Review by Apprentice of Yoda

Reviewed: 02/07/05

Best hand-held Zelda game yet

Story- Once upon a time, Hyrule, a beautiful, nearly perfect country was thriving. The king was generous and noble, and under his reign the nation flourished. The story begins during Hyrule's annual Piccori festival, which celebrates the day that the minish folk presented the humans with a magical sword, which broke the dark forces that ruled long ago. The festival also hosts a sword-fighting contest and the winner earns the privilege of touching the sacred blade. This year the contest winner is a strange, mysterious man. As he approaches the box that holds the blade and the contained evils from ages past, he suddenly throws back his hood and casts a spell on the guards guarding the chest. In a valiant effort, the kings young daughter Zelda attempts to stop the sorcerer, he however is to quick for her and casts a spell on her, which turns her into stone. The sorcerer opens the chest and unleashes the evil, which turns Hyrule into a place of monsters and danger. Upon doing that the sorcerer turns and vanishes into thin air. The king immediately summons the help of Link, a young boy who was close friends with Zelda. The king appoints Link the task of charging up the ancient sword with four elements, earth, water, fire, and wind and then free Zelda of her curse and restore peace in Hyrule.

Graphics-10 out of 10-The graphics on this game will blow you away. This game is so detailed in areas like shadows and other things that aren't usually in other games. I own quite a few games and I think this one may have the best graphics of them all. If you really pay attention you will notice tiny details that are not necessary, but make the game a lot more interesting.

Gameplay-9 out of 10-Like most typical Zelda games, you can assign two items to either the A or B buttons and the D-pad allows you to walk in eight directions. However, this game has many brand new items like the gust jar, cane of pacci, and remote controlled bombs. Another new and exciting twist is the kinstone and figurine side quests. By doing these sidequests you can access new items and areas that will ease your traveling greatly. The only reason this got a nine is because of the lack of dungeons. This is without a doubt the shortest Zelda game I have ever played, but all of the sidequests compensate for the loss.

Sound-10 out of 10-There are very few new songs on this game, most of them are simply souped up songs from other Zelda games, not that I'm complaining though. The songs in this game are the kind that gets stuck in your head and you can't stop humming them. Some people don't like that and if you are one of them, simply turn the volume down. As for the sound effects, occasionally the weird sound that Ezlo makes when he wants to talk to you gets on my nerves but usually the sound effects just blend in with the rest of the game.

Replayability-10 out of 10-You could play this game 25 times and still not find all that there is to find. The kinstone fusions never seem to end. I am constantly finding new people to fuse with and then I am rushing off to see what the fusion actually did. What I also like about this game is all the people there are to talk to, you can even talk to cats and dogs. Some offer helpful hints, some just gossip and some think aloud to themselves.

To Buy or To Rent-BUY!!! If you rent this game you will never finish in time to turn it in without paying a late fee. Even if you could beat it that fast, you would completely miss out on all of the little things that make this game so great. If you don't have enough money to buy it but you are a fan of any other Zelda games then either borrow it from a friend or get it used, its much cheaper that way. This game is worth your money, trust me.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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