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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Caiterz

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    Ham-Ham Games
    I:   Walkthrough
    II:  Tips
    III: Schedule
    IV:  Updates
    V: FAQ
    VI: Contact Cait
    Last:  Copywrite
    I: Walkthrough
    Day 1
    First of all you have to select you language...
    Then you need to enter some info. Like your birthday, gender, etc.
    Then rainbow ham appears on stage and welcomes you to the ham ham 
    Theres Team Ham-Ham, Team Seahams, Team Djungle, and Team Rainbow.
    (Who reminds me of the mini hamuzu group from the 2nd movie for 
    some reason)
    Now it's on to the games.
    Remember: Play Hard, Play Fair, and Do Your Best For The Next 
    Seven Days! (whispers: Seven dayyys.. LOL) And Dont Forget... 
    The First Event is at the STADIUM the 100HM DASH.
    Now you're at the clubhouse. 
    Bijou announces she's going to the stadium. 
    Maxwell writes tips down for you at the desk there.
    Panda says he built some stuff at the stadium and he goes to 
    make sure it isnt broken.
    Dexter says that the show is being broadcasted on TV. Hey. 
    that's DJ Hamu!
    If you go up the white ladder on the right theres a weird 
    looking ham up there that wants you to teach him how to greet
    hamsters. Enter a word into the Hamha machine and see what 
    happens. Its.. 'Hilarious' Hahah. Go up to the machine. It says 
    'How does everyone say Hi? And.. It's Hamha! but. Eh. you're choice.
    Green Controler:
    If you go to the left theres a table. If you go up to it you'll 
    notice it's a game. Its an easy game. You use Penelope to try and 
    get the basket balls into the hoop. Pashmina throws the ball, YOU 
    (Penelope) Has to hit it to Bijou and then you hit it to hamtaro 
    then hamtaro hits it to you and you hit it in the hoop. It's a 
    simple arcade game. You get 3 Chances to miss and its game over.
    When i first played it my score was 20.
    Red Controler:
    This is the same as the green controler but eh, i think it might 
    be a little harder. Who knows.
    If you go up to the blue and orange thing, its a ham ham jukebox 
    where you can play CDs.
    You can go up yet another white ladder and stand on the A to get 
    a basket that carrys you to the other side. Thats it for this room.
    Now you go out, which is just down.. and you can go to the Pool, 
    Stadium, Athletes' Village, Tennis Court, Ham Studios, Lawn, or 
    the Clubhouse.
    Go to the Stadium.
    Theres some hams on the left that say they're practicing. Go up 
    by the firetruck and you get to the next ledge. Theres Sunflower 
    seeds there. Go right and over the bridge. Theres some more seeds. 
    Now go down by the yellow block there. Its sort of hard to see. Go 
    up to the sunflower and theres some more seeds to get. Now you're 
    ready to enter the stadium.
    Enter... the stadium. Lol.
    You can talk to the ninja hams(?)
    And Cappy whos looking for 'THE' Stucky.. and Jingle and one of the 
    ninja hams go off to the awards ceremony. 
    Putting the game settings on easy, medium, or hard determins how 
    many seeds you win.
    Talk to howdy twice. The 100HM DASH is the next event. It's good 
    to practice practice practice before you enter the tournament 
    because you have ONE chance to win it.
    Game: 100hm Dash
    Starting - Press A when you see the start signal. If you get 
    three false starts in the tournament event, you'll be disqualified.
    Running - Hit A when the blue mark reaches the red mark on the 
    left edge. The closer to the right the blue mark is when you 
    press A, the faster you run.
    Sprinting - If you press B just before the goal, you'll stick 
    your chest out and run faster, but you'll tire out quickly.
    Also- The faster you run, the faster the blur mark goes so it 
    gets harder.
    Honestly i thought this game was really hard. I put it on easy 
    and couldnt beat it.
    When you've had enough practice, you can enter.
    When you win, you will be on 1st place pedistol thing.
    My score was 10.11. You go back to the main room and collect your 
    Pashmina congradulates you. Talk to Boss and he will show you where 
    you can sleep. All the athletes sleep at Athletes Village. However 
    - YOU have to sleep at the clubhouse.
    Snoozer saved your spot at your bed. Aww thanks Snooz-man! ^_^ 
    Sandy and Stan were late comming because Stan got distracted by a 
    cute girl. -_-. Maxwell welcomes you back and Dexter announces that 
    Howdy is tired from all HIS hard work. He did NOTHING compares to 
    what YOU did. lol.
    Anyways. You can watch TV now. You can watch the Ham Studio News 
    with the lovely Sparkle. Sparkle's here to give you an update on 
    today's sports results. The first event was the 100hm dash. *It 
    shows your scores* And the dazzling athlete is: Hamtaro! That was 
    an update from the cutest reporter in the world, Sparkle! Oh 
    PLEASE. X_X Waste of my time.
    After your done with that, you can check Maxwell's tips.
    And after your done exploring the clubhouse, you go to sleep in 
    your bed. It then displays the results.
    Now you see Crystal, the snow fairy. She says you can trade player 
    cards with people via a link cable. You can also find out how much 
    you and your friends have in common.
    Day 2
    An orange ninja ham explains that the tennis prelims, hammer 
    throw, and diving going on today. You can check the tournament 
    schedule by pressing START.
    If you try to leave theres breaking news on TV. Ham Studios will
    be crankin' out some great shows, starting...NOW! Be sure to watch 
    em all. (Gotta watch em all?) If you do decide to watch TV they're 
    doing requests.
    Anyways. On to the tennis prelims! You can talk to the hams and get
    some seeds on the bolts. If you go to the right Oxnard + Boss are 
    lost... and Cappy is worried about Stucky.
    Thats about all to do here. Now go in.
    Jingle is north of where you are. He wants to know where the champs 
    are and the blue ninja ham 
    shows him.
    Now you can talk to Howdy and register.
    Game: Tennis
    Winning - The first one to win two games wins.
    Moving - Move Bijou with +
    Serving - Toss the ball with A. Aim with +, and serve with A. You 
    have to try over if you get a let. If you get two faults, your 
    opponent scores.
    Hitting the Ball - Swing the racket with A. To aim where you want 
    the ball, press + while swinging the racket.
    Lob - If you swing the racket with B you can hit the ball up high. 
    (That's a lob!)
    Smash - If your opponent hits a lob to you, return it with A to turn 
    it into a smash.
    Arg. Tennis is really hard too! You gotta hit the tennis ball to the 
    same side of the court that the other ham is on. INSIDE that box. 
    and while the ball is in midair you gotta press left or right to 
    aim it higher. My best best is to do B smashes when he throws it 
    to you and try to hit the ball as far away from him as you can 
    without going out of bounds.
    After you win bijou is excited about making it into the finals.
    Now go do the Hammer Throw in the Stadium. If you go to the left 
    Cappy is fed up with stuckie and decides to hide himself. If you 
    go in you can talk to Penelope. She says "Yeah" o_O; Strange. 
    Jingle goes to the victory podium again. Now you can go do the 
    hammer throw. 
    Game: Hammer Throw
    Winning - Throw the hammer three times. Whoever throws it the 
    farthest wins.
    Starting - Press A to start swinging the hammer. You can spin 
    the hammer up to seven times.
    Swing It Fast! - Hold A when the hammer is at the top of the gauge.
    Swing It Faster! - Release A when the hammer passes the top of the 
    Throwing - Throw the hammer with B, but be sure to time it so that 
    you throw it between the white lines.
    This game was hard to figure out. Basically get Oxy spinning, press 
    A to make white lines appear press A when the ball is in the green 
    area and press B when you want to let it go.
    My highest was 75, 90 hm and it took MANY tries to get /THAT/.
    After you win... (or lose) lol.. Oxnard eats a seed.
    Diving is next at the pool. If you go to the left and bounce on a 
    mushroom you can get the seeds. Bijou announes the little ninja 
    hams are the babies from rainbow land. Jingle wants to go to the 
    victory podium as usual. Go to the right and talk to any of the 
    hams and they talk about pools. Go right even more and you can get 
    some more seeds. Anyways you use Cappy for this one.
    Game: Diving
    Winning - The diver with the highest total score from five dives 
    Starting - Press A to dive.
    Preformance 1 - Press the buttons in the order in which they appear.
    (A, down, R)
    Preformance 2 - Press the last two buttons at the same time. (L, A)
    Final Score - You will earn a high score if you hit the correct 
    buttons quickly.
    Max Scores -
    1st Dive: 90.00
    2nd Dive: 99.00
    3rd Dive: 87.00
    4th Dive: 96.00
    5th Dive: 96.00
    For this game just press the buttons they say midair and you see a 
    replay. My highest was 96, 90. If you do it really fast, Cappy does 
    a special trick with his pan.
    When you go outside, it gets dark out. Time to go to sleep!
    I took this oppertunity to explore Athlete's Village. Theres some 
    seeds to be found!
    When you go back to the clubhouse, the mailham comes in and yells 
    "SAMPLES! SAMPLES!" You get a hamster costume set courtosy of the 
    Ham shopping network.
    Now you can go to sleep.
    The crystal ham comes again and says... You can change costumes by 
    using a Player Card. You can get costumes by trading cards with your 
    Day 3
    Some more baby hams come and say the following events are going on.
    Beach Volleyball Prelims @ Beach
    Hurdles @ Stadium
    Bird-Back Riding @ Lawn
    Go to the Beach Volleyball Prelims at the beach. If you go left you 
    can get some seeds inside the shells. You can also get a new costume.
    Game: Beach Volleyball
    Winning - The first side to reach seven points wins.
    Moving - Move hamtaro with +
    Serving - Toss the ball with A. Aim with +, and serve with A. Hit 
    it to an area your opponent cant reach.
    Setting - When the ball comes toward you, follow it and press A to 
    set the ball or hit the ball.
    Jumping - Jump with B. Stand near the net to block your opponent's 
    Spiking - While jumping, press A to spike the ball. Press B to feint.
    You can aim with +.
    Winning the most medals: The team that ears the most gold medals in
     Ham-Ham Games wins. Check your team ranking by pressing START and
     looking at the results on the menu. If you're having a tough time
     winning the gold medal, don't give up! Just keep trying!
    Difficulty Secrets: 
    The number of seeds you can win changes depending on your place
    and difficulty setting. Set the difficulty to hard and come in
    first place to get lots of seeds! If you set the game to east
    and come in last, you won't get as many seeds.
    Trading Player Cards:
    Trade your first Player Card by linking with a friend. Trade cards
    to see how much you and your friends have in common. Trade with 
    lots of friends and something good is bound to happen!
    Changing Costimes:
    Changing costumes by using a Player Card. Get new costumes or give
    them to friends by trading Player Cards!
    Day 1
    Opening Ceremony @ Stadium
    Free Time - TV: Preparing for broadcast
    100hm Dash @ Stadium
    Free Time - TV: Ham Studio News
    Day 2
    Free Time - TV: Ham Requests
    Tennis Prelims @ Tennis Court
    Free Time - TV: Ham Fortune Telling
    Hammer Throw @ Stadium
    Free Time - TV: Ham Shopping Network
    Diving @ Pool
    Free Time - TV: Ham Studio News
    Day 3
    Free Time - TV: Ham Requests
    Beach Volleyball Prelims @ Beach
    Free Time - TV: Ham Fortune Telling
    Hurdles @ Stadium
    Free Time - TV: Ham Shopping Network
    Bird-Back Riding @ Lawn
    Free Time - TV: Ham Studio News
    Day 4
    Free Time - TV: Ham Requests
    Pole Vault @ Stadium
    Free Time - TV: Ham Fortune Telling
    Tennis Finals @ Tennis Court
    Free Time - TV: Ham Shopping Network
    Carrot Pull @ Lawn
    Free Time - TV: Ham Studio News
    Day 5
    Free Time - TV: Ham Requests
    Swimming @ Pool
    Free Time - TV: Ham Fortune Telling
    Archery @ Lawn
    Free Time - TV: Ham Shopping Network
    Sailing @ Beach
    Free Time - TV: Ham Studio News
    Day 6
    Free Time - TV: Ham Requests
    Triple Jump @ Stadium
    Free Time - TV: Ham Fortune Telling
    Synchronized Swimming @ Pool
    Free Time - TV: Ham Shopping Network
    Beach Volleyball Finals @ Beach
    Free Time - TV: Ham Studio News
    Day 7
    Free Time - TV: Ham Requests
    Marathon @ Stadium
    Closing Ceremony @ Stadium
    IV: Updates
    July 16th, 2004: Started this
    July 19th, 2004: Finished up through Day 2 and a little of Day 3.
    V: FAQ
    Q: How do i buy things?
    A: Ham Shopping  network on TV.
    VI: Contact Cait
    AIM: Torobiusu
    YIM: k_newberry
    ICQ: 29388317
    MSN: sailorwigglytuff@hotmail.com
    Webite: http://gravychikan.tk
    Forums: http://hamtopia.tk
    Last: Copywrite
    All this info was typed out by me. I still have a long ways to go.
    Please repect my hard work and do not take my walkthrough or copy it!
    It should not be on any site besides http://hamtaro.tk and gamefaqs!
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned
    by their respective trademark and copyright holders.
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
    personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
    otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission.
    Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public 
    display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.
    Copyright 2004 Cait

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