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    Boss FAQ by NeoErkz

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    | Naruto - Ninja Council 2/        |
    | ------------------------         |
    |/Naruto - Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 2|
    | Boss F.A.Q. |
    Version 1.074706062012 Final
    By Erkz
    =====TABLE OF CONTENTS=====[01.00]
    [01.00] =Table of Contents [You are here]
    [02.00] =Disclaimer
    [03.00] =Introduction
    [04.00] =Controls
    [04.01] -Basic
    [04.02] -Advanced
    [05.00] =Chakra Techniques
    [05.01] -Uzumaki, Naruto
    [05.02] -Uchiha, Sasuke
    [05.03] -Haruno, Sakura
    [05.04] *Rock, Lee
    [06.00] =The Boss FAQ
    [06.01] -Start...!! [Lee]
    [06.02] -Forest of Death...!! [Orochimaru/Zaku/Dosu]
    [06.03] -Examination Preparations...!! [Kabuto]
    [06.04] -Cavern of the Giant Snake [Zaku/Dosu]
    [06.05] -Orochimaru's Hideout [Zaku/Dosu/Kabuto/Orochimaru]
    [06.06] -Chuunin Examination Main Matches [Neji/Gaara/Orochimaru]
    [06.07] -The One Person Missions [Kankuro/Gaara/Gaara's Absolute Defense/
    [07.00] =Frequently Asked Questions
    [08.00] =Contact Information
    [09.00] =Credits/Special Thanks
    [0A.00] =Copyright Information 
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    This is a boss FAQ for Naruto - Saikyou Ninja Daikesshu 2 aka 
    Naruto - Ninja Council 2. It seems like I really enjoyed this game a few 
    years back but never released a 'final' version of this FAQ. 
    So here it is.
    These are the basic controls as explained by Lee in the first stage [in the 
    same order]...
    'L' - Switch out your character for the next one.
    Up, Up, 'B' - Level 1 Chakra Technique.
    Down, Down, 'B' - Level 2 Chakra Technique.
    Down, Up, 'B' - Level 3 Chakra Technique.
    Up + 'A' - Teleport above current position.
    Down + 'A' - Teleport behind enemy.
    Select - Switch scroll to be used. [Must have at least 2 scrolls]
    'R' + 'A' - Use selected scroll. [See above]
    Hmm, strange. They left out a few things...
    These aren't really advanced controls. 
    They just don't tell you how to do them in-game.
    'D' Pad - Move your character.
    'B' - Attack. Mash for combos.
    'A' - Jump.  
    'R' - Defend against attacks. Most anyway.
    Start - Pause game.
    Forward, Forward[HOLD] - Dash.
    Backward, Backward - Quick retreat.
    Up + 'B' - Lauching attack.
    You'd think they'd mention some of these things...
    =====Chakra Techniques=====[05.00]
    Here are the Chakra Techniques for each character.
    -----Uzumaki, Naruto-----[05.01]
    Level 1 - Sexy Jutsu
    Naruto turns into a pretty, half-naked girl and stuns the enemy for about 18 
    seconds. It doesn't work on everyone though. 
    Level 2 - Naruto Uzumaki Barrage
    Naruto creates 5 shadow clones and beats up the opponent.
    Level 3 - Summoning Jutsu
    Naruto attempts to call forth the Frog Boss, Gamabunta. 
    Note that I said 'attempts'.
    This has a 50% chance of failure, where he instead summon a tadpole for no 
    damage. If successful, however, you will have a whole-screen attack that does 
    heavy damage. It's somewhat useful if you've found yourself in an ambush.
    -----Uchiha, Sasuke-----[05.02]
    Level 1 - Lion Barrage
    Sasuke beats up the opponent.
    Level 2 - Thousand Birds
    This move is the hardest hitting move Sasuke has. It does heavy damage to one
    enemy, but tends to miss its intended target due to enemies jumping in the
    Level 3 - Sharingan
    This and Lee's 'Weight Removal' are the two most useful in the game. This one 
    slows down your opponent[s]'s speed for 15 seconds. Extremely useful against 
    fast enemies.
    -----Haruno, Sakura-----[05.03]
    Level 1 - Perfect Chakra Control
    Sakura uses her chakra to increase her speed by a great amount for 15 seconds.
    Pretty fun move that lets you juggle people around.
    Level 2 - Double Sakura Barrage
    If your opponent is right next to you, Sakura and Inner Sakura will do a 27 
    hit combo on them.
    Level 3 - Sakura's Anger
    This will put you in a state where you can use Double Sakura Barrage by 
    pressing 'B' when an enemy is nearby. Lasts 15 seconds.
    *****Rock, Lee*****[05.04]
    Level 1 - Weight Removal
    Lee takes off his weights, increasing his running and attack speed for 15 
    Level 2 - Secondary Lotus
    Lee beats up the opponent.
    Level 3 - Reverse Lotus
    Lee opens his Chakra Gates, lauches an enemy and beats them up.
    Does heavy damage to both you and your opponent.
    =====THE BOSS F.A.Q.=====[06.00]
    Yes, finally, the meat of the FAQ, the Boss Guide.
    Boss - Lee
    Difficulty - Medium
    Synopsis - Simply put, your basic attacks... Except, no chakra techniques
    [It's Lee after all.], no teleport above or scrolls.
    Strategy - Okay, this is cheap, but his physical attacks will give you a hard
    time otherwise, so use Naruto's 'Summoning Jutsu'. Afterwards, when he's down,
    stand next to him and keep mashing 'B'. He won't be able to get up and will 
    die. Yay, stunlocking against bad AI. Alternatively, you can smack him with 
    Sasuke's 'Thousand Birds' until he dies, but that takes too long.
    -----Forest of Death...!!-----[06.02]
    Boss - Orochimaru
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - He uses combos and teleports every time he gets knocked down. He
    has two attacks to be wary of. The one where he uses his breath to knock you
    down and the Giant Boa Summoning Jutsu.
    Strategy - Sharingan, combos [Do NOT knock him down] and Thousand Birds when 
    Sharingan's time is up. Wash, rinse and repeat. He will die soon enough.
    Boss - Zaku
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Teleports, combos and that stupid move where he shoots a ball of
    air at you. Geez this boss sucks. Sakura can kill him in less than 15 seconds!
    Strategy - Sakura's Anger. Don't stick. Get close to him and whack him. He'll
    launch upwards. From there, juggle him with it. He will die before it runs 
    Boss - Dosu
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Teleports, one-hit attacks, jumps around... Blegh, this guy sucks 
    as much as Zaku. 
    Strategy - Use the same strategy you used for Zaku on him. 
    -----Examination Preparations...!!-----[06.03]
    Boss - Kabuto
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - This guy is annoying. He uses teleports, jumps, combos, chakra 
    techniques, you name it. His two chakra techniques are one where he smacks you
    with thin air, and the other he uses chakra concentrated in his hands to beat
    you up.
    Strategy - Though you might be tempted to use things like Sasuke's Sharingan,
    refrain from doing so and use Sakura. Or else you'll probably die.
    -----Cavern of the Giant Snake-----[06.04]
    Boss - Zaku [Again]
    Difficulty - Medium
    Synopsis - Same as before. He's just a bit faster.
    Strategy - Same as before, just avoid, um, never mind, just smack him with 
    Sakura till he dies.
    Boss - Dosu [Again]
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - Same as before, just a bit faster.
    Strategy - Same as before.
    -----Orochimaru's Hideout-----[06.05]
    Boss - Zaku [Yet again]
    Difficulty - Medium
    Synopsis - Same as before. He's just a bit faster and has another move where 
    he pumps air into the ground under you.
    Strategy - Same as before.
    Boss - Dosu [Yet again]
    Difficulty - Medium
    Synopsis - Same as before, just a bit faster.
    Strategy - Same as before. Yep, he still sucks.
    Boss - Kabuto [Once more!]
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Kabuto is way faster than before. He will teleport behind you, then
    when you turn around, teleport back to your other side and smack you square 
    in the back.
    Strategy - Sakura. Woo.
    Boss - Orochimaru 
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - He has all his old moves, and a new one. He can pull the Sword of
    Kusanagi out of his oesophagus to help him fight you. It will float above you 
    and slash at you every few seconds. He's a bit faster too.
    Strategy - Sharingan! Then combo him to death. Just try not to knock him down.
    Use slow paced combos to hit him till he dies. Don't waste your chakra on 
    thousand birds, he'll just move. If, and only if, Sasuke dies, use Sakura's 
    Anger juggle combo, or if you've only a little remaining chakra, Naruto's
    Summoning Jutsu. The sword EATS your health, by the way, stay away from it.
    -----Chuunin Examination Main Matches-----[06.06]
    Boss - Neji
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - A boss we've never fought before and will never fight again! 
    His Jyuuken Mastery - 64 strikes does insane damage if it hits Naruto, 2 of
    these will kill you, and once you get trapped in his divination circle there's
    no escaping it. He also has his Divination Swirl, which nullifies ALL of your
    attacks. And sometimes, he'll try to jump-kick you [It's really pathetic,
    trust me...]. All in all, a pretty decent boss, even if he is a little on the
    cheap side.
    Strategy - NA-RU-TO! UZUMAKI BARRAGE!!! Use this every time he tries to use 64
    strikes on you. Just jump over him, he'll get confused and stop his attack, 
    and then you can smack him with it. Please avoid getting hit by 64 strikes.
    Naruto Uzumaki Barrage should make quick work of him.
    Boss - Gaara
    Difficulty - Medium/Hard
    Synopsis - He'll either send waves of sand at you, stab at you with his 
    sand, throw sand at you or block your attacks with his wall of sand.
    Strategy - You have a choice of strategies here... Either one works well 
    a] Hold 'R' [Defend] until Orochimaru stops the match.
    b] Whenever he attacks, teleport behind him and combo. When he blocks, use 
    thousand birds. Wash, rinse and repeat. 
    Boss - Orochimaru
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - He's scrapped the old move with the sword of kusanagi for the
    Summoning Dead Jutsu. He calls up the first two Hokages and they help him beat
    you up. They follow you around, smacking you at regular intervals. The Second
    Hokage [Blue] will use a ball of water every few seconds, while The First
    [Brown] will grab you with tree roots. Orochimaru is also a bit faster.
    Strategy - Use the Sharingan to slow him down and slow-combo him till he uses
    Summoning Dead Jutsu. Then switch to Sakura and use the Sakura's Anger juggle 
    combo. If you get stuck in tree roots, jump out. Don't waste time smashing 
    them. He shouldn't take too long to kill. Oh yeah, you can't hurt the Hokages,
    so don't bother trying.
    -----The One Person Missions-----[06.07]
    Boss - Kankuro
    Difficulty - Medium
    Synopsis - All he does is hide and let that stupid War-Puppet do all the work.
    Strategy - This depends on who you're playing as when you fight him...
    Naruto : Keep jumping behind Kankuro and keep using Naruto Uzumaki Barrage. Be
    wary of the puppet though, it can sneak up on you.
    Sasuke : Keep jumping behind Kankuro and keep using Lion Barrage. Be wary of 
    the puppet. It bites.
    Sakura : Use Sakura's Anger juggle combo. You can beat up the puppet and
    Kankuro at the same time for extra damage to Kankuro. See how many hits 
    you can get! It's hilarious.
    Boss - Gaara
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - This fight is a repeat of the previous fight in all aspects except 
    that you HAVE to fight him this time but now you have your whole team with 
    Strategy - Whenever he attacks, teleport behind him and combo. When he 
    blocks, use Thousand Birds, Double Sakura Barrage or Naruto Uzumaki Barrage. 
    Wash, rinse and repeat. He'll change into his second form after a beating.
    Boss - Gaara's Absolute Defense
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - The ball sits there and hits you with a random attack if you get 
    too close.
    Strategy - Multiple. It's your choice.
    a] Use Sasuke's Thousand Birds to instantly win.
    b] Kill off Sasuke and Sakura [and Lee if you have him] and combo him to death
    with Naruto to skip the next stage and summon Gamabunta to play a minigame 
    where you wrestle Shukaku.
    c] Go directly to a]. Do not pass Go. Do not collect 200 dollars.
    Seriously, your call.
    Boss - Shukaku
    Difficulty - Hard
    Synopsis - Shukaku's head uses a bunch of cheap attacks on you. 
    That's it. That's all.
    Strategy - Use Naruto's Summoning Jutsu. It clears away half of Shukaku's 
    life. If you run out of Chakra, hit Gaara's body, or in the US version, the
    crystal. That's Shukaku's only weak spot. Try not to get hit, the damage is
    pretty cheap.
    Boss - Gaara [Final Boss]
    Difficulty - Easy
    Synopsis - He uses all of his attacks on you as usual, but is rather...
    unenergetic about the whole affair. 
    Strategy - Don't waste your remaining Chakra, as you are probably still weak 
    from the fight with Shukaku. Quick combos make short work of Gaara. Just beat 
    him and you've beaten the game.
    [1.Q] Why is Lee in this guide's move section? Is he playable?
    [1.A] Yes, he is.
    [2.Q] Cool! How do you get him?
    [2.A] You unlock him by beating the game once and continuing from that save-
    [3.Q] Sometimes, when I try to use a move, I hear a weird buzzer and the move 
          doesn't work. What gives?
    [3.A] The buzzer tells you that you don't have enough Chakra to perform the 
    [4.Q] There's a part where this guy shoots a green crystal at me and I can't 
          pass him because the crystal keeps knocking me off. What should I do?
    [4.A] Use Sasuke's Sharingan to slow down the crystal, then smash it to bits.
          Afterwards, kill the guy so he doesn't make anymore crystals.
    [5.Q] I can't hurt Shukaku! WHY? How do I kill him?
    [5.A] That's how they made the game. Aim for Gaara.
    [6.Q] Yay! Ura Renge [Primary Lotus to those non-japanese speakers]!!! HOLY
          CRAP! What happened to my life-bar?
    [6.A] "A body can normally only use 20% of it's muscle power, due to the 
          brain's safety mechanisms. Using Chakra to forcefully remove these 
          mechanisms, Primary Lotus allows a body to use it's maximum power at the
          cost of extreme muscle wear and tear. Hence, this move should only be 
          used as a last resort." - Guy-Sensei. Or something like that. Basically,
    =====CONTACT INFORMATION=====[08.00]
    This is the final version, so you shouldn't really need to contact me.
    Feel free to PM me on GameFAQs if you absolutely must, though I can't
    guarantee that you'll get an answer.
    =====CREDITS/SPECIAL THANKS=====[09.00]
    Tomy and the rest, for making this game.
    The people of the GameFAQs community, for their great, dependable guides.
    Me, for making this guide.
    Myself, for actually sitting down and typing this.
    I, for deciding to update this 6 years after the original, lol.
    You, for choosing to play this game and for reading my first FAQ [and 
    apparently only FAQ?] ever.
    =====COPYRIGHT INFORMATION=====[0A.00]
    This guide is Copyright (c) 2006-2012 Erkz.
    Naruto and other licensed property mentioned in this FAQ are copyright their 
    respective owners.
    What are you doing?
    Stop scrolling down!
    Seriously! Stop it!
    What? Are you expecting some sort of secret section?
    Go away!
    You're still scrolling? Okay then, you keep it up! See where it'll get you!
    =====SECRET SECTION=====[0F.00]
    Okay, so there was something down here...
    Here are some USEFUL codebreaker codes for this game, made personally by me.
    Have fun.
    Infinite Chakra
    33000356 00FF
    Infinite Double-Jumps
    33000347 0000
    Infinite Timer Moves [Like Sharingan and stuff]
    33000355 00FF
    Party Modifier
    33004549 00XX
    XX - Effect
    00 - Cannot Switch [This sticks you as your current player]
    01 - Naruto
    02 - Sasuke
    03 - Naruto and Sasuke
    04 - Sakura
    05 - Naruto and Sakura
    06 - Sasuke and Sakura
    07 - Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura
    08 - Lee
    09 - Naruto and Lee
    0A - Sasuke and Lee
    0B - Naruto, Sasuke and Lee
    0C - Sakura and Lee
    0D - Naruto, Sakura and Lee
    0E - Sasuke, Sakura and Lee
    0F - Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Lee
    Scroll Modifiers
    8300454E YYXX
    33004550 00ZZ
    Where XX is 1st Scroll, YY is the 2nd Scroll and ZZ is the 3rd Scroll. 
    ?? - Effect
    00 - Chouji's Scroll
    01 - Shino's Scroll
    02 - Shikamaru's Scroll
    03 - Kiba's Scroll
    04 - Kakashi's Scroll
    05 - The 3rd Hokage's Scroll
    FF - No Scroll

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