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"Shrinking, in terms of fun and excitement, is not a factor in this one heck of an awesome game."

Introduction-The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap is a welcome addition to the series and a great game for the GBA. The game is about a mean sorcerer called Vaati who has taken peace out of Hyrule and put Zelda in some kind of solid stone. You are then beckoned to go out and save her. Once you are sent out, you are going to solve tons of puzzles, collect Kinstone pieces and fuse them with people around Hyrule, resulting in treasures, stairs leading to treasures, and many other goodies. Also some items return from the past Zelda games. So in order to defeat Vaati and restore peace to Hyrule, you must clear the dungeon's that are scattered across Hyrule and get rid of the darkness evil. 10/10

Gameplay-The game is so fun to play that everytime I get up I only have one thing for breakfast and then I get right into the game. I can't stop playing it after that. I usually have my lunch at 11:00, but with this game being so fun and exciting, I don't eat lunch until 12:00. In terms of being easy or hard, the dungeons are sometimes easy and then sometimes they can get a little difficult, such as me not finding a key or the next route to go. Most puzzles are easy and only take a couple minutes to figure out, however a few puzzles were a little challenging. The controls are always good. Very responsive. Very easy to get use to. Most ot the dungeons are a little short, but some puzzles being hard make it, in my opinion, longer. 9.5/10

Story-Pretty much summed it up above. 10/10

Graphics/Sound/Music-This is a GBA game and those graphics are perfect. Camera is just like the top view like in Link to the Past (another great game). Graphics are just down right excellent. Colorful. Lively. No glitches. Very clean and phenomenal. Sound is excellent. Sound is matching up when you kill an enemy. Bosses sound are matching up. The receiving treasures sound is great, just like past Zelda. Music is great. All music is fun to listen to and sometimes I find myself humming to these fines tunes. No complaints at all. 10/10

Play Time/Replayability-Play Time will be a little short if you just clear the dungeons, but as I said, some puzzles in dungeons will make the dungeons a little longer. However if do the Heart Piece hunt, Kinstone fusions, and many more sidequests, this game will be no longer short. Replayability is very high, and you would be crazy to not replay this awesome game in the future. 10/10

Final Recommendation-Worth buying or renting. Buying duhhhh!!!!!!. I will hunt you down with one of Link's swords if you don't get up and buy this game. You are definitely in for a treat if you buy this game. Way too much fun. 10/10

Rating 9.5/10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 01/12/10

Game Release: The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (US, 01/10/05)

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