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"Good, but could be better..."

The Story:

The story was one of the more prominent areas of the game. Though it follows basically the same Zelda formula, it feels different somehow. The beginning of the game has an excellent way to get you involved with the plot, rather than you are just randomly chosen to save Hyrule and Zelda. I don't want to reveal the basics of the story here, as you would most likely find that easy to find.

The Graphics:

The graphics for this game are like the ones used in the Four Swords part of the Link to the Past cart. It's nice and all, and the characters look great, and the landscape in the game is on par with most Game Boy Advance games. Plus, most of the bosses for the game are sprited wonderfully, as well as the enemies. But, if compared to a few other games for the Game Boy Advance, you could see that the graphics could be improved, if just a bit.

The Sounds:

Most of the sounds in the game have been used in Zelda games before, and that's a good thing. Like the Hyrule Castle area, for example, starts out with the castle theme from A Link to the Past, and then switches to a new beat. For most of the music used, it sounds fine, But for others, it isn't as catchy as most Zelda songs are.

The Gameplay:

This game is short, but during the time that it takes for you to beat it, you still know that it's a Zelda game through and through. As all Zelda games are, the controls are responsive, and the game has almost the right amount of difficulty, though a bit on the easy side.

The Replay Value:

Even though it's fun to try and collect everything in the game, some things end up being a chore to finish up. One such thing is the figurine side-quest that you can finish up after you beat the game. Now, for me, that side quest was a big time waster, but the prize for getting them all was okay. And, as most people know, getting all of the heart pieces is a ritual that most people replay the game for. Overall, the replay value for this game is fine.

The Overall Score:

The game was fun while it lasted, but the replay value dragged the score down a bit. There was great music, and gameplay-plus the story was on par with Zelda games. Even though I rated the replay value as the least amount in my review, this game is still worth buying, and is a welcome addition to the Zelda series.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/22/04

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