Review by dannejanne

Reviewed: 05/14/09

A game worthy of having "Zelda" in its title

It was not until 2009 that I discovered that this game even existed. I have been a Zelda fan ever since the NES version and loved "a link to the past". When I discovered on this site that this game in fact existed I surely had to give it a try and I almost knew that I would like it a lot, which I did.

The gameplay of this turned out to be a strong point for the game but also having some small let downs. It really reminds me of Zelda for the SNES and has many similarities. They have put in some new items in this title that makes it a new refreshing Zelda experience but still faithful to the original as the new items does not feel "out of place" at all. The game is the same old Zelda way of beating up enemies. What did disappoint me a little bit though was the difficulty of it. Rather the lack of it. I think there were too little enemies and the ones that were there offered little to no challenge what so ever. Not even the dungeons or its bosses posed a threat. I only died ONCE in my whole playthrough and that was on the last boss.

I think there were a little lack of dungeons in this game also. And sometimes I experience that it could be somewhat annoying to get to the next dungeon as occasionally you had to complete several "sidequests" in order to be able to access the next dungeon. At some points this bothered me as you thought you were on your way to the next dungeon only to find out you have to complete yet another sidequest in order to do so. While the sidequests themselves proved to be fun and occasionally required some brain as well it did feel like they were put there just to lengthen the time to complete the game. I would rather have some some more of these dungeons which I belive were rather nicely designed.

Another thing related to the lack of challenge were about the dungeons as well. I think that they were too linear. I was never ever lost in a dungeon as the way through most of them was very linear. Map and compass are the first things you get in dungeons as in other Zelda titles, but I did not look at any dungeon map even a single time in my whole playthrough as they were so linear and not really big so I remembered how they all looked in my head. I wish the dungeons made me think more to complete them. Bottom point is this game is too easy.

The minish people were a great addition to the game and the minish world has been given a lot of thought and care it seems as the environments in them are the best looking in the game. The minish world is an essential part of the game and it is an enjoyable one as well. The minish world is basically a "mini" world within the game itself and it opens up new things to explore as you progress further into the game. And later it becomes a must to complete certain parts of the game.

The music in this game was also good and I was pleased to hear that they have re-used some of the classic Zelda tracks in updated versions. It sure helped to transform that special Zelda feeling while playing. The sounds may not be as pleasing but they will do and did not annoy me at some point. There were some nice new tunes as well and some of them were quite good and suited the game. The music did not disappoint and I particularly liked some dungeon themes.


While being a far too easy game in general, it is very fun to play and it will keep you hooked until you finish it (which will not take very long) if you are a classic Zelda fan. It surely feels like and plays like a classic Zelda game. If you must be challenged while playing this is not for you, if you are starting to get tired of "a link to the past" after all your playthroughs this is definitely for you.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (US, 01/10/05)

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