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    Control Enemy Glitch FAQ by Ryushikaze

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 11/17/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Fire Emblem 8: The Sacred Stones- Control Enemy Glitch FAQ
    -Collected and presented by Ryushikaze
    01. Introduction
    02. Overview
    03. How to perform the glitch
    04. Places to perform the glitch
    05. What to do with the glitch
    06. Known issues with the glitch
    07. Enemy Weapons
    08. Far Too Frequently Asked Questions
    09. Credit
    10. Contact Information
    11. Legal Info
    12. Version Info
    -1. Introduction
    Hello, all. This FAQ was written in order to organize in a legible and easy to
    access format all known information about the Enemy Glitch, also known as the 
    Mine Glitch, Phantom Glitch, Gorgon Glitch, and other names. I am calling it 
    the Control Enemy glitch because that is what the glitch does, allow you to 
    control all the enemies on screen. This FAQ is by no means final, as the 
    Glitch is still rather new, and new information may crop up as a result. If/
    when it does, I'll try and update the guide to include it. Now then, onward!
    -2. Overview
    The Control Enemy Glitch does exactly what it says it does. It allows you, the
    player, to control any enemy on the screen, provided that they have not yet
    taken their turn. The trick can either be amazingly difficult or incredibly
    easy to perform, depending on the situations under which you execute it. the
    purpose of this guide to to explain what methods to use for a 100% success
    rate for this glitch.
    -3. How to perform
    To perform the trick, you need two things. An enemy that can attack your unit,
    and a unit who cannot counterattack. To activate the glitch, you must end your
    turn, allow the enemy unit to attack your ally, then AFTER the HP bars vanish,
    but BEFORE the foe greys out, hard or soft reset your game. Resume your file,
    and if all works well, the game should show the enemy unit greying out (you
    should not see the battle play again. If you do, then you were not succesful),
    and you will have complete control of every unused enemy unit for one turn. 
    This can technically be performed anywhere, but is very hard to reproduce
    reliably. Certain things make the trick easier to perform.
    a. Whomever your chosen unit is, remove all of their weapons. This means they
    will not counterattack, period, so they can't screw up the glitch by countering
    the enemy. Try and prevent a counter by other means if using the phantom,
    such as having it get attacked at range, and hope it doesn't spawn with a
    b. Turn off animations. Not a requirement, but IMO, it makes the timing of the
    reset far easier to judge correctly.
    c. Make sure the enemy is in the right location. I CANNOT stress this enough,
    which is why I dedicated the entire below section to it. Read it well. I MEAN
    -4. Where to perform
    a. PWASE
    PWASE, or Panels Which Affect Something Else (from hereon referred to only as
    PWASE), are the key to reliably performing the glitch. Numerous amounts of
    empirical testing by myself and others have shown that the window of
    opportunity widens dramatically when the Enemy is on a PWASE. Key word being 
    ON. I cannot stress enough that the ENEMY location is vital. I have recieved
    several emails asking for help with the glitch, and nearly all of them wound
    up being an issue with placing the Ally on the correct tile, rather than the
    b. What are PWASE?
    PWASE are, as the name suggest, any tile on the map which causes an effect on
    another panel and/or units. There are several known PWASE, but it is by no 
    means a complete and total list. Though it seems as though all tiles have been
    classified, someone may discover a previously unconsidered panel to to be one.
    c. Known PWASE
    Known PWASE include The Fire tiles on the Peak, The panels on which Gorgon
    eggs begin, and the panels which snags begin on (Not the bridge the create,
    but the panel they leave when you fell them to create a bridge).
    d. Non PWASE
    Breakable walls are not, for some reason, PWASE. Poison trap tiles in the
    ruins are similarly invalid, as they cannot be stood upon (the actual panels
    are the walls themselves, not the floor panels they affect). Forests, Houses,
    forts, castles, arenas, stairs, the bridge tiles in Ruins 8, reinforcement
    tiles, doors and ruins are similarly not valid PWASE. I previously erroneously
    reported the star trap tiles as PWASE after a succesful usage, but further 
    testing has revealed that the success was a miracle of timing, not the 
    convenience of PWASE.
    e. Unconfirmed PWASE
    There may be other tiles which are PWASE, but I have no idea which ones they
    might be. Feel free to test for yourself, and tell me if you find a new one.
    f. Maps with PWASE- For easy reference, known maps with PWASE include-
    Neleras Peak- Gorgon egg tiles (sans egg), and fire tiles
    Narube River- SOT- Snag originator tiles, one above the left bridge, and to 
    the right of the right bridge
    Zaha Woods- SOT- One above the bridge
    Z'albul Marsh- SOT- one above the bridge
    Ruins floor 9- Fire tiles
    -5. What to do with the glitch
    With such a powerful glitch at your disposal, there are a lot of obvious
    things to do with it, such as have all the enemies waste their own turns, or
    have them discard all their weaponry. These are obvious, and not the purpose
    of this section of the FAQ. This section is for less obvious uses for the
    a. Take Enemy weapons- This requires you to have your main lord in battle with
    you, and in range of at least one enemy unit, if not more. Once you have
    succesfully performed the glitch, load up as many weapons onto the units who
    can make it to your lord, and use the supply command to unload the weapons
    onto your lord. Be warned that only Myrrh can use the monster weapons, and
    that anyone can use the Mogall's and Gorgon's magic, including Tethys.
    b1. Teach ANYONE Dark Magic.- This glitch requires two things. Gorgons, and the
    stone item they drop. Using the take enemy weapons glitch, take the stone item
    from the gorgons until you can use them at least 7 times. This will give any
    unit a D rank in dark magic, allowing them to use dark tomes. No other enemy
    weapon can give dark Weapon XP. Only Dark Weapon XP can be gained like this so
    you can't teach a druid Light, for example. The implications of this should be
    obvious, but as a simple teaser, "Sage or Bishop with Naglfar".
    b2. Autoweapon- A corrolary to the above, if you give dark magic to a unit who
    is not normally supposed to be able to use it, and send them into the Link
    arena with the autoweapon rules on, they will be equipped with a Flux tome,
    regardless of whether or not they have a high enough rank (D) to wield it.
    c. Hammerne 2.0- The "Hammerne" Trick is also known as the Gorgon egg trick.
    Perform the basic glitch on the Peak when your lord is next to a gorgon egg,
    and then give any item, such as a Legendary Weapon to the Gorgon egg. Make 
    sure they have something you don't care about in the first slot, as their slot
    1 item will vanish when the egg becomes a gorgon. An elixer or vulneary is 
    suggested to speed up the growth of the egg into a gorgon. Once they 
    transform, whatever items, aside from their first slot item, will be restored
    to full usage. Perform the Control Enemy glitch again and have them deposit 
    the newly restored items into the supply inventory.
    d. Get an extra Hoplon Guard/ Naglfar/ etc-
    Simply put, if you're willing to waste the time to use the glitch without aid
    of PWASE, it's possible to take extra instances of the Hoplon Guard, Naglfar,
    and anything else that an enemy can hold.
    -6. Known issues with the Glitch
    As skippy as this glitch is, it does have certain effects which are or can be
    considered negative. While non of these can actually destroy your file, they
    can cause your game to either perform wierdly, or freeze.
    a. Image Artifacting- When performing the glitch, and examining the enemy's
    inventory, it is not uncommon for a number or artifacts to appear on your 
    screen. To date, This has not been harmful, but it does look most odd.
    b. Missing animations- Getting ranks in magic with a unit not supposed to have
    it will make their weapon animations vanish. In the case of Sword units, the
    runesword animation is substituted for their normal animation. For other units
    using magic, their animation simply does not play. Gaining a weapon level in a
    weapon will apparently reset the problem, so that normal animations still
    play. Any weapon unit wielding monster magic will not display the animation,
    period. Magic units are unaffected.
    c. Tethys- When using Tethys to attack, TURN OFF THE ANIMATION. Otherwise, if
    she gets two attacks, the game WILL freeze. Most likely, this occurs because
    her animation does not have a "pull back to normal" phase, and when the game
    tries to do this, it finds nothing, and searches endlessly for nonexisting
    data. This is just a hypothesis, but it makes sense to me.
    d1. Promotion- When promoting a unit who has enemy items on them, make sure you
    remove any enemy weapons from the unit. If the unit has an enemy item on them
    when you promote them, the screen will go screwy and the game may freeze. If it
    does not, then most likely, the promoted unit will be shown running in place in
    the upper left of the screen. This can be solved by going into your supply
    command and back out, which should clear things up. In general, though, it's
    simpler to just make sure the enemy items are off your units when you promote
    them. If you are somehow unaware of your inventory, the promoted form sprites
    will not appear in the promotion choice field as they would normally do.
    d2. Enemy promotion- Under the same token, never attempt to promote an enemy
    unit. The game will freeze on you, forcing a reset.
    e. Green units- For some reason, the trick just doesn't work when green units
    are on the field. As of yet, no reason is known why. Of course, green units 
    and PWASE only occur together once during story mode, so no worries there.
    f. Gee, I thought this game was faster- Having too many units equipped with 
    enemy weapons can occasionally cause slowdown during the enemy turn. This is 
    not harmful, merely inconvenient.
    g. SPOILERS- Don't use enemy weapons with weapon units against the final boss.
    It'll freeze your game, since the game is programmed to show the animation,
    which overrides the general animation cancelling.
    -7 Enemy weapons
    Some interest was expressed in detailing enemy weapons. Bkam assembled the data
    on the weapons, their stats, and who can use them. I'm just taking the fruits
    of his work, displaying it, and adding a few notes just in case some things
    didn't sink in.
    Rotten Claw
    Mt: 7
    Wt: 8
    Hit: 80
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1
    Type: Claw
    Lvl: PRF (Revenant, Entombed, Bael, Elder Bael, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Description: A sharpened, decayed claw.
    Sharp Claw
    Mt: 14
    Wt: 14
    Hit: 65
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1
    Type: Claw
    Lvl: PRF (Revenant, Entombed, Bael, Elder Bael, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Description: A keen, flesh-tearing claw.
    Fetid Claw
    Mt: 12
    Wt: 10
    Hit: 75
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1
    Type: Claw
    Lvl: PRF (Revenant, Entombed, Bael, Elder Bael, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Description: A foul talon meant to rend flesh.
    Lethal Talon
    Mt: 10
    Wt: 12
    Hit: 60
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1
    Type Claw
    Lvl: PRF (Revenant, Entombed, Bael, Elder Bael, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Description: A claw slathered in deadly poison
    NOTE: Poison weapon.
    Fiery Fang
    Mt: 5
    Wt: 6
    Hit: 90
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1
    Type: Fang
    Lvl: PRF (Mauthe Doog, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Mt: 13
    Wt: 8
    Hit: 80
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1
    Type: Fang
    Lvl: PRF (Gwyllgi, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Description: A long, daggerlike fang
    Demon Surge
    Mt: 11
    Wt: 10
    Hit: 80
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1-2
    Type: Dark Magic
    Lvl: --
    Uses: --
    Description: --
    Evil Eye
    Mt: 7
    Wt: 6
    Hit: 85
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1-2
    Type: Dark Magic
    Lvl: --
    Uses: --
    Description: --
    Crimson Eye
    Mt: 14
    Wt: 13
    Hit: 70
    CRT: 5
    Rng: 1-2
    Type: Dark
    Lvl: --
    Uses: --
    Description: --
    Mt: --
    Wt: 8
    Hit: 65
    CRT: --
    Rng: 1-3
    Type: Dark
    Lvl: --
    Uses: 5
    Description: Turns Target to stone for a while.
    NOTE: Gives Dark Magic Weapon XP. Also, any unit who is stoned will always be
    hit, and add 30% to whatever chance the foe already had to crit them. For
    example, if two wights attacked a stoned unit with 03% and -10% (effectively
    zero), they would have 33% and 30% crit chances respectively. Does not work
    in Link Arena.
    Mt: 13
    Wt: 20
    Hit: 70
    CRT: 5
    Rng: 3-10
    Type: Dark
    Lvl: --
    Uses: 5
    Description: Long-range dark magic bolt.
    Wretched Air
    Mt: 10
    Wt: 5
    Hit: 100
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1-2
    Type: None
    Lvl: PRF (Draco Zombie, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Special Bonuses: +10 (Strength), +10 (Skill), +20 (Defense), +10 (Resistance)
    Description: The breath of a dragon corpse. It decays everything it touches.
    NOTE: Bypasses Resistance.
    Demon Light
    Mt: 15
    Wt: 5
    CRT: 0
    Rng: 1-3
    Type: None
    Lvl: PRF (Demon King, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Special Bonuses: + 10 (Strength), +10 (Skill), +10 (Luck), +10 (Defense), +15
    Description: A malefic flash that destroys everything it touches.
    Mt: 15
    Wt: 5
    CRT: 10
    Rng: 1
    Type: None
    Lvl: PRF (Demon King, Myrrh)
    Uses: --
    Special Bonuses: +15 (Strength), +15 (Skill), +15(Defense), +10 (Resistance)
    Description: A horrific blow that invites the destruction of all.
    Mt: --
    Wt: 5
    CRT: --
    Rng: 1-3
    Type: Staff
    Lvl: (PRF) (Demon King)
    Uses: 1
    Description: Lulls all enemies within range into a deep slumber.
    -8 Far too frequently asked questions
    Q: Does the unit HAVE to be a phantom/get hit/take damage/die?
    A: NO. Any unit is viable, as long as they cannot counterattack the enemy.
    They do not need to do anything but stand there and look pretty in the face of
    an attack. If someone tells you otherwise they are wrong.
    Q: Can I do the trick if my ally dies?
    A: I suppose, but why would you even BOTHER? I see no reason to test this one,
    as Phantoms are utterly expendable, and your units don't even need to take
    damage, much less die for the glitch to work.
    Q: Does the animation have to be off?
    A: No, it works with it on, but I find it far easier with it off, myself.
    Q: Does the unit have to be level 20/ not get XP?
    A: No. I've gotten it to work with an XP bar showing up. It just changes the
    time of the reset to from After the XP bar vanishes til just before the unit
    greys out.
    Q: Does the glitch only work on the PWASE?
    A: No, BUT it is exceedingly difficult to execute otherwise.
    Q: How does the glitch work?
    A: The exact answer is unknown, but I have a few hypothesese in that regard.
    The most likely is that the properly timed reset interrupts the computer in
    the middle of switching to a new enemy unit, at a time when the 'enemy' AI is
    not in control, but the 'enemy phase' is still valid. When you resume, the
    game gives you control as it is programmed to give you control by default if
    it is not in the middle of another routine. The PWASE are so vital to this
    because they cause the computer to run extra checks, expanding the window of
    opportunity to the order of nearly a second, as opposed to less thana frame 
    Q: Does it have to be a Hard/Soft Reset?
    A: No. Either works equally well. I find soft more convenient, since you don't
    have to go through the mandatory powerup sequences with a soft reset.
    Q: Does this only work on a Gameboy Advance/SP/ Micro/ Player/ DS/ Emulator?
    A: No. The trick has been succesfully performed on GBA, SP, Micro, Player, DS,
    and Emulator.
    Q: Is the glitch region specific?
    A: No.
    Q: Say, what's ChinaFE? Does the glitch work on it too?
    A: To the first- It's a chinese ROM hack of the Japanese FE8, and no I will
    NOT aid you in getting it. The upcoming ChinaFE FAQ should deal with that, and
    DOUBLE NO, I will not tell you where to get a Japanese FE8 ROM.
    To the second- Yes.
    Q: Why does my unit have a MAG stat instead of a STR stat?
    A: You did the dark magic glitch on a weapon unit, didn't you? Though they're
    the same thing as far as mechanics goes, the game is not programmed to display
    both STR and MAG at the same time, or Magic and Weapons at the same time, and
    it gives the priority to whichever weapon type levelled up last.
    Q: OMGWTFBBQ! I can't do the glitch anymore! Why not?
    A: I'd bet money that you're not following the steps I detailed, or that you
    did something wrong. Double check, nay triple check to make sure you did the
    trick as I detailed, then I might consider examining your specific
    circumstances to see if it's worth testing.
    Q: Can I get enemies or monsters to join my team?
    A: No. Short of editing the game itself, the units the character faq tells you
    you can get are the ONLY ones you can get. I'm glad this has died off the
    -9 Credit
    Eugene171- For discovering the glitch in the first place.
    The Scythe- For discovering Hammerne 2.0.
    Gnawingtreebark- For confirming the usability of the glitch during story mode.
    HMandACFan- For suggesting adding information about using a Vulnerary instead
    of an Elixir in the Hammerne 2.0 glitch.
    HectorTheShadow- For bringing to my attention the enemy item promotion glitch.
    Bkam4- For testing and debunking the bridge tiles in the ruins level. And for
    providing me with the enemy weapon data so I didn't have to get it myself.
    SSJ3 Miroku- For providing me the means to get screenshots.
    Maddog90- For informing me of the easy way out of the promotion glitch.
    Driver Rules- For the demon king glitch information.
    Neo Qwerty and Supreme Inquitor- Alerting me to the Green units and slowdown
    Numerous other Gamefaqs board users- For providing the hours of empirical
    testing which led to the amount of information we have about the glitch that
    we have now.
    -10 Contact Info
    I can be Emailed at jewett(at)email.unc.edu if you have an addition or
    correction you think is needed in the FAQ. Please include "Enemy Glitch FAQ"
    in the title field, and make sure to give your Board name so I can give you
    credit. If no board name is given, your Email will be given instead.
    I've been getting a lot of email about asking for help with the glitch. And a 
    lot of it is vague, rude, and uses horrendous english. So I'm making this 
    Saying "It duz not wurk. Plz hlp!!!1" is NOT enough (And yes, I've gotten some
    emails that are that bad).
    -11 Legal Info
    This FAQ is mine, and I'd appreciate if you didn't spread it around willy
    nilly without giving me due credit. So if you DO see this FAQ and my name
    isn't on it, give me an email about where it is, and then go badger them to
    give me credit.
    Places preauthorized to show this FAQ-
    -12 Version Info
    Version 1.0- First version of the glitch.
    Version 1.1- Hammered out a few errors, added promotion glitches, updated 
    Version 1.2- Added more glitches, updated PWASE. More error hammering.
    Version 1.3- Added enemy weapon section, other small changes.
    Version 1.31- Removed an incorrect note about the enemy weapons. My bad.
    Version 1.4- Tried to make the explanations and instructions clearer. Hope it
    Version 1.5- Green unit and Lag time notes.

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