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"Four Swords Franchise? Thought it was just a Mini-sh Game? Think Small."

Wow, You actually Clicked on my review that makes me feel so special! Anyways Im AC Fanatic, ive done a couple of guide and a couple reviews. But enough about me, lets talk Zelda. Originally the Four Swords Series was supposed to be a fun little Mini game to play with your friends, well think again, its now a full fledge story. The Minish cap takes place Before Four Swords and Four Swords Adventure, it sill leaves a time gap in between the two game, Many think it will be filled by the upcoming Zelda DS Title. But there's a little time line for you, to give you a better understanding of whats going on.

Honestly, these are some of the best graphics ever produced on a GBA before.
The environment is colorful, and full amazing enemies. The Town, dungeons, and Overworld are highly detailed. As you swim through waters you leave a streak of moving water behind you. As you battle the gigantic bosses many neat special effect will take place. It is simply beautiful. The characters have much more definition, and uniqueness to them, so you can tell one and another apart. The enemies haven't changed much except for the new ones, they needed to stay the same anyways. Overall, i could see this game going up for hand-held of the year.

SOUND: 10/10
The Sound and the Music is awesome in this game. The Music include many remixes of old tunes, including the Classic Overworld Theme, along with many new songs which you will learn to love and memorize just like the rest of them. The actual is pretty high quality(it depends what you play on GBA, SP, DS). Link still makes his little noises whenever he waves/whacks his sword around, each character when you talk to them will make a little grunting to noise, so it give you a feeling of what their actual voice may be like. The Enemies have their own little noises depending on what you are fighting it an how. This is probably one of the better aspects of the game.

The classic defeat the bad guy save the princess storyline still lives on in this game. So if you were hoping for something else sorry, go play Majoras Mask. Any ways Zelda is turned into Stone buy the "Bad Guy" Vataii. The Game is very short brining down the grade a notch, and the game is extremely easy, I never got Game Over on my screen once. But beginners may have a bit of trouble, but just a small bit. If you plan on finishing the Game completely including Figurines, Kinstones, Heart Containers, and items you got a good 30 Hours of Gameplay.

The New Sidequests I guess you could say Include the New "Kinstone Fusions" and the "Figurine Collection". You will be introduced to the Kinstones early in the game, they are basically pieces of stones that have been broken into two pieces, you may have one and another person may have another. So you find that person, then fuse with the person and some thing good will happen, I wont tell you though! The figurines, you wont really get involved with those until near the end of the Game. They are basically like the trophys in Super Smash Brothers Melee, you will find mysterious shells on the ground every where and you will use them to improve your odds of getting new trophies, oh you will see.

They are fairly basic, North, South, West, East, and diagonal in all directions. The Start menu will bring up your Inventory and Map, Select will give you tips n what to do next, R allows you to roll(making it easier to get around), and pick up objects, and L lets you activate a Kinstone fusion.

Most Zelda games are like this, there isn't much to do after you have done everything, other than beat the final boss over again, but its still fun just to go exploring, you never know if you missed any chests or things like that!

OVERALL SCORE: 9(8.8)/10

Final Note: Do whatever it takes to get this game, its a wonderful game, awesome gameplay and will keep you busy for a month or two.

GO ZELDA 2005!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 01/23/05

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