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    Navi Guide by pacot1993

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    Navi Guide (Rockman.exe 4.5)
    By Rockmanmegaman
    Email: Vincentlao_1993@hotmail.com
    RRRR   OO  OO CC     KKKK   MM     MM AA  AA NN  NN
             EEEEEE XX    XX EEEEEEE
             EE      XX  XX  EE
             EE       XXXX   EE
             EEEEEE    XX    EEEEEEE
             EE       XXXX   EE
             EE      XX  XX  EE
             EEEEEE XX    XX EEEEEEE
                 44 44     555555
                 44 44     55
                 44 44     55
                 44 44     55555
                 444444        55
                    44  **     55 
                    44  ** 55555
            1          1         1          1          1         1
    0) Table of Content
    1) Introduction
    2) Navi available
      a) Megaman.EXE
      b) Roll.EXE
      c) Gutsman.EXE
      d) Numberman>EXE
      e) Fireman.EXE
      f) Woodman.EXE
      g) Windman.EXE
      h) Searchman.EXE
      i) Aquaman.EXE
      j) Thunderman.EXE
      k) Metalman.EXE
      l) Junkman.EXE
      m) Protoman.EXE
      n) Starman.EXE
      o) Napalmman.EXE
      p) Iceman.EXE
      q) Elecman.EXE
      r) Plantman.EXE
      s) Knightman.EXE
      t) Shadowman.EXE
      u) Bass.EXE
    3) Unlocking Navi
      a) Default
      b) Tournament
      c) BCG Navi Chip
    4) Power ups
    5) Unplayable navi
    6) Thanks
    This is Rockman.exe 4.5, however, despite being in the exe
    series the battle system is somewhat very different and their's
    no plot in the game. You're basically operator and the navi
    move by itself.
    Their is about 21 character being playable but only 4 is available
    in the beginning and the rest need to be unlock. This is the code
    to unlock the entire navi, but please try and avoid using it, it's
    more fun unlocking them then using cheat.
    All Navi (code breaker)
    830047E0 E226
    83004C30 B43F
    83004C32 2200
    83004C34 4806
    83004C36 2320
    83004C38 4906
    83004C3A 24E7
    83004C3C 5C85
    83004C3E 4065
    83004C40 548D
    83004C42 1C52
    83004C44 429A
    83004C46 DBF9
    83004C48 BC3F
    83004C4A 7943
    83004C4C E5C9
    83004C4E 0000
    83004C50 4800
    83004C52 0200
    83004C54 A270
    83004C56 0200
    82004DC6 FFFF
    82004DC8 FFFF
    2a) Megaman.EXE
    Mega Buster = 1 damage
    Charge Buster = 10 damage depending how many power up you got
    Shield = Use for blocking won't reflect anything
    Megaman.EXE also known as Hub is Lan twin brother. Megaman is famous
    for his blue colour theme, his abilty to style change, soul change
    , cross change, etc and his element being normal generic.
    Type: Generic
    2b) Roll.EXE
    Roll Buster = 1 damage
    Roll Arrow = 10 damge depending on power up
    Barrier = Cast Barrier
    Roll.EXE is Megaman best friend and is also Mayl's navi. In the series
    she is shown to have romantic feelings towards Megaman.
    Roll float when she battle, so field effects means nothing to her. She
    start her battle in a barrier.
    Element: Healing
    2c) Gutsman.EXE
    Guts Buster = 1 damage
    Guts MG = shoot numerous blast out while in invinsible mode
    Guts Hammer = Cause rock to fall randomly on viruses or navi
    Gutsman.EXE is Dex's navi and is also Megaman rival, he tend to battle
    megaman for fun and he often end his sentence in Guts guts.
    Element: Breaking
    2d) Numberman.EXE
    Number Buster = 1 damage
    Die Bomb = throw a dice which hit 3x3 square, power depend on number
    Shield = put up a shield
    Numberman.EXE is Higsby navi and he is well known for being a coward,
    however, he have a chip shop which sells chip to player in past games.
    Element: number
    2e) Fireman.EXE
    Fire buster = 1 damage
    Fire Arm =  shoot out a flamethrower
    Shield = normal shield
    Fireman.EXE is the Mr Matcxh navi, he was once a WWW member. In the
    game he was replace numerous time by Heatman and Flameman
    Lava panel does no effect towards him
    Element: Fire
    2f) Woodman.EXE
    Wood buster = 1 damge
    Wood tower = create wood spike randomly on field
    Seed Bomb = shoot out 3 seed
    Woodman.EXE is Sal's navi and these are nature lovers. Their role
    MMBN 1 is really minor, however, atleast she got a bigger role in
    MMBN 4 unlike Miyu who never got a chance to have a bigger role.
    Grass panel heals you
    Element: Wood
    2g) Windman.EXE
    Wind Buster = 1 damage
    Wind = blow enemy to the back
    fan = blow enemy towards the front line
    Windman.EXE is Lily's navi, he challenge Lan and Megaman in MMBN 4
    in the 2nd tournament, however, before the battle he ruin the
    weather in the net causing storm.
    North wind abilty
    Element: Wind
    2h) Searchman.EXE
    Search Buster = 1 damage
    Scope Gun = lock on the enemy and attack
    Shield = normal Shield
    Searchman.EXE is Raika's navi. He challenge Lan in MMBN 4 and
    was part of the NEt savior team in MMBN 5, he's hacking abilty was
    useful towards the group.
    Element: Marking
    2i) Aquaman.EXE
    Aqua Buster = 1 damage
    Bubbler shot = shoot out a bubbler 2 square ahead
    shield = normal shield
    Aquaman.EXE is Shuuko's navi, he is like a baby who tends to cry,
    however, he's crying made him flood the whole entire net in MMBN 4.
    Ice panel doesn't affects him
    Element: Aqua
    2j) Thunderman.EXE
    Thunder buster = 1 damage
    Triple Thunder = cause three lightning
    Shield =  normal shield
    Thunderman.exe is Raoul's navi, he was part of the net operator who
    enter the castle in MMBN 2, however, like every other operator he
    was defeated by Princess pride and her navi Knightman. He appear
    again in MMBN 4 and challenge Lan in the Tournament
    Element: Elec
    2k) Metalman.EXE
    Metal Buster = 1 damage
    Metal Gear = shoot out a metal blade that acts like boomer
    Metal Fist = acts like guts punch but crack the panel too
    Metalman.EXE is Tomako's navi, he works in Yoka's inn and challenges
    visitor in MMBN 3. He then appear in the N1 Grandprix and challenges
    Lan in a battle but loss. In MMBN 4 she challenges Lan.
    Float, field effect does nothing to him
    Element: Breaking
    2l) Junkman.EXE
    Junk Buster = 1 damage
    Junk press = shoot out a long arm that crush through shield
    Poltergeist = opbject on the field smashes the opponent
    Junkman.EXE is an individual navi, but unlike most individual navi,
    he's not really evil.
    Element: Object
    2m) Protoman.EXE
    Proto Buster = 1 damage
    Wide Sowrd = uses wide sword
    Shield = use normal shield
    Protoman.EXE is Chaud's navi, he is also known as Blues. In MMBN 1
    he challenge Megaman, mistaken him as a WWW agent and then at the
    end of MMBN 2 he begin to respect both megaman and Lan more as
    Chaud and Lan slowly became friends.
    Element: Sword
    2n) Starman.EXE
    Star Buster = 1 damage
    Star Meteor = glitter falls onto enemy's square
    Star Arrow = shoot out a star arrow (like roll arrow)
    Starman.EXE is an independant navi, even thought he's a male he
    acts like a female. He challenges Megaman in MMNT.
    Float shoes
    Element: normal
    2o) Napalmman.EXE
    Napalm Buster = 1 damage
    Napalm = throw a napalm out which attack 3x3 square
    Flame bomb = shoot out 2 bomb randomly
    Napalmman.EXE is an independant navi in MMBN 2. He was one of
    the secret navi guarding the WWW area leading to the real Bass.
    In MMBN 5 he became Fyrefox's navi and join the net savior team.
    Element: fire
    2p) Iceman.EXE
    Icebuster = 1 damage
    Freeze Bomb = throw a bomb which creates freeze tower
    Shield = normal shield
    Iceman.EXE is Mr. Froid navi, in MMBN 1 the WWW agent Madoi black
    mailed him to freeze the water works and was force to challenge
    Don't slip in ice panel
    Element: Aqua
    2q) Elecman.EXE
    Elec Buster = 1 damage
    Thunder Ball = send out a thunderball which follow enemy
    Lightning Line = send out a thunder line
    Elecman.EXE is Count Zap's navi, he use to be a WWW agent in
    MMBN 1 and he was responsible for stealing the elec code. He
    appeared again in MMBN 6, however, his new operator is Mrs Zap.
    stun enemy
    Element: Elec
    2r) Plantman.EXE
    Plant Buster = 1 damage
    Poison Vine = vines pop out of the ground
    Plant needle = shoot out a needle
    Plantman.EXE is Anetta's navi, he's a WWW agent in MMBN 3,
    however, he's intention wasn't evil.
    Poison panel doesn't affect him
    Element: Wood
    2s) Knightman.EXE
    Knight Buster = 1 damage
    Royal Wreaking Ball = swing the ball around himself
    Knight Crush = shoot out his wreaking ball
    Knightman.EXE is Princess Pride's navi. In MMBN 2 he as a
    Gospel agent who defeated most of the operator who enter
    the castle (including Thunderman.EXE). In MMBN 5 he join
    the net savior team and strangely Lan and Pride kind of
    don't remember what happen in MMBN 2
    Won't Flinch
    Element: Breaking
    2t) Shadowman.EXE
    Shadow Buster = 1 damage
    Shuriken meteor swarm = throw 1 shuriken at enemy
    Invisible = invis ability
    In MMBN 1 he's role is really minor (a navi who appears 
    randomly in net). In MMBN 2 he was given a bigger role, he
    was believe to be a Gospel agent but in MMBN 5 Pride reveal
    that he never was one. In MMBN 5 he join the net savior.
    Float shoes
    Element: Invisible
    2u) Bass.EXE
    Bass Buster = 1 damage
    Dark Overload = hit the 2 back panel with dark energy
    Bass machine gun = use his famour machine gun to attack
    He is an independant navi (the most famous one too). In
    MMBN 1 he challenges Lan after getting all battle chips. In
    MMBN 2 he appear at the end deleting the copy of bass. In
    MMBN 3 he was given a bigger role and his past was finally
    revealed. His role is really minor in MMBN 4, 5 and 6. 
    His fate is unknown.
    start of with an aura and have float shoes on
    Element: Normal
    3) Unlocking Navi
    Their are 2 ways of unlocking navi, some navi are unlock
    by entering tournament while some need to slot in a battle
    chip gate in the character selection menu.
    3a) Default
    These are the navi that appears in the beginning of the game.
    These navi don't need to be unlock what so ever.
    Megaman.EXE (Generic)
    Roll.EXE (Healing)
    Gutsman.EXE (Ground)
    Numberman.EXE (Number)
    3b) Tournament
    These navis need to be unlock by beating a certain tournament,
    however, these navi here can also be unlock by using the
    Battle Chip Gate (BCG for short).
    ==First Official Tournament==
    You can unlock 2 navis in this tournament. Here's the timestable
    on when will the tournament going to be open.
     9 AM ~ 10 AM
     1 PM ~ 2 PM
     4 PM ~ 5 PM
     8 PM ~ 9 PM
    Fireman.EXE (Fire)
    Woodman.EXE (wood)
    ==2nd Official Tournament==
    You can unlock 1 navi in this tournament.
     9 AM ~ 10 AM
     1 PM ~ 2 PM
     4 PM ~ 5 PM
     8 PM ~ 9 PM
    Windman.EXE (wind)
    ==3rd Official Tournament==
    You can unlock up to 2 navis here
     9 AM ~ 10 AM
     1 PM ~ 2 PM
     4 PM ~ 5 PM
     8 PM ~ 9 PM
    Aquaman.EXE (aqua)
    Searchman.EXE (mark)
    ==4th Official Tournament==
    You can unlock only one navi here
     9 AM ~ 10 AM
     1 PM ~ 2 PM
     4 PM ~ 5 PM
     8 PM ~ 9 PM
    Thunderman.EXE (elec)
    ==5th Official Tournament==
    You can unlock 2 navis here 
     9 AM ~ 10 AM
     1 PM ~ 2 PM
     4 PM ~ 5 PM
     8 PM ~ 9 PM
    Junkman.EXe (object)
    Metalman.EXE (Breaking)
    ==6th Official Tournament==
    you can unlock one navi here
     9 AM ~ 10 AM
     1 PM ~ 2 PM
     4 PM ~ 5 PM
     8 PM ~ 9 PM
    Protoman.EXE (Sword)
    3c) BCG Navi Chip
    Okay these navi can only be unlock by using a navi chip gate,
    however, this section won't be much use for people who live
    outside of Japan as their isn't anything call battle chip
    gate. So when you unlock all the other navi i advise you to
    use the Code Breaker.
    Elecman.EXE (Elec)
    plugging in a Elecman Navi chip
    Bass.EXE (Generic)
    plugging in a Bass navui chip
    Iceman.EXE (Aqua)
    Plugging in a Iceman navi chip
    Knightman.EXE (breaking)
    plugging in a Knightman navi chip
    Napalmman.EXE (Fire)
    plugging in a napalmman navi chip
    Plantman.EXE (wood)
    plugging in a Plantman navi chip
    Shadowman.EXE (Invisible)
    plugging in a Shadowman navi chip
    Starman.EXE (Generic)
    plugging in a Starman navi chip
    4) Power ups
    As you can tell, power ups are now back, however, it works
    differently. The navi can only get the power up that is made
    for them, such as, only Roll can get the heart shape power up.
    get mini-games from green mystery data then go to key item to
    play the mini game to gain more hp or power.
    Around the net there'll be Heart shape containers. These are
    Roll's power up item.
    Gutsman need to fight viruses or navi to gain power up. 
    To power up Numberman.eXE you'll need to know your basic math.
    He'll force you to play a math game. (warning: the question is
    harder depending how old you are).
    When you get a fire chip in battle you'll need to sacrificeit
    to power up yourself.
    Get some key item in yellow mystery data. Plant a tree on some
    grass patch which appears on the net. This will powerup
    Play the Windman mini game if you did it correctly, Windman
    will be power up.
    Get some green mystery data on the net and you'll play a
    mini0game (Target virus). Searchman will be power up after
    the mini game
    You'll need to sacrifice an aqua chip to power up Aquaman.EXE
    Just like Woodman.EXE you'll need to get a thing from Yellow
    mystery Data, then go to some electric flowing panel and you'll
    be powered up.
    Everyday you jack in, You'll play an annoyyin mini game, Metalman
    will be powered up after playing.
    In the menu screen press L button to give him bugfrags. This will
    increase his HP and power.
    Sometime you'll get a mission, complete it and you'll be powered
    Just like Roll you'll need to find a star shaped container.
    Do mission which was given to you or by playin mini games.
    Play his mini game, make sure to destroy 10 mettaur before getting
    hit to recieve a power up.
    Just like Aquman and Fireman but with elec chips
    like Aquaman, Fireman and Elecman but with wood chips
    Talk to green generic navi to fight them and then you'll be powered
    Do the mission which was given by him and you'll be powered up
    (check your assination email)
    Do what Knightman do.
    5) Unplayable navi
    In the game there is some navi unplayable these are the list of navi
    - Shademan.EXE
    - Topman.EXE
    - Sparkman.EXE
    - Laserman.EXE
    - Kendoman.EXE
    - Coldman.EXE
    6) Thanks
    I going to say thanks to Gray Foxas some information are taken from
    his faq and I wanna thanks the people in the board for some answers.
    I also want to thanks my friend especially him.

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