What do i do to get the regimon?

  1. I'm in the cave and i read all the brailies but the caves dont open

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    akon411 - 8 years ago

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  1. First, before you go into the cave in the diving spot on Route 134, you need a pokemon that knows Dig and you need a Wailord and a Relicanth. Go to the first inscription, read it and use Dig. An earthquake will occur and the door will open.

    Go into the room and read the inscription on the far end of the wall. Put Wailord first in your party and Relicanth last. Read the inscription again and the caves will open.

    To get Regirock:

    Regirock's cave is located in the desert route, down in the south. Make sure you have a pokemon with Rock Smash. Enter the cave and read the Braile. Then go two steps left, two steps down and use Rock Smash. The cave door will open and he'll be inside, ready to fight at level 40.

    To get Regice:

    Regice's cave is on route 105. You'll need a pokemon that knows Surf to reach it. Enter the cave and read the inscription, then walk or run one full lap around the cave in the clockwise direction. Stay right against the walls. Once you finish one lap, the door will open and Regice is inside at level 40.

    To get Registeel:

    Registeel's cave is on route 120. You'll need a pokemon that knows Flash. Once inside the cave, read the inscription and go to the center of the cave and use Flash. The door will open and Registeel will be inside, at level 40 of course.

    Good luck!

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