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"Short but Sweet"

This is my first review so I hope everyone enjoys it!

Link is back for his latest adventure, which is short but definitely sweet. Combining the game play of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the artsy graphical style of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker and the classic tunes remixed to create some amazing music the game is amazing. The only problem with it is that is very short.

Like most Legend of Zelda games are green tights wearing hero must save Hyrule and Zelda from an evil force. It starts out innocently enough. Zelda goes to Link's home (which is much larger then any of other Link's many homes for some reason) and invites him to go to the annual Picori Festival. The Blacksmith asks Link to take the ceremonial sword to the festive to give to the minister at Hyrule Castle so he can give it to this year's swordsmanship winner. Who happens to be Vaati. The winner also gets to touch the sacred Picori Blade. As Vaati enters the ceremony his true intentions are revealed, he shatters the Picori Blade, unleashes a flurry of monsters from their slumber that are in a chest that is sealed by the Picori Blade and on top of that he turned Zelda into stone. Picori as they are called by humans (they call themselves Minish) are the ones who gave humans this blade to combat evil from long ago with. The Picori are very small creatures who only appear only to children and they thrive off helping people. As Link being the only child to know of the situation everyone agrees to send Link to save the day by finding the Minish and having them forge the Picori Blade to break Zelda's Curse and to defeat Vaati. Link needs to find the four elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) to recreate the blade. Along the way Link meets his cap, Ezlo. Ezlo is like Navi, telling you where to investigate except he is much cooler. Along the way there are a few twists that I won't spoil for you. You got to find out the rest for yourself!

The graphics in this game are phenomenal for a Gameboy Advance game. Everything is detailed with bright beautiful graphics that are very reminiscent to Four Swords Adventure and Wind Waker. The 2-d sprites are great looking too as they appear clean and colorful making every character stand out without making them take thunder away from the stunning world. You can see Link's and Elzo's expressions throughout the game, like when they rest in a bed Elzo looks like he's exhausted. Also throughout the game there are familiar faces from other Zelda games that make a great transition from 3-d to 2-d. Also many of the enemy's appearances are 2-d copies of their 3-d counterparts in Wind Waker. Some of the characters that make reappear are Malon, Zell the snot nose kid from Link's island on Wind Waker, the King from Wind Waker and the King in this look extremely similar. Overall the graphics in this game are topped by few on the GBA.

The classic Zelda field song is back and sounds great as always in its new form. Throughout the different areas of Hyrule the field song gets remixed to flow well with the area creating great atmosphere. Of course there are some new songs that are all great. Link's battle cries are taken straight from the GBA version of Link to the Past which isn't bad but they could have had some new voices.

This game plays almost exactly like A Link to the Past but is enhanced by the R button, Kinstones, an array of new weaponry, and the ability to shrink to the size on an ant. With the overhead view taken from past 2-d Zelda games, the gameplay is near flawless.

The R button allows Link to role on the ground, which helps out a lot in those boss fights and it helps you get around faster which is a definite plus.

You find these things called Kinstones that look like half broken medallions. You find them from enemies, chests and even under rocks and grass. You take these Kinstones and you find a character in the game that has the other half and you fuse them together. Almost any character in the game can fuse them together with you. Even silly characters like the snot nose kid, a bay chick, or a dog. What's the advantage in this you may ask? Well when you fuse a Kinstone, something special will happen, like a doorway will appear or a chest will appear. Its fun finding all the secrets that Kinstones unlock. You can find rupees, shells, and other sweet stuff.

Another fun thing to do is to collect shells and in the basement of one of the houses in the town is a place where you can collect figurines of characters and enemies from the game. Much like the lottery in Super Smash Bros Melee you use shells as coins to participate in a lottery. Over time you have to put more shells in to raise your odds to get new figurines but the shells in general are easy to come by. There is also a gallery that shows your figures and offers a little bit of info on the character or enemy.

This game has the originals, like bombs and your bow and arrow, but like in most Zelda games there are some sweet new weapons too. Like the Gust jar. It sucks almost everything near by then shoots it away. You can suck up enemies and blast them away. It also clears out grass and can bring items close to you for your disposal. Another sweet weapon is the Mole's Claws. Throughout the game you see circles on the walls of the ledges and canyons, with these puppies you can burrow right into them, revealing secrets and caves to explore.

The last awesome addition to the game is its calling card, the ability to shrink. When you find a portal that lets you shrink you can shrink down to the minish's size. This opens up a lot of different areas that while in normal size look just like a pile of rocks or a rat hole in the wall. In the first dungeon the boss of it is normally an enemy that Link can dispatch of in a few hits but at Link's size it is truly a behemoth. Also another problem Link faces as mini Link is that normal places that regular Link can walk though are obstacles for him. Little puddles that normal sized Link can breeze though with absolutely no effort are giant lakes for mini Link. He also can't go up regular size stairs or get though the tall grass. So you have to know when to shrink and grow big.

The bad thing about Minish Cap is that it is short and easy. You can easily beat the main storyline in a few short hours. The sad part about it is that the game is so fun that time passes fast, plus the fact that it's a short game to begin with really cuts this game's replay value. The Kinstone and figurine side quests are fun to do but aren't really long either and sadly that is this game's downfall.

This game is as I stated earlier is extremely easy. The puzzles don't engage the brain's full thought process and the bosses don't tear you apart like other games. I didn't have to put down the game out of frustration or look at a FAQ because I got stuck like with most games of this genre. It just glides along easily, causing one not to put out their full gaming effort.

I want to give this game a higher score but sadly you are finished with it much too soon. The amazing graphics, the beautiful music, and the flawless gameplay are done almost as soon as you start it.

I give this game an overall score of 8/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/23/06

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