"And I thought I lost interest in video games..."


Before I played this game I thought video games were not fun for me anymore. Since I got Pokemon Fire Red and did not even play it the day I got it. I thought video games were all boring. My Gamecube collecting dust in the corner and all I was doing, was hoping games come back like the ones in Super Nintendo. But then there was The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. This game is so good, I think if I say its the best game on the Gameboy Advance so far, people would agree with me.

Gameplay: 9

Well this game is really fun to play, I had a smile on my face when I was beating the first boss. This is the first time I enjoy walking through dungeons too. I use to hate beating dungeons on other Zelda games, specially on Wind Waker, since there is no fun at all. Also this game has very difficult bosses (compared to other Zelda games). The first boss nearly killed me leaving me at half a heart. Fairies don't fill all your hearts anymore (like in Ocarina of Time) and that only makes the game a little more difficult. Well some of the dungeons are really, really long and when you thought you finished, you notice that you just started. So basically this game is hard but not that hard to frustrate you and make you turn of your Gameboy.

Some bad things about this game is that at first, I had trouble with using the weapons. They made this game like Oracle of Seasons/Age, that you only can equip 2 weapons at a time. I guess its because the Gameboy Advance has few buttons. But no big deal because as you continue the game, you will get used to it.

Story: 8

Story is very similar Zelda but with some twists which I cannot say because I would ruin the game for you.

*Minor Spoilers*
Once upon a time, there were these magical people called Minish. They were very small compared to humans, but they had magical power. One day a Minish called Ezlo created a cap that made the wearer's desire come true. One of Ezlo's students, put on the cap and he was pure evil and his evil heart was what the land reflected. Vaati always heard about the light force hidden in Hyrule so he became Human sized, hoping to get the sacred power. He participated in a tournament and won easily, the winner of the tournament gets to touch the sacred blade. He broke the blade and opened the chest where the blade was placed, thinking that the light force was inside. He found nothing and petrified Zelda. In order to break Zelda's curse you will have to forge the sword and Fuse it with the 4 elements (Earth, Fire, Water and Wind) and defeat Vaati.

Sound: 9

Basically its a mix of every Legend of Zelda game soundtrack. I really like some of them and that means its good because they are some games that have really bad music (random beeping sounds) that just makes you want to put the volume all the way down.

When you talk to people you could hear them say: Hey! Or something similar, which is really cool.


Impressive! Link looks really cool as well as every other character in the game. The map is really detailed, very colorful game! I hate opaque colored games they just makes the game feel old, which is bad. You could notice that they spent time on the game and did not rush it. Great work!

Play Time and Replay Value:

About 25 – 30 hours to beat the final boss and 35-40 to get everything done! (That's an approximate of the time it took me to beat the game and what i think it will take me to finish all the side quests. Keep in mind that I beat games very fast compared to other people.)

This would be easier if Zelda games took your time while playing, lol. Well it took me a week playing about 3 – 4 hours a day to beat the game without any side quests done. Well you have to fuse all the Kinstones, get all the heart pieces, find all the sword fighting techniques as well as to collect some monster figures!

I doubt you will play this game again after you completed all that, for a while!

Final Recommendation: 9/10

What? Are you still reading? Get this game as soon as it hits the shelf in the video game store you go! Buy this even if you have to wait outside the store at 4 am!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/19/04

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