How do I beat Winnona?

  1. My team now.....that had just been crushed by Winnona's Altaria are:
    Manectric lv.28
    Torkoal lv.28
    Aron lv.29
    Pelipper lv.33
    Grovyle lv.31
    Loudred lv. 28

    User Info: gelopicio

    gelopicio - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. In order for you to beat Winona is to have a Lightning,Rock or Ice-Type Pokemon or moves such as:Shock Wave,Rock Tomb or ice Beam

    You'll definitely want to use Ice Beam,because her Altaria has a Dragon-type Traits, and as we all know that Dragon-Types are weak against its own type and Ice-type,Lightning-type attacks don't go normally effective on Dragon-types either

    MOST of her Pokemon are weak against Lightning-type, and Rock-type moves,save for one,Altaria, which is weak against Ice-type moves.

    It's up to you on which one of your Pokemon'll learn the 3 specific types against Winona.I ONCE used this strategy and it turned out good after all

    NOTE:Don't EXPECT a One-Hit KO on Altaria with Ice Beam That is her STRONGEST Pokemon on her arsenal
    You MUST level up your Pokemon the same level as Altaria and try to expect Good Remarks
    i.e (not true okay,I'm Just showing you the match up would be if your battling Ataria)
    Pelipper Lvl.35 vs. Altaria Lvl.35-----It has to be something like this so Ice Beam'll be strong
    PS:I Hope this helps you more than it helped me

    User Info: SOLDIERzack

    SOLDIERzack - 7 years ago 1 0

Other Answers

  1. Ice Beam acn be found in the abandoned ship.Just surf east of Dewford Island and keep straight until you see a "Landed Ship" you don't need to use Dive here or anything JUST find the researcher there on the 2nd Deck
    If you found him there should be a pokeball on the extreme lower left corner and you found a storage key

    Find and unlock the storage room and CHING!!! you will enter a room containing 1 TM of Ice Beam

    User Info: SOLDIERzack

    SOLDIERzack - 7 years ago 0 0

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