about everything. The graphics are terrific and unmatched on the GBA.

The sound is just as great. As you would expect, there is no voice acting. However, I feel that this allows you to make the characters into the people you want them to be. This is the players game after all. The music is wonderfully well done. It is disappointing to have almost no original music, but the songs are generally remixed to sound new and refreshing. Even those that aren't sound great anyway so it's barely a problem. A great production sound wise.

The story is, as in all Zelda games, amazing. It's the hundredth year anniversary of the day the Piccori saved Hyrule. There is a fair and a sword match to celebrate. The mysterious winner comes to claim the prize. The winner turns out to be Vatti, a villain that isn't half as intimidating as Ganondorf, and he releases monsters onto the land and turns Zelda to stone. You are tasked with collecting Earth, Fire, Water, and Wind elements so you can grow powerful enough to defeat Vatti. It's just a shame that will take you like a weekend to do. Really though, this game is far to short, especially for a franchise like Zelda, known for having lengthy titles. Even after collecting Heart Pieces and stuff, your time won't amount to much.

This controls are like all previous GBA Zelda games, except it's far smoother. My favorite part of the game play is the flawless difficulty progression. From childishly easy first areas, to the brutally difficult final dungeon, it moves at the perfect pace. They add the Kinstone system. You look for Kinstones and fuse them with other characters. It's a good idea and fun at first, then you start losing any initiative to use the system. This is because fusing most kinstones leads to just another kinstone. It is a smooth experience though, from beginning to end.

1. Best graphics on a Game Boy Advance Game.
2. Incredibly engaging story.
3. Perfect difficulty progression.

1. Quite a bit on the short side.
2. Very small amount of original tunes.
3. Cool, but unrewarding Kinstone system.

This is a terrific game that anyone with a GBA should own. It does pretty much everything write, even if the extra stuff isn't that great. And while it may be short, I dare you to play it only once. This is easily my favorite hand held game ever!

I give it 9 mushroom dwelling creatures...out of 10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/21/08

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (US, 01/10/05)

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