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"So lonely here..."

Mario Party Advance is a… Party(?) game developed by Hudson, the undisputed king of childish boredom. I can't exactly say that I'm a Party Game fan. I've played the N64 series mainly because of my girlfriend's obsession with it. I enjoyed them though and expected MPA to be equally if not even better… I was wrong…

Gameplay: 1/10
Replay Value: 1/10

If that is supposed to be fun then I'm glad I am a good ol' retro gamer… What the hell has happened to Nintendo nowdays? It seems that this once legendary company is bombarding the market with childish, easy and boring games that appeal to… I don't know who!!! First of all why the game is called Mario Party? Party means that you along with some others are having fun, but this game is mainly a single player game where you collect mini games in order to later play them with your friends. Your objective is to wander around a large board and collect mini-games and various gadgets by solving quests. Quests are extremely boring and range from the “win in this mini game” to the “fetch me that item from point A” kind of ones.

Lets say that you completed the “main” quest, what now? There are tons of games that you can play alone and some of them with your friends… note the word some of them. This is a party game damn it! Why would I want to play ON MY OWN in a board game for so many hours in order to collect mini-games that I'll play ON MY OWN?!? Not only that but most mini-games are freaking boring with only a few actually being fun. There are also various Modes that you can play but there isn't any real difference from Mode to Mode, since all have to do with the mini-games you've unlocked.

Finally the Gadgets… WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE??? Gadgets are supposed to be simple games that are good to pass the time. Games like punch the box until you break it, look at a picture, (I'm not kidding), look at the picture and turn on some lights, (I'm NOT kidding), or count sheep in order to fall asleep, (I'm still not kidding!!!). BORING!!!

Graphics: 6/10
Design: 5/10

I must say that I expected more from a GBA title. I've seen SNES titles looking better than this and although GBA is practically a portable SNES I know that the graphics could be a bit better. Everything looks… Mario-ish, with all the characters and typical worlds of the Mario universe, nothing special here, but the game lacks interesting special effects and that special “something” that could make it stand out.

Sound: 5/10
Music: 4/10

The sound effects are the typical Mario universe fanfare, nothing new, the music on the other hand is disappointing. Way too childish, (like the rest of the game), cheesy and has nothing to do with the great music themes of the classic Mario games.


-The single player game is ultra boring
-Boring mini-games
-The gadgets
-Not exactly a party game
-Mediocre music
-Too kiddy, even for a Nintendo game

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Overall: 3.7/10

Final word: I was extremely bored by this game and I can't see how someone older than 3 years old can give it a score above 7.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 09/16/09

Game Release: Mario Party Advance (EU, 06/10/05)

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