How do I beat Ledah?

  1. Ledah is also a Grim Angel

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  1. I used Ecthel, Serene, and Fiaa for this one.

    For the first half, pummel Ledah with whatever you can throw at him (Serene and her Ice Techs are the best approach, but be sure to keep her healed by Fiaa or you're not going to stand so much a chance). The second half, Ledah is going to hi-resist holy attacks (if you're thinking of pulling Ecthel's Disaresta, that is only meant to be a method of getting an S-Rank finishing blow, so you got to whittle his HP way down). Rely on the hurt-and-heal tactics (if you have the Book of Gelt or Kirie, Fiaa can really heal more than half the HP of your entire party in a cinch).

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  1. Well, I used the same characters as mentioned above.

    However, I did not use Fiaa(Fia) to heal, instead, I let her use the Blue Stinger(from Chapter 5), which lets her deal ice damage. Also, I let Ecthel(Ein) use the blue stinger, with Serene pummeling Ledah with her Ice Over Skills. Ledah could not last very long, however, you must train up every character every time you get a new item as no healing was involved in the battle, thus requiring high amounts of HP.

    Hope this helped.

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  2. Oh, and also, when Ledah's HP is nearing around 400+, use Disaresta in order to pull up the chances of getting an S Rank for the battle, which gives you the Diviner Lorelei, or whatever you spell it...:p. The diviner is rather nice in the collection so try to get it! Not to mention Skadi, which is awarded for the battle with another grim angel, Malice.

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