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Reviewed: 02/05/05

Nintendo and Capcom make a great team!

Nintendo and Capcom first got together to make two Legend of Zelda games for the Game Boy Color: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. The two connected with its secrets system, and ultimately there was a hidden ending featuring Ganon. This team up had that good result.

Next, Nintendo and Capcom made Four Swords, which was found in the GBA remake of A Link to the Past. This multiplayer adventure focus on team cooperation, with a little competition thrown in. The objective was to get enough rupees so the Great Faries would reward you with the keys to the Palace of Winds, where the evil wind sorceror Vaati has held Princess Zelda captive. This made Vaati a new advisary for Link, as he only has Ganon to deal with.

Now a new Zelda game hits the Game Boy Advance. All Zelda games seem to be a series of alternate storylines, but I'm guessing this to be a prequel or something.

-Story: 9/10-
The game's length is a little short, so you have to find your own fun once you're done with it. Princess Zelda invites Link to the Picorri festival, then the two go to an award ceremony to honor the victor of a sword-fighting tournament. It is Vaati (in a human form). He is allowed to touch the sacred Picorri blade, but he was after something else. He turns Princess Zelda to stone. The only way to save her now is to fix the broken Picorri blade and use it to break the curse on Zelda.

Note that Link is capless from the get-go. However, he finds a talking cap named Ezlo. With his power, he is able to shrink down to ant size! This will help him communicate with the Picorri (Minish). Throughout the game, you'll be shrinking down to solve huge puzzles.

-Gameplay: 9/10-
Gameplay is in its classic Zelda style adventuring. You scurry across Hyrule, entering dungeons, getting items, beating huge bosses, and claiming treasure needed to finish the game. However, some regular enemies (octorks and chu-chus) may become too much to handle when you are Minish sized. There are also some ocassional puzzles that frustrate the hell out of you. Keep your cool and you can overcome this stuff.

Links arsenal of Items has become pretty innovative, thanks to the Zelda team. New items include the Gust Jar, which sucks up grass, dust, rocks, and pulls stuff off; the Cane of Pacci, which flips things over; and the Mole Mitts, which lets you dig through dirt. Classic Zelda items make their return, such as bombs, the bow & arrows, and the boomerang. And there's the lamp, the Pegasus Boots, and the Roc's Cape for your travel pleasures.

There is something in this game called Kinstone Fusions. If you find Kinstone pieces., you can keep them in your Kinstone bag. Then you can try to fuse Kinstones with just about any body who has a Kinstone piece. If the two pieces fit, some random event will happen in another location. A chest might appear, or a new road might open up. Kinstone fusings will have some nice rewards for you that might help later in the game. The only trouble is finding Kinstone pieces that will fit with other pieces. This can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

(Note: Kinstone fusions will happen at least once in this game. You will have no other choice. If you are not for what is all the rage, you will be roped into it as part of progressing in the game.)

-Graphics: 10/10-
All the graphics come right out of Four Swords. Link never looked so much better! Almost makes me wish for Four Swords again... except the only person I can play with is my cousin, and he's in another state. We rarely get to meet each other.

-Sounds: 10/10-
Sounds and audio also come from Four Swords, which originally was borrowed from the Oracles games.

-Replay Value: 9/10-
It's short in it's main quest, but if you're looking to enjoy any part of this again, it may be worth it. If you're just for the audio, then go get a complete set of figurines and get into the house with the megaphone thingy. There's your Sound Test option.

-Overall Rating: 9/10-
It's a great game, but it's just a little short.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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