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    Special Abilities/Skills FAQ by iammaxhailme

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    First things, first. There are some spoilers in here. 
    Special Skills FAQ
    This FAQ is copyright (iam)Max(hailme). You can't post it on your site or say
    you wrote it. If you want to put it on your site, email me at iammax64@hotmail
    .com. Check here once in a while for an updated version. 
    If you think there's something important missing, email me and tell me. 
    Remember, if I let you post it on your site, remember to check for updates 
    every once in a while. The newest version will always be on Gamefaqs!
    Things you can email me:
    Questions about Fire Emblem (check the other FAQs first though)
    Suggestions for something relavent
    Constructive Criticisms
    Asking to put the FAQ on your site (ask once, if I say no, then it's no. But I
    don't usually have a reason to say no anyway). 
    Things NOT to email me:
    If you email me something that's obviously in an FAQ, whether I wrote it or
    not, I'm just linking you to it. You have to check the FAQs before asking 
    someone a question; we write the for a reason. Saying they're "too long" is 
    stupid. Just use control + F and find something.
    Things with a lot of forwards
    Flame mail
    Horrible english
    Also, if you email me a correction, please give proof. I won't mention a name,
    but someone told me something's wrong. He said: "
    "Hey sure shot cannot work with ballistae. Im sure of it because my cousins 
    dad knows everything about it. Credit me in your fax and email me to tell me 
    you put it in their. My address is ***********@AOL.com. Any ways thanks for 
    telling me about silencer vs great shield, saved my life!"
    That was a real email. I starred out the adress because I dont want him to 
    mail me again, but jeez... 
    Please, give actual proof if it's a technical thing like that. 
    For example, email me this:
    Hi, I was wonder how you can do ____?
    Don't email me: 
    A: hi i no u no how to do ____ so tell me becuz i wil kill u if u dont because
    then u r lame
    B: Hey, how does Pierce Activate?
    OK, a lot of people have asked what happens if two abilities happen at the 
    same time. It's near the end of this FAQ, so look there. 
    NOTE: When calculating the chance of abilities that depend on your level, 
    you only count the levels that are there currently. For example, 
    if your Sniper was promoted as a level 15 Archer, and the Sniper is 
    level 10, the chance of Sure Shot happening is 10, not 35. Therefore, 
    the maximum chance is 20. 
    OK, the point of this FAQ is to discuss characters and classes special 
    abilities. There are a few special abilities I'd like to point out.
    There are some other random FAQs there. But before that, I need to explain
    something about how special abilities use the RNG. 
    Now, as you (might) know, the RNG Stands for. 
    Now, this thing decides EVERYTHING. For example, if you attack, 
    it uses Random numbers to decide if you hit or miss. For example, 
    if your hit percent is 60, it will make a random number. Let's say
    that it is 48. Now, it rolls another Random number. Let's say it's 30. 
    Now, the RNG averages those numbers. The average of 30 and 48 is 39. 
    Now, 60 is greater than 49, so your attack hits. 
    But, let's say the second RN is 80. That would make the average 60. 
    Now 60, your hit percent, is less than 64. So, you miss. 
    Also, if the average of the two RNs is the exact number of your hit
    percent, you miss. 
    After these two RNs are used, it uses one more, for your critical. Even if
    your critical chance is 0, and even if you miss, it still uses it. 
    If it's less than your critical percent, you critical. If it's 
    equal or greater, you do a regular attack. Now, if you miss the regular
    attack, the Critical RN is still used, but you'll miss no matter what. 
    You can't miss and critical
    There are a lot of tricks you can use to manipulate the RNG in your favor. 
    There's as FAQ on that, look there. 
    OK, now that I explained that, you'll know what I'm talking 
    about when I say something like "After the 3rd RN" or something
    like that. 
    Also, whenever I say "Super effective", it means that it makes the might of the 
    Weapon or Magic Tome triple. IT'S NOT TRIPLE DAMAGE!
    RANDOM ABILITIES - These are activated by the RNG. As in, there's a formula,
    it's not always activated. 
    - Wyvern Knight - Pierce. Ignore defense. The chance of this happening is 
    equal to the level of your Wyvern Knight. Therefore, there's a maximum of 
    the first attack with a wyvern knight while attacking from afar (with the 
    Javelin, Short Spear, or Spear), then you will attack again quickly and 
    your game will freeze. This can be avoided by turning animation off or 
    simply not using a long ranged lance with them.
    Animation - The wyvern knight usually swoops up, then dives down, 
    stabs, then flies back into the starting position. When they pierce,
    they swoop up, and dive down, and during the dive, a blue ball or energy
    goes in front of the enemy. When the Wyvern knight strikes, the Blue ball 
    disappears in a flash like its being pushed back, and the wyvern knight
    finishes their attack normally.
    Also, when they pierce, they go a bit faster when striking. 
    RN Usage: After the Crit (3rd) RN is used, it generates another RN to 
    decide if you Pierce. 
    Can you do it and miss: No. 
    This is a very useful skill. It might not be the most reliable of skills, 
    but when it does activate, it's extremely helpful, most of the time. 
    One time, I got a Vindofir Tana Pierce Critical on the Demon king. 
    It really saved my ass. The most useful time to use this skill is 
    obviously when there are a lot of enemies with high defense or HP or both. 
    Like in the Ruins, floor 10, the Dracozombies will easily fall to a Vindofir
    critical. Of course, you have to get lucky. ;-) The downside is that 
    if you do this when a general uses big shield, the General doesn't take any 
    damage, because while this ignores defense, Big Shield ignores Damage 
    - Assassin - Silencer.
    Automatically kills. The chance of this happening is equal to half your
    critical percentage. (If your Crit percent is 50, your Silencer 
    percent is 25 - it's not actually shown on the screen, but that's the 
    ANIMATION: You can tell the difference between this and a normal 
    critical. In a normal critical, the assassin twirls his knives, then does 
    a normal attack. In a silencer, he twirls his knives, and it looks like he 
    split into three vibrating people, then does a normal attack. When he 
    strikes, there are three purple flashes in the background.
    RN USAGE: 
    This one had been debated a little. This is what the evidence shows:
    The first 2 RNs are used to hit as normal. 
    The third is used to crit as normal.
    Then, the fourth is used to decide if you one hit kill. 
    For example: If your normal critical percent is 50, the third RN must be 
    a 0-49. 
    Then, your One Hit Kill percent is 25. Your RN must be 0-24.
    Also, if your Regular critical does NOT critical, the 4th RN is
    still used, but you won’t One Kit Kill, no matter what the Random
    Number is. 
    Can you do it and miss: No
    Comments: This is very, very helpful. Assassins usually do not have the 
    power to kill opponents in one, two, or even three hits, due to their low 
    strength cap. Also, this skill totally saved my ass against a dracozombie in
    the ruins. It can be pretty useful in the LA, too, against high defense units
    such as generals, because it's hard to damage them, but with this, you can 
    just one hit kill them! And since this doesn’t' actually do damage, the 
    General's skill, Great shield, which only negates damage, can't block it!
    Very useful. 
    But, if you're somehow facing an assassin that keeps One Hit Killing you, a 
    good way to fight them is to use a Holpon guard. The silencer isn't 
    technically a critical, but half of 0 is impossible, therefore with a 
    critical percent of 0%, a One Ht Kill is impossible. 
    - Sniper - Sure Shot
    This raises your hit percentage to 100%. 
    Chance of happening - The chance of this happening is 
    equal to the level of your Sniper. Therefore, there's a maximum of 
    Animation: The sniper usually just puts his arrow in the bow and shoots.
    If he or she critical, they twirl the arrow into the bow and then shoot
    as normal. 
    When Sure Shot is activated, a green ball of energy appears around
    the sniper, and then sort of disappears into it, as though it was absorbed
    by the sniper. Then they attack as normal, except they take a little
    longer to shoot after nocking their arrow (loading it into the bow), as 
    if they were taking aim. 
    RN Usage: After the crit RN is used, another RN is used to decide if you 
    get a sure shot or not. 
    Comments: Wow. This skill is completely freaking useless. Neimi and Innes 
    have enough skill to get almost 100% every time anyway. Of course, the only 
    time it ever activates is for those pesky opponent snipers who have a 3%
    of killing your 2 HP Dodge King L'arachel after you’re almost killed everyone
    and you got good level ups and... never mind, I'm not here to post my old 
    problems. But anyway, this skill is pretty useless. Most people think that
    Snipers should get 15% critical, like the Swordmasters and Berserkers. 
    I agree. Actually, this would probably be a better skill for berserkers, 
    as they generally have low skill, and have to use those low accuracy axed. 
    Well, at least its better then it was in FE6. The most accurate axe (iron)
    has a 65% hit! That sucks. 
    - General - Great Shield
    - Negates all damage. 
    Chance of happening: The chance of this skill activating is equal to the
    level of your opponent. So, the max is 20. 
    Animation: When your opponent attacks, usually they just... attack. 
    When Great Shield is activated, before the opponent attacks, a yellow ball
    of energy appears and disappears, as though the General had absorbed it. 
    Then, when the enemy attacks, when the attack strikes, you'll hear that 
    oh so familiar TINK! that means that no damage was done. 
    Also, if it is a physical attack, the attacker seems to retreat to their 
    original standing position a little quicker. But this happens whenever
    no damage is done.  
    RN Usage: After the critical RN is used, another RN is used to decide
    if you use Great Shield or not. 
    Can you do it and have your opponent miss: I haven't tested out this one, but I
    don't think it can happen. 
    Something I found out in the ruins... a Gorgon tried to use Stone against me,
    and big shield activated, but Stone still took effect. No damage, obviously, 
    becuase Stone doesn't do anything, but Gilliam still became petrified.
    Comments: This is another useless skill.... if you're facing weapons.
    Generals usually have enough defense not to be damage (much) by weapons. 
    If you're facing magic or armorslayer/hammer/heavy spears, this is a 
    lifesaver. Generals generally have low resistance, so this can be helpful if 
    it activates when you're facing Magic. For example, I was in the tower, and my
    Gilliam (a general, of course) was going to kill some random person. He was
    my last person, so my turn ended. Of course, me being stupid me, I didn't see
    the Gorgon that had Shadowshot. It would've killed me, and it had a 66% hit 
    too, but Great Shield activated, so it didn't. (I guess this could also 
    happen with an Armorslayer or something, so hope it activates against that) 
    Good thing, too, because I was pretty deep in the ruins, and if I had 
    died that far again, I probably would have snapped my GBA SP in half, 
    and wouldn't be able to write this wonderful FAQ for you. ;-)
    These abilities are ALWAYS in place. 
    Two S Ranks:
    Nobody can get more than one S rank in weapon skill. But Lyon can get an S
    rank in Staves AND Dark. Note that he starts with S in Dark and A in staves, 
    so you have to raise his stave skill a bit first. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: None
    Comments: By the time you have Lyon, you probably won't need to use Latona, and
    you should be able to get a Fortify, which is just as good, almost, anyway, if
    you stick together. Of course, y'know, it can be useful, just in case. But 
    probably not.
    - Critical boost
    Swordmaster, Berserker, Super Recruit, and Super Journeyman all get 
    a 15% critical boost. 
    RN Usage: None. 
    Animation: No special Animation. Just the regular critical animation, 
    if you critical. 
    Can it happen and miss: No, since if you get a critical hit, you cannot miss. 
    If you have a 0% hit chance, no matter what it says your crit chance is, it's
    really 0, beucase you can't crit and miss. You could get a crit with a 0% hit
    in FE6, though, but you still couldn't dodge a crit. 
    Crit evade confuses some people. You can't evade a crit. Crit evade just makes
    your oppoenent's crit percent lower. 
    Comments: This is pretty useful. Especially for the Swordmaster, who usually
    doesn’t have a lot of damage to do when he or she doesn't critical. Of course,
    for Ross and the Berserker, it only adds to their Lethality. So it makes them
    even more awesome. Overall, a pretty useful skill. 
    - Use of special weapons
    There are 5 things that only certain people can use. 
    Rapier is only useable by Eirika. So is Sieglinde. 
    Reginleif is only useable by Ephraim. So is Siegmund.
    The Dragonstone is only useable my Myrrh. 
    Shamshir:  Marisa, Joshua, Eirika, Ismaire, and Colm ONLY IF YOU MAKE
    COLM AN ASSASSIN- Shamshir
    These people, and ONLY these people, can use the Shamshir weapon.
    Also, many people think that Naglfar, the tome Lyon comes with, 
    is only for him. It's untrue; it's an S Rank dark tome, like
    Glenpir. (Although Naglfar doesn't suck like Glenpir does).
    RN Usage: None. 
    Animation: No special animation. 
    For each weapon. 
    Rapier: This is a pretty useful weapon. It's like an armorslayer and zanmato
    in one. in effect, anyway. It's pretty light and weak, but it has a little 
    crit boost and it's very accurate. 
    Sieglende: This is very useful; as it gives Eirika some much needed strength.
    Is super effective vs. Monsters. 
    Reginleif: SHEER. PWNAGE. This is a really great weapon. It's just the right 
    weight for Ephraim, and it has a lot of power, and accuracy, and that 
    traditional small critical boost for the Lord - Exclusive weapon. Also is 
    super effective vs. Horses and Knights and Generals. 
    Siegmund: It's pretty useful. Ephraim doesn’t need the strength boost as much
    as Eirika, but Nintendo and Intelligent Systems made his Strength cap kind of 
    Low and some extra in any stat is always nice. Also is super effective
    against Monsters. 
    Dragonstone: This is really helpful. It gives Myrrh multiple stat boosts, and 
    lets her breath her uber breath of doom. Of course, it can only be used 50
    times, and cannot be repaired or re-gained, so after 50 attacks, Myrrh's 
    useless. Unless you cheat. Which is bad. But still, there's a good way to
    raise Myrrh without using too much use of the Dragonstone. Go into the tower,
    and kill the boss (AND ONLY THE BOSS!) of floor one 19 times. It's guaranteed
    to give Myrrh 100 exp. Also, if you're REALLY patient, make a wall around her,
    and let her be pelted with arrows. She can't retaliate and use the 
    Dragonstone, and each time you enter a battle and live, if you don't do any
    damage, you gain 1 EXP. Remember, this is only if you have a LOT of time. The
    Dragonstone is also super effective vs. Monsters. 
    Shamshir: This weapon is like a killing edge, except with more critical, and 
    less power. This is perfect for assassins, because for them, it doesn't matter
    how much damage you do, because if you get a One Hit Kill, they die. For 
    Eirika and Swordmasters, it can still be useful, but I'd recommend a Killing
    edge, because damage matters for them, and even if it is only one pt of might
    higher, it still give a big crit boost, 5 Less than Shamshir, but 30 is still
    a lot. But if you're on a critical fest, go for it!
    - Slayer
    When a bishop is attacking a monster, it multiplies the might 
    of the tome by 3. 
    NOTE - When using Ivaldi, it only does double tome might. That’s because 
    the "Legendary weapon" boost overrides Slayer. They DO NOT STACK. So,
    against monsters, Aura (A rank light) does more damage then Ivaldi. :\
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: The picture of the Tome will be flashing on the panel below the
    Bishop and Monster, but no special attack animation. 
    Can it happen and miss: Yes, beaucse it's always on, and a bishop doens't 
    always have 100% hit against a monster. 
    Comments: This isn't so helpful in game, but in Creature Campaign, it's 
    probably one of the, if not the, most useful skills. Floor ten of the ruins
    if very hard if you don't know what you're doing. But, if you give a purge 
    tome to a Bishop, it'll do 3X damage, and the Dracozombies won't have the 
    chance to strike back! Just remember that Purge only had 5 Uses. Happy Monster
    Thief, Rogue, and Assassin: Increased Vision
    In Fog of War, other units can only see three spaces away from them. Thieves, 
    Assassins and Rogues can see 8 spaces away. 
    RN Usage: None.
    Animation: None. 
    Comments: This can be a lifesaver when you're in the Fog. You can see enemy
    units from farther away and they probably can't see you. Ambush time! ;-)
    These abilities are activated at the player's will. 
    - Sniper and Archer - Ballista
    When there is a ballista around, and Archer or Sniper
    can ride them and shoot from them. However, they only have 5 "Bullets". 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: Unfortunately, none. FE6 had some cool ballista animation, 
    but they took it out. 
    Can it happen and miss: Yes, because your ballistae doesn't give you 100% hit.
    Can you combine this with Sure Shot: I don't know. Many people have emailed me
    and said that you can't, but nobody's given any solid proof; however, it'd 
    doubtful that so many people could be so unlucky. So for now, I'm going to say
    no, it can't work with Sure Shot, but if you can prove that it can, please
    tell me. 
    Useless. There aren't enough ballistae for it to matter. This is why Snipers
    are so underrated. It's because their skills are useless. Too bad, too, 
    because they're still a good class. They have generally better caps then 
    rangers, too. Just no direct combat, which hurts them a lot. They're still 
    better then Rangers because their caps are better. 
    - Rogue - Pick
    A Rogue can pick doors and chests open without a lockpick. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: None, as this is done on the map, not in battle. The door just
    disappears. Or the chest opens. 
    - Rogue, Thief, and Assassin - Lockpick
    These three classes can use lockpicks to pick open doors and chests. 
    However, it is quite useless for the rogue, who doesn't need a lockpick. So
    if you've got a rogue who won't get killed easily, you might as well just
    sell your lockpicks. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: None, as this is done on the map, not in battle. The door just
    disappears. Or the chest opens. 
    Comments: This is very useful in game, but in creature campaign, it kind of 
    gets obsolete. There aren't many doors and chests to open, and where there
    are, there are so few that you can just use a lockpick anyway. But in game, 
    it's useful, as there are lots of chests to loot, and you can't access secret
    shops whenever you want to buy Lockpicks. 
    - Thief and Rogue - Steal
    When the thief or rogue is next to an enemy with a stealable item,
    which is almost anything besides a weapon, tome, or stave - there will
    be a "steal" command on the menu when you move the thief next to them, on two
    conditions - The thief / Rogue has an empty space in their inventory, and
    their speed is at equal or least one more than the enemy's. 
    NOTE: If an enemy thief or rogue (I don't think there are any enemy rogues
    besides Rennac) steals one of your items, and you steal it back, it will
    have all its uses back! Useful if you want to restore an item that's 
    expensive, like an Elixir. Unfortunately, the Dragonstone cannot be stolen. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: On the map, the thief goes next to the enemy, and pushes towards
    them, and then goes back, and then the little message pops up that 
    "You stole *insert item here*!"
    Note: Stealing gives 10 EXP. 
    Can it miss: No, all you need is the nesseccary speed and inventory slots and
    you're good. 
    Comments: Let's see.... in game, there's lots of good stuff to steal. Crests, 
    stat up items, and the like. In Creature Campaign, almost all the good stuff
    are drops. The best thing I've stolen in CC was an Elixir, but I might just
    be unlucky. 
    - Tethys - Dance
    Allows a unit another turn. 
    When a unit has taken its turn and its grey, have Tethys go next to it. 
    There will be a "dance" command. Use it, and the gray unit will have 
    another turn. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: In a battle scene, Tethys and the target are in their spaces,
    and Tethys does a dance that would make me very dizzy to do, and the other 
    person, who is gray, turns back to color, in the battle scene and on the
    Can it miss: No, beucase why would you want to dodge this? ;P
    Comments: This can be useful, but there aren't many ways to make it so. Like, 
    if you need to get somewhere fast, this can be useful. Or if someone is about
    to die and your healer can't make it there in one turn, this might make it
    possible to heal them before they die. Also, if you need to open a chest in a 
    level where you have to survive for X turns, and it's near the end, this can 
    Summoner - Summon
    First, off, you can only have one summon per summoner at a time. 
    When a summoner is next to an empty square, which is able to be walked
    on my any unit or flown over (Wall, plains, mountain, etc), they can summon
    a phantom. This phantom is an axmen who usually has an iron axe, but
    sometimes they have a killer, devil, hand, silver, or other stuff, 
    depending on if you’re lucky. Also, they are considered flyers, because 
    they can go over terrain like flyers. They always have 1 HP and 
    0 Res and Def, but they can dodge fairly well. (sometimes)
    Also, Knoll's summons are a lot better than Ewan's.
    Ewan is better suited as a Druid or Sage. 
    Summons gain levels like the summoner, when they level up, the summons
    level up also. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: A kind of Glyph appears next to the summoner, and the phantom 
    appears like how Lyon does when he warps, or when you use the rescue or 
    warp staff. 
    The phantoms don't have battle animation. 
    Also, phantoms can't be promoted. 
    Also, the phantoms have average stats, just like the summoners. 
    The general consensus is: Lyon > Knoll >>> Ewan for summons. 
    Summoner is pretty useless for Ewan, and it's OK for Knoll, who's good as a 
    druid too. Actually, he's a lot better as a Druid. Summons are weak, and a 
    Druid gets anima, and better caps, but that's not what I'm here to talk aobut.
    Now for the summon's average stats:
    HP: 0%  Str: 70%  Skl: 40%  Spd: 20%  Def:0%  Res: 0%  Luck: 40%  
    Level  HP   Pow   Skl   Spd  Def  Res  Luck  
    20     1.0  18.8  11.6  8.8  0.0  0.0  7.6  
    Caps   1    20    20    20   0    0    30  
    HP: 0% Str: 50% Skl: 50% Spd: 40% Def: 0%  Res:0% Luck 55%  
    Level  HP   Pow   Skl   Spd   Def  Res  Luck  
    20     1.0  16.5  12.5  13.6  0.0  0.0  20.4  
    Caps   1    20    20    20    0    0    30  
    HP: 0%  Str: 60% Skl: 45% Spd: 30% Def: 0% Res: 0% Luck: 60%  
    Level  HP   Pow   Skl   Spd   Def  Res  Lck  
    20     1.0  18.8  12.5  12.7  0.0  0.0  29.7  
    Caps   1    20    20    20    0    0    30  
    Credit to DarkTwilktiri for figuring out that stuff.
    Can it miss: No. The only way you won't be able to summon is if the place you
    are trying to put the phantom is where it can't walk. The summon itself, 
    however, can miss, just like a regular unit, and it has axes, which are quite
    inaccurate, so screw them, and go Druid. 
    Comments: Summons are a little helpful. Rarely, though. Usually they're 
    a nuisense. They can be used as bait, and other things. But be warned: You
    can't trade with them. So if they kill an enemy that has a droppable item,
    you can't get it back. Sucks, doesn't it? Yep. But you can se them to save
    money. You can just keep summoning summons and clear whole floors of the 
    Tower, and you won't have to use any weapons, ones you have to buy anyway. 
    There's too weak in the Ruins, and they'll be useless once you get high in the
    tower anyway. Also, if you're stuck on a boss, you can summon
    phantoms and have them take hits from the bosses weapon until it breaks, then
    you can just slaughter them. It's very helpful to have disposable people. This
    is the closest you can get to bases like in Advance Wars. ;-) It's to bad that
    in Advance wars, you can make units that don't suck like these. Like I said 
    before, there's almsot no reason to take these weak little things over a big
    Druid. The summoner has a higher skill cap by 1, but besides that, the Druid's
    caps are all better or tied, especially magic, which is important. The Druid 
    also gets Anima, which is the best magic in the game, so why take a Summoner, 
    which can only use Dark and these crappy things, over a Druid, which can use 
    Excalibur, the best tome? It makes no sense to me, but if you want to waste 
    Ewan or Knoll by making them summoners, go ahead, but I warned you. 
    Assassin and Rogue: Dismantle traps
    When you go over a fire trap, like in the peak, where if you "wait" on it, 
    some fire comes up and damages you, if an Assassin or Rogue does it, they 
    dismantle the trap. 
    RN Usage: None
    Animation: None. Just a little sound is heard, like if you opened a door, or a
    Can it miss: No. 
    Comments: This can potentially be a lifesaver. If you use your brain, and have
    a good strategy, you might not need to use this. But if you need to go on a
    fire tile, dismantle it first. It can really help. Ten damage might not seem 
    like a lot, but it suddenly will if you're on your last tne. 
    Special weapons.
    Without cheating, you can't get any of these anyway. 
    Only Baels, Elder Baels, Revenants, and Entombs can use Claws. 
    Fangs: Only Mauthe Dougs and Gwiglyis can use Fangs. 
    Eyes: Only Mogalls and their promoted class can use Eyes. 
    Stone: Only Gorgons can use Stone. 
    Demon Surge, Shadowshot: Only Eyes and Gorgons can use these. 
    Wretched air: Only Dracozombies can use these. 
    Note: People have cheated and found out that if you give Myrrh claws, she
    can sue them. Wretched airs too.
    Also, if you give anyone Stone, they can use it, and their dark rank will 
    rise to E. There's no E rank dark tome so you'll have to keep stoning
    until you get to D, then you can use Dark tome like Flux and stuff. 
    Potentially, with that cheat/glitch (I'm not sure how it works, but
    I think it's in the RNG FAQ, look there), anyone can use Dark magic!
    However, some nasty glitches have been traced to this. Like random
    freezing and loss of use of other weapons, especially axes, among
    other glitches. 
    Q: What happens if X ability and Y Ability activate at the same time?
    A: Great Shield + Silencer = Dead General. 
    Pierce + Great Shield = No Damage. 
    None of the other skills are related to each other, so they won't negate
    each other or anything. 
    Q: If I make my Colm an Assassin or Rogue, can he stills steal?
    A: If you make him an Assassin, no. If you make him a Rogue, yes. 
    Q: Hey! I had the Holpon guard in my inventory, but Valter Pierced against 
    me! WTF?
    Q: Can I still use silencer if the opponent has Holpon guard? Since it's
    not a critical...
    A: Only if the RNs fit in your favor. But it's impossible, because it
    doesn't use negative numbers, so it can't go less than 0. So, no. 
    Q: When calculating the chance of Pierce, Great Shield, or Sure Shot
    happening, do you count the levels before promotion?
    A: No, you only count the levels that are there currently. For example, 
    if your Sniper was promoted as a level 15 Archer, and the sniper is 
    level 10, the chance of sure shot happening is 10, not 35. Therefore, 
    the maximum chance is 20. 
    Q: Hey! My thief won't steal this guy's *insert thing here*!
    A1: If the thing is a sword, lance, axe, bow, anima book, light book, 
    dark book, or stave, you can't steal it. Ever. 
    A2: Is your speed higher then the enemy? Your speed must be equal or higher 
    then the enemy to steal from it. 
    A3: Do you have an open space? If your thief already has 5 items, they
    can't steal. Drop one, or trade it or use it up. 
    A4: Are you using an assassin? They cannot steal. Only Thieves and Rogues 
    Q: Can Sure Shot happen even if you hit also without it? 
    A: Yes, it can. Even at 100% hit, it can still activate, 
    even though it doesn't matter. 
    Q: When I get stoned (WIth the item stone, you criminal), it 
    automaticailly makes the enemies crit 30, right? What if I
    have Hoplon Guard?
    A: It's 30% no matter what, even if you have a Hoplon Guard. 
    Unless it would normally be over 30%, in which case I 
    don't know. It probably goes over 30%. 
    OK, Thanks for reading my guide! (If you did). 
    I'd like to credit some people. 
    First, I'd like to credit GameFAQs for being here to take in my guide.
    Also, Nintendo and Intelligent systems for making such a wonderful game. 
    And all you people who drove me crazy with questions about skills. You 
    inspired me to make this FAQ. 
    Just... don't do it with other questions. You'll give me an aneurism. 
    OK, that's it. Remember, questions, put on site requests, etc go to 

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