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"The Best 2-D Single-Player Zelda Since LttP!"

Finally, we get the first new, true 2-D Zelda since OoA and OoS. Sure LttP was a blast to play through again, but I've had that game on the SNES since I was 11. So when I first heard about The Minish Cap, I was rather surprised. No Four Swords attached to the game huh? Well rest assured that this is one of the most fun Zelda games ever made.

Link begins his quest in a cabin of a Master Smith (looks quite similar to Link's home in LttP). Zelda soon shows up to whisk Link off to a festival in town. Don't know about you, but this gave me major Chrono Trigger flashbacks. Soon after Zelda is thrown into a dire situation (It's the Legend of Zelda, it had to happen) and Link begins his true journey. The Story is one of the best in a 2-D Zelda. I just can't express my love for this game enough.

The game play in The Minish Cap is quite similar to any other Zelda, but with a few twists and added features. Link now has the ability to "roll" which allows for quick movement through dangerous territory. This feature gives the game a feel almost like that of OoT or WW. It's like a 3-D, 2-D Zelda. With all Zelda games come new weapons and abilities, and The Minish Cap has to have some of the coolest, most wacky items in a Zelda game. From the flipping Cane of Pacci to the Gust Jar used to suck in items and enemies, the game's weapons are just fun to mess around with. Probably the best feature in The Minish Cap is..well..the Minish! Early on Link teams up with Elco, a talking cap, that grants Link the ability to turn into a tiny version of himself. Honey I Shrunk the Kids flashbacks ensue when Link runs past giant nuts and leaves. As you go through the game you'll notice little holes and passages everywhere that are only obtainable in Minish mode. Some of the Dungeons are even tackled in Minish (the first boss...a giant slime). This is by far the defining ability in the game.

If The Minish Cap has one thing wrong with it, it would definitely be the length. There are only 6 dungeons in the entire game and each one can be completely pretty easily in a sitting. The 20 Heart Containers are still there, as are the 4 bottles, but sometimes you'll run straight into 3 Heart Pieces within 10 minutes. Now catch me if I'm wrong, but I remember having to work for my Heart Pieces (Some of the WW's Heart Pieces >_<). This doesn't stop the game from being fun, however, the game is still wonderful. Most fans of the series, though, will blow through this game in a few days. I really wish they could have added a few more dungeons and expanded the world map a little bit. I would even go so far as to say the first Zelda had a larger world map than the Minish Cap.

Overall I'd definitely recommend The Minish Cap to any Zelda fan out there. Now we just need to wait for the new Gamecube Zelda. You US gamers: GO IMPORT THE GAME NOW!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/10/04

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