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    Items/Monster Weapons FAQ by iammaxhailme

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    First Update, 3/9/2006
    Added a bunch of prices and fixed some spelling mistakes. Made the “items”
    Section into a more specific group of groups. 
    This FAQ was written by (iam)Max(hailme). That's me! :) If you want to email
    me, my email address is iammax64@hotmail.com, my AIM is iammaxhailme, and my 
    MSN is the same as my email address. I don't have YIM, sorry. You can email me 
    for anything, besides pointless stupid things like YOU SUCK and how do I turn
    on my game? and other idiocy like that. If you find that something is missing
    from here that you think should be in there, email me and tell me. If it's a 
    big thing, I'll give you credit. This FAQ is copyright me, iammaxhailme. 
    OK, that's it. Remember, questions, put on site requests, etc go to 
    Also, check the FAQs before you email me. 
    Things you can email me:
    Questions about Fire Emblem (check the other FAQs first though)
    Suggestions for something relavent
    Constructive Criticisms
    Asking to put the FAQ on your site (ask once, if I say no, then it's no. But I
    don't usually have a reason to say no anyway). 
    Things NOT to email me:
    Things with a lot of forwards
    Flame mail
    Horrible english
    If you email me something that's obviously in an FAQ, whether I wrote it or
    not, I'm just linking you to it. You have to check the FAQs before asking 
    someone a question; we write the for a reason. Saying they're "too long" is 
    stupid. Just use control + F and find something.
    For example, email me this:
    Hi, I was wonder how you can do ____?
    I just emailed to let you know your stats for something are wrong. They're
    really XX. 
    Don't email me: 
    hi i no u no how to do ____ so tell me becuz i wil kill u if u dont because 
    then u r lame
    ur wrong with your stats, you retard! You are such a dumbass. rofl go kill
    urself u dumbass
    The FAQ cannot be sold in any way. You can print out a copy for you and
    your friends or whatever, but you can't sell it or claim you wrote it. Also, 
    if you want to post it on your site, email me first. If I let it on your site,
    check here once in a while to see if it's been updated. The main version of 
    this and all my FAQs will always be here at gameafqs. 
    First off, lots of credit to the codebreaker codes FAQ for providing some of 
    the weapon codes that I needed to screw with to find some of this information.
    Monster weapons are harder to figure out then the regular weapons. I assume 
    that's why they're not in the weapons FAQ. (No offense to the FAQ author). So
    for those of you who are curious to how strong these weapons are, I made this
    FAQ for you. :) They're harder to figure out because it takes a while to do 
    all the hit, power, etc formulas, because when you press R on them, it doesn’t
    show you their stats, just a description. I'm going to include them in this 
    FAQ also. 
    If you need to find something quickly, hold control and press F, then type the
    thing you need to find in the box and search. If what you're looking for isn't
    here, tell me if you think it's important. 
    This is the format I'm going to be using. 
    Weapon Name
    Description: This is what it tells you if you press R on it. 
    Weapon Level: Some weapons need your character to have a certain weapon level
    in it to be used. To raise your weapon level, just use that weapon a lot. 
    Note: You can only have 1 S rank per character, besides Lyon, who can S rank 
    Dark and Staves. 
    Certain weapons can only be used by certain classes. For example, the Rapier
    can only be used by female lords. Without hacking, that's only Eirika. But if 
    you hack someone into a female lord or great lord, they'll be able to use it 
    Range: This is how far the weapon can shoot or stab or whatever. 
    Weight: This is how heavy the weapon is. The more weight, the more CON you 
    need to use it without Attack Speed loss. 
    Might: This is how powerful the weapon is. The more MT, the more damage you do
    Hit: How accurate the weapon is. More of this means it's easier for your unit
    to hit your enemy. 
    Crit: This is the critical hit percent of your weapon. The more you have, the
    more likely it is that you will score a critical hit, and do triple damage.
    There's a few different effects. Poison makes you lose a bit of health at the 
    beginning of your turn for a few turns, sleep makes you not be able to do 
    anything, etc. 
    Price: This is how much the weapon costs if you find it in a store. Note: You 
    can't find any of the monster weapons in a store, but you can buy some of the
    items that are listed below them. Many of them, like the stat boosters and the
    promotion items, are very expensive. When you want or need to buy these, I 
    recommend that you wait until you get the silver card, an item that cuts all 
    costs of items in half. You can get it in chapter 15, Scorched Sands. To see 
    where, see the treasure map picture FAQ. 
    Location: This is where you can get the item, if you can. I can't list every 
    single place, so see the itemfinder/shopfinder/whatever FAQ for more 
    details on that. 
    Some locations I'll reference commonly are "some shops", which is most of them.
    There's the secret shops, which are on the following spots: Jehanna Hall, 
    Grado Keep, and Rausten Court. You need to have the member card to get it. You
    can't get in from the map until creature campaign, which is after the game. 
    These weapons are not obtainable besides through hacking. They can only be 
    used by certain monsters. Some monsters use normal weapons like swords, though
    All of these weapons have infinite uses, besides Nightmare, which has 1, and a
    few others which I'll put the uses in.
    Also, note that Myrrh the Mamkute can use the Demon king's weapons. So, I 
    assume all Mamkutes can. 
    Sharp Claw
    Range 1
    Might: 14
    Hit: 65
    Weight: 14
    Crit: 0
    Rotten Claw
    Range 1
    Might 7
    Hit: 8
    Crit: 0
    Fetid Claw
    Range: 1
    Might: 11
    Hit: 75
    Crit: 0
    Poison Claw
    Might 6
    Hit 65
    Crit 0
    Effect: Poisons enemy
    Fiery Fang
    Might: 5
    Hit: 90
    Crit: 0
    Might: 13
    Hit: 80
    Crit: 0
    Demon Surge
    Dark -
    Range 1-2
    Weight 10
    Might 11
    Hit 80
    Crit 0
    Dark -
    Range: 3-10
    Weight 20
    Might 13
    Hit 70
    Crit 5
    Uses 5
    Evil Eye
    Dark -
    Range 1-2
    Weight 6
    Might 7
    Hit 85
    Crit 0
    Crimson Eye
    Dark -
    Range 1-2
    Weight 13
    Might 14
    Hit 70
    Crit 5
    Range 1-3
    Weight 8
    Might 0
    Hit 65
    Crit 0
    Effect: Turns an enemy to Stone. When you're stoned (hehe), you can't move or
    dodge, and your opponent's crit goes up to 30 when they attack you. In other
    words, you're probably screwed. 
    I'm putting these here for lack of a better place. These can be used by Myrrh,
    the Mamkute of this game. 
    Str + 12
    Skl + 12
    Def + 15
    Res + 20
    Might: 26
    Hit: 100
    Crit: 15
    Myrrh comes with one of these, but when it's done, you're not getting any more
    so be careful with it. After it's gone Myrrh is useless. 
    Wretched Air
    Boosts to the holder:
    Str + 10
    Skl + 10
    Def + 20
    Res + 10
    Might: 10
    Hit: 95
    Crit: 0
    Weight: Less then 6
    Price: You can't get this weapon. 
    Staff -
    Range 1-3
    Effect: Puts everyone in range to sleep
    Uses: 1
    Only the demon king has this, so I put it in the monster weapon section, not
    Demon Light (Does magic damage)
    Boosts to the User:
    Str + 10
    Skl + 10
    Luck + 10
    Def + 10
    Res + 15
    Might: 15
    Hit: 60
    Crit: 0
    Ravager (does physical damage)
    Str + 10
    Skl + 10
    Luck + 10
    Def + 10
    Res + 15
    Might: 15
    Hit: 60
    Crit: 0
    These items permanently raise the stat in question by a certain amount. They
    are very rare and expensive, so don't be stupid with them. All of them only 
    have 1 use and cost 8,000 gold where you can buy them, which is in secret 
    shops. Sadly, you can't buy these. There's an RNG trick to make them appear, 
    but I don't know much about it. Try the RNG FAQ. Thanks to 
    DragonRuler1216@aol.com for telling me that I didn't have this info in here.
    Angelic Robe
    Effect: Raises HP by 7
    Energy Ring
    Effect: Raises Strength or Magic by 2
    Secret Book
    Effect: Increases Skill by 2
    Effect: Raises Speed by 2
    Goddess Icon
    Effect: Raises Luck by 2
    Effect: Raises Defense by 2
    Effect: Raises Res by 2
    Effect: Raises movement by 2
    Sadly, you can't buy these. There's an RNG trick to make them appear, but I
    don't know much about it. Try the RNG FAQ. 
    Body Ring
    Effect: Raises CON by 2
    These items are used to change classes into other classes. 
    To see what classes can become other classes, check the class promotion 
    chart FAQ. They all have 1. You can only promote when you're level 10 or more,
    but you should wait until level 20 so your characters get more level ups so 
    they are better in the end. 
    They all cost 10,000 Gold, except the Master seal, which costs 20,000. If you 
    have a Master Seal and a silver card, you might as well sell the master seal 
    for two regular promotion items, since they all have 1 use anyway. Also, you 
    only get 1 Lunar Brace and Solar Brace. 
    You can get them all in random skirmishes or in the tower/ruins on the map if 
    you're lucky. Otherwise, you'll have to buy them in a secret shop or get them
    in the in-game events, which are limited anyway. 
    Hero Crest
    Promotes Myrmidons, Fighters, Mercenaries, and Level 2 Journeymen. 
    Knight Crest
    Promotes Cavaliers, Knights, and Level 2 Recruits. 
    Orion's Bolt
    Promotes Archers (Only Neimi can use this, she's the only archer)
    Elysian Whip
    Promotes Wyvern riders and Pegasus Knights
    Guiding Ring
    Promotes Shamans, Mages, Clerics, Priests, Monks, Troubadours, and Level 
    2 Pupils.
    Ocean Seal
    Promotes Thieves and Pirates
    Master Seal
    Promotes Any unpromoted class besides Mamkute, Thief, Pirate, Dancer, 
    Necromancer, and Lord.
    Lunar Brace
    Promotes Female Lords
    Solar Brace
    Promotes Male Lords
    These are items that you can buy in most stores and are used commonly in maps.
    Door Key
    Opens a door
    Uses: 1-5
    Price: 50
    You can get these in some shops. 
    Opens a door or Chest
    Only useable by Thieves, Assassins, and Rogues
    Uses: 15
    Cost: 1200
    You can get these in secret shops, or you can steal them from an enemy thief.
    Recovers 10 HP
    Uses: 3
    Price: 300
    You can buy these in almost any store. 
    Recovers all HP
    Uses: 3
    Price: 1500
    You can buy these in some stores. 
    Pure Water
    Raises RES by 7. Lowers by 1 each turn until back to normal. 
    Uses: 3
    Price: 900
    You can get these in some shops
    Cures Poison
    Uses: 3
    Price: 450
    You can get these in some shops
    Lights up an area in the fog
    Uses: 5
    Cost: 1000
    You can get these in some shops
    Chest Key
    Opens a Chest
    Uses: 1-5
    Cost: 300
    You can buy these in some of the later shops. 
    These things are things that you can get by killing the right people or just 
    getting lucky finding them. Obviously you can't buy these because there would
    be no point. 
    Black Gem
    Sell it for 15,00 Gold. 
    You can only get these in the ruins, near the bottom. Check the ruins FAQ for
    exact locations. 
    Gold Gem
    Sell it for 20,000 Gold 
    Boss of the entire ruins has it! You can get one each time you kill her/him/it
    White Gem
    Sell it for 10,000 Gold
    You get a few of these in game, and after that you have to get them in the 
    tower, ruins, etc. Innes has one when you get him. 
    Blue Gem
    Sell it for 5,000 Gold
    You get a few of these in game, and after that you have to get them in the 
    tower, ruins, etc. 
    Red Gem
    Sell it for 2,500 Gold
    You get a few of these in game, and after that you have to get them in the 
    tower, ruins, etc. These are the most common gems. 
    Bag of Gold
    If you kill a monster, you get the gold. You don't get the bag, so there won't
    be anything in your inventory, you'll just know if you check your status or go
    in a shop. You only get these from monsters in the tower, ruins, or 
    These are things that protect you from certain things. 
    Fili Shield
    Makes fliers not weak to arrows when they have it with them
    You can't buy these. You get two, when you kill/steal it from Valter in the
    desert, and when you get him in the ruins. 
    Hoplon Guard
    When you're holding it, your opponent's crit percent goes down to 0 while they
    are in a battle with you. You can't buy them.
    You can only get 2. When you kill Callaech and when you get him in the tower.
    These are things that are either one of a kind or things that you can only get
    by cheating or hacking. All the dummies are hack only. 
    Dummy (7b)
    It's like a light rune from FE7. When you put it down, it blocks a space for a
    few turns so you can't walk by it. 
    Dummy (Code 7A)
    It's the same as a Mine from FE7. I don't know if the glitch still works. 
    When you put it down, it's hidden, and the next person to walk over it loses 
    10 HP. 
    Dummy (7D)
    It's like Filla's might from FE7. Dancer only. The target's attack is raised
    for a turn. 
    Dummy (7e)
    It's like Nini's Grace from FE7. Dancer only. The target's defense and res are
    raised for one turn. 
    Dummy (7f)
    It's like Thor's Ire from FE7. Dancer Only. The target's crit is raised for a
    Dummy (80)
    It's like Set's Litany from FE7. Dancer only. The target's dodge is raised for
    a turn. 
    Metis's Tome
    Raises your stat growths by 5%. 
    You only get 1, it's in the desert map. See the desert treasure map FAQ.
    Member Card
    Lets you in Secret Shops when you have it with you
    You can't buy these. The only way to get one is to steal it from, kill for, or
    recruit Rennac in chapter 14. He's holding it. 
    Silver Card
    Makes anything in any shop cost half when you have it with you
    You can't buy this, you have to get it in the desert. See the desert map for
    more specifics. 
    Juna Fruit
    Use this and your level drops by a few. This is actually good, because you can 
    level up again and get more stats. 
    You can only see this by hacking. (Code b7. Yep.)
    This section is for things that I don't know what they are for. You can't get
    any of them without hacking. 
    Stone Shard (Code a7) 
    I have no idea what this is used for. It looks like a red gem, but you can't 
    sell it. It's description is dummy, and when you try to use it, it says "you
    can't equip this weapon" with everybody. 
    Lance E
    Weight --
    Might --
    Hit --
    Crit 1
    Uses --
    Note: I have no idea what is with this weapon. You can only get it by hacking.
    It says Lance E, but nobody can wield it. So don't worry about it. 
    Sword -
    Range 1
    All other stats: 0
    It brings your battle stats down to 0, so it's not good to use. 
    Dark -
    Range 1-2
    Weight 10
    Might 11
    Hit 80
    Crit 0
    It's icon looks like an iron sword. Freezes game if used. 
    OK, well, that's it. If I missed anything big, email or IM me, my addresses are
    at the top, and email me with any FE6-8 related questions that you need 
    answered, I have too much time. So don’t worry about it if you think you’re 
    wasting it, there’s plenty to spare. :P lol
    Thanks to DragonRuler1216@aol.com for telling me that you can't buy Boots in 
    secret shops. 

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