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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Pazuzu

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                        Naruto RPG: Will of the Inherited Fire
                                     by: Hikumi
                              Platform: Game Boy Advance
    			         Genre: RPG
                               Release Date: 22/7/2004
    1) Introduction and Version History
    2) Story
    3) Tutorial
    4) Characters
    5) Walkthrough
       5.1) Kakashi's Test: Forest
       5.2) First Mission: Find Konohamaru!
       5.3) Second Mission: Defeat the Tiger!
       5.4) Third Mission: Weeding?
       5.5) Fourth Mission: To The Wave Country
       5.6) Chuunin Exam, Begin!
            5.6.1) Round One: Exam?
            5.6.2) Round Two: The Forest of Death
            5.6.3) Round Three...or not?
            5.6.4) Prepare for the Final Test!
    	5.6.5) Round Three: Fight It Out!
       5.7) After the Sand!
            5.7.1) Sasuke's Pursuit
    	5.7.2) Sakura's Pursuit
    	5.7.3) Final Stretch
       5.8) Ending
    6) Items*
    7) Jutsu
       7.1) Common Jutsu
       7.2) Character Jutsu
            7.2.1) Naruto
    	7.2.2) Sasuke
    	7.2.3) Sakura
    	7.2.4) Lee
    	7.2.5) Shikamaru
    	7.2.6) Neji
    	7.2.7) Combination
    8) Enemies*
    9) Bosses*
    10) Miscellaneous
        10.1) Levelling Tables*
        10.2) Kumite Dojo*
        10.3) Secrets
    11) Frequently Asked Questions*
    12) Credits
    13) Closing
    * denotes an incomplete section
    1) Introduction
    Well, it's been a while and pretty much the entire fanbase has been waiting for 
    it, but it's finally here. Naruto RPG.
    For those unfamiliar with the series, Naruto was originally a manga one-shot by 
    Masashi Kishimoto. He entered the manga into a contest and won, and his chapter 
    was presented in a Jump magazine. This can be found in various places, usually 
    titled Naruto Pilot.
    A few years later, Kishimoto got a contract for a manga series in Shounen Jump, 
    and he chose his old one-shot manga, though it was changed a great deal. The 
    manga, focusing on a village of ninjas, soon became a huge success and spawned 
    an anime of the same name. This anime never left Japan, though fansubbers and 
    scanlators release the anime and manga all over the world, and to date it is a 
    phenomenal success, one of the most popular anime outside of Japan.
    The series has spawned a number of games:
    Naruto - Wonderswan Crystal (RPG)
    Naruto - Playstation (Board game)
    Naruto: Narutimate Hero - Playstation 2 (Fighting)
    Naruto: Narutimate Hero 2 - Playstation 2 (Fighting) - in progress
    Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen - Gamecube - Fighting
    Naruto: Gekitou Ninja Taisen 2 - Gamecube - Fighting
    Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu - Game Boy Advance (Platform)
    Naruto: Saikyou Ninja Daikesshuu 2 - Game Boy Advance (Platform)
    Naruto: Konoha Senkii - Game Boy Advance (Tactics RPG)
    Unfortunately, due to the lack of anime outside of Japan (not necessarily a bad 
    thing), all of these games have yet to leave Japan's shores.
    1b) Version History
    v1.0 - 31/12/2004
    - Completed Walkthrough (finally!)
    - Added missing Combination Techniques
    - Replaced a couple of translations
    - Added Secrets section
    v0.5 - 26/7/2004
    - Completed Characters and Jutsu sections.
    - Walkthrough updated to halfway through the fourth mission.
    v0.1 - 21/7/2004
    - Walkthrough as far as the Konohamaru mission.
    - Story, Tutorial and Characters added.
    1c) Coming Soon
    -Full Items/Enemies/Bosses lists
    -Compatibility Guide
    -Kumite Dojo Guide
    -Sidequests Guide
    2) Story
    The world of Naruto is split into many countries, most containing a hidden 
    village in which ninjas are trained to protect their country and do missions in 
    the country's name.
    The series focuses on the Hidden Leaf Village, Konoha, in the Fire Country. 
    Years ago, the greatest of all demons, the Kyuubi(Nine-Tails), attacked the 
    village and massacred the inhabitants. The Fourth Hokage, the leader of the 
    village, sacrificed himself to seal away the demon in a baby. That baby was 
    called Uzumaki Naruto.
    Naruto grew up as an outcast, shunned by the people of his own village. As a 
    result of that, he became loud, obnoxious and boisterous, and his greatest 
    desire is to prove himself to the village. At 12, after 3 consecutive years of 
    failing, Naruto was set to fail yet again. However, one of the teachers at the 
    academy, Mizuki, told him of a secret scroll containing jutsu(abilities) that 
    could easily pass him. Naruto was thrilled at this prospect, and immediately 
    went to get the scroll. Mizuki then proceeded to tell the entire village that 
    Naruto had stolen the scroll.
    Naruto's own teacher, Iruka, could not believe this, and when he found Naruto, 
    Naruto had learned a single high-level jutsu from the scroll. Mizuki then 
    appeared and demanded the scroll. Iruka protected Naruto and the scroll, almost 
    dying in the process, and seeing this Naruto became enraged and used the jutsu 
    contained in the scroll, the Kage Bunshin. With this, hundreds of clones of 
    Naruto appeared and beat the stuffing out of Mizuki.
    Iruka then applauded Naruto on his courage and passed him, allowing him to 
    become an official ninja.
    Naruto went on to be assigned to a three-man team, with his classmates Haruno 
    Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke. Their elected instructor was Hatake Kakashi, but when 
    they arrived at the meeting spot he wasn't there to meet them. Why has Kakashi 
    not arrived? What is the first thing he plans to teach them? Play the game to 
    find out.
    3) Tutorial
    The game is played in true RPG style, with a party of four characters holding 
    items and using special jutsu. The random battle system is a lot like the ATB 
    system of Final Fantasy games, where each character has a certain time between 
    their attacks.
    D-Pad  - Move in different directions and scroll through options.
    Select - Open Save Screen.
    Start  - Open Pause Menu when not in battle.
    A      - Select/Confirm commands.
    B      - Cancel commands, hold down in the field to run.
    L/R    - Switch rows in battle.
    Pause Menu
    The Pause Menu shows the stats of the character. The level is shown, along with 
    the Stamina, Chakra and status of the character.
    Option 1: Items
    Press Up and Down to scroll through the list of items, and A to use them. 
    Weapons will apear in the Item List, but they are unusable from this menu.
    Option 2: Equipment
    Choose your character with the A Button, then configure equipment.
    1 - Weapon
    2 - Armor
    3 - Footwear
    Option 3: Jutsu
    Choose your character with the A Button, then scroll through the jutsu 
    to you and press A to use one.
    Option 4: Skills
    Press A to select your character.
    This screen shows your jutsu and the amount of times they must be used to raise 
    them to the next level.
    Press A to toggle between on and off for Auto Hand Seal Entry. This means that 
    you don't need to enter the button combos for the jutsu.
    Option 5: Status
    Press A to choose your character. This shows, in order:
    Ninja Power
    EXP to reach next level
    The top right shows your equipment and the bottom right shows your jutsu and 
    jutsu levels.
    Battle Menu
    The bar on the right marks the timing of the battle. 
    The blue bar is preparation time. When the character's name hits the top of the 
    blue bar, you may use a command. 
    The orange bar is execution time. A regular attack or defense doesn't require 
    time to execute and the bar is bypassed instantly. When you use a jutsu, the 
    bar keeps rising and the jutsu activates when it hits the top of the orange 
    If an opponent attacks, depending on your speed, there is a chance that it will 
    miss, and this will be shown by you switching with a log.
    Option 1: Attack
    Attack the opponent with your weapon.
    Option 2: Defend
    Defend to take less damage.
    Option 3: Jutsu
    Use a jutsu from your arsenal.
    Option 4: Item
    Use an item.
    Option 5: Run
    Escape from the battle.
    At the end of the battle, it shows any money, experience points and items you 
    may have earned, along with your stats and experience requirement for the next 
    If you have too many items to hold, choose the third option to send your items 
    into storage.
    4) Characters
    Uzumaki Naruto
    Age: 12
    Rank: Genin
    Speciality: Kage Bunshin
    Short bio: Naruto grew up as an outcast, shunned by the people of his own 
    village. As a result of that, he became loud, obnoxious and boisterous, and his 
    greatest desire is to prove himself to the village. His dream is to become 
    Hokage so that people will acknowledge him.
    Overview: At the start of the game, Naruto's got fairly high stats and is a 
    pretty good all-rounder character. His Ninja Power is low, though this doesn't 
    really come into play for him as his jutsu aren't offensive. His Kage Bunshin 
    is quite useful against strong enemies. As he levels up, his stats don't 
    increase much, so he begins to lag behind the others. However, he is the 
    easiest to level up, so this makes him a useful character to keep around.
    Lv99 Stats:
    Stamina - 974
    Chakra - 941
    Attack - 956
    Defense - 836
    Speed - 817
    Ninja Power - 315
    Accuracy - 817
    Uchiha Sasuke
    Age: 12
    Rank: Genin
    Speciality: Sharingan
    Short bio: Sasuke is the aloof person in Naruto's class, but always comes out 
    on top. He's a genius from the Uchiha clan, the most prestigious clan in 
    Konoha, though for some unknown reason he appears to be the only member left. 
    All he wishes to do is to "kill a certain man", and it seems that he'll do 
    anything to accomplish this.
    Overview: Sasuke is the typical powerhouse character. High Stamina, high Speed 
    and high Ninja Power. His signature jutsu, the Goukakyuu, does ridiculously 
    high damage from the start of the game, albeit with a high chakra cost. He's 
    also extremely difficult to level up, but it's worth it when you do because he 
    just becomes stronger and stronger.
    Lv99 Stats:
    Stamina - 656
    Chakra - 616
    Attack - 919
    Defense - 810
    Speed - 894
    Ninja Power - 730
    Accuracy - 843
    Haruno Sakura
    Age: 12
    Rank: Genin
    Speciality: Genjutsu
    Short bio: Sakura is from the same class as Naruto and Sasuke. She has a major
    crush on Sasuke, and that is really all she seems to think about. As a ninja 
    however, she is fairly knowledgable on many subjects regarding battle, and her
    ability to detect genjutsu is the best on her team. Sakura also happens to have
    the best chakra control, so any chakra she uses will not be wasted. Sakura 
    doesn't do much during battle and is always in need of protection, but perhaps 
    one day she will prove herself to be an excellent kunoichi...
    Overview: Sakura has the lowest amount of HP and Chakra out of the three Genin, 
    but she makes an excellent black/white mage. Unlike Naruto and Sasuke, who 
    stick to their manga/anime roots and techniques, Sakura has brand new 
    techniques that she doesn't know in the series. Katon, Raiton and Fuuton are 
    some examples. Sakura can also heal HP and get rid of status effects, so this 
    makes her very useful. The only technique of Sakura's that appears is her Inner 
    Sakura, which raises her speed, allowing for quicker attacks and healing.
    Lv99 Stats:
    Stamina - 654
    Chakra - 773
    Attack - 659
    Defense - 649
    Speed - 753
    Ninja Power - 960
    Accuracy - 765
    Rock Lee
    Age: 13
    Rank: Genin
    Speciality: Taijutsu
    Short bio: Rock Lee is a genius of hard work. Ever since he was a child, he 
    found himself unable to use even basic ninjutsu and genjutsu. Because of that, 
    he was seen as a failure and constantly told he could never become a ninja. He 
    refused to give up, and wants to prove that it's possible to become a great 
    ninja with taijutsu alone.
    Lv99 Stats:
    Stamina - 916
    Chakra - 597
    Attack - 999
    Defense - 821
    Speed - 980
    Ninja Power - 587
    Accuracy - 749
    Hyuuga Neji
    Age: 13
    Rank: Genin
    Speciality: Juuken (Gentle Fist)
    Short bio: The Hyuuga clan has two main houses, the Main House and the Branch 
    House. The Main House inherits the leadership of the clan, and to ensure this a 
    curse seal is placed on members of the Branch House when they reach a certain 
    age so that they can be kept under control. Neji lost his father in an incident 
    involving the Main House when he was still young, and he harbors bitterness 
    towards the whole clan. Neji has completely inherited the Hyuuga bloodline, 
    stronger than any other family member. However, as a Branch House member, he 
    can never succeed the clan.
    Lv99 Stats:
    Stamina - 945
    Chakra - 906
    Attack - 998
    Defense - 958
    Speed - 934
    Ninja Power - 876
    Accuracy - 961
    Nara Shikamaru
    Age: 12
    Rank: Genin
    Speciality: Shadow Bind
    Short bio: Shikamaru is the laziest ninja in existence. He can't be bothered to 
    do even the simplest thing and insists that everything is just "troublesome". 
    However, it has been discovered that he has an IQ of 200, and is a master at 
    strategy and tactics, always thinking many moves ahead. He was in Naruto's 
    class, but came second last because he could never be bothered to write down 
    the answers, even though he already knew them.
    Lv99 Stats:
    Stamina - 893
    Chakra - 840
    Attack - 849
    Defense - 773
    Speed - 619
    Ninja Power - 949
    Accuracy - 888
    5) Walkthrough
    The game opens with the three ninjas waiting for Kakashi and complaining about 
    the time. Naruto decides to be sneaky and leave a trap for Kakashi, to the 
    chagrin of Sakura. Sasuke doesn't seem to care, he only says that a Jounin 
    level instructor like Kakashi wouldn't fall for a trick like that.
    Kakashi appears (finally) and immediately falls for the trap Naruto set. Sakura
    is straight-away apologizing, but Kakashi just tells the three that he doesn't 
    like them already. He tells them that they must retrieve two bells from him, 
    and the last one without a bell will get no lunch. The team proceeds to fan out 
    and begin their assault.
    5.1) Forest: Kakashi's Test
    New Character(s): Naruto
    Items: Ration Pill, Hexagon Sword
    Enemies: Snake, Crow, Boar, Kakashi(Boss)
    You begin in a small clearing. Head for the top left of the clearing and open 
    the basket to reveal a Ration Pill.
    It won't be long before you begin to run into enemies, however the ones in this
    region are a piece of cake, dispatch them quickly as you go along to build up 
    At the south end of the screen, you will find that the way west is blocked. The
    only way out is south, so head that way.
    You'll find a fork in the next screen, head down the left branch to pick up a 
    weapon, the Hexagon Sword. It's no more powerful than your current shuriken, so
    it's really a matter of choice as to whether you decide to equip it. Go back up
    and head down the right fork, exiting to the east.
    In this area, you'll find that there's - surprise, surprise - more boulders 
    blocking the south exit, so head directly east to find a basket with Cup Ramen 
    in it. Head north, ignoring the pool here and you'll see a large Konoha mark in
    the ground. Stepping on this will instantly heal you completely, so right 
    around here is the perfect place to level up before you go on.
    When you're ready, head east to find Kakashi reading his Come Come Paradise 
    Boss: Kakashi
    Attacks: Sen-Nen Gurushi (100 Years of Pain)
    This fight is pretty pointless, it's completely rigged. Your attacks will 
    mostly miss during the first three turns, although if your speed is high enough 
    there's a chance you'll hit. On the fourth round, he'll use Sen-Nen Gurushi on 
    you, which causes a painful 999 damage and torches you instantly.
    Naruto is upset with this loss, and decides to use his Kage Bunshin to gans up 
    on Kakashi. Kakashi is amazed that Naruto can use Kage Bunshin (yes, even if 
    you use it in the battle, he'll be seeing it for the first time here), but not 
    especially fazed. He transforms into a Naruto clone and then all of the clones 
    start fighting. Then Naruto dissipates the jutsu, but...he's the only one left 
    standing? Kakashi then appears and catches Naruto in a trap, disabling him.
    Forest: Kakashi's Test
    New Character(s): Sakura
    Items: Ration Pill, Chakra Pill, Wing Hooks
    Enemies: Snake, Crow, Boar, Kakashi(Boss)
    Sakura begins, as Naruto did, in a small clearing. There's really no point in 
    hanging around here, so head north.
    Up here, you'll hit a T junction. Head left to grab a basket containing a 
    Ration Pill and then go to the right and off to the east.
    You'll hit another T here, so go south to find a basket containng a Chakra 
    Pill. Head off north now and then to the east to find that your path is, of 
    course, blocked to the east. So go south down this new route.
    You'll have the choice of going west or south. Head west and you'll find a 
    Konoha mark to heal you. 
    Go back east again and south, where you'll find that the south exit is blocked,
    and to the left there's a basket containing Wing Hooks, a nice weapon which you
    should equip.
    Go back to the Konoha mark and heal up, then spend some time levelling up if 
    you want.
    When you're ready, head south.
    Here you'll run into Sasuke, who is strangely quiet. Kakashi will show up and 
    you must fight him.
    Boss: Kakashi
    Attacks: Magen Narakumi (Demon Illusion, Hell Body)
    Another pointless fight. You get to try out Sasuke's jutsu a bit early, though 
    you'll be playing as him in less than a few minutes. Do whatever you want, go 
    wild with jutsu, whichever. It really doesn't make a difference. After a few 
    rounds, he'll use Magen Narakumi on Sasuke, filling him with kunai.
    Sakura is extremely upset with this and breaks down crying, until Sasuke poofs. 
    Kakashi's Lesson 2: Genjutsu. The Sasuke was an illusion.
    Forest: Kakashi's Test
    New Character(s): Sasuke
    Items: Ration Pill, Chakra Pill, Amaguri
    Enemies: Snake, Crow, Boar, Kakashi(Boss)
    Sasuke, unlike the others, doesn't appear in a clearing. You appear on a path, 
    with the choices of going north or south. The north path is blocked off, so 
    head on south.
    Down here you'll find a corner with a basket containing a Ration Pill. Head off 
    west and south.
    You'll find a small lake here that's impassable, so your only option is to go 
    around it. Head east, south and west again to emerge on the other side of the 
    lake. Pick up the basket containing Amaguri (sweet chestnuts). Go south from 
    here and west. There'll be a path in a circle around a tree, on the northeast 
    corner of the circle there's a basket with a Chakra Pill.
    Take the western path north to find another Konoha mark. Heal up, level if you 
    wish and go north to fight Kakashi.
    Boss: Kakashi
    Attacks: None
    Again Sasuke differs, as this battle isn't rigged in Kakashi's favor. Shoot off
    a Katon Goukakyuu (second jutsu) on your first turn and then attack from there 
    on. He'll soon be defeated.
    Next, Kakashi takes the three of you and ties Naruto up, as he'd tried to sneak
    a lunch. He then lectures you on teamwork, saying that the three of you had all
    fought as individuals, and not as a team, and that if you continue like this 
    you should quit as ninjas. He then gives Sasuke and Sakura the lunches, telling 
    them not to give any to Naruto. He poofs away.
    Naruto complains and his stomach rumbles, and eventually Sasuke decides to hand
    over his lunch, otherwise Naruto will be useless in the next test. Sakura 
    agrees, and hands hers over too. Then Kakashi poofs back in, and he's super-mad
    at them for disobeying his orders. Sasuke and Sakura are defiant and say that 
    he was talking about teamwork, and that's exactly what they're doing, not 
    letting Naruto be the straggler in the second test.
    Kakashi then says that they've done exactly as they should have and passes them
    all. He shows them a monument to dead ninjas, and says that sometimes death is 
    what it takes for a mission to succeed. The group then leave.
    Go back to the poles and to the south end of the screen to pick up a Suiton 
    scroll, then go back to the previous screen.
    Head west, picking up a Ration Pill in a basket on the way, then heal up at the 
    Konoha mark. You can level up your characters here if you want, but be aware 
    that it'll be slower as experience is shared between party members.
    When you're done, head north to the exit and head for Konoha.
    Items: Medical Ration Pill, 50 ryou, 100 ryou, 
    Rice Ball, White Ball Anmitsu, Acid Konbu
    Enemies: None
    First thing you do here is head north into the ramen shop, where Kakashi will 
    talk to you about affinity between characters. The higher the affinity between 
    certain characters, the higher the chance that they will team up and do a dual 
    Sakura then explains to you that as a Genin, your team must begin to complete 
    missions. Kakashi says that he'll wait for you at the mission reception office,
    and leaves. You talk to the shop owner and then leave yourself.
    Before you go to the mission office, you should go exploring and looting. The 
    town's pretty straightforward. The ramen shop is at the entrance. To the left 
    of that is Item Storage, where your excess items go. To the right of the ramen 
    shop is a ninja shop which sells general items. North of the ramen shop is a 
    weapons shop. Now, head off to the east to reach another part of the town.
    Not much to do here yet, except look at the poster for the Naruto movie. Head 
    north to the house with the ninja and dog outside it and grab the basket there 
    to snag 100 ryou. Head back off to the west into the main town.
    Head north towards the school.
    Before the bridge to the school, go into the gap where the female ninja is 
    wandering around and relieve the basket there of 50 ryou. Now head north into 
    the school.
    In here, you'll find a nice bunch of baskets to loot. Firstly, head into the 
    left door on the ground floor, then into the left classroom. Here, you'll find 
    a basket with Acid Konbu. (Konbu is a type of seaweed.) Go back to the main 
    room and go up the left stairs. Don't exit to the east yet, head up to the top 
    to get a White Ball Anmitsu(syrup-covered jam+fruit...mmm...). Head off to the 
    left exit now, where in the classroom to the left you'll find a Rice Ball. Go 
    back to the main room and head off east this time and up the right stairs. Go 
    east and go up this set of stairs to the room there where you'll pick up a 
    Medical Ration Pill.
    Okay...your pockets must be feeling quite cheerful by now, so it's off to get 
    your first mission! Go back to the main room and go into the door to the right 
    on the ground floor. Head into the right here to find the mission office.
    Here you'll have A, B, C and D rank missions explained to you. As a new Genin, 
    you are assigned a D-Rank Mission, which is to watch over a scroll called the 
    Child's Scroll in Hokage's house. Naruto is shocked by this apparently boring 
    mission, but Kakashi smacks him, telling him to show some respect.
    Kakashi has better things to do, so he leaves the mission in your somewhat 
    capable hands, and you then proceed to Hokage's house.
    The guarding of the scroll is getting increasingly boring, and Naruto is 
    getting increasingly frustrated until the lights go out and the room is thrown 
    into confusion. When the lights go back on, Hokage's grandson Konohamaru is 
    standing there and the scroll is missing. His mentor, Ebisu, comes in and tells 
    him off for running away, and the two leave. Our team is amazed by this, 
    knowing full well that Konohamaru has the scroll. They immediately go to find 
    5.2) First Mission - Find Konohamaru!
    Items: None
    Enemies: Ebisu(Boss)
    Konohamaru is hiding out in Konoha, and you must find him. The first thing you 
    must do is talk to the woman outside the house. She says she saw him heading 
    for the ninja school.
    Head towards the school to the west, and talk to the ninja outside. He says he 
    saw Konohamaru around the mission office.
    Go inside the school and talk to the ninja standing by the right door on the 
    ground floor. He claims that he saw Konohamaru around the ramen shop, so off 
    you go!
    To the right of the ramen shop, the man wandering around tells you that he saw 
    Konohamaru around the cinema.
    Head off to the east, and talk to the guy standing by the movie poster. He 
    tells you he saw Konohamaru heading for the hospital.
    When you exit this part of town, you'll see Konohamaru following you in his 
    There's nothing you can do about it now, so head north.
    When you enter this part of town, you'll see a cutscene where the team argues 
    amongst themselves and leaves. Konohamaru emerges from the box, expresses his 
    disgust and heads off to the training ground.
    Follow him to the training ground, and there'll be a cutscene where Konohamaru 
    expresses his disgust for the unavoidable destiny that's been placed on him 
    with the Konoha name. Naruto is shocked by this, and inspires him to become a 
    ninja (with the help of the Oiroke no Jutsu) and tells him of his own dream to 
    become Hokage. Konohamaru is driven by this, decides to call Naruto Boss, and 
    then Ebisu shows up to punish Konohamaru. But, our team isn't gonna allow this, 
    are they?
    Boss: Ebisu
    Attacks: Scrolls
    Items: Come Come Paradise 1
    Ebisu will attack with scrolls, but it's really nothing to be worried about. 
    Use jutsu in this fight and he'll soon be wasted.
    Konohamaru is excited now and demands to go off and train so that he can become
    a great Hokage. Our team waves him off and wishes him good luck.
    Head west and heal up, then return to Konoha.
    Back at the mission desk, Iruka congratulates you for a job well done and you 
    receive 1000 ryou as a reward for completion. You are then told to go and get 
    some rest before your second mission.
    5.3) Second Mission: Defeat the Tiger!
    Items: Ration Pill x2, Chakra Pill, Poison Manual x3, Butousen, Red Pepper,
    Poison Manual, Konoha Mail, Konoha Footwear, Come Come Paradise DVD, Ox Scroll
    Enemies: Snake, Pig, Small Fry Ninja, Bodyguard, Centipede, Konoha Ninja, 
    You'll appear in Naruto's house the next day. Head out and off to the mission 
    You will be told your second mission. You are to go to Konoha Forest and defeat 
    the tiger inside.
    Head out, buy supplies and weapons if needed, then head south to Konoha Forest.
    This place will come as quite a shock after the trainning ground, as this is 
    your first real area. My advice is to level up a bit before you go traipsing 
    into the forest. The best way to do this is to hang around the entrance and get 
    into battles, using your jutsu to win them. Then exit the forest, retunr to 
    Konoha, heal up at the entrance mark, then go back into the forest. This can be 
    tedious, but it's worth it.
    When you're ready to go, go to the southeast end of the clearing and pick up a 
    basket with a Ration Pill inside. Then head north along the east path, grabbing 
    a Chakra Pill in the indent to the right side. In the next screen you'll find 
    an impassable body of water, with two baskets containing a Poison Manual and a 
    Butousen, a great fan for Sakura.
    Go back south and take the west path, picking up the Konoha no Katabira, an 
    armor that you should equip to one of your characters. Exit north.
    Up here, go north a bit, then east and over the bridge. You'll hit a fork. Take 
    the south route to pick up a Tougarashi(Red Pepper), then return to the north 
    path. Go around the trees, not missing the basket with the Shunshin Scroll, 
    then exit to the east.
    Here you'll find a large clearing which is full of enemies to fight. This is 
    the first time you'll run into an enemy called the Caterpillar. This enemy 
    resists physical attacks and can Poison you, so finish it off quickly with 
    At the northwest corner of the clearing is a basket with a Poison Manual. Grab 
    it, then head east around the trees. You'll see baskets on platforms, but you 
    can't get them yet so ignore them. Exit north.
    Here you'll find two indents to the east. The lower path leads to a Poison 
    Manual, and the top path leads to Konoha Footwear. Return to the main path and 
    go north, then east. Cross over the stepping-stones and heal yourself at the 
    Konoha Mark. Take a detour south to pick up a Ration Pill, then spend some time 
    levelling up if you wish. Exit north to run into the tiger.
    Boss: Tiger
    Attacks: Roar
    EXP: 198
    Items: Ox Scroll
    This isn't a very challenging boss. Have Sakura use her Suiton jutsu and Sasuke 
    use his Goukakyuu. Naruto should use Oiroke no Jutsu and Onara, healing his 
    teammates with Ration Pills if necessary. The tiger should be gone after a few 
    rounds of this.
    After the battle, go into the house and pick up a Come Come Paradise DVD(!) 
    from the basket. Leave and use the Shunshin Scroll you picked up earlier to 
    exit the forest.
    Return to Konoha.
    Go back to the mission desk. You get congratulated again and receive your 1200 
    ryou reward, along with an Attack Medicine Pill. Now you must take the 
    obligatory night's rest before your next mission.
    5.4) Third Mission: Weeding?
    Items: White Ball Anmitsu, Poison Smoke Ball, Shuriken, Shunshin Scroll
    Enemies: Leech, Caterpillar, Bandit, Bandit Chief, Reckless Boar, Tiger, 
    Mountain Monk, Bandit Chief (Boss)
    Back in Naruto's house again, head up to the school and into the mission 
    Hokage gives you your next mission: Weeding! Naruto has an absolute fit about 
    this, because he wants a "great" mission, not some crappy weeding job. Iruka 
    goes insane at him and begins to lecture him about how missions have to be easy 
    at first. He asks for Kakashi's support. Kakashi's quietly not too happy about 
    weeding either, but openly he voices his indifference. Naruto complains more 
    and asks if he became a ninja for this, then Iruka lectures him about him 
    selfish speech and asks if he's forgotten what a ninja really is. Hokage 
    chuckles and decides to send your group to Kikyou Ridge to get a medicinal 
    plant from the top of the mountain.
    Exit the school, buy supplies, heal up and head out of Konoha. You'll see a new 
    place on the map, Kikyou Ridge. Head for there.
    It's really important to level up here, this place will destroy you if you 
    don't. It's a long area, with a lot of random battles, and you're going to need 
    some levels if you want to keep your strength up. I recommend level 10 as an 
    absolute minimum cut-off point. Do the usual fight-exit-heal-return procedure 
    to level up.
    When you're done with all that, head east to begin the long, tedious trek. You 
    can take the upper or lower path here, take the lower to reach a White Ball 
    Anmitsu, then head along the upper path and exit north.
    Head north a bit, then west at the corner till you hit a U bend. Go around it 
    and northeast a bit, then northwest to pick up a Poison Smoke Ball. Go back 
    east and exit to the north.
    Go around the corner here to find a square-shaped area of grass on a level 
    below you, in a sort of moat. Continue around it and you'll see a seemingly 
    unreachable basket. Around the north side, there's a slope allowing you to walk 
    down to the grass. Head along the grass back around the square-shape and at the 
    southeast corner you'll be able to go back up again. Head west to grab the 
    basket you saw earlier to get a Shuriken, then exit to the north.
    This part of the level is just annoying. Head northwest along the path to find 
    a U-bend. Go around it and continue northeast to find another U-bend. Head 
    northwest now and you'll find, yes, ANOTHER U-bend. Seeing a pattern here? Head 
    off northeast to find a bend, but with a Konoha mark. And we all know what that 
    means, so heal up and level if you need to. When you're ready, head west along 
    the rock path and exit north to find the boss of this area.
    You'll see him almost instantly, the leader of all of the Bandits you've been 
    fighting in this area.
    Boss: Bandit Chief
    Attacks: Physical
    A bit more difficult than the last two boss battles, this should take a few 
    rounds. Have Naruto use his Suiton jutsu, have Sasuke use his Goukakyuu or 
    Raiton and have Sakura use her Suiton(hopefully you have the Two Scrolls 
    version, if not use One Scroll). If you need healing, have Sakura use 
    Shousenrin or Sasuke use Ration Pills. If you keep a steady pace, he should be 
    no problem to you.
    When the battle is done, inspect the flowers then grab the Shunshin Scroll from 
    the basket to the southwest of you and use it to return to Konoha.
    Back at Konoha, Kakashi will announce that the mission is complete. Iruka says 
    well done and that he hopes Naruto will not speak selfishly from now on, to 
    which Naruto replies with a "Gotcha." Sasuke and Naruto then start arguing, but 
    are stopped by Hokage, who give you your 1400 ryou reward, along with a Ration 
    Pill, a Chakra Pill and a Defence Pill. He then sends you off the usual way.
    5.5) Fourth Mission: To The Wave Country
    Back in Naruto's house, go to the mission desk, you know the deal.
    Hokage thinks over a mission to give you, as there don't seem to be many 
    available. He considers babysitting, but Naruto gives him a big "No waaaay!", 
    and Sasuke, Sakura and Kakashi just roll their eyes in a "Not again, why us?" 
    kinda way. Hokage decides to give them a C-rank mission. Iruka protests, saying 
    it's too early for them to get a C-rank mission, but Kakashi argues with him. 
    Naruto then steps forward and says that they'll do it, with Sasuke and Sakura 
    following. They are assigned as a bodyguard to an old man, who immediately 
    begins to complain about the state of the team he's assigned. Naruto leaps at 
    him in anger, but Kakashi stops him. The man introduces himself as Tazuna and 
    says he's heading home to the Wave Country. Kakashi takes charge and tells them 
    all to meet at the front gate. He says he'll also be fighting on this mission, 
    but he'll be fighting his own way because he's a Jounin. Kakashi and Tazuna 
    then leave and you're left to your own devices in Konoha.
    Go off and gather supplies, then heal up at the front gate and talk to Tazuna. 
    The group's waiting for Kakashi, who's late again. After some conversation, he 
    shows up. Naruto's raring to go, and his enthusiasm causes Tazuna to again 
    question the arrangement. Naruto says to Tazuna to listen to him, that he's 
    gonna be the best ninja ever, the Hokage! Tazuna says he looks pretty crappy 
    and Naruto tells him to shut up, when he becomes Hokage he'll be acknowledged 
    by all! Tazuna tells him he'll never be Hokage, and Naruto goes into kill mode 
    again, but is again stopped by Kakashi. Tazuna then insists that you leave, so 
    you do so.
    A new area is open on your map, the Fire Country Great Plains. Head for there.
    Great Plains
    Items: Fuuma Armor, Medical Ration Pill, All Manual, All-Purpose Pill, 
    Fuuma Footwear
    Enemies: Reckless Boar, Samurai, Tiger, Hip Pouch, Konoha Ninja, Lord of Ruin
    The level curve in this area isn't as steep as in the previous missions, so if 
    you've levelled up adequately already, you should be able to plow straight into 
    Head south until you find a turn right. Head that way to find baskets 
    containing a Fuuma Katabira and a Medical Ration Pill. Go back to the T point 
    and head south.
    You'll reach another turn east, take this one as there's nothing of importance 
    to the south. As soon as you pass the line of trees on the south, go to the 
    southwest corner of this part and pick up an All Manual. Now head northeast, 
    through the gate guarded by ninjas. You'll see a chest on top of a cliff here, 
    no getting it now so keep going and exit east.
    Head east on this wide path. There's a turnoff south, but this leads to a 
    dead-end cliff. Keep east and take the lower path to pick up an All-Purpose 
    Pill. Go back and take the higher path northeast and north through the second 
    gate. Exit north.
    Here you'll have a cutscene. Sakura asks if Tazuna's from the Wave Country, 
    then asks Kakashi if there's ninjas in that country. Kakashi explains that the 
    Wave Country is still a small country and there's no hidden village there, 
    while the Fire Country is large, so Konoha Village is present there. He says 
    that the other big countries are Water, Thunder, Earth and Wind. They all have 
    hidden villages in them, and are seen as the big 5 countries. Each of the 
    hidden villages of these countries has a Kage, like the Hokage, and they are 
    the 5 greatest ninjas at any time. He also says that there's wandering ninjas, 
    but on a C-rank mission they shouldn't run into any.
    You'll regain control right at a Konoha mark, so heal up and exit east.
    This area is a straight path east, across a river and to another Konoha mark, 
    so level up freely here as you're about to encounter a boss.
    Boss: Ghost Brothers
    Attacks: Poison
    EXP: 560
    Items: Poison Manual x2
    The first thing the ninjas will do in this fight is knock out Kakashi with a 
    999 hit, rendering him useless for this battle.
    The ninjas will only do a Poison attack, and only on Naruto. When he's worn 
    down enough, he'll notice that their attacks aren't doing a thing. One of the 
    ninjas laughs and uses a 999 attack, knocking him out. Kakashi's body then 
    disappears into a log and he zooms back in with 999 attacks, defeating the 
    (Note: Even if you do 999+ damage yourself, the ninjas will still not be 
    Sakura voices her relief that Kakashi is safe due to his use of Kawarimi. 
    Sasuke humphs and believes he butted in. Kakashi congratulates Sasuke and says 
    that he did well. Naruto considers that he himself couldn't do anything. Sasuke 
    turns to Naruto and says at least he wasn't injured. Naruto gets angry, but 
    Kakashi tells him not to argue or move, that he's still poisoned. He then turns 
    to Tazuna and says that they need to talk. Kakashi notes that the ninjas are 
    two chuunin from the Hidden Mist Village. The leader asks how Kakashi knows, 
    and he replies that there's a recent lack of rain in the Great Plains. When he 
    saw the puddles, he knew that there'd be a battle. Kakashi then says that they 
    must have had a target, and Tazuna becomes defensive. Kakashi points the finger 
    at him and says that none of the ninjas there would have reason to be targeted. 
    He says that this has now risen to a B-rank mission, and asks why Tazuna lied. 
    Sakura protests that a B-rank mission is too much for them and they should drop 
    it. Kakashi agrees and decides that they should return to get Naruto medical 
    treatment. Naruto sticks a kunai in himself to drain out the poison and swears 
    that he won't lose to Sasuke. "With this kunai...I will protect Tazuna!" He 
    demands that they resume the mission. Kakashi says yes, that's an effective 
    method to extract the poison, but this way Naruto will soon bleed to death. 
    Tazuna admires this devotion and spills his guts. He's being hunted by a 
    dangerous man, Gatou, a great criminal, who hires wandering ninjas. Tazuna 
    deceived them because the Wave Country is too poor to afford a B-rank mission. 
    The group agrees to keep looking after him, and you regain control.
    Go to the northeast corner to get a chest containing Fuuma Footwear. Proceed 
    south, going around the pool of water, and exit south.
    Now you'll be in a large clearing full of cats. There's two raised platforms 
    here with chests, neither of which you can reach, and a tree formation in an 
    upside-down L towards the south end.
    At the southeast end is a gate where a ninja is talking to an old woman. Her 
    cat, Tama-chan, has run away and she wants to find him but she's not allowed 
    through. You are asked to look for it.
    Tama-chan is to the southwest, directly to the left of the upside-down L. Talk 
    to it and you pick it up.
    Return to the old woman and she thanks you for finding it and gets out of your 
    way. Go south and exit the Great Plains.
    A new area is open to you now to the east, but first return to Konoha and stock 
    up on all your needs.
    When you're done with that, go to the arrow that was opened and you'll end up 
    in the Wave Country, with the only spot on your map the Bridge Under 
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    The importance of the bridge is explained. Gatou is opposing the bridge's 
    construction because he wants the monopoly of shipping traffic in the Wave 
    Country. If the bridge is built, more outside influences can be reached and he 
    will lose his power.
    The deal is that Tazuna be escorted all the way to his house, and he intends to 
    pick up on that deal. Kakashi predicts that the next attack will be from 
    jounin, not chuunin.
    You'll exit the Bridge and return to the world map, where the Wave Country's 
    Swamplands are now open to you. Go in.
    Items: Gama Seal Ration Pill x2, Happou Shuriken, Defence Pill, Shuma Footwear, 
    Sugar Mustard
    Enemies: Gatou Gang, Iron Crab, Shuriken Starfish, Shuriken Demon Starfish, 
    Kunoichi, Pirate, Steel Crab, Mist Ninja, Waterform, Water Dragon
    This area contains a lot of water that you cannot cross, so you have to take 
    quite a few detours along the way. It's also quite full of random battles, so 
    make sure you're prepared with some Stamina and Chakra-related items.
    Firstly, head north and west along the southern edge. When you see two trees, 
    one on either side of a path, go through them and stright ahead to a basket in 
    the northwest containing a Gama Seal Ration Pill. Go east around the trees and 
    to the far eastern edge, where there is a basket to the south with another Gama 
    Seal Ration Pill. Go back a little ways west and exit north.
    Here, you come to a T junction. To the right side is submerged stepping stones 
    that you cannot cross, so head left. Follow the path around the water, then 
    when you hit the north side, go directly east. To the southeast of this part is 
    a Happou Shuriken, and to the northeast is the exit.
    In this area, navigate south around the various pools until you see a narrow 
    path south. Follow it in a spiral: south, east, north, west, to find a basket 
    with a Defence Pill. Go back to the main part and exit to the northeast.
    First thing to do in this area is go south around the trees and exit west to 
    find a basket with Shuma Footwear. Go back east.
    Here, just cross the two bridges east and ignore the submerged stepping stones. 
    Heal up at the Konoha mark and exit north.
    Here, Naruto decides to show off and says that he sees something on the right, 
    and tosses a shuriken at it. Sakura comes up, sees nothing, and whacks him. He 
    sees something to the left, jumps up, and fires off a shuriken. Kakashi is 
    alarmed and tells them to dive down. They do so and Sasuke evacuates Tazuna to 
    the south. Three shuriken come shooting in, missing the group. The camera moves 
    north and we see that the shooter is a ninja with a rather large sword. He sees 
    that the chuunin were out of their league against "Kakashi of the Sharingan". 
    Kakashi identifies the ninja as Momochi Zabuza, a missing-nin from the Hidden 
    Mist Village. Naruto runs forward to confront him but Kakashi stops him, saying 
    that Zabuza is far more dangerous than the ones they faced before. He orders 
    them to look after Tazuna while he fights Zabuza. Sasuke is still reeling from 
    the mention of the Sharingan. Kakashi reveals his Sharingan eye, and Naruto 
    asks Sasuke what it is. Sasuke says that the Sharingan is an eye jutsu that 
    allows the user to see and defend against any jutsu. Zabuza intercedes and 
    reveals that the Sharingan can also allow the user to copy the jutsu he sees. 
    "The one who has copied over 1000 jutsu...Copy Ninja Kakashi!" Sasuke is 
    confused, as the Sharingan is a trait exclusive to the Uchiha bloodline.
    Zabuza teleports to the large stretch of water and calls "Ninpou! Hidden Mist 
    no Jutsu!" The area is filled with mist, and the three genin are confused. 
    Kakashi says that Zabuza was, as a member of the Hidden Mist's Anbu, an expert 
    in silent killing. He tells them to hang back and continue protecting Tazuna. 
    Sasuke feels the killing energy and starts shaking, but Kakashi tells him he's 
    not one to let his comrades die. Zabuza then appears in front of you.
    Boss: Zabuza
    Attacks: Physical
    EXP: 270
    Items: None
    He'll just use straight attacks on you, so have Naruto return the favor. 
    Kakashi will use Raiton jutsu, so Sasuke should do the same. Sakura should use 
    Inner Sakura to speed her up, then use non-Suiton offensive jutsu. He's got 
    about 1000HP, so be prepared for a long fight.
    Zabuza clones himself and stabs Kakashi in the back, but that is also a clone 
    and the real Kakashi appears behind Zabuza. Then yet another Zabuza appears 
    behind Kakashi using the Water Clone. Kakashi speeds off to the water, but 
    Zabuza appears behind him and uses Water Prison. Then the other Zabuza faces 
    the three genin and Tazuna. He calls you pathetic fake ninjas and knocks Naruto 
    over. Kakashi shouts at you to take Tazuna and run, as a Water Clone cannot go 
    far from its real body. The group goes to leave, but Naruto mulls a bit and 
    announces that he won't run, xand he has a plan. He talks about his dream of 
    becoming Hokage, then Sasuke and Sakura join him. Kakashi shouts at them to 
    run, that it was over when he was caught and their mission is to protect 
    Tazuna. Tazuna says all of this was his fault and to go ahead and fight. 
    Boss: Zabuza x2
    Attacks: Physical
    EXP: 660
    Items: Rabbit Scroll
    The Water Clone in the front shouldn't take too long to dispose of with the 
    usual methods, it's weak.
    If you cause around 500 damage to the real Zabuza, Kakashi will break out of 
    the prison and attack him. Zabuza then uses Suiton Suiryuudan(Water Dragon 
    Blast) no Jutsu on you. Kakashi copies it and uses it back. Kakashi begins to 
    finish Zabuza's sentences, freaking him out a lot. Kakashi then uses Suiton Sui 
    Bakufu(Water Explosion) no Jutsu, Zabuza's unique jutsu, causing 999 damage and 
    ending the battle.
    Zabuza is then shot from the side by a needle. It is revealed to come from a 
    ninja in a mask, which Kakashi identifies as the mask of a Hidden Mist 
    hunter-nin. Kakashi notices that he's not much older than the group of genin, 
    yet much stronger. The hunter-nin then takes Zabuza's body to dispose of it. 
    The group then cheerfully decide to go on to Tazuna's house, but Kakashi 
    collapses from overuse of the Sharingan. Tazuna says to return to his house and 
    you regain control.
    Head back to the Konoha mark to heal up, the continue on.
    From here on you'll fight Mist Ninjas, with Waterforms and Water Dragons. Don't 
    bother with the water monsters, as they'll disappear when you defeat the ninja.
    There's more submerged stones leading to a chest, but all you can do is exit 
    In the next area, navigate through the bends around the water and trees, 
    grabbing a basket with Sugar Mustard in it. Now exit north.
    This area has nothing for you, just more bends and submerged stones leading to 
    a taunting basket that you can't reach. Exit west and you end up back on the 
    world map.
    Go back to Konoha to stock up if you need to.
    Tazuna's House
    Items: Icha Icha SLG
    Enemies: None
    Head left, past the Konoha mark, and enter Tazuna's house.
    Kakashi will be lying in bed, and states that he can't move for a while. 
    Sakura's worried, but Tazuna tells her to leave off, that he's just beaten a 
    great ninja, so he should be allowed to rest. Sakura asks about the child, and 
    Kakashi tells her it's an Anbu from Hidden Mist, a hunter-nin. Naruto asks what 
    it means. (First choice: I don't know. Second choice: I know) Kakashi explains 
    that hunter-nin hunt down ninjas that have betrayed their villages, and are 
    specialists in pursuit. It is necessary to do this, because the escapees carry 
    the village's secrets in their bodies, such as his own Sharingan. Therefore, 
    the bodies must be completely disposed of. Then Kakashi remembers something 
    amiss about the hunter-nin's methods... 
    Cut to the hunter-nin, who is revealed to only have knocked Zabuza out, and is 
    in fact his partner, Haku! 
    Back to Tazuna's house, the gang decide to take a look at Kakashi's face. 
    Sasuke says he has no interest, until Naruto taunts him. Then they're about to 
    when Kakashi wakes up! Kakashi reveals that Zabuza wasn't really killed and 
    he's still out there. (Choices: I don't understand, I understand) Everyone's 
    shocked, and Kakashi again states that they cannot face Zabuza, so they need 
    Then a kid called Inari shows up, and starts insulting ninja, which Naruto 
    doesn't respond well to. He talks about Gatou and how the three can't hope to 
    stand up to him. Naruto gets annoyed, and demands they start their training.
    Kakashi then takes you and plans to train you to focus your chakra by walking 
    up trees. You then regain control.
    Items: Gama Seal Ration Pill x2, Happou Shuriken, Defence Pill, Shuma Footwear,
    Sugar Mustard
    Enemies: Gatou Gang, Iron Crab, Shuriken Starfish, Shuriken Demon Starfish, 
    Kunoichi, Pirate, Steel Crab, Mist Ninja, Waterform, Water Dragon
    You are now back in the first screen of the Swamplands.
    There's no Kakashi to help this time, so you should level up as much as you can 
    and have Sasuke and Sakura equipped with multi-hit weapons.
    Go wandering around and level up as much as you want, then return to the 
    Swamplands entrace, talk to Kakashi and pick the second option. He then begins 
    your proper training.
    Sakura hits Naruto as usual for stupidity, then the other three wander off. 
    Naruto awakens to see Haku there, and the two have a conversation about people 
    who are important to you. It also has the famous line: "By the way, I'm a guy." 
    "WHAAAT?! But he's cuter than Sakura-chan!"
    Sakura and Sasuke then return and you form a party again.
    You'll now find you can go up those small cliffs that barred your way before! 
    Just go up to them and hit A.
    Return to Tazuna's house.
    Tazuna's House
    Items: None
    Enemies: Waraji, Zouri
    Hit the Konoha mark for a heal-up, save, then head inside.
    There'll be a long exchange at the dinner table, during which Inari will again 
    get annoyed and Naruto will argue, then leave. Tazuna will explain to Kakashi 
    that Inari's father died, then Kakashi explains in turn to Inari that Naruto's 
    the same as him, that he never had any parents.
    The three return back in and you have the choice of 1) training more, or 2) 
    going to sleep. Go to sleep.
    The group try to wake Naruto in the middle of the night, but can't.
    Naruto wakes up eventually, wondering what's going on. Inari's mother says that 
    the rest have gone to the Bridge. Naruto goes after them, but then two people 
    appear and threaten Inari's mother with kidnapping! Inari tries to stop them, 
    and the two head for him, but then...a log?! Kawarimi?!
    Naruto apologizes for being late, then faces the two.
    Boss: Waraji, Zouri
    Attacks: None, Raijinken
    EXP: 90, 80
    Items: None
    These enemies have little stamina and not-so-good jutsu, so you should be fine. 
    Use Tajuu Kage Bunshin to start off. Zouri has the elemental attack and less 
    Stamina, so finish him off first, then take out Waraji. An easy battle.
    Inari now accepts Naruto as a big brother figure and recognizes that heroes can 
    exist. Naruto then heads off.
    Cut to the others, who are in the Swamplands. They talk about Naruto, then you 
    gain control of Sasuke.
    Items: Gama Seal Ration Pill x2, Happou Shuriken, Defence Pill, Shuma Footwear, 
    Sugar Mustard
    Enemies: Gatou Gang, Iron Crab, Shuriken Starfish, Shuriken Demon Starfish, 
    Kunoichi, Pirate, Steel Crab, Mist Ninja, Waterform, Water Dragon
    Now you should return to the Bridge. Go by the main exit to the west, since 
    it's closest.
    Items: Gama Seal Ration Pill, All-Purpose Pill, Speed Pill, Fighting Mail, 
    Stamina Pill
    Enemies: Kabuki, Gatou Gang, Pirate, Water Dragon, Mist Ninja, Shuriken 
    Starfish, Thief
    You'll hear that ominous music again, and random battles will start to pop up 
    Head east over the small wooden platforms. When you (finally) get the chance to 
    go north, head on to the main bridge. Go right to grab a Speed Pill, then head 
    left a bit until you can go north. Here, you can go north and east to the next 
    screen, or wander off west to pick up a Gama Seal Ration Pill and an 
    All-Purpose Pill. Anyway, to the next screen...
    Just head east on this screen, picking up Fighting Mail and a Stamina Pill on 
    the way. You'll have to use the small wooden bridge at the bottom to avoid the 
    obstruction. Konoha mark here. Yeah, we all know what that means. Head east.
    You'll see some collapsed people here, which shocks Tazuna. The place then 
    fills with mist, which Kakashi immediately recognizes as the work of Zabuza. 
    Zabuza then speaks up, showing up with three Water Clones, which Sasuke 
    The real Zabuza then shows up with Haku. Kakashi reinforces the fact that the 
    genin can't beat Zabuza no matter how much training they say they've done, so 
    they agree to handle Haku.
    Boss: Zabuza, Haku
    Attacks: Suiton Suiryuudan, Thousand Kill Crystals
    EXP: 0, 0
    Items: None
    If Kakashi didn't stress it enough, I will. DO NOT FIGHT ZABUZA. He has 
    unlimited Stamina, and you cannot beat him. Concentrate on Haku. Have Sasuke 
    use his Shishi Rendan, and Sakura use Inner Sakura L1. The fight should be over 
    in two rounds.
    Zabuza calls them brats, and Kakashi says that those brats are his team, 
    pointing out that Sasuke is Konoha's Number 1 Rookie and Sakura's the prettiest 
    in Konoha. He also says that there's one other who's not present, the number 1 
    loud ninja, Naruto!
    Haku then laughs and uses his Secret Jutsu, Demonic Ice Mirrors! Kakashi is 
    astonished that he's never seen anything like it before.
    Then Naruto appears, declaring it's all alright because he's there. Zabuza 
    shoots a shuriken at him, but Haku intercepts it, asking to leave Naruto to 
    him. Naruto and Sasuke go ahead to face Haku, while Sakura looks after Tazuna 
    and Kakashi faces Zabuza. Bloodline limits such as the Sharingan are explained, 
    and then you are healed and battle.
    Boss: Haku
    Attacks: Thousand Kill Crystals
    EXP: 0
    Items: None
    Do nothing for this battle. It's just an event battle, the point is that he 
    wears Naruto down.
    When Naruto falls, Sasuke will yell at him to get up, but to no avail. Haku 
    reactivates his Demonic Ice Mirrors, but then...Sasuke's Sharingan awakens and 
    he dodges the shots! Haku realizes Sasuke also has a bloodline limit. Haku aims 
    his Demonic Ice Mirrors for Naruto again, but Sasuke gets in the way and takes 
    huge damage, then falls, beating Haku in the process.
    Naruto gets up, and talks to Sasuke, who then collapses. He talks about wanting 
    to kill his older brother. Naruto get ever-so-slightly upset and nine tails 
    appear! He's become infused with Kyuubi power! The fight resumes!
    Boss: Haku
    Attacks: Thousand Kill Crystals
    EXP: 320
    Items: None
    Welcome to Kyuubi chakra, you'll love this. Basically, in this fight, whatever 
    you do doesn't use up any chakra, and you're super-fast. Haku's stamina has 
    gone way down, so if you use a Kage Bunshin and attack, he should be finished.
    Haku then reveals his true face, shocking Naruto. He then goes on about his 
    devotion to Zabuza, and Naruto begins to compare that to Iruka. He then asks 
    Naruto to kill him. They go on for a while, then Naruto agrees reluctantly. 
    Haku, however, suddenly realizes Zabuza's in trouble and zips away. In the 
    other battle, Kakashi is about to use Raikiri on Zabuza...but then Haku jumps 
    in the way! Haku drops and Kakashi goes back to fighting Zabuza. Sakura asks 
    about Sasuke, and Naruto can't reply, so her and Tazuna run off to check on 
    Then Gatou shows up with his gang. He reveals he never had any intention of 
    paying Zabuza and just intends to off him. He kicks Haku, and Zabuza shows no 
    feelings of remorse. Naruto goes and yells at him, asking if Haku really meant 
    nothing to him. Zabuza tells him to be quiet, that this is something Naruto 
    can't understand.
    Gatou then sends his gang at the group, but Zabuza speeds past them and throws 
    a kunai into Gatou, knocking him off the bridge. Then one of the gang throws 
    one at him, and he collapses, saying goodbye to Haku.
    Meanwhile, Sasuke wakes up and Sakura is overjoyed. She goes to tell Naruto, 
    who's also happy. Then a few of Gatou's gang come to attack you, and Kakashi 
    says he can't use the Raikiri again, so...fight time!
    Boss: Gatou Gang(4)
    Attacks: Gimme!
    EXP: 50(each)
    Items: None
    60 stamina each. Just like a normal fight. Take them out.
    Next, Inari shows up with the villagers! He's rallied them to help! Naruto 
    decides to also help and uses Kage Bunshin. Kakashi does the same. The gang are 
    terrified and flee.
    Zabuza asks Kakashi to be placed by Haku. Kakashi complies. Naruto remarks that 
    Zabuza was born in a place like this, where snow fell heavily.
    The group then all decide to return home. They say goodbye to everyone from the 
    Wave Country, and Naruto has another small argument with Inari. The group head 
    off, Naruto looking forward to ramen with Iruka, and Sakura asking Sasuke on a 
    date, to which he declines. Naruto volunteers, but Sakura tells him to shut up.
    The villagers of the Wave country wonder about a name for the bridge, but 
    Tazuna decides it will be called the Great Naruto Bridge!
    You now regain control. Head back to Konoha(finally).
    5.6) Chuunin Exam, Begin!
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    Off you go up to the mission room in the academy to collect your reward of 3500 
    ryou, a Stamina Pill, a Chakra Pill, Secret Medicine and Falcon Gaiters!
    Kakashi then leaves, and Naruto goes off to eat ramen with Iruka.
    You wake up the next morning ready for your next mission. Head for the mission 
    room. Naruto asks what today's mission is, but the Hokage says that there's no 
    mission today for you to do! Naruto whines to Kakashi, but he says it'll all be 
    explained tomorrow, and to go then to the Shinto archway at the east of the 
    village. The team have some banter, Sakura suggests going to Kakashi's house, 
    and you regain control.
    Do what she says, head for Kakashi's house in the east wing of town. Of course, 
    he's not there. They talk about teamwork, Sakura fixes Kakashi's clock, and 
    Sasuke compares Sakura to Naruto, annoying her. Naruto invites Sakura to go 
    training, and she considers that even if it is with Naruto, she needs to 
    practice her jutsu. So they decide to head for the training ground.
    Do exactly that.
    Training Ground
    Items: None
    Enemies: Snake, Crow, Boar, Kankurou, Temari
    Heal up at the mark, then go ahead into the next screen.
    Neruto immediately fires up for training, insisting he won't lose to Sasuke. 
    Then he looks around, and spots Konohamaru. Konohamaru says he expected Naruto, 
    his rival! Naruto's a bit confused, but then Konohamaru asks him to play ninja 
    with him. (Play, Train) Either way it'll end up continuing the story, but 
    "Play" decreases your compatibility rating with Sakura. Sakura says that it's 
    stupid for a ninja to play ninja, and Konohamaru marks her as a scary person. 
    He then asks if Sakura's Naruto's girlfriend. Sakura says "NO WAY!!" and smacks 
    Naruto down, which annoys Konohamaru. He insults Sakura, who zips behind him, 
    then chases after him, until he runs into...Kankurou, who's not impressed by 
    this. Sakura apologizes, but Naruto jumps in and insults Kankurou. Kankurou 
    trips Naruto with his chakra strings, and Naruto's shocked. Then a fight 
    Boss: Kankurou, Temari
    Attacks: Get Ready!
    EXP: 320, 320
    Items: Dragon Scroll
    As with your usual fights, Naruto should Kage Bunshin up and attack, while 
    Sakura lets loose with Inner Sakura L2. They both have low Stamina, so the 
    battle shouldn't last long.
    Naruto acts cocky, but Kankurou states they were going easy on them. He goes 
    for more, but then a shuriken stops him, thrown by Sasuke, who proceeds to 
    insult them more. Kankurou is ready to attack him, but Gaara shows up and tells 
    him to stop. Sasuke's amazed by this stealth, at the same level as Kakashi's. 
    Kankurou speaks, but Gaara tells him to shut up, and Kankurou meekly 
    apologizes. Gaara moves to leave with the others, but Sakura stops them, asking 
    if they're from Hidden Sand. She wonders why they're in the Fire Country, and 
    wants to know their plans. Temari tells her they're there for the Chuunin Exam. 
    (Explain, It's OK) The Chuunin Exam is held twice a year for genin to compete 
    for chuunin level. It's held in different villages to maintain the power 
    balance. Gaara and Sasuke then express an interest in each other, but Naruto 
    interrupts. Gaara says that he has no interest in Naruto and the three leave.
    Sasuke states that they were interesting, and Naruto again declares he won't 
    lose to him. Sakura asks if they could stop fighting for today. The group then 
    leave, agreeing to meet at the archway the next day, as arranged.
    After they leave, the Hidden Sound team shows up, and they don't think much of 
    the Konoha genin.
    5.6.1) Round One: Exam?
    Items: None
    Enemies: Rock Lee
    You'll be back in Naruto's house the next morning. Exit and head for the far 
    east part of town, to the archway past Gai's tent. Sasuke and Sakura will be 
    waiting for you there. Talk to Sakura. 
    The group then stands around waiting for Kakashi...for 3 hours... They get fed 
    up, and are about to leave when he appears with another stupid excuse. He says 
    he's signed the three up for the Chuunin Exam, but it's up to them if they want 
    to show up and take it. Sakura's a bit nervous, but Naruto's energetic as 
    always. Kakashi tells them to meet in Classroom 301 in the Academy to take 
    part. He then leaves.
    Naruto and Sasuke wander off to enter, but Sakura's still worried about it. She 
    follows them anyway, and you regain control. Head for the Academy.
    The three enter, but Sakura's shaking. Naruto asks her what's wrong, and she 
    doesn't really want to take the exam. Sasuke calls at her and tells her she has 
    excellent analysis and genjutsu skills, and she's the best on their team at it. 
    Naruto agrees. Sakura then thanks them and decides to go on with them.
    They are stopped by a guy on the balcony, who asks for a fight. His teammates, 
    Neji and Tenten, think it's foolish, but he wants to. Neji has a brief exchange 
    with Sasuke, being unimpressed that a rookie's participating. The guy jumps 
    down and introduces himself as Rock Lee. He wants to fight the famous Uchiha 
    Sasuke, and says he'll fight for Sakura's heart, which makes her sick to her 
    stomach. Naruto jumps in, wanting to fight instead, but Lee's too fast, aniling 
    him with a Konoha Reppuu to the back and sending him flying into the wall.
    Sasuke and Lee then go to fight.
    Boss: Rock Lee
    Attacks: Konoha Senpuu
    EXP: 320
    Items: None
    Use your first Sharingan ability to increase the chance of a critical hit, then 
    Shishi Rendan him into the ground.
    Lee says that Sasuke's Sharingan may give him insight into ninjutsu and 
    genjutsu, but Lee only uses taijutsu, so even if Sasuke can see what he's 
    doing, he's not nearly fast enough to counter it. Lee is about to use "that 
    technique" until he's stopped by his instructor, Gai, who appears and chides 
    him for almost breaking their rule. He then punishes Lee by insisting he do 500 
    laps after the exam, which Lee accepts. Gai then introduces himself to the team 
    as Kakashi's (superior!) rival. The other team then head in, after Lee blows a 
    kiss at Sakura and she dodges, disgusted.
    You regain control. You're heading for 301, which is the top room on the third 
    floor. So head up the stairs on the right, exit right then head upstairs again.
    The gang runs into Kakashi, who says that it's actually a team event, and you 
    can't enter unless you're in a team of 3. He said it was individual so that 
    nobody wouldbe pressured by the others into going against their will, and he's 
    proud that they all decided to show up. (Wait a while, OK) When you choose OK, 
    he moves and you enter.
    As soon as you go in, Ino appears and fangirls all over Sasuke, much to 
    Sakura's disgust. Naruto steps back and identifies all of the other Konoha 
    genin entering. There's Ino(super-fangirl), Shikamaru(super-lazy), 
    Chouji(super-pig), Kiba(dog lover), Hinata(has a crush on Naruto) and 
    Kabuto then shows up and explains the exam, and says that he's done it for 
    seven years, so he has fact-sheets on everyone entering. Sasuke asks for Lee's 
    and Gaara's, which he provides. Lee's done lots of missions and is a taijutsu 
    specialist, while Gaara's done plenty of missions, including a B-rank, and 
    never had a scratch.
    Naruto gives his "I WON'T LOSE TO ALL OF YOU!!" line, and everyone goes into 
    the exam.
    Everyone sits at their desks, and the examiner of the first round, Morino 
    Ibiki, appears. He explains that the first test is a seal entry test. (Listen 
    to the rules, Don't listen) There'll be 10 sequences, and you have to enter 
    them before time's up, just like in jutsu entry. (OK, One more time)
    Of course, I have a list of the seals here, in case you want to be prepared.
    (u = up, d = down, l = left, r = right, ABLR = ABLR buttons)
    1: A, A, B, A, A
    2: u, d, u, d, u, d
    3: A x 12
    4: u, d, l, r, B, A
    5: R, L, R, L, A, R, L, B, B
    6: A x 12
    7: B, r, d, l, B, r, d, l
    8: l, u, r, d, l, u, r, d, l, A
    9: A, B, B, A, A, R, L, B, A, A
    10:A x 12
    Afterwards, Ibiki says that you pass and go on to the next round. Now, with a 
    shower of kunai...Mitarashi Anko enters! She's the examiner for the second 
    round, and claims that the first round must have been too soft to let this many 
    through. The next round is to be set in Area 44...the Forest of Death!
    You regain control now, so exit the academy and head for the world map, healing 
    and picking up supplies on the way.
    There'll be a new area on the map to the left of Konoha: The Forest of Death. 
    Go there.
    5.6.2) Round Two: The Forest of Death
    Forest of Death
    Items: Great Seal Ration Pillx5, Great Seal Chakra Pill, Chakra Pill, Scripture 
    Mail, Marshmallow, Gama Seal Ration Pill, Tiger Claws, Muramasa, Dragon 
    Shuriken, Hardboiled Egg, Stamina Pill, Lost Scroll 4
    Enemies: Bloodsucker Bat, Snake Shadow, White Tiger, Grass Ninja, Shinobi Boar, 
    Bloodsucker Leech, Shinobi Bat, Shinobi Crow, Ninja Tiger, Mountaineer, Rain 
    Ninja, ???, Kin, Dosu, Zaku, Oboro, Mubi, Kagari
    Anko explains that this round is a survival test. Inside the forest, anything 
    goes. Each team gets a Heaven scroll or an Earth scroll, and they have to make 
    it to the center with both scrolls. (OK!, Let's not go) Your team gets the 
    Heaven scroll and enters at Gate 12. Second round, begin!
    I'm telling you now, you will loathe this area. Barely any Konoha marks, random 
    battles every few steps, the enemies(even animals!) can use jutsu, and to top 
    it off, it's a big maze. Not fun. But anyway. I'm assuming you want to collect 
    all of the items from here, so that's the directions I'll be giving.
    Head north, and left. Go around the square to grab a basket. 
    Go back to the crossroads, and head right behind the tree. Walk over the 
    exposed branch to grab the basket on the other side. 
    Go back across, and walk right. The lower path is blocked, so go by the upper 
    path and over the branch. Head left and navigate the roots to pick up a 
    Scripture Mail, then return. 
    Go over the top roots and take the lower path to pick up a Marshmallow, then 
    the upper route off the roots. Go to the far right here to grab another basket, 
    then south behind the tree. 
    Go halfway over the next roots, then south to pick up a Grest Seal Ration Pill, 
    then back and the whole way over the roots. 
    Now go south for a real godsend - a Konoha mark! Head left to grab a 
    Muramasa(equip it to Naruto). Heal up at the mark again, then save. You know 
    what's coming. Go south.
    Naruto is blown away by...who's this? Battle!
    Boss: ???(Orochimaru)
    Attacks: Killing Intent
    EXP: 0
    Items: None
    You're paralyzed. Nothing you can do but watch him beat you down.
    Naruto shows up again, confident as ever, but Sasuke sensibly realizes that 
    there's no way they can beat someone like this, and he gives up the scroll. 
    Naruto zips forward and thwacks Sasuke, and Sasuke tells him he doesn't know 
    what he's doing. Naruto then runs at Orochimaru, but is easily knocked away. 
    And again. Sasuke does the whole older brother angst thing again, then the 
    three face up to Orochimaru.
    Boss: ???(Orochimaru)
    Attacks: Seal Jutsu, Fuuton 3 Scrolls
    EXP: 12000
    Items: Serpent Scroll
    Another event battle, so just attack until everyone but Sasuke is dead. Your 
    next attack will take him out.
    Orochimaru then proceeds to use a Five Element Seal on Naruto, paralyze the 
    other two and introduce himself. He says that Sasuke is nowhere near Itachi's 
    level, to Sasuke's amazement. He then steals the scroll and performs a Curse 
    Seal on Sasuke, leaving Sasuke and Naruto knocked out and Sakura extremely 
    scared. She runs off to see if she can find something to help.
    You now have control of Sakura. Heal up, then head south. Not much of a playing 
    chance, because it brings you right back for another story sequence.
    Sakura says that there doesn't seem to be any enemy teams nearby, so she takes 
    Sasuke and Naruto to the base of a tree until they wake up. She gets panicked 
    about them not waking up, and then to add to it, the Sound team shows up. They 
    want to fight Sasuke. Sakura asks then about Orochimaru, and they're caught a 
    bit off-guard. Zaku then wants to kill both Sakura and Sasuke, but Dosu stops 
    him. Then...who appears but the Beautiful Green Beat of Konoha, Rock Lee! He's 
    sworn to rescue her from any pinch. The group enter in a battle.
    Boss: Kin, Dosu, Zaku
    Attacks: Bell Sound Needles, Resonance Drill, Great Killing Wave
    EXP: 450(each)
    Items: None
    You have Sakura and Lee for this fight. Sakura should use Inner Sakura L2 and 
    Lee should use Konoha Senpuu. Lee will talk about the secret technique Gai 
    taught him, and then state that it's worth it to protect an important person. 
    He will then let loose with Omote Renge, for 999 damage to Dosu. Battle over.
    Lee's body is still recovering, so Dosu uses his chance to let rip a Resonance 
    Drill, which downs Lee. Sakura tosses a shuriken at Dosu, but Zaku reflects it. 
    Kin appears behind Sakura and is ready to take her, but Sakura gets inspired by 
    what Lee said about protecting important people, and she stands in front of 
    Sasuke and Naruto. Fight time!
    Boss: Kin, Dosu, Zaku
    Attacks: Bell Sound Needles, Resonance Drill, Great Killing Wave
    EXP: 200(each)
    Items: None
    Oh *dear*. Only Sakura this time around. Kick off with a Bunshin no Jutsu. They 
    should have great pains hitting you now. Once you have that, keep calling Inner 
    Sakura L2. It'll take a couple of rounds, but you'll beat them.
    Sakura's fierce about protecting her comrades now, but the three still seem to 
    be outnumbering her, but...Formation! InoShikaChou! Team 8 show up, and Ino 
    insists she promises she won't lose to Sakura! She won't let Sakura be the only 
    one looking good in front of Sasuke! She then volunteers Shikamaru to face the 
    Sound. Moaning, he accepts, and battle!
    Boss: Kin, Dosu, Zaku
    Attacks: Bell Sound Needles, Resonance Drill, Great Killing Wave
    EXP: 200(each)
    Items: None
    Again. Sakura's chakra is refilled again, so use the same tactics as you did 
    last time around. Both should use Bunshin no Jutsu, then Shikamaru should 
    paralyze with his Kagemane and act as healer, while Sakura pummels them with 
    Inner Sakura L2.
    Dosu then states that their objective isn't the exam, it's Sasuke. But who 
    shows up this time, but Neji and Tenten, come looking for Lee! They have an 
    exchange, then Sasuke wakes up. His eyes are glowing red, and the curse seal is 
    activating. He asks who did this to Sakura. The Sound-nins recognize the curse 
    seal immediately as Orochimaru's. Sasuke zips down to face the Sounds, who are 
    taken aback by the huge power radiating from him. Battle!
    Boss: Kin, Dosu, Zaku
    Attacks: Bell Sound Needles, Resonance Drill, Great Killing Wave
    EXP: 200(each)
    Items: None
    Last time, I swear. Sasuke's in the full grips of the curse seal now, so he's 
    at 999 Stamina and Chakra, but all of his jutsu are sealed except for Fuuma 
    Shuriken and Shishi Rendan. Sakura's Chakra's also not refilled this time. Use 
    a combination of Sasuke's Shishi Rendan and Inner Sakura to defeat them, this 
    time for good.
    Sakura states that it looks like they've defeated them, but Sasuke goes ahead 
    and starts beating up Zaku. He's acting really strange, getting (more) 
    sadistic. Sakura goes and stops him, and the curse seal withdraws. Dosu admits 
    defeat for now, and hands over a scroll, insisting it'll be different next 
    time. Sakura asks about Orochimaru, but they just leave. Neji notes the huge 
    chakra and wonders about the Uchiha clan, and Sakura asks if Sasuke's alright. 
    He says he's alright, but wonders what happened to him. Sakura notices the 
    seal's gone back. Shikamaru then kicks Naruto awake, who acts his usual loud 
    self. Tenten yells at Lee for leaving, then Naruto pokes fun at Lee, but Sakura 
    defends him, whacking Naruto away. She thanks Lee, and says that he helped her 
    wake up. Lee thanks her too, and the group leaves. Team 8 also leave. Sakura 
    notes they now have an Earth scroll, and your party returns to normal.
    Naruto's at 1 Stamina and Sakura's weakened from the previous fights, so head 
    up to the nearby Konoha mark and heal/save. You'll notice that Sasuke remains 
    sealed for now, so he's still only got those two jutsu. 
    Back to forest trekking! You've still got a good long way to go, so don't relax 
    Head back down to where you fought the Sound, then head east, staying close to 
    the south. You'll come to a point where you can go east, north or south. Keep 
    to the east, going behind the tree. Head east here to pick up a Stamina Pill, 
    then go all the way north until you hit another crossroads. Go north and west 
    to grab a Great Seal Ration Pill, then a little east and north, exiting into 
    the (sort of) light.
    The gang see some water and decide to rest up there. They start talking about 
    the scroll they still need, and Sasuke heads off to find drinking water. Naruto 
    suggests opening the scroll, and Sakura thwacks him. Kabuto then pops in and 
    asks if they've forgotten the rules. Sasuke then returns. Kabuto explains that 
    if you open the scroll, there's a jutsu in it which knocks you out, forcing you 
    to forfeit. He says that there's no danger of him wanting their scroll, since 
    he already has both. Sasuke wants to fight him for the Heaven scroll, but 
    Kabuto says that he'll help you get it yourself. (Teach me, don't teach me) He 
    then teaches you to break rocks.
    Head east and break the rock, then pick up a Hardboiled Egg. Exit south, back 
    into the forest.
    You're going east now, folowing the straightforward path south over the roots 
    to the southern exit.
    You'll start running into other ninjas here, so have Sakura's healing jutsu at 
    the ready. Head south from here and past the tree. In the southeast there's a 
    tree with a Great Seal Ration Pill in front of it, then to the right of it 
    there's a Lost Scroll 4. Head back west to the huge tree and go north. See that 
    on the left? No, that's not an illusion, it really IS a Konoha mark. Heal up 
    and grab the two baskets here. I recommend levelling up so you can beat the 
    enemies around here easily. Next, head back around to the main path and exit 
    Hey, I know this place! Yep, you're back at the start of this screen again. 
    Don't question, just go around, heal, save and exit again.
    Head south a bit for a cutscene.
    Kabuto notices something's wrong...they've gone the same way over and over! 6 
    ninjas appear around them. Naruto attacks one, but is beaten back. Sasuke uses 
    his Sharingan and tosses a shuriken at another, but it...goes through? That one 
    then tosses a kunai at Sasuke, but Kabuto intervenes and grabs it. Naruto 
    identifies them as Bunshins, but Kabuto says he's wrong and that it's genjutsu! 
    Naruto uses his Kage Bunshin and the group attack the ninjas, but with no luck. 
    They then all disappear and the real three are revealed, Mist ninjas! They 
    advance on our team, but...what? Sasuke, Sakura and Kabuto come up behind them? 
    Naruto cheers and the top group is revealed to be Kage Bunshins! He then 
    collapses from loss of chakra, but hops back up and zips over to his team. 
    Sasuke wonders how he recovered so fast. You then go ahead to fight the Mist 
    Boss: Oboro, Mubi, Kagari
    Attacks: Oboro Bunshin, Doton Dochuu Eigyo
    EXP: 720(each)
    Items: None
    This battle is supremely difficult. Not only do they have 1000/980/900 Stamina, 
    but they've some pretty powerful jutsu too. Luckily, their Defense is crappy, 
    so you can hit them hard. Naruto should begin with a Tajuu Kage Bunshin, and 
    Sakura with Inner Sakura L2. Sasuke's curse seal doesn't give him much jutsu 
    range, so just use Shishi Rendan. You should try to take them out one at a 
    time, starting with Oboro and Mubi as they can conjure up clones. If you have 
    Sakura's Anchuu Hiyaku, it'll come in handy here. You may have Naruto's Uzumaki 
    Naruto Rendan, but don't use it as it's a waste of chakra in the long battle, 
    that is, unless you still have the chakra-replenishing items you picked up. A 
    KB-ed attack from the front row should do enough damage by itself.
    When the battle's over, Naruto runs off to grab the scroll and Sasuke notes 
    that his neck hurts whenever he uses the Sharingan. Naruto's thrilled because 
    it's a Heaven scroll, so now the team has both! Kabuto's team then shows up to 
    pick him up and Kabuto apologizes to them and you, then wishes you luck and you 
    leave. After you're gone, someone asks Kabuto how it went and Kabuto says it 
    was better than expected. Them the someone is revealed to be none other than 
    Orochimaru! Kabuto is a sound spy! Gasp!
    When you regain control, go heal/save at that mark! Now, exit north to finally 
    escape this accursed place.
    Don't go back to Konoha yet, instead hit left and your cursor will land on the 
    Forest of Death Tower. Go for it!
    Forest of Death Tower
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    Enter the tower.
    Naruto points out that nobody's there. Sakura points out something on the wall, 
    but Naruto can't read it because of the difficult kanji. The group then decide 
    to open the scrolls, and see the kanji for "person". Sasuke identifies the 
    scrolls as summoning jutsu activators, and tells you to get away. And with a 
    poof, Iruka shows up! He explains that he and other chuunin were to meet up 
    with the passing teams at the goal. He congratualtes you for passing, and 
    offers to take you for ramen. Naruto's, of course, thrilled by passing and 
    doesn't let him finish. Sasuke asks what would happen had he opened the scrolls 
    in the middle of the exam, and Iruka explains that it would've rendered him 
    unable to complete the task within the time limit. Sakura asks what the 
    wall-writing is, and Iruka says it's the Chuunin Motto. "If you lack Heaven, 
    seek wisdom, be prepared". He compares that to Naruto lacking intelligence, and 
    needing to gain wisdom. Part 2 is "If you lack Earth, run in the fields, seek 
    advantages". So for someone like Sakura who lacks stamina, she should continue 
    training hard. "And if you have both Heaven and Earth, you can succeed in even 
    the most dangerous mission". Sakura notices a missing word, and Iruka explains 
    it's the "person" character. The last sentence is "These rules will guide a 
    person's extremes". He then explains what being a chuunin means and to take it 
    easy in the third exam.
    You can now talk to Iruka for two different things.
    - Hang on 
      - OK! - Change party members (Lee, Neji, Shikamaru are unlocked)
      - It's alright...
    - OK! (Go on with the third exam)
    You can now go level up the group if you want. When you're ready, return to the 
    tower and talk to Iruka.
    5.6.3) Round Three..or not?
    Items: None
    Enemies: Ino, Yoroi, Kiba, Akamaru
    You are now in the hall for the third round! The Hokage greets you and 
    congratulates you for passing the second exam. He explains the true meaning of 
    the exam. To keep up the friendship between the countries, this exam acts as a 
    substitute for war. The clients and leaders will be watching, and the country 
    that looks best will get more clients, while bad-looking ones will get less. He 
    says that it's not just a test, but a life-risking battle with your dreams and 
    the prestige of the country on the line. No pressure, though.
    Now Gekkou Hayate shows up. He's the referee for the third exam, but first, you 
    must go through prelims as there's too many to enter the third round itself. He 
    asks who wants to quit, and Kabuto steps forward to quit. He then leaves. 
    Sasuuke's considering quitting due to his curse seal, but he doesn't. Hayate 
    explains it's a stright fight between two people for each round. First round: 
    Uchiha Sasuke VS Akadou Yoroi!
    (Hold on, Begin the fight!)
    Sasuke faces Yoroi, who seens to know about the curse seal. Kakashi shows up, 
    sends Naruto and Sakura up to the top, and tells Sasuke not to use the 
    Sharingan, as it will activate the curse seal and endanger his life. He then 
    Boss: Yoroi
    Attacks: Chakra Leech
    EXP: 0
    Items: None
    You still have no jutsu, so all you can do is Shishi Rendan and use healing 
    items. Go from the front row to maximize damage. If you've sufficiently 
    levelled up, however, your attack strength should be enough to warrant not 
    using Shishi Rendan every round. Especially since he WILL leech a large amount 
    of chakra from you.
    Hayate announces the winner as Sasuke. Kakashi appears, and takes Sasuke off to 
    seal up the curse seal.
    In the hospital, Kakashi is sealing up the seal, when in comes Orochimaru! He 
    says that he isn't really interested in Kakashi now, but wants Sasuke. He 
    mentions that Kakashi didn't have the Sharingan last time he saw him. Kakashi 
    says that even if Orochumaru's one of the Sannin, he won't let him get Sasuke. 
    Orochimaru talks some more, then leaves.
    Kakashi then reappears back at the exam room.
    Next fight, Haruna Sakura VS Yamanaka Ino, the eternal rivals!
    Boss: Ino
    Attacks: Katon, No no Maki
    EXP: 0
    Items: None 
    Easy fight. Bunshin no Jutsu followed by Inner Sakura L2 should finish her off 
    Ino then uses her Shintenshin to take over Sakura's body! She then is about to 
    quit the match as Sakura, but...Inner Sakura's having none of it! Sakura 
    cancels the jutsu and the two resume duking it out. They end up knocking each 
    other out and both losing.
    Next fight, Uzumaki Naruto VS Inuzuka Kiba! ...and Akamaru.
    Boss: Kiba, Akamaru
    Attacks: Gatsuuga, Beast Man Bunshin
    EXP: 0
    Items: Horse Scroll
    Use Tajuu Kage Bunshin, then attack Akamaru. Now that Kiba's ally is out of the 
    way, he can't use any partner attacks! Keep thumping away at him, and he's 
    Hinata comes up to Naruto, shaking, and gives him a special ointment for his 
    The next fights are scrolled through.
    *Winner - Loser*
    Shino - Zaku
    Kankurou - Misumi
    Temari - Tenten
    Shikamaru - Kin
    Neji - Hinata
    Gaara - Lee
    Dosu - Chouji
    And the preliminaries are complete!
    Now we cut to Kabuto and Orochimaru, who are talking about a war planned 
    between the hidden villages, instigated by the Hidden Sound. Orochimaru plans 
    to use Sasuke's body to make this happen. He talks about how Sasuke's proximity 
    to Naruto has changed him, and how he needs to break them apart before Sasuke 
    loses his vengefulness, which will draw him to Orochimaru.
    Back to the exam, it is explained that the third round will take place in a 
    month. The prelims was against an unknown enemy, whereas the month gives you 
    time to train and prepare for fighting the known enemy. Everyone leaves and 
    Sakura walks in. She says that Kakashi's with Sasuke in the hospital, and the 
    two decide to go see them.
    Exit the hall and head for Konoha.
    5.6.4) Prepare for the Final Test!
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    Head for the hospital, up in the northern part of the town.
    As soon as you go in, Naruto starts shouting at Sasuke, asking where he is. 
    Kakashi appears at the stairs, telling him to be quiet in the hospital. He 
    thought you'd be coming, and he found someone to look after your training. 
    Naruto asks why, that Kakashi is fine. Kakashi says that he has things to do, 
    so he can't look after Naruto. Naruto says he must be training Sasuke, but 
    Kakashi says to not talk like that, and he's found a better teacher than him to 
    instruct Naruto. And guess who it is? Ebisu. Yes, Konohamaru's annoying 
    instructor, the closet pervert. The two obviously can't stand each other, but 
    Kakashi explains that Ebisu is an elite instructor and a Special Jounin, so 
    he's a good teacher to have. He then leaves and Ebisu tells you you'll be 
    training at the Training Basin.
    Walk over and talk to him to take people in your party. You can't choose 
    Sasuke, obviously. When you have a party, you can go train up yourself, or go 
    with Ebisu.
    When you go with him, he takes you outside. Leave Konoha and head for the 
    Training Basin, a new area beyong Kikyou Ridge.
    Training Basin
    Items: Bean Jam, Scripture Gaiters
    Enemies: None
    Ebisu announces he's going to teach you to...walk on water! He demonstrates, 
    and Naruto is amazed. There's a call of "Pervert!" and Ebisu goes off to 
    investigate. He's then knocked out by...the Toad Hermit, Jiraiya! Naruto 
    nicknames his Ero-Sennin(pervert hermit). Jiraiya then says he writes Icha Icha 
    Paradise (the dirty stuff Kakashi's always reading). Naruto calls him a filthy 
    pervert, but Jiraiya objects, saying he's getting inspiration for his works. 
    Naruto demands he finish the training that Ebisu started, since he also knows 
    about walking on water. Jiraiya flatly refuses, but then Naruto bribes him with 
    his Oiroke no Jutsu! Jiraiya's gobsmacked and asks that Naruto stay like that 
    during his training, then Naruto changes back and calls him a filthy pervert 
    again. He then agrees to teach you to walk on water. He says he'll teach you a 
    brilliant technique, but you have to find 4 lost pages of his.
    You are now charged with the finding task, and you can talk to Jiraiya to 
    change around your party. I suggest taking Sakura and Shikamaru, because it is 
    a necessity that you level up Shikamaru during this. When you've picked your 
    party, select the bottom option to go look for the pages.
    When you've gone, Jiraiya apologixes to Ebisu for interrupting. Ebisu asks why 
    Jiraiya's returned to the village, and if it's because of Orochimaru. Jiraiya 
    says no, he's just looking for material for his books. Ebisu lectures him a 
    bit, since Jiraiya's one of the legendary Sannin along with Orochimaru, and 
    says he must help out.
    You're now on the World Map. Head back into the Training Basin.
    Open the basket hidden behind the Konoha mark for Bean Jam, then head across 
    the water at the submerged stepping-stones for Jiraiya and a basket containing 
    Scripture Gaiters. Leave.
    You've now got the ability to walk over those stepping-stones, so the pages are 
    obviously going to be in places those stones exist. These stones are in Konoha 
    Forest, the Great Plains, the Swamplands, and the Forest of Death. You can do 
    it in any order, but I'm going by order of the pages.
    Konoha Forest
    Items: Lost Page 1, Nattou
    Enemies:Snake, Pig, Small Fry Ninja, Bodyguard, Centipede, Konoha Ninja
    Head all the way to the center of the forest, where you fought the Tiger.
    (As a side note, now that you have the cliff-scaling jutsu Kakashi taught you, 
    you can get a Cup Ramen, Sweet Chestnuts and Dragon Gaiters at the area with 
    the centipedes.)
    When you hit the center, walk over the water and grab the Lost Page 1 from the 
    basket. There's another basket with Nattou right under it.
    Use Shikamaru's Shunshin no Jutsu to escape, if you have him. If not, you have 
    to walk all the way out again.
    Great Plains
    Items: Lost Page 2, 150 ryou
    Enemies: Reckless Boar, Samurai, Tiger, Hip Pouch, Konoha Ninja, Lord of Ruin
    You're heading for the fourth screen now, the one with the little bridge. Also, 
    if you take the first right in the first screen, you can use the cliffs as a 
    shortcut down, picking up Hawk's Claws on the way.
    When you get to the bridge, cross it then head immediately down along the right 
    side of the river. You'll see submerged stepping stones, just follow them the 
    whole way down and you'll hit two baskets with Lost Page 2 and 150 ryou.
    Exit the area.
    Items: Lost Page 3
    Enemies: Gatou Gang, Iron Crab, Shuriken Starfish, Shuriken Demon Starfish, 
    Kunoichi, Pirate, Steel Crab, Mist Ninja, Waterform, Water Dragon
    Remember that area where you fought Zabuza for the first time? Yeah, right 
    before that, by the Konoha mark. It's in the fourth screen, in case you forget.
    Go south over the stepping-stones, and grab the Lost Page 3 from the basket. 
    Not much to it. Exit.
    Forest of Death
    Items: Lost Page 4, Cursed Vest, Cursed Gaiters
    Enemies: Bloodsucker Bat, Snake Shadow, White Tiger, Grass Ninja, Shinobi Boar, 
    Bloodsucker Leech, Shinobi Bat, Shinobi Crow, Ninja Tiger, Mountaineer, Rain 
    Welcome back. I bet you swore you'd never come here again.
    Anyway, you're heading for the little outdoor patch where Kabuto taught you to 
    break rocks, off the second screen. Break the rocks, cross the river and grab 
    the Lost Page 4.
    There's two other items here, but beware! If you equip these items they give 
    you some nice stat boosts, but you'll permanently be under Cursed status, 
    disabling most of your jutsu.
    Exit the area. You can't use Shunshin here, so you just have to keep going and 
    ou the other side.
    Now that you have all 4 pages, return to Jiraiya in the Training Basin.
    Training Basin
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    Head across the stones and talk to Jiraiya.
    He's thrilled that you found the pages, and gives you an Icha Icha License. He 
    then says he wants to teach you alone. Naruto thanks his two other members and 
    they leave. Jiraiya can sense the seal Orochimaru placed on Naruto in the 
    Forest of Death to block off the Kyuubi chakra, so he undoes it. He explains 
    that Naruto has two types of chakra, his own and the Kyuubi's. He says that 
    Naruto will need the red Kyuubi chakra for this jutsu. But Naruto has trouble 
    calling it, it only comes when he's out of his own or desperate. Jiraiya 
    explains that the jutsu he's teaching is called Kuchiyose(summoning). He takes 
    out a scroll and gets Naruto to mark it. Naruto begins to attempt the jutsu, 
    but no luck.
    3 weeks later...nothing. Naruto's still trying, but he's running out of chakra 
    completely. Jiraiya thinks of his former pupil, the Fourth Hokage, and how 
    Naruto's a little similar to him. He then tosses Naruto off a cliff(!). 
    Naruto's falling, thinking he's going to die, then he enters his own head and 
    sees...the Kyuubi! He demands the chakra from the Kyuubi, since he's out of his 
    own and if he dies so does the Kyuubi. They Kyuubi gives him chakra, and Naruto 
    performs the Kuchiyose...calling a huge toad, Gamabunta! Naruto and Gamabunta 
    argue a bit, Gamabunta thinking him a little brat and Naruto trying to assert 
    himself, which eventually ends in Naruto calling Gamabunta "Boss Gama". Naruto 
    then collapses from the loss of chakra.
    Naruto has now learned to summon Gamabunta!
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    Naruto wakes up in Konoha Hospital with Shikamaru over him, who explains that 
    he passed out. Sakura shows up and says she's been coming every day to see 
    Sasuke and Lee, so she came to Naruto too. Sasuke's gone, and Lee's in because 
    he injured his body in his fight with Gaara. 
    (Go to see Lee, Go to see Sasuke)
    The party reforms as Naruto, Sakura and Shikamaru, and you head off. Go out and 
    upstairs, into the room with the completely open door.
    Gaara's there, looking over Lee. He's mulling over Lee being saved by Gai. The 
    gang walk in, and are surprised to see Gaara there. He's considering killing 
    Lee. It doesn't matter to him that he won the match. He considers killing them 
    too, if they're getting in his way. (Choice: Number 1 increases Sakura's 
    compatibility but decreases Shikamaru's) Naruto pipes up and Shikamaru agrees, 
    saying it's 3 against 1. Gaara implies it's not just him, and repeats he'll 
    kill them if they get in his way. Gaara says that Shukaku of the Sand lives 
    there too, and he'll help him. He kills to validate his existence. Gaara's 
    about to get them, when Gai pops in, saying all of this isn't necessary. Gaara 
    gets annoyed at seeing him interrupt again, and leaves, saying to wait, he'll 
    get them for certain. Gai asks what they're doing there, since the match is 
    tomorrow, but Naruto says they're there to see Lee, which makes Gai cheerful. 
    He thinks they've just come to talk to him about the match tomorrow and gets 
    ready to give advice.
    You regain control. You can now go off and train (again) or go for the next 
    match. Talk to Gai and pick the second option to go for it.
    Gai's big advice? Go to bed early! Sigh...The other two encourage you, and you 
    go off.
    You wake up the next morning bursting with energy and ready for your first 
    match against Neji. Naruto decides to go to the Training Ground quickly in the 
    Head out of Konoha and off to the Training Ground. You also have Sakura in your 
    party, for some reason.
    Training Ground
    Items: None
    Enemies: None
    When you arrive at the Training Ground, you'll run into Neji harassing Hinata. 
    He says it's impossible for her to be a ninja, and she just wants to change 
    herself. Neji says a loser is a loser and she's got no chance. And that the 
    situation with the Main and Branch Houses cannot be changed. Hinata insists she 
    won't go back on her word, and that's her ninja way. Neji says it's foolish, 
    that she was born powerless and she can't change destiny. He tells her to quit 
    as a ninja. She keeps refusing. She dislikes the hostility between the Main and 
    Brach Houses as much as Neji. Naruto jumps in and tells Hinata to watch out. 
    Neji's about to get her, but Naruto stops him. Neji humphs and says another 
    loser's shown up. Naruto says not to say that so freely, that he'll definitely 
    win. Tenten shows up, puffing, and says if they don't hurry, they won't be at 
    the final exam in time! Neji leaves with her.
    Hinata thanks Naruto and asks why he's there. He says it's not important and 
    asks if she knows Neji. She says yes, and thanks him for helping. She explains 
    her dream to be able to change herself. Naruto then heads off to fight Neji, 
    and Kiba comes to pick up Hinata, asking why she's blushing.
    Leave the Training Ground, and head for the Final Exam Ground, directly south 
    of Konoha.
    5.6.5) Round Three: Fight It Out!
    Final Exam Ground
    Items: None
    Enemies: Neji, Temari, Gaara
    The finalists are lined up, and Naruto wonders where Sasuke is. Dosu also 
    appears to be missing. The referee, Shiranui Genma, tells them to show their 
    faces, to show some gratitude to the people who've come here to watch. The 
    Hokage announces that it's the last round, and congratulates the 8 for getting 
    this far.
    Genma says he has to explain a little before you start. There's been a slight 
    change in the tournament. The second match in B-block is Temari vs Shikamaru. 
    Shikamaru wonders if Dosu forfeited. Naruto asks about Sasuke, Genma says that 
    if he's not there by his match, he automatically forfeits. Genma then says that 
    it's the final exam. It's not totally like the prelims. The winner doesn't 
    automatically become chuunin, the examiners choose the chuunins by how well 
    they fight.
    He then announces the first fight in A-block, Uzumaki Naruto vs Hyuuga Neji! He 
    tells everyone but thse two to go up to the stands.
    Naruto and Neji face up to each other and Naruto reaffiems that he'll 
    definitely win. Genma calls for a beginning, and Naruto activates Kage Bunshin. 
    They rush at Neji, but he beats them easily. He talks about his Byakugan, 
    (What's the Byakugan, Never mind) the Hyuuga bloodline limit, which the 
    Sharingan stemmed from. He claims it to be better than the Sharingan. It can 
    see chakra flow, and tenketsu, the pressure points. By pushing certain ones, he 
    can stop or speed up the flow of chakra around the body. He then begins to 
    deride Naruto's dream of becoming Hokage, and says that there's only one person 
    born to become Hokage, not Naruto. And Naruto should stop avoiding his destiny, 
    and that the only destiny for everyone is death. Naruto starts yelling at Neji 
    for treating Hinata so badly, and asks what the Main and Branch Houses are. 
    Neji explains. The Hyuuga has a Main House and a Branch House. The Main House 
    controls the family, and every Branch House member has a seal placed on them 
    which the Main House members can use to kill them at any time and seal up the 
    Byakugan. Neji's father and Hinata's father were twins, and a few minutes' 
    difference sealed their fates. Neji blames the Main House for his father's 
    Naruto says it's all crap, and the fight begins.
    Boss: Neji
    Attacks: Byakugan, Tenketsu
    EXP: 0
    Items: None
    Tough one, this. Kick off with Kawarimi as a safety measure, then use Combi 
    Henge. This'll put a lot of damage into Neji, who'll proceed to use Tenketsu, 
    causing chakra loss and sealing you. If you don't have a Full Manual, you've no 
    way to counter this, so shove into the front row and just attack. When you 
    damage him enough again, he'll use Hakke Rokujuuyonshou, causing 999 damage and 
    ending the fight.
    Naruto is unable to move, and Neji taunts him, saying that the match is over 
    and Naruto is indeed a loser. Naruto then, shaking, stands up and refuses to 
    quit. Neji just laughs and asks if Naruto's still fighting his destiny, and 
    that since all 64 points are hit, Naruto can no longer use chakra. Naruto's 
    still stubborn, but wondering where he can get chakra. Then he remembers his 
    training and Jiraiya saying that he has two types of chakra. He remembers the 
    Kyuubi's chakra, and demands that the Kyuubi give him chakra. He then begins to 
    manifest nine chakra tails! Neji notices the chakra flowing and is amazed. 
    Naruto then says that when he becomes Hokage, he'll change the Hyuuga! He 
    rushes into him, but is beaten back. Neji goes over and says that this is truly 
    the end, but then...another Naruto sppears and whacks him away! The knocked-out 
    one was a Kage Bunshin? Genma looks on and reflects that the power to believe 
    in yourself is the power that can change destiny, and that Naruto knows that 
    well. Naruto says to Neji that his worst technique in the academy always made 
    him fail the exam...it was always Bunshin no Jutsu. He then tells Neji to stop 
    worrying about things like fate and destiny, because unlike Naruto...he's not a 
    Genma then announces the winner...Uzumaki Naruto!
    Naruto runs off, then comes back. Genma asks if the next match should start or 
    if there should be a break. (Take a break, Don't take a break) If you haven't 
    levelled up Shikamaru, now is the time. Otherwise, go on.
    Genma announces the next match, Sasuke vs Gaara. But...Sasuke's still not 
    there. They're wondering what to do, and the Sand-nins seem to want Sasuke 
    there. Another jounin comes down and says something to Genma, who then 
    announces that the match will be delayed. Next match, B-block, Kankurou vs 
    Shino! But Kankurou immediately forfeits! Shino wins automatically. Temari 
    jumps down, as her fight is next and she's eager. Her opponent...Shikamaru! 
    Shikamaru's agonizing, as he doesn't want to go to the trouble of having to do 
    it, and considers forfeiting, but Naruto gives him a big encouraging clap on 
    the back, sending him falling into the arena! Temari rushes at Shikamaru, who 
    zips away. She does it again, and he jumps up on the wall, balancing on two 
    kunai. He says that he doesn't really care about becoming a chuunin...but he 
    won't allow a man to lose to a woman. Genma announces the official start, and 
    the battle begins!
    Boss: Temari
    Attacks: Kamaitachi no Jutsu
    EXP: 0
    Items: None
    I hope you levelled up Shikamaru, because this is going to be difficult 
    otherwise. Kick off with a Bunshin to protect yourself, then follow up with 
    Kage Mane to paralyze her. Her Kamaitachi packs quite a punch, so heal up when 
    she uses it. She has 800 Stamina, so expect a long fight. All you can really do 
    is keep using Bunshin, healing and attacking, since Shikamaru hasn't got any 
    special flashy attack jutsu.
    Temari insists she can't lose to this lazy guy, but then...Shikamaru forfeits? 
    He says that he's almost out of chakra and stamina from this, and one 
    troublesome fight is enough for him. Genma announces the winner as Temari. 
    Genma then considers that Shikamaru's strategy and knowledge of how far to go 
    would make him an excellent chuunin, as he has good leadership qualities. 
    Naruto then hops down and starts yelling at Shikamaru for quitting. You're then 
    asked if you want to take a break again. There's nothing really that can be 
    accomplished from it, so don't bother.
    Next match is the delayed Sasuke vs Gaara...but Sasuke's STILL not there! Then 
    there's a small whirlwind and Kakashi shows up with Sasuke! He apologizes for 
    being late, and Genma asks his name. "Uchiha...Sasuke." You then get a note 
    saying Sasuke has learned the Chidori! Naruto and Sasuke toy with each other a 
    bit, since they'd be fighting each other in the next round, Gaara heads down, 
    and Shikamaru calls Naruto to come back up to the stands. They head off, and 
    Gaara enters. Genma then asks if you want some time before your fight. If you 
    do, you'll have a party of Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto. If Sasuke's 
    underlevelled, level him up here. Also, you might want to pick up some 
    equipment for him. Otherwise, go on with the fight.
    Genma announces the start of the fight, so go for it!
    Boss: Gaara
    Attacks: Sand Shield
    EXP: 0
    Items: Monkey Scroll
    Like the other fights in this round, not a pleasant one. As usual, start off 
    with a Bunshin to protect yourself. Next, use the third Sharingan, Copy, so you 
    can counter any attacks Gaara makes on you. Gaara's attack power's pretty high, 
    so if he hits hard, heal with your various Ration Pills. When you use 
    Sharingan, Chidori will be activated. DO NOT USE IT. It's a waste of 150 chakra 
    and your front-row attack should outdo it anyway. Just keep attacking, healing 
    and reactivating your Sharingan. 
    The match is about to continue as Gaara's getting pumped up, but...feathers 
    start to fall? Temari and Kankurou jump down to Gaara, and Genma hops in front 
    of Sasuke. Naruto, Shikamaru, Neji and Lee also come down. Kankurou and Temari 
    say that they've failed and they have no choice, so they leave. Genma says that 
    unfortunately, the Chuunin Exam ends here. He then tells Sasuke to go after 
    Gaara, taking two people. 
    5.7) After the Sand!
    You now have control of Sasuke and have to consider a party.
    Keep in mind that from here on, you'll be splitting into two groups of three, 
    one headed by Sasuke and one by Sakura(you'll get to this later). Therefore, 
    you need to be able to even out both parties. Here's the points:
    - The level you're going to is painfully difficult and long, so you'll want a 
    Shunshin user to get out if you're having difficulties. The only ones that can 
    use this are Sasuke and Shikamaru.
    - You'll need a competent healer on each party. Good healers are Sakura, Neji 
    and Shikamaru.
    - You'll also want a strong attacker. These are Sasuke, Naruto and Lee.
    Based on this, Sasuke's party should consist of himself, Neji and another 
    attacker, while Sakura's should have herself, Shikamaru and an attacker. This 
    leaves Naruto and Lee. I put Naruto in Sakura's party, as neither her nor 
    Shikamaru are especially strong attackers, but it's up to you. So, my party for 
    Sasuke was Sasuke, Neji and Lee.
    Once you've decided your party, talk to Genma, form the party, and choose the 
    second option. Genma tells you to head off, and you're taken to the World Map. 
    Go back to Konoha first and sort out your items and equipment, then go to the 
    new spot on the lower left of the map, Gaara Pursuit.
    5.7.1) Sasuke's Pursuit
    Gaara Pursuit
    Items: Sannin Shuriken, Dragon Shuriken, Special Medicine, Great Seal Ration 
    Pill, Gama Summon Scroll, Dragon Mail, Great Seal Chakra Pill
    Enemies: Sand Puppet, Sound Puppet, Sand Dragon, Sound Dummy, Shinobi Bat, Sand 
    Dummy, Sound Ninja, Shinobi Crow, Illusion Kunoichi, Ninja Tiger, Mountaineer, 
    Sand Ninja, Sound Dragon, Anbu
    This is the last, and most annoying, level in the game. This is not a level you 
    can breeze through, you must level up at the start of it. I suggest wandering 
    around near the entrance, fighting and levelling, then leaving and returning to 
    Konoha to heal up, then lather, rinse, repeat. Don't assume you can walk 
    through here and not get in trouble, because you WILL get in trouble. If you 
    didn't level up the extra three, here's where you must do it, and at least ten 
    levels, if not more.
    For this, since it's such a painful level, I'll give directions 
    straight-through, plus directions for item-getting.
    Alright, here we go.
    Area 1 - Straight Through:
    Walk left until you hit the western wall, then go south hugging the side until 
    you can go right again. Go right, passing a tree stump below you, and enter the 
    stump beside you. From here, go directly left and out of the other stump. Heal 
    up at the Konoha mark, save and go south.
    Area 1 - Items:
    Walk left a little, then go south and into the tree stump. Navigate your way 
    south here, ignoring the exits, and pick up a great sword, but don't equip it 
    unless you're using Naruto. Go back north a bit and out the exit on the right 
    to pick up Special Medicine. Back into the tree and head left. Before you exit, 
    go south a bit and grab the Gama Summon Scroll. Exit left. Around the right 
    corner is a basket with a Dragon Shuriken. Go south out of this little area, 
    then head left and around south to get a Sannin Shuriken. Now go back to where 
    you came out of the little area and head east. Go into this stump, directly 
    left, and exit. Heal up at the Konoha mark, save and go south.
    Sasuke's sure that they came through this way, but they seem to have lost their 
    trail. And who shows up but...Orochimaru. The group (stupidly) confronts him, 
    and he asks Sasuke if the curse seal hurts. They banter for a bit, then fight 
    Boss: Orochimaru
    Attacks: Killing Intent
    EXP: 3333
    Items: Bird Scroll
    Everyone who can Bunshin should Bunshin. If you have Naruto, use Kawarimi, and 
    if you have Lee, use Beautiful Green Beast. His attacks are hard-hitting, so 
    have your healer on standby. Sasuke should use his Copy Sharingan, Neji use 
    Byakugan, Lee use Omote/Ura Renge, Naruto use Tajuu Kage Bunshin and Shikamaru 
    use Kage Mane. If you have the jutsu required, you might want to consider 
    combination attacks. Just keep attacking and he'll be gone eventually.
    Sasuke laughs a bit, but then the opponent disappears! That super-powerful 
    enemy was just a Kage Bunshin! You'll decide to continue your mission, but 
    first, go back up and heal at the Konoha mark. You'll need it. Now, head back 
    Alrighty. We're in Area 2 now. There's only two items, so I won't do it 
    separately like before.
    Note: In this area, for the first time, you'll encounter the Anbu. This enemy 
    has 1500 Stamina and can kill in one hit, but gives amazing EXP, so if you're 
    up for levelling up, stick near the top and fight one, blowing all of your 
    jutsu, then go back to the Konoha mark and heal up.
    Keep to the left side all the way down. When you go right, there's paths up and 
    down. These lead to Dragon Mail and a Great Seal Chakra Pill. Take them if you 
    want and proceed.
    Sasuke wonders what's going on, since he can hear footsteps close. The group 
    decide to hide.
    5.7.2) Sakura's Pursuit
    Back to the arena, Kakashi appears and asks what happened to Sasuke. Genma says 
    he was sent after Gaara. Gai shows up and says the Sand are working with the 
    Sound! Kakashi ties it together with Orochimaru, who was after...yep, Sasuke! 
    Kakashi quickly puts two and two together and sends Sakura to go after Sasuke 
    and bring him back, an A-rank mission! She takes the two remaining team members 
    and you're on the World Map. Head to Konoha, heal, restock, head for the Gaara 
    Gaara Pursuit
    Items: Great Seal Chakra Pill, Sannin Senbon, Kyuubi Summon Scroll, Heaven 
    Coat, Great Seal All-Purpose Pill x2, Special Medicine, Gama Summon Scroll, 
    Runner Gaiters, Sannin Kunai, Kage Buyou Gaiters, Sannin Claws
    Enemies: Sand Puppet, Sound Puppet, Sand Dragon, Sound Dummy, Shinobi Bat, Sand 
    Dummy, Sound Ninja, Shinobi Crow, Illusion Kunoichi, Ninja Tiger, Mountaineer, 
    Sand Ninja, Sound Dragon, Anbu
    Right. You're taking a longer, MUCH more complicated path than Sasuke, so here 
    we go. Same as last time, itemless and item walkthrough. It's not split into 
    areas, because they sort of come together. And don't forget to level up.
    Area 3 - Straight Through:
    From the start, walk into the tree. Go around the branches to the right until 
    you can go south and back around left. Go through the exit. Out here, go south 
    and grab the Kyuubi Summon Scroll (you need this), then go back north to the 
    tree, directly west, directly south, then into the tree you see there. Now go 
    right and as far south as you can until you see an exit. Outside, go directly 
    west and into the tree. Heal up at the Konoha mark and head south.
    [cutscene and boss fight, see below]*
    After the cutscene, go down the right side until you can't go south any 
    further. Use the exit here.
    Area 3 - Items:
    This will be a long, but worth it, trip.
    From the start, walk into the tree. Go to the far east and exit there. Get the 
    Sannin Senbon there, then head back in. Go back to the west, around the south 
    side, and out the exit here. Go couth and grab the Kyuubi Summon Scroll, then 
    back north. From here, go west and get the Great Seal Chakra Pill by the tree. 
    Then go in. Inside, go south and exit. Grab the Great Seal All-Purpose Pill 
    here. Go back out through the other tree and go for the tree you see a little 
    to the southeast. Inside here, you're heading east, south a little, then east 
    again and out the exit. Go into the tree next to it, and travel south to 
    another exit. Here, cross the river and get a Heaven Coat. Go back to where you 
    headed east in the tree, and go south instead, and out of the exit. Now, go 
    south to get Special Medicine, then into the tree directly north of you. Heal 
    up at the Konoha mark and head south.
    [cutscene and boss fight, see below]*
    After the cutscene, head down the left side and grab a Gama Summon Scroll.Now 
    go down the right side and into the first exit you see. Here, get a Great Seal 
    All-Purpose Pill and Kage Buyou Gaiters. Back inside the tree, head south until 
    you see another exit. Don't go in, instead head left and up a bit, then out the 
    exit here. Grab a Sannin Kunai and Sannin Claws. Go back into the tree, then go 
    through the exit you passed earlier. *phew*
    *Cutscene: Here, you'll run into the three Sasuke's team is pursuing, and 
    Kankurou will stay behind to buy the other two some time, so boss fight!
    Boss: Kankurou
    Attacks: Puppet Jutsu, Head Disposal
    EXP: 3333
    Items: Dog Scroll
    Like Orochimaru, he has 2400 Stamina, so a pretty tough cookie. Have the group 
    Bunshin/Kawarimi up, then Sakura use her protective jutsu. Sakura should attack 
    with Inner Sakura, Naruto should Tajuu Kage Bunshin and attack, Lee should use 
    Omote/Ura Renge, Neji use Byakugan attacks, and Shikamaru use Kage Mane, then 
    heal. Keep working like this, and you should beat him.
    5.7.3) Final Stretch
    Your teams will meet up now, but there's enemies chasing you to fight you! Lee, 
    Neji and Shikamaru stay behind to fight them, while Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura 
    go ahead after the Sand trio.
    When you regain control, go south and heal up at the Konoha mark. Go to the far 
    left and grab the Lost Scroll 5, then save and go south for the final battle.
    The gang spot the Sand trio, and stop them. Gaara, in his philosophy, wants to 
    kill them to feel alive. Gaara talks about hatred and fear, then Sasuke 
    remembers his brother, who he swears he must kill. He then gets determined, and 
    you battle!
    Boss: Kankurou, Temari, Gaara
    Attacks: Puppet Jutsu, Head Disposal, Great Squall, Sand Shield
    EXP: 999, 999, 999
    Items: None
    Blow your big jutsu on this battle, it won't matter. Bunshin/Kawarimi up, then 
    Kyuubi Henge, Ryuuka and Inner Sakura L3 are the order of the day. Keep Sakura 
    healing and the other two attacking, and it should be done in no time.
    Sasuke snickers that they've already won, but Gaara starts laughing, then calls 
    them weak. He says that the power to hate is the power to kill, and the power 
    to kill is the power to take revenge. He says that Sasuke's hatred is less than 
    his own. The two clash, and leave Sasuke shaking. Gaara starts twitching as 
    well, and knocks Kankurou and Temari away. Sasuke's curse seal starts 
    activating, and Gaara rushes at him, but Sakura takes the hit instead. Naruto 
    takes them back behind him, then confronts Gaara. Gaara is confused by the idea 
    of companions, and he mutates. Naruto compares it to his own Kyuubi, and 
    realizes Gaara also has a demon inside him. Naruto rushes at Gaara twice and 
    gets knocked back. He tries to summon Gamabunta, but doesn't have the Kyuubi 
    chakra he needs. Gaara rages more and advances, and Naruto uses Kage Bunshin. 
    His clones attack, but are defeated. Sasuke then gets up and says he won't give 
    up either. Sakura gets up and joins in. The three face up to Gaara and Naruto 
    starts to display Kyuubi chakra. Sasuke heals your Stamina and Chakra, and the 
    battle begins!
    Boss: Gaara
    Attacks: Sand Shuriken
    EXP: 3333
    Items: None
    Have everyone just use their Bunshin/Kawarimi, then front-row attack for this 
    battle. Trust me. Naruto should use Tajuu Kage Bunshin, and Sakura should heal.
    Gaara will now twitch even more. He swears he won't lose to people like you, 
    and morphs into the huge Shukaku! Naruto identifies it as the demon inside him, 
    then Gaara uses a jutsu to put the Tanuki to sleep, and takes control. Final 
    Boss: Shukaku of the Sand
    Attacks: Fuuton, Infinite Sand-Cloud Rush
    EXP: 29997
    Items: Pig Scroll
    666 Stamina. Urgh. 
    Remember that Kyuubi Summon Scroll I told you to pick up? Use it now on Naruto. 
    This scroll gives him infinite chakra and super-speed, just like in the fight 
    with Haku all that time ago. Now, Naruto should use Kyuubi Henge over and over, 
    while Sasuke uses Copy Sharingan and attacks, and Sakura heals. When Kyuubi 
    Chakra wears off or Shukaku disables it, have Naruto use Tajuu Kage Bunshin and 
    front-row attack. It's a long battle, but not a difficult one.
    5.8) Ending
    Gaara's jutsu starts to fail now, as the Tanuki begins to awaken. Gaara asks 
    them to defeat him, and Naruto begins to Kyuubify, then defeats the Tanuki! 
    Naruto and Gaara are left facing each other, both knocking each other out. 
    Gaara wonders why Naruto's so strong, Naruto edges closer. Naruto says that he 
    doesn't have to suffer alone, that he's found important people who acknowledge 
    him. Sasuke and Sakura then appear, and Naruto collapses. Kankurou and Temari 
    also appear, but Gaara tells them not to fight, that it's alright now. The two 
    then take Gaara away. Gaara reflects that, like Naruto, he'd like to meet 
    important people too someday. He then apologizes to Temari and Kankurou. The 
    three leave.
    Back at the cliff, Naruto awakens. He wonders what happened to him and Sakura 
    gets mad at him for making them worry. He wonders if Sakura was really worried 
    about him, and she insists it was only because they're in the three-man team 
    together. Sasuke then says that he acknowledges Naruto. The three then decide 
    to return to the village.
    You have control. Return to Konoha.
    The three walk back in and are greeted by Iruka, who shows immediate concern 
    for Naruto. Naruto just says that since the mission's over, the two have to go 
    eat ramen! Iruka yells at him and says that Konoha's currently in trouble. 
    Orochimaru, one of the Legendary Sannin, took the Sand and Sound, and attacked 
    Konoha. Naruto asks what happened with the village, and Iruka tells him that 
    the Third Hokage has...been killed in a battle with Orochimaru. He gave his 
    life to protect the village. Naruto asks why, why, then yells out in anguish.
    We now see Kakashi at the monument with another jounin. He says the Third's 
    funeral has already started, and she asks if he came to see Obito. She says 
    that he's always late now, because he comes to visit the monument. He 
    acknowledges that. He says he comes to constantly remind himself of what a fool 
    he was in the past. 
    Then we see Jiraiya at the posts, reflecting on his time with the Third as his 
    Now we go to Konoha, where all of the genin, plus Iruka and Konohamaru, are 
    looking over at the Hokage mountain. Naruto asks Iruka why people give their 
    lives of their own free will. Iruka says that humans don't die alone, and that 
    everyone looks towards the future. Many people give their lives in the line of 
    duty, people who die's dreams are fulfilled. But everyone has important things, 
    parents, siblings, friends, lovers, fellow villagers...they are the important 
    people to you. They trust each other and help each other out, that is their 
    connection. Naruto says he understands, but death is heart-breaking. Kakashi 
    says that the Third didn't just die. He saved everything that was important to 
    them. Naruto understands.
    One day, several days later...
    Naruto wants to have ramen with Iruka. Iruka says when his mission's finished. 
    Naruto whines and says he said that before. Iruka says that instead, he'll tell 
    him something good. He heard it from the Third Hokage before. All of the 
    villagers of Konoha have the will of fire. It's the strong will that protects 
    Konoha. With that will of fire, all of the villagers in Konoha are a family. He 
    asks Naruto if he has it too. Naruto asks about the Third saving the important 
    people, but then Kakashi calls him for a mission! Iruka says to go on, and 
    Naruto says goodbye and leaves. 
    He meets the team and says they'll do their best today too! And he won't lose 
    to Sasuke! They then leave for their mission.
    Iruka reflects that the little leaves of Konoha are the ones who inherit the 
    will of fire, just like the Third said. And the Third will watch over Konoha, 
    protecting it until a new Hokage comes. 
    Credits, and end.
    From now, you can load up the savegame and do various sidequests or just level 
    up. Talk to Iruka in the mission room to change party members.
    6) Items
    -Coming Soon-
    7) Jutsu
    8.1) Common Jutsu
    火遁・壱の巻/Katon Ichi no Maki/Fire Release, One Scroll
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: Deals Fire damage to one enemy.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 2
    Sakura    - Level 2
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    火遁・弐の巻/Katon Ni no Maki/Fire Release, Two Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Deals Fire damage to one enemy.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 6
    Sakura    - Level 6
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    火遁・参の巻/Katon San no Maki/Fire Release, Three Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Description: Deals large Fire damage to one enemy.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 28
    Sakura    - N/A
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    雷遁・壱の巻/Raiton Ichi no Maki/Thunder Release, One Scroll
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Deals Thunder damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 3
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    雷遁・弐の巻/Raiton Ni no Maki/Thunder Release, Two Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 8
    Description: Deals Thunder damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - Level 32
    Sasuke    - Level 11
    Sakura    - N/A
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Auto
    雷遁・参の巻/Raiton San no Maki/Thunder Release, Three Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Description: Deals large Thunder damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 28
    Sakura    - N/A
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Level 28
    風遁・壱の巻/Fuuton Ichi no Maki/Wind Release, One Scroll
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Deals Wind damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 4
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    風遁・弐の巻/Fuuton Ni no Maki/Wind Release, Two Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Description: Deals Wind damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 17
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    風遁・参の巻/Fuuton San no Maki/Wind Release, Three Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Description: Deals large Wind damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 40
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Level 40
    Neji      - N/A
    水遁・壱の巻/Suiton Ichi no Maki/Water Release, One Scroll
    Chakra Cost: 5
    Description: Deals Water damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - Level 10
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 5
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    水遁・弐の巻/Suiton Ni no Maki/Water Release, Two Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Description: Deals Water damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 17
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    水遁・参の巻/Suiton San no Maki/Water Release, Three Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Description: Deals large Water damage to all enemies.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 40
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    しょうせん・壱の巻/Shousen Ichi no Maki/Cure, One Scroll
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: Restores a little Stamina to 1 person.
    Naruto    - Level 7
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 4
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    しょうせん・弐の巻/Shousen Ni no Maki/Cure, Two Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Restores some Stamina to 1 person.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 13
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    しょうせん・参の巻/Shousen San no Maki/Cure, Three Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Restores a considerable amount of Stamina to 1 person.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 29
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Level 29
    しょうせん・四の巻/Shousen Yon no Maki/Cure, Four Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Restores complete Stamina to 1 person.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 52
    Sakura    - Level 45
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Level 45
    しょうせんりん・壱の巻/Shousenrin Ichi no Maki/Companion Cure, One Scroll
    Chakra Cost: 6
    Description: Restores a little Stamina to entire party.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 8
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    しょうせんりん・弐の巻/Shousenrin Ni no Maki/Companion Cure, Two Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 8
    Description: Restores some Stamina to entire party.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 21
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    しょうせんりん・参の巻/Shousenrin San no Maki/Companion Cure, Three Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 18
    Description: Restores a considerable amount of Stamina to entire party.
    Naruto    - Level 77
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 28
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    しょうせんりん・四の巻/Shousenrin Yon no Maki/Companion Cure, Four Scrolls
    Chakra Cost: 36
    Description: Restores complete Stamina to entire party.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 52
    Sakura    - Level 50
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Level 51
    Neji      - N/A
    みょうしゅふっかつ・臨/Myoushu Fukkatsu Rin/Master Revival, Confront
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Description: Revives a character from inactivity.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 25
    Sakura    - Level 25
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - N/A
    みょうしゅふっかつ・兵/Myoushu Fukkatsu Tsuwamono/Master Revival, Army
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Description: Revives a character from inactivity to full Stamina.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 48
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - N/A
    解・毒/Kai - Doku/Kai - Poison
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: Heals a character with Poison status.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 5
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    解・くらやみ/Kai - Kurayami/Kai - Darkness
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: Heals a character with Darkness status.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 16
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Auto
    解・術ふうじ/Kai - Jutsu Fuuji/Kai - Jutsu Seal
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: Heals a character with jutsu sealed.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 24
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - N/A
    解・よろず/Kai - Yorozu/Kai - All
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: Heals a character from all abnormal status.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 32
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Level 32
    Neji      - Level 35
    分身の術/Bunshin no Jutsu/Cloning
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: When you use the Bunshin, your Defence rises.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 21
    Sakura    - Level 21
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Auto
    変わり身の術/Kawarimi no Jutsu/Body Switch
    Chakra Cost: 5
    Description: When you use Kawarimi, the enemy's attack will have low accuracy.
    Naruto    - Level 23
    Sasuke    - Level 23
    Sakura    - Level 23
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - Level 23
    木ノ葉の盾/Konoha no Tate/Konoha Shield
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: When Konoha Shield is used, all characters' Defence rises.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 25
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Level 25
    瞬身の術/Shunshin no Jutsu/Blink Body
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: You escape battle in an instant.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - Level 25
    Sakura    - N/A
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - N/A
    おうえんの術/Ouen no Jutsu/Assistance
    Chakra Cost: 6
    Description: Raises one person's Attack power.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 30
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Level 32
    子守唄の術/Komori Uta no Jutsu/Lullaby
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: Sends one enemy to sleep.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - Level 14
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - N/A
    Neji      - Auto
    くらやみの術/Kurayami no Jutsu/Darkness
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: Lowers an enemy's accuracy.
    Naruto    - N/A
    Sasuke    - N/A
    Sakura    - N/A
    Lee       - N/A
    Shikamaru - Auto
    Neji      - N/A
    8.1) Character Jutsu
    8.2.1) Naruto
    おいろけの術/Oiroke no Jutsu/Sexy no Jutsu
    Chakra Cost: 5
    Description: Oiroke is used on an enemy, and they become drunkenly confused.
    Attack Effect: Confusion
    Learned: Auto
    影分身の術/Kage Bunshin no Jutsu/Shadow Cloning
    Chakra Cost: 7
    Description: When you use Kage Bunshin, you can attack 3 times.
    Learned: Auto
    多重影分身の術/Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu/Multiple Shadow Cloning
    Chakra Cost: 50
    Description: When you use this Kage Bunshin, you can attack 5 times.
    Learned: Level 8
    ハーレムの術/Haaremu no Jutsu/Harem no Jutsu
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Description: Oiroke is used on all enemies, and they become drunkenly confused.
    Learned: Level 3
    Note: A Kage Bunshin must be active to use this.
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Onara is used on all enemies, and they become poisoned.
    Attack Effect: Poison
    Learned: Level 6
    うずまきナルト連弾/Uzumaki Naruto Rendan/Uzumaki Naruto Combo
    Chakra Cost: 55
    Description: Deals damage to 1 enemy.
    Learned: Level 28
    Note: A Kage Bunshin must be active to use this.
    うずまきナルト二千連弾Uzumaki Naruto Nisen Rendan/Uzumaki Naruto 2000 Combo
    Chakra Cost: 100
    Description: Deals large damage to all enemies.
    Learned: Level 48
    Note: A Kage Bunshin must be active to use this.
    蝦蟇ドス斬/Gama Dosu Sen/Gama Sword Kill
    Chakra Cost: 170
    Description: A toad is summoned which causes great damage to all enemies.
    Learned: From Jiraiya
    コンビ変化/Konbi Henge/Combination Transformation
    Chakra Cost: 200
    Description: You and Gama transform into a huge beast and deal great damage to 
    all enemies.
    Learned: From Jiraiya
    九尾のチャクラ/Kyuubi no Chakura/Kyuubi's Chakra
    Chakra Cost: 250
    Description: You become extremely fast and jutsu don't use up chakra.
    Learned: Five Scroll Quest
    8.2.2) Sasuke
    火遁・ごうかきゅうの術/Katon Goukakyuu no Jutsu/Fire Release, Great Fireball
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Description: Deals Fire damage to all enemies.
    Learned: Auto
    火遁・ほうせんかの術/Katon Housenka no Jutsu/Fire Release, Balsam(A flower)
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Description: Deals Fire damage to all enemies.
    Learned: Level 18
    火遁・りゅうかの術/Katon Ryuuka no Jutsu/Fire Release, Dragon Fire
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Description: Deals large Fire damage to all enemies.
    Learned: Level 20
    風魔手裏剣影風車/Fuuma Shuriken Kage Fuusha/Wind Demon Shuriken, Shadow 
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Description: With the Fuuma Shuriken, large killing damage is dealt.
    Learned: Level 10
    写輪眼・どうさつ眼/Sharingan Dousatsu-gan/Sharingan Accuracy Eyes
    Chakra Cost: 8
    Description: Using the Sharingan, the critical hit rate rises.
    Learned: Battle with Haku
    写輪眼・さいみん眼/Sharingan Seimin-gan/Sharingan Hypnosis Eye
    Chakra Cost: 12
    Description: Using the Sharingan, all enemies become Confused.
    Learned: Battle with Haku
    写輪眼・コピー/Sharingan Kopii/Sharingan Copy
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Description: Using the Sharingan, the enemy's attack is copied.
    Learned: Battle with Haku
    獅子連弾/Shishi Rendan/Lion Combo
    Chakra Cost: 55
    Description: Deals large damage to 1 enemy.
    Learned: Level 15
    千鳥/Chidori/Thousand Birds
    Chakra Cost: 150
    Description: Deals large Thunder damage to 1 enemy.
    Learned: Before battle with Gaara
    Note: Sharingan must be active to use this.
    8.2.3) Sakura
    内なるサクラLv1/Uchinaru Sakura Lv1/Inner Sakura Lv1
    Chakra Cost: 9
    Description: Using Inner Sakura, you deal damage to an enemy 3 times.
    Learned: Auto
    内なるサクラLv2/Uchinaru Sakura Lv2/Inner Sakura Lv2
    Chakra Cost: 30
    Description: Using Inner Sakura, you deal damage to all enemies 5 times.
    Learned: Level 27
    内なるサクラLv3/Uchinaru Sakura Lv3/Inner Sakura Lv3
    Chakra Cost: 50
    Description: Your party is healed to full Stamina and from any abnormal status.
    Learned: Level 40
    手裏剣乱舞/Shuriken Ranbu/Wild Shuriken Dance
    Chakra Cost: 14
    Description: Attacks all enemies with shuriken.
    Learned: Level 20
    活殺自在の術/Kassatsu Jizai no Jutsu/Power of Life and Death
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: All enemies' jutsu are sealed.
    Learned: Level 22
    暗中飛躍/Anchuu Hiyaku/Behind-the-Scenes Maneuvering
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: Covers your party in an aura of chakra.
    Learned: Level 30
    ブービートラップ/Buubii Torappu/Booby Trap
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: Lowers an enemy's Defence.
    Learned: Level 12
    8.2.4) Lee
    青春剛拳/Seishun Gouken/Adolescent Strong Fist
    Chakra Cost: 1
    Description: With an explosion of youth, your Attack power is doubled.
    Learned: Level 30
    美しきあおいやじゅう/Utsukushii Aoi Yajuu/Beautiful Blue Beast
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: For Sakura, his attack changes.
    Learned: Auto
    木ノ葉烈風/Konoha Reppuu/Konoha Gale
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: Deals damage to all enemies.
    Learned: Auto
    木ノ葉旋風/Konoha Senpuu/Konoha Whirlwind
    Chakra Cost: 8
    Description: Deals large damage to all enemies.
    Learned: Auto
    八門遁甲/Hachimon Tonkou/Eight Gates Release
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Description: Your Attack is raised but you take constant damage.
    Learned: Level 40
    表蓮華/Omote Renge/Front Lotus
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Description: Deals damage to 1 enemy.
    Learned: Level 27
    裏蓮華/Ura Renge/Back Lotus
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Description: Deals large damage to 1 enemy.
    Learned: Level 43
    8.2.5) Shikamaru
    漁夫の利の術/Gyofu no Ri no Jutsu/Profit While Others Fight
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: The same damage is dealt in front as behind.
    Learned: Level 40
    流れ雲の術/Nagare Un no Jutsu/Stream Clouds
    Chakra Cost: 10
    Description: All party members' Stamina is restored.
    Learned: Level 30
    影真似の術/Kage Mane no Jutsu/Shadow Mimicry
    Chakra Cost: 4
    Description: An enemy's movement is prevented.
    Learned: Auto
    影奈落の術/Kage Naraku no Jutsu/Shadow Hell
    Chakra Cost: 7
    Description: May take all enemies out of action.
    Learned: Level 32
    8.2.6) Neji
    白眼/Byakugan/White Eyes
    Chakra Cost: 3
    Description: Using the Byakugan, the critical hit rate rises.
    Learned: Auto
    点穴/Tenketsu/Pressure Points
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Description: Attacks an enemy twice and seals their jutsu.
    Learned: Level 30
    Note: Byakugan must be active to use this.
    八卦掌回転/Hakkeshou Kaiten/Eight Trigrams Palm, Spinning
    Chakra Cost: 2
    Description: The enemy's attack rebounds.
    Learned: Level 32
    Note: Byakugan must be active to use this.
    八卦六十四掌/Hakke Rokujuuyon-shou/Eight Divination Signs, 64 Palms
    Chakra Cost: 18
    Description: The enemy is attacked with a barrage of 8 hits 8 times.
    Learned: Level 33
    Note: Byakugan must be active to use this.
    8.2.7) Combination
    (Note: In this list, the first person is the one who activates the jutsu and 
    second is the one on whose jutsu is a prerequisite.)
    メルヘン崩し/Meruhen Kuzushi/Fairytale Destruction
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Characters: Naruto, Sakura
    Activation: Use Onara when Sakura is powered by Inner Sakura.
    Description: Combination of Onara's Poison effect and Inner Sakura's strike.
    木ノ葉青春連弾/Konoha Seishun Rendan/Konoha Youth Combo
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Characters: Naruto, Lee
    Activation: When Naruto has Kage Bunshin active and Lee has his gates open, use 
    Uzumaki Naruto Rendan.
    Description: Combination of Onara's Poison effect and Inner Sakura's strike.
    柔拳ナルト連弾/Juuken Naruto Rendan/Gentle Fist Naruto Combo
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Characters: Naruto, Neji
    Activation: When Naruto has Tajuu Kage Bunshin active and Neji has Byakugan 
    active, use Uzumaki Naruto Rendan.
    Description: Naruto attacks 3 times, then Neji seals the enemies' jutsu.
    手裏剣変化/Shuriken Henge/Shuriken Transformation
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Sasuke, Naruto
    Activation: Use Fuuma Shuriken Fuusha when Naruto has a Kage Bunshin active.
    Description: Naruto transforms into shuriken to supplement the attack.
    火炎手裏剣乱舞/Kaen Shuriken Ranbu/Blazing Shuriken Dance
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Sakura, Sasuke
    Activation: Use Shuriken Renbu when Sasuke has Sharingan active.
    Description: Shuriken with Katon on them cause large damage.
    ファーストキッス崩し/Faasuto Kissu Kuzushi/First Kiss Destruction
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Sakura, Lee
    Activation: Use Lee's Beautiful Blue Beast then any level of Inner Sakura.
    Description: Lee's attack is ineffective and Inner Sakura attacks 3 times.
    木ノ葉影乱舞/Konoha Kage Ranbu/Konoha Wild Shadow Dance
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Lee, Sasuke
    Activation: Use Omote Renge when Lee's gates are open and Sasuke has Sharingan 
    Description: Sasuke and Lee's joint killing attack.
    木ノ葉剛柔拳/Konoha Goujuuken/Konoha Strong Gentle Fist
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Characters: Lee, Neji
    Activation: Use Gouken when Neji has Byakugan active.
    Description: Neji and Lee's joint attack.
    オナラ縛り/Onara Shibari/Fart Bind
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Characters: Shikamaru, Naruto
    Activation: Use Naruto's Onara followed by Shikamaru's Kage Mane.
    Description: The enemy party is Poisoned and unable to move.
    龍火縛り/Ryuuka Shibari/Dragon Fire Bind
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Shikamaru, Sasuke
    Activation: When Sasuke's Sharingan is active, use Kage Naraku.
    Description: The enemy is attacked with Fire, and held with shadow.
    忍IQの計/Shinobi IQ no Kei/Shinobi IQ Plan
    Chakra Cost: 20
    Characters: Shikamaru, Sakura
    Activation: When Sakura's Anchuu Hiyaku is active, use Gyofu no Ri.
    Description: A double ability which weakens the enemy and strengthens the 
    影奈落旋風/Kage Naraku Senpuu/Shadow Hell Whirlwind
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Shikamaru, Lee
    Activation: Use Kage Mane when Lee has his gates open.
    Description: With shadows, all enemies may be taken out of action and are then 
    八卦縛り/Hakke Shibari/Eight Divination Signs, Bind
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Shikamaru, Neji
    Activation: Use Kage Naraku when Neji has Byakugan active.
    Description: With shadows, all enemies may be taken out of action and are then 
    魔幻 そうじゅがん/Magen Soujugan/Demon Apparition, Send and Receive Eyes
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Neji, Sasuke
    Activation: When Sharingan and Byakugan are active, use Tenketsu.
    Description: Sharingan and Byakugan's combined effect.
    Notes: Causes a different status effect on each enemy.
    経絡しゃーんなろー/Keiraku Shaannarou/Pass Entangle Shaannarou
    Chakra Cost: 25
    Characters: Neji, Sakura
    Activation: When Byakugan and Inner Sakura are active, use Tenketsu.
    Description: Inner Sakura attacks twice and Neji attacks twice.
    8) Enemies
    9) Bosses
    10) Misc
    10.1) Levelling Tables
    This is a chart of experience points needed to reach certain levels. It'll be 
    filled up bit by bit.
    Lv 1 | 0    | 0    | 0    |
    Lv 2 | 30   | 70   | 20   |
    Lv 3 | 95   | 220  | 80   |
    Lv 4 | 200  | 460  | 200  |
    Lv 5 | 350  | 800  | 400  |
    Lv 6 | 550  | 1240 | 700  |
    Lv 7 | 805  | 1780 | 1100 |
    Lv 8 | 1120 | 2420 | 1600 |
    Lv 9 | 1500 | 3160 | 2220 |
    Lv10 | 1950 | 4000 | 2960 |
    Lv11 | 2475 | 4940 | 3820 |
    Lv12 | 3080 | 5980 | 4800 |
    Lv13 | 3770 | 7120 | 5900 |
    Lv14 | 4550 | 8360 | 7140 |
    Lv15 | 5425 |      | 8520 |
    Lv16 | 6400 |      | 10040|
    Lv17 |  --  |      | 11860|
    Lv18 | 8650 |      | 13510|
    Lv19 | 9935 |      |      |
    Lv20 | 11330|      |      |
    Lv21 | 12835|      |      |
    10.2) Kumite Dojo
    10.3) Secrets
    You must have completed the game to activate these.
    At the title screen:
    1. Hold L+B.
    2. Press (right, R, left, R) 3 times.
    3. You should hear a drum and a fart, and you have Rasengan!
    Rasengan attacks 1 enemy for 400-843 damage, depending on your level.
    At the title screen:
    1. Hold L+R.
    2. Press (right, left) 4 times.
    3. Press (left, right) 4 times.
    4. You should hear the Oiroke sound to show that it's activated.
    Jiraiya is of an unknown level and has tons of jutsu. You can use Iruka to put 
    him in your pary, but you can't use him in the Kumite Dojo.
    At the title screen:
    1. Hold L+Select.
    2. Press B 5 times.
    3. Press R 5 times.
    4. Press (B, R) 3 times.
    5. You should hear the drum and the Sharingan sound.
    Iruka will now become an opponent in the Kumite Dojo when you've beaten all 
    previous levels. When you beat him, you'll get to fight a team of Itachi, 
    Orochimaru and Zabuza! Good luck!
    11) Frequently Asked Questions
    12) Credits
    Tomy: For making the game as good as it is.
    Masashi Kishimoto: For starting the whole Naruto craze and dragging all of us 
    into the storyline so deeply.
    GameFAQs: For providing such an excellent service to gamers everywhere.
    Yuuki(SSBM Pichu): For helping me with character profiles and originally 
    me about the game's existence.
    13) Closing
    This will be updated frequently, don't worry, I have no intention of putting 
    game down.
    You can contact me this way:
    AIM: Pazuzu Tengami
    E-mail: lantis [at] gmail [dot] com (Bloody spam mails won't get ME!)
    I try to respond to every email, so if you don't get an answer, you can be sure
    that one is coming.
    Also, if you're emailing me, make sure whatever you're asking for isn't in the 
    guide already and don't go poking me for strategies for later parts of the game
    than are covered in the walkthrough, because I'm not there yet. I have a life 
    too, y'know.
    (c) 2004 Colin Farrell. I'm not the actor, go away.

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